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(generated from captions) Torment you? Only in the best way possible. OK. I admit it.

and I heard singing. I was hanging out on a cloud up there so I had to come check it out. Only it was a little bit off-key,

And that's when I saw you. went right through my heart. And an arrow It was gross, blood was everywhere. Bastard! Get off of her! Dad, leave him alone! Dad, what are you doing? Dad! Dad!

Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre re-floating the 'Pasha Bulker' - Tonight - it's all systems go. Contamination scare - on the Warragamba sludge. scientific tests begin on the safety of XPT trains. And a damning new assessment Good evening. Also, tonight - for the Opera House. a decision on world heritage listing

on her time in jail. And Paris reflects what I went through. I just want to let people know the rescue mission begins. But first this evening -

to start the delicate task allowing salvage experts A king tide is about to roll in,

from a Newcastle beach.

Up front, it may not look like it

but conditions are ideal for a

sandwich. There is wind and rain

but no high winds. The ruse will

sense of optimism that tonight

could be the night. What you see

behind me is the last of the sea

water being pumped out. When all

that is gone it will be much

lighter end the refloating

fact operation will be much easier. In

fact a short time ago Ports

Minister Joe Tripodi said he hopes

'Pasha Bulker'. weekend tonight kiss goodbye the

to re-float the 'Pasha Bulker'. Everything is in place Four specialist tugs are in position pulling the bulk carrier and will begin has been pointed out to sea. once the front of the vessel to turn the boat around 180 degrees. Winches will be used

of that hole The actual nature and location does have a hole in it. Clearly the vessel

is not able to be determined is in the position it's in. while the vessel

will begin again in the morning the re-floating is made tonight, If not enough progress

when another king tide is expected. and continue tomorrow night The area around the 'Pasha Bulker'

lock down zone. has now become an enormous Massive fencing and police are keeping sightseers well back

so that no-one is injured and the carrier rips apart, if the operation fails risking an oil spill. a tourist attraction in Newcastle, The carrier has become crowds lining the shores. for three weeks it's fantastic. I grew up on that beach, spend months having to pull it apart I'd hate to see them it's fantastic. I grew up on that beach, spend months having to pull it apart I'd hate to see them or anything like that. or have any oil spills getting pretty hectic here, I think. Oh no, not really, because it was if a cable was to snap, The setback is necessary because

we don't want to take that chance. the public would be at risk and are 25 salvage experts, The only people on board now including divers and engineers, on the shore, plus a quick oil leak response team if the operation goes badly. The biggest risk is the oil spill. We're deeply concerned about it. put in to assembling the team, That's why so much effort has been Sydney port. people from Brisbane, Melbourne,

We are seeing pictures live now of

the 4 tugboats. They will have an essential role and are already

taking a lot of pressure from the

later. 'Pasha Bulker'. I will be back

feeding into Warragamba Dam. in a canal While the same contaminants to boil their water, once forced Sydneysiders it's perfectly safe. health authorities say this time Testing at Warragamba this morning - all clear here, called the upper canal but in a feeder channel we thought we'd seen the last of - a return of two parasites these organisms in low levels. Periodically, we do detect one of those incidents. This is simply another heavy rain, looks nasty. This plume, caused by recent to boil water last time, And while the bugs in it caused us it seems we're safe for now. whatsoever to people's health of our drinking water. or the quality since yesterday, As a precautionary measure,

chlorination at Warragamba. we have been doing additional in case the situation gets worse. is in preparation The work you can see behind me

And that is a real fear bringing even more rain. given another front moving in If that front stirs things up further changing these screens to draw cleaner water will allow authorities from higher levels in the lake. nothing from the last scare. But experts warn we've learned in the way it always will The catchment is responding

in those catchments and the fact the we've got towns that have sewage systems, they will overflow in heavy rain. I remain very, very confident, based on all the expert advice that's available to us,

that there's been no change that you and I drink. in the quality of the water But authorities say, if they have to, canal and the Warragamba pipeline they can shut down both the upper uncontaminated Prospect reservoir. to take water directly from the to 53%. Overall dam levels rose again today Eddy Meyer, Ten News. of residents are being evacuated One man is dead and hundreds in the wake of Victoria's wild weather.

of the small Gippsland town of Newry. as floodwaters submerge the streets is being moved out The entire population of 350 and all roads have been cut off. Further east in Bairnsdale, to save the local pub. a community effort is under way as he tried to save all he could. The publican remaining upbeat We don't want to get stuck in here, so we'll be right if we do. although there's plenty of beer, Northwest of Melbourne, the life of a 60 year old man, winds of up to 100km/h have claimed fell on his house. killed when a huge tree for Britain's new Prime Minister. The first day on the job of the safety of our country trains. A disturbing assessment tonight one XPT averted a possible disaster. The chance discovery of a fault on the other trains Inspectors then checked and were shocked at what they found. The XPT derailment passengers escaped injury and all XPT trains were taken off the tracks for urgent inspection. A subsequent report by the Transport Safety Bureau has revealed alarming deficiencies in State Rail's maintenance.

A single wheel had derailed because the axle had sheered through caused by rocks bouncing up and fracturing the metal. A subsequent report by the Transport Safety Bureau has revealed

alarming deficiencies in State Rail's maintenance. It's certainly frightening, to know there were people travelling on those trains and they were in an unsafe position, condition, then that's scary. Further checks on all XPT engines found 13 axles with hairline cracks. Railcorp's maintenance contractor has been blamed. The report says the axle cracks had been developing over a lengthy period. State Rail's maintenance was criticised for failing to pick up the problem before the XPT's axle sheered. that we take seriously I can assure you our maintenance and inspection regimes for our XPTs and all our Railcorp trains. But the union has a different view. Passenger fleet maintenance has sometimes, you know, left a bit to be desired. Railcorp says the problems with XPT axles has prompted a review of maintenance across its entire fleet. We've now got the ultrasound testing inspections in place to trap this type of defect. With disaster averted by sheer luck, the Transport Safety Bureau has now warned rail operators to implement strict testing procedures on axles and bogeys to make sure their trains are safe. John Hill, Ten News. is slowly being restored A sense of calm to Aboriginal communities across the Top End, ahead of next week's federal intervention. to what happens next, with the Government yet to finalise details of its plan. Labor is beginning to lose patience. I think it's important in each of the sub-elements of Mr Howard's strategy for the Northern Territory that we see the detailed plan. We will be introducing the legislation as soon as it's ready and we hope it will be ready within the next few weeks. The PM has spent the afternoon who is calling for a 10-year commitment from the Commonwealth and not a short-term fix. The first day on the job for Britain's new Prime Minister. change in policy and style, looking to restore trust in a Government damaged by the Iraq war. As for Tony Blair - he's already got a new job. The end of a political era - Tony Blair's decade as Prime Minister bundled into boxes. As he left Downing Street for his final address, anti-war protesters bade him farewell. BOOING AND JEERING They packed out the House of Commons, where Mr Blair paid tribute to Britain's armed forces at war and delivered his parting words. If it is on occasions the place of low skulduggery, it is more often the place for the pursuit of noble causes.

And I wish everyone, friend or foe, well. And that is that, the end. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE His emotions clear. Back at Number 10, the Blair family said goodbye, including 7-year-old Leo, who was born there. Wife Cherie had a personal farewell for the media. 'Bye. I don't think we'll miss you. And with that, they were gone. Gordon Brown then met with the Queen to make it official, an old school motto his pledge to the nation. I will try my utmost - this is my promise to all of the people of Britain. And now let the work of change begin. New beginnings for Tony Blair too - taking the train back to his local electorate to resign as an MP. He's been made an envoy to the Middle East. Was not helpful in solving

and all the time he adopt the American and the Israeli position. He knows the region, he has huge experience. And from our PM...

I think Tony Blair has been a great prime minister. Relations between him and me have been very close.

He's confident of the same goodwill with Prime Minister Brown. Emily Groves, Ten News. A look at Sport now with Tim Webster. And the Panthers lose Gower but gain a giant forward. Yes, Petero Civoniceva is off to Penrith next season. His reaction shortly. Also - breaking news at the Wests Tigers - is to get a career change being moved from five-eighth to half-back permanently in a bid to emulate Jonathan Thurston's rise. Plus the set of quads who turned heads at Tigers training - the fabulous Baker boys.

Also - is Barry Hall's season over? Plus - the Springboks team your having when it's not really the Springboks land in Sydney. Caring for the carers - next, a major new disability funding package. Plus - celebrity photographer Jamie Fawcett cleared of spying on Nicole Kidman. And a decision on World Heritage listing for the Sydney Opera House. $1.10. Yeah? That's the price of petrol we need The further we drive, the cheaper the petrol needs to be. switch to AAMI Flexi-Premiums. This program is captioned live.

Four people have been arrested

over the armed hold-up of a south coast hotel. Security vision shows the group breaking into the Towradgi Hotel in Wollongong over the Easter long weekend.

Employees were left tied up as the bandits stole more than $150,000. netting the first of four arrests last week at West Hoxton in the city's south-west. A 29-year-old man was the first to be charged with armed robbery. A woman among those taken into custody. All charges against the celebrity photographer accused of bugging Nicole Kidman's home have been dropped. Jamie Fawcett was accused of placing a listening device outside the star's Darling Point mansion in January 2005. But today the DPP withdrew the charges without explanation. Mr Fawcett says there are no hard feelings between him and Nicole. I'm often asked about the feud between Ms Kidman and myself. There is none, there has never been. Ms Kidman was not the victim in this matter. Mr Fawcett will apply to have his legal bills of $21,000 paid for by the prosecutors. Relief tonight for the weary relatives of many disabled people. The Federal Government has announced a $1.8 billion assistance package, offering care for the carers. $1,000 a year will go to carers of disabled children under 16, but a big focus is on older parents of adult children. My mum died. Respite services to give parents a break both at home and a better chance to get away will be provided. These are the most heartbreaking cases you can find anywhere in the country

and they are the people who will get priority under this new program. Carers Australia says the extra money amounts to $20 a week, but parents relying completely on Centacare will still be $200 a week below the poverty line. We've now got lots of families who are older and are in crisis.

We hope this is the beginning of more funding for them. Mr Howard is hoping the States will also lift their commitment. Hey, it's Ten. Yes, it's Channel Ten. Labor Leader Kevin Rudd released a policy directions paper to preventative medicine, especially in an ageing population. GPs will be given incentives to help patients minimise the risk We want to bring from the margins into the centre of Australian health policy. Labor will establish a task force to advise on the best way to achieve this. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The mystery surrounding Brooke Hanson's collapse at a spa and pool show has been solved. After earlier claims that it was static electricity, authorities now blame faults for the electric shocks suffered by the Olympian and her sister Jade Investigators identified an electrical lead not properly earthed as the most likely cause. As a result, 15 volts of electricity went into the water. We've always thought it but now the famous sails that grace Sydney Harbour have been officially recognised as globally significant. The Sydney Opera House was this afternoon added to the World Heritage List. Jorn Utzon's internationally has in the past been labelled a masterpiece of human creative genius, and now joins 830 other world-renowned buildings which are carefully preserved. The ruling ensures views of the Opera House from across Sydney Harbour will be maintained.

Being a Thursday we have got

figures on Al water storage in

Adams and Tim Bailey is excited.

5353 % and we are pretty happy end

gifting 1 mm in the last 24 hours

in the catchment. You usually see

me saying you wouldn't live

anywhere else but you would like to

live in tower et on a day like

these - 13 degrees - that is chilly.

We have even hats blow on the

northern table Lions. Let's look at

the sky watch to prove I am not

kidding. It was a grey and murky

all day and didn't the chill factor

a kick-in light. Will degrees right

now. What pollution levels next up

on your TV. Tomorrow is not much

better. In the beginning before

lunch time it will be chilly and

windy with showers and 17 degrees.

After lunch the sun will come back

out and it will be fine and blue

and sunny right through your

weekend. I haven't seen was said

that since about 1972 - it seems

that long since we had a lovely

weekend. Blue skies Saturday,

Sunday, Monday to Thursday. And a decision on whether popular anti-depressants increase the risk of birth defects.

Let's check on the traffic now.

Thursday night shopping and rain a

recipe for disaster? Yes, once

again we are at peak at traffic

delays heading into ride. This is

Lane Cove Road and ride road.

Traffic is still back into top right shopping-centre. Unfortunately it will be a very

slow trip up to ride wrote and Lady

game drive. There was the breakdown in so A 13-year-old boy has been killed in surging flood waters in Texas. Areas already saturated from heavy rain over the past two weeks washing away cars and leaving homes under water. from Britain's devastating floods A fifth person is feared dead as forecasters warn more heavy rain is on the way. Dozens of people have been rescued from a flooded river and hundreds more are in temporary accommodation. The army has now moved in to help plug local flood defences. You don't want to cry, but my house is just a mess, it's underwater, A major power substation is also under threat and hopes the flood was receding have been dashed as rivers continue to rise. A 13-year-old boy has been killed in surging flood waters in Texas. Areas already saturated from heavy rain over the past two weeks have been hit with another downfall, washing away cars and leaving homes under water. The boy lost his life when he ventured into a swollen river, rescuers forced to use helicopters to pull several people to safety. Probably about 20 minutes for it to hit our porch and then, from there, not much longer it was halfway up our house. The same storm system has hit Oklahoma,

where twin girls had to be rescued from their car. An unusual sight in South Africa - snow blanketing the capital Johannesburg. It's the first significant fall in more than 20 years

with temperatures dropping to minus 1. Many of the locals have never seen snow before, but they were keen to make the most of it. Reassuring news tonight Two new studies show the risk of birth defects from the medication is very low. Giving birth to a healthy baby - that's the hope of all expectant mums. They learn what they can and can't eat and drink and taking any drugs, prescribed or over-the-counter can be dangerous. But for women on antidepressants, there's hope. I knew that I wouldn't be well during my pregnancy if I didn't take my medication. If I'm not well, then I can't really be the best mum. Two studies show there's little reason to worry if you're pregnant and taking a type of antidepressants called SSRIs or selective serotinonin reuptake inhibitors. Our results show that there are no major risks associated with SSRI use in early pregnancy. In many cases remaining on medication is an important part of staying well or preventing relapse of depression. One of the two studies just published in the 'New England shows using antidepressants during pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects by less than 1%. Researchers recommend pregnant women weigh up the risks versus the benefits of taking antidepressants with their doctor before making any decisions. The other study reported the actual risk of heart, brain and abdominal abnormalities for babies born to mums using the drugs is less than 3%. There might be a case where perhaps somebody's been very well for some time, or perhaps they've only had one episode of depression, to consider coming off the medication. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Heavy snowfalls in the ski fields, we'll check them out after the break. Also, is the drought finally over? The verdict from the experts. And remember these classics? He wrote the songs we all sing. Now, a new experience in Sydney for Burt Bacharach. I can help. Mike's a typical case. His furniture factory needed experienced workers, and he asked us to find someone. Out of all the people they sent along, Robert definitely had the skills we needed. But because of his back injury, he couldn't stand for long periods. We organised some financial assistance to get the workplace modified. And Robert started soon after that. We certainly wouldn't have found Robert without some help. And he's perfect. It proves you just don't know where the right person's gonna come from, do you? There's a wide-ranging work force out there, and we can help you tap into it. If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit Excuse me, sir. Are you the famous Colgate 360? Yes, I am. Is it true that you have a tongue cleaner? Actually, it's a cheek and tongue cleaner. You see, kid, 80% of bacteria are not on your teeth. Colgate 360 cleans: Removing more bacteria for a whole mouth clean. I want to have a cheek and tongue cleaner just like you. Colgate 360 is now available with the power of sonic vibrations. Colgate 360 MicroSonic Power, for a healthier whole mouth clean. Looking for staff? Remember, there's a wide-ranging work force out there and a lot of free services to help you tap into it. VOICEOVER: If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit This program is captioned live. The chance discovery of a fault on one XPT averts a possible disaster.

A single wheel on the train had derailed near Young, prompting checks on the rest of the fleet. Hairline cracks were found on the axles of 13 XPT engines. A maintenance contractor has been blamed. in Warragamba Dam Tests under way on the water quality after the discovery of unsightly sludge. So far the dam has been cleared of dangerous contaminants, but the parasites cryptosporidium and giardia have been found in a feeder channel. And efforts are under way to refloat the 'Pasha Bulker'. Seawater that's been used to keep her stable is being pumped out - hundreds of people have been flocking to the area to catch a glimpse of the salvage attempt. Ten's Kevin Wilde joins us from Newcastle..

Kevin, it is cold wet and dark. But

it seems the conditions are good.

How long will salvage crews were

tonight? They will work until 830.

Once they'd turn the power show

around they will take their time.

The tugs would try to pull it out

to sea. It will be a difficult

operation and they will not rush operation and they will not rush it.

If they are moving successfully -

and obviously they want to prevent

any more damage, they do not want

to widen the whole - if this is not

much progress tonight and will come back

back tomorrow. The toads are

already up at half their capacity.

Everything is on track and

hopefully we will have good years

later. If there are delays can they

continue tomorrow? Years they will

come back tomorrow and tomorrow

night for an even larger King tide

if necessary. They have given

themselves a couple of days but if

we don't have good news in the next

2 days they will bring in Plan B

but we do not know what that is. Hope tonight the drought may be breaking, rain is on the way. with signs more desperately needed But the Government is warning every drop still counts. From one extreme to the other. Now science has confirmed what farmers dared to dream. in a century may slowly be beginning to break.

Six international weather models predict a period of much-needed rain and plenty of it. We're heading in that direction. we're going to get there and so we are hoping in the next couple of months that will eventuate. The Bureau of Meteorology has reported renewed signs where the devastating El Nino left off, a drenching La Nina will pick up. The warmer water near Australia therefore brings more moisture, so there's more moisture for rain, and you also have the effect of the trade winds - correspondingly increased - so there's wind bringing that moisture on land. Well, I hope they're right. (Laughs) We can all say hallelujah. We hope they're right. The PM has assured farmers drought aid will continue because one wet year won't be enough to reverse the effects of seven dry ones. When the city folk continue to see prices of their farm produce increase, when they are unable to get access because there is more being shipped than available domestically, then they will know the drought

is still severely affecting the farmers across Australia. By August the bureau will be able to say whether or not we're in for a full-blown La Nina event. In the meantime, though, all signs point to a wetter-than-average winter.

But after so long with so little, come hell or high water... We really must not slacken. We must continue to waterproof our country as much as we can. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A positive day on the Australian share market, bouncing back after a week of consecutive losses. Unleaded petrol is selling tonight for an average of $1.31 a litre,

that's up eight cents since yesterday. We found it as low as $1.20 at North Ryde. A rare visit to Australia by legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach. And with nine number one hits, three Oscars and seven Grammys, his toughest job now is deciding which songs to leave out of his national tour. He's the songwriter's songwriter. But he doesn't think he'd stand much of a chance today. I'm so glad I wrote so much of the material when I wrote it. Because there doesn't seem to for good songs. For someone who has written so much about love, he's had more than his fair share of heartbreaks. Broken marriages to actress Angie Dickinson Then earlier this year, and songwriter Carole Bayer Sager

on his shoulder, he had emergency surgery snowboarding accident his son had a life-threatening

to suicide. and he lost his eldest daughter found solace in music. As always, he, like so many,

A legend on so many levels, Burt provides the only direct link and John Farnham. beween Paul Newman, Robert Redford theme song And that link is the Oscar-winning and the Sundance Kid'. from 'Butch Cassidy orchestras with the country's top symphony starts in Perth this weekend

Team, it is getting so cold I am Team, it is getting so cold I

worried that run will start wearing

his and boots. I have seen him in

cardigans and that is bad enough.

The sun is going to be great this

weekend. We started to get very

excited on Tuesday about 40

centimetres of snow on the higher

peaks of Thredbo but it started to rain

rain last night and continued

through the morning. Only eights

and images of snow at Perisher and images of snow at Perisher Blue

ended then it looks a bit awful.

They could be blizzard conditions.

1237 minutes over the next 2 or 3

days. You will have to grit your days. You will have to grit

teeth and bury it. days. You will have to grit your teeth and bury it.

and for the Panthers, gain a champion forward. lose a halfback, they can afford Petero Civoniceva. After Gower's departure, is it season over for Barry Hall Also coming up - for Benji Marshall? and a career change And the Tiger quads - an extra roar to training. the Baker brothers who added in a few years. Who knows, they could sign for real on her time in jail. And Paris reflects has caused a shock Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens as a five-eighth are over. by declaring Benji Marshall's days

in three weeks He says when Benji returns jersey permanently. he'll be wearing the number 7 the successful switch Sheens believes he can emulate made by another former five-eighth, Johnathon Thurston, now considered the NRL's top player. After nine weeks out with a shoulder injury,

Benji Marshall's back and up to his old tricks. But his coach pulled one of his own today, revealing Marshall's set for a permanent switch. I think we can do a Jonathan Thurston with him. Move him from five-eighth from six to seven, and the more he gets the ball in his hands, the better he'll be. in the game Thurston now the best half several years ago. since his positional shift give the Tigers more strike power, Sheens believes moving Marshall will at five-eighth with John Morris taking over returning to hooker. and fill-in half Robbie Farah He's actually training with me now, with Robbie going back to nine. configuration. doing some work in that

for when he comes back. We're preparing

into action, possibly by round 19. Marshall ready to spring back for skipper Brett Hodgson. It's a longer wait healed until at least early August. His fractured cheekbone won't be of the last four games. The Tigers have won just one at training today, But as we found out they still have plenty of support. dropping in for a run.

The Baker boys celebrating their fourth birthdays by meeting their heroes. And providing advice on what the Tigers should do to the Raiders on Sunday. (All) Rah! Onlookers forced to do a double take as Nicholas, Lachlan, James and Harrison took over Concord Oval. And with so many stars quitting the NRL for England, who could blame CEO Steve Noyce for trying to get the Tigers a cheap package deal? from the coach. Certainly no arguments

young these days. Why not? (Laughs) Yeah, we're signing them pretty Adam Hawse, Ten News. has produced a glimmer of hope Penrith's week of turmoil that next season could be better. the bidding battle The Panthers have won Petero Civoniceva. for veteran Broncos prop of attention in Brisbane today The big fella was the centre its series win with the fans. as the Queensland Origin team shared

his future is finally secure Civoniceva is just relieved with the Broncos. after contract dramas about the opportunity for me. I'm just really excited young players down there They've got a lot of young good in their careers to move forward. so hopefully I can help them Meanwhile, the Blues are training without injured trio Matt Cooper, Jamie Lyon and Steve Simpson. Lyon's hamstring causing the most concern. New Australian Rugby boss John O'Neill has slammed South Africa's decision to send a severely understrength side to Sydney for the Tri Nations. As the Springboks landed he labelled their actions 'Rafferty's rules' in a World Cup year. The South Africans filtering into Sydney one by one for this visit. Name tags would have been useful. You're fielding a second-grade side. a second-grade side. No, you're saying I'm fielding

the fixture. a watered down squad Coach Jake White assembling at international level. of relative unknowns to risk injury The Springboks hierarchy not prepared in a World Cup year. to its stable of stars of a second-string side, It's not a question can still play for World Cup places it's a case of bringing a team who in the squad. and there's a lot of Test caps The ARU is fuming. On his first day back at the helm, are short-changing rugby fans. John O'Neill claims the Springboks We are not in an area is Rafferty's Rules. where the World Cup year is in September and October I mean, the Holy Grail and so everything that leads in to that dosen't matter. But White hit back. He says his controversial selection policy is no different from the Wallabies' decision to rest Lote Tuqiri from the Tests against Wales last month. Does that devalue the Wales Test series or does it mean Tuqiri needs to be ready for the World Cup? The 28-man squad missing 24 players from its best available comination. it's not a B-grade team. But the Springboks maintain as a second-rate side. We don't see it of being in the side, The guys are on the fringe to playing the Aussies. so looking forward The Springboks insist their Tri-Nations title. they're not surrendering for 2007. but concede it's not their priority

I think anyone who understands say would say it's ludicrous to come here with players carrying injuries.

Swans coach Paul Roos says isn't over just yet. Barry Hall's season against Geelong with a groin injury. Barry will sit out Saturday's match in five years. It's the first game he's missed 44th birthday yesterday, It was Paul Roos' to a groin injury but losing Barry Hall he was looking for. wasn't the present

it'll be good to have a weekend off. To be fair to Barry, is he'll be right for next week. The next hope the consequent lack of training effecting his form. COMMENTATOR: Needs to kick this. The confidence is gone. I don't think we'll see him 100% this year. So it's really just if the medical staff can do things a bit differently, hopefully get him up to 85-90%, maybe a bit above that. at a worse time for the Swans, Hall's absence couldn't have come

back on track who are desperate to get their season at Skilled Stadium on Saturday. but face a huge test against Geelong of three changes for the match - Hall is one into the team first-gamer Matthew Laidlaw coming who returns from a foot injury. along with Nick Davis Jared Moore has also been selected. both dropped. Adam Schnieder and Heath Grundy Neil Cordy, Ten News. The Aussie men will be bidding flying at Wimbledon tonight to keep the Aussie flag Wayne Arthurs. with Lleyton Hewitt, Chris Guccione, has dwindled. The Aussie women's charge there in the singles. Just one of them is left But Alicia Molik gave former champion Serena Williams a hell of a scare, up 4/1 in the first set,

Her who she studied to produce some

of her best tennis out there and of her best tennis out there and

the more I stepped it up the hire

her level rose but certainly I was

in a position today to wind that match. Samantha Stosur was beaten by unseeded Venezuelan Milagros Sequera in three sets while an all Aussie match-up ended with victory for Nicole Pratt over Casey Dellacqua. Anthony Mundine arrived in style Championship defence for his WBA World Super Middleweight on the Gold Coast. But after such a grand entrance he couldn't make an early exit with his much derided Argentine rival Pablo Zamora Nievas going the distance. Mundine proving too strong over 12 rounds, The win leaving him hungry for more. I want to fight every 8 to 10 weeks and really stamp my authority on the boxing world and represent. Mundine's only problem a bicep injury. That's all for now.

Later in Sports Tonight we'll hear from Casey Stoner as he prepares for the latest stage of his MotoGP world title bid, with the Origin legends and we'll weigh in And Paris Hilton shares her ordeal. It's Holden End of Financial Year Deals. Get the special edition SVZ wagon And all from an amazing $32,490, plus dealer delivery and government charges. MAN: Hello? PHONE RINGS Oooh. That'll be for me. Yeah! PHONE RINGS Ah, that'll be for me.

PHONE RINGS Oop! That'll be for me. Small-business owners never stop working. That's why the Commonwealth Bank has a new Local Business Banking service with small-business experts giving answers 24 hours, seven days a week... PHONE RINGS MEN: That'll be for me. you'll always get an answer. Hello. David Edwards. How can I help you? So you deserve a better price. You can save up to $270 by combining your home and contents insurance and choosing an excess that suits you. APIA doesn't charge you a fee for paying your premium by the month. So, call us now to see how much you can save. If you're over 50 and not working full time, call 13 50 50 now for understanding, not just insurance. If you're a better insurance customer, This program is captioned live. Paris Hilton says she's a changed woman after her time behind bars. In her first TV interview, the celebrity heiress describes her jail time as traumatic but admits it was good for her. Suitably groomed and ready to tell all about her 23 days deprived of the luxuries she's enjoyed her whole life. It was a very traumatic experience, but I feel like God does make everything happen for a reason. It gave me time-out in life to find out what was important. That time-out was in a tiny cell and, despite claims of special treatment, Paris Hilton says there was none. I was treated like any other inmate, no better, no worse. She hated being alone, struggled with the horrible food, but most difficult was the strip search. of my life. While she's vowed never to drink and drive again, she believes her sentence didn't match her crime.

There was outcry when the 26-year-old was released under home detention just three days into her sentence, Most people on that kind of infraction will only serve 10% of their sentence.

While her public profile is as a party girl, she insists she's much more, is not a drug taker, and plans to cut back on going out. I think people just focus on the party part. My business and what I do is at my office and in my meetings, The TV reality star says she spent a lot of time writing and reading in jail and, besides pursuing her movie and TV career, she wants to help others less fortunate. I want to help set up a place so these women can get themselves back on their feet, a place with food, shelter and clothing. In Los Angeles, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

I keep wondering what she does in

her offers. 13 Bayley has snow in

the maddens and water in the dance. We have the maddens and water in the dance.

We have had the rain and the snow

and sometimes something sworn your heart that have nothing to do heart that have nothing to do with

the weather. The kids from St

Edmunds - Steve - with a little

song we should all listen to. All I

want his acceptance. All I need it

is your heart. Every day is a different

different day. All I want his

acceptance. And to share your love

with Name. Where all travellers

down the same road. Love will set

us free. A round of applause for St.

I love having kids like these on

the TV. Was that exciting? I am

excited for you. Come here stay. Where

Where did that except and song come

from? It was the little saying on

the friendship bans at the school

St Edmunds where my elder son and

these guys went. It's said -

acceptance, St Edmunds School. We

are all the same and all walked the

same road. A round of applause for

the rain. What about you guys? A

round of applause for you guys.

Lovely stuff. It's not just St

Edmunds. So studio arts in Hornsby

is a special training centre with a

gatherer Gallery. They're having a

special festival up there in July. He

He won battle of the bans and they

are very proud to be on the television. Cloud in the south-east circulates

around a deep low. The Tasman low

tomorrow will move Southease

causing strong wings in Victoria

and South East and New South Wales.

Showers in southern New South Wales

are along the southern Rangers.

Showers across Victoria, Tasmania

and Western Australia. A big round

of applause for eyes.

Isn't that some good news? Some

sunshine coming. There is some sunshine coming. There is some good

news on your television. Take about.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin along at 10.30. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. (SCREAMS) OPENING DAY AT THE WORLD'S FIRST TWO-STORY OUTHOUSE.