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(generated from captions) Calm before the storm - for another dose of nature's fury. Sydney braces Back in the black - tax cuts and some big spending. the State Budget delivers a surplus,

building the State's future. And it is all about Political pay rise - more money. our Federal MPs grant themselves

And survivor's story - re-lives the Black Hawk tragedy. an SAS soldier This program is captioned live. Good evening. to batten down the hatches - Sydneysiders are being warned of bad weather, we're in for another wild night last week's storms. probably worse than more rain are heading right for us - Gale-force winds, big seas and yet and should hit later tonight. of fierce weather, Still rattled after a fortnight pounding lurking off the coast - and Sydney is facing yet another has plenty of punch. a storm the weather bureau says It looks pretty nasty. Yes, it does. it will blow in, baring its teeth. And by about 3:00 tomorrow morning, Winds will be greater up to 125km/h

equivalent to cyclone force. and that's in weather measurement

and even heavier swells - Cyclonic winds, some heavy rain big Wednesday is looming, to the already battered Newcastle. from Wollongong tomorrow will be massive, We think the waves on the coast averaging 7m. Some will be as big as 10m. Some are sure to lap it up.

face an anxious 24 hours. Others living near the surf If the weather forecasters are right, could be gone by tomorrow - much of the Collaroy beach front by the high tide and heavy seas. the sands literally swallowed up who live along here, And for residents with homes exposed and vulnerable. they face a tense wait, and have a look at the beach I thought I come down before it all goes. has forced salvage crews The wind warning 'Pasha Bulker' in Newcastle working on the stricken to abandon ship. is now set to break records. The wet weather 400mm of rain in Sydney the second wettest June on record, already makes it and in the bush,

for a bumper winter crop. the rain has farmers on track for Australia, 37 million tonne winter crop 16 million tonnes of last year. which is up about 136% on our Damian Ryan, National Nine News. all indications are Jaynie Seal joins us now and, Jaynie, than the last few? this storm will be more powerful It is actually the strongest, Mark.

from the coast, However, it is further away the dangerous surf of 7-8m so the main focus will be

and beach erosion. the massive amounts of rain Thankfully, we are not expecting we had with the last two systems, along the coastal areas. but still more than 20mm

with the full coverage And, Mark, I'll be back later in the bulletin. the city tonight to capture any drama Our news team will be spread across or video of the storm, and, if you get any photos to please send them through are the clear winners Home buyers and owners State Budget. in this year's big spending

we cross to Adam Walters. For all the details Adam, it would seem is a lot healthier than it was the State's economy

this time last year. this Budget a fiscal trifecta, Mark, the Treasurer is calling and record spending. delivering a surplus, tax cuts first year of the electoral cycle Some expected the Budget in the in its brutality to conform with history Michael Costa says but, never a conformist, he's not concerned with the past. is firmly back in the black. The Treasurer says NSW It meets our commitments of the State finances to provide responsible management and a strong balance sheet. with surplus budgets of $444 million - There's now a surplus on last year. a $1.1 billion turnaround We turned around a deficit who don't think it was a deficit, and, for those we did it through hard work. it was real deficit - saving $300 million And it was Mr Costa's own Razor Gang by the bureaucracy. in careless spending was delivered by home buyers, And $100 million of the surplus property market a strong eastern and northern Sydney in stamp duty - an increase of 10%. delivering $2.4 billion But home buyers are being rewarded, in new tax cuts. enjoying most of the $343 million will be reduced from 1.7% to 1.6%, Starting January, land tax has been brought forward two years, and the scrapping of mortgage duty in September, abolished for owner-occupiers and gone altogether by January 2009. investors in July next year

stimulatory measure, This being a modest, being a bit harder, we were looking at something perhaps but this is welcome news. allocated $12.5 billion, up 7.1%, Health was the Budget's big winner, up 4.9%, education receives $11.2 billion,

transport, $5.8 billion, up 11.2%, roads, $3.6 billion, up 12%,

and police, $2.2 billion, up 4%. has been budgeted for capital works A record $12.5 billion $2.8 billion for electricity including $4 billion for transport, the State's future. And it is all about building the Premier of creating an illusion. The Opposition has accused a Premier in this State It's not so long ago that we had claiming to be Bob the builder. claiming to be Morris the Magician. Well, now we've got a Premier long since forgotten, With talk of a technical recession growth will reach 3.5% by next year, the Treasurer's predicting economic by the NSW Business Chamber his optimism shared borrowing Labor's campaign slogan. in the right direction, so to speak. We're heading back on the way

it's not all plain-sailing. But, Adam, a number of economic hurdles ahead? No doubt there could be

That's right. This Budget takes

into account several risk factors

which includes a rate increases,

interest-rate rises and the ongoing impact of the drought.

a pay rise. Federal MPs are to receive has approved a 6.7% increase The Remuneration Tribunal well above the inflation rate - for backbenchers - themselves for a voter backlash. and our politicians are preparing There they were today, sitting before a 6-week winter break, our Federal MPs in the final week of knowing a pay rise was on the way. Announced late this afternoon, it's a boost of 6.7% - 4.2% to adjust for rises in the consumer price index and another 2.5% to raise the base level of parliamentary salaries.

I think it's pretty outrageous given it is 2.5% above the average wage across the economy.

Peter Andren, Independent for the NSW seat of Calare, says the basic salary of an MP will rise from $118,950 to about $127,000. That's an increase of $16,000 over the last two years and, to my mind, totally unjustified.

The voter backlash is already evident. They don't deserve it. They don't seem to me to work hard enough

to get what they're getting now. They get paid very well anyway. Mr Andren plans to move in Parliament for the pay rise to be disallowed but he knows he'll get no support from either the Government or the Opposition. The Government says pay rises for ordinary mortals should be based on productivity. While there's certainly been an increase in abuse and insults hurled across the chamber, there's no evidence of any productivity increase in Federal Parliament.

Kevin Rudd, meanwhile, has been embarrased by a briefing note on productivity prepared by three economists on his staff. It's taken a leaked document from his own advisers

to expose him for the fraud that he is. The note contradicted the Labor leader's repeated claim that productivity in the economy is stagnant - but who leaked it? It's a mystery to us all. No, it's not. After a Canberra news conference yesterday, Mr Rudd had the document in his hand when he went for a coffee in the canteen, he plonked it down, then walked away and forgot about it. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. There was more dramatic evidence today at the inquiry into last year's Black Hawk helicopter crash. Some of the survivors have described in chilling detail how they came so close to death.

For the first time, a survivor's story - the SAS soldier identified as 'Trooper E'

was sitting in the back of the Black Hawk

when it slammed into the deck of the 'Kanimbla'. He told the inquiry: The chopper was sinking quickly. Trooper E reached for his emergency breathing system.

At 20-30 metres, he had only one or two gulps of air.

He got out of the chopper and made for the surface, holding his breath. He came up only to hit the hull of the 'Kanimbla'. Somehow he felt his way across the ship and made it to safety. Trooper E said the pilot, Captain Mark Bingley, who died in the crash, was a mate. He described him as the Michael Schumacher of Black Hawks. What became clear today, though, was that Captain Bingley's luck ran out as the chopper began to sink rapidly. When Captain Bingley's body floated to the surface, the mouthpiece of his breathing unit had broken free. The system has since been fixed with an extra strap to stop it falling apart. There was another amazing survival story - 'Trooper C' said as the chopper sank, he tried two or three times to get out, but was prevented

by the amount of water being pushed through the machine.

He said it felt like he was hanging out of car doing 100km/h. He eventually got out and said the chopper dropped away like a disappearing freight train. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. The parents of the man wanted over yesterday's fatal triple shooting in Melbourne have pleaded with their son to surrender peacefully. Christopher Wayne Hudson is the subject of a nationwide manhunt, police describing him as dangerous and out of control. Terry Hudson refuses to believe his son is a cold-blooded killer, but today he made an emotional plea - surrender to police before anyone else gets hurt. We all love you, mate. Please give in peacefully.

He revealed his son phoned him yesterday morning, immediately after the shooting. Just telling me he loved me and he was sorry. Christopher Hudson may be as brash as police say he is dangerous.

Guests at this inner-city hotel claim he was seen here last night. This morning police found his black four-wheel drive parked directly outside. I was a bit nervous 'cause I got in the lift and it went up to the fifth floor and I didn't even know he was there. 43-year-old Brendon Keilar was allegedly shot by Hudson when he went to the rescue of Sydney model Kaera Douglas. Today, flowers were left at the street corner where the Melbourne lawyer was fatally wounded. He did something I think anyone would have done in the circumstances without even thinking. He paid the ultimate price for that. 24-year-old old Kaera Douglas has undergone further surgery to a gunshot wound. It's believed her family fears for her safety

as long as Hudson is on the run. REPORTER: How is the family coping? As well as can be expected. This person is dangerous and I think he's out of control and we'd like to find him. Tonight, the third victim - a 25-year-old Dutch backpacker - is still listed as critical. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News.

Now to the James Packer - Erica Baxter wedding in the south of France - and the guests have all arrived, taking up residence in some of the world's most luxurious hotels and boats. The celebrity arrivals include Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with the marriage service expected to go ahead around midnight tomorrow Australian time. James Packer and Erica Baxter glamorously stepped out for the first official event of their big week - pre-wedding dinner with all their guests. Just a short time before, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had arrived at the Hotel de Cap with daughter Suri. The actor and billionaire are firm friends through Scientology. They were the last of the guests to arrive.

Most had flown in earlier in the day, among them, Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch. REPORTER: Do you know what's going to happen? We really don't know. No, I think we've all been kept in the dark as a nice surprise. Also landing, Sydney radio host and close Packer friend Alan Jones,

Channel 9 personality Eddie McGuire, and the best man, former Nine boss David Gyngell. It's going to be amazing, you know, you can't be... I think it's... I've never seen a guy so happy in my life. You'd be pretty spoilt if you didn't think this was going to be an amazing couple of days. The action on the water was a classic French Riviera scene, as the millionaires and billionaires flitted from boat to boat. The bride and groom visited several vessels,

including Rupert Murdoch's yacht.

Son Lachlan opted to swim to see his father. Then, while a relaxed looking Mr Packer clowned around with friends, Ms Baxter went ashore to greet her parents and other family members - the so-called Gunnedah contingent from Baxter's home town. The Packer family's 'Arctic P' is now the flagship of a small armada here, prompting talk the ceremony may be held offshore and the guests ferried back and forth. Nothing will be confirmed, though, until wedding begins late tomorrow night.

In Antibes, France, James Talia, National Nine News. And just briefly - In the news ahead - a lucky truckie a semitrailer left hanging on a Brisbane bridge. And love match - tennis ace Mark Philippoussis looks for some reality romance.

An international paedophile ring trading images and video footage on the Internet has been smashed. Authorities claim it had 700 members, some in Australia. Among the many victims were babies just a few months old. Its tentacles spread globally, a vile paedophile ring numbering in the hundreds. The images were as graphic as you can imagine. Four people have been charged in Australia. One person has appeared before the court in Victoria in April and was sentenced to seven months imprisonment. Arrests have also been made in WA and SA and police say there may be more. In all, 63 people across 35 countries have so far been arrested in the swoop. At least 22 children have been rescued. Some were live abuse situations,

which means that the paedophiles online

were putting their own kids out there.

Another nine children who were in danger of being exploited have also been placed in protective custody. One of those potential children at risk was an Australian child. Police in the UK arrested the mastermind, 28-year-old Timothy Cox. Detectives allegedly found more than 75,000 explicit images on his computer. Cox hosted a chat room called 'Kids, the Light of our Lives',

which showed real-time video streaming of child sexual abuse.

They were images of sexual exploitation of children, ranging from the very young, under 12 months of age, right through to teenagers. Simon Bouda, National Nine News.

In Brisbane, a semi driver found himself in a precarious position this morning on a busy motorway in the city's west. The B-double was left dangling dangerously over a 6m drop after his truck was hit from behind. Both drivers escaped without injury, however traffic was banked back for several hours while rescue crews pulled the semi back from the edge. Tennis ace Mark Philippoussis

found himself a long way from Centre Court today. He's the star of a new reality matchmaking show which features a cast of older and younger women

all competing for the 'Scud's attention. After this... VOICE OVER: Mark is the man that every woman wants. ..Mark Philippoussis might well find the tension of a Wimbledon final a lot more preferable. He looks like my future husband. No, I'm kidding.

The show's title, 'The Age of Love', is a hint that this is no normal dating show. The ages of his possible love interests do play a big part but first the audience needed to find out who this mystery man was. VOICE OVER: At 6" 5', not only is he tall, dark and handsome, he's also in the prime of an impressive career. And he learnt very quickly that when you give yourself over to an American dating show you'd better be ready for some surprises. The girls I've dated in the past have been younger. It hasn't worked out. Well, things were about to change. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to take a guess at how old I am? Ah...36? I'm 48. Wow! And there's more - at the last moment they tossed in a bunch of twenty-somethings. just to add a little juice to this televised love match. In Los Angeles, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. Ken with sport is next, and the Rabbitohs' raid on the Roosters has turned ugly. They're on the verge of signing another. Also, the Tiger you don't want to run into.

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The already prickly relationship between the Roosters and South Sydney has worsened. Today, Rabbitohs greats ripped into the Roosters' top brass for revealing, on the club's website, that Craig Wing was defecting. The Roosters dropped Craig Wing in the deep end yesterday, beating him to his own announcement.

Wing still wouldn't confirm the four-year deal with the Rabbits today. I haven't put pen to paper on anything yet. Souths greats slammed the Rooster's tactic of releasing the news before Souths were able to trumpet Russell Crowe's coup in bringing one of their own junior stars back home.

Petty, childish, um, that's typical of the Rooster's.

Good luck to Souths and well done Russell. Definitely a low act because Craig Wing should have been allowed to announce he is returning home to the Rabbitohs where he started out

and where he's been a Souths junior. I just think they're basically party-poopers. That's very disappointing but, obviously, we've got a tradition of not liking each other and that is just the way it goes. Russell, in the back of his mind, likes to get things back on his side. So this is 1-0 to Russell. And there was further drama for the Rooster's today, Origin forward Nate Myles failed to turn up at training and has been dropped for the weekend's clash with the Eels. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. At the Tigers, there's an old-fashioned winger developing a cult following - 25-year-old Taniela Tuiaki only knows one way to play, and good luck if you're given the job of stopping him. He's typical of most Islanders in the game - Taniela Tuiaki doesn't like to give interviews, but when you play as he does, Tuiaki is impossible to ignore. Whenever I touch the ball, I always try to do something for my team and for myself. At 107kg, Tuiaki is a human wrecking machine. They call him 'TNT' at the Tigers, and he still gets a smile out of what he did to Mat Rogers at the weekend. I just looked at him and he was just gutted. I just got up and walked off. It's the Tongan twostep, isn't it - or the Tongan sidestep - straight over the top of you.

The Tigers turned back time at this afternoon's training session. (Players cheer) From the coach down, it was a revisit to the '70s, and a lot of fun. It's all helping Tuiaki settle into his new home. I'd rather be doing this than working out in a factory or out in the rain. Next year there's a full-time job in the forwards that has his name on it. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. In-line skating at its best is tricky

After the break, the CommSec finance report, then Jaynie with more on the weather warnings.

To the financial markets - and Channel 10 shares fell as Canwest formally announced it will scrap the sale

and take control of the network. Rio Tinto set a new record, closing above $100. Now, here's Jaynie. Mark, extremely severe weather due in Sydney after midnight. The last 24 hours weren't so calm either, with gusty winds and heavy showers overnight. A total of 414mm for Sydney this month,

and today only 13 degrees, our coldest day of the year. Showers now, increasing to rain overnight.

Even though this low is more severe, it is further away, so rainfall totals are not expected to be massive. Damaging winds with gusts to well over 100km/h along the coast from Nowra to Foster. The heaviest rain should be south of Sydney. A generous dump of snow overnight for the Snowies. Blizzard conditions expected over alpine areas of Victoria and NSW tonight, even snow set to fall on higher parts

of the Central and Northern Tablelands of NSW. The good news is it won't last long. The low should quickly head towards NZ. So Sydney, strong and squally winds after midnight along with more than 20mm of rain, mostly coastal. It should ease significantly by sunrise as the major weather affects the Central Coast and Hunter. Then on Thursday a front will move in later in the day bringing another burst of showers and strong winds not as bad. More showers towards the weekend, but it's tonight we are in for those severe winds,

with gusts exceeding 125km/h, Mark. For the latest on Sydney's wild weather

don't forget 'Nightline' later tonight and extended coverage on the 'Today' show tomorrow morning. That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.