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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - 18 people rescued including 12 teenagers trapped by rising floodwaters. Police appalled by the murder of a harmless autistic man in a Sydney park. Barry Humphries awarded a top honour by the Queen as she celebrates her 81st birthday. And Parramatta gives Nathan Hindmash a 200th game to remember with victory over the Dragons. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News with Chris Bath. Good evening. 18 people have been rescued from rising floodwaters in a day of drama for Sydney's emergency crews. 12 students and 2 adult leaders were winched to safety after spending a freezing night in the Blue Mountains while four fishermen became trapped in the Nepean River. CHOPPER WHIRRS Swept away - three men trapped by the swollen Nepean River. Their boat capsized in raging floodwaters. They were plucked to safety, exhausted and in shock

suffering hypothermia. It was quite difficult. The pilot of the rescue helicopter obviously was an expert in his field - he had to hover for up to 20 minutes in one place. A fourth man was rescued by water from the fishing boat. The operation came just hours after 12 students and 2 teachers were picked up following a night stranded in the Blue Mountains. Distressed and cold they shivered through temperatures down to 5 degrees. We tried to cross the river, it was, like, really deep. At one point when they didn't come on one day yeah, we were pretty worried - wondered where they were. A distress beacon led rescuers to them. The officer from Canberra Search and Rescue was able to bring up some direction-finding gear which assisted pinpointing the beacon. The students' parents now want to know why the bushwalk was allowed to go ahead

in the worst weather for more than 40 years. It's not just those rescued who are grateful. The Government too is thanking the State Emergency Service with a $66 million funding boost in Tuesday's budget. They are heroes, often unsung heroes. They put their own lives at risk without payment often working in atrocious conditions as we've seen in the last week. There'll be money for new flood boats which were a lifeline. Whether you're a farmer who is counting stock losses, a family who have been left homeless or a salvage crew trying to shift a 40,000-tonne ship the impact of these storms will be hard to forget. But there's more on the way - more winter fury and it could come as early as tomorrow. The bad news is we're expecting a low pressure system to form on the South Coast overnight Monday into Tuesday. That'll bring up some gale force winds along most of the coast from the South Coast all the way to the Hunter.

Queensland has sent SES crews to Newcastle to help with the clean-up effort. Police have described as senseless, the killing of an autistic man on the city's northern beaches. The 35-year-old was well known around Narrabeen for being harmless making it harder for residents to understand

why someone would stab him to death. Gerard Fleming was a gentle giant, friendly, unassuming which is why those who knew him can't understand

how someone would want to stab him to death. I think it's very sad, yeah, because I just don't understand why anybody would. in some way. The 35-year-old was attacked on Pittwater Road just after 11:00 last night. It was raining, there were few witnesses. We heard some banging, some noises last night but I honestly wouldn't have picked this. Police believe Mr Fleming wasn't robbed.

But they don't know why he was murdered.

It makes it so much more callous, I think, really. A vulnerable person really shouldn't be attacked like that. Police divers searched Narrabeen Lakes for a weapon even drains. They found nothing. Shopkeepers believe Narrabeen's night-time shopping strip is attracting ice addicts and thugs. They intimidate everyone really.

Yeah, they're not a good bunch to have around. The rain certainly hasn't helped forensic investigators

but police hope whatever evidence has been washed away

will be compensated by one prospect - that security cameras might have captured the killer fleeing the scene, down this path. Somebody's going to come through with some information that's going to identify somebody.

So perhaps if anybody is involved in it, now might be the right time to come forward. To breaking news now and police have charged rugby league star, Sonny Bill Williams and Bulldogs' team-mate Ben Roberts over two alcohol-related incidents. The club has confirmed Sonny Bill was arrested after urinating in a street on a drunken night out last weekend.

He'll face court next month, as will Roberts, who failed a breath test in the Sutherland Shire early this morning. He allegedly recorded a blood alcohol reading of .03. The legal limit for P-platers is 0.

Three men have been charged over a shooting at a Kings Cross nightclub. Police arrested them early this morning after answering emergency calls about shots being fired. Two men were wounded and are now in a satisfactory condition in hospital. The suspects had been inside the Baba Bing Club when an argument broke out.

They've been charged with affray and participating in a criminal group. No-one has yet been charged with firing the shots. The Premier is supporting a ban on a Sydney pastor making contact with the baby he found on his church doorstep. Matthew Beckenham's family wants to adopt the little girl called Joan. But the Department of Community Services has cut ties as it prepares to put her into foster care. DOCS is still trying to contact the mother. That's the best thing for the baby. Joan was abandoned last week just hours after her birth. She's doing well but DOCS still wants to reunite the baby girl with her mother. Parking meters are to be switched off on the main street of Bondi in what's being called "a victory for people power". Businesses have been complaining about lost trade from high parking fees,

so the Council's decided to give drivers a break. This is how the world sees busy Bondi Beach today. But when winter comes, people go. Parking fees remain and businesses say it's killing them. A lot of the restaurants are suffering. We're suffering. People that were my customers for many years - they go somewhere else because they say, "We can't park." Now Waverley Council is doing the unthinkable - pulling out parking meters. We're looking at the areas between Lamrock Avenue and Beach Road which is about four blocks. 29 car spaces on Campbell Parade will have free half-hour parking during the day - up to four hours after 6pm. The Bondi Chamber of Commerce has been campaigning for this to happen for the last three years.

Nearby Westfield offers two hours free parking. Bondi businesses couldn't compete. I needed to come to Bondi to buy a pair of bathers for my children in Perth and we actually had to pay $9 to park down the road. Until now... That's going to help us a lot with the free parking. But don't expect the council to give up the lucrative parking fees in the summer months. If it works, free parking in Bondi will only be available during winter. We hope that it's a continuation into summer and if that's the case we'll bring Bondi Beach back to its former glory. Politicians are flying in to Canberra tonight for what could be Parliament's final sitting week before the federal election. There's sure to be fireworks as the Government and Labor try to get ahead in the opinion polls. Parliament has just a week to go before the long winter break and the major parties are trying to make each other look bad. We're not going to let the Labor Party

with its sneery gutter-like campaign distract us. The Prime Minister is in the Opposition's sights with revelations Mr Howard held a taxpayer-funded dinner at the Lodge for Young Liberals late last year. John Howard's Liberal Party is simply out of touch with the views of mainstream Australian families. The Government accuses Labor of double standards. They are complete hypocrites on it. Even Bob Hawke said he used to run fundraisers. The Opposition is also targeting the Government's industrial relations laws and its plans to force employers to give every worker a fact sheet of their rights at work. Now it's going to say to every business person in this country make sure each of your employees gets this fact sheet within three months and if you don't, pay a $110 fine for every employee who doesn't get it. The major parties are nervously awaiting tomorrow's opinion polls. The Government has been hoping for a turnaround all year

and signs of an erosion of Labor's popularity with voters. She's the simple Aussie housewife who became a self-proclaimed mega-star. Now the man behind Dame Edna Everage has really hit the big time being honoured by the Queen for his services to the entertainment industry. Look at me, possums! Aren't I gorgeous? She's an Aussie icon and the world's favourite drag queen. Now the man behind the gladdies has been officially recognised by the Queen. I had a little word with the Queen. INTERVIEWER: Uh huh. I said please throw him a crumb - throw him something! 50 years after Barry Humphries started throwing flowers and roasting some of the biggest celebrities he's being made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire for services to entertainment. # You're a dame # Also on the Queen's honours list controversial author Salman Rushdie - who is now Sir Salman - And cricketer Ian Botham who is also being given a knighthood. I've had a lot of highs in my life but believe me this is as high as it gets. Four weeks ago I got the nod, the letter and it's been the hardest four weeks of my life. How'd you keep it quiet? Well, it was very difficult. It seemed to be getting leaked from everywhere else but from me and even my mother only found out last night. Present arms! The Queen marked her 81st birthday with the traditional trooping of the colour in London - the 60th time it's been held in her honour. The Royal family came all dressed up for occasion held in pouring rain but they stayed dry on the palace balcony. (Engines rumble) Ahead in Seven News - The moment a lottery winner had her ticket snatched by thieves. Also - a burning runaway car smashes into a Sydney home. And the Paris Hilton parody that's become a number one hit. (Sings) # They can't do this to me I'm rich! #

A man is in a serious condition after crashing his car into a house

in Sydney's south-west. The 40-year-old driver lost control of his Commodore at Cabramatta around midnight. It was a rude awakening for residents as the car ploughed through two fences and crashed into a brick chimney. The driver was freed from the wreckage and taken to Liverpool Hospital

with serious head and chest injuries. A 9-year-old boy has been rescued after a burning car crashed into his Merrylands home. His grandmother saw the burning vehicle rolling down the street following an explosion. I couldn't get past the car so I had to run around - go through the neighbours house and drag my grandson out. Police say the Honda CRV was broken into and set alight. There was no-one inside. The Cancer Council is warning about the dangers of not having enough time in the sun over winter. It says we're at risk of getting sick from low levels of vitamin D and believes the anti-sun messages of summer are to blame. Most Australians heed the message to slip-slop-slap during summer but in the cool winter months covering up can lead to health consequences such as a vitamin D deficiency. The bones thin out if you don't have enough vitamin D. Certain types of cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer may be a little higher in people who have low levels of vitamin D. The sun isn't very intense. There is no need to wear hats and put on sunscreen. But the sun-soaking advice depends on where you live.

Those in Queensland, the Northern Territory and parts of Western Australia need to leave their hats on all year round. In southern Australia, during the winter months, So, how much sun is enough? For those in the southern States forced to rug up during the chilly winter months the Cancer Council recommends two to three hours a week of sunlight to the face, arms and hands is enough to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D. And they have warned sunbeds aren't a quick fix to boost vitamin levels -

they'll only increase the chance of developing skin cancer. I mean, they've got the potential of delivering about five times the sun's intensity. The company at the centre of the Indonesian mud disaster has told Seven News

it could turn out to be a natural phenomenon. Mud is still gushing out at the rate of a million barrels a day a year after it started flowing during exploratory drilling for gas. The mining company says it might not be possible to plug the leak.

Some experts already predicted it could be happening about more than 30 years.

The company has spent $180 million on the disaster but 43,000 victims are still waiting for compensation.

Nine people are feared drowned in a spectacular bridge collapse in southern China. A boat carrying sand rammed into a pylon sending a 200m span of roadway crashing into the Xijiang River in Guangdong province. It crushed the boat's bow but all 10 crew members survived. Rescuers have been unable to find seven drivers and two workers who were on the bridge when it gave way. A Florida lottery winner has learnt the hard way how quickly luck can change. Patsey Jean Harris was celebrating a scratchie jackpot win when two women grabbed her ticket and ran off. She chased and fought them in the service station carpark but the thieves got away with the ticket. She's on my back, she's punching me and you can see scratches and stuff. Police found the thieves but not the $500 scratchie. In the short time she held the ticket

Patsey Jean had been keen to pay off her mounting bills. Jailbird Paris Hilton has had her popularity confirmed with a music video about her rocketing to number one on the Internet. 5 million hits have been recorded in just eight days making a parody of her prison term the world's most watched clip. (Sings) # I don't mind being confined # While Paris Hilton sobs her way through jail time millions are laughing at her expense. # Heiress goes up the river Ends up as somebody's bitch Eight days after hitting the Internet 'Paris In Jail' has had 5 million hits making it YouTube's most-viewed clip this month.

# They can't do this to me - I'm rich # The parody was put together by comedians Allen Murray and Sean Haines who - like many - became overwhelmed by the Paris saga. The world's fascinated with Paris and she's incredible at exploiting herself and her image. She's done some things that are considered kind of dubious so people are now seeing her get her comeuppance, if you will. It stars Paris look-alike Amber Hey - a model who grew up in Australia. # Even though I've got the glamour # Even though my clothes are fab # They throw me in the slammer - Britney gets rehab Allen and Sean say the clip isn't meant to be mean-spirited - in fact they claim they made it with Hilton's best interests at heart using the celebutante's own philosophy that any publicity is good publicity. And it's worked.

The Paris clip just scored the socialite another 90 seconds on Australian TV. For those concerned about the real Paris Hilton - her medical condition is now considered stable and she's due to be released on June 25th. # My room-mate's a woman named Mitch. # Sport with Ben Damon and it's been a pretty bad week for Blues coach Graham Murray.

It has been a shocker . He lost the Origin series and now the Cowboys are in crisis. More shortly. Also tonight - More misery for the Dragons as the Eels fly high. COMMENTATOR: Inu steals it out of the hands of Tom Hewitt. And Aaron Baddeley grabs the lead at the US Open. And Baddeley drops it in. If you need staff, I can help. Hospitality is one industry that can never find enough staff, which is why they turn to us. They sent Pam along for an interview. She was 56, had the right attitude. She just needed some on-the-job training. Mature-aged workers can bring a lot of experience to a job. And I find them to be very reliable.

She's very competent and efficient. She's now working for me full-time. And, yeah, she's an important part of the team. Employers are often surprised by what's out there. The trick is not to pigeonhole people. If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit If you need staff, I can help. We've got access to thousands of people looking for work. call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit (Continue bleating) CHIRPY RING TONE BEEPING A new V8 turbo diesel, heaps more grunt and better fuel economy - LandCruiser 70 Series. It's newer, not softer. It wasn't pretty but the Eels have marked Nathan Hindmarsh's 200th game with a come-from-behind victory over the Dragons.

In today's other game the Titans shocked the Tigers 16-14 while the Eels' win moves them up to third on the NRL ladder. 200 games for Nathan Hindmarsh but no champagne football to celebrate the milestone. COMMENTATOR: He's lost the football. The Eels and Dragons dreadful early. How to bomb a try. Parramatta went closest. Cordoba there off the posts, offside.

The frustation of a tryless first-half told. And Hindmarsh didn't like it. Like their passes, few punches found the mark but finally after the break someone found the line. Hewitt gets over the line. A miracle try. Then the Eels came to life. Long ball for Hayne for the corner. Hindmarsh then tried to celebrate with a long-range try but met his match in Josh Morris.

They've butchered a try. I thought I was a chance but legs wouldn't get me there. Bit older, bit fat. They did get it on the next play. It's an ordinary one but it may bounce beautifully for Eric Grothe. A beautiful Brett Finch bomb helped them make sure of the win. Inu steals it. The fans staying to say thanks to Hindmarsh.

He is a wonderful footballer. Former Tiger Scott Prince was the enemy at Campbelltown as the locals grabbed the first try before he fooled his former mates with the same old tricks. Rogers gets there. Robbie Farah produced some magic for the next. Gets it away to Lawrence, Whaturia on the outside - he won't need him. Scott Prince then set up one for Josh Lewis. Plenty of chasers there. John Cartwright's father Merv there to see his son's side spring another upset. Graham Murray's job as Blues coach is almost certainly over but now his performance at the Cowboys is under scrutiny after his side was smashed by the Storm last night. The Sharks lost at home to the Warriors

while the Roosters beat the Panthers on the buzzer. But Murray's men couldn't explain their 46-point flogging. At home the Cowboys used to be a sure bet but their form has taken a steep dive. COMMENTATOR: Here go the Melbourne Storm. King up the centre, gets Geyer on the outside. We're well below form - we just lost a bit of zip and what we like to do as Cowboys. They used to like tackling. Thrashed by the Storm last night and flogged by the Roosters last week the Cowboys have leaked 122 points in just two matches. What a try! Melbourne's 10-try romp had only one blemish - an ankle injury to Cooper Cronk. He'll have scans tomorrow. The Roosters got off to a bad start against Penrith. Should be able to slide there and does!

Down two tries - the boys from Bondi stole one back - but the lead-up was controversial. Well Monaghan clearly pulled Craig Gower off the ball! The rules don't apply evenly to Penrith. Nate Myles went on report for lifting Paul Aiton. Joel Clinton put the Panthers ahead 20-18 with just 16 minutes to go. The win looked sealed

until Craig Gower lost the ball under pressure. Craig Wing scooped it up and offloaded to Mitchell Pearce who ran 80m to steal victory. Mitchell Pearce will score the try that will win the game. And the Warriors snapped their 6-match losing streak with a 12-2 win over the Sharks. The Socceroos head

into their Asian Cup campaign Aaron Baddeley's greatest ambition is to be better than Tiger Woods. with the return of Harry Kewell from injury and Mark Viduka postponing retirement plans.

The team leave on Thursday for a training camp in Singapore before flying to Thailand for their opening group game against Oman. Midfielder Tim Cahill delighted with Viduka's decision. For us it's a massive boost because he's the key to the team. He's the one who's going to be the firepower and we're going to work around him. The Socceroos play Singapore on June 30. And in round 12 of the AFL last night Adelaide crushed the Kangaroos by 46 points while the Western Bulldogs downed Fremantle by 26. Today Geelong beat Brisbane by 50. The Wallabies restored some pride in Australian Rugby last night with a gutsy performance against the Springboks in Cape Town. Australia almost winning in South Africa for the first time in seven years - narrowly beaten 22-19. The Wallabies weathered some early Springbok pressure before going ahead through Mat Giteau. COMMENTATOR: Moore to Giteau. There it is! Australia hits the lead. But 20-year-old substitute Francois Steyn slotted an incredible drop goal to level the scores with six minutes left then he kicked another one to steal the win. Steyne - has he done it again? He's kicked two in a row to put his side in the lead. The Wallabies walk away with just a bonus point. They play the All Blacks at the MCG in two weeks. Aaron Baddeley's greatest ambition is to be better than Tiger Woods. Tomorrow he gets his chance when the pair tee off in the final group at the US Open in Pennsylvania. The Aussie holds a 2-shot lead over the world number one after a level par round of 70 in Round 3. Badds started the day two shots back COMMENTATOR: Is this any good? Is this any good? Wow!

Tiger Woods has hit top form as well - the two-time Open champ was brilliant with his irons today and shot a 69 - the second best round of the day. And good and terrific. Woods even found time for some impressions. (Laughs) A little tribute to Arnold Palmer there. The Oakmont course ensured another very tough day at the office for the rest of the field but there were moments of genius - the round of the day came from American Steve Stricker and it finished like this. He played a tough 18th!

Baddeley closed his even-par round with a birdie at 18. into tomorrow's Championship round He'll take a 2-shot lead

where he'll play alongside Tiger Woods. Are we gonna see for the second straight year the US Open won by a man from Down Under?

I really look back at those other US opens and just see how different my game is and how much better a ball striker I am now.

These days my eyes are really well and I have improved . and I have improved and I have And Chris we've got some news on swimmer Brooke Hanson. and I have improvedIt The Olympic medallist suffered an electric shock in a public swimming pool in Melbourne but she's in hospital and is recovering well.

and I have improvedIt When she

injured? She is recovering well.

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Now you can wake up to the latest news delivered by great columnists. Have 'The Daily Telegraph' and 'The Sunday Telegraph' for just: Call: And subscribe today. 'Sunrise' - now the only breakfast show with local news, local traffic and local weather. Sydney's wild weather is easing but a day of sunshine is still a little way off. Last night the temperature was 13 degrees in the city. It climbed to 16 today which is 1 above average. Right now in town it's 14 degrees. In the suburbs overnight lows were slightly higher than normal thanks to the cloud and rain. During the day temperatures reached 14 at Terrey Hills. 16 on the Central Coast and Richmond.

Liverpool was warmest with 19 degrees. The mountains were the coldest with just 10.