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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. of a crash A father accused of leaving the scene which killed his 2-year-old son. The cash-for-canapes scandal - under investigation. two more Liberal Party functions

about their memories of their mum. And the Princes of Wales open up Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. a Gold Coast father Police are interviewing of an accident accused of fleeing the scene left another baby critically injured. that killed his 2-year-old son and

burnouts moments before it flipped, Witnesses say the car was doing smashing into a lightpole. a family car, It used to be a Commodore, and inside a couple and their two children. in a suburban street last night It swerved out of control and rolled twice into trees. the two children in the back seat. Its roof was ripped off, crushing couldn't help the toddler, Distraught emergency crews who is now fighting for his life. but freed his little brother on the scene at a very short time, Fire and ambulance services were was pronounced dead at the scene however, a 2-year-old child

is in a critical condition and a 10-month-old child at Gold Coast Hospital. the children's father, Police say the driver, in the tangled wreckage left his family and couldn't be found. It is very hard to understand from the scene why the driver would run away in these circumstances. at a Gold Coast hospital He turned himself in

for treatment an hour after the accident and is now being questioned. are checking skid marks - Police on the scene today one more than 40m long. with minor injuries, The mother walked away but she, too, was in shock. were shaken by the events Emergency crews and begged motorists to drive safely. to finish the day This is just a horrendous way

for everyone concerned. Investigations are continuing. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. a 12-year-old girl has died In breaking news, in Sydney's northern suburbs. in a house fire

the gruesome discovery Police and fire crews made early this morning. when they were called to the home The girl's mother raised the alarm, from entering the bedroom. but heat and smoke prevented her just beside her bed, The girl was found

within the bedroom itself. and a family friend staying with them The woman, her 10-year-old son escaped uninjured. of any wrongdoing The Government has been cleared in the cash-for-canapes affair. whether taxpayers footed the bill But Labor now wants the Pm to explain at the Lodge and Kirribilli House. for other Liberal events held has a history Labor says the Prime Minister

is no exception. the recent soiree at Kirribilli House

he admitted four occasions - After a week of cocktail cover-up he is a repeat offender. of any wrong-doing. But the PM's been cleared he has no case to answer, The Electoral Commission declaring did not pay even though the Liberals Sydney residence earlier this month. to use the taxpayer-funded

why can't he invite people around? It's his house, dealing with the disclosure aspects. The Electoral Commission is is whether it's right or wrong. I think we should be dealing with was a fundraiser. John Howard denies the event I have not used the national estate for the Liberal Party. to raise money Labor disagrees. if it looks like a fundraiser If it smells like a fundraiser,

if it tastes like a fundraiser, and - given the canapes on offer - it is a fundraiser. in all probability, Prime Minister, This was not a fundraising event. residence for fundraising purposes The PM has never used an official and he never would. of double standards. The Government has accused Labor of Kirribilli House The investigation into the use was conducted in the blink of an eye.

still faces questions But the Government

to gag the Electoral Commission about whether it tried to the short but official inquiry. in the lead-up

any pressure or intimidation. The question is whether there was The Minister has denied that, has denied that, the chairman of the AEC I deny that. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. of Thomas the Tank Engine toys Fears a popular range could be poisonous. and other parts A number of toy vehicles, buildings Wooden Railway set in the Thomas and Friends

in the paintwork, have been found to have toxic lead which could harm young children. to the distributor. Toys should be returned Storm-ravaged areas of the Hunter and Central Coast

of bad weather. are in for another blast overnight. Sydney also had a drenching and gale force winds With heavy showers, thunderstorms

over the next few days. expected to head north Meantime, SES volunteers to help out who came from Queensland and Victoria

have started to head home. thousands of volunteers a State Medal The NSW Government will give the for their time and effort. to thank them have done an underwater study And maritime experts around the 'Pasha Bulker'. Authorities have quashed rumours by early next week. the grounded ship would be salvaged due next month. Instead they'll wait for higher tides for some of the flood victims - And funerals will be held today down a stormwater drain Wayne Bull, who was swept when trying to get out of his car, and Robert and Linda Jones, off a flooded bridge whose four-wheel drive was swept at the height of the storm. of the Kerang rail disaster And four victims will be remembered today. for 78-year-old Margaret Wishart A funeral this afternoon, will be held in Kerang be farewelled in Swan Hill. while 79-year-old Jean Webb will

for Stephanie Meredith A memorial service Danielle and Chantelle, and her young daughters,

in Melbourne. will be held at the family's church by the girls' teachers. Prayers and eulogies will be said is finally being farewelled A fallen soldier with full military honours

on the battlefields of Vietnam. four decades after his death Reporter James Wakelin is at an emotional church service James, tell us about today's ceremony and the man being honoured.

This is the final chapter to a

tragic story that began back in Vietnam in

Vietnam in about November of 1965.

It is the funeral of Peter, it is

under way at St Paul's. He died

along with a glance corporal

Richard Parker in a fierce

firefight in Vietnam. Both men

remain to there. Their colleagues

were unable to retrieve them were unable to retrieve them and

they were unable to get them from

the battlefield, but they were

repatriated just last week. It is a

service that is being conducted

with full military honours, as you

mentioned. There are about 500

people inside, including many of

their comrades from Vietnam. Family

is there too. They will be a

helicopter flights over in tribute

to Peter. Inside the tributes have

been flying. They speak of a

dedicated soldier who joined the

Army when he was 17, and served

with the Army until his death when

he was 20. They spoke of a man he

loved cricket. He loved being on

the family farm. He loved his young

wife and son, who he never got to meet. wife and son, who he never got to

meet. This is the end of a

meet. This is the end of a long 42

years of anguish. To actually have

him back to his family, and Tony

Parker back to his family in

Canberra, it means a lot for us. It

is also important to the members of their is also important to the members of

their battalion. We have just heard there from one of his friends from

and the battalion, describing some

of the work involved in trying to

bring Peter it back to Australia. They worked tirelessly,

particularly in the last 18 months,

going to Vietnam and finding both

the men. They help to bring them

home. Family members have paid

tribute to inside the service today to Peter. His wife, to Peter. His wife, Lorraine,

described him as a hero. His son,

Robert, who was just four months old when his dad was killed, said how how proud he was of his father and

that he hoped his father was proud of him. The fashion police given extra powers -

the small town jailing teens who wear their pants too low. That's next.

And at home with the Princes of Wales -

the brothers reveal how they remember their famous mum.

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This program is captioned live. The tension between rival Palestinian factions in Gaza has intensified, with the Palestinian Government dissolved and a state of emergency declared. Hamas and Fatah gunmen have been exchanging fire on the streets for days, but now Hamas appears set to seize control of Gaza. SHOUTING AND GUNSHOTS Hamas today celebrated what to them feels like an Islamic revolution.

Their fighters now have control of virtually every important security compound in Gaza. One gunman, clutching the Koran in his hand, thanked God for their victory. Down below, others prayed. And then they picked through the spoils of war. The Palestinian security forces, run by Fatah,

were clearly no match for Hamas. The battle for Gaza is not yet over but Hamas is well organised and determined. Today, on Hamas television, they paraded Fatah prisoners.

Fatah is supported by America, amongst others.

To Hamas, these men are traitors. GUNSHOTS

As Gaza appeared to fall to Hamas, We filmed as one group ransacked a Hamas parliamentary office in Nablus. What seems to be happening here in Nablus at the moment is that Fatah-affiliated gunmen are going from one Hamas office to another, taking control,

burning and looting. In less than one week, the Palestinian nation has been cleaved in two. The white and black chequered headscarves of Fatah, control the West Bank. In Gaza, it is the Islamists of Hamas who are now running things. They raised their flags across Gaza today. They call this a liberation.

The Palestinian President called it a military coup. Tonight, as the President imposed a state of emergency, Hamas showed off some of the weapons and equipment they've just seized. The last few days have strengthened Hamas intends to do with its power. The next few days will show what

A candid interview has been released with Princes William and Harry, their mother and her legacy the brothers talking about ahead of the charity concert they're planning to mark the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Nice to meet you, William. Your dog is so cute! I know, she's very sweet. No titles, no stuffiness, just, "Hello" from the princes, a reminder of the informality their mother, Diana,

And it's that easy charm, that charisma, the princes want to celebrate. After 10 years, there's been a sort of rumbling of people bringing up the bad

and over time people seem to forget or have forgotten about all the amazing things she did, what an amazing person she was and we sort of felt that this was the best way of bringing that back to life

and letting people remember all the good things about her because she's not here to defend herself when she gets criticised and so we want to do that instead and this is the best way of us getting that across to people. The concert will be a hugely public event but for William and Harry it will also be a time to remember the private to Diana - not the Princess, but the mother. She was wonderful and sadly there is no amount of words that either Harry or I could tell you now that would actually portray that. You'd have to meet her to really understand it and you ask people who've met her and they'll tell you just how amazing she was. And, for us, we were so lucky to have her as our mother. And there's not a day that goes past that we don't think about her and miss her influence because she was a massive example to both of us

and it's one of those things that's very sad but you learn to deal with it and there's plenty of other people out there who have got the same or worse problems that we've had. The nicest thing - the fact that she was our mother - she had her public side and then she had her private side and the private side was very small in comparison to the public side, obviously, but the memories that we've got of her, I think we're very lucky to have those memories because they're so private between us.

And that's the nicest thing about it - is you see her get slated for such-and-such but the personal memories we have of her are very much private

and that's the way, hopefully, they'll always be. Like their mother, both William and Harry have immersed themselves in charity.

Her work with AIDS patients, for example, helped to break the taboo around the disease. She did everything because she felt it was right and it was what she wanted to do. She didn't go by what she thought was the best thing to do or be told to do something. She did it from her heart and fully immersed herself into it

and she cared, she cared massively. We've been left in no doubt at all that we were the most important thing in her life and then after that it was everyone else. It was all her charities and everything like that. And for me that is a really good philosophy that she just loved caring for people and she loved helping. She put everybody first and then herself very much last and she was the most caring person - she was our mother so we would say that, as I'm sure everybody else would say about their mother - but really caring, so sweet and very much missed by not only us but I think a lot of people and I think that is all that needs to be said, really. And then there was that other Diana, the one whose face adorned magazine front covers

and who seemed to to have a wonderful knack for just having fun. To celebrate her life with a concert with music and people just smiling and having fun, hopefully which is what they're going to be doing, wave their arms in the air like they just don't care. I was about to do the second bit. I don't think there is any better way to celebrate her life. Jailed celebrity Paris Hilton has a new place to call home, although it's still behind bars. Hilton has been moved from a correctional treatment facility in Los Angeles to the main women's prison. It's the same place she was jailed when she began her sentence for breaching probation on drink-driving offence. However, she's been placed in a medical ward amid ongoing concerns about her psychological state. Her condition will be monitored, so her condition is stable. The 26-year-old may eventually be moved into a regular cell. Residents in a southern US state are being told to hitch up their pants or face a $350 fine and even jail. The council of small town in Louisiana has passed an anti-sag law, banning pants that show underwear or private parts. The baggy and low pants are popular among young men but the law applies to men and women.

The local mayor has denied the rule is racially motivated. Is your home insured for the right amount? Next, we find out what you need to know to financially safeguard yourself against disaster. Stay with us.

A 2-year-old boy is dead and his 10-month-old brother is fighting for life after an horrific car crash on the Gold Coast.

It's alleged the children's father, who was driving at the time, fled the scene of the crash. He later presented himself to Gold Coast Hospital, where he was interviewed by police. The Government has been cleared of any wrongdoing

in the cash-for-canapes affair. But Labor now wants the Prime Minister to explain whether taxpayers footed the bill for two other Liberal fundraisers held at his Sydney residence. And a candid interview has been released with Princes William and Harry, the brothers talking about their mother and her legacy ahead of the charity concert they're planning to mark the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. In another cruel blow for NSW flood victims, many could start to find they've underinsured their homes and will be left with next to nothing. of insurance claims have been lodged. More than $270 million worth But to find out how big a problem this really is, Anne-Marie Esler from financial advisors Centric Wealth

joins me now. Good morning, Anne-Marie. Good morning, Natarsha. This is really going to hurt those people up in the Hunter region who've lost everything and will soon find out they'll only get a little bit back.

There is probably up to 25 % of

Australians who are not insured at

home for their home and contents,

let alone some of those people in

the Hunter region he may have under-insured their properties,

which means they have not fully

insured them for the full cost of

replacing the damage that has been

caused. Statistically, how many

hunter residents could be under-

insured? It is hard to say at this

stage. We have to wait for the

claims to come in. Statistically a

lot of Australians - I do not know

the actual percentage - and under-

insured. When you have partially

damaged a house the and the

insurance company does not pay you

for the full amount. They pay you

for the proportion. If you have under-insured your house by 50 %

and you put in a claim for $100,000,

they will only pay you $50,000.

Under reinsuring, even though you

may save on your premiums, is a

very detrimental. How do you avoid

the problem? It is the replacement

cost. You should be sure your home

and contents for the full

replacement value. That can change

on a yearly basis. The need to make

sure the amount of coverage you

have kids up with the current cost

of replacing the house and contents.

We recommend you get a that you

were in to value your property, and

in some cases we have a mortgage,

the banks may do that for free, or

you can pay a small fee. It is

worthwhile to do that every five

years. Also keep in mind the contents insurance. People always

under insure the contents. A

general of some, we recommend that what every a property is worth, in

short the property for 30 % of that

value. The concern for many people

is they don't realise the devil is

in the detail, that when you put

your claiming you may not be

covered for things like storm

damage. You really need to check

the policy wording very carefully.

If he can, and speak to a general

insurance agent in regard to what

the best policy is for you and your circumstances. In finance news - US talk show queen Oprah Winfrey has topped a list of the world's most influential celebrities, with earnings of $310 million. Golfer Tiger Woods ranked second while Madonna came in third. In other news, the Australian share market is higher today. Now for a look at the national weather.

A couple of weeks ago, the Ten Network's '9am' program aired an inspirational story about a rock band formed by young Australians who all have disabilities. The lead singer of the band, Rudely Interrupted,

and we thought his story was worth retelling. HARMONICA PLAYS MAN SINGS: # Lay, lady, lay # Lay across my big brass bed #

the band, Rudely Interrupted. The band started from a grant we received from ANZ trustees at a place where I work. We decided to form a band called The Day of the School of Rock and from the grant we had to do a single, a film clip

and a live performance and it started out as just a great idea and it snowballed into what you saw previewed as to be an unreal band, one of the most heartfelt bands, a band that really moves people. I didn't know Rory could sing so well, I just knew he could play a bit of guitar and when it all came and he opened his mouth and we got him singing, he floored me. Rory, why don't you tell me a little bit about tonight and how you're feeling about it. Are you excited? Nervous? How are you feeling? Pumped. Pumped? I've got nothing but green lights. I feel like the only red light in the world is the red light on my guitar amp and also the red light on the camera which is rolling. SINGS: Why wait any longer for the one you love in front of you

# Lay, lady, lay # What is it that you love about music, about singing with the band? Being able to put my feelings - put music to my feelings. For example the song 'Don't Break My Heart' is dedicated to one of my teachers at my old school who sadly died of cancer. Where did the name Rudely Interrupted come from?

Well, because of Asperger's Syndrome, that can make my behaviour sometimes a little bit disrupted but also because when I lost Colleen, my teacher, that was a really rude interruption to my life. Well, the band, I reckon, would sort of fall apart if they lost me. # Can you really die from a broken heart? # You really don't die from a broken heart, it's true # Is it true? # I guess it's you who decides what I see in you # School of rock - what is School of Rock?

School of Rock is about people who have learning disabilities - autism or Asperger's or Down's syndrome - it's about expressing themselves musically. And there's a social interaction there too because people with Asperger's find it hard - they don't have empathy - Rory doesn't have too much empathy, do you, mate? And so they find it hard to relate to each other in social circumstances and what music does in a band situation is they're forced to think of other people and what they are hearing. How far are you hoping this band can go? I want it to continue - I'm hoping our songs end up getting a lot of radio play. Do you think they will? I sure hope so. Without this guy, dude here, Rohan Brooks - without this guy this band would probably be non-existent.

(All) Rudely Interrupted rocks! I'm hoping to become a father but I'm looking in all the wrong places. Now, is Mick a grandad yet? No, not yet. The cash-for-canapes scandal has dominated federal politics this week. Next, two of Parliament's rising stars go head to head on the issue - stay with us.

OK. I'm back in a couple of hours. I'll finish up out the back and I'm done. You be good, Bonnie. (Yelps) CRASH!

ELECTRICAL BUZZ The whole thing's gonna have to be replaced. BUZZING What's that? Just wasps. Get inside! WASPS BUZZ There you go. WASPS BUZZ LOUDLY (Barks) There. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. Hello. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. That was quick. Look for the walking fingers.

This program is captioned live.

There were plenty of robust exchanges in Federal Parliament this week, with shots fired over a leaked union campaign strategy and a Liberal Party gathering held at Kirribilli House. Here to debate the political scorecard - Arts Minister Senator George Brandis, Human Services Tanya Plibersek. and Shadow Minister for Good morning to you both.

the gathering at Kirribilli House.

Not a number of other gatherings

are under the spotlight. Do you think

think John Howard will think twice

about having guests to Kirribilli House?

House? I do not see why he should

because it is where he lives. There

has been a lot of nonsense. The

rules are as plain as can be - the

official residences, and whoever is the prime minister of the day is

entitled to treat those residences

as his time. He can have whoever he

likes Indies Anaheim, just as much

as you or I cord. That is where you

she begins and ends.

she begins and ends. Kirribilli

Australian people, and the Prime House and the large belong to the

Minister lives there while the

Israeli people allow him to be

prime minister. I do not think

anyone objects to the Prime Minister having guests at his hand.

I think people object to the fact

that those guests are expected to

donate $8,000 to the Liberal Party

before they get an invitation.

before they get an invitation. That

was not what they were paying for.

They were, just as the Labor Party

and other parties do, they were

business observers part of a

program. You had observers that

your national conference paying up

to $20,000. We do not invite them

to Kirribilli House.

to Kirribilli House. Because you

are in opposition. It was only

available to those observers who

had paid that money. It is not

available to people on the street

and you know that. It is special

treatment for people who paid the

Liberal Party. It is not acceptable.

They paid $8,000 to be observers at the Liberal Party Federal Council,

just as people paid $20,000 to be

observers at the Labor Party

commonplace and there is nothing national conference. It is

wrong with that. There is something

wrong with them being invited to

Kirribilli House. I do not think there is anything wrong with

business leaders being invited to the Prime Minister's private

residence. It is where he lives and

Business of the community, like

other citizens of the land are

entitled by the Prime Minister to have a conversation in Kirribilli

House. They should not be asked for

$8,000. They were paying to attend

a Liberal Party federal council at

a hotel in Sydney. The Prime Minister decide to have a cocktail

party on a Friday night to back

conference, and that is a matter

for him. The Government made the

most of a leaked ACT use strategy

this week out lining the pre-

election campaign. What is wrong

with the unions are targeting their

members? There is nothing wrong with people sending political

messages. You have to draw the line

at people intrusively invading

people's privacy by knocking on the

dot and haranguing them in their

own home to say you have to vote

for the Labor Party. Would you like

a Union boss to turn up uninvited

at your front door and start

haranguing you? Every election

campaign, people who want to be

elected to Parliament, go to on a king. The Israeli Conservation

Foundation, goodness knows how many

organisations, the Salvation Army,

there are dozens of organisations that

that go door-to-door to get their message out. There is nothing message out. There is nothing wrong

with unions trying to talk to their

members about work choices. Let me

finish. The government thinks it is

a case for big business to run

support of WorkChoices. It is fine expensive media campaigns in

for the Australian Chamber of

Commerce in industry, fine for the

big companies to back WorkChoices

with huge media campaigns, but if unions want to talk to their

members somehow that is terrible.

It is unreasonable. You are

misrepresenting the position. It is

fine for the unions to run an even more expensive media campaign.

People are accustomed to the

campaign of political messages campaign of political messages in

the media, but all your viewers

would know how annoying it is when

people turn up on your doorstep

uninvited, not on the door and

tried to sell you something.

Sometimes they are very hard to get

rid of. I would not like one of

those union bosses turning up on my

doorstep and refusing to go away

and haranguing me about the

election. They will be no her

raining. Is that a promised that no

Liberal candidate will go docking

in this Segel campaign? The union

bosses are not standing for

Parliament. This is not about union

bosses. This is about people who

are concerned about WorkChoices,

ordinary workers, going out and

talking to other union members

about their concerns. They have a

lot of concerns and people are very

keen to hear what this will mean

for them in the future. We have to

leave it there. Why is it part of a

professional operation that is

being worked through the dirty

tricks menu? That is nonsense. on the weekend's NRL and AFL. Ahead, the latest

returns. That's when Ten's Morning News from Geoff Ogilvy Also, a solid opening round his US Open crown. as he attempts to defend

What about Sydney? holiday destination! WOMAN: That's a great (Gasps) Hi! and you can relax on the train. There's lots to see and do Ooh! service just comes naturally. ANNOUNCER: To CountryLink staff,

When did Polident change my life? When my hobby became my passion. for growing strawberries, I had this knack but they never touched my lips. always snuck under my dentures. Those little seeds

Then I discovered Polident. Now, with just three drops, my dentures and me... nothing gets between

..or me and my strawberries.

This program is captioned live. Sport with Adam Hawse now - and Geoff Ogilvy did well on day 1 it's been a solid start for Ogilvy. Yes, Natarsha, the first day's play at Oakmont. The Aussie is right on target after

three shots off the pace. Ogilvy plus one, the worlds best, Tiger Woods. He's tied with 15 others, including The rest of the Aussies? Aaron Baddeley should be happy with his round

broke par. considering just two players

this week, For all the Oakmont horror stories looked like it'd lost its teeth - at one stage this monster of a course

Brandt Snedeker off to a flyer. the heart of the hole. COMMENTATOR: And his is in full of confidence The afternoon field had tamed the treacherous course after Nick Dougherty

in the clubhouse at -2. The challenges came quickly, though, Argentine Angel Cabrera with this long birdie bomb

on his way to a 1-under 69. also flirted with a sub-par round. While former champ Jim Furyk

defending champ Geoff Ogilvy - A mixed bag for Australia's and a double. four birdies but also three bogeys Home for a solid 1-over par 71. play easier than we had it Oakmont is probably never going to

in a US Open. at least for the first 9 or 10 holes off the fairways and off the greens, It's still really tough if you get but if you hit it in the fairways you've got every chance to make birdies.

world number one Tiger Woods... Playing alongside the Victorian - CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

.. that birdie then a spectacular par to finish at plus 1. When he and Ogilvy walked off the course they were tied for 28th place. But it turned out sitting in the clubhouse was the best way to move up the leaderboard. Oakmont bit back. Furyk found trouble in the dreaded 'church pew' bunkers, Adam Scott forced to improvise on his way to plus 6 while Phil Mickelson struggled on with his dodgy left wrist

to card a 4-over par 74. Late starter Marcus Fraser at one stage tied for third before a double bogey finish. A savage blow this morning for the Adelaide Crows. Injury has forced gun midfielder Simon Goodwin out of the side for tomorrow night's crunch game against the Kangaroos on the Gold Coast. The struggling Crows flew to Queensland this morning without their premier on-baller - Simon Goodwin failing to come up from the knee injury he suffered against Geelong. We waited for two or three hours for that to cool down and it wasn't quite right, so Simon drops out and Bernie Vince will travel up as the emergency. The Hawks and Blues begin Round 12 tonight before a full house at Telstra Dome. Hawthorn with major injury problems - big man Tim Boyle's stuggling with a corked thigh. Trent Croad's also in doubt with a leg problem. But Alastair Clarkson swears he'll play. Yeah, he's good as gold, late in the game. he's just cramped both his quads And the Swans have celebrated 25 years in the Harbour City, a lavish night honouring everyone who's worn the Sydney guernsey. No guessing the star of the show. There's no high marks. Capper!

See, there's no-one saying that anymore. That's what the game is missing - showmanship. Adam McNicol, Ten News. Injury concerns for the Brisbane Broncos ahead of tonight's NRL clash with the Bulldogs at Telstra Stadium. Fullback Karmichael Hunt has a foot injury

and didn't train with the side last night. Brent Tate is already out after damaging his knee. The Broncos are confident they can take something out of the Maroons' Origin success.

The boys have been really good every time they've come back.

They were tremendous against Newcastle, the way they came back and wanted to play and wanting to work on things in their game. Hooker Shaun Berrigan has confirmed he's signed a 4-year deal with English Super League club Hull. It's been a bizarre few days quitting the national team then reversing his decision. It seems after two sleepless nights and discussions with Socceroos coach Graham Arnold, Viduka had a change of heart. He will now play in next month's Asian Cup finals in Bangkok and is likely to retire from national duties after the tournament. Meantime, the Wallabies have named their strongest possible line-up for tomorrow night's Tri-Nations opener against South Africa in Cape Town.

Stirling Mortlock will skipper a side that features veterans Stephen Larkham and George Gregan reunited in the halves.

Saturday's a really good chance for us to continue that we've shown already. the positive, I guess, form It's a new-look front row as well - hooker Stephen Moore joined by props Matt Dunning and Guy Shepherdson. The West Coast Eagles and boxing champion Danny Green have paid tribute to a brave boy who lost his battle with cancer. Green reduced to tears as he spoke of the passing of his biggest fan, Damian Scott. Just the strongest kid. The toughest kid. Damian was the Eagles' number one junior ticket holder, travelling with the team for their match against Geelong recently. To cricket, and confirmation this morning NSW coach Trevor Bayliss will take over as coach of Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the Australian women's team is preparing for next month's series against New Zealand. Among them, a debutante who's still at school. Sweet 16, and with just as sweet a cover drive. named in our national squad to take on New Zealand next month. And if selected to play in any of the matches, she'll become the youngest-ever cricketer to represent Australia at top level. It would be an absolutely huge honour of course

but I'm very, very happy just to be there and I wouldn't mind carrying the drinks out in all six games we play as long as I'm just in the atmosphere. The talented all-rounder has progressed through Cricket NSW's high-performance program, catching the eyes of Australia's selectors when starring in a recent under-23s tour of New Zealand. I'm just so overwhelmed and happy with the opportunity I've been given and just to be amongst it is so awesome.

She's the type of player that we want - she's tall, she's strong, she's talented, she does both skills quite well - bowling and batting - which you can see here in the nets, and she's just going to get better and better. While cricket is the focus for now, Ellyse may one day be forced to choose between this and another sport. She's currently on a soccer scholarship with the NSW Institute of Sport. In fact, not even six months ago,

Ellyse was competing in the Australian schoolgirls team. I will have to make a decision but at the moment I'm not quite sure. It's up to Ellyse to make that decision, but I think she's got a great potential in cricket. Andrew Brown, Ten News.

Well, it's that time of the week. It's time for Mark Aiston to take a look at the unusual world of sport with a little bit of politics thrown in for good measure.

Hi, folks. Welcome along to Plays of the Week. Unfornately, there is no camera available to shoot the top and tail of today's package. So the director got hold of a photo from my home album that just happened to do for this week. Anyhow, enjoy the Plays of the Week. We start with this horror crash at the Canadian Grand Prix. This BMW blown to bits and 250km/h. COMMENTATOR: That was at maximum velocity. I've never seen a car crash like that. wasn't seriously injured. Incredibly, the Polish driver

Dazed and disorientated, his only comment after the accident - "What the hell was that?"

Rafael Nadel wins his third French Open. Rafael Nadel has created history, folks. While it was pressure cooker atmosphere during the Canbarra Paramatta league match.

Oh, he's taken the bait hook, line and sinker. The 'I Didn't Touch The Ball But The Whole World Disagrees With Me' award was won by a Barcelona midfielder. Kevin Pieterson found a new way to be dismissed. His helmet fined and suspended for the next two Tests. Tablets. Not a lot to like about this situation. Marcus Ambrose's cockpit fills with toxic smoke. Carl Edwards was head over heels with his victory. Hey, nice beaver. Some critters have all the luck. The players holding a special pre-dawn meeting to make arrangements for the special day. It was finally decided that the captain should enter the arena with the glitz and glamour the occasion deserved. US President George W. Bush with magic in Albania. Now you seee his watch, now you don't.

Bush now guaranteed a career after politics. Very interesting. Hewitt was bundled out of the Queen's tournament. Out in the second round. Queensland winning the State of Origin. A dour game with stating the bleeding obvious reaction. It would have been better if we had won. Natarsha, not surprisingly, that poor old F1 driver Robert Kubica has been told this weekend. Doctors reckon he was still a little shaken up. The weekend weather details are next. Stay with us.

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He's lovin' it. Goodsey, you're missing out here, mate. (Goodsey groans) Campbell's Chunky - buy to win big. HORN BLOWS In our city's history, flows into our dams have never been this low and storage has continued to drop. Water2WATER is ACTEW's proposal to enlarge the Cotter Dam and purify our used water to drinking standards for a safe, secure and sustainable water supply. To find out more, look out for the Water2WATER information display or request an information kit. The ACT Government wants your feedback before making a decision. It's your water, have your say. Authorised by ACT Government and ACTEW Corporation Canberra.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Have a great weekend. Good morning.

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