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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Sydney cops another lashing. Tonight - more wild weather - through to those who need it most. High emotions - as flood relief gets to help find a new house They have given me bond and they have been just wonderful. by the very dogs she rescued. And the Good Samaritan mauled and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. another slug for families, Also tonight, with power bills set to surge.

in broad daylight. a Dutch master stolen But first this evening, is again sweeping across Sydney, wild weather and even some hail. bringing lashing rain It's causing chaos on the roads - coming to a standstill. traffic in the city with a sudden drenching. The freezing day finished

throughout the afternoon, Sydney copped a deluge and even some hail here and there. with heavy showers across the city caused problems for drivers. Slippery roads and poor visibility Anzac Bridge slowing to a crawl. those showers to pick up We're expecting

through the rest of the evening

and through tomorrow. and continue overnight a year, with a top of 14 degrees. It was Sydney's coldest day in compared to Canberra. But that's nothing on the ranges east of the capital, Around 20cm of snow fell in the Blue Mountains. with lighter falls is once again headed for the Hunter, The wild weather for the flooded region. with more rain forecast as saturated as it is, At the moment, with the ground

run off and cause some problems. obviously any rain that falls will But every cloud has a silver lining. in a week to 39% Sydney's dams are up 2.3% are up 6% to 21%. and Central Coast catchments

And the good news is - the temperature won't. While the rain will continue falling a minimum of 10 degrees overnight. It'll stabilise now and drop to

for the rest of the week. So inside weather Danielle Isdale, Ten News. are bracing And flood-ravaged communities for another onslaught of wet weather, set to make the difficult clean-up mission even harder.

from a flood victim A heartfelt embrace

a much-needed helping hand. finally getting for my kids to find a new house and they've given me bond help They've just been wonderful in here. Hundreds of stricken families one-stop-shop disaster centres. have begun pouring into remain the biggest demands. Basic food and shelter

lounge-room floors, Still water and sewage over it really is distressing for some people.

The massive clean-up continues could hamper the efforts. but there are fears bad weather is not good The weather outlook for the region

but we all hope the circumstances of last weekend. there will not be a return to The State and Federal governments

extra in emergency funding. have announced more than $1 million getting people back on their feet It is about the families either underinsured There's even more relief for or without any cover at all. for personal hardship assistance, Flood victims can now apply with funding as much as $80,000. have been lodged so far. 30,000 claims are being brought in Builders from across Australia to tackle the repairs. has launched a legal hotline The Law Society with insurance companies. to help anyone doing battle Seven days after being washed ashore, is still sitting high and dry. the 'Pasha Bulker' authorities are up against. And here's what They've begun mapping the ocean floor ship past an enormous rocky reef. to see how they can get the massive happen without a much larger tide. Even with the help of tugs, it won't the tourist attraction will stay. So until then

James Boyce, Ten News. Another slug for families - are about to jump 8% a year. electricity prices from State Parliament. Paul Mullins joins us now Paul, an increase is not a surprise

Was it is quite a slider for

families averaging about $100 a

year. Welfare groups say low-income

families will be hard hit and they

put the increases at 20% over the

next three years. The Independent Pricing

Pricing Authority blames part of

the increases on a government Green House

House policies. This is a modest

price increase that has been

determined in part by the

independent regulator and the price

reflects the fact that there has

been a commitment to new renewable

energy sources. I'm along with the spit Bridge another broken spit Bridge another broken promises

that this is another hit on a

family's that expect better. mauled to death by 11 of her dogs The Sydney woman as a good Samaritan has been described who rescued animals from the pound. have now been put down. Robyn Gordon's adopted strays this afternoon The dogs were destroyed decided they should be put down. after police and the victim's family were held responsible 11 of the 14 dogs kept at the home Robyn Gordon, for mauling 61-year-old housewife in the back yard. savagely attacking her were all crossbreeds, Police said the killer dogs wolfhound and greyhound. comprising a mix of bull mastiff,

on Sydney's north-western outskirts, The housewife from Maraylya, collapsed close to the back door. was found by her son She was home alone at the time when an ambulance was called and might have still been alive about 3:30 yesterday afternoon when an ambulance crew arrived. but was dead

the dogs killed her. Police say there's no question sustained significant injuries We're satisfied that the victim with dog bites. which were consistent and her husband, Tom Gordon, The victim's son, Richard, being comforted by a neighbour. were at the home today We're all shocked. should have been there. I don't believe the dogs were very vocal dogs, very vicious. It's not for me to say that but they The kids commented on them, people would walk by the fence over there and hiss through the fence. and they would growl and snarl

no-one was ever bitten. And yet the family has told police She took in strays. in that way She was the good Samaritan that nobody else really wanted. and she took care of dogs

Richard Gordon discovered his mother in the back yard of the family home. He says they're desperately upset and now helping police piece together what happened. Police won't discuss the extent of the victim's injuries, which will be detailed in a report being prepared for the Coroner. John Hill, Ten News. It's the great Sydney art heist - and it has experts stumped. An inside job is being blamed, with fears the $1.5 million piece could now be headed overseas.

Sometime last Sunday, from this spot, moving through the NSW Art Gallery one of 6,000 people walked off with a rare piece of art. Authorities still have no idea how the self-portrait by Dutch master Frans van Mieris vanished. Police believe it may be an inside job. They were not told of the heist until Monday and the gallery has been criticised for the delay in making it public. Gallery director Edmund Capon rushed back from Europe to tell of his devastation. How would you feel? It's like the loss of, um... If you walk home and found a gap on your wall - that's how I feel.

No other paintings were taken. We do believe it was removed expertly from the gallery and we are currently reviewing CCTV footage. Worth just under $1.5 million, 'A Cavalier' was painted by van Mieris in the 1650s. James Fairfax donated the piece in 1993. A local sale is unlikely without detection. It may be on its way to a private collection overseas.

Anybody who knows anything about van Mieris or Dutch 17th-century painting will know that painting and know it belongs in this building. You do get the feeling you're being watched inside this small exhibition. In reality, though, there's no closed-circuit television,

no alarms attached to paintings and it is difficult for security personnel to peer inside. The crook's conscience may be the gallery's best defence. Any public art institution like this with hundreds and hundreds of works of art - vulnerable works of art on the wall every day, relies on public goodwill to an extraordinary extent. Frank Coletta, Ten News. The truck driver blamed for last week's Kerang train crash has broken his silence. As he tried to put his feelings into words, it was revealed the accident has led to violent behaviour towards truckies.

Battered by the crash and the public anger that's followed, 48-year-old Chris Scholl spoke for the first time, since the horrific accident which claimed 11 lives. I just want to say that all my thoughts are with the grieving families and all those who have been affected by this tragedy. During my time in hospital I have been reflecting on the enormity of the impact of this tragedy on so may lives. Flanked by his wife and union officials, read his statement the veteran truck driver just hours after being released from hospital. and my family for their love and also all those in the community who have sent messages of support. Thank you. A driver with the Canny trucking company based in Wangaratta,

the local community has thrown support behind the man known as 'Dutchie'. But his union has revealed his colleagues have been abused, and some even had rocks thrown at them, since the crash. I think it's very poor that some people in the community important work my members do and just have knee-jerk reactions to these situations. Brett Stubbs, is the father of 13-year-old victim Matthew

he says he has some sympathy for Chris Scholl. As a driver I do feel for him and his family terribly - but there's no comment on the accident itself. No, I do feel for him and his family, yes I do. Chris Scholl will appear in court in Bendigo in December, He currently faces one charge of culpable driving but police say they expect to lay more charges soon.

In Wangaratta, Laurel Irving, Ten News. Brad McEwan is in the sport chair tonight and joins us now, and a shattering night for the Blues? Yes, Deb, a series loss and still one match to go. The big question now - how many changes will NSW make? All the reaction shortly. Plus, the Blues forward who was inconsolable after a match-turning penalty, but he claims his rival took a dive. But one of the stars of the night, Blues rookie Brett Stewart, talks about his battle with diabetes and how he wants to inspire others. Also, Ron, we'll have the Aussie golf stars for a tough time at the US Open. bracing themselves A top prosecutor's bizarre excuse for accessing child porn -

that's next. Also tonight, the poor report card And cash enticement - one town's desperate lengths to attract a doctor.

In our city's history, flows into our dams have never been this low and storage has continued to drop. Water2WATER is ACTEW's proposal to enlarge the Cotter Dam and purify our used water to drinking standards for a safe, secure and sustainable water supply. To find out more, look out for the Water2WATER information display or request an information kit. The ACT Government wants your feedback before making a decision. It's your water, have your say. Authorised by ACT Government and ACTEW Corporation Canberra.

This program is captioned live. A major bikie drug bust at Tamworth, six members of the Rebels gang arrested after police went undercover for six months. Ecstasy and amphetamines were seized, along with $40,000 in cash

after raids on a number of homes. The suspects are due to face Tamworth Court on drugs charges. Claims tonight the State's former top prosecutor couldn't stop downloading child porn because he's an addict. Patrick Power is appealing a 15-month jail sentence, insisting his actions were beyond his control. He was once one of Sydney's top prosecutors. Now Patrick Power's fighting a jail term of his own

for possessing child pornography. And it was no meagre amount. Investigators found almost 30,000 pornographic images on his computer, including hundreds depicting children, some being raped.

But the District Court was told today Power couldn't help his offensive collection - he was addicted to the Internet. The defence says Power knows what he did was wrong but 15 months jail is too harsh, They argued the sentencing judge failed to take into account Power's mental illness - a depressive disorder he's suffered for more than 30 years. The court heard Power's reputation has already been ruined. He's lost his job at the DPP and on the Government's Youth Advisory Committee. His lawyer also says there are serious concerns about his safety.

Power sat with his head bowed for much of the hearing, dabbing at his eyes with a handkerchief and blowing his nose.

But there was little sympathy for him in the packed public gallery, where child protection advocates sat side by side

with Power's past defendants. This man sent me to jail for 12 years on a trumped-up charge. It will be interesting to see if the legal system backs him, whether his mates and the system supports him because of who he is

or whether justice applies to everybody equally. Amber Muir, Ten News. Tests on the body of a baby dumped at a Perth rubbish tip have revealed the infant had been dead for at least a week. A post-mortem today has failed to determine if the little boy was murdered But they were able to determine he may have been a month premature.

Police say the infant had been wrapped in plastic and placed in this brown vinyl bag. We're treating it as a major investigation at the moment. It's unknown if it's going to be a homicide investigation or otherwise. Police still don't know the mother's identity. An investigation tonight into the cash-for-canapes event at the Prime Minister's Sydney residence. was a Liberal fundraiser but the Electoral Commission says he might have a case to answer. The Prime Minister's reception at Kirribilli House

for Liberal delegates and business observers could be in breach of the Electoral Act, a gift in kind needing disclosure, according to a key official at the Australian Electoral Commission. John Howard denies it was a party fundraiser,

though the observers paid $8,000 to attend events at the conference. Sometimes gatherings of the type that I've alluded to might, in a remote way, be associated with fundraising. Where do you draw the line? Well, it is his house. After 11 years the Howard Government thinks it owns Kirribilli House. The Liberals were charged $5,000 for food and drinks

but nothing for the venue. If it smells like a fundraiser, if it looks like a fundraiser, in all probability, Prime Minister, it is a fundraiser. Last night after the Special Minister of State, Gary Nairn, called the AEC, a gag order was placed on the key official, Kevin Bodel. Mr Campbell, the Commissioner, then advised Mr Bodel not to make any further comments to the media.

The Prime Minister could face a $1,000 fine. And it's not only the Liberals in the AEC's sights. After a complaint from the Government there's an inquiry into the ACTU's access to names and addresses on the electoral role. Use of the role is a crucial link in the unions' anti-WorkChoices campaign. The ACTU denies it has broken the law. Look, I've heard that - I think it's a stunt. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. NSW school students are falling behind in high school. The State's students are performing well in primary school, but literacy and numeracy standards are dropping below the national average in Year 7. The results prompting the Opposition to call for an inquiry into mathematics in public schools. were given the same test. Kids across Australia That's where these benchmarks have come from and we've regrettably failed. Well, the survey doesn't compare like with like.

When it does, our kids outperform kids in other States. The Premier focusing on primary schools today, announcing funding for 50 more primary reading recovery teachers, and hinting at a boost to education spending in next week's State Budget. A small country town has come up with an extraordinary offer as it desperately tries to lure a doctor. On top of a very generous salary, the GP who answers the call will get a signing bonus of $500,000.

These are the rolling hills that surround Temora, a rural town of around 7,000 people, and labelled the friendliest town in the State. The smile we give you as we walk down the street isn't synthetic, it's genuine. But the Shire is offering a lot more than a smile to attract a doctor. Next week, two veteran GPs will leave, taking with them much-needed medical expertise

like obstetrics and anaesthesia. We have two hospitals within 60km of our home To find a replacement, Temora Shire is offering an unprecedented $500,000 just as a sign-on fee. That's on top of a potential $200,000-a-year salary. 'Desperate's a word I don't like using

but what else can I say? Yes, we are desperate. the doctor must have qualifications in obstetrics and anaesthesia, and stay for five years. The Australian Medical Association has called the offer dangerous, fearing if towns fund GPs with big dollars,

governments are being let off the hook. I think it is very unfortunate that a local rural community has to put up money

when governments at other levels maybe aren't doing as much as they should. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

And of that looks like a pleasant

spot on the Central Coast.

spot on the Central Coast. A hint

in its the come before the storm.

We had a 200 mm of rain at in this

month, the first time this has

happened in three years. But then

there will be rain falling on the

weekend over the catchment. Down

south there were 68

south there were 68 mm - a four-

year high. Before the Hunter Valley, we

we think it will start in the next

hour. To bit like driving through a

car-wash today. Look at all that

glorious reign. The catchment is

expecting to get the best of it

Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow it

will be a tropical 15 at your place. Out of this world - next, the space jet for the super rich. And the hapless heifer giving home-owners a real headache.

(Kids chatter happily) MAN: It was the perfect holiday. UPBEAT MUSIC CAMERA CLICKS We were having a ball. We had no idea that people were worried about us. Hundreds feared dead. Australian tourists missing. We're really worried about our daughter and her family. Have you checked with any friends or family for information? She's meant to be in that location. How about a mobile phone? Can't you do something? Were they registered with smartraveller? VOICEOVER: Register your travel details at to help us find you in an emergency. CAMERA CLICKS

Yeah! Wow!

That's one cool cat! You oughta buy yourself a lottery ticket.

This program is captioned live. Tensions are intensifying between rival Palestinian factions in Gaza.

More than 80 people have been killed in fierce fighting over the past few days. and anger.

The noise, for a while, was not the sound of war, but the sound of protest. Some shouted in anger at the gunmen. They want unity. They didn't get it. RAPID GUNFIRE As one gunman started firing, an unarmed protester dared to rush in and stop him. This is the panic, the chaos, the danger of life in Gaza these days. There were other protests. They ended the same way. and conflict with Israel Years of poverty, isolation have all helped to create this situation. Now Palestinian children have to shelter in a mosque from their own people. RAPID GUNFIRE What's happening on the streets is part of a power struggle groups, Fatah and Hamas. between the two main Palestinian one fighter brought us to a halt. As we drove around

Everyone here is on edge. of how bad things are getting here. This is a sign just a few short minutes ago. There was a gun battle here These men are from the Fatah movement Hamas snipers all around here. but they tell us there are could break out again any time soon. They fear that fighting

it is the people who suffer. And every time it does, Appeals for calm in Iraq the holiest sites for Shia Muslims. after an attack on one of blew up two gold-covered towers Suspected al-Qa'ida militants north of Baghdad. on the revered mosque It's the second time Last year, its famous gold dome was destroyed by a huge explosion. Religious leaders have condemned this latest attack, urging people not to respond with violence. Portuguese police are investigating new claims about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. They're searching land just 14 kilometres from where the 4-year-old was snatched five weeks ago. It follows an anonymous letter sent to a Dutch newspaper, claiming to know where her body is buried. The letter included a map, marked with a cross. taking the information seriously. Officers say they're to take space tourists into orbit A new aircraft has been unveiled in Paris. on an out-of-this-world ride, The superjet will take the super-rich into space. travelling more than 100 kilometres of weightlessness There'll only be three minutes but a spectacular view along the way. actually be pretty fantastic. The view that you'll have will

there are only four passengers I mean, to passengers in pretty... so the ratio of windows pretty...fantastic. costing around $235,000. the trip of a lifetime Some wayward animals have been causing headaches in the US. The first, a cow which went for a dip in a backyard swimming pool after wandering off a nearby farm in Massachusetts. The home-owners called the police and, with the help of a ramp, the cow was returned to dry land. And a curious deer dropped in for a look at an art at gallery in Maryland. Surveillance footage shows the wild animal running through the store, the surprised owner in hot pursuit. The Kath and Kim comparison that's parked a voter backlash - that's next. Also, an iconic Aussie artwork goes under the hammer for a record price. And an original supermodel takes time out in Sydney.

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with grim predictions heading for the Hunter region, the rain is once again getting back on their feet. where flood victims have only started On the bright side, getting through to our dams. the rain has finally started embroiled in a political stoush - TV's Kath and Kim have become a federal Labor candidate infuriating voters in a Melbourne electorate by comparing them to the comedy characters. The sitting member, Treasurer Peter Costello, is demanding an apology. According to locals, Ashburton is a world away from the fictional Fountain Lakes. While most residents are - in the words of Kath and Kim - 'effluent' they believe they're nothing like the show's suburban caricatures. Not at all - I think Kath and Kim are far more out Berwick way. We're nothing like Kath and Kim. Velour tracksuits not withstanding, voters reacting to a not so 'noice' comparison made by Federal Labor candidate Barbara Norman, "almost Kath and Kim country." who says it's that's my view. She doesn't really know the area, And while some like the notoriety... They should celebrate it, and Kim in all of us. I think there's a bit of Kath ..the sitting member is not amused. To throw off at them is to belittle them. and to compare them to comic figures I call on the Labor candidate to apologise to them.

of the area's new-found fame, While Ashburton was abuzz with talk wasn't commenting. the Labor candidate People aren't always perfect, exactly the right things they don't always say at the right point in time, and I don't exactly know what Kath and Kim country is, really. others want to embrace it, but they are having some difficulties with their pronunciations. This is how the professionals say it, Look at me, Kimmy look at me, please. A long way from what locals had to offer.

Look at me, look at me. I don't what you're doing around here. But Ashburton's answer to Kell Knight, is much closer to the bone. The sausages are really noice. They're noice, beautiful love. James Wakelin, Ten News. A strong day for the Australian stock market, for yesterday's losses. more than making up

for an average of $1.31 a litre - Unleaded petrol is selling tonight since yesterday. that's up three cents at Granville. We found it as low as $1.24 painting sold at auction. A new record for an Australian iconic landscapes One of Brett Whiteley's the highest price ever paid. has fetched almost $3.5 million, 'The Olgas for Ernest Giles' The 1985 landscape went under the hammer last night, of $3.3 million. eclipsing the previous record after a tricky operation. A baby giraffe is finally pain-free with a genetic defect Esperanza was born 10 months ago that made walking painful and difficult.

Orthopaedic vets put her under general anaesthetic and inserted titanium screws into her leg, giving it much-needed support. Esperanza is recovering well and should be up to speed in three days.

Were Doreen is about two or three Alastair wire from the Hunter

region. But we're expecting a 30 mm

inland across the flooded areas. inland across the flooded areas. No

here and Sydney today had 30 mm.

The south coast is soaking - 68 mm

today, the highest rain in four

months. This won't be as savage as

last week's rain but they will last week's rain but they will be

about 40 mm in the catchment area.

The rain is on the way to the

flooded areas of the Hunter region

in the next two or three hours.

Most areas of the catchment got 30

to 50 mm of rain in the next 72

hours. Between now and Sunday there

will be 30 mm inland. Sport now with Brad McEwan of his Origin debut. and Brett Stewart made the most Yes, he was super solid at the back. He talks about his diabetes shortly, from the Blues forward Also we'll hear who claims his rival took a dive. for the battered and shattered Blues Plus - where to now whitewash from Queensland? take advantage of local knowledge, And while the squirrels the world's best golfers around the US Open course.

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This program is captioned live. is out of State of Origin III NSW five-eighth Braith Anasta on a broken finger. after having surgery today He'll be sidelined for up to six weeks. Better news for fullback Anthony Minichiello, who was a last-minute withdrawal. His back injury is not season-ending and the Roosters expect him back in four weeks. between the Maroons and Blues Meanwhile, there's bad blood at Telstra Stadium. in the aftermath of Queensland's win

for the Warriors clash with Cronulla, Staying in town checked into a Coogee motel Steve Price after the Blues had checked out. just hours It's a good thing after conceding this crucial penalty. the Blues prop fuming You talk about blokes diving. which was pretty ordinary Pricey must have done a backflip after a good game. but that's footy, I suppose. in the next set The Maroons scoring a try drought and clinch the series. to break their Telstra Stadium he should never have been penalised. Bailey adamant I don't think so. If you look at the next few tackles, and shoving. I touched his ankle and he did a backflip but the old fella sucked me in. After the game, Bailey apologising to team-mates for the costly penalty. Price though has a clear conscience. I sort of find it pretty hard to think that he thought I'd take a dive. I mean, he had me by the leg and I was on one leg, and overbalanced, so... The Blues had the better start in a game they had to win to stay alive. But a try to Greg Inglis levelled things up by half-time with another to Steve Bell. and they kept the Blues at bay back-to-back series wins since 1989. The Maroons celebrating their first Devastation for New South Wales. COMMENTATOR: Now they want to increase the pain. I don't think that's going to take any of the sting out of us.

We want to go for the whitewash. And more good news for Jonathon Thurston.

Scans cleared him today for a broken hand. NSW selectors must now decide whether to blood new faces

with Origin III a dead rubber. If so it could mean the end of the line for some established Blues stars. Do they now say, "Do we prepare?" One player who looks sure to retain his place in the team is rookie fullback Brett Stewart. It's a level of the game he thought he'd never achieve after being diagnosed with diabetes as a junior. A morning of mixed emotions for Brett Stewart, the 22-year-old coming to terms with his first Origin loss

It was an amazing feeling. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and the whole family was there, 10 of them. I thanked them all afterwards. It was good. For Stewart, it's a realisation of a dream that once seemed unattainable. a disease that once crippled his junior football career.

He'd be playing a game, then he'd be laying on the sideline. It was pretty scary there for quite a few times. He's pretty strong, just wanted to keep on playing. Stewart is insulin dependant and snacks on Snakes pre-game

A football balancing act he's honed all the way to the pinnacle of domestic rugby league. Hopefully I can send a message out to the younger people -

"If you've got diabetes and you've got a dream, you can go anywhere." Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. The Wallabies team for Saturday's Tri-Nations rugby union series opener against South Africa will be named tonight.

Coach John Connolly expected to reunite the old firm in the back line, with George Gregan and Stephen Larkham in the halves, and Matt Giteau back in the number 12 jersey. On the first two Tests, moving back to inside centre, I felt completely comfortable. I felt like I knew my role really well. I felt at ease. I could just go out there and play my normal rugby. It's 15 years since the Wallabies have won in Cape Town. A setback for Lleyton Hewitt's Wimbeldon campaign knocked out of the Queen's Tournament in straight sets

in just the second round. It was the defending champion's first match of the tournament but he couldn't get past a lowly ranked French qualifier. CHEERING Hewitt's next match will be at Wimbledon. for French Open champion Rafael Nadal, winning his first match in straight sets. And reigning Wimbeldon champion Amelie Mauresmo has warmed up for the All England Club in a carpark. The Frenchwoman hitting from one roof to another - the space between the two serving as a makeshift hollow net. As they say in London, mind the gap. A violent storm has lashed Oakmont ahead of tonight's US Open championship. Early predictions of a 10-over-par winning score now look unlikely. Overcast skies at Oakmont a welcome sight for players softening the greens at what has been described as the toughest layout in golf. Lost balls the order of the day. You might see a couple of 1 or 2 unders maybe tomorrow but I think the red numbers will stay on the scoreboard for very long.

I think somewhere quite well over par is gonna win this thing.

"Come on." You said, "On the way back. (Many) Come on, Adam. Coping with autograph hunters just part of a day's work

for World number four Adam Scott who believes a relaxed attitude is the key to success. You've got to take it as an enjoyable thing and have fun with it, just like you're on a chipping green. Aaron Baddeley had a close inspection of the church pews and is looking forward to the challenge Oakmont presents. There's no relaxing out there. You just got to play good golf and it's good because it's going to separate the men from the boys this week. You're certainly gonna have to hit it good and then putt good and if you miss a green, you got to chip it really good so you can't have too many weaknesses out here this week. The squirrels running wild were about the only ones not interested in Phil Mickelson's injury which has now been dubbed 'wristwatch'. I'm uncertain on whether or not it's going to hold up on some of the shots out of the rough. It's been hurt in this rough before. Yesterday five, six people got hurt. Last year Tiger Woods had to cope with the death of his father, Earl. This year he looks forward to the birth of his first child.

Neil Cordy, Ten News. A reminder you can see the US Open, exclusively live here on Network Ten. Coverage starts 3am tomorrow morning. Later in Sports Tonight, Socceroo Nicky Carle on the verge of a move to Turkey, and we meet the girl who is set to become the youngest person to play cricket for Australia. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weather is next. And an early-model supermodel shows why she's the one to watch.

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We have just had a word from it can

write that the electoral commission

has clear did the Prime Minister

for using that to a barely house

for electoral function. The good

news is this at 2.3 % increase in news is this at 2.3 % increase in

at damn levels and we expect to get 40

40 mm out of his recent below the

is moving through at the moment.

The Hunter area is battening The Hunter area is battening down

the hatches. We're expecting 50 mm on

on the coast and 30 mm in land. We

had 20 centimetres of snow on the

hills east of camera. The winds in

Sydney were 50 km/h.

Sydney were 50 km/h. The rain -

around 33 mm in the Sydney. There

were 68 mm on the south coast.

But cloud over central and southern

New South Wales. Ghastly south-

easterly is generating hail

easterly is generating hail and

snow on the Rangers. There will be

south easterly winds along the

eastern seaboard. Heavy showers

south of the Hunter River. The

light showers in the south.

Predicted precipitation - rain on

the south and central New South

Wales coast with heavy falls up to

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next 72 hours. Thunderstorms on the south coast.

Damn levels up to 0.3 %. Cindy Crawford has proved that nothing ages as well as a good bottle of red and a supermodel. The 41-year-old popping into Sydney There was paparazzi pandemonium turned Martin Place into a catwalk. as the famous supermodel A red carpet snaking its way down to a party in a tent, It's a long way to come for a party. It must be an important one for you? It is. I've been with Omega for 12 years open their store here so to be here to help them

is a great honour for me.

because I have friends here And it was fun and I've had a good visit. One of those friends Sydney-based designer Gail Elliott, is former model and now with a smooth-looking Ian Thorpe. but Cindy also bonded if they could spot any signs of work Many women at the party eager to see on the 41-year-old's fabulous face, without much luck. What is your secret? Now, you look a million bucks. my secret is being happy, you know, Oh, you know what I think right now

and just being in a good place in my life. That really helps. And, you know, I look at my mum and my mum still looks pretty good. Following a 4-year marriage to actor Richard Gere that was played out in the gossip pages, Cindy is now happily married to nightclub owner Rande Gerber. They have two children, making her a supermodel supermum. I think, like, for most women that have, you know, a job and small children is a challenge. Getting the balance right - and some days I'm better at it than others.

I just prioritise But, for the most part, you know, but I can do other things. and I have to say no to some things, but not at the same time. I believe you can have it all

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