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(generated from captions) of wild weather The Hunter Valley's weekend a billion-dollar damage bill. set to leave

Case closed - of natural causes. detectives rule Bob Woolmer died And fears of a super crisis - in retirement? will you have enough to live on Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. flood crisis in the Newcastle region First, the enormous cost of the

is starting to become clear to badly damaged homes as people return and file their insurance claims. Ten's James Boyce is in Newcastle. appears to be daunting. James, the bill

Good morning. It certainly is. The Insurance Council of Australia

tells us the Bill has already

tipped to $250 million in insurance

claims a lion, and there is from

22,000 different claim so far in

three days. Insurance assessors

have been out in Newcastle today

and around the Hunter region

assessing the massive damage that

has taken place in parts of the

towns and the City here. They also

have to start moving many damaged

cars and council will be out in

some of the creeks - their cars

and streets are still lined which are piled up in creeks. Parks

and streets are still lined with

rubbish and fallen trees and debris.

It we can see the stricken cargo ship behind you. How are the

efforts to refloat her? Bishop is

basically out of the water. It is

such a low tide at the moment. We

do not know that what that will do for the rescue crews as they try to

figure out what to do. They were

trying to get some scuba divers in,

but you can see that the back of

the ship is out of the water. The

right-back and deter buyers are out.

The scuba divers may not be able to

get around at all. They were trying

to survey house stuck the ship is

and that may have to be delayed as

well. In an hour's time they will

have to move some of the equipment

that is there just in case the ship

does break up and let oil spill

onto the beach. Equipment will be moved onto the sand within an hour. Confirmation today the Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was not murdered.

After a review of forensic evidence, death was due to natural causes. Jamaican police have announced his

Every effort has been made by eight

the Jamaican police to seek the

truth surrounding the circumstances

of the death of Bob Woolmer. We

want to bring the facts to his

widow and family. So an end to this

story of this man's death. Bob

Woolmer was an avuncular and much-

respected figure in world cricket.

He was the coach of Pakistan and a

Test player. On 17th March his team

lost to Ireland, a defeat which

sealed their World Cup exit. sealed their World Cup exit. The

following morning, Bob Woolmer was

found dead in his bathroom. Four

days later at Jamaican police

announced they were treating his

death as murder by strangulation.

death as murder by strangulation. The man leading the inquiry

The man leading the inquiry was

this man. He requested support from

Scotland Yard. His investigations Scotland Yard. His investigations

centred on a report by a centred on a report by a Jamaican

doctor that a broken bone in a bog doctor that a broken bone in a bog

warmers snake was evidence he had

been strangled. Three independent

pathologist check that report and

concluded it was wrong. The initial

report was that this bone was

fractured. In most Coast paces of strangulation the stone would be

fractured. I was not pleased,

though, that the bone remained in

his body. I instructed my team, the

pathologists and forensic Sciences,

to retrieve it from his body so

to retrieve it from his body so

that it could be photographed and

examined. It was X-rayed and the ban was not broken in the first examined. It was X-rayed and the

place. As soon as the inquiry was

launched there was huge interest

and plenty of speculation. There

were claims of poisoning, match-

fixing and rows with Pakistan

players. Those players are being

encouraged to seek a formal redress.

100 % up, the Pakistan Cricket

Board should sue for damages. They

were fingerprinted, told to remain

in Jamaica. All this time there was

this media speculation going on. I think the players literally went

into hiding. No one saw them when

they got back from Jamaica. God

knows what they went through. Today

Bob warmers widow was relieved

about the announcement and asked

that she and her family be left to

grieve in peace. Once Pakistan players bought office there are back in March they were devastated

by defeat, but there does it feeds

off Bob Woolmer and the murder

investigation overshadowed the

World Cup entirely. Now we have an

admission that the inquiry was

flawed from the start and it is an

sad story. embarrassing end for this rather

in a spate of baby dumpings. Police are investigating the latest The body of a newborn boy a rubbish recycling plant in Perth. was discovered at Ten' Dougal Wallace has more. Thanks, Natarsha. for police to solve. This could be a tough mystery late yesterday morning They first became aware of it

at a rubbish recycling plant when the worker found the body of a newborn baby boy. through piles of household rubbish. The worker was hand-sorting forensic officers sealed off the shed The plant was closed down as and began general investigations. to tell as much. At first, police weren't able to examine the body. They waited for a pathologist still haven't been determined. The time and cause of death how old the baby boy was. Police are still unsure

is the welfare of the mother. Their main concern at this moment where this baby comes from, As for pinpointing

in terms of her health. We are concerned for the mother

where this baby comes from, As for pinpointing takes in household rubbish this recycling plant in Perth. from one of the biggest councils truck movements into the plant Detectives are trying to retrace over the last few days but in reality, 80,000 households. they're looking at something like

That's a massive task some more public information but they're hoping for

and for some public help to come to light today. and for more information

Back to you, Natarsha. outside a Sydney church And the baby girl abandoned an emergency foster family. has been placed with

and doing well, Baby Joan is still in hospital her mother has not yet come forward. but despite repeated pleas in foster care. Unless she does, the baby will remain is due in a fortnight. A further decision on her future

Two students from country Victoria indefinitely have been suspended from school into a school camp. after smuggling rifles

but an inquiry is under way. Police say they won't press charges The 14- and 15-year-old Colac College students were suspended indefinitely after a routine bag check on a school camp. One of the teachers became suspicious that there may have been some alcohol in their bag, which led to a bag search and unfortunately that's uncovered two firearms in separate backpacks. Sawn-off .22 calibre rifles along with 17 rounds of ammunition. were immediately informed Obviously, their parents

and the students left the camp that night. They were under supervision from the time we were aware of the incident. Of course I'm disturbed about it and I want to congratulate the school for taking immediate action - for reporting that to police. Detectives questioned the students

as news swept through their home town of nearby Winchelsea. We believe that it's more an act of stupidity and perhaps a lack of maturity than anything else. Colac College is now reviewing similar school trips. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. An alarming new study has found most Australians will still need a pension to support them in retirement. The report by the superannuation industry warns

the average male worker will receive $183,000 at the age of 65.

Women will be far worse off, on just $93,000. The recommended amount of super is $200,000. That's three-quarters of Australian workers who won't have enough to live on when they leave the workforce. And later in Ten's morning news, we'll speak to a wealth advisor about that prediction and the multitude of Australians quickly selling off investment properties to take advantage of the Government's tax-free super offer. Unionists are being told to phone other workers, target community groups and hold street barbecues in an effort to secure support for Kevin Rudd, key marginal seats the focus of the campaign.

Swapping political footballs for a real one, Canberra pollies braved sub-zero temperatures at Parliament House this morning. Workplace Minister Joe Hockey chilled by a union campaign to target swinging voters in marginal seats. This illustrates the political trickery that the union bosses will get up to to ensure Kevin Rudd is elected. Sounds like he's panicking to me (laughs). He ought to get a grip on himself. The ACTU has issued a strategy manual which urges its members

to gather information on workers who might be thinking of voting for the Coalition. It also wants members to door-knock and phone swinging voters, hold barbecues to get more votes for Kevin Rudd. So we make no apology for talking to our members

about what will affect them and the future for their kids and their grandkids. The more campaigns the better as far as we're concerned. The Government says it's American style politics which involves building up a computer database on Australian workers. What they are doing is manipulating the union members. Of course we see the ACTU campaigning on industrial relations, we'd expect that. They'll go to any length to achieve their objectives. While unions are well known for their barbecues, the Government sees something more sinister in election year sausage sizzles. is under suspicion. Even children's sport In Western Australia for example, Michael Keenan's electorate of Stirling, for the kids' footy jumpers with union all over it and this sort of stuff. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A judge has appealed for calm as the trial of a police officer charged Crash experts will today re-construct the Kerang train crash that claimed 11 lives. A train will be run down the line for the first time since the smash.

A truck will also be used in the exercise. The simulation will test visibility along the road. The results to be presented to the coroner. Truck driver Christian Scholl has been charged with culpable driving over the crash and will face court in December. After 113 years, the sea has given up the secrets of the wreck of the 'SS Alert' off the Victorian coast.

Amateur adventurer Mark Ryan and his team of shipwreck hunters made the discovery after years of research. Mark, how did this Scottish ship come to be where it is today? This ship was brought to Melbourne

to ply be William's Town, Geelong,

Melbourne race along Port Phillip

Bay. Unfortunately they decided to

take into Bass Strait and the ship

was not designed to be in such

waters. How significant is this? I

think it is very significant,

particularly to any of the family members and relatives members and relatives of any one that

that died in the sinking. What have

you actually found? We have found

the ship. It is sitting on the

bottom of the seabed in 18 metres

of water, still perfectly intact. Have you found anything in the

ship? We have not actually

penetrated into the ship. We have

only done one dies. What we have done is try to get an overall

picture of the ship before we start concentrating on the interior. How

we yet that overall picture? We

have taken some of the video

footage. We have swum at the full length

length of the ship, 169 feet. It is

a very narrow ship. We were able to

swim from the bow to the stand to

check the side. You have undertaken

years of research. How personally

exciting has this been for you?

Personally it is a huge find, we

have several team members that have

put a lot of work into this. One

member has been researching this

sort of thing for 20 years. Another

team member put a lot of work into

it. They have all been, in their

own way, researching his and coming

up with information that assist us in finding the site. Historically

how important is this? The one

thing that we would like to be able

to establish is how it actually

sank. The ship was considered to be

quite a UN seaworthy. In fact, the

chief engineer's wife sued chief engineer's wife sued the

shipping line, saying it was unsafe

and should not have been in Bass

Strait. Are you looking to prove

that? One of the things we have not

been able to find so far is the

props of the ship. None the that is

something that would be easy to

locate. We need to go back and find

out. One of our theories is perhaps

it just fell off. Good luck with

your work and I'll see you again in around about ten for joining us this morning. Two sets of sextuplets born just 24 hours apart - that story when the morning news returns. And stealing from a president - did these fans have an ulterior motive

for greeting George Bush?

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The top floors of an office block in central London have collapsed injuring at least one person and leaving another trapped inside. The building, in the heart of the city, was being renovated at the time. It's from the air the sheer scale of this collapse can be seen but it's on the ground that it's full force was felt captured here by a tourist. The Queensgate building collapsed during this afternoon's rush hour. are working to free a builder Tonight the emergency services trapped inside. He'd been working on roof top renovations. Stuck in a void left by the debris, he's shaken and unable to move. This is a precarious rescue operation. The top of that building is highly unstable.

Fire officers can't go inside without thoroughly shoring it up otherwise they risk further collapse

and very likely, the man they're trying to rescue.

As this operation continues into the night, earlier in the day, eyewitnesses described another man's narrow escape. A huge boulder, went literally right through his vehicle where he had been and I think that's the most frightening thing. Firefighters say they're now within two feet of the trapped man but add that his injuries will dictate the pace of his rescue which could last several hours.

has found himself on the wrong side of the law.

He's appeared in court accused of exposing himself on commuter trains. and knight of the realm An eminent judge and in his own words "a happily married man". But in court today, Sir Stephen Richards had to display not only his character but his morality and a pair of underpants. It was during the morning rush hour last October that a young woman claims Sir Stephen boarded a train at Wimbledon and exposed himself to her during the journey to Waterloo. She alleges that eight days later he did it again. But in an extraordinary piece of courtroom theatre,

displayed the underpants one of Britain's leading judges he says he habitually wears. Holding up a black pair of black Calvin Klein briefs, he explained it would be difficult to expose himself wearing such an item. And he told the court: The woman had followed the man who allegedly exposed himself off the train. Photographs she had taken on her mobile phone weren't clear enough to identify him. Sir Stephen was arrested here at Waterloo Station in January after the young woman travelled from Wimbledon again, this time accompanied by a police officer. She was adamant it was the same man who'd exposed himself three months earlier. The judge insists this has been a case of mistaken identity. News now from the United States and we're joined by Ten's US bureau chief Nicole Strahan. Nicole, the mystery of the President's disappearing watch, was it lost or stolen? Good morning, Natarsha.

President George Bush was greeted like a rock star

when he visited Albania. But the question now is whether or not there was perhaps a thief among the fans. News footage of the President greeting well-wishers shows he was wearing a watch and then, just seconds later, it was gone from his wrist. However, the White House insists there's nothing sinister behind the disappearing watch, just a logical explanation. REPORTER: Was the President's watch lifted in Albania off his wrist? No, it was not, it was placed in his pocket, and I believe your network has actually looked through the ape carefully

and has ascertained the same. The President put it in his pocket and it returned safely home.

The US President had more serious matters on his mind

when he returned to Washington, trying to convince fellow Republicans to support changes to immigration laws. The Senate knocked back the proposed legislation just a few days ago but Mr Bush hasn't given up on getting it passed into law. It would allow more than 12 million people living in the US illegally

to seek citizenship and make it easier for people with sought-after skills to get a work visa. It's a highly emotional issue. But those of us standing here believe now is the time to move a comprehensive bill that enforces our borders and has good workplace enforcement, that doesn't grant automatic citizenship, that addresses this problem in a comprehensive way. In the heavens above, astronauts on board the space shuttle 'Atlantis' have completed one of their main tasks of their mission, to the International Space Station. to install new solar panels Just a few hours ago

the solar panels began successfully opening to face the sun. It was a delicate operation, however, as NASA has had problems in the past with the panels sticking together. To avoid that, the panels were left to warm up in the sun before they were deployed. Each one is 35m long and 11m wide. The work's not over for the crew - the space shuttle will stay on in space an extra two days so repairs can be made to the thermal blanket of 'Atlantis'. MAN: We think that the astronauts will be able to go out there and just push this right back down, and they're working right now on different ways to attach it to the blanket that's lying beside it. Some joyous news for two families in the US and an amazing coincidence - two sets of sextuplets born less than a day apart. The first six babies, four boys and two girls, were born to a 24-year-old mother from Minnesota. 10 hours later, a mother in Arizona gave birth to three boys and three girls. The 32-year-old mother managed conceived artificially, to 30 weeks. It's going to take more than a village to raise this army. There's going to be six kids to take care of and six times the amount of diapers and six times the amount of formula and six times the amount of work. We're just so blessed, you know, and I'm sure it's going to be really, really hard to take care of six babies, but I just think it will be really rewarding. a judge in Washington, DC And finally, is trying to take his drycleaner to the cleaners, literally. Roy Pearson is suing a drycleaner for losing his trousers. His original claim against the business was for A$77 million but he's since dropped it to $62 million.

But his legal battle has raised some eyebrows. Mr Pearson, who's also a lawyer, is representing himself in the case. This case is a perversion of consumer protection law. Mr Pearson, who's also a lawyer, is representing himself in the case. Natarsha, we'll have more details in the 5:00 news. this morning Something to lift the spirits of celebrity prisoner Paris Hilton. She's received a visit from her parents as she continues serving her sentence at the Twin Towers medical centre in California. The heiress is apparently doing well but won't be returned to the jail where she spent three days last week. Paris has been receiving tonnes of fan mail, up to two duffel bags a day. Still to come - we look at the best way to manage your superannuation. Will you have enough to live on when you retire?

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This program is captioned live.

The enormous cost of the flood crisis in the Newcastle region is starting to become clear as people return to badly damaged homes. The damage bill is expected to top $1 billion, while $250 million of insurance claims have already been lodged. Jamaican police have ruled Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer died from natural causes. Detectives were originally treating the 58-year-old's death as murder but now say forensic evidence doesn't reveal anything suspicious. An alarming new study has found most Australians will still need a pension to support them in retirement. The report by the Superannuation Industry warns three quarters of Australian workers won't have enough to live on when they leave the workforce. into their superannuation funds over the past year to take advantage of a once-in-a-life-time tax windfall. Some people are downsizing their homes, putting the balance into super. While others are taking out huge loans against their property to also put away for the future. With more we're joined by Anne-Marie Esler from financial advisors Centric Wealth. Good morning, Anne-Marie. among your clients What trend have you noticed

in the lead-up to the Government's July 1 deadline for tax-free super?

The issue that has been no The issue that has been no spoken of in the last six months

especially is the ability of

clients to be able to contribute up

to $1 million into Super be forging

30, and that is after tax

contributions. The reason why contributions. The reason why this

has changed so much attention is

that from 1st July there are limits

on the contributions people can

make into superannuation. Have you

been surprised by the number of

people moving their money around?

Yes, we have. Advisers are the

busiest they have ever been,

especially in the last few weeks

leading up to the end of June.

Speaking of their deadline, some

people might risk missing the

deadline. A lot of people are looking at different ways they can transfer their money into Super,

whether it be cash they hold in

their own names, or cash and

investments they hold through other investments they hold through other

entities such as family trusts.

They are also looking at things like Residential Investment

Properties, and that is where some

people have been caught out,

because they are running out of time to make their contribution. The Australian Taxation Office has

sent out a warning that they need

to be aware they are going to face

tax implications. People have to be

very wary batting order to sell

their property they are going to

realise capital gains, meaning they

will pay capital gains tax. In

instances where the asset is

property, it will also be a stamp

duty liability they will need to

pay. The tax offices cautious that the contribution needs to be made

by June the 30. So for people that

are trying to sell their properties

in a mad rush before them, as in a mad rush before them, as you

say, they may not make the deadline. The other thing that is happening

is they are borrowing money in

order to make the contribution

prior to the end of June. The Tax

Office is warning that this amounts

of money they are borrowing is not

able to be tax-deductible to that

person. Just double-checking, we reported Elliott about this new report that many Australians were

not have enough money when they

retire. Are you concerned all

surprised by this findings? Now, I

am not. Those findings have come

out fairly regularly over the last couple of years. What we're talking

about with the $1 million

contribution is the big end of town.

The average Australian person does

not have sufficient assets in which

they can retire on comfortably. The

report really highlights that for

many people, they will not have

enough retirement income to last

them throughout the years when they

will not be working. For will not be working. For many, but research has found to we're talking

about figures of $130,000.90 $1,000 about figures of $130,000.90 $1,000

for women. That is not enough for

retirement. It is significantly

less for women. I guess for people

in that situation they need to

start looking at making

contributions into superannuation

Elliott. Because of the new contribution limits, people should

start looking at making salary

sacrifice on an ongoing basis into

retirement, or taking advantage of

the Government's current

contribution, which is an extra

contribution that people make

contributions on a low to

contributions on a low to medium

income. It is important to remember

to not put all your eggs into one

basket. That is definitely the case.

We strongly recommend that people diversified both inside and outside of super. People can still hold

significant assets outside of sit

back and still have the same tax

effectiveness they do have inside a

super. It is important people do

not rush out and sell all of their assets

Super, because a diversified assets and put all their money into

portfolio is also important. Great

advice. They make. is lower today. Finance, the Australian share market

for the rest of the day: Now national weather on the 'King of Clean' - Next, our feature with the humble vacuum cleaner how one man's frustration led him to create a multimillion-dollar empire.

MAN: Save, save, save like never before in Kresta's: Plus huge savings on all other Kresta blinds and curtains. Visit a Kresta showroom,

This program is captioned live. Chicago tradition. Invention is a great celebrated here in the choreography It is a kind of sorcery that's company's headquarters in England. of product testing at the Dyson

frustration with the vacuum cleaner The magic that turned one man's

into a factory for invention. a new way to clean the carpet. 29 years ago, James Dyson designed and maybe you still have it, But you must have had a time, look around here where you could simply at what you're able to do. and just be thrilled

It's incredibly exciting. in a shed behind my house. When I started off, I was working an electric drill. All I had was a drill -

That was the only machine I had. of more than $2 billion, Now he has a fortune a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth and a place in design museums. of an odd-looking vacuum All from his invention and doesn't lose suction. that doesn't need a bag He's sold with the design. but he's still tinkering The thing about being an engineer or a designer is inventing something better once you've completed one thing, and make things better. this sort of restlessness to improve were part of his training Art and architecture but Dyson says his greatest source of inspiration

has always been irritation. he was using remodelling his home. Years ago, he hated the wheelbarrow

I set about to re-design it and then went into production with a big ball on the front with a wheelbarrow

instead of a wheel. The ball-barrow. into soft ground. The ball-barrow - so it doesn't sink good idea. It seems like such an easy, simple, before. Somebody should've thought of it

Yeah, maybe. cleaner, that changed his life. And when he got angry with the vacuum the vacuum cleaner I think the thing about that irritated me beyond belief was the fact that they lost suction, properly, the bags. the fact they didn't pick things up came at a lumbar yard The idea for a solution where Dyson was buying wood. this huge cyclone up on the roof I noticed all of this ducting up to what was going on here. and I suddenly realised Blown by a powerful fan, by centrifugal force the spinning saw dust was forced down of the giant cyclone vent. against the curved wall while the clean air went to the top. The sawdust collected at the bottom, So at that moment I thought would work on a vacuum cleaner". "I wonder if a little one of those and took the bag off my upright, So I rushed home

on the back, one of those with the bag and made a cardboard miniature connected it with some pipe, of what I'd seen on the saw mill, around in my home, and two hours later I was pushing the world's first vacuum cleaner that didn't lose suction. to collect the dust. Because it didn't use a filter bag And that empties it. It took more than 5,000 tries he could sell to develop a cyclonic vacuum cleaner no-one but the Japanese would buy it. and then for years, in Malaysia. Dyson's vacuums are now built a centre for research and design His factory in England's become for engineering talent. and an incubator New ideas from here of the cyclonic vacuum cleaner and a high-tech hygiene invention with cleaning floors. that has nothing to do and then you pull them out slowly You put them in here and they're dry. dry or boring Dyson worries engineering images

competitive edge in the development is costing the West a and consumer products. or improvement of industrial A lot of engineering and designing

and India in the future is going to be done in China and the United States than it is in Britain culturally and I think that's a disaster

financially. as well as being a disaster with a global design competition So he's been fostering innovation for students. And with a $25 million investment of design innovation, in a new English high school into engineering. he helps to draw more young people We want engineering to be seen as that it is. the exciting, creative thing

racing cars Designing aircraft, airbus, boeings, is an extremely exciting thing. but don't accept it. He tells employees - expect failure, I like risk-taking. I don't gamble, but I like living on the edge.

And he doesn't like giving up. He still believes the Dyson washing machine and a $2,000 price tag with two counter rotating drums

on the market. was better than anything But it's no longer for sale. design is a machine that worked, A brilliant idea and all I could

but we can't buy it. It's too expensive to make at the moment and that's the problem we have to solve. to have a broad enough, big enough, In other words, it's too expensive

wide enough market? Yes, yes, but we'll get there. but we'll get there. Ah, it's a problem and design. It may be just a matter of time

for an AFL player. Ahead - a courageous comeback That's when Ten's morning news returns.

And Queensland's Origin team heckled early. Go home! You're not welcome! Go the Blues!

This program is captioned live.

The ski season is well and truly under way. For the latest we cross to Simone Smith in Thredbo. Simone, how are things looking there?

It is a great here. We could not be

happier, because we kicked off the

winter season on the weekend with

skiing and boarding and some

serious partying. It is looking

good for the months ahead as all

Australian resorts are now open.

They have been flurries across the week. They have been flurries across the

week. It is thanks to the efforts

of the snow make is that we have a

good early season cover across a New South Wales resorts.

in the build-up to tonight's second State of Origin rugby league match against Queensland. Blues fullback Anthony Minichiello expected to be ruled out of the match later today with a back problem. A new face at NSW training - Manly fullback Brett Stewart called in to cover for Anthony Minichiello. I'm a little bit nervous at the moment, but I'm sure hanging around the boys will settle the nerves. He's in good form. He's with the club that's leading the competition

so I've got a feeling he'll fit in OK if he has to play. The Blues will give Minichiello until this afternoon to prove his fitness. It came on pretty quickly, so we're hoping it'll go away just as quickly. A scare, too, for prop Luke Bailey. He suffered a chest muscle strain at training,

but the team doctor says he'll play. No such problems for the Queensland side. Their biggest worry - the heckler outside their Sydney hotel. You're not welcome, go home. Go the Blues! You're not welcome, mate. Where's my five iron! Oh well, good luck to him, eh. I don't know if he's going to the game of not. The Maroons have never won a match at Sydney's Telstra Stadium and their coach says they won't need to play dirty to break the drought. we talk about an aggressive mindset When we talk about aggression,

and we don't talk about knocking blocks off. Leanne West, Ten News. Geelong's season continues to go from strength to strength with news Tom Lonergan will make a return to the game this weekend.

After losing his right kidney late last year, the 23-year-old will play his first game in the VFL. Things have rapidly turned around for the Cats - six wins on the trot and now the remarkable comeback of Tom Lonergan 10 months after he lost his right kidney in this sickening clash. I think the doctors have been amazed by how quickly he's recovered.

He's been, basically, training and running and doing this stuff for three or four months and they say it's a pretty remarkable recovery. Lonergan will play in the Cats' VFL side against Tasmania at Skilled Stadium on Sunday. So he might play half Where he'll play will be completely up to Tom. at training today ahead of Saturday night's clash with Adelaide on the Gold Coast. And Port Adelaide hopes a chilly 6:30 training session at the beach will snap the team out of its nightmare 4-match losing streak. We had a bit of a chat as a group

and wanted to do something a bit different this week and we thought maybe we'll do this. The major concern is the form of captain Warren Tredrea. He'll become the first Port player to reach 200 games against Essendon on Sunday. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. The Wallabies have trained for the first time since arriving in South Africa for the opening Tri-Nations Test on the weekend, the forwards working overtime ahead of their clash with the world-renowned Springboks pack. to be the top side in the world I think they've got the makings and to beat them you've certainly got to be at the top of your game, and it's certainly going to be hard for us on the weekend but, I don't think, impossible. Springboks in Cape Town since 1992. Lleyton Hewitt is in action tonight at the Queen's Club in London in his final tournament before Wimbledon. The big names have been falling - home-town hero Tim Henman bundled out in the first round, so too French Open semifinalist Igor Andreev, Gael Monfils. beaten by crowd favourite COMMENTATOR: Game, set and match Monfils. Andy Roddick's clay court disaster is over - the American much more at home on grass with a straight-sets first-round win.

Take note of this -

you're about to see what could be the next big thing in golf. Her name is Alexis Thompson, and she's the youngest girl ever to qualify for the Women's US Open championship.

The swing just about perfect, and she is 12 years, 4 months and 21 days old. From the up and coming to the tried and trusted, no troubles finding a bed here at the 42nd running of the annual Great Knaresborough Bed Race. 62 teams hauling a bed and their sleeper over a 3km time trial course through the North Yorkshire countryside. I think we're going to do OK. We've trained hard for it and we've done well over the last few years, so I don't see why today should be any different. And he was right - the Harrogate Harriers winning for the fifth year in a row, in a time of just under 14 minutes. The national weather details next. (Both laugh) BOTH: Hello from Mount Isa. BOTH: Hello from Coffs Harbour.

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OK. I'm back in a couple of hours. I'll finish up out the back and I'm done. You be good, Bonnie. (Yelps) CRASH! ELECTRICAL BUZZ The whole thing's gonna have to be replaced. BUZZING What's that? Just wasps. Get inside!

WASPS BUZZ There you go. WASPS BUZZ LOUDLY (Barks) There. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. Hello. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. That was quick. Look for the walking fingers. This program is captioned live. The enormous cost of the flood crisis in the Newcastle region is starting to become clear as people return to badly damaged homes.

The damage bill is expected to top $1 billion, while $250 million of insurance claims have already been lodged.

Jamaican police have ruled Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer died from natural causes. Detectives were originally treating the 58-year-old's death as murder but now say forensic evidence doesn't reveal anything suspicious. An alarming new study has found most Australians will still need a pension to support them in retirement. the Superannuation Industry warns The report by

won't have enough to live on three-quarters of Australian workers when they leave the workforce. for the rest of the day. Now national weather

for a family of exotic predators. Two little bundles of joy 3.5 weeks ago in Germany. The baby Bengal tigers were born smaller then the other, One tiger twin is considerably

by the zookeepers. the cub now being bottle-fed has seven of the big cats. The privately owned tiger sanctuary

with all the news. That brings you up to date

throughout the day Stay with ten for updates in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions