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Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre Tonight - emergency over - now relief efforts under way as volunteers get help to the stranded. How could they? Looters cash in on the crisis. It is unbelievably disappointing to think there is a small minority of people in the community that want to take advantage of the disadvantaged people.

And Matthew Newton escapes jail for assaulting his girlfriend. Ten News with Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Good evening. Heading the news at 5:00 - the massive clean-up operation under way across the State. hampered by reports of looting. Ten reporter James Boyce is coming to us live from Newcastle. James, how are the people of the Hunter Valley coping tonight?

V emergency might be over by we

still have a massive clean-up ahead

of. There is a lot of debris right

up and down other Hunter River and

it is floating down through it is floating down through the

towns. Emergency what workers are

helping with the clean-up.

Surrounded by water, for residents in these homes there's no way in and no way out. Cut off for days, many are in need of fresh food and water. We were on board as SES crews came through with supplies. It was a welcome relief for Alan Head. This is the worst flooding he's seen but he's only been here seven years. Further downstream, an old 2-storey house belonging to 82-year-old Bruce Gardner and his brother.

They've been here a long time and laughed off the idea of evacuation. Driving the flood boats is a dangerous task.

Were to have a way we hear him on a

55 and the water level was right up to

At the pub some locals found another way to pass the time. This brown snake also proved entertaining,

but that didn't last long. This possum is still alive, but only just.

They're still about a 1000 people cut

cut off and there's so much water

rates likely to be another week before the waters subside.

And while the emergency effort has brought out the best in people, that community spirit hasn't hit everyone. Newcastle's Harvey Norman store hit by looters. $10,000 of electrical gear, including iPods and PlayStations stolen. It's just unbelievable. Disappointing to think there's probably a small minority of people in the community disadvantaged people that are there. And the clean-up around town still has a long way to go.

But the recovery period were

talking about - or will it be days

or weeks at. I guess you would have

to say at least weeks because there

is so much rubbish that has come

down the river and the businesses

throughout Newcastle and other

towns is just phenomenal. The

floods that came through all on

Friday and Saturday came up so high

that some stores had all their

merchandise destroyed. Most schools

have been closed at but about most

kids have come down here to kids have come down here to spend

the day. They are all down here

looking at the ship which has stuck

on the beach. Have there been

trying today to pump oil well out

of the lower tanks and getting them

up to a higher tax. It helps avert

any possible oil spill if the ship

it breaks up. There is a slight

crack in the side. There's a lot of

equipment at that they're going to

use if an emergency did occur.

Authorities assure us they are well

and truly prepared if the ship

began to break up. We've got other people on stand-by who have done a lot of training.

We exercise regularly. We train with the equipment so that we've got the best professionals here to clean up in case there is an oil spill. expecting began to break up. They're

expecting a high tide to come in

and until then it will be scuba

divers coming from singer Bob Hawke

looking for signs of damage. And

there are also some tugboats the

coming in to try and move the ship

out towards the end of the week. They've arrived back at their wrecked homes, only to discover they've also been looted. He's dealing with the mess now, but Peter Kell returned this morning to find thieves had come into his house overnight, trying to steal things before he could salvage them.

This door's been kicked in here. Came back this morning

and that was in and all the timber on the ground there. of similar attacks across the entire suburb of Chittaway Point. It's one of many disappointments, as questions are also asked about why the flood was so bad. Residents claim nothing's been done since the last major event of this kind crippled the area. No solution appears to be in the planning and I just want to know why. Before that can be answered, people just want to get back to normal. I've spent three or four days now in ankle-deep water. The State Emergency Service spent today helping victims, as electricity companies tried to return services. No power, half the places haven't got power. This was Chittaway Point yesterday. The water has receded, but more than 12,000 homes along the coast remain blacked out. It could now be early next week before power's reconnected. There is a big health issue especially with all the people who had young children playing in the water. One of the major concerns here was the backup of sewage in the peak of the flood, but authorities are confident that's now heavily diluted. NSW Health, though, is warning people to be aware of outbreaks of gastro. All items that have been exposed to flood water, particularly food items, should be considered contaminated. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Insurance claims from the storm have alredy hit the $200 million mark and that figure is still rising. With the clean-up a long way from over, the Premier is putting the hard word on insurers to show compassion. The Premier was back in the flood-ravaged north today, taking with him a swag of ministers, but still unable to put a figure on the cost of the worst natural disaster here in 30 years. It's going to be a very big bill. It's tens of millions, if not a lot more. The extent of the damage is just extraordinary. Insurance assessors are doing their best to get to damaged homes, but today the Premier issuing a powerful plea

for the industry to treat claims sympathetically. The power of persuasion, and to see the suffering.

Support from the Opposition. The reality is there's lots of people in the Hunter and the Central Coast who for years have paid their premiums in good faith. They're now looking for something back from those insurance companies.

So far the insurance industry has received more than 18,000 claims. figure of about $200 million. We're now looking at a ballpark Not everybody is happy with the way the cavalcade of politicians has been swinging through the flood areas. The Mayor of Cessnock, John Clarence, says the Prime Minister, the Governor-General and the Premier should hang their heads in shame for bypassing Cessnock over the long weekend. The Premier says no-one can say how long it will take the flooded areas to fully recover but it won't be soon. Paul Mullins, Ten News. And a police strike force has just been set up to investigate the Pacific Highway flood collapse

which killed a family of five on the Central Coast on Friday. Officers and engineers have already inspected the site and interviewed witnesses. And Maitland is tonight a town divided, with several key roads cut because of the flooding. A section of road beside the levee has collapsed and is now closed. Police say part of the New England Highway is also closed. And, of course, drivers in the area are being warned to take care.

Per we have seen the enantiomer

Andy has the kids there in Andy has the kids there in the

Central Coast airier. We here in

Newcastle and the big star of the

show is there. Let's hope that

thing is as solid as Jari Johns.

It's been like a football match

down here. There are 60,000 people

coming down every day. They wanted

taking the sight of that ship there.

The SCS are - we know what a

brilliant job they have done. Who

was fairly Playschool was often a?

The 83 state schools and every

Catholic school in the area was out

today. Families are helping

families and neighbours helping

neighbours. Weather wise it has

been the least of our worries since

the bigger deluge. Some showers

expected to morale and around 15 degrees.

Actor Matthew Newton has been convicted

of assaulting his former girlfriend, but has escaped jail, sentenced to a 12-month good behaviour bond.

He admitted punching and pushing the former 'Neighbours' star,

but claims it was a cry for help. Matthew Newton grew up in the glare of the spotlight but resented the attention at his court appearance today. His lawyer claimed the actor was finally ready to accept responsibility for bashing his former girlfriend Brooke Satchwell last September. The court heard he knocked her to the ground during a heated argument and held her down. Despite Newton pleading guilty to common assault, he asked the court not to record a conviction, his lawyer Chris Murphy claiming Newton's actions were more of a cry for help over his unstable emotional state. He had sought medical attention for an unnamed condition in the months before. The court heard what he needed was a doctor, not a lover, but it was only when push came to shove Satchwell pressed charges. According to Newton's lawyer, even Satchwell didn't want the incident to end up in court. She simply wanted her ex-boyfriend to get some help. The pair apparently ended on good terms with each telling the other they were loved.

Since his arrest, Newton has lost TV and radio contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is now unemployed. His quick rise to stardom That was punishment enough, claiming this assault was at the low end of the scale. But within moments, the celebrity lawyer was threatening to press charges himself. If you do that again, I'll charge you with assault. The magistrate said a strong message needed to be sent about domestic violence, so he recorded a conviction and put Newton on a good behaviour bond. before the court. The defendant has lodged an appeal. Amber Muir, Ten News. Compelling new evidence in the Caroline Byrne murder case - that's next. Also tonight, ram-raiders caught out after a bungled smash and grab. And the promising development in the treatment of Alzheimer's.

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This program is captioned live. Rugby league star Todd Carney has narrowly avoided jail after leading police on a car chase through Canberra. The 20-year-old Raiders five-eighth pleaded guilty to failing to stop, negligent driving, and driving whilst disqualified.

The magistrate giving Carney a dressing-down and community service, to the relief of his family and his club. Reasonably happy, yeah. We've got to come back tomorrow, so as it continues on, we'll work through it. Are you happy there's no jail time? Obviously. Carney will have plenty of time to carry out his sentence - he has also been suspended by the Raiders for at least a month. Dumped State Labor MP Paul Gibson won't be charged over allegations he assaulted former minister Sandra Nori. The Blacktown MP had been accused of assaulting Ms Nori while they were in a relationship in the early 1990s. Ms Nori refused to make a statement to police who now say there's not enough evidence to proceed. Five men have been arrested over a bungled ram-raid in Sydney's west - bandits driving a van and a 4-wheel drive straight into this shopping centre about 3:30 this morning. Police believe the suspects tried to open an automatic teller machine, but failed. They were arrested as they tried to flee. that model Caroline Byrne Damning claims in a Sydney court was spear-thrown off the Gap by Rene Rivkin's former chauffeur Gordon Wood. he'd be reported Prosecutors alleging Wood feared for lying over controversial shares. 12 years after model Caroline Byrne met her death at the base of the Gap, her boyfriend Gordon Wood is facing a committal hearing, charged with murder. It's alleged Wood hurled Miss Byrne off the cliff.

Wood was stockbroker Rene Rivkin's chauffeur. Among the motives for Caroline Byrne's murder, prosecutor Mark Tedeschi told the court Wood held shares in printing company Offset Alpine, which burnt down in December 2003. including Rivkin and Wood, who was today accused of lying to the Securities Commission to conceal his shareholding.

It's the first time Wood's shareholding has been revealed.

According to the prosecution, Miss Byrne was killed because Wood feared she would inform authorities his evidence had been false. The prosecution claims Caroline wanted to end her relationship with Wood. She allegedly told a friend she feared for her life. It's claimed the couple were seen arguing near the Gap and that Wood was allegedly present when she went over. Mr Tedeschi told the court: There was evidence could have run or dived that only an Olympic athlete

to reach a position 11.8 metres out from the base of cliffs at the Gap, where the body was found. Physics professor Rodney Cross gave evidence that, in his opinion, it was impossible for Miss Byrne to have jumped and that he believed she had been thrown head-first over the cliff. John Hill, Ten News. Claims tonight of another tunnel debacle as the number of people using the Lane Cove Tunnel drops by more than a third. 25,000 drivers shunned the tunnel after the toll-free period ended. But operators say they expect numbers to increase once Epping Road is narrowed from three lanes to just one next year.

This deal demonstrates all that's wrong with Labor's approach to infrastructure.

Instead of putting motorists and the taxpayers first, they've come last. The Opposition says the Government has learnt nothing from Cross-City Tunnel. The baby girl abandoned outside a Sydney church has been assigned an emergency foster family. Baby Joan is still in hospital and doing well,

but despite repeated pleas, her mother has not yet come forward.

Unless she does, the baby will be released into foster care when well enough, with a further decision on her future Out of this world - next, 'Atlantis' astronouts step out on their first spacewalk. And Paris Hilton's bizarre prison phone confession to a talk show host. "I used to act dumb. "It was an act and that act is no longer cute." QUIRKY MUSIC SONG: # You got a nice-sounding name # Like a Oh, holiday # And if you share with me the old times # I'm sure that we could lie awake # Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh # Ah-ah-ah-ah # Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh # Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh # Oh-oh, oh-oh # Whoa-oh-oh # Whoa-oh... # Telstra Pre-Paid is now on the Next G Network. Meet Sandra. She has to cut off Peter's plaster. DRILL BUZZES She's still got I-don't-know-how-many computers But to ensure all that happens, Sandra works for Country Energy. Country Energy. We live here too. MAN: Save, save, save Kresta blinds and curtains.

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(Both cry)

There is a very nasty accident out

on the M four. Yes there has been a

motorcycle accident at the prospect

highway on rampart. It is causing

some delays. There are some slower

traffic between the two holes and Parramatta.

The first policeman to go on trial over an Aboriginal death in custody has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley was charged over the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee three years ago. in a Palm Island watch-house It's alleged they were in a struggle that split Doomadgee's liver. when Hurley struck a blow Outside the court, prayed for a fair trial. members of the Indigenous community the verdict is handed down next week. The judge called for calm when in Federal Parliament tonight, Claims of cash for canapes of using his official Sydney home with the Prime Minister accused

for a Liberal fund-raiser. a blatant abuse of taxpayers' money. The Opposition says it was more than $8,000 Business observers paid the Liberals at their Federal Council to attend a number of functions earlier this month. was a cocktail party Sydney residence, Kirribilli House. at the Prime Minister's which were in the order of $5,100... All of the additional costs of this, SPEAKER: Order! Order! LOUD SCOFFING ..were paid by the Liberal Party. That included food, drinks, additional catering staff and heaters, but apparently not... Security, insurance, cleaning, and the hire of the venue, as is required for community organisations which hire rooms in this Parliament House. It is appropriate to hold such functions on a full cost-recovery basis as long as the function itself is not, of itself, a fundraising function.

of the Government This is a criticism that believes there is no bill in Kirribilli wants to hire it for a fundraiser. when the Liberal Party And the Prime Minister, colleagues three weeks ago after telling his party room they faced annihilation, today consoled them, saying Labor faced a formidable task to take government. in winning the 17 seats in the key State of Queensland A Galaxy poll

in the past four months. shows the Coalition gaining ground Labor says, if the poll is right, on the last election. its vote is well up on primary terms A 10% swing to Labor in Queensland on the last election of seats to Labor. delivers a significant number Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. New concerns tonight about space shuttle 'Atlantis', damage to its heat shield now delaying its return to earth. After two of the crew ventured out on their first spacewalk to work on new solar panels for the international space station, NASA engineers decided to add two days to the mission. Three more spacewalks are planned, including one to repair the tear to the thermal blanket. It was a great day for a spacewalk. NASA says it believes the area was damaged by the force of take-off and not by falling debris. that she's turned to God Paris Hilton has revealed from jail from spiritual advisers. and is seeking advice Veteran US journalist Barbara Walters spoke to the celebrity

on the telephone she was sent back to jail. just two days after the past few months have changed her. Hilton also said her experiences over "I used to act dumb. and that act is no longer cute. "It was an act "It is not who I am, "nor do I want to be that person who looked up to me." "for the young girls didn't eat or sleep for three days The 26-year-old told Walters she and had been severely depressed. New hope for Alzheimer's sufferers being trialled, with a new range of drugs Doctors now believe they're close to slowing or stopping its progression once its diagnosed. from the busy courtrooms This is a far cry

former criminal lawyer Michael D'Arbon left two years ago. But keeping his mind active is important for the father of four after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. I've just got to do the best I can today and stay alert. I've never been for one sitting around moping or not doing work. Clinical trials of new drugs in the US are giving hope to the 51-year-old. Each medication is the root cause of the disease - attacks what scientists believe called beta amyloid. clumps of a protein There are three tactics - to stop the amyloid from forming, enzyme blockers to stop the amyloid from clumping, a drug called Alzemed, system and get rid of the amyloid. and vaccines to boost the immune We could be quite close the progression of the disease. to slowing or stopping epidemic is already here Researchers warn the Alzheimer's

and will only get worse.

In Australia, is diagnosed each day. 150 new cases of the disease By 2050, that will explode to 500. the community $6 billion a year. Alzheimer's disease costs is going to be made, If faster progress we really need to be investing a lot more - possibly $50 million a year, which is about 1% of total cost of dementia to our community. We may be able to be in time for the magic pill that completes the circle

and we're rid of the disease. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A new threat to the disaster-ravaged Hunter region - next, how looters have descended. Also, they survived the weekend,

only to be swamped by a burst water main. And why Australian-made cars are failing on the safety front.

our dams have never been this low In our city's history, flows into and storage has continued to drop. Water2WATER is ACTEW's proposal to enlarge the Cotter Dam

to drinking standards and purify our used water and sustainable water supply. for a safe, secure the Water2WATER information display To find out more, look out for or request an information kit. wants your feedback The ACT Government before making a decision. It's your water, have your say. and ACTEW Corporation Canberra. Authorised by ACT Government Like to double your fun? Try: and get another one for 2 bucks. Order any full-menu-price pizza It's twice the fun! MEN: Domino's! Only on Tuesday. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - entertainer Matthew Newton has escaped jail after pleading guilty to assaulting his former girlfriend, actress Brooke Satchwell. Newton was sentenced to a good behaviour bond, his lawyer telling the court his behaviour was a cry for help. Salvage equipment has started arriving in Newcastle as part of the operation to refloat the coal tanker the 'Pasha Bulker', stranded since Friday. to stabilise the ship Authorities are still trying against a fuel spill. and safeguard it around the Hunter region has eased - And the flood threat energies now turning to the clean-up still stranded by high water. and providing aid for those is in Newcastle tonight. Ten reporter James Boyce now the flood danger has passed? James, what happens

Tonight there will still be

hundreds of volunteers helping

those who need it at to clean up

the mess at that's left by the

flood. While most of them left it

funds gave them by the huge a

deluge there were still hundreds of

families who needed a helping hand. or by boat - The only way in or out is by air, cars useless in this suburban sea. Just watch your heads, everyone. to the dangerous floodwaters SES crews have taken to ferry supplies to those stranded in low-lying towns around Raymond Terrace. We got a food parcel here. Beauty. Thanks for that, guys. Like so many others, the Head family are completely cut off, Worst I've seen it since I've been here, and we've been here seven years.

Next door, 82-year-old Bruce Gardener says he's been through worse. We've normally got plenty of supplies, tinned stuff,

in case of that, and otherwise we're alright. With so many people needing help, wildlife is the last priority are trying to save themselves. although the snakes and rats Right across the sodden region, to protect their properties. many residents stayed

If they couldn't stop the water, Others had no choice but to leave. Total devastation, looters that come through the store to walk away from it when we've all had any longer." and say "We can't hang around lost a million dollars of goods This Newcastle business to water damage, to cold-hearted thieves. and $10,000 worth

to deal with on the Central Coast, As if Peter Kell didn't have enough his house was broken into. I forgot to lock it on my way out. Left that shed door open, 'cause And came back this morning, was on the ground. that was in and all the timber People were going by boat into people's houses. And more bad news for the beached fuel carrier at Nobbys Beach - salvage crews say they're unlikely to refloat her tomorrow. to have a bit of time,

but we also know that time is of the essence. For those stranded up and down the Hunter, time is all they've got. At least most of the pubs have reopened. May come back for a nightcap down here. You never know. Evening tipple. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A burst water main has flooded several houses in north-west Sydney. A torrent of water washed down a Baulkham Hills street, catching residents and one driver off guard. Six houses have been affected and the area closed off while engineers assess the damage. The Australian share market has finished in the black, thanks to a strong day for resource stocks.

after the latest round of safety testing. Their 4-star ratings labelled not good enough - Holden's newest model even described as five years behind the times. Cost versus safety - the constant dilemma for car-makers. But relatively inexpensive safety items are still not found on many Australian-built vehicles. What they're not putting in cars is seatbelt reminders for the front passenger seat as standard equipment. They're not putting in the cars, knee protection. European makes, however, consistently score 5-star ratings. Europeans as a general rule have got a better attitude to safety in the way they try to get it into the base levels. Australian-built Toyota Camry and Aurion, Mitsubishi 380, Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon all scored 4-star safety ratings in the latest safety tests, but that's faint praise.

In a lot of instances the base models don't come with some of the dual and side airbags, and what's even worse is in some models, you can't buy a safety pack.

Tellingly, Holden's brand-new VE Commodore achieves the same rating as the 5-year-old Ford Falcon. Holden is dismissive, saying it designs cars for the "real world" not just one test.

Motoring groups have repeated calls for electronic stability programs to be fitted to all cars sold in Australia. At the moment, only 30% have the potentially life-saving feature, one of them the VE Commodore. Another is Toyota's Aurion. It would cost only about $100 to install ESC sensors to every car with an existing ABS system. Australia follows European regulations and unless European governments regulate for electronic stability control we're unlikely to see it as a regulation in Australia,

and that's a disappointment. Peter Sellen, Ten News. If you've got some pretty happy

kids there. A 83 schools it has

been the area didn't go to school

today. It's the biggest tourist

attraction Newcastle the same for

all while. That's that ship out

there. What has moved me through

this area out is the stoicism and

generosity of the people. These two

still can't get home. I think

they're making the most of it in

Newcastle. Our thoughts with

everybody who's still recovering from

from a glance. We going to stick

finishers. with it right through till it

The a little bit a worrying news of

- a showers in the forecast for - a showers in the forecast for the

next six days in the Hunter,

Newcastle and Sydney areas. Nothing

people. will dampen the spirit of these will dampen the spirit of these

change at fullback for Origin. and the Blues could have a late is on stand-by Yes, Manly's Brett Stewart with the team, and has already trained His chances of playing, shortly. And down and out? NSW fear diving could decide Origin. to go on tour. And two top Aussie rock acts team up is ending soon. 'Nothing' offer FOXTEL's great installed for free for free as well. Listen and learn. Direct injected. WHOOSH! VOICEOVER: The all-new Mazda CX-7. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # has come together. CX-7. The perfect reason to cross over to... BOY: Zoom-zoom.

This program is captioned live. State of Origin team, Double trouble for the NSW over fullback Anthony Minichiello with late injury concerns and prop Luke Bailey. into the squad Manly's Brett Stewart has been called to cover for Minichiello - and is rated a 60-40 chance he's gone down with back spasms again

must-win match. of playing in tomorrow night's and Maz has called me in He's definitely in doubt as much as I can in the two days. and I just want to come in and learn on his chest Bailey had precautionary scans at training today. after suffering a minor strain he'll be right to play. But the team doctor says has pleaded with players NSW captain Danny Buderus State of Origin showdown not to turn tomorrow night's into a World Cup soccer match by taking dives. to punish any future pretenders. His call comes as the NRL threatened

Sydneysiders turned out to say g'day. The Queenslanders are here and You're not welcome! Go home! Go the Bluuuues! Where's my five iron? You're not welcome, mate. could be aimed at divers. But tomorrow night the heckles The issue a hot topic after last night's Sharks-Dragons derby accused of milking penalties. where players from both sides were it would be pretty unfortunate Yeah, I think

when a player's on the ground if a penalty was given when they can get up. to not lie down. I know that we get coached

you've got to get up. If you get one around the chops, shouldn't have to be changed. Buderus claiming the rules I think it's up to the player. as a player that does that, If he doesn't want to be known then he should get up. Ben Creagh agrees. players taunted him about diving. He's angry after claiming Sharks and I'm not going to take a dive. I'm out there to play footy to try and get penalties. and not looking

fire, Sharks forward Paul Gallen also under

from lightweight Richie Williams. staying down after this tackle down then he's done the right thing. If he was genuinely hurt and went think it's the right thing to do But if he's taken a dive, I don't it's not in the spirit of the game. and, as I said, players acting The NRL knows the only way to stop from intervening. is to stop the video referee But there's some serious risks involved

if they go down that path. was only picked up This is one tackle the NRL says because the video referee stepped in. pretenders Now they're threatening to hit

with a contrary conduct charge. to be the first player charged I don't think I'd want to the true spirit of the game. with acting contrary Adam Hawse, Ten News. have been dropped to Premier League And two Bulldogs players for disciplinary reasons. a curfew in Auckland last week. Willie Tonga and Ben Roberts breached is the new five-eighth Daniel Holdsworth in the centres. and Tim Winitana will make his debut has gone from Origin halfback And Jarrod Mullen to Knights five-eigth. Newcastle's halfback role. Rookie Luke Walsh has held onto for Swans defender Tadhg Kennelly - And bad news he'll be out for up to six weeks. An MRI scan has revealed on the weekend against Hawthorn the knee injury suffered

has caused bruising to the bone. Tadhg won't need surgery. But there is some good news - When you wake up very early live coverage of the US Open Golf to catch Ten's exclusive from Friday morning,

truly put to the test - you will see the world's best tthe backdrop for Aussie Geoff Ogilvy's title defence

a monster of a course - Oakmont country club. The first Australian to defend a major golf title in more than a decade, unusually laid-back. Geoff Ogilvy seems

There's probably less pressure who won it last year because I'm the only one here

more than me at the moment, maybe. so they all need to win it I mean, I just want to play it. I don't know. with Tiger Woods, the world number one during practice. thousands shadowing And he impressed with the driver. the Oakmont rough bared its teeth, Off the fairway, with his own practice method. South African Rory Sabbatini being removed from the course, Despite 5,000 trees than any recent US Open. Shinnecock on steroids. This is going to be than last year. It's going to be way worse I think that'll win by a mile.

The rough taking its toll already - still nursing his left wrist, world number two Phil Mickelson two weeks ago. injured here in a practice round Ah, I'm not going to play today, no. Mickelson grouped to play his brush with death, Just a day after has stunned reporters. Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica He's hopped out of his hospital bed, the wheel as soon as he can. and vowed to get back behind had broken a leg It was thought Kubica a little shaken and he's understandably still looking machine strewn across the track. from the horror crash which left As you see, I'm in quite good shape

and I'm hoping I'm going to Indianapolis

to my driving. if the FIA doctors will say OK Kubica remembers what happened, but he hasn't watched any replays, saying he saw enough of the crash first-hand. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, the latest from the Blues and Maroons camps, and a bold prediction Lewis Hamilton will be one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time.

Jo Abi in the traffic helicopter.

The traffic coming out of the M two

Tunnel is definitely under speed. No accidents or breakdowns No accidents or breakdowns to report. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's next with the weather. And two top Aussie rock bands to go head to head on the road.

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You're heralding a bit at a more

weight he heading away. Just some

showers are but it's the last showers are but it's the last thing

you need when you are serious and a

major mop up operation right across

the Central Coast and herein

Newcastle. Just annoying showers

for the next five or six days.

There is - the most famous thing in

Newton Castle that it shipwreck. We

think that some 300,000 people have

been here since it all started. His

ironic Cameron who was an aircraft

salvage her and you didn't wanna Mrs

Mrs event. It normally takes five

hours to get there but I was

waiting for 24 for looked water to

receive aid. Salvage his salvage we

won a set floating again. Lots of

kids here of course. I made a one

Adobe we hope to get them back tomorrow or the next day. A now

will look at the weather forecast.

There is cloud over the south-east

causing showers and a light snow in

Tasmania, Victoria. A front will

bring another burst of cold showery

or wince to the south-east

including snow on the Alps. Will be

cool south-easterly so over the

interior. Press predicted precipitation.

Showers and Alpine snow in Victoria

and Tasmania. If you have any

photographs of the storms last week,

please send them to last. We will

get them on the television as early

as tomorrow night.

Last night all the small towns

inland from here - their stoicism,

courage and spirit is unstoppable.

Thank you for having as in Newcastle. Two of Australia's biggest rock bands are teaming up to hit the road. Silverchair and Powderfinger are going so far afield, they'll be pitching tents for their gigs. It's going to be the State Of Origin of rock concerts - Queensland's Powderfinger taking on NSW lads Silverchair, competing to blow each other off the stage on a national tour. Probably our managers cooked that up... know, banging some ARIAS together. (All laugh) Which could have been noisy - the bands have 14 ARIAs each - and last shared the same bill at Wave Aid. On the Across the Great Divide tour, the 'Chair play first, then the 'Finger but the bands will blend for a big jam. 'Eagle Rock', 'Working Class Man'... Some Aussie Crawl numbers. Aussie Crawl? (Giggles) Yeah, what else? Ganggajang. Whether you call the combined act Silverfinger or Powderchair, they're gonna be on the road together for nine weeks, taking in every capital city around the country as well as 14 regional centres, of Newcastle on August 29. starting in Silverchair's home town You're going to show us around the city? Yeah, definitely. Yeah, there's heaps of fun stuff... There's a rather large, new attraction on the beach there. (All laugh)

A big boat. Daniel's actually had a tense weekend and that of wife Natalie Imbruglia, checking on his family who live in the storm-ravaged areas of Newcastle and the Central Coast. Everyone's alright. And Nat's family? Yeah, they're all good so luckily...

..but it's not particularly great news. But it's another cause that'll be close to the band's heart as they hit the road - the tour is supporting reconciliation. We just hope we can get people to become more curious about reconciliation, I suppose, and go and investigate for themselves. Tickets go on sale Monday 9 July. Angela Bishop, Ten News. That's the News at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. AUTUMN DAY.