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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and dozens injured, Tonight, at least six people killed

into a semi-trailer. as a train ploughs drivers with hidden speed cameras. Anger over a proposal to slug Sydney

Catholic MPs over stem cells. Archbishop Pell's warning to It has consequences for their place in the church. life behind bars. And Paris Hilton's not-so-simple What about the food? The food is disgusting. Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News with Good evening. and 24 others injured, At least 8 people have been killed rail disasters. in one of Australia's worst Just after lunch, passenger train at a level crossing a semi-trailer collided with a at Kerang in northern Victoria. to help the injured Tonight, rescuers are still trying and recover the dead. Seven's Peter Morris is there. at 1 o'clock. The V/Line train left Swan Hill when it was hit by the semitrailer. 40 minutes later, disaster struck, were all aboard the train. The eight dead

were seriously injured Around a dozen and many more slightly hurt. the truck driver survived. Amazingly,

It goes without saying that our

thoughts and prayers are among the

thoughts and prayers are among the families of those who have

families of those who have lost

their lives in this crash and for

all those who have been injured. their lives in this crash and for and helicopters was used A fleet of light aircraft injured to Melbourne to transfer the most seriously for specialised treatment. For the latest we're joined Chief Executive of Kerang Hospital. by Robert Jarman, Robert, thanks for your time.

Can you tell us the latest on the injured passengerss please I

injured passengerss please I can

only really comment on what has only really comment on what has

arrived here at Kerang hospital. So arrived here at Kerang hospital. So

far, we have received 8 patients

that have arrived here in ambulance. far, we have received 8 patients

of those 8 patients that have

arrived here, one of those has been

air lifted to Melbourne. And we arrived here, one of those has been

currently have currently have the other 7 here

hospital. Kerang is a small country hospital. Kerang is a small country currently have the other 7 here in

hospital, how are you dealing with

the situation? Well, look, it's a

typical small country hospital with

surgery 25 beds. Although we did have

surgery this morning, we do tend to

have a quieter afternoon.

Fortunately all of the local medical

officers were available in the town. officers were available in the

We contacted all nursing

were available and we were able to We contacted all nursing staff that

have the hospital on standby read reddy for the patients as they

arrived by ambulance Late today's

arrived by ambulance Late today's emergency services were saying there

was a possibility that some people

remain unaccounted for at the scene.

Are you bracing for more casualties

We haven't ruled that out although

we understand that there has been a

small centre established in the

local town hall here in Kerang.

local town hall here in Kerang. We understand there's about 12

panctions who have been taken down

there. But we really aren't familiar

with what is going on away from the

hospital. What are the hospital. What are the patients you

have been treating saying about

have been treating saying about the

accident? We - well, I certainly

haven't had a opportunity to talk to

them. They are all still receiving

about two o'clock, treatment. The accident happened

about two o'clock, and probably all about two o'clock, and probably

of these patients probably only

attended the hospital in the last

couple of hours and they - they

couple of hours and they - they are still being treat bid nursing staff

and medical officers. The majority

of those are lacerations, broken

bones, legs, arms, broken ribs et

cetera. They are still receiving

treatment Is it save to say, then,

that the prognosis for the people at

your hospital is looking pretty

good? Yeah, I would say that those

that are here have non-life good? Yeah, I would say that those 7

threatening injuries No doubt it has threatening injuries No doubt it has

been a very big operation for you

and your staff. Thank you very much

you. for your time this evening. Thank for your time this evening.

As mentioned, for the most seriously injured. a huge airlift has been mounted Essendon Airport with the latest. Reporter Trent Evans is at Trent.

are 8 dead and 12 serious list At this stage, we believe that there

injured and many more walking injured and many more walking

wounded at the scene. There wounded at the scene. There are up

to 40 passengerss that could have

to 40 passengerss that could have

been injured on the train. Now, at

been injured on the train. Now, at this stage, we are hearing that the premier Steve

premier Steve Bracks some his way to

the scene, along with minister Lyn

cost can I and VLine which operates the train has set

the train has set up a emergency hot

line who thinks they may know anyone

is. who was on the train. That number

who was on the train. That number is

is I guess we will keep you

throughout the night as more news is I guess we will keep you updated

comes to hand Thank you,. To other news now, refund thousands of speeding fines, and a week after he was forced to a new way to slug Sydney drivers. the Roads Minister has found

In a move that's angering motorists, a new plan to hide speed cameras Eric Roozendaal is considering in unmarked RTA vans. even disguised in trees. Hidden in unmarked cars, infuriate drivers interstate - Covert speed cameras Sydney motorists could be next. to look at different strategies I think it's appropriate to encourage people to slow down. undercover speed camera vans The RTA'S considering using being secretly snapped doesn't work. But the NRMA says is not having a discernible impact Getting a fine many weeks later

and stopping them from speeding. in changing people's behaviour But it does generate revenue. in speeding fines last year - Victoria raked in over $80 million more than double NSW. They are absolute vultures, It's outrageous.

Raising money, isn't it? I think it is a bit sneaky.

save lives. studies show hidden cameras But the Pedestrian Council's says

in Victoria, Covert speed cameras have worked in the country. they have the lowest death rate Just last week of speeding fines the Roads Minister waived thousands in the Lane Cove Tunnel

when drivers complained of inadequate signage. He didn't learn anything from the fiasco

over the Lane Cove Tunnel. This is nothing more than Eric recouping the funds that he's lost. The NRMA wants more marked patrol cars on the road and says high police visibility is the best way to stop drivers speeding. I think high visibility speed enforcement is a good strategy and I'd really need to see some convincing evidence to move from that strategy.

Cardinal George Pell has warned Catholic MP's

they could be thrown out of the church, if they vote to overturn a ban on cloning human embryos. The Anglican church has also weighed in, comparing the controversial stem cell research to experiments by the Nazis. Scientists believe could save lives - cloning embryo stem cells

curing Parkinson's disease and diabetes. But for religious leaders, it's the stuff of horror movies - human-animal hybrids and embryos with three parents. We've gone too far. Ah, we're interfering with something that we shouldn't interfere with. It's not going to create human animal hybrids. There's a little bit of misinformation going around on what this legislation will allow. State Parliament starts debating the issue tonight. I see it as something that allows the relief of human suffering. But Anglican Church says vote No. It will enshrine in law the corrupt view that the embryos used are not morally significant or important. wrote to MPs.

The Catholic Church could consider ex-communication

for politicians who vote Yes. Or refusing communion to Catholic Premier Morris Iemma. Or refusing communion to Catholic Premier Morris Iemma. Their voting has consequences for their place

in the life of the church. Archbishop Jensen sees sinister parallels. The Nazis conducted some terrible experiments on people which had good results.

We found out all sorts of things we didn't know about before. We condemn that. 80% of Australians believe this legislation should be allowed. There's expected to be bitter debate on the laws in the Upper House of Parliament. Upper House Christian MPs from both sides of politics

are lobbying hard to vote it down. Three Australians kicked out of the Middle East over a dispute aboard a plane are threatening to sue the airline to clear their names. Two were found guilty of sexual harassment but their lawyer says they should never have been charged. CHANTS PRAYERS The United Arab Emirates is immensely wealthy and deeply conservative. Like any Islamic State, its laws are strict, even harsh by western standards. Jeremy Snaith, David Evans and Bill Sargent could have been flogged and jailed for 15 years in Al Wathba prison. Instead, they'll be deported. with the help of the consul and our lawyers within 24 hours. Snaith was fined for drinking his own duty-free alcohol. He and Evans were convicted of sexual harrassment but given suspended sentences, the charges against Bill Sargent were thrown out. The three Etihad hostesses withdrew much of their evidence and renounced their claim to sue the three Australians personally. That's thought to have influenced the court to allow the men to go home. But the hostesses are sticking by their stories.

The cabin crew have gone through a harrowing time. They've received counselling.

Etihad denies it's an airline for wowsers, but says its zero tolerance of bad behaviour will continue. Ross Hill insists his clients are innocent. But in a land where even camels have right of way, the defence could never be sure of winning.

The biggest challenge was really the fear of the unknown. It's a very different system over here and very different people. The remains of two Australian soldiers Paris Hilton has traded a designer black dress for orange prison overalls on her first day behind bars for violating probation. She has her own cell and authorities say so far, she's been a model prisoner. She's not normally camera shy but Paris Hilton did her best to avoid the paparazzi in her midnight run to prison, wiping away tears as she arrived. Ms Hilton is in custody, beginning her 23-day sentence in the LA County Jail system. This is Paris the prisoner, stylists ensuring it was a glamorous mug shot. We came in last night early

rather than create a public spectacle tomorrow morning. That was Paris' request,

to demonstrate that she takes this very seriously. Los Angeles Women's Prison is no Hilton. She will be locked in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day with just one hour for TV, exercise and phone calls. Paris's cell is actually, ironically, smaller than the walk-in closet in her house. Madam Tussaud's in New York showed what one of Hollywood's most fashionable might now look like.

But this is what she is really wearing - orange polyester, worn by 20 inmates before her. It's tough. You got to know how to handle yourself, that's all. What about the food? The food is disgusting. No matter how long she ends up spending behind these walls, typical of Paris Hilton's life, there's a silver lining. She's getting paid $500,000 to write a prison diary.

She's using this time to reflect on her life, to see what she can do to make the world better. She will leave prison even more famous than when she arrived. Ahead in Seven News - A rugby league bad boy wins a reduced prison sentence. Also, the leadfoot dad who had the perfect excuse for out-running police.

And Sydney sunbbed in a new Australian version of Monopoly.

I think the Sydneysiders must have got a bit lazy.

NRL star Wes Naiqama has had his sentence for unlicensed driving reduced to at least four months periodic detention. The injured St George Illawarra player will spend two days a week behind bars after he was caught four times driving without a licence.

Naiqama's lawyer told the court the 24-year-old was prone to making poor judgements at times of emotional distress. The judge agreed to reduce the minimum sentence from six months because it might have affected Naiqama's playing future. A man has escaped a speeding fine with the classic excuse he was rushing his pregnant wife to hospital - and it worked. Despite doing 140km/h, he got off with a warning and a healthy baby boy. Roly Kukainis says he did what any desperate dad would do - even if it meant breaking the law.

I'm sure that Peter, the policeman, could see that this was the way I was heading

and he'd have every opportunity to apprehend me when he got here. An hour from Wodonga Hospital Julie's waters had broken three weeks prematurely and an ambulance wasn't going to get there in time. The cord was around the baby's neck, as it came out and that really needed the attention of qualified staff and a good doctor. Police spotted the family car racing along the Kiewa Valley Highway. They tried to pull them over, but Roly was a man on a mission. Police finally catching up with him

at the doors of the Wodonga Hospital maternity ward. I've had a lot of excuses over the years, but this one was very, very obvious. As soon as I saw Julie last night, I knew exactly what she was up against. Little Alexander will stay in hospital for the next fortnight with some breathing difficulties. But local police have decided, because of the exceptional circumstances, they won't charge his speeding dad. Roly well and truly learnt his lesson last night and I think that there won't be a repeat performance.

Russia's President has threatened to aim missiles Sydney's been given the boot in a new Australian version of Monopoly. None of our streets features in the famous board game, thanks to a national vote which gave prime position to more provincial properties. It's Australian Monopoly's first makeover in 25 years. All new pictures and places, and Sydney's not there.

It's not up to me, it was up to the Australian public, so... I think the Sydneysiders might have got a bit lazy in the old voting. There were nearly 17 million votes online. People went for places like the old gold mining town Sovereign Hill in Victoria. (Laughs) Three. The Sunshine Coast and Steve Irwin's zoo. BOTH: Crocs rule! Melbourne, Perth and Hobart are there but Sydney lost out to the Snowy Mountains, Tamworth and Broken Hill. And Adelaide's the new Park Lane. But number one, the New Mayfair, at $4 million. The victorious Barossa Valley. South Australians know how to vote. When you live there you can appreciate why so many people are passionate about the Barossa Valley. The tokens are new too.

A ute, thongs, surfboard, a labradoodle - Australia invented that dog. Not everything's new. You still go to jail but there's something far worse - you have won second prize in a reality TV show. Actually you get $500,000 for that... We all know that everyone's favourite Chance Card is second prize in a beauty contest, so we thought second prize in a reality TV show would be just as fun. ..unless you're in Sydney. Sport with Matthew White,

There's nothing wrong with second prize in a reality TV program. Let

me tell you about sport.

and Brett Kimmorley says he wants a monopoly on the Blues' halfback job. He's been given a second chance, and this time he's vowed to make the most of it. Seven News was there when Noddy got the call-up. Also tonight, Lleyton Hewitt's run at Roland Garros comes to an end.

Ugh! Morning, Max. Morning. OK, we're here, kids. (Mumbles) That's... kilometres at 93 cents... That's $7.50, thanks.

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After being re-called to the New South Wales side for the first time in two years, Brett Kimmorley has made it clear he wants to keep the Blues number seven jersey. Kimmorley comes in for injured youngster Jarrod Mullen while Sharks team-mate Greg Bird and the Storm's Ryan Hoffman move on to the bench in place of Anthony Tupou and Kurt Gidley.

Jer ee, The Sharks were already a happy bunch in training but it got

better when the blues side was better when the blues side was

announced. Utility Greg Bird to make announced. Utility Greg Bird to make

his debut and Greg back at I am his debut and Greg back at halfback

I am really excited to get a I am really excited to get a chance to to play again. I just

to play again. I just feel funny. I

cracked it now, this hopefully cracked it now, this hopefully it's

going to be the first of many Phil

tried to shield his Skipper but

Brett is over the embarrassment of

being sacked from Origin Mate, I

just hate about undoing that. This just hate about undoing that. This

is just about enjoying the movement and then obviously if I could and then obviously if I could solve

my future, it would be awesome in

the same week to do it With the same week to do it With the

the same week to do it With the Melbourne Storm second rower given

his shot at Origin after Roosters his shot at Origin after Roosters

lock Anthony was actioned from

lock Anthony was actioned xed from

the first Blues side It's hard, you the first Blues side It's hard, you

want to be excited, you want to be

jumping around like a lunatic but he

jumping around like a lunatic but he decertificate ched to be there as decertificate ched to be there as well I

well I am a very proud knew south

well I am a very proud knew south Welshman. I always wanted to pull on

this jersey and nothing else.

All the boys did in the second row I think I'm stay on the wing think I'm stay on the wing for now

The eels were sensational as they

ended the Tigers unbeaten

ended the Tigers unbeaten 6 game run. While they had some fun run. While they had some fun with

cricket's World Cup,

cricket's World Cup, it's the

Origin's trophy they want The loss

in game 1 was still I think still in game 1 was still I think that one still place in my mind a bit still place in my mind a bit because

I know we were the better side

Wallaby winger Lote Tuqiri has pledged

to be back to his lethal best after a four-week fitness and speed program. Tuqiri missed the two-Test series against Wales

and says his "re-load" period has recharged the batteries. I've been itching to get out there, watching the boys run around for a couple of weeks now and hopefully I can start my international season with a good game. Sam Cordingley has joined the Wallabies' squad as back-up for George Gregan in Saturday's clash with Fiji in Perth. Lleyton Hewitt is out of the French Open. he's been beaten in the fourth round by clay-court king Rafael Nadal.

The Aussie lost 6-3, 6-1, 7-6 to the defending champion, who's yet to drop a set in the tournament. The world number two remains on target for his third straight crown at Roland Garros. COMMENTATOR: Well, unfortunate way to end what has been a very combative third set but Nadal reigns supreme. Nadal will play Carlos Moya in the quarterfinals.

There's drama in the V8 Supercar Championship - Team Kiwi is without a car or driver for this weekend's round at Eastern Creek. TKR has been leasing a car from Ford Performance Racing but the Ford team says contractual obligations haven't been met and the car has been locked up. Experienced driver, Paul Radisich who had a major crash at Bathurst last year, has now quit the team.

So a lot of drama there but

So a lot of drama there but either

way it will be a big weekend. Checking finance now and the share market slipped again on the back of weak trading on the Chinese exchange. BHP was the only top stock to struggle higher Coles off almost 1%.

Sara has the weather details after the break.


'Sunrise' - now the only breakfast show with local news, local traffic and local weather.

Good evening. With these chilly nights, it's nice be inside especially when it's for a good cause. I'm here with supporters for the nearly 20,000 Australians who have MS or multiple sclerosis, a disease that attacks the central nervous system without warning. We're busy packing goodies to sell for their big fundraising day this Thursday to fund research for better treatments. Let's take a look at the weather. There were some dark clouds to the east at times today. The city reached an average 18 degrees after a low of 9. Right now it's 15.

After a few early fog patches, there was a fair bit of sunshine today although it stayed fairly cloudy near the coast with some isolated showers out to sea. Good rain is on the horizon for Queensland. Areas of cloud moving over the State are dipping into north-east NSW. They're expected to bring widespread rain to central Queensland, some of the best for at least a year. Meanwhile, a strong high in the Bight continues to dominate the charts. It will direct cool southerly winds along the NSW coast over the next few days. Interstate - Brisbane can expect a wet day for a change. Clearing in Melbourne with a late shower in Hobart. Fine in Canberra and Adelaide, 14 to 15 degrees. 23 for Perth. There'll be some isolated coastal showers tonight and again tomorrow morning. Then cloudy throughout the day ahead of evening showers. It won't be quite as cold tonight, although Katoomba will feel the chill, down to 2 degrees. Heading for tops of 17 to 18 again, but rug up. Those light-to-moderate southerly winds will mean it feels a good 2 to 3 degrees cooler. Temperatures will be much the same for the rest of the week. increasing on Friday ahead of a wet and windy Saturday, easing back to a few showers These bright red shirts will stand out against Thursday's grey skies, so please make a donation by purchasing some of these items. To find out more, head to our website and follow the links.

Before we go, here's the latest on Victoria's rail disaster.

Tonight, the death toll is eight, but there are fears that could climb. 15 passengers suffered serious injuries.

A teenage boy and three others have been airlifted to Melbourne hospitals. Rescuers will search the wreckage until all passengers have been accounted for. We'll have the latest in news updates throughout the evening. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. Goodnight.

Tragedy and horror in country Victoria. Eyewitness accounts and the latest, live from the scene. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Anna Coren. Alone, lost, looking abandoned. And no-one came to help. I was sitting on the seat and no-one came and asked me Undercover in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne... ..and it's shocked everyone involved. Did we find a good Samaritan anywhere? They went from riches to rags. Billionaires behind bars Millionaires without money, the amazing fightback of the once corporate titans. Paris, Lindsay, Brittany. Sometimes jail, sometimes rehab.

Always the headlines. What do their mums have to say?

I am very proud of her She is great. She is so happy right now. All afternoon, the dead, the dying and the injured have been taken from a scene of horror in country Victoria. Where a V/Line train was hit by a truck

whose driver might not have seen it until the last moment. and up to 40 have been injured in a disaster of major proportions. Joining us now, Gavin Wilkinson, who was among the first on the scene. Gavin, what can you tell us? She is so happy right now. Gee, it I am very proud of her She is great. She is so happy right now. Gee, She is so happy right now. Gee, it was a horrific scene. was a horrific scene. We were kept

around 400 metres from the impact