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There's no harm, Stephanie. Where's the harm?

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(Sighs) You know, Brooke, you slept your way through my family.

I am not going to sit by and watch your son do the same thing. Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. the rising toll Tonight - train disaster - the NSW and Victorian border. from a level crossing crash near

Derek the truck just did not stop. to catch speeding drivers The sneaky plan and Sandra Sully. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Heading the bulletin - near the NSW/Victoria border. a disastrous situation is unfolding and more than 50 injured A least 8 people are dead into a semi-trailer after a passenger train hurtled on a level crossing.

just after 1:30 this afternoon It happened near the small town of Kerang is under way to help the victims. where a major emergency operation a scene of absolute devastation. 6km north-west of Kerang, from Swan Hill to Melbourne The one o'clock service was just 45 minutes into its journey at a level crossing. when it collided with a semitrailer

was injured - Authorities say everyone on board 15 seriously injured at least 8 are dead, and scores more hurt, or missing. others left trapped in the wreckage and concerned - People are a bit shocked a few worried people.

to happen around here You know, it's a big thing

Six ambulances, from as far away as Mildura, is feeling the stress. and I think the hospital

rushed to the area and two fixed-wing air ambulances. along with a rescue helicopter Hospitals throughout northern Victoria and Melbourne

and their loved ones. were filled with the wounded The hospital is in lockdown to access the hospital at all. and therefore the public aren't able have been called in to duty All of our nursing staff medical officers are also here. and all of our local was taken to Mildura Base Hospital. The semitrailer's driver a full investigation. The Victorian Government has promised Another is already under way into the State's level crossings, whether this one had been reviewed. but the Premier won't say This will be and serious accidents we've had. one of the most difficult that our thoughts and prayers It goes without saying have lost their lives in this crash are with the families of those who

been injured in the crash. and certainly for all those who have Christopher Still, Ten News. to Kerang's district hospital. Some of the injured have been taken a short while ago. We spoke with CEO Robert Jarman

Large generally suffering of from

the lacerations and broken bones

and are elderly. There are at least

10 at that have been taken up from

at the site directly to Melbourne

with life-threatening injuries. The

hospital has gone into lock down.

We have called in all available

nursing staff and also available medical officers.

medical officers. Everyone here is

on a standby, waiting for the

injured to a rival. We understand

that there are still a large number

of walking wounded at the sight. Hospital, Robert Jarman, there. The chief of the Kerang District families worried about loved ones. And a hotline has been set up for on this developing story And we'll have more later this news hour. over a controversial plan Anger tonight with undercover camera vans. to trap speeding drivers revenue raising than saving lives. Critics claim it's more about

vehicles in Victoria Undercover police speed-camera are raking in record revenues to a street near you. and possibly heading There are a number of options are looking at. that the RTA and the police operated by the RTA, Victorian-style covert cameras trapping unsuspecting motorists, speed-camera vehicles are phased out. as marked police but he's not ruling it out, just yet. The Roads Minister may not like it, is I don't think it's appropriate My personal view to go to covert cameras. enforcement is a good strategy. I think high-visibility speed like Victoria. But it doesn't bring in the revenue speeding fines handed out in NSW There were more than 350,000 last year, generating $33.4 million. caught more than 600,000 motorists, Speed cameras alone in Victoria netting a massive $81 million. it's all about revenue raising. The Opposition says personal attack It's launched a scathing Eric Roozendaal. on the Roads Minister,

The same old, same old - Evil Eric who is fleecing the motorists of NSW.

The NRMA too is opposed. is more police on the roads. What we'd like to see

We should know by the end of the year will be coming our way. if the Victorian undercover system Paul Mullins, Ten News. between ratepayers and councillors An angry showdown tonight from one of Sydney's richest suburbs. to slug them for being so un-green. Locals are furious over plans Welcome to Mosman Shire. most expensive real estate Home to some of Australia's than any other town in NSW. and more 4-wheel drives

of a very unpopular title. It's also the holder Mosman Council had a survey done A couple of years ago ecological footprint in Sydney, and found it leaves the biggest if not Australia

about that. and we have to do something Councillor Andrew Brown thought to ratepayers that message might be best conveyed

levy to park in foreshore areas. by hitting them with an annual $50 The funds gathered would then be used for environmental projects.

everyone has to pay their part In this day and age, who have a high ecological footprint and residents

than others who don't. should pay more who currently park there for free. But try telling the ratepayers

to trade in their 4-wheel drive For it to remain free, they'd have for a hybrid under the new scheme. boycott those parking areas. The Mayor says locals would rather

for the environment. It won't raise money People won't buy the permits. Mosman ratepayers may leave Australia's biggest ecological footprint but they're in no hurry to soften that blow. They say they're interested in environmental projects they simply don't want to have to pay for them... I think it's unfair. We pay our rates. Why should we have to pay more? Knowing the in-fighting at the Council, how will they decide what the environmental projects will be? ..leaving tonight's council meeting potentially explosive. Amber Muir, Ten News. Bail has been refused for two Melbourne men accused of conspiring to murder two Crown witnesses in an upcoming drugs case. and 22-year-old Michael Selim appeared in Sydney's central local court following their extradition yesterday from Victoria. They're accused of conspiring with Swedish-born Sydney waitress Charlotte Lindstrom. The men were to be killed to stop them testifying against Lindstrom's boyfriend, 41-year-old Steven Spaliviero. A pledge from the Federal Government tonight to increase broadband speed. But confusion remains over exactly who'll pay for the roll out. When it comes to fast Internet speeds, Government ministers have been doing some fast talking. I think we should just wait and see. Thank you. Fearing they're being left behind on the information superhighway, Cabinet members met to flesh out their response for a faster network. I can assure you it will proceed in a way which will mean that fibre is built at no cost to the taxpayer to the consumer. and at the best price That's not what the Deputy Prime Minister said earlier. We will spend taxpayers' dollars where the market fails.

We will get the private sector to invest where the market is not failing.

It's believed the Government is considering forming an independent panel to look at the options for a faster network. A public tender could see outline their proposals Telstra and its G9 rival

and any demands for changes to regulations. The Treasurer denies it would see the competition watchdog sidelined. We would want it to be very much part of the process. The ACCC chief wasn't buying into the debate. Oh, you wouldn't expect me to comment on that, surely.

Are you concerned you might be bypassed? Oh, you wouldn't expect me to comment on the course. The latest focus on broadband is another sign of a government keen to clear the decks before the election, and broadband is clearly biting. But it has some asking

whether the Coalition is serious about the new technology or just playing catch-up. Promoting his $4.7 billion broadband plan, Three months before an election, for Mr Howard to suddenly sound interested in broadband

is a bit like three months before an election

suddenly sounding interested in climate change. You've got to be fair dinkum about this. Leonie Mellor, Ten News.

Rugby league star Wes Naiqama has had his jail sentence for driving while disqualified, slashed. The 24-year-old applied

to have his 12 months of periodic detention suspended, his lawyer arguing he was emotionally distressed when he drove his girlfriend, 'Australian Idol' star, Paulini, home from hospital without a licence. But the magistrate refused to suspend the sentence altogether, instead cutting it to eight months.

Naiqama will start his mid-week periodic detention next Thursday. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport - Brett's back for the Blues? Yes,Kimmorley is one of three changes to the NSW Origin line up. Adam Hawse joins us from NSW League headquarters

and there were some who thought Brett wouldn't get another chance?

A a I am sure Brett Kimmorley

thought the same thing. He has been

on the out that ever since throwing

it the intercept pass in Brisbane a

couple of years couple of years ago. Today's

selectors threw him a lifeline. then when I got named today,

it was like - sort of like I got picked for the first time again. selectors threw him a lifeline. A

Hodgson pulled up badly after

plying the last night. He has a

facial fracture of. Best case

scenario is that he will be out for

four weeks but it could be a longer.

We will be back with more Origin

the news later in the Bolton.

A union member charged with threatening to kill a workplace inspector - that's still to come. Also tonight - commuters evacuated as fire shuts down a city train station. And where old computers go to die - the plan to make you pay for recycling e-waste when you buy. Don't forget Max. Ugh! Morning, Max. Morning. OK, we're here, kids. (Mumbles) That's... kilometres at 93 cents... That's $7.50, thanks. By choosing AAMI Flexi-Premiums, SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

(Speaks Japanese) # Yeah, yeah, yeah... # Zoom, zoom. # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

# Zoom, zoom, zoom... # The new Mazda3... This program is captioned live. Police are hunting a lightning fast gang of armed thieves that held up two hotels in ten minutes overnight. Wielding guns and a wrench, the three men smashed their way into the Royal Hotel in Ryde,

demanding staff hand over a cash register. Minutes later, it's believed the same gang targeted the Woolwich Pier hotel, raiding an ATM and a safe. Tensions have reached boiling point between the construction union and the Federal Government's industry watchdog. One union member will face court next month, charged with threatening to kill a workplace inspector. It's long been a battleground between unions and the Federal Government. Now a clash on a hardware construction site last year is heading to court. A 46-year-old union member has been charged with assaulting and threatening to kill two Australian Building and Construction Commission officials who were inspecting the site. and un-Australian It is totally unacceptable of threats in the workplace. for anybody to make these sorts of running a political agenda The union has accused the Commission was responsible for the assault - and of suggesting a union official a claim the Commission denies. that this organisation is acting We are very concerned in an overtly political manner. should be independent. A taxpayer-funded body furious at Australia's inclusion The Federal Government is also Labour Organisation's list on the International for working conditions. of the world's 25 worst countries is also head of the ILO. ACTU president Sharan Burrow

The Government accuses her of trying to score political points. Her behaviour is outrageous. It is unethical, it's inappropriate. The union boss insists the Government's WorkChoices legislation

breaches international law by banning collective bargaining. can sign up to the rule of law internationally, but totally ignore it and then have some feigned outrage that they should be held to account? Laurel Irving, Ten News. Sydney has marked World Environment Day with a clean up around the harbour. As divers picked up rubbish from the bottom of the sea a new poll revealed 86% of Australians are concerned about climate change. needs to tackle the issue, Almost 90% think the Government of nuclear fuel should be increased. but just 25% believe the use Australians think And another survey showed 8 in 10 by law. recycling should be made compulsory push up prices, Compulsory recycling could especially with electrical goods. growing at a staggering 500% a year The amount of so-called 'e-waste'is and ending up as landfill. for electrical waste. The end of the road of technology means These days our rapid turnover more televisions... ..computers... ..even whitegoods... ..are being thrown out. It pales in comparison to what many businesses would have in terms of old computers. That's where the real e-waste crisis lies. Thousands and thousands of products are thrown away by Australian corporations every day.

From fire-damaged goods to brand new, but faulty plasma TVs, to dated technology too expensive to repair. It's here electronics come to die. Technology is moving incredibly quickly, I mean, and it's so cheap these days. The Sims e-waste plant takes apart the products, separates their components and recycles what they can. e-waste is processed - But less than 5% of Australia's the rest goes to landfill. have a product stewardship system, Europe and America into the purchase price where a fee is factored of an electrical good that pays for its recycling. their lead And if Australia does follow would skyrocket. the volume of recycled e-waste here

would process This facility, for example, 50 times more than it does now.

backing this, The minute you have legislation broadly based, and you get these sort of outcomes can take then every man, woman and child their computer down and get it recycled and nothing's gonna get dumped because it has an intrinsic value. The Australian industry is pushing for stewardship within the next two years. Until then, environment-conscious companies will have to continue paying plants to recycle their e-waste. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Tim Bailey is complaining again -

he says it's cold. Its winds are!.

There is a gusting breeze today it.

18 degrees There is a gusting breeze today it.

18 degrees was the maximum which

was one degree above the average. There has

There has been some good rain and

will be in north-west news of Wales

tomorrow. Southern and central

areas and also at western areas are

under a Southern Band as well. areas and also at western areas are under a Southern Band as well. This

is today's winner is today's winner under a Southern Band as well. This is today's winner under a Southern Band as well. This is today's winner under a Southern Band as well. This

is today's winner of the under a Southern Band as well. This

is today's winner of the weather a

photo today. She is in the running up photo today. She is in the running

up to wind a camera. If you have a

photo send it to the e-mail address

so that was on the screen. Tomorrow

it looks like it will be a showery

affair. And we will have a top of 18 degrees.

18 degrees. We are here 18 degrees. We are here alive at

King Street Wharf where hotels have

hearts. I will tell you more about

that when I see you in 10 minutes. What your eyes can tell about your likelihood of developing heart disease - that's next. And hideous or inspired? The first look at London's new Olympics logo. The $5 Jackpot Lottery has jackpotted to over $6 million! Yeah! Wow! That's one cool cat! Over $6 million! QUIRKY MUSIC a nice-sounding name SONG: # You got Oh, holiday # Like a the old times # And if you share with me

we could lie awake # I'm sure that # Ah-ah-ah-ah # Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh # Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh # Oh-oh, oh-oh # Whoa-oh # Whoa-oh-oh # Oh-ah-ah-ha-ha... # # Oh-oh, whoa-oh

Checking but traffic. Where is the

traffic cliched tonight? Big delays for

traffic towards the south-west. We

are over Homebush Bay Drive near

the M4. On the left is the Olympic

tennis centre. Look at Homebush Bay

Drive after a crash on Arthur

Street. This at traffic extends

back to Lane Cove Road. Once a

traffic gets to green a Cat Week is a

a good run towards Hirst of ill.

There is heavy traffic on at the

end of four towards Prospect. The bodies of two Australian soldiers killed in the Vietnam War have finally been returned home after 42 years. The Hercules carrying the remains of Private Peter Gillson and Lance Corporal Richard Parker landed at the RAAF base in Darwin. The families of the two men finally given a chance to say goodbye. The diggers were accompanied from Hanoi by their 1st Battalion mates, to one day bring them home. who in 1965 made a promise will be held in Sydney tomorrow. An official ceremony to the soul - It's said the eyes are the window the window to the heart. now they could be of the blood vessels in the eyes Scientists discovering the condition can predict the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

heart disease or diabetes Diagnosing the risk of stroke, can now be done through an eye check. made by researcher Tien Wong - That's the scientific breakthrough of blood vessels in the retina. by examining computerised images for example, the risk of stroke. Certain patterns mirror, of heart disease. Certain patterns mirror the risk for diabetes itself. Professor Wong looked at the eyes of 30,000 adult patients. This is an example of one that's healthy.

But this eye shows what he describes as a cotton wool spot - a white area that's dead because there's no blood flow there. That indicates the brain also isn't receiving enough oxygen - pointing to a future risk of stroke. A cotton wool spot predicts stroke

as early as 3 years, even as late as 10 years later. Narrow vessels represent a risk of heart disease, particularly in women. While leaky blood vessels that result in the retina means diabetes. in red or yellow lesions Professor Wong's efforts recognised - Amgen Medical Researcher Award. awarded the prestigious how you actually treat or diagnose It may actually help revolutionise people with various types and diabetes. of cardiovascular-type diseases of children - Now under the microscope are the eyes or have a high blood pressure. particularly those who are obese will be examining to what extent Professor Wong and his team their blood vessels are damaged. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Jailed and threatened with flogging, are about to be deported three Australian businessman from the Middle East on a first-class flight from Sydney. over an argument David Evans was free on bail but William Sargent and Jeremy Snaith have spent the last six weeks in a notorious desert prison in Abu Dhabi. on the Etihad Airlines flight It's not clear what happened but the passengers were accused of drunken behaviour and sexually harassing flight attendants.

Two of the men received suspended sentences, the third was acquitted. They were facing up to 15 years jail and 60 lashes in a public flogging. London's Olympic organisers have unveiled their radical logo for the 2012 Games. almost $1 million to create, The jagged symbol cost to a younger, digital audience. and is supposed to appeal is going to appear on a T-shirt This is not something that

we're all gardening in it. the abstract shapes look critics saying and a jigsaw puzzle. like a cross between street grafitti

for his Australian tour - The Dalai Lama touches down that's next.

when you're over 40 - Also - finding a job the stereotypes. we'll tell you how to beat And from party girl to prisoner - to her simple life behind bars. Paris Hilton adjusts Match 'N' Drive promotion. You're gonna love the Scratch Simply buy $5 worth of any Scratchies and we'll reward you with a bonus promotional ticket

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(Kids chatter happily) MAN: It was the perfect holiday.

UPBEAT MUSIC CAMERA CLICKS We were having a ball. We had no idea that people were worried about us. Australian tourists missing. Hundreds feared dead.

our daughter and her family. We're really worried about friends or family for information? Have you checked with any in that location. She's meant to be Can't you do something? How about a mobile phone? with smartraveller? Were they registered your travel details at VOICEOVER: Register in an emergency. to help us find you CAMERA CLICKS This program is captioned live. including the Premier, Catholic politicians, could be shunned by their church, if they continue their support for new stem-cell laws. Cardinal George Pell has warned Morris Iemma's therapeutic cloning bill is "immoral", and should be voted down. He says Catholic MPs might have to think twice about taking communion if they support the legislation. Catholic politicians who vote for this legislation must realise their voting has consequences for their place in the life of the Church. MPs will be allowed a conscience vote. People over the age of 40 are facing a major hurdle - many employers think they're over the hill. The old problem proving frustrating shortage and record low unemployment. because of Australia's skills After years running her own business, Tracey Habron decided experienced IT specialist to go back to working for someone else. But her extensive CV was just ignored.

People wouldn't even respond.. You didn't even get a phone call, you didn't get an email. At 41, she hardly considered herself over the hill, but mature-age recruitment experts say jobs are tougher to get in your 40s, harder still in your 50s and almost impossible at 60. Employers can't advertise and say, "We only want a younger worker," but they do it surreptitiously, they hide it. At 65 and with four decades as a real estate specialist, Sid Helprin recently sent out 17 job applications, with no success. It's very annoying because you know you've got the runs on the board. You have the training, you've got the knowledge, you've got the experience,

and all you want to do is use it. Those who know say many employers are stuck with old stereotypes of older workers,

believing them to be out of touch, set in their ways and inflexible. Not even a skills shortage and record low unemployment seem to be helping. Until we show people how good older workers are, we're not going to change mind-sets. One company that has changed its mind-set is ACCOR hotels, deliberately attracting older workers because of their life experience. The level of appreciation has been something that we've been surprised at and we've been pleased with.

And that has allowed for, or seen, a level of contribution to our business that's been really positive. Tracey Habron says younger recruiters in particular don't understand what they're missing. We don't have an issue turning our hand to whatever needs to be done in order to get the job done. For helpful information, you can go to the website: Eddy Meyer, Ten News. More now on our top story - Party girl turned prisoner, Paris Hilton, is adjusting to her new simple life behind bars. She's spent her first night in isolation, prison officials describing her as a model inmate. Even in her prison mug shot, Paris Hilton still managed to pose for the camera. The socialite was photographed after being rushed to the women's prison to start her 23-day sentence two days before she was due

on drink-driving charges. for breaching her probation the 26-year-old coped well Her lawyer says with her first night behind bars. under the circumstances. She's doing very well that she has been gracious, polite. The staff here have reported in the special needs unit, She's being kept in isolation for 23 hours a day. confined to her cell This is unjust and unfair a victim of a system and she really is, unfortunately,

for being fair. that we prize so much began with breakfast, Paris Hilton's first day here apparently consisting of cereal, juice and some bread, eaten alone in her cell. Paris may be out of the spotlight, but her image is still attracting plenty of attention. Madame Tussaud's turning her predicament into a crowd-pleaser. Sorry, Paris, at your expense. We understand that, but it was a cute shot and she does look good in stripes. It is a hard week for her. Maybe it will give her a chuckle if she sees it. A photo of the party girl in her orange prison uniform

could be worth more than a laugh, up to $500,000. There are also rumours Paris is going to cash in and her first television interview with a prison diary when she gets out. that could be on June 26. If she behaves herself Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In Los Angeles, lost ground today The Australian share market after yesterday's record highs. on top of higher copper prices. BHP Billiton rose $0.08 to $32.93,

the Commonwealth shed $0.41. All the major banks lost ground,

tonight for an average $1.32 a litre, And unleaded petrol is selling that's down $0.01 on last night. at Haberfield. We found it as low as $1.26

More now on our top story -

in northern Victoria the emergency unfolding and 50 injured where at least eight are dead after a level crossing crash. A passenger train slammed into a semitrailer about 1:30 this afternoon

and hurtled from the tracks. to be still missing. Several people are believed at a crossing 6km outside of Kerang. The freak accident happened A semi-trailer crashed into and derailed

a V/Line train. Passengers recall the horror:

the road looking at the train We're just standing here by side of and it's just a mess. could rise, with dozens injured. It's feared the death toll The truck just didn't stop. He tried - the train until the last minute I don't know whether he didn't see and went off into the dirt. but he tried to divert is just half gone. The carriage behind mine There's a big gaping hole first aid, and I went back because I know

with one or two others so I went back in the carriage behind us to help some of the people it was awful. and it was just shocking, to have critical injuries. The truck driver is believed to Mildura Base Hospital. He's been taken

that have been taken There's probably at least 10 with life-threatening injuries. from the site directly to Melbourne

the old goldmining town of Swan Hill The train was travelling from

to Melbourne at a level crossing when the collision happened on the Murray Valley Highway. and two fixed-wing aircraft Two helicopters in the emergency response. are being used

that were available We called in all nursing staff officers to the hospital as well and also called our local medical waiting for the injured to arrive. so everybody here is on standby The tragedy happening in the State's north-west, 3.5 hours from the Victorian capital. Ambulance, police, fire brigades and SES converging on the scene,

wet conditions hampering their work. have now launched Victorian officials three separate inquiries. Frank Coletta, Ten News. have been taken to hospitals The injured passengers throughout Victoria. is at Essendon airport. Reporter Laurel Irving hurt have been airlifted there? Laurel several of the most seriously

elderly There that right one of. And

elderly men and elderly woman have

landed it here and had been taken

by road ambulance to hospital. by road ambulance to hospital. In

at the air on their way CRE's

another man and two other women who

will be taken to hospital in the

Melbourne with serious injuries. A

15 a year old girl has been airlifted to the Royal Children's Hospital in a critical condition. Emergency

Emergency crews are still at the

scene and we may see more seriously

injured patients brought to

Melbourne tonight. What sort of

injuries are they? There are the full

full range of injuries. The elderly

man had spinal injuries and leg

fractures. Some of the women have

chest and abdominal injuries have.

There is also the full range of

ages - from teenagers to ages - from teenagers to elderly

people. It will take the full range

of Victoria's health professionals

and a lot of hospital support. in Australia, The Dalai Lama has landed a short time ago touching down in Perth to begin an 11-day tour. by a crowd of supporters His Holiness was welcomed of the 71-year-old spiritual leader. eager to catch a glimpse eight cities in his Australian tour The Dalai Lama will visit promoting peace and goodwill. giving public talks Organisers have dismissed claims from a lack of interest in the tour, they may end up losing $2 million remaining tickets have been sold. saying they hope to break even once

Team are Bailey is a back now at

King Street Wharf. What is this

about hotels with heart? We are about hotels with heart? We are

hoping to raise between 350,000 and

500 and $1,000 a. Brother Dan from

Matthew Talbot House is 8 euros. If

you would like to give generously

you can dial 131812. There will be

more of him later. It is a little

bit chilly down here. It is

currently 16 degrees. Tomorrow will

be 18 degrees. There will be a

postal shower. The her long

postal shower. The her long weekend

will be particularly postal shower. The her long weekend will be particularly windy and will be particularly windy and rainy especially on Saturday.

The best snow make her in Australia

- hello to you. Make plenty of

white staff before the opening of

the season. Hotels have heart's -

more of this mob later. Let's see

how generous the cargo Bari is at

six Bowcock. and the Blues make key changes. Tim Webster with sport is among the changes. Yes, and Brett Kimmorley That's coming up.

in attack and defence. And the Eels turn it on of Brett Hodgson. COMMENTATOR: To the side of the face And Sydney snubbed - the board of the new Monopoly. why our fair city didn't make

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This program is captioned live. Brett Kimmorley is back As we we told you earlier, for another crack at the Maroons at Telstra Stadium. in next week's crucial Origin match with the same squad Queensland's stuck but the Blues have three changes - while Greg Bird Kimmorley for Jarrod Mullen debuts and Ryan Hoffman make their Origin out. with Kurt Gidley and Anthony Tupou

Adam Hawse is still at NSW HQ. And is Kimmorley's selection a stop-gap measure?

Not according to Brett Kimmorley.

He has waited to use Ford is a

chance. We could see how excited he was

was this afternoon and he says he

is in it there for long haul All smiles with team-mate Greg Bird after learning both are Blues for Game II.

Brett Kimmorley vowing his State of Origin return won't be a brief one. I'm not thinking I'm just a fill-the-gap type of situation. I'd like to play and play well and be part of the future.

But he'll never get away from history and that pass two years ago. No, mate, you can't change the past, so um, no, I can never make up for the past and that will be remembered forever. Kimmorley clinching the job after a strong showing against the Maroons number 7 last weekend. He was up against Jonathan Thurston and they were two of the better players on the football field so he gets the spot.

The Blues at pains to say Knights rookie Jarrod Mullen wasn't sacked, but was left out because of a niggling calf injury that would have hindered his preparation. We're under pressure

and we don't want to put any more pressure on him. He's got to lead the side around the park and all that sort of stuff. Brett Kimmorley's in form so we decided to just give him a rest. Kimmorley's mate seeking to keep things low-key ahead of his debut. Trying to keep my head on my shoulders and out of the clouds this week

and just get out there and play footy. I think that's the main thing. Selectors also showing faith in a game I debutant. Jarryd Hayne adamant he's erased his Brisbane blunder from memory. If I think about it then it will show in my game and it's going to affect my performance and the team performance.

Would Sydney fans had been called

on to lift the Blues. We only have

one again heed this year and

surprisingly it is not even at

nearly sold out. Selecta once NSW

fans to show the same a passion. They had Queensland jumpers on and I had a light blue shirt on and they walked past me and the words they said to me - from schoolgirls - I couldn't repeat over your television station. I mean, where do they get their passion? Hope the supporters out there are all listening 'cause we certainly need it.

Tim Shanghai in has been named referee for original tour next week. Another blow for the Wests Tigers on top of last night's 30-point loss to Parramatta. Captain Brett Hodgson is out for at least three weeks

with a facial fracture. It looked like Swans stars Barry Hall and Spider Everitt had transferred to the Magpies mid-season at training today. But don't worry, Sydney Fans -

Your he's hyena. To watch him ago.

Deals were red hot running in a seven

seven it tries to one of. Were

usually try to score a couple of tries

tries off ticks. The week yawls art

of getting ahead of themselves.

Talk of the finals have been it deflected.

deflected. High it fully we can

keep the form and Broadwindsor coming along. It looked like Swans stars Barry Hall and Spider Everitt had transferred to the Magpies mid-season at training today. But don't worry, Sydney Fans - the move to black and white was only temporary, last years runners-up had their version of a mufti day when players get to wear a jumper of their choice.

But, behind the light-hearted feeling at training was a more serious mission - to get back on the winners' list on Saturday against Hawthorn. We've enjoyed success in the last couple of years and teams want to beat us. It's something we've got to lift to.

Swans iron man Jared Crouch is looking for a quick return after straining his hamstring. Lleyton Hewitt's French Open singles campaign is over at the hands of Rafael Nadal, the Spaniard maintaining his unbeaten career run against Hewitt on clay. Nadal unleashing his array of shots, racing to a 4-0 lead in the first set. COMMENTATOR: Oh, pulls the trigger. Hewitt began to fashion a trademark fightback,

forcing the third set to a tie break. Oh, he's beginning to hit that off forehand superbly, Hewitt. But with a 4-2 lead he committed a crucial error. The king of clay seizing his chance to clinch a straights-sets victory in his quest for a third successive French Open title. Nadal reigns supreme, yet to drop a set in the tournament. Tim Bailey with all the weather, that's still to come.

And the new Aussie version of Monopoly - but where's Sydney?

If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this June long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone.

Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

People who take out private cover before they're 31 pay less for it than people who wait until they're older. That's only fair, otherwise they'd end up subsidising the people who join at a later age. So, for example, if you don't join until you're 40, it costs you 20% more. The longer you wait, the more you have to pay. And you used to have to pay that loading forever. But now we've improved the rules.

If you have private health cover for 10 continuous years and keep it, you stop paying the loading, which is a fair reward for your commitment. Helping cover Australia's growing health needs. If you're over 50 and not working full-time,

We give you the choice of insuring your car for an agreed... ..or market value. So call APIA on 13 50 50. That number again:

Whether your baby has extra-sensitive skin, dry skin or normal skin, Huggies have a bath and body product that's perfect for your baby's skin type. Huggies - something for every little body. It's not going to be over 50, This program is captioned live. Sydney has been snubbed in a new Australian version of Monopoly. It's missed out altogether in a public vote, with millions choosing some unlikely spots for the board's prime positions. It's the scandal rocking the nation, the country-wide vote that has pollsters scratching their heads. When the people of Australia were asked, "What spot should replace the coveted Park Lane and Mayfair properties "on a new local edition of Monopoly?", they chose Adelaide and the Barossa Valley. And while the wine-making region might be one of the only places where you can still get free parking, how did the home of Grange beat the range of more famous options? There are Barossans working all around the world so when the word got out, we do know that there are people around the world who are out there voting for us. That support forced Western Australia's Kalgoorlie, Broome and Perth onto the second-most prestigious turf. Victoria's Sovereign Hill, Great Ocean Road and Melbourne took third. Tassie was next, with NSW crawling into fifth place. Broken Hill, Tamworth and the Snowy Mountains up for sale - Sydney not. The Monopoly people could have been hauling great wads of cash off to the banker if they'd decided to sell off the spots on the new board but instead they decided to do it the democratic way. We actually wrote to the Premiers of each State and asked for them to nominate their top five regions and we put those on the website and then it was up to the public

to vote for what they wanted to see on the board. Nearly 17 million votes were cast. The cash is now in millions not hundreds,

and instead of top hats and boots you play with thongs and utes. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Against the whole point is that

Against the whole point is that we

aren't are trying to sell off a

Sydney. Team up where else would we

find hotels that want to give away

money to help charities? It is

happening at the Wentworth on a

Thursday night. The money will be

going to Matthew Talbot homeless

services. A round of applause of

four this a man of. Can you tell us

the amount of work that Matthew Talbot does in the community?

Matthew Talbot crime was services

has looked after the people of

Sydney, particularly the hostel -

Matthew Talbot was a men's centre

and it still is. We now have 32 centres for four women, men,

children and families that have no

accommodation. It is an

extraordinary charity. Hotels have

hearts make sure that we can

continue the good care we give to

these people that need help. A we

have 10 or so publicans are behind

us. Hotels have hearts. Vince

Sorrenti you will keep this small

but in a line on Thursday night? It

is a worthy Dijk. Hotels dined only

have poker machines and beer

drinkers, they also have hearts.

They have raised over $150 billion

over the past few years which has

helped to give homeless people

dignity and self respect of. We are

looking to raise $500,000 on

Thursday. We will do it.

Thursday. We will do it. You saw Thursday. We will do it. You saw

Father Danny getting emotional on at the television. If you would

like to help him out - call 131812.

It is a bit chilly down here. And

there is a good news that there

will be showers in North East NSW, Central and will be showers in North East NSW,

Central and West areas of the State

and the South may get some rain as well.

Cloud over Queensland and North

East NSW is causing widespread rain

and some storms. A trough over the

Easter will generate rain over

Queensland and some parts of NSW.

There will be a isolated showers

along the southern and south east coast along the southern and south east

coast of NSW. Hotels have hearts -

$500,000 going at two homeless services. $500,000 going at two homeless

services. We love our community

work and we like looking at the way work and we like looking at the way that Interstate.

Hotels have heart - we are about to

find out - it's not of time - whose shelter is it? the train crash disaster in northern Victoria. At least 8 are dead and 50 injured after a level crossing crash. A passenger train and a semi-trailer collided at about 1:30 this afternoon. Several people are believed to be still missing. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Sandra Sully. I'll have the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30 and our Early News is at 6am. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.