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(generated from captions) One... ..two... ..three. Mm-hm. Oh, my God! After everything we... W-what are you doing?! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - corruption in the ranks - that could end a top cop's career. the free football tickets for drunk and dangerous driving. Channel Seven's news boss jailed who thinks about drink-driving? What would you say to anyone else Um, it's not a good idea. who arranged And freedom for the woman of her own father. the gruesome execution Good evening. policeman under investigation Also tonight - a New South Wales with Indonesia. for sparking a diplomatic row some Italian glamour to Sydney. And a screen siren brings

But first this evening - investigation evidence that a major gang rape had been compromised of rugby league. because of a policeman's love And today there was damning evidence from coach Ricky Stuart. on the allegations career hangs by a thread Superintendent Adam Purcell's and it's partly due to rugby league. He was called in Bryan Fletcher was linked when former Souths captain to a gang rape case in 2004 far too close for comfort. but it ended up Purcell has confessed At the Police Integrity Commission with Fletcher's brother he's friends in the case, and took a special interest which explains made 26 calls to each other. why the footballer and the cop also revealed Fletcher's gratitude, A bug placed at his home

was going to join the NSW Origin team including confirmation Purcell

as a manager. for investigators And it wasn't very hard to catch Adam Purcell out. In one example league coach Ricky Stuart. all they needed to do was call up Stuart says Fletcher was wanted for questioning. the police officer volunteered that

to let him know, Moments later Stuart called Fletcher could get in contact. even before police Purcell says the coach is mistaken. caught on his mobile phone The superintendent was also that Fletcher was watching telling a colleague with two brothers the alleged victim have sex when she withdrew consent. like a startled rabbit Fletcher ran off and went home to his new wife. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Peter Meakin. Jail time for Seven News boss

The TV chief will be spending behind bars his next 14 months of weeekends for driving dangerously while drunk. "a monumental fall from grace". Even the magistrate called it to spend his weekends behind bars Peter Meakin ordered for at least 14 months, of drink-driving after being convicted and dangerous driving. for the grief I've caused them. I apologise to my family

and colleagues. I apologise to my employer to the road users of NSW. I also apologise the company moves on, with Peter, David Leckie said and we are 100% behind him. Mr Meakin drove home After beers, wine and bourbon, in October last year, directions to pull over at an RBT, but instead of obeying police

the magistrate found he: The magistrate said was enormous. the danger to the officers of Peter Meakin's good character Much was made in court and his contrition. from numerous television executives. He presented references However, the magistrate said how a man of such intelligence she found it difficult to understand of drink-driving beforehand, wouldn't have known of the dangers he has two prior convictions especially considering in just the last five years.

He's now off the road until 2014. don't you? You do the crime, you do the time,

Mr Meakin is appealing, he's off alcohol altogether. but has assured the court

REPORTER: What would you say to anyone else out there who would think about drink-driving? It's not a good idea.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. to death with a tomahawk A woman who had her father hacked is home free tonight. Belinda Van Krevel says After six years jail, to get on with her life. she just wants Her sentence served, her first steps as a free woman Belinda Van Krevel took of having her father killed. since convicted

I just want to get on with my life. your daughter today? Will you be seeing Thank you. Her daughter has been in foster care in their Wollongong home since the murder nearly seven years ago. and hacked 25 times with an tomohawk. Jack Van Krevel was stabbed 16 times she put her boyfriend up to it, Belinda admitted for years of abuse by her father. claiming it was revenge

her first night of freedom, While she enjoys for the murder. She had applied for parole twice she would reoffend. but it was refused because of fears is serving a life sentence Her brother, Mark Valera, of two men - for the mutilation murders and shopkeeper David O'Hearn in 1998. Wollongong Mayor Frank Arkell

about the family's dark past. Several books have been written Her release from jail today of the DVD release comes just two weeks ahead

of the movie based on the murders. Evan Batten, Ten News. A learner driver has been charged at a Sydney bus stop. over a deadly car crash into a crowd of people, The 43-year-old woman ploughed fashion design student Emma Hansen. killing 20-year-old

the 11 other people injured. Babies were among the driver, Police are yet to interview because she's too distraught. She'll front court in July, causing death. charged with negligent driving and police shooting following a stabbing at Punchbowl last week. stabbed his girlfriend It's alleged the 31-year-old man at a block of units. was found nearby unharmed. Her 7-year-old daughter

after he allegedly pulled a knife. The man was shot by police is under way tonight. A bedside court hearing

Australian industry has just four years to clean up its act and cut damaging carbon emissions.

Claiming rude and in appropriate

treatment. He claims as he was

resting in his hotel room, police

used a master key to gain

used a master key to gain entry,

asking him to appear in front of

the coronial increased to the 1975

deaths of this Australian troops in

East Timor. He denies he was in ballot by when the newsmen were

killed. Police deny they gained

unauthorised entry to the room.

killed. Police deny they gained unauthorised entry to the room. No

offence was meant and I will be offence was meant and I will be

seeking to explain that to the seeking to explain that to the

Consulate General in his seeking to explain that to the Consulate General in his because

our systems are different. Touted

as a future presidential candidate,

he was in Sydney at the invitation

of the Australian government. This

incident has sparked a diplomatic

storm. Indonesia has lodged a storm. Indonesia has lodged a

formal complaint with Australia and

late today they received an apology

from our ambassador in Jakarta. Australian industry has just four years to clean up its act and cut damaging carbon emissions. A top level taskforce has presented its long awaited report to the Prime Minister, which Ten News understands recommends Australia not wait for the rest of the world. The task group of senior public servants and executives from some of Australia's biggest mining and energy companies presented Mr Howard with its findings late afternoon. This is one of the most eagerly awaited reports that's been presented to the Government. The group believes Australia should move to a national emissions scheme by 2011 and is understood to have recommended a start-up price on carbon of $20 a tonne. While it says a global effort is required, it has agreed with industry submissions that Australia should move now. Last night, after deriding long-term targets,

If we move towards an emissions trading system, that will, of necessity, involve a long-term target of some kind. He rejects Labor's commitment to a 60% cut by 2050, or a suggested 20% cut by 2020. 20% in 13 years on 1990 levels - I wonder does he really know what the implication of that is. Does he really know? Labor is yet to commit on a 2020 target but stands by its long-term goal. It's based in science, it's a target that a number of other countries have in place, it's a target that companies effectively put in place

when they decide to go carbon-neutral. Mr Howard will discuss the task group's recommendations

in a major speech at the Federal Liberal Council on the weekend. He's also expected to set up another task force to encourage regional carbon trading. Labor says it's too little too late. A look at Sport now with Tim Webster and several NRL clubs fined over salary cap breaches. Yes, including one club fined $173,000, more shortly.

And the Socceroos

are turning it on for the fans tonight - a special public training run is under way at Telstra stadium. Also a bad day on clay - Marat Safin lost the match, his cool and a racquet at the French Open. Also later - the rugby league player with his own dramas helping country kids, and we'll take you to Swans training. worth of hydroponic cannabis - Drugs raids net millions of dollars that's next. himself back in custody Also a former inmate lands after ramming a prison van. struggling to light up in public. And why smokers will soon be

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This program is captioned live. to a case of road rage - An unusual end fearing a prisoner break-out, the crew of a prison van, this morning handcuffed a motorist at gun point and swerved in front of them. after he screamed abuse Police were on edge of an attempted prisoner break-out. thinking the accident was part will you please? if you don't... Mate, move off the freeway

was handcuffed The driver of a white ute by the crew of the prison van. after being bailed up at gunpoint when hit from behind. His vehicle was damaged by motorists driving south The drama was witnessed The prison van stopped with their guns drawn on a car and the prison officers got out of a car in front. and pointed at the driver With 10 prisoners on board, into the Harbour Tunnel the van was heading when prison officers alleged the driver screaming abuse. the ute began swerving into them, He was a former inmate. in a correctional centre. He served time was unlicensed Police say the driver, Albert Malcolm and his vehicle unregistered. three times Corrective services rammed me at my head. were maximum security inmates, All the prisoners in the van for serious criminal matters, some of them facing trial today Supreme Court. here at the Darlinghurst but he'll face court for driving without a license.

John Hill, Ten News. has been found A little Sydney girl one of four homes The 6-year-old was discovered inside

he south-western suburbs. raided across have been seized. Over 1,000 hydroponic plants by family members, The child is being cared for over the drug haul. while two suspects have been charged then at bars and clubs, First it was indoors, to spread now the smoking ban is set to council recreational areas. The new push comes commercial hits our tv screens. as another hard-hitting anti-smoking

to convince people to stop smoking. Research shows shock tactics work that needs an 'M' rating. But this is the first anti-smoking ad that can kill, blind or paralyse. It can cause a stroke of smoking It focuses on the health consequences less than 1 in 10 smokers after a survey found of having a stroke. was aware of their increased risk

doesn't have any impact, And if the scare campaign in more public areas might. then initiatives to ban smoking was on council recreational areas. In NSW the focus smoke-free playgrounds for children, 92% of the community want to see smoke-free sporting stadiums and people are also keen to see and other outdoor facilities. Kim Curtis was one such mum her local council at Lismore who successfully lobbied faced of ingesting secondary smoke. after noticing the risk children

I just couldn't believe in playgrounds. people would smoke around them 30 councils have now followed suit of their constituents. with full support it's self-enforcing. If you go around the playgrounds, if they see someone smoking, Parents with children, and say, "Would you mind? will point to the sign The Cancer Council hopes be adopted nationwide. the guidelines will eventually

is now the lowest on record, The State's smoking rate quitting in the last two years, with another 100,000 people and with good reason - will end up dying from their habit. half of those who continue smoking annual survey has found But, sadly, the Cancer Institute's believe that will happen to them. almost one in five smokers don't Amber Muir, Ten News. The RTA is making sure of the Lane Cove tunnel fines fiasco. there's no repeat to remind drivers Extra signs went up overnight in the tunnel. of the variable speed limits embarrassing backflip It follows the Government's

over thousands of speeding fines. to admit signage wasn't clear, The Roads Minister forced

were confusing. and the changing limits

Check of the day's weather. It was

a beautiful Day. Good evening Ron.

a beautiful Day. Good evening Ron.

Today was a fantastic day it. We

reached a top of 19 degrees. It was

16 degrees in the greater West.

There was a real shiver in Richmond

this morning - barely zero degrees.

We are he for breast cancer

research which we will talk about a

little bit later on.

research which we will talk about a little bit later on. Here research which we will talk about a little bit later on. Here

little bit later on. Here is our

picture of the Day. This is an

frosty morning. image from a Tamworth. It was a

image from a Tamworth. It was a frosty morning. image from a Tamworth. It was a

frosty morning. It was a bright

sunny day. Blue sky everywhere we

looked. Pollution levels were low

everywhere across the city. When we

return in 10 minutes we will all be

in the pink. the 3-hour rescue operation Perfect fit - next - in a fence post hole. for a girl wedged the Pope gives a special blessing. And praying for Madeleine -

she has a taxed super fund. And like most Australians,

when she retires. can make a big difference she puts in, after tax. of up to $1.50 for every $1 Margaret starts tipping in $235,000 extra in her lump sum She'll then end up with over

And that's in today's dollars. And thanks to the biggest reform absolutely tax-free after she's 60. that money will be because she works hard for it. In our city's history, flows into our dams have never been this low

and storage has continued to drop. Water2WATER is ACTEW's proposal to enlarge the Cotter Dam and purify our used water to drinking standards for a safe, secure and sustainable water supply. To find out more, look out for the Water2WATER information display or request an information kit.

The ACT Government wants your feedback before making a decision.

Let's check on the traffic. This is

a problem we have had in the north-

west of the city. It started this afternoon and it has afternoon and it has been exacerbated by peter out traffic?

This is a major for traffic trying

to head home. We are over a wrong

data and there was a crane but fell

off the back of a truck at 12:50pm this

this afternoon. It blocked pen at

Hill's traffic. This is the air for

three. Pennant Hills Rd in Norman

Hurst has only just opened.

Hurst has only just opened. This is

delays for traffic heading down

from the Central Coast. And there

is an aidekms at a traffic jam

heading to Berowra. Other roads are

affected as a result of that

accident. This is a back road in

Hornsby which would usually be at

following OK. This is passed

Hornsby Oval. This is the Pacific Highway

Highway heading to Hornsby shops.

We are urging motorists, if you are

heading to the north-west, expect a

major traffic delays. We will look

at a ride road and let you know if

this is an alternative. The corporate watchdog has finally vowed to aggressively scrutinise property investments companies like the ones that have collapsed recently. The new chairman of ASIC has set up a team of experts

to investigate a raft of funds enticing consumers with the promise of high-interest returns. At the heart of it is to bring out much more clearly the risks for investors so they can actually make more informed decisions about the risks in these. ASIC has been stung by criticism that it's failed to protect consumers after three funds collapsed. In just 18 months, investors in ACR, Fincorp and Westpoint have lost nearly $1 billion. A former Queensland government minister has been jailed

for three months after being found guilty of trying to bribe Premier Peter Beattie. Brisbane's District Court today sentenced 52-year-old former tourism minister Merri Rose, but the bribery details have been suppressed. What is clear is that today in the courts in Queensland

and the justice system everyone is equal before the law. The court was told Ms Rose was severely depressed at the time of the threat. An embarrassed teenager is nursing her wounds after a dramatic rescue. The 13-year-old got herself wedged in a hole for a painful three hours. Exactly how Anna Mitchell got stuck is still a mystery.

A perfect fit for the hole, the 13-year-old's tiny body was trapped.


Only able to peer up at her rescuers, paramedics gave her oxygen and reassured her. After realising they couldn't pull her out, emergency crews began digging into the hard soil. With her family close by and a large neighbourhood audience, three hours after the terrified teen became stuck, finally she was free.

CHEERING Look, she was in quite some distress. She's fine, a little embarrassed by all the attention, I think. It was a traumatic experience for her last night. And today the shy school student

was keen to nurse her grazes and sore legs in private. At first I thought it was a joke Her siblings, however, say they won't let her forget the misadventure any time soon. Really, I'm going to cop it at school today, I think. Chloe Symons, Ten News. A rude awakening for the owners of a roofing business their entire showroom. after a car demolished lost control at high speed, The driver of the luxury Porsche then smashed through the shop front, before coming to rest two walls, another fence For a car to go through fences,

the car was flying in my opinion. and another fence, passenger escaped the wreck The male driver and his female with cuts and bruises, the Porsche 911 a write-off. for the parents of Madeleine McCann An emotional moment to pray for their missing daughter. as they asked the Pope a photo of the little girl, The Pontiff blessed who vanished almost a month ago. there's no greater honour For devout Roman Catholics,

of the Holy Father. than to stand in the presence faced a multitude of emotions. But today, Kate and Gerry McCann Thank you. reluctant to let go. They clutched his hands tightly, there was a tender response. And in the Pope of Madeleine, which he blessed, Kate presented him with a photograph would take comfort in his prayers. and the couple said they He was very kind, very sincere. and our family He said that he'd pray for us for Madeleine's safe return to us. and that he'd continue to pray in the audience today. There were 30,000 people shaded from the sun The McCanns were in the front row

of the international press. but in the full glare and tens of thousands of people Many, many thousands are doing small things that may help and may make a difference and we take strength from that. and publicity, This was a day for prayer

from the Pope but in gaining the support they've done everything they can the McCanns can be sure to promote this campaign. huge media interest The papal audiences command

have met Madeleine McCann and millions across Europe will today seem to have found their way home California's wayward whales to the Pacific. late yesterday The mother and calf were spotted Golden Gate bridge, near San Francisco's just kilometres from freedom. were no where to be seen, By this morning the pair they are now in open water. authorities confident That it's reasonable to assume to make their way out that they've been able to their safe and natural habitat. were stuck The humpback whales for over a fortnight. more than a 100km up a river

Michael Jackson Prized possessions of superstar in Las Vegas. have gone under the hammer has attracted fierce bidding Memorabilia worth millions of dollars of the 2-day auction, on the first day 'We Are the World' fetching $19,000. an MTV Music Award for

And now $16,000. and now 16,000. 15,000 is the bid, the auction going ahead The Jackson family tried to stop with a last-minute court appeal. notes from Jackson's childhood, Several items, including handwritten

were removed before bidding opened. Stuttering success - at the forefront of speech therapy. next the Australian technique

Also - the shape of things to come - its new computer table. Microsoft unveils as glamorous as ever And screen siren Sophia Loren as she jets in to Sydney.

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You can just ask them for a copy. But to make it even easier, an independent website we've established private health insurance product that shows every available from every fund, that makes it easy to compare with a simple search facility

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or call this number.

growing health needs. Helping cover Australia's

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of country Australia This is the part where my parents raised me. We all went to this local school we got a good education. and, by the standards of that time, our kids will face challenges But when I look to the future

greater than ever before. pathway to the future, Education is the and our kids' future. our country's future

globally competitive. It's the key to being the best educated country I have a goal for us to be work force in the world. with the best trained an education revolution - Australia must now plan for tech colleges, universities boosting early childhood, schools,

standards so that Australia and insisting on higher the best trained people, can take on the world through wages and conditions. not by cutting has a strong economy The Australia I want for the future the fair go out the back door. but one where we don't throw

country great in the past - That's the balance that made our let's not lose it for the future.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - with a tomahawk a woman who had her father executed after serving six years behind bars. is free tonight put her boyfriend up to the attack, Belinda Van Krevel admitted she

for years of abuse. saying it was revenge to get on with her life. She now says she wants Peter Meakin Channel Seven's news boss for the next 14 months will spend his weekends behind bars of drunken and dangerous driving. after being convicted instead speeding off. Meakin failed to stop at an RBT, He says he'll appeal. a policeman's love of rugby And a corruption hearing's been told

may have compromised a gang rape investigation.

hangs in the balance Superintendent Adam Purcell's career

his player was wanted for questioning after evidence he tipped off a coach free rugby tickets. and later accepted only military casualty in Iraq The mother of Australia's is demanding a jury be called to the upcoming coronial inquest into his death. Judy Kovco slamming the credibility of last year's military inquiry, labelling it nothing more than a cover-up. Having endured more than her share of heartbreak, since the death of her son in April last year, Judy Kovco has found new hope. Following a military inquiry into the death of her son Jake, which she regards as nothing more than a cover-up, Mrs Kovco has welcomed the decision by the New South Wales coroner

to hold its own inquest. I want the truth, I am hoping to find the truth.

It's been five years since an inquest in New South Wales has been heard by a jury, that's exactly what Mrs Kovco is pushing for. To me it's important because I feel you put a jury in there

no-one can have their strings pulled The original coroner chosen to hear the inquest has been dumped in favour of State coroner Mary Jerram.

The Defence Department is adamant the holding of an inquest

doesn't undermine the credibility of its inquiry but has offered to co-operate fully with the inquest. The Defence inquiry found Private Kovco accidentally shot himself while skylarking in his Baghdad barracks.

However the military has been criticised over the the loss and incorrect handling of key evidence, including his pistol. I do not accept that you can have two boys in that room who saw absolutely nothing. Judy Kovco mindful her campaign is creating enemies within the ranks. The have to realise that Jacob was my son,

they may say they are family, I am his blood and I will find out the truth. Cameron Baud, Ten News. A new push to get Sydneysiders to leave the city out of a science fiction movie, but it's a new touch-screen table computer called Surface. It hasn't got a mouse, or keyboard and only requires you to use your fingers. Creators hope it'll change the way we use a computer. When I put my fingers on, there's a camera that recognises where I am touching. In fact, I can touch in different places. The Surface is expected to be used in hotels and shops, and will be available later this year. The share market regained some lost ground today, mining and media stocks the best performers.

And the price of petrol tonight - unleaded selling for an average of $1.40 a litre around Sydney - that's up $0.09 since yesterday. The best we could do - $1.26 at Narwee and Croydon. Italian screen siren Sophia Loren has touched down in Sydney. News today of how a wonderful Australian success story is spreading around the world.

A simple program, which can be delivered over the phone, is changing the lives of children across the globe. Henry Menzies is like any other 4-year-old. He loves to play and is sometimes hard to keep quiet. You throw it down like that. Henry started to stutter - But two years ago, a speech disorder 5% of children develop. When it worsened he became frustrated and withdrawn. Seeing the initial impact of stuttering on him - the frustration, teasing from friends -

I was really, really scared what things could have been like for him if the stuttering wasn't treated early. Mum Margot sought help at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre. Within months his stuttering was cured,

thanks to the Lidcombe Programme, the National Speech Pathology Conference revealing its world-wide success. What happens is parents praise their children for not stuttering

and, when the child stutters, to say the utterance again. they might ask the child treatment over the phone Researchers recently discovering

is just as effective as face-to-face. A warning to parents - isn't rectified if your child's stuttering years of age, it's irreversible. before they're eight or nine change the child's life. The ripple effect will detrimentally from anxiety and social phobia. Adults who stutter tend to suffer

his future's looking bright. But for Henry,

it's hard to make friends. When I was little But now? Easy. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. has touched down in Sydney. Italian screen siren Sophia Loren was mobbed by fans and flowers The glamorous 72-year-old actress as she arrived this morning. before she touched down, But she must have touched up after the long-haul flight. looking flawless about being here in Sydney? How are you feeling

Fine. Fine, thank you. A long trip! for the Italian Film Festival The Oscar winner is in town which opens on Saturday.

For a let's look at the weather of.

Are you sure you Frank looked

pretty in pink but tonight he is

just basking in the glow. I have a

very special guests - quite a few

special guests. I have a J F from

the biggest loser of. You are about

to give me a poncho - please

explain. At Pink poncho is all

about breast cancer net work about breast cancer net work

Australia. We are holding an event

about women affected by breast

cancer of. 11th August at Telstra

Stadium - there will be 13,000 men

and women in ponchos and during

this one's verses and killed a

Pink Lady. match, marking out the shape of a

match, marking out the shape of a

Pink Lady. Let's Hummel look at our

temperatures were like today. back yard and see what that

And from that this a lot who are

definitely pretty in pink to a red

hot studio crew. He's a good is

anti-Christian Mark you've got a

hint in your tired. Sport now with

a pretty Tim Webster.

who's turning kids' lives around. Plus - the troubled league player Also - the Socceroos fans turn out tonight. for a public training session for the sake of the environment - And faking it that don't need water. the lovely lawns

This program is captioned live. $173,000 for salary cap breaches. The Canberra Raiders have been fined including the Dragons, Another six teams, notices over various payments have also been hit with breach but the NRL says

the cap through systematic rorting. the clubs didn't deliberately bust Meantime, Bulldogs coach Steve Folkes on the board to retain his job. is confident he has the numbers his team for Sunday's clash Today Folkes was busy preparing with the Warriors in Auckland. phone calls from board members I've received seven or eight saying what we knew all along - by someone who has an axe to grind. that the rumour was spread his 250th match as coach on Sunday The Bulldogs coach chalks up in the blue and white as a player. after turning out 245 times He's out for the season with a shoulder injury

and without a contract for next year over the future so, there's a large cloud Milton Thaiday. of Newcastle Knights fullback brighter future for some country kids But today he did his bit to provide a

in life. who've had a pretty tough start meet one of their NRL heroes. Three kids But this is no coaching clinic - more a lesson on life.

makes a learned teacher. Milton Thaiday working with troubled youngsters He's spent most of this year in country NSW town of Muswellbrook. kids Justin, Travis and Nathan A reformed alcoholic, he's helping he made. avoid making the same mistakes aged between 11 and 12, every week Thaiday visits the boys,

The message pretty much is that you

don't have to go down that road

that leads to places like jail.

There are other opportunities elsewhere. There are other opportunities

alternate education program. as they undertake a community-run

He's great, they love Milton. When's Milton coming? When's Milton coming? Thaiday's advice simple. He tells us to behave at all times. ward off his own demons, Helping the kids also helps Thaiday almost ruined by alcohol. his football career and life

I still struggle every day.

With a battle but I have based a

few years ago but I have recognised


in the future. Thaiday now wants to help more kids Watching the boys develop, in the future.

To put a smile on a little fellow's

face and you hear that Feedback,

telling us at that they are getting

involved with a lot of the

activities is a good feeling and

makes you feel good at the end of

the Day. But he may have to be a the Day. But he may have to be a

Knights. little more prone to Newcastle little more prone to Newcastle

on the fitness of Tagdh Kennelly The Swans are sweating

and Nick Davis against Essendon at the SCG. for Saturday night's match

at training for the latest. Neil Cordy is with the boys

Davies is expected to play after

recovering from an injury. Her he

was hospitalised last week and lost

was hospitalised last week and lost three kilos. This is

three kilos. This is what I Paul

Roos had to say about his chances

of playing. He will be training for

30 minutes tonight and says he is

feeling good. He went again

yesterday so at the Stade but

waking up with a headache tomorrow

we definitely expect him to play. waking up with a headache tomorrow we definitely expect

So the day-night match has sold out

- this one's will be looking for

three winds in a row. AFL State of

Origin is back on the agenda. It

looks like it will be part of the

celebrations of 150 years of the

competition next year. An unusual

twist that rugby league fans will twist that rugby league fans will

find it hard to comprehend - NSW

and Queensland will combine to play

the other states. is yet to name his side Socceroos coach Graeme Arnold against Uruguay. for Saturday night's grudge match the young contenders But, there's no doubting are full of confidence. as the team ran out The flashes were popping at Telstra Stadium for tonight's fan evening signing, Scott McDonald said and this morning recent Celtic on World Cup stars Mark Viduka he's out to put pressure despite his diminutive stature. and John Aloisi, Mark Viduka, that's for sure, Well, as you can see, I'm not but, you know, I'd like to think I can turn defences as well as hold the ball up. Attacking midfielder Mile Sterjovski shook out the cobwebs at training after arriving home from Switzerland just last night. Mixed results for our Aussie women at the French Open. Sam Stosur and Nicole Pratt both day four winners, but Alicia Molik is out of the tournament. World number one Justine Henin survived a scare during her match with 16-year-old Austrian Tamira Paszek

before winning in straight sets. COMMENTATOR: And she seals it in style. Venus Williams breaking the record for the fastest serve by a woman But only frustration for dual Grand Slam winner Marat Safin 0 the Russian bowing out in straight sets to Serb Janko Tipsarevic. That's all for now - later in Sports Tonight we'll have

Lleyton Hewitt's second round match at the French Open - of Argentina. he's up against Gaston Gaudio

A very good at it. With Vic is a

very busy and that incident with

the crane early it caused the crane early it caused absolute

gridlock in Sydney's north-west. It

sure has. We could be over any road

in the north-west and they would

look the same. This is the Pacific

Highway heading to Hornsby.

Unfortunately the same conditions

are heading a long Pennant Hills Rd

and also traffic delays trying to

make that journey via the M up-to-.

If you're buying a new car, Does it have ESC? Without ESC, this is what could happen to you But ESC - Electronic Stability Control - detects instantly that your car is not steering where you intended and safely puts you back on track. ESC could save your life. Don't buy a new car without visiting this website: I'd say, come into Bunnings. We have the biggest range around. you're going to be hard-pressed to find it anywhere else. Selleys liquid nails, $11.25. CSR Bradford R3.5 Gold Batts, $48. HPM 24-hour timers, $8.90. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. #

So APIA believes you've earned a better deal on your car insurance.

We give you the choice of insuring your car for an agreed... That number again:

Here comes tomorrow's weather. but if you are, and not working full-time, call 13 50 50 for APIA car insurance. Sick of looking at brown, bare lawn, they're carpeting their yards with synthetics. The grass IS always greener on the other side of the hill, the hill near Jeanne and Alan's place. They've torn up the turf, misplaced the mower and settled on synthetic. They no longer worry about watering and Jeanne reckons it'll catch on like weeds in winter. Do you think more people are going to have to do this? I don't see why not. Jeanne used to do a lot of weeding. I was a fanatic - I did by back in in the garden. Then they laid a 40mm-long synthetic grass with a sand and rubber filler.

The average backyard - 50-100 square metres - you'd be looking somewhere around $80 a square metre. Enduroturf has replaced dying grass at 150 suburban homes.

Other suppliers lay synthetic turf at schools, childcare centres and even golf putting greens. It's par for the course some places overseas. In Phoenix, for example, if you're building a new house and you want to put grass in,

you're not even allowed to put real grass in. There's no question that it costs but the sellers say so does normal grass when you take into account installation and maintenance and then it ends up like this. And Jeanne and Alan aren't worried about claims that synthetic can be hot and unhygienic when dogs are around. I'm ecstatic about it. I think it's the greatest thing we've ever done! I was delighted - he's never been ecstatic at any of my suggestions before. Mark Suleau, Ten News.

To as long as he is ecstatic that

is the main thing. There are is the main thing. There are not

many men I know he can pull off

shocking-pink - and you are not one

of them either. I hope it's for a

good cause.

good cause. 13,100 very good good cause. 13,100 very good

reasons for me pudding on at this

poncho. Breast cancer net work

Australia at Telstra Stadium on 11th

11th August. 13,000 women are

diagnosed every year with breast

cancer. So we are going to go out

into Telstra Stadium and mark out into Telstra Stadium and mark out a into Telstra Stadium and mark out a

pink lady like this to support

these people. It will be a huge

event and will be so much fun. It

will be easy to get involved with

it. To go to the website at the

bottom of the screen. The official figures figures of bottom of the screen. The official

figures of dam levels have become

out today and it doesn't read the very well.

very well. That little bit of rain

we had in the past week didn't do

much at all much at all for the dam levels.

Hallooed to Maxine and windy in it Jural.

Cloud crossing South Australia,

Victoria is generating some

widespread showers and beer is snow

on the Alps. Debt are showers on the Alps. Debt are showers on the east coast. There the east coast. There will be

showers in Tasmania, southern South

Australia, Victoria and the

Australia, Victoria and the

southern part of that NSW.

Queensland up north will also

received showers and some more

across southern parts received showers and some more across southern parts of Western

Australia. These ponchos Australia. These ponchos are

spectacular and also the pink ball

may be used on 11th August. The

details are on your screen so you

can get involved. We want a 13,100

people to be dressed up like us. can get involved. We want a 13,100 people to be dressed up like us. It

will be a spectacular sight.

It will be cold in Bankstown

tonight. With a low of two degrees.

The first day of winter will be

slightly warmer than a normal.

There will be plenty of blue sky.

Pink ponchos all around for a great

a day on 11th August. Say Goodnight


And finally tonight - a fright for the lunchtime crowd at Hyde Park. A dryosaurus terrorised visitors soaking up the midday rays. The 2x4m creature made friends with some school kids and was happy to pose for this snap happy group. The dinosaur is part of a new exhibition at the Australian Museum. That's the news at five. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.