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(generated from captions) We spent a really wonderful Valentine's evening together.

It was probably the best I've ever had.

And we already have some very special plans tonight.

So I don't think you need to worry about us.

Things are going really great. And I think they're only going to get better.

And you want to know how I know that? Because you are going to be so wrapped up in Ridge

and your new marriage with Ridge that you won't have time to be interfering

in anything that's going on between Nick and me.

Especially since you know I won't put up with it.

And I won't, Brooke. Make no mistake about that. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

This program is captioned live. denies accusations Tonight, a young student a Columbine-style school shooting. be was plotting Named and shamed - food safety standards. the businesses that fail to meet of violence faces court. And tempers flare as a boss accused and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - for older women. a cervical cancer vaccine of support for Jarrod's Origin debut. And 'Team Mullen' - a huge show He always had to win. he always had to win, You know, he couldn't come second, whether he cheated or not. But first this evening - a high-security mental health unit, a 16-year-old boy is in fellow students and teachers accused of plotting to shoot dead

at Crookwell High School. His co-accused has been sent home, his son's involvement. his father angrily denying at the centre of an email scare One of the 16-year-old boys near Goulburn. at Crookwell High School, now expelled the Year 11 student. His father is angry the school has He hasn't done anything, with anything, he hasn't been charged were accused of creating a hit list The 16-year-old and another boy students intended as victims. that was emailed to five female

Two girls reported to the printable

and said that my friend was scaring

them and basically going around

shooting people. The youths deny

sending any e-mails or being part

of a combined stock death plot. I

don't think he said any e-mails -

she just generally talked about it

and people talking seriously. The

other youth is under care here at

Goulburn high security mental

health unit where he's been treated

for depression. Police say he had

access to a gun. The not suggest

that he was planning to kill one.

The miles included lyrics from the

bairns drowning Paul. Teachers were also

also intended victims. This

particular school has led us to an

outcome that we have seen today -

nothing has happened - we have had

good Cretaceous relations to the

point where we were told very early.

In what appears to be a similar

incident, three teenage boys have

been thrown - charged with

threatening teachers at this high

school. The teenagers allegedly

used the internet to send a threat.

It's pretty rough this sort of

thing come into our house called

here. The three years will appear

in court next month. Dodgy food outlets across the State on a new website. will be named and shamed exposing local businesses It follows a Sydney council over their sickening conditions. last year, Cockroach-riddled and too dirty in the eyes of Woolhara Council, a roaring trade this afternoon. this Double Bay cafe still did access to this kind of information. The people, the public needs to have it should be a witch-hunt. I don't believe

in the Eastern Suburbs Revealing unclean shops and cafes

isn't supported out West. We have got an educational program. the restaurateurs and shopkeepers We found it was better to educate how to store food, in how to handle food,

how to store food, the temperatures, than to go out there fining them. worst offenders is two months away A Statewide list of the and will be posted on the Internet. a name-and-shame policy This is, in effect, but it's designed we think they deserve. to give the publis the information But on-the-spot fines

Woollahra for incorrect food storage like the one handed out to the BP at may not be included on the list. The Council was upset two years ago in this chicken shop with the level of cleanliness and was fined $330 as a result, about being named and shamed. but, for the owners, they're angry I reckon it's a minor problem - with food poisoning, it's not like we've killed someone something like that, straight away, you know. just some dirt and we cleaned it they were fined for being too dirty. Others copped it sweet when

we need to comply by February We were told and spent upwards of $40,000 and we've gone ahead is a first-class facility. to make sure our facility

Kevin Wilde, Ten News. to deter motorists from reoffending Hefty fines and penalties do nothing and drink-driving, when it comes to speeding according to new government research, is having trouble believing. but it's a finding the Roads Minister Ten reporter James Boyce joins us. of this conclusion James, what was the basis by the Bureau of Crime Statistics?

Good evening. The bureau looked at

70,000 drivers who were given a a

court imposed a fine and then

followed them for five years. That

found that these repeat offenders

were no less likely to speed or

drink-drive again because of a

hefty fine. Amazingly it also found

that a speeding motorist given a

lengthy suspension for driving was

actually at a higher risk of repeat

offences. Not surprisingly the

government is unimpressed with the

findings. no effect for drink-driving, No effect for speeding, for driving while disqualified no effect or for the other driving offences. demerit points And we know, a combination of fines, and potential loss of licence have them stick to the road rules. does work for most drivers to

The bureau says the only way to

stop these repeat offenders this to

increase police patrols on our

roads. The government is in some

ways doing that - they have increased the number of police

patrol officers by 150 and are

increasing by 50 patrol cars as

well so we will have to wait and

see if it that makes any difference

at all. The other thing you have

been looking at is the midweek

slide for motorists - will be

paying a lot more to fill up. I was

caught out by this - a dollar 23 so

I thought I would fill up on my way

home but I expect a lot of home but I expect a lot of motorists have

motorists have been caught out.

Look at this place in that Huelva.

We found dozens of other petrol

stations right across Sydney have

also crept up to that amazing

amount. There is a jumble of around

20 sense in one-day and equates to about $13 20 sense in one-day and equates to

about $13 extra to fill up a tank.

The news is only going to get worse.

Experts are telling us that fuel

could hit one of 50 a litre. Tempers have flared outside a Sydney court as a boss faces charges of bashing his workers. Police were forced to intervene to calm the suspect's family and supporters. A case of alleged workplace bullying spills into violence outside court. Excuse me, he just assaulted me. It's on camera! Move back over there, OK? Family and friends of the accused clashing with police and the media. Shut them off! You got no right! As an officer tried to move them on, they kept coming back. Manuel Purauto is the Sydney boss accused of beating up his labourers. He's pleaded not guilty to two counts of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on Sam Kautai. Sam claims he was assaulted many times,

hit with a hammer, blinded in one eye and had his jaw broken. Other employees have claimed to the court the boss beat everyone as punishment for little mistakes and would use tools as weapons.

But today the alleged victim, Sam Kautai, denied accusations he was a member of the Crips gang, known for fighting, drugs and violence in south-west Sydney. As a doctor gave evidence by a hammer, his injuries could have been caused the boss's lawyer pointed out Sam had also lodged a wage case against his boss, asking: Late this afternoon the magistrate was asked to consider closing the court to the public tomorrow amid concerns from the defendant's lawyer that one witness fears for his physical safety. The court was told he may give evidence of threats made to him to try to stop him coming to court. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Australian women will be the first in the world to get access to a new, more powerful vaccine for cervical cancer. It's hoped the drug will help eradicate the killer disease, but it won't be cheap. This tiny vial contains the latest weapon in the battle against cervical cancer. It's called Cervarix, and has just been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

It is very exciting, it's a major breakthrough, and it again makes Australia leading the world in vaccination programs. Perth's Telethon Institute tested the vaccine and found it was effective for women aged from 10 to 45,

whereas its predecessor, Gardasil, is meant for younger women not yet sexually active. Both target human papilloma virus strains 16 and 18, which cause 70% of cervical cancers, but... In addition, there's some preliminary evidence that this vaccine provides some cross-protection against other types of the human papilloma virus. That lifts Cervarix's protection level to 80%. Australian women will be the first in the world to benefit from the new release. And it's hoped ongoing trials may eventually result in yet another version of the vaccine, suitable for women aged 45 to 70. We'll get a really good idea of how well the vaccine works in the older age group, in women who are already sexually active and may have been exposed to this virus. The one remaining hurdle for access for women is the cost, which is expected to run into hundreds of dollars. But drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline says it's already applied for it to be added to the national immunisation program, If it's accepted, it will be at least partly subsidised by the Government. Meanwhile, the vaccine will be available at full cost within the next few weeks. Amber Muir, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport, and the Blues out for revenge in tonight's State of Origin opener. Deb, they're baying for blood, and there's one 20-year-old rookie determined to get us one up. League reporter Adam Hawse joins us from enemy territory. And, Adam, Jarrod Mullen is the name on everyone's lip, and backs?

There is going to be more than

50,000 people at Suncorp Stadium. I

reckon half of them will be Jarrad

Mullins. They have taken over the

city and they are all wearing the

No. 7 Jarrad marlin jersey. They may have converged on Brisbane to support our new star halfback, but the Mullen family obviously don't do things by halves.

There's enough of them there to make up almost two teams. If all the attention is making him nervous, 20-year-old Jarrod Mullen is not giving anything away. His mum, though, a different story. I'm sure come time for kick-off I'll be wetting my pants, I think. Among the 21-strong pack is the rookie's grandmother Pam,

recently diagnosed with cancer.

Not even that was going to stop her

from watching Newcastle's newest favourite son in action. I wouldn't miss it for anything. I hardly miss any of his games anyway.

She drove all the way to Brisbane from her Taree home, staying in a hotel room given to her by Jarrod's mentor, Andrew Johns. Grandma convinced our Origin quest is in safe hands -

young Jarrod has a trick or two up his sleeve. He always had to win. You know, he couldn't come second, he always had to win, whether he cheated or not. And fear not, Mullen family, reinforcements are on the way. Hundreds more true Blues jetting out during the day. Go the Blues! Ready for anything the Canetoads might throw at them. We'll probably get shoulder-charged a few times as we go in and out of the ground, but that's normal - we can cop it. After all, the law's on our side. Go the Blues! Go the Blues! This is the only Blue Boy who'll refuse to get on his feet tonight. Up north, they've been warming up by drinking Maroon-coloured beer. Go the Maroons! And they've been paying tribute to Origin heroes of the past. Queensland! Yeah, yeah, we know where you come from. Come full-time, though, Queenslanders should expect to follow the lead of this little one. Whaa whaa! What's the matter? Whaa! Frank Coletta, Ten News.

They deserve to lose for drinking

Maroons beard. When a lady to

arrive? The aged will rise in the

one now. There is some talk that one now. There is some talk that

they will go past the coxed and

hotel where the locals like to

throw beer cans that anyone wearing

blue. The police have ruled out for

safety reasons because I heard they

were lining up at 9:30am for the

first drinks today. More in sport.

And more Origin sledging from both sides when I come back in about half an hour. A controversial environmental levy proposed for air travellers - details next. Plus, a low act - the men accused of stealing a plasma screen from a children's hospital ward. And what a way to get moving - the Sydney council that lets you borrow a bike.

Because right now you pay nothing to get FOXTEL installed. for the first month as well,

just by calling 131 787. And what could be better than that? Correct. This program is captioned live. John Howard says he'll stay the course, despite a poll showing most voters think he should be retired. After warning his party it faces annihilation, the Prime Minister now insists he's still confident. John Howard likes the job of Prime Minister.

Now in his 12th year at the top,

today he was welcoming his Greek counterpart. He was also doing some tidying up after telling his party room the fact he, Peter Costello and Alexander Downer had been in the same jobs since 1996 was a strength and a weakness. I made a decision last year and that's it. I don't regret it, I am focused on the future. A 'Bulletin' Ipsos poll has found a majority of Australians, 53%, believe John Howard should have retired already. Senior Liberal backbencher Wilson Tuckey says it's never too late to change leaders.

Some people say you can't do things late. Well, Labor couldn't have done it any later than they did with Bob Hawke. Others were quick to hose down that talk. There's absolutely no thought of any change. Our job is to get on with governing properly. Despite spending $4 million this week to trumpet its new fairness test, the Government was put on the defensive over a template AWA which robs motel workers of their penalties. Labor produced the AWA contract this motel foisted on its staff apparently with no compensation for stripping conditions. $13.47 an hour and you lose every condition that workers have historically relied on. The Minister says he needs more of the facts and he was as much at sea over why Julia Gillard was more popular than himself.

She's in 'Women's Weekly' and all those things and I'm not as pretty as Julia Gillard obviously. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A bold plan to make Australians fly less to help save the planet. To do it, the Australia Institute wants to make flying more expensive by adding a $30 greenhouse levy to every flight. The Australia Institute doesn't see these as just aircraft. Instead, it considers them a potential threat to our climate. It proposes a $30 levy on every domestic flight to reduce the number of air travellers and, in turn, greenhouse gas emissions. Either we do nothing about climate change and we watch things like the Great Barrier Reef disappear, or we pay the $30 that we're suggesting. I mean, they are practical solutions to a very large problem. Aviation accounts for 2% of current emissions, but the think tank expects that to surge to 50% in the next half-century. I think, if you leave it to the aviation industry, they're simply not going to do enough to solve the problem. In this case, there's no easy technology solution to reducing emissions from aviation, so the only solution is to cut demand. Taxing air travellers will only force them onto the roads and driving cars, which is burning fuel, so, really, it's just moving people from one form of transport to another. Airlines say they're already acting, moving towards offset schemes like the one offered by Virgin Blue. Airlines and aviators are really paving the way in terms of reforms and initiatives such as new aircraft with new engines which are burning much less fuel than before and doing it more cost-effectively at the same time. So I think we're pulling our weight.

With new carriers like Tiger soon to enter the Australian market, cutting demand is the last thing our airlines are thinking about. In fact, in coming months, they'll be offering more seats and cheaper fares than ever before. But experts say adding $30 to the taxes and charges we already pay would mean a $1 fare will end up costing closer to $100. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Callous thieves have targeted some sick Canberra kids. Three men wandered into the paediatrics ward of Canberra hospital and made off with the children's plasma screen, hiding it in a cleaning trolley. A man faced court today but two are on the run and the TV is missing. The community rallying around the young patients and their families. It is a very disappointing thing to have happen. Hospitals are places of caring and places where everyone is welcome so it is very disappointing. A couple who happened to leave the hospital at the same time as the gang might be able to provide police with vital clues. A Sydney council has rejuvenated the push for more pedal power to help ease the city's commuter chaos. It's hiring out bikes on the cheap, to get people riding instead of driving. The commuter crush that envelopes Sydney every morning

affects hundreds of thousands. But unlike other world-class cities, like in Europe, there's little emphasis on riding.

Less than 2% of Sydney workers travel on bicycles and they're happy to tell you why. I think some of them would say it was scary, without a doubt. In the less congested district of Fairfield, it's a less stressful ride but the council is now making it cheap. It's the first in the State to adopt a lend-a-bike scheme, recycling them to hire, all to get more of its residents off the road and onto its cycleways. I think not just Fairfield, but all governments of all persuasions in Australia want people to get on bikes. The problem is giving them space. In the suburbs closer to the CBD there are only a handful of separated cycle lanes. We want to increase the use by commuters so it becomes a real alternative to the motor car. The City of Sydney Council is planning to build 50 more kilometres of cycleways like this over the next five years. The end aim - to get 10% of all commuters to use them. That could take 10 years, but the experts believe the benefits seen on traffic could be noticeable in as little as two years. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A clarification on a story we brought you last night about two Sydney men facing court, accused of trying to import cocaine. The drugs were housed in a building in Artarmon. Rexel Australia is in the same building, but is not connected in any way to the drug bust.

Checking the weather now. Tim

Bailey, we have been basking in

warm temperatures but last night

shows which are back on track,

winter wise. Bad news for Helen. We

got to about 10 degrees last night,

but coldest night of the year. got to about 10 degrees last night, but coldest night of the year. What

about Richmond and Penrith. Five

degrees. That is five below average.

The maximum temperature in Sydney

was 20 degrees which is one degree

above average. We go to Wayde

brilliant blue sky and autumn is brilliant blue sky and autumn is

just turning it on it now. Back to

WA favourite segment of the night

which is your weather photograph. A

delightful digital delights from

Gosford. That is a rainbow over

where you live - I hope the pot of

gold delivers a digital camera to

your place on a Friday night. Fine

and sunny tomorrow and 20 degrees.

See you in 10 minutes.

A Russian spy accused of Britain's notorious poisoning murder - details next. And the women sacked for gossiping in their workplace. This is the size of a breast cancer that can be detected by physical examinaton. This is the size of a cancer So, early detection is vital. Breast cancer affects one in eight women in Australia. Do it every two years and it could save your life. VOICEOVER: It's Holden end of financial year deals, with great deals across the range. Get the 1.6-litre 3-door Barina with airconditioning, dual airbags and power windows and mirrors, And the 1.8-litre Viva hatch or sedan, from only $16,990 Holden - great people to deal with.

Checking on the traffic now with

the fickle research. We are getting

a ton of calls about something

going on west of Parramatta. Were going on west of Parramatta. Were had a truck going on west of Parramatta. Were had a truck travelling east down

towards the Eastern Creek. The

metal sheeting on the truck drifted

away from the truck it and two

lanes were blocked it on these lanes were blocked it on these M4.

Look at the traffic now. That is

the M4 toll at still water. That is

back past silver water. It looks

like family and friends heading

home to the west will be delayed if

they are using the M4. If you see

this from work, use Parramatta Road,

Victoria Road or the Great

Victoria Road or the Great Western highway. A Sydney businessman will spend four months behind bars for smashing up a solicitor's office with a baseball bat.

It's believed Jim Byrnes was angry over stalled business dealings when he attacked Hector Ekes's office last December. Byrne pleaded guilty to charges of malicious damage and affray. His lawyers have already lodged an appeal. A dramatic and expensive downpour in New Zealand. A BMW was swept away in flash floods and washed into the sea. There was no-one in the car. Its owner could only watch as the swollen river carried it more than a kilometre. Couldn't really do much about it. We could kind of like just watch it go. Fire crews were swamped with calls and several homes were evacuated. The worst of the weather is now over. The horrifying radiation murder of an ex-spy has triggered a diplomatic brawl between London and Moscow. Tonight, Russia is refusing to hand over the suspected killer. Andrei Lugovoi, a former Russian spy now wanted for murder. British police believe he used deadly radioactive material to poison fellow former agent Alexander Litvinenko. I've instructed CPS lawyers to take immediate steps to seek the early extradition of Andrei Lugovoi from Russia to the United Kingdom. The 43-year-old suffered a slow, agonising death, poisoned by polonium. Mr Lugovoi became the main suspect when investigators found a trail of the rare nuclear material in hotel rooms, planes and ultimately in a London bar, where the two men met last November. But the ex-KGB officer says he's innocent, believing the charges are politically motivated. TRANSLATION: I think today's charges are completely inadequate. I don't understand what proof they have or what motive they think I had or, indeed, how I could have done it. Alexander Litvinenko's widow is still optimistic her husband's killer will face court in London. And I'm very happy the judge and court are going to be here in England. Big news for me today. But Russia has ruled out his extradition. TRANSLATION: According to the Russian Constitution, Russian citizens cannot be sent to a foreign country. However, we could use the evidence to put him on trial here. Even if the Kremlin does cooperate, there's actually no formal process for prosecutors to get their hands on Andrei Lugovoi. The prospect of a trial is still a long way off. Emily Groves, Ten News. Gossip might be whispered the world over, but in America it's cost four women their jobs. The workers, from a New Hampshire council, have been sacked after gossiping about the personal lives of two married colleagues. One of them was their boss, and when he complained, the women were fired. They're going after our character, and, I have to say, I think we were darn good employees. The women have lodged an appeal and a decision is due by the end of the week - or so they say. An Aussie garden becomes the toast of Britain's Chelsea Flower Show - that's next. Plus, a stunning act of generosity - for abandoned baby Catherine. And the world's largest global warming event creates a huge island made of ice. Until now, to have your medical treatments covered by your health insurance, you have to be admitted to hospital, even though there might be other ways you could be treated just as effectively. But now your health fund can extend your hospital cover to include medical treatments that are done without you having to go into hospital. For instance, dialysis or chemotherapy undertaken in your own home and programs to manage heart disease and diabetes. As these insurance policies are introduced, you and your doctor will have much more flexibility to choose how you want to be treated. Just speak with your health fund to find out what new options they may be covering. Helping cover Australia's growing health needs.

This program is captioned live. Fears tonight of copycat child dumping, after a millionaire's offer to buy a home for the mother of abandoned baby Catherine. Experts are concerned the generous gift might prompt others to abandon their children. The appeal to find baby Catherine's mum has touched the nation. The mystery mother has now been offered a $300,000 home, wherever she likes, if she comes forward and cares for her child. Somebody's got to help, and fancy, the child's going to be adopted when the mother could have her, you know. MAN: She's quite adorable isn't she? Beautiful. Maurice Jacobson says he and his wife even considered trying to adopt Catherine and at almost 90 with a large family, he knows how important family ties are. But health professionals are wary of his offer, claiming it's kind but misguided, as no-one knows the details of the mother's situation. A lot of people have their back against the wall in life financially

and that doesn't necessarily lead them to abandon their baby.

There's also fear of copycat behaviour. That's a very concerning model to be putting out to our society. People need to understand and learn

that there's a lot more to caring for a young person than just financial support. I don't think anyone would see that as any motivation at all and we have concerns for the mother obviously and we'd like her to come forward. 10 days after Catherine was left in a box outside a hospital on Mother's Day, she's in foster care and a trust fund has been set up. Mr Jacobson also says we shouldn't be quick to judge Catherine's mother as we all make mistakes, and she deserves a second chance.

And the millionaire property developer's confident his offer just might help. Oh, I don't care whose offer it is, as long as she comes forward right. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. The Australian share market has ended the day in positive territory. Miners were the big winners - Rio Tinto up almost $2 after more talk of a takeover by BHP. And Qantas is up 10 on news the carrier could be worth up to $17 billion. And the price of petrol tonight - unleaded selling for an average price of $1.29 around Sydney. We found it cheaper - $1.20 a litre at Forrestville. Dramatic evidence tonight of climate change -

a gigantic area of ice has broken free from the Arctic shelf. The frozen island is so big maps will have to be redrawn. Our expedition takes us over the rapidly changing landscape of the high Arctic. We're with two scientists and our destination is a new island made of ice. This is one edge of it.

The smooth area is the island. The rougher surface is ice that freezes and thaws with the seasons. The whole island is too large to show in a single shot.

We've landed on a block of ice the size of a city. For 3,000 years it was attached to the coast miles from where it's now drifting. It's a very strange feeling walking on an island that's floating. This is the largest piece of ice adrift in the Arctic Ocean. And when it broke away from the coast as the most dramatic single event that was seen in this rapidly warming region. Now, obviously, no-one was here at the time to see it happen, but our graphics designers have re-created that moment. A giant fissure 10 miles long ripped open in less than an hour with the force of a small earthquake. The maps of the Arctic need to be redrawn. This event is consistent with other events that we see, other trends in the Arctic, like the reduction in sea ice extent, the warming of the permafrost and melting glaciers. We take off along the tracks the skis made when we landed. And we get a last view of this new feature of the Arctic. The Aussie gardeners competing in the Chelsea Flower Show are bringing home a medal. The team from Fleming's Nurseries in Victoria was awarded silver in the Best Show Garden Category. People love the outdoor life and I think that's one of the reasons that the Australian gardens at Chelsea over the past few years have been so popular with the British public, because it's whole different take on design and gardening. The didgeridoo player is also a big hit at this year's show.

Would have another look at the

weather with Tim they leave. You do

an awful lot to help out charities

around the country - I would like

to thank you for giving me a at had

to raise funds for cure cancer

which gets people doing crazy

things to raise money to directly

fund cancer research. Crazy things! fund cancer research. Crazy

things!? Girl, you ran a half

marathon on. I don't normally trust

camels or anyone who goes without a

drink for all week but fantastic

works for you - how many

kilometres? If 21.1 kilometres. For

the have raced for fewer cancer -

are the two more important words in

the dictionary than the cure cancer

- $121,000. I am glad I didn't have

to wash your socks on Sunday. The weather:

Your place tomorrow - I thought you

would never ask. I'll see you at 5-

6 - sunny tomorrow. Deborah, I

don't know how you did it, running

20 kilometres. If I was there in

spirit! I was! Sport now. Tim Webster, the Blues are primed. Are they ever, especially after the way they lost last year's series. All the Origin details next. But all eyes remain on rookie Jarrod Mullen and what impact he'll have. And Cameron Diaz on girl power. We aren't waiting any longer for the knight in shining armour, Prince Charming, to come and rescue us.

This program is captioned live. Just over two hours away from kick-off to Game I of State of Origin. Adam Hawse joins us again. And the Blues lost last year's series. Are they confident they can get off to a winning start?

In a word, yes. They are very

confident, the boys. They had

enjoyed being the underdogs for

once - usually they are the

favourites and usually Queensland

are the underdogs. They took their

traditional walk around Queensland

Botanical Gardens. Leigh Mason was

posing for photos - always popular,

Willie Mason. You also had her

marlin up when who invaded Brisbane.

Matt King was said to - he said he

wanted revenge on all Queenslanders

after losing last year and the

Grand Final to the Brisbane Broncos.

For Queensland to do what they did, you know, hurt big time, actually, so to be part of the team this year to hopefully rectify that is a massive honour. We're going into it very confident. We wouldn't be going out if we didn't. I'm saying to the NSW people down there to get their money on. Grand Final to the Brisbane Broncos.

The Maroons are favoured with just

about everyone including the

bookies. However coping with the

underdog tag?

Best psyched up today with a

succession of parties. Based it

took a stroll around the botanical

gardens and a look relaxed. They do

not like being the favourites -

they like the underdog tag. They

say they play their best football

then. Someone said that they should

resort to the violence. You know, the rules are slightly different for Origin. I think there's a little bit more latitude there and the crowd love that, and I think there always should be. It's always great to see them go at it physically.

Brad fit Lloyd gave a good speech

to the Rockies and they will be

fired up for the game. Sports

betting show that beds coming in

for Queensland at 2-1. Wallabies prop Al Baxter has pulled out of the Test against Wales with bronchitis. He'll be replaced by Brumby Guy Shepherdson.

Wallabies halfback Matt Giteau wants to know what position he'll be playing at the World Cup by the beginning of this year's Tri-Nations. Giteau's plea comes after he was named at number nine for Saturday night's Test against Wales at Telstra Stadium. In a bizarre twist, the benched George Gregan is assisting in his development. It says a lot about George Gregan that he'll teach another for the good of the team but to the detriment of himself. Behind the scenes, he's been just as strong, just as forceful as he's always been. He's been very helpful in this camp to, you know, little things that I need to work and pick up. He's been more than eager to help me out there. Giteau says he wants his positional future cleared up within a month. You want to know one position, so that way you can just work on that position throughout the whole year, you're not changing too much. The 24-year-old is not just learning from Gregan but also teaching the Wallabies' latest inside centre. It's funny but Gits is getting guided by Gregs, who's on the bench, and you're getting guided by Gits, who's not, so there's a bit of a flow-on effect.

It is, and that's the best thing by this team, that everyone is willing to help everyone out. Wallabies fullback Julian Huxley today revealed he very nearly walked away from Australian rugby to persue overseas offers. Instead, he's set for his Test debut. There was an offer from France that I refused on the basis that I knew that when I retired, I'd regret it. Rob Canning, Ten News. Swans coach Paul Roos says senior players selecting the team will become more frequent. Last week, the leadership group of seven players chose the side and made the decision to drop Jared Crouch for just the second time in his career. Roos joked there could now be little left for him to do. I'm going overseas during the week and probably take a couple of weeks off, so that's the plan. But whether we get to that stage, that'll probably be down the track a bit further. Team selection is part of an education process Roos has implemented for his experienced players. Sydney FC will be on the attack tonight as they attempt to make history in their Asian Champions League match against the Uruwa Reds. is expected for the match, A crowd of more than 60,000 which Sydney FC must win to advance to the quarterfinals. If an early goal comes, you know, all the good, so I think we're gonna go out and attack them and we're definitely not gonna go home wondering. In Athens, Harry Kewell is in with a real chance of starting for Liverpool in tomorrow morning's Champions League final against AC Milan. An injury to Bolo Zenden could see Harry play wide on the left. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight - all the wash up to the Origin opener, Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather is next. And Cameron Diaz on how 'Shrek' babies are made. The conception and the birth are part of the DVD extras. What would you do with a share of $22 million? (Man shouts) Go fishing! Whatever you want! With Lotto's massive $22 million Saturday Superdraw. Time's running out, so get your entries in by Saturday May 26 and you could... SONG: # Live a Lotto life! #

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..or market value. So call APIA on 13 50 50. but if you are, and not working full-time, call 13 50 50 for APIA car insurance. This program is captioned live. Last night she wowed her fans on the green carpet for the Sydney premiere of 'Shrek the Third'. Today, Hollywood glamour girl Cameron Diaz sat down with our very own Angela Bishop to talk love, motherhood and wardrobe malfunctions. Cameron Diaz, great to see you again, and you looked amazing last night. Did you have fun? I had a great time. It was so nice that so many people showed up. It was a good turn-out, wasn't it? It was a nice little turn-out. Don't mind chilling out - still coming up to have a look. Do you put your hand up whenever one of your movies is coming to Australia and say, "Me, me, me?" (Laughs) You made an appearance on Ellen Degeneres's show last week that went around the world, allegedly with a wardrobe malfunction. I think it was a sneak, if someone was looking at it, and apparently somebody was. They were looking out for me. There you go! What a job! I have a troop of blokes who'd like to apply for that job,

if that's possible. Now, Princess Fiona is very much part of a sisterhood in 'Shrek the Third' and it's an unusual sisterhood for most chicks in that you've got Snow White, Cinderella, and these sort of chicks... OK, girls - from here on out, we're going to take care of business ourselves. Um, the idea of a fairytale's different now. We aren't waiting any longer for the knight in shining armour, Prince Charming to come to rescue us and that's the message. Princess Fiona becomes a mum, without which is absolutely divine.

Is motherhood something you want sometime in the future? Um, well... See what happens. Yeah, I mean, clearly I don't have a litter of ogres popping out anytime soon, but, yeah, I mean -

and I always tease with the Fiona aspect of it all

that it's going to be that the conception and the birth are going to be part of the DVD extras. (Laughs)

They animated a scene for the director's cuts. FILM CLIP: I smell Shrek junior!

Heavens above - how tall seat on

stage last night but I think it had

something to with 38 inch heels.

You must have a crick in the neck

looking up that far. I am so tall I

have to stand up milking a cow. I

am the only man who you can see his

seat in his licence. Another

beautiful sun shine the day. If you

can put up with 20 degrees he will

be perfectly happy. Down last night

to all round about 10 degrees -

coldest night of the year. Penrith

was five below - no wonder you

clicked the electric blanket up. was five below - no wonder you clicked the electric blanket up. At

the moment is starting to get chilly as we speak.

Scattered cloud across South

Australia, Tasmania and Victoria

and far southern New South Wales

and westerly winds is bringing

showers. The map tomorrow - a broad

high will generate a warm morning

and a sunny day across the interior

of New South Wales. A front will

bring storms to Tasmania and

southern Victoria., mainly later in

the day. Showers on the western

slopes of our southern New South

Wales Granges but we will take them

- showers along the Queensland

coast and North Eastern top end. Showers coast and North Eastern top end.

Showers on the south. Each and

every night we get on the internet

and print this that which is a look

at the next seven days - it says

fine and sunny, at 20-24 degrees

right through until next fine and sunny, at 20-24 degrees right through until next Wednesday.

Let's have a look Interstate.:

Glorious conditions on Monday and

Tuesday and there will see you

again tomorrow night. Now to a rare family moment - a dog in North Africa has adopted two Bengal tiger cubs rejected by their mother, who didn't have enough milk for the newborns. Tiger cubs need to feed every two hours for the first three weeks of their lives.

Vets plan to keep the tigers with the dog until they're a few months old, and the cubs seem quite happy with the arrangement. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Go the Blues, and we'll see you tomorrow night. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ANNOUNCER: LIVE, FROM THE FAMOUS BROWN SANDS OF PUBLIC BEACH, DELAWARE