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(generated from captions) Eddie Maguire quits as Nine boss Back to basics - to spend more time making television. for the Nine Network. I think it's going to be great Spinning in the rain - in the State's west. farmers celebrate a downpour we've had for many years. It's probably the best early break have been caught speeding The fast lane - how 10,000 drivers in the Lane Cove Tunnel

We are asking people to slow down. And a long way from home - lost in the farmlands of California. a whale and her calf out of its blowhole. It popped up and squirted water This program is captioned live. in the top job, After a tumultuous year and a half Good evening.

Eddie McGuire has stepped down of the Nine Network, as Chief Executive in front of the camera. saying he wants to spend more time He insists it was his decision, a changed business environment pointing to on the creative side of television. and a desire to focus it was business as usual, According to Eddie McGuire, the mob in a recording of '1 vs 100'. and to a degree it was, facing McGuire had to deal with today, But there was another mob the opposition media over his decision to quit as CEO. who was having a field day I'm sure the headlines will be

or something like that, "Eddie Bones Himself", and ordinary reporting. but really, it's hackneyed I think the people who read it It's unimaginative, and you know, all that sort of stuff. would get sick of reading Earlier, McGuire reflected on as head of the Nine Network, his 17-month reign

of frustration. with the occasional hint

a lot about myself. Yeah, because I learned from a different angle. I learned a lot about the business punching on, it's never easy, You know, when you're in there but you step back and say, that was a worthwhile experience." "Yeah, that was something will again be a studio. McGuire's office for a further five years He's committed to the network in developing new shows, and will be hands-on McGuire is looking beyond television. but with more time on his hands,

McGuire is by no means leaving the

network in a mess. All the

financial indicators have been met.

All the benchmarks. The place is in

good shape and, you know, you only

have to look at 'Sea Patrol' coming

on in July. Nine's a long way from

being done just yet. The McGuire

reign will officially end on June

How you going, guys, alright? 30. Eddie is a personality

own right. in hin

Tony Jones, National Nine News. It's a simple thing a long overdue sense of hope but 24 hours of rain have brought

to our farmers out west. biggest falls in more than a decade Some areas have received their

for the sowing of winter crops. and it's come just in time It's not yet drought-breaking, a rare reason to smile. but for farmers the rain has given hasn't been this much fun for years. A spin on the four-wheeler and listen to that rain come down It's nice to lay in bed

the next morning and it's still there tinkling on the roof. across much of the State - Steady soaking rain has fallen

in a month. in some areas for the second time

We've had about 25mm we could get two inches out of this. and with all the predictions from Tamworth to Tibooburra, It's a similar story from Broken Hill to Bourke, in 24 hours. where they had more than 70mm much rain since the last millennium, The outback town hasn't seen that 12 years ago.

what a lift it's given everybody. It's amazing overnight break we've had for many years. It's probably the best earliest of a thick band of cloud The rainfall is the result that's stretched the length of NSW. that's fallen over many hours This type of rain to soak in to the ground. is just what's needed

waiting to sew their winter crops, Just in time for farmers ideal timing for graziers a few weeks ago. and those who planted an excellent follow-up rain It's certainly that we had late in April, to the opening rain going. and it's really set pasture growth the vineyards got a drenching. Around Albury what's the talk of the town. No surprise just talking about how good it is They've been coming in all morning it can still rain again. and showing that with Level 5 water restrictions, In Goulburn, which is struggling after receiving nearly 20mm. there were celebrations it's dancing in the streets, When we get rain down here, and this is no exception. to begin filling the dams, Not nearly enough every drop is welcome. but in this town By the time the rain had cleared, over Sydney's catchment areas. around 30mm had fallen the same. long-term prediction is for more of Weather forecasters say the

is looking very promising. The seasonal outlook Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. is one of the regions The State's central west during the drought that's done it very tough is one of great relief. and the feeling among farmers there Shaun Fewings is in Orange

plenty of fingers crossed and, Shaun, I imagine there are for more of the same?

That's right. A lot of smiling

faces out here in the Central West.

Good -g rain overnight around

Orange, Bathurst, out to Forbes and

beyond. Now, there will be a frenzy

of tractor activity over the next

few days as farmers take to sowing

their winter crops. They'll have to

wait. They can't go to it

immediately because it's too wet.

They have to wait for the top soil

to dry out a bit. There are

definite signs, though, that

confidence is improving. They're

expecting, with a bit of follow-up

rain, they may actually get a

decent return on these winter crops.

Today we had the cattle sales under

way in Orange. They had expected

3,000 head of cattle to go up for

grabs, they had 1,600 cows up for

grabs. It means the farmers who

have been previously selling their

livestock to stay afloat, are

hanging on to them in the belief

that better times are around the corner. If the wet weather

continues, these rain clouds may

indeed have a silver lining. got a shock The owners of a home in Kingsford

when they returned home today. a massive tree to fall on the house. The wet weather had caused

No-one was home at the time. The tree caused structural damage to the roof. And the driver of a rural fire truck on its way to a road accident lost control of the vehicle at Horsley Park this morning, causing it to roll over. No-one was seriously injured. It was toll-free for a month but the Lane Cove Tunnel is costing drivers plenty - with an astonishing 10,000 tickets issued for speeding since it opened. The problem's so serious the RTA has issued a special safety warning. After years crawling along Epping Road, drivers using the Lane Cove Tunnel are enjoying the fast lane and clearly many have been carried away

with the need to speed. Since the Lane Cove Tunnel opened, we have detected - or the cameras have detected - an alarming high number of people speeding. The figures in fact are staggering. In the tunnel's first six weeks of operation 10,000 cars have been caught on camera speeding. That's 1,600 a week or 10 an hour. No other tunnel goes close. We have got 1,600 a week on average caught in the Lane Cove Tunnel

and 75 in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, that's why we asking people to slow down. Of the thousands booked, most were nabbed in the late afternoon or early evening. The most serious case was a driver clocked doing 156km/h. With all these signs, the RTA makes no secret there are cameras in the tunnel, one has been fitted in either direction. The catch though, is they're impossible to spot. These are digital speed cameras. So in effect motorists are completely unaware The concern now is that speed will cause a major accident. Police say the recent tunnel crash in Melbourne should be a sobering reminder. There is no escape.

The fact is, if you are caught in a crash or an accident,

you certainly become a victim to fire suffocation. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. High-profile Liberal MP Pru Goward has been caught speeding in a school zone. She was caught driving up to 15km/h over the 40km/h limit

outside a school in nearby Marulan. The Member for Goulburn refused to speak to the media at her electoral office today. However, she did issue a statement declaring: She added that she was pleased police did their job without fear or favour. There was some major fallout today from the spectacular failure of the $11 billion takeover bid for Qantas. Two of its most prominent directors announced they're standing down - chairman Margaret Jackson, who was such a strong supporter of the bid, and Australia's richest man, James Packer. The high-flying Qantas board today came to earth with a thud. Chairman Margaret Jackson, with Qantas for 15 years - 7 as chairman, will resign later this year. I regard Margaret Jackson as an outstanding business figure. Also heading for the exit - James Packer, PBL Chairman and Australia's richest man. Well, James Packer's got a lot on. Qantas, of course, is used to departures. It has thousands of them every day. But these two boardroom departures are high-powered and unprecedented and have been triggered by an ambitious plan that came spectacularly unstuck. Mrs Jackson strangely noted among her achievements helping to launch

the largest takeover offer for an airline in history.

But of course, it failed, placing enormous strain on her position. It's very tough,

and the very toughest time is when there's one of these bids going on. The pressure is intense. The uncertainty of the past six months has certainly played on the minds of all Australians, particularly those 37,000 Qantas workers and their families. Chief executive Geoff Dixon stays for two years to grow Jetstar, restructure the international airline and defend the local carrier.

Geoff Dixon is absolutely critical to Qantas over the next few years, and needs to stay there. Settle the horses. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. A woman who was attacked by a shark on a West Australian reef says all she could think about was saving her two sons. 38-year-old Becky Cooke had her leg mauled while walking in knee-deep water. Immediately after the attack she ordered her 13-year-old son to carry his 3-year-old brother to shore and get help while she sat in the water trying to stem the blood flow. I wasn't sure if it had gone and was going to come back. I took my shirt off to wrap it around my leg. Doctors will operate on her leg tonight to try to save it. Way up a Californian river and needing help are two humpback whales. The mother and calf blundered off course from the Pacific Ocean and a major rescue effort is under way to try to head them back into open sea. By now the whale and her calf should have been up near Canada but on her travels north she made a wrong turn at San Francisco, swam under the Golden Gate Bridge and now they've become a tourist attraction, 144km up river near the inland city of Sacramento. And it popped up and it sort of squirted water out of its blowhole. The whales must get back into the Pacific where food's more plentiful and the salty waters can heal wounds they've received after being struck by boat propellers. The rescue plan involves a coast guard vessel moving in front of them playing these sounds of humpback whales feeding. So we want to play them basically positive sounds ahead of them and try to get them to follow those sounds. 22 years ago another whale they named Humphrey spent nearly a month in this same section of river before returning to the sea. But now, with two injured whales, getting them out quickly is the priority. In Los Angeles, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. In the news ahead -

Sydney gets a shattering display of art. And, is it a bird? Is it a bee? No. It's Jerry Seinfeld. 59-year-old father of three, Murray Robertson, has been remanded in custody after facing court on child-stealing charges. His children were back at their mother's Brisbane home this morning,

cheekily posing for the cameras. They disappeared for several hours yesterday

for the second time in as many months. Robertson did not apply for bail and will undergo psychiatric assessment before reappearing next month. There's a new round of chaos in the Middle East with Israeli air strikes killing at least six Palestinians including at least two Hamas militants

travelling in this car. The raids are revenge for at least 80 rocket attacks on northern Israel. They coincide with rising civil violence between Palestinian fighters representing the Hamas leadership and the former ruling faction, once led by Yasser Arafat. After nine years as a hostage of Colombian rebels a policeman has escaped from his captors. Jhon Pinchao scrambled through jungle for two weeks to reach safety, reuniting with family today, including his wife who never gave up hope of seeing her husband again. Two weeks after Madeleine McCann disappeared, Portuguese police say the search remains focused

in the immediate region of southern Portugal. They've released a Russian business associate of the main suspect who was detained yesterday.

Creating a buzz at the Cannes Film Festival, Jerry Seinfeld dressed up as a bumble bee and took flight to promote his new animated movie called, perhaps unsurprisingly, 'Bee Movie'. Sydney is hosting an art exhibition of truly monumental proportions. Anton Kiefer is regarded as one of the world's greatest modern artists, now he's showing his giant artworks to Australia for the first time. # And she's buying a stairway to heaven... This is the stairway to heaven. Led Zeppelin's gold-glittering lady didn't buy it after all.

We got there first. The NSW art gallery paying almost $1 million from a benefactor for the monumental work by German artist Anselm Kiefer. This is even more shattering - thousands of shards of glass hand-painted with the official numbers NASA gives to each star in the sky, months of painstaking work smashed in moments. The whole exhibition is about journeys between heaven and earth - stairs that go up. So this is the return journey, Kiefer doesn't do anything by halves, his paintings are enormous, installations bombarded with mud, the occasional dried plant and piece of earthenware. Religious themes in this vast floor-to-ceiling collage. As for this, it symbolises Palm Sunday and the resurrection of Lazarus. But unlike Lazarus, the chances of this ever being anything more than an ex-palm, appear extremely limited. Still, it makes quite an impact as do other works the gallery unveiled today. Paintings by Andy Warhol and Lucian Freud. And this - a photograph of some supermarket aisles. It sold the other day for more than $3 million. Check that out. Ken with sport next,

and no double-header tonight but the Dragons and Titans should be a desperate battle. The Titans coach joins us live, plus a possible big-name defection to union. Also, Blues coach Graham Murray admits he got it wrong last year.

And, Lleyton Hewitt appears to be back on track.

Craig Wing is in deep

discussionwise the ARU. National

Nine News has learnt that Blues

coach Graham Murray has told his

players he was unhappy with the way

he coached the team last year. The Blues got their jerseys today and support from some hard-core fans. Now it's the players' turn to support Graham Murray after he admitted he didn't do a good job in the last series. He said that to us and hopefully he does a good job this year. All the players have been asked by Murray to provide greater input. Muz was new to it last year and a lot of players hadn't played under him before, so we get to know each other a lot more and players are stepping up and having a bit more of a say, not leaving it all to the coaching staff. Any input the players can put it, it's going to help us, and we've been doing that at training - just putting our 2 cents worth in. Cooper admitted today he's been struggling with a knee injury. It was pretty sore. I copped a knock on it on Sunday against the Tiger but I trained today and it's pulled up pretty sweet. Fullback Anthony Minichiello says he's almost certain to play. I'll probably know tomorrow but I'm 95%. Up north the Queenslanders' main injury concern has been skipper Darren Lockyer. The decision's already been made that I'll be fine. So it's just a matter of looking after it early and then upping the ante as the week wears on. I can reveal the former NSW Origin star Craig Wing has been talking dollars and cents with the ARU

and rugby union are confident they'll be able to do a deal with him very soon. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Just one game tonight because of next week's State of Origin. The Titans play the Dragons who are dragging their footy boots on the bottom of the ladder.

For all that, the red and whites are the favourites, with the Titans losing three of their last four. Joining me now coach John Cartwright.

Who is the more desperate team?

Mate, the answer to that will

probably provide the winner of the

game. We've spoken about our form

over the last 3-4 weeks, it hasn't

been the best. It has been in wet

conditions a couple of them. How do

you feel about the wet conditions?

Are the Titans handy in what will

be slippery down there? Yeah, it's

very dewy. It looks like the rain

has gone. It will be a wet weather

type of game. We haven't done well

in those situations this year. It's

an area we have to improve. Very

disappointing last week. Last time

you met the Dragons in the first

round, you got beaten, probably a

bit unlucky. Have you gone back to

the video and said, "We don't want

this to happen again?" Not really,

mate. It was a huge occasion and

probably got to us a bit in the en.

We didn't play all that well that

game. Tried to steer away from that

game. OK, best of luck. Should be a

good game. We like to see two teams

who are really desperate and we

know the Dragons are in there for a

game tonight. Thank you, Kenny. Another big challenge for the Swans at the SCG on Sunday, taking on competition leader Port Adelaide. A surprise at the selection table with Tadhg Kennelly

named on the bench, just three weeks after dislocating his knee cap. The normal process is 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 weeks

but Tadhg doesn't follow the normal process. The Swans need to break a 2-game losing streak to keep in touch with the top eight. Another big scalp for Lleyton Hewitt at the Hamburg Masters, the rejuvenated Australian defeating world number 3 Nicolay Davydenko in a tough 3-setter. Hewitt is now through to the quarter-finals where he'll meet Spain's Nicolas Almagro.

That game tonight between the

Titans and the Dragons live at 7:30.

Dragons by six. You're confident. After the break - the CommSec finance report, Jaynie with the weekend weather details, then Peter Harvey's Last Word. To finance now, and capping off the resignations today -

On the markets:

Thanks, Mark. Good evening. Our burst of showers has left us with a fine weekend to look forward to. It was a cool day, temperatures up and down, with a mild morning and our coldest day in almost two months with the afternoon temperature 19 along with fresh north-westers. Here are some big rainfall totals for the last 24 hours, Penrith at the end there had 20mm, Warragamba had widespread falls of just over 30. And top of the list is Bourke with almost 3 inches of rain - their wettest day in nine years! Widespread falls of 20mm-30mm have poured over much of Victoria and NSW. And over 50mm for the central west of NSW. A few showers for the north-east. The bulk hanging around the south-east with isolated storms over the ranges. And a severe weather warning is in force for that south-east corner including the ACT with winds gusting to over 80km/h tonight and tomorrow morning.

Looks like a break from that great rain next week for us and the most of the inland, Mark, but what a great week!

Now here's Peter Harvey with the Last Word. So it hasn't forgotten how to rain, after all. We may still be officially in the worst drought for a century, but things are finally starting to look up. Actually, things are finally starting to fall down - that's the real point. It's been a long, long time. Heard someone from a country town on the radio this morning saying his kids had finally realised what windscreen wipers were for. I hope the drought really breaks, that once again the rivers will run and the dams will fill and that governments at all levels will finally, seriously, deal with water recycling and storage. For us, for all of us, it's the ultimate no-brainer. That's National Nine News for this Friday.

I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. I was really quite worried for my life. Tonight - the brutal school bashing caught on camera. Girls are becoming more aggressive. How a gang of bullies attacked a teenage girl. They're really sick individuals. The great McDonald's burger brawl - and the winner is? I make the best burgers in the country. Razor blades, toy guns and junk food... It's completely inappropriate. ..the renegade childcare queen who calls this fun. Awesome stuff that they actually want to do. And the making of our Miss Universe. This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair coming to you from Melbourne. Also tonight - I talk to Eddie McGuire. And Brady's Bunch - it's Patch the flying dog. But first, a vicious school bashing caught on a camera. The victim - a teenage girl - was attacked by another girl. And to add insult to injury bullies then posted video of the assault on the Internet. Now the victim and her parents are demanding justice. Howard Gipps has this exclusive report. Girl bashing girl - vicious, unprovoked and planned in detail, right down to this video of the savagery, shot on a mobile phone by the attacker's friends. And then this girl came from beside me and just starts hitting me in the side of the face, really forcefully and continuously, and then I turn my back to her and she hit me in the back of the head. And then I fell on the ground and she held me up by the top of my head and started kicking in the side of the face and kneeing me. The victim - 15-year-old Katie Lankuts, a student at Canberra's Chisholm High School. The attacker - an older girl from another school she'd never met before. Apparently, Katie had offended a much younger friend of the attacker. I thought that if she hit me one more time, I was going to die because I just felt like she was not gonna stop. So I was really quite worried for my life. It was just for the vicious thrill of hurting someone. Katie's dad, Mike. They're really sick individuals - no morals, no nothing, no humanity.