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(generated from captions) Nick is much smarter than that. So stop acting like this is high school,

on what I'm doing, and instead of passing judgment

or what Nick is doing, for that matter,

why don't you go live your own life with Ridge?

He's your destiny, remember? And the best part of it is, you get custody of Stephanie.

Seriously, what is it you want? Are you really ready to marry Ridge? Are you really over Nick? I think you need to clear that up with yourself.

For heaven's sakes, give the man some closure

and just tell him you have no intention of ever being with him again,

and that it's over, for good. Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight, a Statewide soaking - to our drought-stricken farmers. driving rain bringing relief we've been waiting for. It's just a night as the boss of Channel Nine. 'Eddie Everywhere' "boned" to have finished a few more things. You know, I would have liked

by our banks. And the multibillion-dollar cash grab It's like being gouged. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight -

caught speeding in a school zone. State Liberal MP Pru Goward And a mother's miraculous escape, from a shark attack. protecting her kids

with sweet, soaking rain. We begin this evening

For the first time in years across the driest areas of the State there's been a massive downpour by falls of more than 70mm. with some regions drenched

Relieved farmers are smiling breaking the drought is concerned, and as far as actually it's a very good sign. weather experts are cautiously saying At last, soaking rain - to families in the bush. bringing relief and a smile on the roof Millie's first raindrops which was very exciting, kept her awake most of the night, and I had a very restless husband. up and down every couple of hours Poor old Dim had to put up with me checking how much there'd been, we'd been waiting for, so it was just a night well, for 15 or 16 months.

It started bucketing down early this morning, in the Central West Bathurst receiving 56mm. Catchment areas are now flowing a much-needed top-up. and dams receiving

the impact from last night's rain? Ross, when do you start to see this dam was empty. In terms of run-off, environmental project It's a CMA-funded it's gone from nought and in the last 12 hours to nearly 5 megalitres of water, that's a wonderful result. so, (laughs), lucky enough to get the rain, For the farmers to those who missed out. their thoughts turn waiting for Santa to come, It's like a kid except a few people. and everyone gets their present didn't get a great deal of rain, And I hear that Goulburn we just send all our best hopes and for those guys their due falls soon. for them to get It's still not enough, are with our farmers, so our support and thoughts and their communities, their families the worst drought in living memory. who are battling for most of the State. The rain has been a blessing the far western border to Sydney. It steadily fell from

Broken Hill recorded 45mm Over the past 24 hours the heaviest rain fell while further east with 80mm, in the outback town of Bourke, while Dubbo had 45mm. had 51mm, Orange, also in the Central West,

and 37mm fell in Forbes. the rain isn't drought-breaking Even though in years. it is the most positive outlook to start breaking the drought, It will definitely go a long way the fact that we have seen this after the last one, just three or four weeks a lot of moisture and we've still got, as I mentioned, from the north-west. that's feeding in heading into winter. That is a good sign, there is plenty more on the way. Our farmers are hoping In Bathurst, Tim Potter, Ten News. wasn't such a blessing But the wet weather for some Sydneysiders. as emergency crews worked overtime. The downpour caused havoc was hit by a falling branch, A house in Alexandria

in the heavy rain and wild winds, the tree splintering and cutting powerlines. ran into trouble of their own Emergency crews in the wet conditions - toppled over a Horsley Park fire truck as the side of the road gave way.

Angela Bishop is standing in for

Tim Bailey today. Blue skies now

but I got caught in the brain today.

It was blinding! I will borrow a

line from crowded House - four

seasons in one day. That is all we

have seen. It is great news about

the wet oblique the ranges and in

the West. Here are some of the the West. Here are some of the the wet oblique the ranges and in

details about what has happened in

Sydney. There was some in the Sydney. There was some in the

catchment area - 20 mm to 30 mm. He catchment area - 20 mm to 30 mm. He

in the city we had 10 mm and the in the city we had 10 mm and the

western suburbs got about 20 mm.

Temperatures were all over the

place - 20 degrees this morning

then 16 by lunchtime and 19 this

afternoon. Right now it is about 18 then 16 by lunchtime and 19 this afternoon. Right now it is about

degrees so take your pick. He had

every option today but however you

look it it was great to see rain.

The news that the weekend is that

those of us in Sydney will be

looking forward to some dry and

sunny conditions but a little more

rang out West. More detail later. for a few weeks She's only been in politics is again making headlines, but high-profile Liberal Pru Goward

for breaking the road rules. this time joins us. Political editor Paul Mullins Paul, she's been busted speeding? That is right. It is quite an That is right. It is quite an

embarrassment. She was caught

speeding this morning in a schools

and at Marulan in a mere Goulburn.

She was travelling up to 15, does

limit. She said: an hour above the 40 plumber - hour

Pru Goward declined to be

interviewed about this on

television today but she did give this radio interview. I was thinking about something else. where I was going, and in the rain. I was worried about I just didn't think about it until I saw that sign. I braked and it was too late - I was still over. caught for being a leadfoot. But Paul, Pru's far from the only one

We have just received some incredible

We have just received some

incredible figures about speeding

in the Lane Cove Tunnel. According

to these figures, at 10,000 fines have been issued for speeding in the tunnel, remembering it has only

been open for six weeks. One

motorist was clocked doing 156,

does an hour. Back to you. Thanks, Paul. Paul Mullins at State Parliament. Eddie McGuire has quit as the boss of the Nine Network. After a short and turbulent reign, he denies he's "been boned", Eddie McGuire has quit as the boss of the Nine Network. After a short and turbulent reign, he denies he's "been boned", claiming he's stepped aside to concentrate on other roles. His term as a back-room boy over, Eddie McGuire assumed centre stage.

The consumate media performer insisting it was his call Work on the first 6-litre VE Commodore to join the highway patrol was being completed today. Like all other highway patrol cars, it's equipped with latest high-resolution video cameras.

Here's a truck going through a red light earlier this week. His term as a back-room boy over, Eddie McGuire assumed centre stage.

The consumate media performer insisting it was his call to exit stage left as chief executive of the Nine Network. I wasn't given the flick, if that's what you're asking me.

After a sustained media career, his 17-month stint as chief executive was dominated by the fallout from job cuts and increased competition. He admits not all went to plan. I'm sure the headlines will be "Eddie Bones Himself" or something like that. Really, it's hackneyed and ordinary reporting.

The 42-year-old adamant he leaves Nine in a stronger financial state

than when he began the job. Nine hasn't performed as well as its peers so something had to happen and here we have Eddie resigning as CEO. He's outstanding on air and if he goes back to being on air I think that's a good thing for Nine Network so I wish him all the best. On top of his new TV career, Eddie will also pursue business interests outside television as also devote more time to Collingwood as president. do what you want to do, Follow your heart,

and that's what I'm doing. Cameron Baud, Ten News. The shake-up continues at Qantas with another surprise departure - Australia's richest man, James Packer, is quitting as a director. It comes a day after Margaret Jackson resigned as chairman following the company's takeover debacle.

More on that story later this news hour. Greedy banks have been exposed over a multibillion-dollar cash grab, slugging consumers with a raft of penalty fees. Breaches of strict bank conditions are now their fastest-growing source of income. It's been a tough week for consumers. Yesterday it was the petrol companies on the take, today, word that the banks have their hands in your pockets more than ever. A Reserve Bank report shows they've lifted their fees to $4 billion a year. They're absolutely ridiculous. It's like being gouged. You see the amount they can take off you, even though they promise this small monthly fee. It's crazy. They shouldn't be allowed to do it. Experts blame competition, low-cost credit cards and cheap mortgages creating a huge growth area - penalty fees. Yes, it might be a low rate, but if you don't behave you'll get slapped with a fee. And slap away they do. On average, Australians spend $200 on bank fees each year. But overdrawing an account could cost as much as $40,

$30 if a credit limit is exceeded. Another $30 for a late payment. A bewildering array of ways to cash in. It's confusing for consumers given that in our research,

there are over 500 different fee types. All this adds up to a very healthy bottom line for our big four banks. In the last six months they've lifted their combined profits by a staggering 18% to a record $9.2 billion. But of course the banks don't see it that way. In fact, they have a totally different take on the report's findings, saying it's all because there are more transactions. There's been a 9% increase in volume versus a 6% increase in fees. Therefore, people are, on average, 3% better off

than they were last year. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Cameras in highway patrol cars are proving so effective police want them in every response vehicle. The technology slashing court time as guilty drivers drop legal challenges. Work on the first 6-litre VE Commodore to join the highway patrol was being completed today. Like all the other cars, it's equipped with latest high-resolution video cameras. Here's a truck going through a red light earlier this week.

The officer pulls over the driver a short time later, the in-car camera providing irrefutable proof of the offence. The camera is activated every time the highway patrol detects a traffic violation. The use of video evidence cuts the number of days officers spend tied up in court. Court time has reduced dramatically because people are now not attending court for little pleas of not guilty for a mere driving offence. The program has been so successful the Police Association says it should go further. We feel they should be extended to all vehicles on first response and general duties cars so that police can have that protection to show exactly what is happening on the street. The Government's considering the idea but could opt for small cameras attached to police uniforms. The union says the videos are added protection against complaints by the public. It will take the proposal to a meeting with Commissioner Ken Moroney on Monday. Meanwhile, it's been revealed the next generation of police car cameras will also have numberplate recognition technology, alerting police to stolen or unregistered vehicles. And motorists can expect more highway patrol activity on the State's roads, with 50 new vehicles being rolled out and 100 additional highway patrol officers being recruited. John Hill, Ten News. A look ahead to sport, now, with Tim Webster and the Maroons declare their skipper will be fit. Yes, those Queenslanders believe Darren Lockyer will be OK, despite an ankle injury,

while NSW still have a couple of fitness concerns of their own. And home-town support today as some loyal, young Blues fans took centre stage with their favorites for the official jersey presentations. And with facial piercings, tattoos and a bikini we'll meet the British lawn bowler who's is certainly turning heads here on and off the greens. And we'll pose an interesting question - will greyhounds race without the bunny? A new advertising blitz to promote the Government's WorkChoices - the details next. Also tonight - the immigration pop quiz, but can Aussies pass the test? European settlers arrived in Australia? Um, 1999? And a Perth shark attack victim tells of her frightening encounter.

This program is captioned live. The battle over industrial relations is fast becoming a war over the airwaves. The Federal Government has revealed

it will begin a new advertising blitz to win back a worried workforce. John Howard meets Australia's future workforce. Hello there. It's going well. You liking it? Yeah it's great. These students are the very people who may soon have to decide whether to sign a workplace agreement. I think the problem in this area is there's so much propaganda flying around from the ACTU and the Labor Party that people are confused about where they stand. Hence the Government's new ad campaign - 'Know Where You Stand' - about to bombard TV screens and newspapers. This is arrogance off the Richter scale. It's the latest move to try and win the hearts and minds of swinging voters, the Government forced to dump its previous WorkChoices campaign

because people weren't listening. The campaign will highlight recent changes to workplace laws, the new 'fairness' test to ensure people on less than $75,000 aren't left worse off on AWAs. But the Government isn't saying is how much these ads will cost. The same old laws with a new name. Australian workers will not be fooled. Labor and the unions have been hitting the airwaves too. The workplace war now emerging as an Australian drama.

You're fired. What? But I'm pleased to be able to offer you a new job under this workplace agreement. You get a new title - assistant manager - more flexibility, more responsibility. Less money. Much less money. What was depicted there is actually illegal. You cannot sack someone and then rehire them on an AWA. The Opposition says it's reality TV. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. More details have emerged about the Federal Government's controversial citizenship test. The PM says it will consist of 20 questions about Australia's history, culture and values - questions many Australians had trouble answering today.

Newcomers to Australia might be able to run a business or drive a car without speaking English well, but if the Federal Government has its way they won't be able to become citizens. It's planning to introduce a 20-question test that will have to be passed before an application is accepted, and it will only be available in English. We're going to have a booklet which will talk about the history of Australia, and our structure of government

and the importance of sport in Australian national life. The pass rate will be 60%, but it seems that would rule out most home-grown Aussies too. prime minister of Australia? The first

No, I can't. First European settlers in Australia? Um, 1999? No, a bit earlier than that. Oh, I don't know. Even the colours of our flag proved a challenge. Blue, red and yellow, isn't it? Same as the Union Jack.

So red, white and blue. Are you an Australian citizen? Yes. Surprisingly, it was those who scored best on the sample questions who most opposed the idea. it's Howard posturing. The citizenship test is rubbish -

I've got no time for it whatsoever. Anti-discrimination authorities warn any questions about Australian values should not be linked to religion. I support the notion of a test that is in keeping with our constitution, which is about separating state and religion. If introduced the test will be offered within four years of living in Australia. Amber Muir, Ten News. Sydney and Melbourne are locked in battle over David Beckham. Both cities are desperate to host a match

featuring the soccer superstar's new American team. Becks and Posh hold centre stage wherever they go.

Next stop, Sydney, or will it be Melbourne? Plans to bring David Beckham's new soccer club down-under began as soon as the superstar announced he was leaving Spanish side Real Madrid for LA Galaxy. To try and recoup some of Beckham's $40 million deal, Los Angeles officials dreamed up a world tour,

a one-off game against Sydney FC pencilled in for November 27. It's a fantastic opportunity for Sydney FC and Australian football and we'd be delighted to host LA Galaxy in the world's best city at the end of the year. now wants a piece of the action, But Melbourne team the Victory pitting politicians against each other. MORRIS IEMMA: It'd be fulfilling an ambition to stand there with David Beckham, to see him play. When it comes to a choice, you want some excitement. When you're comparing Sydney and Melbourne, well, it is no contest. Well, I think the NSW Premier is just a bit grumpy that Melbourne keeps winning the big events that really matter. They may have gone off a bit early, though.

The LA Galaxy today revealed

Beckham may not be seen anywhere near Australia. We've seen the stories, but there's no set plans as of yet.

If the flamboyant duo did turn up, it's sure to be a boost for the football code and the social calendar. And if it was to happen here in Sydney, this, no doubt, will be the setting - Telstra Stadium, where more than 80,000 people would cram in to watch David Beckham and his new American team-mates in action. It's believed the Football Federation already has a tentative booking in place. Frank Coletta, Ten News. After 21,000 rescues the Westpac Lifesaver helicopter has flown its last medical mission. The crew transferred a victim from a 4-car pile-up on the Central Coast. The Lifesaver chopper will officially lose its State Government funding

at 6 o'clock tonight, the money going to a Canadian outfit. The Westpac service will now rely on community sponsors to keep flying search and rescue missions, but without a doctor. A teenage father facing jail for putting his baby girl in a microwave - that story next. And the wayward whales

ignoring efforts to coax them back into the ocean.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic

helicopter - extremes of traffic

coming in on the Gore Hill Freeway

- are they all rushing to your

birthday party? I thought you had

forgotten! A broken-down semi trade

get near the harbour tunnel

get near the harbour tunnel caused

unfortunately traffic trying to get

into town - diabolical. All the way

back to the Pacific Highway at

Artarmon. Outbound, at the traffic

heading west, that is flowing well.

It would usually be the opposite on

a Friday night. There is an extra

40 minutes going into the city. We

have reports of heavy traffic on

the F3 and we will got there now.

You know we wouldn't forget your birthday! A mother of five has told how she fought off a shark with her camera as it savaged her leg. The 38-year-old had been carrying her toddler on her hip

when the shark struck without warning. Becky Cooke says she didn't see it coming. Something hit me from behind, That's what it felt like. Next thing I knew there was all this thrashing around.

The Perth woman had been carrying her 3-year-old while wading in knee-deep water at a popular holiday spot near Coral Bay. Another child was by her side when the shark attacked. I started hitting it with my camera and shaking my leg trying to get it off

because at first I thought something had hit me, not bit me.

She says as the water turned red, she feared for her children's safety. Brandon came running over, he had his gidgee with him. I just said to him "Take Ethan." I gave her the gidgee and grabbed Bub and went to the shore. She'd already taken her shirt off and had wrapped it around her leg. The family didn't get a good look at the shark,

but Brandon says it was at least two metres long. Experts believe it may have been a reef shark, notorious for lurking in shallow water. Becky suffered serious injuries to her leg

and was airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital. If all goes well we'll be able to save my foot. She underwent surgery last night and faces a further operation tonight. I just thank goodness it bit me and not Brandon. Jamie Freestone, Ten News. Dramatic video as Israel launches air strikes on Gaza. The Israeli Defence Force has released pictures of an attack on a car carrying a senior member of Hamas and the bombing of a Hamas compound in Gaza city. At least 10 people have been killed. Israel says the strikes were in response to Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli towns. Hamas is also battling rivals from the Fatah faction, the Palestinian infighting claiming more than 40 lives over the past five days. George W. Bush has admitted he could be partly to blame for ending Tony Blair's time in office. The British PM has spent the night in the White House on his final official trip to the US. The allies stuck to their guns on the Iraq war. There are a lot of blowhards in the political process, you know, a lot of hot-air artists - people who've got, you know, something fancy to say.

Tony Blair is somebody who actually follows through with his convictions. Back in London the Labour Party confirmed Gordon Brown will be elected unopposed as leader. He's not taking over until the end of June and critics claim the Prime Minister elect is already running the show while Britain's other Prime Minister is swanning around the world. A Russian man questioned over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal has accused reporters of ruining his life. Two weeks have now passed since the 4-year-old was snatched from her parents' hotel room in Portugal while they were out for dinner.

Four people have been questioned but the police chief says there is not enough evidence to make any arrests. I don't rape little kids. I'm a normal man - I don't do any of this stuff. Third, my criminal record has been clean, always. More than 40 million people have now visited the website set up to find the little girl. A warning that some viewers will be distressed by the next story, which has even left police in tears.

In the United States a teenage father is facing 99 years in jail after a heartbreaking attack on his baby girl. The 19-year-old father was alone with his baby girl in a Texas hotel room when he did the unthinkable. He asked us to call 911, claimed the child had a bad sunburn and was bleeding.

But the truth was much worse. Joshua Mauldin - who told police God ordered him to Texas to become a minister - had crammed his 2-month-old baby girl in a microwave, turning it on for up to 20 seconds. I've been doing this for a lot of years and it actually brought tears to my eyes. Doctors have warned family members, as well as third-degree burns, she could have internal injuries. It stunned me, it shocked me. I've cried every day, all day, all night I've been up. I just can't believe that this happened. I've seen it on TV, I've read it in the paper. Mauldin, who had been at the hotel with his wife and mother, told police he was stressed at the time. There was no expression. There was no expression at all. No remorse. High school classmates say he was always odd, often head-butting brick walls. He was always the type that would do things just to where he would have to get sent home from school. He always was the loner. Mauldin now faces up to 99 years in prison. He's the worst scum of the earth. His baby girl is now in a critical condition. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Two wayward humpback whales are ignoring rescuers' efforts to coax them back to the ocean. The mother and her calf are trapped in the Sacramento River more than 150km inland. Rescuers are playing whale sounds to lure them out but they're worried the whales don't understand because the songs were recorded off Alaska and the lost whales may be from around Mexico. So it's kind of like speaking Chinese to somebody from Boston, but at least you recognise that it might be another member of the same species. The whales are injured with gashes possibly from a propeller. Marine biologists say they need to get back to the salty open ocean to heal and survive. The Prime Minister lashes out at the States for refusing to fix leaky pipes - that's next. Also - the botched Qantas takeover deal claims its first scalp. And Lotto's $30 million man decides how to spend his winnings.

In the time it takes you to watch this ad, more than 10 children will die from preventable causes. That's a staggering 1,240 children every hour, 24 hours every day. There are many children living in poverty, You'll help provide access to food, clean drinking water, health care and education. This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - greedy banks have been exposed over a multibillion-dollar cash grab, slugging consumers with a raft of penalty fees. Breaches of strict bank conditions are now their fastest-growing source of income. Eddie McGuire has quit as the boss of the Nine Network. After a short and turbulent tenure, he denies he's been "boned", claiming he's stepped aside to concentrate on other roles. And the State's received a soaking, with massive downpours across some of the driest areas, some regions drenched by falls of more than 70mm.

Relieved farmers are smiling and forecasters say more of the wet weather is on the way. The Prime Minister has slammed the States for letting water literally run down the drain. John Howard says State governments have sucked $1 billion out of publicly owned water utilities, spending the money in areas unrelated to water. I think that is an outrage at a time when the country is so desperately short of water. The Prime Minister says the money should have been invested in new infrastructure and fixing ageing leaky pipes. More turbulence at Qantas, with high-flyer James Packer and the chair, Margaret Jackson, bailing from the board. The pair is paying the price for their spirited support of the bungled takeover bid. It's been a bumpy ride for Qantas since the airline's management enthusiastically endorsed an $11.1 billion takeover bid in March. Chair Margaret Jackson and board member James Packer have bailed out after the Airline Partners Australia offer stalled a fortnight ago. At a marathon board meeting to deal with the fallout, Mrs Jackson decided to quit as chair, both of them leaving the board in October. It's a fine line between supporting a takeover bid and vigorously barracking for it.

After she labelled reluctant stockholders as mentally deficient, analysts say

the country's most high-flying business woman had no choice but to go. career at Qantas She's had a long and distinguished

but I think recent events have shown she needs to move on. But unions want more. They all have to take responsibility in some form or other. Mrs Jackson's resignation barely caused a ripple on the stock exchange

reflecting a market belief the move was inevitable. The one-time tip for governor-general, there could still be a soft landing for Margaret Jackson. She will remain a very significant figure in the Australian business community. And despite his eagerness for the takeover,

CEO Geoff Dixon remains until at least 2009. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. The Australian share market has slumped. Channel Nine owner PBL lost 6 cents after Eddie McGuire quit as boss of the Nine Network. And petrol tonight - unleaded selling for an average of $1.34 a litre around Sydney, down 2 cents since yesterday. We found it a little cheaper - $1.25 at Granville. Here's further proof that winning the Lotto is simply pure luck. Last night's $30 million Powerball went to a Victorian man who selected his winning numbers at random. The retiree, who doesn't want to be named, says he'll make sure his kids and grandkids are looked after, then he'll buy a boat and spend his time fishing. The winning ticket was submitted at a newsagent in south-east Melbourne. We ran straight to our wallets and checked our Tatts cards. Doesn't matter - as long as it's a customer. We wanted one of our regulars to win, so we're really happy with it. The winner was watching TV with his wife when his lucky numbers came up. $30 million is equal to the Australian record. Let's take another look at the

weather with Angela Bishop. I

thought I was in Melbourne today -

had changed ball was there when

the? That will get back - you will

be in big trouble for that remark but you're absolutely right. Who

would have thought after all the

traffic and chaos and rain had mess

that this is what Friday night in

the big city would look like. It is

that 18 degrees now and should be

fine and sunny ever the weekend,

which is quite incredible, given

what we saw today. Any rain is

still good, obviously, and great

that it is still continuing to fall

over in the that it is still continuing to fall

over in the ranges and drought use

applause. We have a lovely photo

hair of a cloudy sky -

appropriately enough for today.

Quite lovely. He is I'll wind out for tonight.

Tomorrow we can look forward to a top temperature of 22. I'll be back later. Sport now with Tim. I'm fascinated by the bikini-clad, tattooed lawn bowler. Yes, so are we, Deb - body-piercing too. Those white uniforms are a thing of the past, it seems. We'll have her story shortly.

Also, amid the razzamatazz of the Origin build-up, Anthony Minichiello gets his jersey, but will he be fit enough to wear it? And later, the comedy star creating a buzz at the Cannes Film Festival.

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This program is captioned live. Injuries are interrupting preparations for both sides in the lead-up to Origin I. Maroons skipper Darren Lockyer still isn't training but looks set to play, and fullback Anthony Minichello's lower back complaint is presenting the Blues with their own headaches. He's been handed a jersey with his name on it, but Anthony Minichiello is no certainty to wear it

at Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday night. I'll probably know tomorrow but I'm 95%. He's pretty confident that he'll play and that'll do me for the time being. I had a little light run yesterday, trained most of the session today, and pretty confident, yeah.

The Blues paraded under Sydney's heavy skies this afternoon. Knights rookie Jarrod Mullen was presented with his first Blue jumper. He doesn't want to be known as the next Andrew Johns.

He's the next Jarrod Mullen. North of the border, injured Maroons captain Darren Lockyer didn't train - again. But he was there for the official team lunch, with good news for Queensland fans. I think the decision's already been made that I'll be fine, so it's just a matter of looking after it early and upping the ante as the week goes on. The Maroons are bracing for another forward stoush. Carl Webb will renew his annual battle with Blues enforcer Luke Bailey. The contest is going to start there and it's going to finish there. We've had a talk about it and a laugh about it, me and Webby, but as long as people get something out of it, it's sweet. The Blues players have been released

to watch their club sides play this weekend. Matt Cooper has a particular interest in the fortunes of the Dragons tonight as pressure mounts on coach Nathan Brown. He's a great coach and everyone is supporting him. You know, he's doing a good job. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. A day after sneaking his side into the country, Welsh rugby coach Gareth Jenkins has made no apologies

for bringing an understrength squad to our shores. The Welsh are currently holed up on the Central Coast. The coach says he must use this trip to assess fringe World Cup players. We have to accept that this is a particular year. I think in the 4-year cycle you're always going to have a World Cup year, which actually takes the focus, maybe, off summer tours. Jenkins is taken aback by the negative publicity. The first Test is at Telstra Stadium next Saturday. A nice boost for the Swans ahead of Sunday's vital clash with Port Adelaide at the SCG.

Gun defender Tadhg Kennelly is set to make an early comeback from a dislocated kneecap. Tadhg Kennelly has a reputation for fast recovery from injuries, but this time he's surpassed even the most optimistic predictions. The early prognosis was between four and six matches on the sidelines. He's missed just two. It was probably the running session that he did Wednesday morning

that, you know, the doctor said, "Look, he's every chance to play." The Swans coach hasn't declared he's certain to play, but with two losses in the two matches Kennelly has missed, he looks likely to start.

One definite change is the return of defender Sean Dempster, also from a knee injury. Jared Crouch has been dropped for just the second time in his 198-game career. It's rare for the Swans to put more importance on one match over another, but they have this week. A win against Port Adelaide here on Sunday is vital if they're to keep contact with the top eight. At some point it just comes down to performance and actions, and I think that's what they're asking of each other this week,

that they're sick of - they love each other, but they're sick of hearing each other talk about it. They'd rather see it happen on the weekend. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Lleyton Hewitt is through to the quarterfinals of the Hamburg Masters, where he'll face Spain's Nicolas Almagro.

Hewitt was on fire in downing third seed Nikolay Davydenko two sets to one. Come on! COMMENTATOR: You beauty, as he would say. Hewitt joins the top seeds Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the quarters. Meantime, at the Italian Open, Aussie Samantha Stosur has been unable to reproduce the form that saw her down top seed Amelie Mauresmo. Stosur went out in the third round in straight sets to Switzerland's Patty Schnyder 6-4 6-4. It was high farce at greyhounds' night of nights last night, with the country's premier staying event cancelled. The problem came when the pooches were put into their boxes. The last dog's handler appeared to lose balance, accidentally triggering the manual starter. That caused the boxes to open, minus the lure. Stewards had no option but to declare the Sandown Cup a no race. Prize money was split between all eight dish-lickers and their connections, including the highly embarrassed race starter. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow.

The way you look at lawn bowls is about to change. One English bowler is looking to raise the profile of the sport - and how. At first glance,

Carol Ashby looks like any other bowler, perhaps a little younger than some. But on closer inspection, the facial piercings and the ankle tattoo tend to set this English girl apart. I am who I am and life's too short. I just want to enjoy myself. Now, you'd think in the world of bowls,

Carol's appearance might have traditionalists up in arms - well, think again. She's on the Gold Coast for the World Team Cup and Tweed Heads bowlers have no problem with something a little different on their greens. the dress code correct, why not? I mean, so long as they've got

Have fun - that's what it's supposed to be all about.

In the end it doesn't really matter how you look when you can bowl like this. and she's going to look very nice Actually I thought she was very nice

and she bowled beautiful, I thought. And while Carol doesn't mind showing a bit of personality on the greens, it turns out off the greens

she doesn't mind showing a whole lot more. Another couple of tattoos on show and few more piercings... ..or so she tells me. Carol's not your average 40-year-old.

You know, at the end of the day, publicity for bowls is lacking, certainly in England, and anything that gets it into the news is great, in my opinion. And as much as the attention is all very nice, the only talent she really wants to show off is with bowl in hand. But she's not a bad sort, though, is she?

No, she's very nice. Lovely, as a matter of fact. Rob Hazel, Ten News. And in Sports Tonight, all the action and reaction to tonight's match between the Dragons and the Titans.

10 you go home and get better at please Vic Lorusso in the traffic

helicopter big problems on the F3? Unfortunately for traffic getting towards the Central Coast. If you

were sitting and thinking, shall we go now?

go now? Don't go now! There has go now? Don't go now! There has

been an accident near Berowra and a

look at the delays. That is traffic

heading up the hill, a three or

four, to traffic jams all the way

through to the Hawks Prix. I would say give it 30 or 40 minutes as the

accident has been cleared. The best rain in years across the State -

Angela Bishop joins us with the forecast ahead.

Because nothing's more important than our children's education, the ACT's education budget is bigger than ever before. Over the next 5 years,

we've earmarked more than $175 million

to build new public schools, $90 million to improve existing ones and another $20 million for IT, including upgrading broadband links in every public school. It's an investment in our children and our future. ACT public schools:

If you're over 50 and not working full-time, Chances are you're a safe one too. So APIA believes you've earned a better deal on your car insurance.

..or market value. So call APIA on 13 50 50. That number again: Here comes tomorrow's weather. It's not going to be over 50, but if you are, and not working full-time,

It is kind of like old a much

weaker here - Vic Lorusso is having

his birthday, Angela Bishop has a

wedding anniversary tomorrow - I

don't know whether we should add

about this or the weather it. I

don't know, I can't park help but

think people are very interested in

the way that due to the record

rainfall, best in May for years,

all across the state, a nice juicy raid in

raid in Sydney including 20 mm to

30 mm in the catchment area. It is

18 degrees in the city at the

moment and a beautiful Friday night,

despite all the mess earlier. We

will have a despite all the mess earlier. We

will have a look at the top

temperatures around the State today.

These humidity has come down a bit

during the day. The thick cloud

he's coming over the south-east

around a deepening low, generating

widespread rain and storms. Cloud

in the interior is causing patchy

rain in the Queen's Stand Up.

Ploughed in south-west Western

Australia is bringing light coastal

showers. Tomorrow a trough will

move of the East Coast clearing

rain from Queensland. A front will

maintain a wind and rains across

the south-east of the Continent. In

the far south-west Western Australia the far south-west Western

Australia - rain for tomorrow,

isolated showers in New South Wales. isolated showers in New South Wales.

Light rain in South East Queensland,

clearing early. Showers in Light rain in South East Queensland, clearing early. Showers in far

south-west Western Australia. A

couple of things you must do this

weekend - dig deep into your pocket

for the Salvation Army Red Shield

Appeal. You'll see them around

whenever you go or they will be

knocking on your door. If you thing you can

you can hold a tune why not go down

to Australian technology park at

read on and audition for australian

idol. Sydney auditions are on all

weekend, they final idol. Sydney auditions are on all weekend, they final auditions for

this year's series.

How good is that? Rainwear it is

needed, a Sunshine fast for the

weekend and then back to the

weekend. Have a great weekend. I

don't know about the get back to

work but enjoy the weekend. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has been having a bit of fun in the sun on the French Riviera, all aimed at plugging his first feature film. The funnyman is star, writer, and producer of the new animated flick 'Bee Movie'.

When a 53-year-old man is flying through the sky dressed in a giant bee costume, it can only be Cannes. JERRY SEINFELD: They tell me Scorcese did the same thing last year for 'Departed'.

Is that true? Getting the feel for the French film festival, comedian Jerry Seinfeld knew how to get the media to make a beeline for 'Bee Movie' - pull off a big stunt. It worked for Sacha Baron Cohen last year. He put Borat on the map modelling his mankini on the Cote d'Azure. And it looks like it's worked for Jerry, too, the buzz attracting a sea of snappers and some of the entertainment world's finest journalists. JOURNALIST: What's the movie about? It's about bees and humans... It's about birds, what do you think it's about?! Freakin' 'Bee Movie'! It's march of the penguins, OK? In fact, Jerry has spent the past four years working on 'Bee Movie', his first big project since his sitcom ended in 1997. He stars alongside Chris Rock and Renee Zellweger playing a bee called Barry B. Benson. Hi. So sorry. How did you learn to do the talking thing?

I don't know. 'Mama'. 'Dada'. 'Honey'. You pick it up.

The movie doesn't open until the end of the year, and Jerry is hopeful all this hard work won't go to waste. Ow! What was that?! Maybe this time. This time. This time. This time. This time. This...this...this...this... Angela Bishop, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. G'day everyone and welcome to hook line and sinker and today's show is all about adventure nick. With a capital A We're on the east coast of Tasmania and Tasmania is suffering through a heat wave at the minute. It's been about 20 degrees for the last week! But not here at Triabunna, where it's threatening rain and overcast. So we're going camping. It seems like a good idea. Just over there over the hills - Maria island. We're going to take the beautiful bar crusher over there and see what happens. It's about an adventure. We're living off the land Haven't even bought any food.