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Interview with Kevin Rudd MP. -

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(generated from captions) of the nation's Budget and to keep interest rates low but the other thing is this - you've still got to have a plan for our long-term economic prosperity. And that's where we come in - we have a big difference with the Government on that. They hope the mining boom will last forever, we say it won't and instead we need an education revolution to make sure we've got the skills necessary for our kids to have the best jobs possible in the future economy. And we've talked about trades training in schools as part of that. Well, education is central. This year's Budget has become, in large part, the duel of the schools.

You raising the stakes, allocating the funds for school training centres, Wouldn't bolstering funds for the TAFE system just achieve the same result? Well, we've called for an education revolution across the board, early childhood education - $500 million from us, nothing from the Government. In schools as well,

where we're now talking about trades training centres in schools, for all 2,650 secondary schools across the country.

Also, it's important for us to do TAFE and university but why are we doing trades training in schools? Because practical training in the trades is necessary to deal with our current skills shortage and secondly, we've got to keep those kids at schools so they don't just fall off the edge and end up falling through the cracks, and no property training. through no job and no proper training. That's why we've put forward this innovative $2.5 billion plan. We think it's right for Australia's future. Labor has been surging in the polls but you foreshadowed that the party and yourself would suffer a hit in this year's Budget. Are you not confident that your own Budget reply speech will actually resonate with voters? Well, Mr Howard's a very clever politician, he's put together a very cunning, some would even say cynical Budget, four months before an election, saying that he's now serious about higher education, serious about climate change. But at the same time he's provided tax cuts and we know working families deserve those tax cuts. And if you're going to spend a bucketload of money just before an election, of course he's going to get a big bounce in the polls. I'm sure we're going to take a pounding, but that's life,

we've got four months to go before the election. It's going to be a long campaign. A very long campaign. Kevin Rudd, thanks for your time. Thank you. While many are already putting their hands up

for a slice of Kevin Rudd's technical education funding

in the real world, they're not as impressed.

Among next-generation tradies at Marsden High School are plenty of students with even higher hopes. Every now and then we have to come in and do an assignment and that which basically talks about analysing new technologies or new innovations. Probably one of my best subjects - it's really fun to be around. I actually like coming to this class. Mr Rudd spruiking his vocational training revamp