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Tonight - after bragging about his crime on TV. the pornographic killer jailed end of story. I went there to kill her, to be banned from drinking alcohol. Calls for all drivers would save a lot of lives. Zero tolerance violent robbery at an inner-city pub. And a man shot while trying to stop a

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - the State slips further into drought. despite the rain, And the Sydney foster mum

Australia's Mother of the Year. who's just been named But first this evening - only because he bragged on TV. a pornographic killer jailed of great cruelty, In what the judge called an act sister-in-law Gareth Bunce strangled his former while making a bondage video. And he almost got away with it. could have got away with murder. Gareth John Bunce in after eight years, Instead, he dobbed himself confessing on national television. end of story. I went there to kill her, to a maximum 24 years jail, Today he was ordered Margaret Wagner for strangling 27-year-old mother in the Blue Mountains. a pornographic bondage movie - He lured her into filming then had sex and killed her. using that as a ploy to tie her up - The judge said: He said she was blackmailing him he made her film a sex video at 15. about telling police with her little video tapes She goes to the coppers for bloody rock spider. and I'm in jail To solve the problem I killed her. his victim got what she deserved. He boasted it was fun, saying is relieved it's over. The victim's family Fantastic, very happy. had no remorse, As well as finding Gareth Bunce the judge also ruled he could murder again, there is a very real risk this time by killing his ex-wife. has already said he would do, That's something Bunce it would be nice to do it. because, in his words, for what you did to her. You're an animal Yeah, fair enough. drink drivers coming before his court Fed up with the number of a Sydney magistrate has called for to the problem. a zero-tolerance approach

for all drivers, He wants a zero blood alcohol limit with police or motorists. an idea that hasn't gone down well drink drivers across the State. Each year police catch 25,000

has had enough. Now one Sydney magistrate wants a blanket ban on driving Manly court's Andrew George after even one alcoholic drink. His Honour many friends at the pub. The zero tolerance plan not winning that's not fair. No definitely not zero tolerance, Absolutely not. and I'm fine, I can drive home. I mean I've had a couple of beers zero tolerance will work - Police are not convinced are tough enough. believing current penalties the frustration And I well understand of the magistrate at Manly court. is important Whilst the issue of penalty is equally as important. then the issue of education criticised the RTA The Manly magistrate has also the drink-driving message through. for not getting People see the advertisements saying to so many standard drinks a day," "Limit yourself of just what a standard drink is. but they're not really aware but I'm ready to go home Well, I've had a couple of drinks so that means public transport. but I've left my keys behind

city that's not really a concern Now in the middle of the day in the and later at night, but as you get further out of town isn't such an easy option. public transport on public transport. You can't really rely it stops at midnight It stops at 11:00,

than that on a weekend. you need something that runs longer plan ahead, before you have a drink. But the RTA says you just need to stay at a friend's, Think about buses, think about taxis just make an alternative arrangement of drug abuse. An alarming snapshot tonight It's been revealed

has tried methamphetamines. 1 in 10 Australians set up in a suburban hotel. It comes as police bust an ice lab

Ritz Hotel, Federal Police raided Hurstville's allegedly caught red-handed arresting two Chinese nationals, cooking a batch of ice in their room.

had 25L of chemicals Police allege the crime gang members producing 12kg of amphetamine and lab equipment, capable of with a street value of $2.5 million. they had begun with the chemicals, It's a very dangerous process that was used and the electricity they were volatile and the gas could have caused a large explosion. with importing a prohibited substance Kwoc Cheung and Kam Choi are charged and could face life in jail. a nationwide trend This seizure follows manufacture ice for criminals to import chemicals and in small, mobile drug labs. here in Australia

now targeting criminal groups The Australian Crime Commission in amphetamine use. making millions from the explosion are the big threat for us, Amphetamine-type stimulants something like 75,000 users a very big threat, as opposed to 45,000 heroin users. gangs are major players, The crime commission alleging bikie and distributing amphetamines. stealing chemicals and manufacturing that these people The community should realise with criminal activities. are predominantly involved They run criminal businesses to be appropriately targeted. and they need young people Authorities once again warning of becoming addicted to ice. about the dangers John Hill, Ten News. Police are warning robbery victims not to be heroes after a man was shot trying to stop a hold-up at a Sydney pub. As the Phoenix Hotel in Woollahra was raided by four men with guns and knives, a 46-year-old patron swung a bar stool at them. He was shot in the stomach, the bullet passing right through him but it missed vital organs and he's expected to make a full recovery.

Police believe the gang might have also robbed The Golden Sheaf hotel in Double Bay last month. And a family is in mourning tonight after two brothers were caught in this fatal wreck. The 18-year-old passenger died after the car crashed and caught fire at a car wash in Summer Hill. The 21-year-old driver is in a critical condition after several operations at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Police think speed was a factor, they're urging anyone who saw the crash to come forward. Signs of a drought recovery have faded with new figures showing almost the entire State is now bone dry. Despite last month's rain, less than 7% of New South Wales is considered satisfactory. There's one thing more frustrating for farmers than a lack of rain and that's false hope. Just enough rain to get crops planted only to see them wither and die within weeks and, along with them, talk of a break in the drought. And that's exactly what farmers have experienced twice this year already. The trouble is it's five weeks apart, so what grew after the first rain started to die and this second one has started to wilt a little bit. so what we need now is follow-up rain. Many farmers are facing their fourth or fifth year of challenge in terms of whether they will be able to get a crop planted, whether they'll be able to get anything harvested. In NSW, the drought area, featured here in gold, peaked in February, sapping almost the entire State. It picked up somewhat in March and April but the latest picture shows that's slowly being reversed. All but 6.9% of the State is now affected. The drought continues to ravage many areas of Australia, the drought is not over. The drought continues to ravage although there have been reports of some rain,

the drought is not over. Many farmers are so desperate they're expected to gamble on more rain over winter and plant their crops in dry soil anyway.

That's going to be a huge cost burden because the price of fertiliser has gone through the roof, the price of seed has gone throgh the roof. It's a going to be a huge gamble to take. And there's another frustrating aspect to April's rainfall.

In Sydney it kept the city out of the official drought zone but most of it fell along the coast, so even our dams here barely felt any impact. At last check, dam levels in Sydney's catchment were only 37.9% of capacity. Amber Muir, Ten News. An urgent warning tonight after three attempted kidnappings in Sydney's west. A man trying to snatch four children in the Liverpool area since March. The would-be kidnapper, who drives a white van, yesterday grabbed and threatened to stab a 13-year-old boy at Holsworthy. The boy managed to escape. The other attacks were at Wattle Grove. The Federal Government has come out swinging, savaging Kevin Rudd over his Budget reply. The Opposition Leader has put his economic credentials on the line, with a $3 billion plan for a better Australia. Kevin Rudd went back to school to drive home the latest plank of his education revolution... See? No thumb. Right? ..a $2.5 billion pledge over 10 years to turn the country's high schools into trade colleges. If Labor wins government, private and government schools will be able to apply for up to $1.5 million for new buildings or equipment. Mr Howard's offer is three technical colleges across the country. We say trades training centres for 2,650 secondary schools. I'm not going to criticise the spirit of something which, after all, follows a lead that we started. Mr Rudd's Budget reply last night

also outlined plans for Asian languages to be taught in schools,

a red-tape review for small businesses and $250 million to plug leaks from pipes and water mains. Labor hoping the new measures will point it in the right direction, come the election. We were sitting there, watching the next Labor prime minister deliver the vision that's been denied this country for 10 years. The Treasurer sees it differently.

Mr Rudd hasn't really come to grips with the Australian economy. I don't think he's done the work and I don't think he understands the detail. Mr Rudd's performance was solid, even if the detail was a little underwhelming -

but not unexpected from an Opposition Leader desperate to show he can manage the purse strings.

I did not come into this place to outspend the Prime Minister,

and I have not. A line which doesn't wash with the Prime Minister. "Just forget my behaviour, just read my lips - "I'm a fiscal conservative." Give us a break. Leonie Mellor, Ten News.

The Federal Government has raised the stakes in the cricket stand-off with Zimbabwe - the Prime Minister launching a scathing attack on President Robert Mugabe. Mr Howard has slammed Mugabe as a "grubby dictator", the PM making no secret of where he stands on the coming Australian tour. It does pain me to be in this position but it really has got much worse in Zimbabwe than ever before and there is no doubt it would be a huge propaganda victory if the tour goes ahead. The Government is considering banning the tour from going ahead, which could exempt Cricket Australia from a multimillion-dollar fine. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport and the Blues origin players need to stand up and be counted this weekend. Yes, there are definitely spots wide open, we'll cross live to Brookvale for a preview of a game

that will have a big bearing on Origin selections. Plus former Origin player Chris Walker at a suburban ground as he prepares to play his first game after two weeks in a rehabilitation clinic suffering from alcohol and anxiety disorders. And, golfers, think about this - how would you go trying to hit this intimidating island green in a howling wind? The world's best golfers struggled. We'll give you the tally of the record amount of balls that went splash. And also later - a rare patch of poor form for the world's number one tennis player, Roger Federer. A new batch of police officers about to hit the streets - that's next. Also tonight - Customs crackdown - the popular kids toy that transforms into a replica handgun. And Sydney's own supermum - the foster parent awarded Mother of the Year.

I just think that looking after all these children is just something that I really enjoy.

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SONG: # Fit and strong... # MAN: It seems just yesterday. This building stands as a powerful reminder of just how far Canberra and the region has come since our predecessors first switched on our city some 90 years ago, in 1915.

This solid stone powerhouse also symbolises ActewAGL's strength of purpose in serving the community right from day one. Every essential service in Canberra is provided by ActewAGL - electricity, water and natural gas.

All delivered by local people - over 1,200 of us. Our commitment to supporting the community gets stronger every day. We're setting the benchmark in customer service. We're always looking at ways to improve our products. We're a leader in product innovation. We continue to invest in the future, offering improved products and services, and increased community support. ANNOUNCER: ActewAGL has always been here, and always will be.

This program is captioned live. A woman who claimed she was made to look like she was mad after a newspaper reported she'd seen a ghost has lost her defamation case. Therese Mallik was suing the Cessnock 'Independent' over its front page article about a crematorium that said she'd seen a ghost-like figure in the clouds. She claimed it made her look like an irrational person

who could not be believed. A short time ago a jury found

while it did convey the meaning she was demented, it wasn't defamatory. The Premier has urged the latest batch of police recruits to get as tough on criminals as the criminals are on victims. 284 new police officers joined the ranks this afternoon. It's the moment every police recruit has dreamt of, something to share with your mates before the families arrive. For many it's tears of joy and relief. A very proud moment after eight months of hard work. So why a police officer? I wanted a challenge - I was a social worker before this and I wanted the challenge - a bit further on. For others, it's pride that both parents are on the force. Supportive parents aren't forgotten either. In Adam Nguyen's case he had to shed 50 kilos before he could apply - the 27-year-old has lost 54kg. I couldn't run 200m and he said to me a couple of weeks after that

"We are running the City to Surf," and I kind of laughed at him, But you did? I did. He has pretty much lost a person, a whole person, probably a little bit bigger than myself. He's still the same person on the inside but he's changed tremendously on the outside. This is the second of four graduating classes this year alone. By the end of 2007 an extra 1,500 new recruits will be added to the force. The Premier had a blunt message for the new officers.

Be as tough on criminals as they are on us. Show them the same consideration as when they deal drug to our kids, when they punch and rob an elderly lady, when they rape someone's daughter. The new recruits will report for duty from this weekend. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Customs is on alert after seizing a shipment of realistic toy handguns linked to a children's movie.

The Megatron figurine from the Transformers range has been banned because it converts into a handgun. They cost around $100 and can be ordered over the Internet from Japan. But Customs is warning people the toys are illegal and they'll lose their money. More than 50 have already been intercepted with fears more will flood in ahead of the 'Transformers' movie release next month. Natasha Crofts is slowly coming to terms with her new title as Australian Mother of the Year. Like all mums, she plays a lot of varied roles, only she does it many times over. Let's go! Most of us think our mum's the best, but Amy and Rebecca Crofts can add a little more weight to their claim.

Because she loves me and gives me lots and hugs and kisses. Their mum Natasha is now officially the best mum in the country. It is really humbling and especially - being in the company of the other eight finalists from all over Australia. She was awarded the accolade from children's charity Bernados last night. And by all measures, it's well-deserved. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too. The 36-year-old has dedicated the last 10 years to neglected and sick children,

fostering more than 50 as well as adopting two of her own. It's just like having more friends, when you have friends come over, but, like, for a little longer than an afternoon. I see them and I know that I had played some part in their life and made them where they are today. Natasha's husband Stuart nominated her for the Mother of the Year title. He calls her a supermum. On top of caring for scores of children, there's the volunteering - netball coaching, soccer teams and community work. But... ..My mum's still the best to me. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

The only important thing about the

weekend weather is - what is

happening on Mother's Day? It

doesn't matter - mum is hot on the

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One confusing everyone in the

newsroom because I thought I would

hit you with some weather information. hit you with some weather

information. The fog at Katoomba

was unbelievable this morning, they

tell me. Visibility down to 50

metres. A bit of a chill in the air

last night. The coldest night of

the year at Homebush so far. A fabulous the year at Homebush so far. A

fabulous Friday today. Earth we got

eight shiny day as fabulous

Friday's should look like. eight shiny day as fabulous Friday's should look like. eight shiny day as fabulous

Friday's should look like. Glorious

across the city. Low 20s for

Saturday. It doesn't matter what

you do but you have one of the best

days with one of the best people. I

see you in around 10 minutes. A playground poisoning scare puts scores of children in hospital - that story next. And Australian soldiers doing their part to help the underprivileged children of Iraq.

Surprise mum with KFC's Mum's Treat - 10 pieces of irresistible Original Recipe Chicken, nuggets, heaps of sides... So, what's for dessert? a Sara Lee Finest chocolate fudge tart. MUM: Well, the surprises keep on coming.

Time to check on her traffic with

the traffic a helicopter.

Unsurprised third helicopter his

undoing back flips - he has just

had some news about his twin sister

Danielle. If yes, she is having a

baby. Not as good news for traffic

with big delays all the way from

Sydney after the Moony Moony Bridge

after an accident. That you're after an accident. That you're

heading north out of Sydney,

definitely take the Pacific Highway.

We're heading south to bring you an update surely. A children's playground at the centre of a toxic contamination scare has been cleared for public use. Forensic tests have revealed a black substance, thought to be herbicide, was in fact petrol. Police have linked the discovery to the sighting of three girls, apparently trying to set the playground slide alight. 60 school children and a dozen adults were forced to undergo decontamination, four were hospitalised for observation. The local council now plans to install video surveillance. Two Australians have been hacked with a machete in a terrifying attack in northern Africa. Diana Knox from Newcastle and Melbourne chemist John Parkison are now recovering in a Morocco hospital. They had been relaxing by a hotel pool when a man climbed over a wall and started slashing guests with the blade. Security guards caught the attacker, a former hotel worker with a history of mental problems. The Australians' injuries are not life-threatening. Tony Blair might be stepping down but don't expect him to fade away. There's growing speculation the retiring British Prime Minister could end up working on climate change, the Middle East, or even as president of the European Union. It's a rare achievement for a prime minister to leave on his own terms with a smile on his face. Tony Blair chose his farewell venue carefully - his own electorate, where he's been an MP since 1983, and at the same hall he's returned to 3 times in 10 years

after his election victories. In this job, in the world of today, I think that's long enough for me, but more especially, for the country. His wife and daughter in the audience, Mr Blair reflected on his leadership, pointing out successes in the economy, education, and health system but acknowledging he may not have always lived up to expectations. Politics may be the art of the possible but, at least in life, give the impossible a go.

But outside,

a symbol of the issue that has most savaged his popularity - war in Iraq. Becoming emotional, he admitted he may have been wrong. I ask you to accept one thing -

hand on heart, I did what I thought was right. I may... APPLAUSE Aged just 43, Tony Blair ushered in a new, more informal style of leadership, transforming stodgy old Britain into Cool Britannia. COMEDY SHOW: Is my face bovvered? Does my face look bovvered? Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown will almost certainly replace him, a job he's long wanted. There are, of course, 600,000 vacancies in the economy as a result of the... There's one more today, actually, as a result of announcements that have just been made. Mr Blair will officially hand his resignation to the Queen on June 27. I give my thanks to you, the British people, for the times that I have succeeded and my apologies to you for the times I have fallen short. But, good luck. And then, it was over.

With a kiss and a wave, a farewell to a decade in power. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. PM John Howard has welcomed the election of Jose Ramos Horta as East Timor's President, saying the Nobel Peace Prize winner is a friend of Australia.

The current Prime Minister won the presidential election in a landslide, defeating the ruling Fretilin Party candidate, Francisco Guterres, with more than 70% of the vote. The outgoing President, Xanana Gusmao, will run for Prime Minister in next month's parliamentary elections. The independent allies hoping a job-swap will sideline Fretilin. An evening of classical music has turned into a wrestling match. The audience was enjoying the opening night of the Boston Pops when a brawl broke out in one of the balconies.

WOMAN: Go away! (Screams) Oh, my God! It's believed the fight started when one man tapped another on the shoulder to complain he was making too much noise. A vegan couple has been sentenced to life in jail for starving their baby to death. The 6-week-old boy died from malnutrition after his parents fed him mostly soy milk and apple juice. The baby only weighed 1.6kg when he died - that's 4kg lighter than the average 6-week-old. The boy's father insists he didn't know the baby was sick until minutes before he died.

Australian soldiers are doing their part to help the underprivileged children of Iraq by building a new school. Ten Reporter Danielle Isdale has been travelling with our troops. This is the forgotten Iraq. Humble and hopeful villages eager to rebuild their lives after decades of war and neglect. And so a tiny community in the Dhi Qar province welcomes Australian soldiers with open arms. Their cultures may be different but their goal is the same. Hopefully we can build within the next six weeks. The Australians bring to this village not just the funds for reconstruction

but the means to make it happen. That means a new school so the children will no longer have to huddle in a tiny tent. Despite their cramped classroom, wide-eyed boys and girls are happy to attend daily. They work hard, reading, writing, learning to count. They play hard too and, like all kids, they love getting presents. Here we go, buddy. Here, it doesn't happen very often. Most of these children are aged six or seven years old. When they've finished here, they'll move to a secondary school in a nearby town which is a little bit bigger. And it's hoped by the time they finish that this place will be peaceful and stable enough that they can achieve their professional dreams. TRANSLATOR: A doctor. She would like to be a doctor. Her best friend... A teacher. She would like to be a teacher. And many of the boys hope to become army officers. Thousands of Iraqis share that dream. And the Australians are helping they realise it.

These men are now officially soldiers in the new Iraqi army after graduating from a 5-week training course run by the ADF. Joining the new Iraqi army takes a great deal of courage. Their motivation for doing it is to provide a secure environment for their family. In Southern Iraq, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Kevin Rudd outlines a bold education reform - we go one-on-one with the Labor leader next. Also - Collette Dinnigan takes her 2008 fashion collection to new heights. And all aboard - the superyacht judged the most luxurious in the world.

This program is captioned live. The p stories this news hour - The top stories this news hour - police are warning robbery victims not to be heroes after a man was shot trying to stop a hold-up at a Sydney pub. He's now recovering in hospital after undergoing surgery. Police believe the gang is responsible for several other violent robberies. An alarming snapshot of the nation's drug use has revealed one in ten Australians have tried methamphetamines. It comes as police uncovered an ice lab set up in a suburban hotel room. And a pornographic killer has been jailed after bragging about his crime eight years later on national TV. In what the judge called an act of great cruelty, Gareth Bunce strangled his former sister-in-law while making a bondage video. Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd is out and about, trying to convince voters of the merits of his formal Budget reply. I caught up with him late this afternoon. Well, Kevin Rudd, thanks for joining us. Good to be here. Now your Budget reply is, in large part, an attempt to spruik your economic credentials. You say you wear the badge of fiscal conservative with pride. But if voters really want an economically conservative PM, why not just stick with John Howard? 'Cause you've got to do two things. One is, you've got be conservative about the management of the nation's Budget and to keep interest rates low but the other thing is this - you've still got to have a plan for our long-term economic prosperity. And that's where we come in - we have a big difference with the Government on that. They hope the mining boom will last forever, we say it won't and instead we need an education revolution to make sure we've got the skills necessary for our kids to have the best jobs possible in the future economy. And we've talked about trades training in schools as part of that. Well, education is central. This year's Budget has become, in large part, the duel of the schools.

You raising the stakes, allocating the funds for school training centres, Wouldn't bolstering funds for the TAFE system just achieve the same result? Well, we've called for an education revolution across the board, early childhood education - $500 million from us, nothing from the Government. In schools as well,

where we're now talking about trades training centres in schools, for all 2,650 secondary schools across the country.

Also, it's important for us to do TAFE and university but why are we doing trades training in schools? Because practical training in the trades is necessary to deal with our current skills shortage and secondly, we've got to keep those kids at schools so they don't just fall off the edge and end up falling through the cracks, and no property training. through no job and no proper training. That's why we've put forward this innovative $2.5 billion plan. We think it's right for Australia's future. Labor has been surging in the polls but you foreshadowed that the party and yourself would suffer a hit in this year's Budget. Are you not confident that your own Budget reply speech will actually resonate with voters? Well, Mr Howard's a very clever politician, he's put together a very cunning, some would even say cynical Budget, four months before an election, saying that he's now serious about higher education, serious about climate change. But at the same time he's provided tax cuts and we know working families deserve those tax cuts. And if you're going to spend a bucketload of money just before an election, of course he's going to get a big bounce in the polls. I'm sure we're going to take a pounding, but that's life,

we've got four months to go before the election. It's going to be a long campaign. A very long campaign. Kevin Rudd, thanks for your time. Thank you. While many are already putting their hands up

for a slice of Kevin Rudd's technical education funding

in the real world, they're not as impressed.

Among next-generation tradies at Marsden High School are plenty of students with even higher hopes. Every now and then we have to come in and do an assignment and that which basically talks about analysing new technologies or new innovations. Probably one of my best subjects - it's really fun to be around. I actually like coming to this class. Mr Rudd spruiking his vocational training revamp at a school where young talent is hamstrung by 50-year-old equipment. This is a big initiative

because we need it to make sure we have got the skills necessary in the traditional trades. For the Marsden High principal, it'd be $2.5 billion well spent.

You're learning all those artisan skills which are still important - and you want to hold onto those - but to be able to extend students into tomorrow's world we need very up-to-date equipment. Kevin Rudd may have been expecting some real support from the building industry for this policy. But he may be surprised to learn that it's not all been positive. Look, the Devil is always in the detail. Um, I don't think there's been too much consultation with industry to introduce the Rudd approach. Builders say the plan won't translate into a depth of talent the industry needs.

They say the current system of a few specialist schools focusing on trade skills is the way forward. Frank Coletta, Ten News A big drop on the local sharemarket after falls in the US. Power company Alinta found 14 cents after Babcock & Brown trumped a takeover bid by Macquarie Bank. The 'Millionaire's Factory' slumped $1.27 on the news.

That they look at the weather with

Tim Bailey and a lot of mothers are

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you going to help out with the

weather? Partly cloudy you going to help out with the weather? Partly cloudy and around

22 degrees on Sunday. God bless all

the mums out there because we

wouldn't be here without you!. Let's have a

wouldn't be here without you!. Let's have a wouldn't be here without you!. Let's have a wouldn't be here without you!. Let's have a look

wouldn't be here without you!.

Let's have a look at the map. It is

now officially the weekend!

It's a fog early in the West It's a fog early in the West and

then a mainly fine day after some

sunshine early and some cloud of

late. It is to its awareness Week.

If you know at any one who makes

uncontrolled noises or sounds or

they could shake and shout, they

might just have to reps syndrome.

If you can help them out have a

look at the website for the love

and understanding that is on their

website. They have DVDs for primary

schools and health for mum and dad

and other kids. Look out for that -

to its week will - - to its

awareness Week this week. We'll see

you at 5:55pm. Right now, it is

officially the weekend and I know

the three of the love that sort of talk! After a less than wonderful week, Qantas executives have put on a happy face for a first-class party. Sport now with Tim Webster and extra incentives for the NRL stars this weekend. Yes, State of Origin spots are on the line, we'll cross live to Brookvale Oval for the latest. Also back from rehab, Chris Walker takes the first steps towards a comeback in suburban footy. And on a course called SawGrass many players saw only water on one of the world's toughest holes.

QUIRKY MUSIC (Barks questioningly) Hmm! (Blows whistle) FANFARE QUIRKY MUSIC (Blows whistle) SONG: # Live a Lotto life. # This program is captioned live.

Origin spots are up for grabs this weekend, Brett Kimmorley will be all-out to secure the Blues halfback job when the Sharks take on the Broncos tonight while Manly host the Eels and Adam Hawse is at Manly.

It's always a great and intense contest, with Origin selection giving it that extra edge.

Plenty to like about this one. He

had Jamie line going up against the

Eels for the first time since he

walked out of the club a few years

back. There is just as much

interest in Matt Walford - if he

has a good night tonight he will

now down that path back spot for

New South Wales. The Blues Selecta

is that the ground and he will look

out for the form. Matt Orford's in a race for the Blues number seven jersey nobody appears to be winning.

But if critics see that as a sign Queensland are in for an easy ride, Orford begs to differ. Competition is a really good thing. When plenty of spots are up for grabs guys are going to perform and they're going to be on their toes every week and trying to impress so I think that's a really good thing for NSW. Out-of-form Panthers halfback Craig Gower to get his chance tomorrow against Jonathan Thurston and the Cowboys. And then think he has been in great

form early in the season but maybe

he can click out of that quickly

but for the Cowboys, we don't want

him to do that. Why Meigle he would

like to be playing his Steve

Menzies. He is three weeks away

from comeback. The club has

Menzies. He is three weeks away from comeback. The club has been

raised. They haven't said we need a

decision yet. All my it thought

processes - I still want to play

next year. Meanwhile Chris Walker

is back. The suspended gold Coast

tie and will play at the Park this

weekend against the Ipswich jets.

It has been tough but what doesn't

kill you makes you stronger. I am

looking forward to that challenge

ahead. As instructed by the titans,

Walker spent two years at a private

rehab clinic where he was treated

for alcohol and an anxiety

disorders. This has been boosted by

support from his team mates. A I

understand it is a long way back

but it is a long way back only if I but it is a long way back only if I

make the steps to make it as but it is a long way back only if I make the steps to make it as

quickly as they can. Go is Walker make the steps to make it as quickly as they can. Go is Walker

was not supposed to be back playing

for the Times for six weeks but I

am told the Times has so impressed

with his comeback that he will be

playing sooner than that. Steve

Mackie will be back. Ian Orford can

be back for New South Wales. Mark

Riddell, the tough Walker is back

in a surprise comeback. The AFL have given Swans Coach Paul Roos a suspended $2500 fine after he publicly criticised umpires. Some better news for the coach, though - St Kilda star Nick Dal Santo in doubt with a hamstring injury.

As usual the Swans took to the water for their end of week recovery session. 2005 premiership player Paul Bevan in for his first game of the season. We haven't mastered our game plan yet, so we'll get back to basics and that's all we'll have to do. Midfielder Aamon Buchanan has been named in the team but remains a wait and see proposition as he recovers from a knee injury. Tomorrow night's match can be seen live on Ten at 7 pm. The Aussies have fared well after a wet and wild first round at the Players Championship at the TPC's Sawgrass course in Florida. Peter Lonard trails leaders Rory Sabatini and Phil Mickelson by 2 shots with Rod Pampling and Nathan Green also well placed.

The famous 17th hole claiming a record 50 balls. Some of the best players in the world, including Geoff Ogilvy, saw grass, but could only find water.

Sergio Garcia was one of the 50 to meet a watery grave at 17, but went within a whisker of making an amazing save. His pitch shot from the drop zone lipping out. Roger Federer's bad run continues. He's been knocked out of the Rome Masters in straight sets by Italian wild card, Fillipo Volandri. COMMENTATOR: He's done it! It's Federer's fourth consecutive tournament without a title, his longest unsuccessful stretch since 2004. To the tips - and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow:

That's all in Sports. For the

reaction tonight on Sports Tonight.

Talk to you on Monday - here is the

traffic now. Not much fun for

drivers? Big delays. Still was a

bad smash near a Old Windsor Road

Sydney Smith's the road. Look at

the traffic - it is jammed all the

way to North Parramatta - that is a

two, to a traffic jam and friends

coming home - there will be home late. The weekend's almost here - Tim Bailey's got the weather lowdown next.

If you're over 50 and not working full-time, you're an experienced driver. Here comes tomorrow's weather. This program is captioned live. A Newcastle man has splashed out a cool $30 million on the world's most luxurious yacht. The 41m 'Seafaris' is a floating palace of opulence and luxury. The boat was built in Brisbane and has just won the World Superyacht awards in Venice. For his money, the mystery buyer gets four double guest suites, beds for 12 staff, a massive boardroom and a gourmet kitchen. And if you've got a spare few million, they're just about to start building an even bigger version.

Perhaps a super yacht is slightly

out of the price bracket for Mann

is Mother's Day. I hope you're

getting your mum something nice.

All my love for the greatest person All my love for the greatest person

on earth! We are looking at the

weather. A mainly fine day, partly

cloudy for your best friend. Over

the photograph to kick off the weekend. the photograph to kick off the

weekend. Glorious photo. The

details that come with the photo

quite - aren't quite so brilliant.

How about a surname for this

fellow?In the running for a digital

camera. Weekend weather

We have a glorious Mother's Day and

perfect to be able to crack the

champagne and say, my day - I put

up with them for 365 days of the

use so it is they up with them for 365 days of the

use so it is they turned to shower me in presence.

Cloud building in the interior in

an upper trough is bringing storms.

The south-east will remain dry

after a storm. Bailey

It by was a birthday cake in

Tamworth I would be getting very,

very nervous. Happy birthday to

Peter McLeod. I know you will knock

off the cake. Toward the Munce out

there, especially mine, when the

Bailey, have a great mother stay

there - you deserve it. Bailey, have a great mother stay there - you deserve it. Thorpe 40

in it Melbourne and then sunny. -

boggy in Melbourne and then a

Up if you live in it now redeem the

tomorrow, look out for the network

10 the cameraman's picnic. It will

be dangerous so watch out. After a less than wonderful week, Qantas executives have put on a happy face for a first-class party. The occasion was the launch of the airline's new first-class lounge at Sydney airport and plenty of platinum frequent flyers were on hand for the unveiling. It's a signal of our confidence, not only in the airline industry, but in the prosperity of Qantas. Hot designer Marc Newson created the lounge's look, while Collette Dinnigan added to the celebrations by showing her resort collection, including some sexy swimwear. The airline's other lounges are now set for an upgrade to first class, as Qantas turns its attention back to passengers. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. guess where this episode comes from. The bridge, the Opera House, John Howard's home Sydney harbour. Not just a pretty place but a reliable fishery we're informed. We've got the sports boat out today. We're doing it in Sydney style. Exactly. This is a 30 foot gin palace is what I call it. Not a lot of room to fish but we're going to catch some and we are going to show