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(generated from captions) many cultural and political We are so close, but there are so break down a little bit. borders that perhaps we'd like to racism, history, terror and Also explored are the issues of personal survival. touch those little places that I think that what art should do is hearts and in our minds. might have frozen over in our fifth of June. The Exhibition runs until the night. And that's WIN News for Thursday team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Jessica Good, from the news Television. over an alleged cover-up Police Minister's anger

in the Patrick Power child porn case. make her debut Kate Fischer watches her mother in the so-called 'sexist bearpit'. of an old battle-axe, She can be a bit but you know, she's very playful. Held up to ridicule - for saying she saw a ghost. the woman suing a newspaper about the article? REPORTER: How do you feel

And priced out of the market -

to live on in Sydney. why $100,000 is not enough outrageously expensive. I think it's getting pretty

This program is captioned live. Good evening. of parliamentary privilege today There as an extraordinary use accused former prosecutor Greg Smith as Police Minister David Campbell of tipping off a colleague had been found on his computer. that child pornography is now on bail That colleague, Patrick Power, against his 8-month sentence. as his lawyers prepare an appeal has been silent Convicted prosecutor Dr David Power for possessing child porn. since the court sentenced him Not so State Parliament. David Campbell claimed It erupted as Police Minister from his then boss, Power received a tip-off Greg Smith. now Shadow Attorney General, It's that course of action vital evidence to disappear. which might have allowed Despite being howled down, which suggested Mr Campbell quoted evidence hard drive may have been wiped. that part of Dr Power's computer If power had not been tipped-off to the F-drive police would have had access been able and would have, potentially,

to lay more substantial charges. Power was tipped-off. And that's the issue -

Under parliamentary privilege the chance to destroy evidence he claimed Greg Smith gave Power before calling police. he confronted Power The Shadow Attorney General admitted calling investigators. at least an hour before

There was no tip-off by me. I was

acting as a manager. I was never

told by any police officer that I

should have rung them first. I was never given... He argued he needed to find out Power had been prosecuting. if the child porn was part of a case in the case of Dr Power. This needed to be clarified the real issue in this case The Opposition claims acted quickly enough is whether the police in the right jurisdiction. and whether the case was heard to have it heard at a higher court There was another option could have been incurred. where a penalty of five years

Meantime Attorney-General is

reviewing a report from the office

of the DPP regarding the case. Barely two months into the job, among her new colleagues Pru Goward has been ruffling feathers male dominated and ruthlessly sexist. by calling the NSW Parliament came on the eve of her maiden speech Her controversial remarks

in the bearpit. walks out of the Parliament House The Liberal Party's new star of male chauvinism. she calls a rough house that chamber to behave differently. It is up to the people in

Commissioner The former Federal Sex Discrimination her maiden speech had just been making were stirring up debate but her words outside the chamber as "ruthlessly sexist". when she described parliament you just get drowned out. In that chamber according to Labor's female MPs. And that's just life welcome to politics Pru, Politics is a tough game, give as good as the men. and the women REPORTER: Will you give it back? I guess I just have to. Actress and model Kate Fischer to witness her mum's debut flew in from LA to survive The Bear Pit. and has no doubts about her ability a bit of an old battle-axe Well, she could be but, you know, she's very playful.

Ms Goward's views on Parliament. The opposition Leader shares it needs to change. It's a blokey institution, why Pru Goward's comments Barry O'Farrell couldn't understand attracted so much attention when he realises but the penny may well drop is bound to hog the headlines - an MP with her profile nominated as a future Liberal Leader. especially as someone constantly Adam Walters, National Nine News. the target of a major crackdown Feuding bikie gangs are to be by the Police Commissioner. personally ordered and a handful of other agencies, Backed by the State Government hound the gangs into submission police say they'll try to before more people get hurt. have seen clubhouses torched, At least three separate feuds bikers bashed and nightclubs shot up. now getting caught in the crossfire, With innocent people the police gloves are coming off. every clubhouse, We'll target every bikie, frequented or associated with bikies every licensed premises that is and every event that they run. The Commissioner says Bandidos and Rebels he'll hit the Nomads, Comancheros, with everything he can muster.

who seek to operate outside the law. These are people not on this fella's patch. Well, I tell you clearly, vehicle checks, The bikies will now face security licence scrutiny clubhouse raids by licensing police, and possible asset seizures Crime Commissions. by the State and National They'll be sick of the sight of us. would only bring an end At best, the new crackdown to the current tit-for-tat violence, once and for all. it wouldn't break up the bikie gangs, For that to happen, to be introduced in every State. anti-racketeering laws would have to consider The Commissioner wants the Government copying America's so-called RICO laws John Gotti. which brought down Mafia gangster, it's the only way to hurt the gangs. The Opposition says the heads of these bikie gangs in, 'Oh, we're going to get 'we're going to sit down and give them a stern talking to.' Garbage! Best way to talk to them, start taking away their assets.

The Government says it won't rush new organised crime laws. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. In breaking news -

there's been a sensless attack on children near Adelaide. Liquid pesticide has been poured on a slippery dip in a suburban playground.

At least 69 children have been exposed to the pesticide. so far 41 have so far been taken to hospital along with 13 adults. They're now being decontaminated. The effects of the poison are not thought to be life threatening.

After the Government's tax cuts and spending promises, Labor leader Kevin Rudd has a tough challenge tonight

when he delivers his reply to the Budget.

A drop in unemployment to a new, 33-year low has further bolstered the Government's economic credentials. When John Howard visited a Canberra school today, he met a kid who must have reminded him of himself half a century ago. What do you hope to do? Fill your seat one day, maybe. Meanwhile, the bloke with a more immediate ambition to pinch the Prime Minister's job was with Shadow Treasurer, Wayne Swan, preparing his Budget reply speech for delivery tonight. Taxes low, families under financial pressure. Yeah, bit of that, yeah. Treasurer Peter Costello raised the bar pretty high with an election-year Budget cutting taxes, showered money on families and putting $5 billion into a new endowment fund for universities. Today, underlining the Government's economic credentials even further, another drop in unemployment to just 4.4% - the lowest level since 1974. There are more Australians in work than ever before. This is the dividend of strong economic policy. In a bid to strengthen Mr Rudd's claims to economic responsibility, the Labor Party is putting TV commercials to air ahead of this evening's speech. A number of people have described me as an economic conservative. When it comes to public finance, it's a badge I wear with pride. He's got a responsibility tonight to lay out to the Australian public how he plans to keep the Australian economy strong. Mr Costello says the Labor leader will have no economic credibility unless he junks the industrial relations policy drawn up by his deputy, Julia Gillard. Cut her loose tonight. Cut the policy loose. Back at school, the budding PM was seeking advice. from the expert. I have the same problem as you. How do you keep your eyebrows nice and neat? (Class laughs) Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. A new survey has confirmed something we've all long suspected, Sydney is now so expensive it's almost unaffordable. Most of us think you need at least $100,000 a year to live here and we're all working harder and commuting for longer just to survive.

London, Paris, New York - when it comes to a big city lifestyle, Sydney is up there with the biggest but, ask just about anyone, and so too is the expense. I think it's getting pretty outrageously expensive. To buy your own home, groceries, everything, everything. According to a Chamber of Commerce survey, 97% of us believe Sydney has become unaffordable while a quarter feel they have to earn $100,000 or more just to live comfortably. It goes to the nature of Sydney as a global city. Yeah, It'd say $100,000 is probably right. Just a hundred thousand? For commuters the cost is measured in time. 57% of us spend over two hours getting to and from work every day. Labor has never had a focus on an integrated transport strategy, it's never been interested in commuters. It's getting worse and worse everyday. That's why the Government has a $660 million plan to improve urban congestion. It's hardly surprisingly that nearly all of those surveyed blamed Sydney's housing for the high cost of living. To cope, many will be working harder. More than 60% said they intended to work longer hours over the next year. So the concept for Sydney commuters is one of long hours at work and long hours travelling. Which makes you wonder what's the attraction? Perhaps it's days like this. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. A tale about the supernatural has come back to haunt a newspaper which printed a woman's story that she'd seen a ghost. She claims she's since been held up to ridicule

and is seeking damages in the Supreme Court. This humble newspaper and its publisher William McGeown have sparked a row in sleepy Cessnock. The people love our paper. But not Theresa Mallik. She's so upset with the publication she's suing Mr McGeown and his paper for defamation over a front-page article in 2005. The headline - "Witness sees Ghost". REPORTER: Can you tell us a little bit about it and how you feel about the article? The article was quoting Mrs Mallik's evidence at a Land and Environment Court hearing. The paper says she objected to the expansion of a crematorium, where: The ghost sighting wasn't disputed in court. Instead, Mrs Mallik's lawyer claimed the article had led people in Cessnock to think Mrs Mallik's: Mr McGeown says that wasn't his meaning. I never said that in the paper. Instead, his lawyer told the court the article wasn't even mild criticism. The jury's decision is expected tomorrow. They must decide if it's all a storm in teacup or if Mr McGeown's ghost story defamed Mrs Mallik and made her seem demented. Bethany Jensen, National Nine News. It's taken compassion, self sacrifice and an agonising, 2-year legal battle in courts on the other side of the world. But tonight, a young South Coast woman has legal custody of her twin nephews who were languishing in foster care in England. If home is where the heart is, twin brothers Charlie and James have finally found it in Batemans Bay. But it took more than heart to get them here. It's taken two years, thousands of dollars in legal costs and a complicated battle at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. It's been a 2-year battle

and now, to know that it's done is's just the best thing. Laura's half-sister, Joanna, gave birth to the boys in England but they were put into foster care because she's intellectually disabled. Here in Australia, Laura, 25 years old and single, decided to apply for custody. So that they knew where they were from and that they were part of a family and that someone loved them enough and cared enough to fight for them. Fortunately, it wasn't a lone fight. Her mother Mary pledged support even though she's not the boy's biological grandmother. And in a landmark decision, the Hague court ruled in their favour. We're a family, we're not your normal everyday family, but I've brought Laura up to know that there's lot's of different families.

Now the next challenge, still owing thousands of dollars in legal bills, Laura is beginning her new life as a single mum. Imagine it's your grandchildren or your family - I mean, could you really just watch them get taken away? Heidi Couch, National Nine News. Lisa Wilkinson is the new face of the 'Today' show. An experienced print and broadcast journalist, Ms Wilkinson was appointed today to replace Jessica Rowe as Karl Stefanovic's permanent co-host. Breakfast television is such a hot timeslot in Australian television. And there is only two jobs like it in the country and I'm just thrilled I've got one of them. She'll start the job on Monday, May 28. In the news ahead - a Muslim Mickey Mouse promoting terrorism. And Kylie's controversial friendship with a married man. 40 years after Aborigines were welcomed into

the Australian mainstream, there's a renewed effort to finish the job of making us one nation. Celebrities are getting behind a new campaign

to improve the lot of all Aboriginal Australians. Against all the odds it was to be the most widely supported referendum in Australian history. We are appealing to the public to support us in a yes vote.

Nine out of ten people did just that but, 40 years on, the drive for real change in Aboriginal lives has faltered. Gross failure. A 17-year gap in life expectancy is a reminder how far we've got to go. The new campaign uses TV and interactive websites to encourage renewed racial understanding and cooperation. Reconciliation is a story about all of us. And its a lot bigger than this ad. When there's problems, you've got to sit down and have a chat about it and get it out in the open. Today was also a significant anniversary for a man who was once the nation's most well-known Aboriginal sporting star. 31 years ago, champion jockey Darby McCarthy was at the height of a glittering career. Then, dramatically charged with fixing a race at a Victorian meeting, he was banned. It broke me and left me destitute, it hurt big time. For three decades he fought to clear his name and, this week, Racing Victoria did just that. McCarthy's suspension was a serious miscarriage of justice -

he was not guilty.

When I go down to my dreamtime, I can go down feeling comfortable with this appeal now, pardon coming through. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. A Mickey Mouse look-alike has been taken off-air after promoting violence against the United States and Israel on Palestinian children's television. (Speaks Arabic) Mickey had also been urging Palestinian children to work for global Islamic domination. British newspapers are asking Kylie what she's playing at keeping company with a married man during a holiday in South America. Three months after her break up with Oliver Martinez, she's been photographed with film director Alexander Dahm while his wife is back at home, 8-months pregnant with the couple's second child. Ken with sport next, and Andrew Johns thoughts on the State of Origin halfback spot. He's pinpointed a young talented rookie. Also Joey's shown who's boss at the league ladies luncheon. And the Sydney FC frustrated by Shanghai diving. Half or full? Full. VOICEOVER: AAMI can help reduce your car's running costs. Switch today and save. The struggling Panthers have suffered a setback, they've lost international winger Luke Rooney for three months with a neck injury. Meanwhile, Matt Orford and Brett Kimmorley are tipped to fight out the NSW halfback spot but former great Andrew Johns has told Nine News that Jarrod Mullen will be up to the job. Jarrod Mullen moved freely at training today so he'll be in a position to try and topple other Origin half-back contenders. And the best there was says that he's up to it. I wasn't ready but it fast-tracked my career. about the game. and taught me so much you know, long-term, So, if they did pick Jarrod, for his development you know, it would be great

slotting in there and I could see him

for a long time to come. watching State of Origin. I've gone my whole life

to get picked it's a big, you know, You know, to even get considered confidence booster. His back up selection is a surprise. maybe Todd Carney from Canberra. If anything happened to Braith

Johns thinks the Maroons may be

favourite. Queensland showed in the

past the best team on paper doesn't

always win. Johns was the main

attraction at an NRL lunch,

honouring the role women play in

the game. He met his match in his

fiancee, says he has a good future

in coaching, so long as it's behind the scenes.

We'll give him the kit to wash.

Behind the scenes role is probably

where you should be. I do all the

cooking and cleaning at home, it'd

be nothing different. That's

because I'm the one that works. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. AFL and Sydney Coach Paul Roos to start stringing wins together has stressed it's time challenge for the premiership. if the Swans are to make another for the second straight week, The Swans return to Telstra Dome this time lining up against St Kilda. so far this season, Struggling for consistency a Swans victory over St Kilda for another title assault. could the launch pad and scratching If we can keep fighting and biting end of the season, and hopefully be amongst it at the

that's what we're hoping to do. mid-fielder Amon Buchanan While it remains uncertain whether will return from injury this week, will play 2005 premiership player Paul Bevan for the first time this season holds on to his spot. while Keiren Jack that he's playing again We're wrapped last week. because he had a significant role

campaign is still alive Sydney FC's Asian Champion's League against Shanghai Shenhua - despite managing only a draw awarded a lucky penalty. Definitely outside the box. COMMENTATOR: for the home side. Talay's miss proved costly and that was most of the time - When in trouble - in a theatrical manner. the Chinese slowed play worked over time, The stretcher bearers it had everybody frustrated beat the Urawa Reds in Japan The 0-0 result means Sydney must now to qualify for the next stage. Chris Hodgkison, National Nine News.

Is it me I can't believe the

referees fall for all that diving.

They need yellow and red cards. After the break - Jaynie with the weather details, the CommSec finance report, then Peter Harvey's Last Word. the country's largest lender, In finance, the NAB, in half yearly earnings posted a 23% jump to $2.2 billion. the mining giants fell On the markets, after frenzied buying in recent days

a takeover bid for Rio Tinto. on talk BHP Billiton is preparing

to yet another record. The All Ords rose 13 points after the employment figures, Our dollar jumped it's buying US$0.8334. Mark, a grey old day

where we need it the most. but the rain didn't quite fall landed over most of Sydney's dams. In the last week, less than 5mm which is down 0.3%. The total system is now 37.9% In the last 24 hours, Northern Beaches, Central Coast there was torrential rain over the and Hunter. for the rest of Sydney Not a great deal at the Warragamba dam site. and 7mm fell since Anzac day. It was our coldest day which is 2 below average. 19 for the city, Light to moderate southerlies tonight. with the occasional coastal shower for most of the east coast. Winds are onshore over the Hunter and mid-north coast, Biggest falls have been with almost 100mm. Cloudy, over the northern inland tomorrow. with the chance of patchy, light rain along the coast again, Fresh south-easterlies the north coast and adjacent ranges. most of the showers lying over tomorrow. Early fog in Canberra and Adelaide in Melbourne and Hobart. Light winds and a fine one A change brining Perth late rain. A few showers for Brisbane. Sydney, cloud looks set to clear. turning south-easterly South-westerly winds but staying fairly calm. with those onshore winds. Nothing much happening for surfers But with increasing sunshine, up to about 22 we'll see the temperatures for Penrith and Campbelltown. 21 in the city. for a fine and sunny weekend. Still on track Cooling back down next week in from the west. with some decent falls farmers and the catchments, Mark, That could include rain for our we'll keep you posted! with the Last Word. Now here's Peter Harvey Every once in a long while, that just takes your breath away. you come across a story You saw it earlier, and determination and courage. a story of the greatest love gives birth to twin boys. Laura Backus half-sister, in Britain, is intellectually disabled, The mother unable to care for her babies and placed in care. so they're to be taken from her Laura is single, without much money, she fights tooth and nail. but for two harrowing years she'll love them. She wants the twins, And against all the odds and bureaucrats can throw at her, that international law are with her - tonight, her sister's little boys very safe in loving arms. and her little boys. So, here's to Laura for this Thursday. That's National Nine News Goodnight. I'm Mark Ferguson. by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions who's hit and who's missed. This program is captioned live. Welcome to 'A Current Affair'. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. 'Super Mums'. Also tonight, meet the nation's What they do is simply amazing. for Brendan and Alex Fevola? And are things hotting up are getting louder But first, the warning bells in almost all the foods we buy. about the hidden food additives The list of health problems being blamed on these common ingredients will shock you and experts say it's children who are most at risk. Ben McCormack has more. Food additive use has skyrocketed to the point that very few of us have any idea what is actually in the foods we're eating or the foods we're feeding our families. I do see more and more sick children presenting with allergies, eczema, asthma. He can't sit and build something out of Lego. He'll just throw it all around the room. Raven Olsen is like any normal 5-year-old, but give him processed food like pasta sauce or chocolate biscuits, and mum Melanie says he turns into a terror. He'll just run from room to room, so we try and let him go outside so he'll blow off some steam and he'll just run around and it seems to last for a good couple of hours, two or three hours until it's really out of his system. Melanie is convinced Raven's erratic behaviour is caused by a chemical cocktail of preservatives and colours that are contained in the everyday food that we all eat. I've really noticed if I give him too much in the way of highly processed foods, you can really see the reaction. He becomes really, really hyperactive, just runs around. He just doesn't listen. He just completely loses concentration. It's really, really stressful for the whole family. Your average Australian child today would easily be eating about 150-200 different additives every day.