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(generated from captions) gangster Carl Williams gets life. Cowardly assassin - Paris talks about going to jail. Breaking her silence - are my weakness # (Sings) # Young boys Plus - the stars come out to play - of the year. what happened at the biggest TV party headline Sports Tonight And - off-field issues at Collingwood with Brad McEwan. three players Sandra - the Pies have dumped against Carlton. for Saturday's match for breaking a team curfew. They've been axed And crisis time at Richmond in 99 years. after the Tigers' heaviest defeat an acceptable performance. It's just not for Richmond football club. Yeah, a very disappointing day

Also - the Titans host the Cowboys - he'll be a driving force in the NRL while Benji Marshall declares

for years to come. Plus - the secret to taming Teahupoo. This program is captioned live. First - tomorrow's Federal Budget to claw back some ground and Labor is expecting the Government in the opinion polls and environmentally-friendly budget. with a big family, defence even hinting at tax cuts, Treasurer Peter Costello in a big appeal to families. 12 times, He's taken this pre-Budget stroll a run in the polls, bit with the Opposition enjoying on what he announces tomorrow, the Treasurer knows a lot is hanging and his promise is targeted. It will be good for families. which is squarely aimed This is a Budget

of the Australian economy to increase the capacity and to help families, and I make no apologies for that. on whether that means tax cuts. But Peter Costello's keeping mum Already out there, rebate available to all parents, a promise to make the 30% child care regardless of income, and to have the rebate paid quicker.

broke stride Labor Leader Kevin Rudd barely to call for tax relief. as he marched for May Day Working families need tax cuts. It's about time he did it. to save the Government? And will they be enough Apparently not. one and all, And I say to you, friends, win this election we will. CHEERING the Opposition Leader during caucus But there was less bravado from significant dip in the opinion polls warning his colleagues to expect a over the coming weeks will get some bounce from the Budget. predicting the Government

climate change will rate a mention For the first time in 12 years to improve Australia's environment with Mr Costello promising measures of rebates for energy efficiency. likely to come in the form Budgets he expects to deliver But on the question of how many more after this one, the Treasurer was less forthcoming. tomorrow night's Budget. Let me focus on That's what I'll do. Brad Hodson, Ten News. it's still Australian-owned. Demands tonight for Qantas to prove has hit more turbulence tonight, The airline's buyout fiasco with talk of court action, fears over a share price crash have been broken. and claims foreign ownership laws It was on. Then it was off. Now the legal eagles are still trying off the ground. to get the $11 billion Qantas bid

the offer document states A little-known clause in

must sell all their stake." "Any shareholder who agrees to sell, Australia now believes And as a result, Airline Partners on Friday night. it might have had the numbers over the fate of the bid, With such confusion has been suspended until Wednesday. trading in Qantas shares Shareholders are calling for scalps, with chair Margaret Jackson. starting at the very top

We think she has to go. stand up and resign. She has to be accountable, shareholders deserve answers. The Treasurer believes didn't want to sell, the bid fails, A majority of them now have the obligation The old board and old management to state what they intend to do. has written to Qantas Transport Minister Mark Vaile the company's ownership status. demanding to know hedge funds by overseas investors There are fears the scramble for more than 50% foreign owned, may mean the company is now foreign ownership laws. and that would breach The Government will not allow in Qantas. majority foreign ownership If the bid has failed, a higher offer for three months. the consortium can't make a Qantas sell-off. And that could spark have to get out first, The ones who come in last

something of a flurry to get out so there's going to be if the bid doesn't go ahead. to call an end to the bid, The unions want the Prime Minister can't run a takeover, claiming if the consortium they can't run an airline. Max Futcher, Ten News. a statement And tonight Qantas issued should continue. saying the trading halt in its shares

Carl Williams. Judgment day for gangland king-pin for 35 years The crime boss has been locked up of three underworld rivals. for ordering the murder before he'll be eligible for release. He'll be 71 in a windowless van, Carl Williams left court wiped from his face. his smiley demeanour in the dock

We'll take it as it comes. but we'll be standing by Carl I don't know, I've got no idea, before. and we love him as much as we did was banned from the hearing William's ex-wife, Roberta for abusing his new female friends of two of his victims. and Judy Moran, the wife and mother He's evil and he's still breathing! And as cocky as ever. back here to St Kilda Road? Then you were conveyed by police car (Yawns) That's correct. Sorry. That's correct. Yeah. You a bit tired? underworld slayings, Convicted of four up to 10. Carl Williams could have committed

to save his father George from jail. He claims he only confessed is him home tomorrow. What I'd like to see would be around about 30. What the most probable result is

Williams was jailed for life

for at least the next 35 years. and will be behind bars Complete injustice. Betty King is a Purana puppet to wear her wig and her gown. and she doesn't deserve has finally fallen. Police are relieved the curtain we stop treating him I think it's about time as some sort of B-grade movie star. The fact is, he is a criminal. He is one of the worst serial killers in the history of this State. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. A landmark study has triggered a rethink on how to tackle Australia's obesity epidemic.

It's found

that while more than 1 in 10 young Australians are overweight the problem doesn't always start in childhood. According to the 20-year study the shape of our nation is rapidly growing out of control. The prevalence of obesity in childhood has trebled. That's part of the explanation of why it has been such a national priority. Researchers charted the weight change of 4,500 Australians from childhood

and discovered it wasn't only the obese kids who struggled with excess kilos later in life. It was also true that most obese young adults were actually a healthy weight

in childhood. The findings confirmed other expert opinions

that too much focus is placed on childhood weight with the belief that's enough to fix the problem for life. I think the key times for people to gain weight do tend to be the high school years

and also when people go through significant life change. Research indicates Australia's obesity problem is growing despite an increased public awareness of it. Experts say it will take a more comprehensive approach to conquer. After all, it took more than 20 years to tackle smoking. I'll be looking in the Budget for a huge ramp up from the Minister for Health in addressing the problem of overweight and obese Australians.

Meanwhile, children's hospitals are experiencing a record demand for their dietitians. Their clinics hope that by providing expert advice they may yet be able to break a dangerous cycle. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Hundreds of elderly Australians are making illegal euthanasia drugs to end their lives when they can't look after themselves.

Boil, boil, toil and trouble. The ABC's 'Four Corners' reported tonight backyard labs have been set up in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, with about 800 elderly people ready to make the banned drug Nembutal. It's not illegal to end your life.

Why is it illegal to have the drug that will do it? About 100 others have gone to Mexico to illegally import the euthanasia drug into Australia.

Australians travellers were warned tonight

that Germany is a terrorist target. The Department of Foreign Affairs says anyone going there is urged to take precautions and be alert to danger. Stunning frocks and some shocks at the 49th Logie Awards. The biggest surprise of the night - actress Kate Ritchie winning gold. Hollywood has rolled out the green carpet for a monster movie premiere. From the biggest star to the littlest, they were dressed to thrill. The carpet an array of stunning starlets,

and Jeannie Little, who turned her frock into outdoor advertising. Triple nominee Rove McManus brought a special guest. Um, hopefully a Gold would be lovely. Oh, no pressure, Mum, jeez! The awards flowing thick and fast, Shane Bourne saying, "Thank God you're here," to a Silver Logie for Outstanding Comedy. Rove nabbing two Silvers including Most Popular Presenter. I wasn't really sure if I could do this anymore, if this was something I really, even if I wanted to, could be able to do. But he was pipped for Gold by Kate Ritchie, who has been stranded in Summer Bay for 19 years. You know what I think that I hope that I can instill in other young actresses is that you don't have to be the prettiest girl or the hottest new thing. You just have to be who you really are, and sometimes that pays off. With the official part of the evening over, it's time for all the gossip and intrigue, which can only happen at the after-show party. (Sings) # Young boys are my weakness # Last year's Gold winner happy with the night's result. She's waited longer than me. She's waited since she was six. The hosts scoring praise for their efforts. Mate, you got a touchdown. I got a touchdown! Some stars indulging in a bit of dirty dancing. Others, although rare, were sensible.

I'm going to go to bed. I'm just trying to work out how I'm gonna get home. I have to start work at 9:00 in the morning. Oh! (Laughs) Yeah, I know, everyone at home is going, "Oh, 9:00!" Angela Bishop, Ten News. The opinion polls suggest

Hollywood has rolled out the green carpet for a monster movie premiere. The stars needed their sunglasses for the daytime premiere of 'Shrek 3' in Los Angeles. The cast includes Antonio Banderas and Julie Andrews but the spotlight was on popstar Justin Timberlake and his ex, Cameron Diaz, at their first major appearance since their split. 'Shrek 3' opens in the US in a few weeks

but Australian fans will have to wait until June 7. Paramount is hoping its 'three-quel' will challenge

the record 'Spiderman 3' smashed at the weekend - raking in $455 million worldwide. I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted and I don't deserve this. Paris gives the judge one last spray as fans rally to support her before she's locked up in jail. And how takeover talk sent the share market into a frenzy - that's in our finance report from CommSec.

This program is captioned live. The sackings of five ministers

has rocked the Indonesia Government tonight.

Among them - the Transport Minister who was in charge when five Australians died in the Garuda jet crash. Another - the Justice Minister who was driving a prisoner exchange treaty with Australia. And a third was the Attorney-General who was leading the defence of Indonesia's death penalty in the constitutional court. A bidding frenzy sent an Australian painting hurtling to a record price

tonight. John Brack's work called 'The Old Time' was expected to go for under $1 million but there was someone there willing to part with $3.36 million. It is the most expensive painting ever sold at auction in Australia. Also up for grabs tonight - this Brett Whiteley impression of the Sydney Opera House, that took him a decade to paint.

$2,400,000 - it is right there. Are we all done? At $2,400,000...sold. $2,400,000, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. And, of course, a record for Brett Whitely.

Brett Whiteley gave the work to Qantas in 1982 in return for airfares. To Finance news and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski -

Tom - BHP Billiton taking over Rio Tinto - could this really happen?

It is certainly possible. Whether

it is probable that in the near

term is supply entirely different term is supply entirely different

not only because of the number of

regulatory hurdles there would have

to be overcome but the staggering

amount of debt that would have to

be raised would probably stretch

market as far as interest rate

markets are concerned. Something a

little more realistic is the little more realistic is the

prospect of a very positive budget

for the economy and tax cuts and

that had an impact on the market today.

Paris Hilton says locking her up is cruel. The celebrity socialite spoke for the first time about her prison sentence, claiming she doesn't deserve it. What's a hotel heiress to do when she's faced with prison life? If you're Paris Hilton it appears you go shopping. The 26-year-old enjoyed some retail therapy with her mum after leaving her Hollywood Hills home for the first time since being sentenced on Saturday.

I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted and I don't deserve this. The starlet is facing 45 days in prison

for breaching her probation and driving on a suspended licence, not once but twice, after being caught for drink-driving in September last year. PHOTOGRAPHER: You are always great with us, Paris. We love you. Time is running out -

lawyers only have until June 5 to appeal her sentence or she has to hand herself in. MAN: Are you guys hopeful for the appeal process? If she doesn't win she's in for a very simple life. The celebrity socialite will be separated from other prisoners for her own safety. She'll spend 23 hours a day in a small cell with a bunk bed, writing desk, sink and toilet, but she shouldn't waste away. She'll have three meals a day, obviously - three squares, if you will. It'll be a very organised, managed existence. Prison rules will see the party princess in bed by 9:00

with the only extracurricular activity on offer

an alcohol rehabilitation program. MAN: She's not the first celebrity we've had in the county jail system and, unfortunately, she will not be the last.

In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. After a weekend of carnage, fierce tornadoes are still ripping through the United States. In the past 24 hours, more than 75 twisters have touched down in America's mid-west

but none has been as deadly or destructive as the tornado that wiped out Greensburg in Kansas on Saturday night. These were big, brick structure. I mean, it's... There's just nothing left. The giant twister, the biggest to hit the US in eight years, has so far claimed nine lives. Rescue crews fear more bodies are buried in the rubble. The United Nations has cleared Australian military forces over allegations involving East Timor's presidential elections. Complaints were lodged after Australian troops disrupted peaceful political rallies.

But the UN says the Australians have been completely neutral. A rare look tonight at how our troops in Baghdad stay alive - our reporter in Iraq Danielle Isdale taking a ride on the wild side to show how they do it.

With its glittering mosques and ornate buildings, Baghdad was once known for its beauty. Now it's a violent and hostile place, the world's most dangerous city.

Just getting here is a gamble. We don't slow down to give them a target. We will keep a constant speed. To make the journey from Baghdad's international airport into the heavily fortified Green Zone we're locked in an Australian light armoured vehicle. The tense look on the escort soldier's face is an unnerving reminder that this is no joy-ride. We have to clear Route Irish - a 12km stretch of road notorious for hidden bombs and improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. They're just hiding stuff on the side of the roads. Sudden swerving off the road makes us a more difficult target and, after half an hour, the ASLAV convey rolls into the relative safety of Australia's Baghdad base, where 100 of our troops provide security detail to embassy staff.

Every time they venture outside the wire,

the SECDET soldiers undergo a detailed risk analysis and suit-up in full body armour in case of an IED attack. 80% of insurgent violence happens here, within a 30km radius of Baghdad. While sectarian violence is on the decline, suicide bombings are on the rise. The Baghdad that we're aiming for

is a Baghdad where an average Iraqi family can go to the market or they can go to the coffee shop on the corner and they can take their children to the park. It's the kind of city that all of us want to live in.

Just how long that will take Rear Admiral Fox couldn't say. In Baghdad, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. Brad - a very costly night in Adelaide for three magpies. Yes, Sandra. They'll miss the Saturday match against Carlton after breaking a team curfew. We'll tell you who they are next. Also tonight - a Queensland derby in the NRL. Casey Stoner plays catch me if you can. Plus Chelsea draw, meaning Manchester United wins. CHEERING

This program is captioned live. Welcome back to Toyota Sports Tonight. Collingwood has joined the new hard line approach

on misbehaving footballers. The Magpies have suspended three players for Saturday's clash with Carlton at the MCG, after they broke team curfew in Adelaide. Thanks, Brad. Good evening. That's right - despite a strong win over Adelaide, it's not all smooth sailing here at the moment

with Chris Egan, Shannon Cox and also Leon Davis

dropped for disciplinary reasons after stepping out in the city of churches. There was a team directive not to leave the hotel after the game against Adelaide on Saturday night. The three boys - Chris, Leon and Shannon - disregarded that. The trio were caught red-handed after sneaking out of the team hotel. Sports Tonight understands it was an alcohol-related incident. The recommendation came from the leadership group and is endorsed by the coach and club management.

Richmond is in damage control, but for a different reason - the president angered by their 157-point loss, but hoping fans stick with the club.

Probably like a lot of Richmond supporters, a bit angry about the result. It's not an acceptable performance. Yeah, a very disappointing day for Richmond Football Club. The loss was the Tigers' worst-ever defeat,

the towelling the 11th biggest win of the competition's history, while the three-quarter time score of 29-9 to the Cats was an all-time record. I think there was still a little lack of genuine emotion

within the group. To the match review panel - and St Kilda tagger Steven Baker has copped two 1-game suspensions, the first for engaging in rough conduct against Carlton's Jordan Russell, and then striking Marc Murphy in last Friday's clash at the Dome.

Fremantle's Dean Solomon copped a 2-game ban for kneeing, while team-mate Antoni Grover has accepted a reprimand for attempting to trip. Of those cleared, Fraser Gehrig with no case for this slap. Brendan Fevola's slap was also looked at, but given the OK. Lion veteran Chris Johnson's head-butting report was thrown out. Demon Aaron Davey with a reprimand only for this bump, and Byron Pickett cleared of this bone-jarring tackle. COMMENTATOR: He's got no way of protecting his head in a circumstance like that. That is a dangerous tackle. But cold comfort for the Demons, after their narrow loss at the MCG. The AFL umpires' boss has admitted his whistleblowers got this deliberate out-of-bounds wrong, but he is standing by the push-in-the-back decision

that denied Aaron Davey the matchwinner against Port Adelaide. It's an interpretation that we have to deal with. Yeah, look, like I said,

there are many circumstances that could have happened to the game

that we should have taken, and obviously there's gonna be a lot of hype about that. And Brad, just before I go, some disappointing news out of the Bulldogs with scans today revealing that Robert Murphy has done a hamstring strain. He was just getting back into form after his knee reconstruction but now it looks like that hammy will keep him sidelined until at least next month. A Queensland rugby league derby on the Gold Coast tonight -

the Titans taking on the Cowboys.

But the weather was hardly Sunshine State perfection.

The football went some of the way to making up for it. No Preston Campbell for the Titans. The Cowboys' own little magician was performing tricks after just six minutes. COMMENTATOR: And he scores their first try tonight as well. Bowen's hands were a feature in the rain. Mat Rogers was having his best game since returning to rugby league. That was too simple! Applause from the Titans coach. Agro from their co-captain. Prince and Thurston with a score to settle. One has the Queensland job, the other one wants it. Even on that front, Thurston won a points decision with a line break just before half-time. He went past them so easily

and gave it back on the inside for Rod Jensen. The Cowboys with their third when Bowman crossed in the corner.

But the Titans continued to muscle up - Bowen shovelled backwards then turned inside out as Rogers zigged and zagged for his second. Rogers finds the line to give the Titans a chance. But it was over in an instant, Rogers shanking a line dropout on the full. Thurston's fourth penalty goal had the Cowboys 14 ahead and safe for their sixth win of the season.

Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. So it was three tries to two.

Six goals from Jonathan Thurston propped up the Cowboys. Mat Rogers was a lone star for the Titans, scoring all their points. Not too many times you have wet football matches but I thought we opened it up early and then just ground out a win. I think if I can do that each week and our forwards play well our outside backs can score tries.

They probably handled the conditions a lot better than what we did, with a bit more discipline, a bit more professional. We gave them the opportunity to score points and, like Carty said again, you give a team like that opportunities,

they're gonna nail it. So the Cowboys in third at the completion of round 8. Just one win behind Melbourne and Manly. Defeat sees the Gold Coast drop out of the top eight.

While at the bottom - it's a familiar sight for the Roosters, still bottom with just one win for the season.

Benji Marshall has scoffed at suggestions his latest shoulder dislocation will force him into premature retirement. The Wests' Tigers play-maker still hopeful of playing again this season. Benji Marshall arrived in style for a doctor's appointment some Tigers fans feared would see him forced out of league not only this season, but altogether.

He emerged later with no definite result but definite he's not about to retire. I'm only 22. I've got a lot I still want to do in my career, so there's plenty to look forward to. This is just another glitch in my path so I'm just going to have to do everything to get back bigger and stronger. The Kiwi match winner is staying positive despite his fourth shoulder dislocation.

It's torture, but the best thing for me now is probably just to be hopeful and still hope I can play this season. A dodgy shoulder was not enough to stop Benji finding top gear.

A decision on whether Marshall plays again this season

won't be made until Wednesday afternoon. That's when he meets with his shoulder specialist, Dr Des Bokker. Team-mates are dismissing fears Benji may be forced out of the game. He loves footy, and it will take something more than this

to stop him getting back out there. Of course he'll be back. He's not the kind of person that will let an injury get him down. He'll be back. A Kiwi colleague also declared Marshall will return. People say he's injury-prone, but I don't think he is.

It's just unlucky the way he went into that tackle. Anyone that went into that tackle would have done the same thing as Benji. Adam Hawse, for Sports Tonight.

Wests Tigers forward Ben Galea faces up to five weeks suspension for a spear tackle on Melbourne prop Brett White. If he pleads guilty, Galea will only miss three games. And Warriors pair Tony Martin and Michael Witt also face

dangerous throw charges - Martin is facing a maximum 3-weeks enforced holiday - Witt - just one week. The Wallabies have named a massive 59-man squad

that will compete for selection for the winter Tests, World Cup and Australia A tour. As you'd expect with a squad that big, it contains almost every name you can think of.

Almost but not all of them - Western Force half Matt Henjak isn't there - his international career now in tatters. Henjak's omission from the Wallabies training squad has come as a surprise,

considering this glowing report from his coach just last week.

I think the Australian selectors would be absolutely stupid not to have him in mind for World Cup. How wrong Mitchell was - Henjak failed to make a 59-man squad of Wallaby and Australia A players.

Five halfbacks, but no Force star. I've definitely fallen off the radar. There were five halfbacks picked and to be out of the five is pretty disappointing. To rub salt into Henjak's disappointment,

he wasn't told of his non-selection from Wallabies coach John Connolly or any other ARU official. I suppose I would've liked a phone call just to say what I've done wrong or what I need to do to be back in the mix. 14 of his Force team-mates have been named in the training squad, including captain Nathan Sharpe, million-dollar man Matt Giteau and Junior Pelesasa. Teenager David Pocock was also included after a solid debut Super 14 season. I've improved a lot this year. Obviously there's a lot of improvement to go, but I'm pretty excited to be considered at this stage. Claire Thomas, for Sports Tonight. The Billabong Pro Teahupoo is one of the most intimidating legs of the world championship surfing tour.

And while today it was too small to run an event, know just what the monster break is capable of.

This is what happens when you get it wrong when Teahupoo's at its meanest. Consequences all too real for Aussie rookie Ben Dunn, who pushed his ability and heart rate in the lead-up to the Billabong Pro. It's got to be 100% commitment. I was out here when it was really big a week ago and it was just so scary. Dunn and countrymen Dayyan Neve and Josh Kerr are competing at Teahupoo for the first time this year

and they're not going to let their rookie status stand in the way, even if the going gets big. Definitely.

That is what you want to join the CT for. You want to be able to it have competitions in that big stuff. That is what it's all about. But it is also about a quick escape and these jet skis and their experienced Tahitian drivers provide a little comfort when it comes to pushing the envelope. Everyone's like, "Are you going to have a go?"

"And you're like, "Well, it's a job, we have got to have a go." And in the back of your mind you're thinking, "Well, if something major does happen, "you've got those guys to come and to pull you out." All three boys face elimination in their Round 2 heats and they know exactly what it takes to move through. If you have the guts, if you want to go for it, it's there for you. You're going to get 10s and stuff if you don't fall off so you have just got to have the guts to go. Scott McKinnon for Sports Tonight. Manchester United has clinched its first Premiership title since 2003 following a one-all draw between championship rivals Chelsea and Arsenal. The Blues forced to contest half the match with only ten men. A simple equation for Chelsea - beat Arsenal or the Premier League title was heading back to Manchester. United fans, aware of the game's importance, packed into pubs around Old Trafford,

erupting in wild celebrations when Gilberto put Arsenal in front with a penalty just before half-time. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE COMMENTATOR: A Derby goal of immense consequence for Arsenal and for Manchester United. Boulahrouz's foul on Baptista left Chelsea a man down for the entire second half, but a superb flying header from Michael Essien revived their hopes of staying in the title race. They have equalised - and it's Michael Essien! Not quite over yet. 1-1 with 20 minutes to play and Joe Cole found the back of the net only to be ruled offside. A stoppage time strike from Kalou was then somehow tipped over the bar by Lehmann. A goal here for Kalou - oh, what a save. Mourinho's men were courageous but unable to find the winner. The drawn result was enough for the Premiership silverware to return to Manchester for a record ninth occasion. I think everything about the club is geared to having a great season and everyone was motivated in that direction. It's not a happy moment because you have ambition to win it and you don't win it but I think we did it in the proper way. Meantime, former Sydney FC captain Dwight Yorke has led Sunderland's Championship Title celebrations after they capped an incredible season with a 5-0 thumping of Luton. The Black Cats will be joined by Birmingham City in the Premier League next season just a year after both teams were relegated. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. his remarkable start to the season, Australia's Casey Stoner continues

in the Chinese Moto GP. riding his Ducati to victory Not such good news for Tony Elias - ending his race. this crash on the first lap world champion Valentino Rossi Stoner overtook 7-time and never looked back. on the second lap Rossi handing him the win to regain the lead after overshooting an attempt

with seven laps to go.

and a lot of pressure. It was a really difficult race today I made a couple of small mistakes were pushing quite hard. and I think both of us in the championship. Stoner now leads Rossi by 15 points has won the 57th title of his career, World Number one Tiger Woods with a 2-shot victory in North Carolina. at the Wachovia Championship 3-under-par 69, Woods fired a final round

at the 7th. which included this massive putt

COMMENTATOR: For eagle! went shot for shot with Woods Compatriot Steve Stricker in the final round, but couldn't catch him. also carding a 69, For his efforts,

more than $1.2 million in prizemoney. Tiger collected announced her immeadiate retirement Belgian tennis star Kim Clijsters has from the professional tennis circuit. broke the news The former world number one of the Warsaw final, during a rain postponement and Alona Bondarenko. between Justine Henin The 23-year-old says to cut short plans chronic injury has forced her at the end of the year. to end her playing career

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Toyota's 200-kilowatt Aurion AT-X to win the Best Large Car award has beaten Holden and Ford and 'Drive' motoring guide - has changed forever. proof that the game has jackpotted to $6 million. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto CRASH! Don't miss Oz Lotto's Today's Play of the day includes just the bare essentials - 18,000 people getting their gear off for a mass nude photo. The record turnout in Mexico City is the biggest ever for American photographer Spencer Tunick.

Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes happy to strike a pose for art.

It may well be a multicultural city,

a lot of Brazilians in Mexico. but it would appear there aren't

Can we say that? Actually, I didn't

say that, I said it. The weather - in a jet stream a cloud band across the south over the interior is generating showers and also southern South Australia. Victoria and Tasmania Cloud is thickening in western causing showers to develop. ahead of a front coast in onshore winds Patchy low cloud on the Queensland

is bringing a few showers. and showers to the south-east, A cold front will bring strong winds particularly Tasmania. patchy rain over the interior. A low pressure trough will cause A high will clear SA and send dry easterly winds over WA. Onshore winds along the Queensland coast will maintain showers. So tomorrow the bureau predicts:

While the losers in the French presidential election might have been rioting on the streets,

an Australian has been whipping up the winners. Former 'Young Talent Time' star Tina Arena entertained thousands of Nicolas Sargozy supporters at an open-air victory party in Paris. (Sings in French) The 39-year old mother of one has been a huge star in France for the past decade. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. From the Late News Team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions