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(generated from captions) but the designer remains defiant. if you think I'm cashing in. Oh, sorry about that, Mercedes, Plus - a matter of style. to a sashaying start. Australian Fashion Week gets off And the return of Ben Cousins with Brad McEwan. headlines Sports Tonight Yes, Deb. The Eagle has landed he was greeted by a media frenzy. and, as you'd expect, Cousins arrived back in Australia undergoing treatment for drug abuse. after four weeks in the US claims that racism was behind Also tonight - from the City-Country match. Nathan Merrrett's exclusion

And - partying way past stumps. their World Cup triumph. The Aussie cricketers celebrate

seems to have peaked. But first - Kevin Rudd's popularity A Newspoll out tonight shows for the Opposition Leader, the first slip of John Howard. although he's still a landslide ahead

on global warming, Labor is also turning up the heat hoping to embarrass the Government. Stung by Government attacks

of his greenhouse targets, on the credibility has put on his thinking cap Kevin Rudd

calling in a top Australian economist of tackling climate change, to review the costs by Sir Nicolas Stern. similar to the UK report For too long, 11 long years,

has buried his head in the sand, Mr Howard for us to act. and the time has come will pay Professor Ross Garnaut. The Labor States and Territories

he's a political pawn. The eminent economist denies

The report will stand or fall

that goes into it. on the quality of the research

to review Garnaut's work - Even the Prime Minister is prepared John Howard quick to note on nuclear energy. on nuclear energy, the Professor's open mind in the 'Australian' bt the latest Newspoll by Mr Howard. won't be so well-received Despite the Coalition improving, today in a landslide, Labor would still win an election John Howard regaining some popularity the preferred Prime Minister. but Kevin Rudd remains The poll taken its new IR platform as the Opposition approved

at the party's national conference - angered business groups which has not only of Labor's WA Premier, but raised the eyebrows is concerned Kevin Rudd's plan Alan Carpenter to rip up AWAs in the mining industry. could impact on wages an example brought to me I have never seen exploitation in the mining industry. that says AWAs are leading to that he can do much about it I don't know in favour of the policy. because he voted But Mr Rudd has made this pledge. who is currently on an AWA We will ensure that anyone will be no worse off and conditions. when it comes to their take-home pay

James Boyce, Ten News. behind the scenes tonight A revealing look learned that as Australia's Foreign Minister killed and injured Australians had been

in Indonesia. in the Garuda plane crash

the ABC's 'Australian Story' program Alexander Downer was being filmed by came through. when the devastating news these people. They're just wiped out, One evening we're sitting together at an aid function, and talking and doing various things and the next morning they're dead. Among the five dead, newspaper reporter Morgan Mellish, consular official Liz O'Neill and

in the day's before the crash. both also filmed by the program described as a gold-digging rogue, A former detective, as the only person of interest has been named in his wife's suspicious death. died when she fell a cliff. A inquest has been told the woman on a former detective The tables are turned of an investigation as he becomes the focus into his wife's suspicious death.

in a police interview Des Campbell's calm words were completely at odds Janet Campbell to his colleagues. with the way he described she was a: It's claimed he told them uncovered at an inquest, It was not the only discrepancy

watched on. while Janet's son and family when Janet suddenly married Campbell They'd all been concerned after a secret courtship in 2004. and a gold-digger They'd heard he was a rogue her first husband's estate. and Janet had recently inherited a camping trip with her new husband. Six months later she died while on of a sheer cliff in a national park. He'd set up their tent on the edge

The court heard

Campbell had booked a holiday within days of the tragedy on the Internet. for himself and a woman he'd met

about his love life, Campbell was a secretive man keeping up to three women on the go, having a wife. while saying nothing about to have their say But they'll now each have the chance as witnesses at the inquest person of interest. where Campbell is the only is expected to tell the court One of those women Amber Muir, Ten News. A highway patrolman has been arrested allegedly tortured by her son, An elderly woman, who was is recovering in hospital. who's been charged with torture A 36-year-old man will face court in Brisbane tomorrow. Detectives say the 74-year-old woman was forced with a noose around her neck to stand on a table while bound and gagged. in a bedroom for several hours It's also alleged she was locked

before she was released. The woman's friends alerted police.

Carl Williams says Melbourne underworld killer Brendon Goddard The father of St Kilda AFL star after admitting laundering money has avoided jail heroin trafficking ring. for a $3 million

as he pleaded guilty. His son was there The defendant's lawyer said that the money was the proceeds of crime while her client knew it was from heroin trafficking he didn't know when police told him. and burst into tears a 2-year suspended sentence. The home handyman was handed World crime-stoppers agencies have joined forces fugitive drug trafficker Tony Mokbel. to capture

and his girlfriend Danielle McGuire Photos of Mokbel across 12 hundred organisations. will be circulated In the global release, Mokbel is described as the patriarch of a criminal organisation, embroiled in a vicious gang war that killed 23 people.

The Victorian Government has offered a $1 million reward for Mokbel who disappeared last year during his drug trial. Melbourne underworld killer Carl Williams says he confessed to three gangland murders to save his father and wife from facing charges. His lawyers have urged the judge

to give Williams the prospect of freedom one day. Carl Williams's family and foes arrived for day two of his plea hearing. His warring ex-wife and girlfriend were notable absentees, but the drama continued inside as the cocky multiple killer continued his evidence.

Williams denied several big underworld names were involved in any of the three murders he's pleaded guilty to. He only dobbed in those who were dead or serving long prison terms. Williams denied fugitive drug baron Tony Mokbel was behind Lewis Moran's murder, prompting an observation from the prosecutor: Justice Betty King said the maximum sentence - life in jail - was appropriate, but she agreed Williams had saved millions of dollars and at least five years in court proceedings

by admitting the murders of Lewis and Jason Moran

and drug dealer Mark Mallia. Williams's lawyer called for the sentence to have a fixed minimum term, so the murderer wouldn't leave prison in a box. He's already serving at least 21 years for another underworld killing. The judge heard he confessed to the remaining three murders because he believed police were going to lay charges against his father and ex-wife. Kate McGrath, Ten News. From London tonight, major terrorism convictions involving plans to bomb hundreds of people. Five men have been found guilty

of conspiring to bomb a London nightclub and shopping centre as well as blow up gas and power supplies. One even discussed trying to buy a radioactive 'dirty bomb' from the Russian mafia. The five are yet to be sentenced. Startling claims tonight the number of children affected by high lead levels resulting from pollution at a WA port is almost 10 times that originally reported. Two government departments have admitted they didn't handle the investigation into the Esperance lead scare as well as they should have. It took the death of 4,000 birds to bring to light the high lead levels at Esperance Port. By that time dozens of residents had already been contaminated.

Today a parliamentary inquiry opened in Perth, government officials the first to face a grilling over their handling of the issue. We intend to look at every aspect of the lead poisoning issue to get to the bottom of what caused it in the first place and what should be done to prevent it ever happening again. The Department of Environment and Conservation today acknowledged it should have acted earlier. The inquiry also heard startling revelations

an inspector sent to investigate lead dust levels in the town wouldn't go close to the port because he feared for his own safety. We're cooperating with that inquiry fully. The Health Department didn't escape scrutiny, admitting there was no lead dust management plan for Esperance. It was also revealed they only advise companies on safe practices if asked. We would like to have more powers so we can influence and mandate that our advice is followed through. While it's widely known

six Esperance children have recorded lead levels above World Health Organisation guidelines, during today's hearing it was revealed 56 children have recorded levels some medical journals say can lead to low IQ. Samantha Jolly, Ten News. A special return to home shores for supermodel Miranda Kerr,

gracing the catwalk for a glamorous start to Australian Fashion Week, lured back by the master of the frock Alex Perry. His showcase parade tonight celebrated 1950s Hawaii and the micro-mini.

Ten's Angela Bishop has been amongst all the action. Thanks, Deb. After a very big day one here at Fashion Week we are part way through a very big night. And it all began with the wondrous outfits from designer Alex Perry. We're going to Hawaii in the late '50s. It's called 'Hawaiian Princess' and I've got these microscopic jewelled dresses for girls that have got fantastic legs and I've got floor-grazing, Elizabeth Tayloresque but modern versions and beautiful colours, sorbet colours, lilacs and mints and lemons and stuff and some full-on black and some full-on diamond and... What more do you want?

And a very special guest star in Alex's show - with a returning supermodel, Miranda Kerr, who's recently been starring in the Victoria's Secret campaigns in New York. Alex is the one that I'm doing the exclusive show for and I'm really excited about it and I love Alex. He's amazing, and his clothes fit beautifully like a glove. Still to come tonight - something a little bit raunchy -

burlesque dancer Dita Von Teeze is set to to her lip-tease striptease and a lot of the fashion crowd can't wait. We'll bring you that tomorrow. Back to you, Deb. Schapelle Corby's family has fought back over a T-shirt attack. Models at Nicholas Morley's fashion show wore T-shirts describing the convicted drug trafficker as a 'Four Kilo Anti Hero', a reference to the marijuana found in her boogie board bag at Denpasar Airport. The Bali-based designer claims Corby has cost the island millions of dollars because of bad publicity. She was convicted by a court of law in Indonesia and, you know, she was guilty. Schapelle's family has described the designer as ill-informed. People scared to come to Bali because of terrorism, from warning,

not from Schapelle. Half the profits from the shirts will go to the Jodie O'Shea orphanage, named after an Australian Bali bombing victim. The chain of events leading to a freeway inferno

that brought down this overpass. And how the stock market started the week in our finance report from CommSec.

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or 126-kilowatt turbo diesel, the Nissan Navara 4x4

This program is captioned live. Claims tonight murdered Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was poisoned. His body has been returned home to Cape Town, photographers surrounding the van carrying his casket as it left the airport.

The coach was found dead in his hotel room six weeks ago, after Pakistan lost to Ireland in the World Cup. It's believed the 58-year-old was poisoned then strangled. The BBC says toxicology tests have revealed

he was given a drug that made him helpless and unable to fight off his killer.

A petrol tanker crash has sparked a freeway inferno in California. The flames were so fierce the steel support beams buckled, causing an overpass to collapse.

The inferno burned for two hours, fuelled by more than 32,000 litres of petrol.

Excessive speed is being blamed for the tanker driver hitting a guard rail and losing control on the freeway ramp, his vehicle flipping and exploding. Amazingly he walked away, catching a taxi to hospital, where he was treated for second-degree burns to his face and hands. The fire was so intense it melted the road's steel support beams, concrete and bitumen buckling and falling onto the road below. When I first arrived here this morning my first thought was 'Wow!' I mean, it was just unbelievable, and more so unbelievable in the sense that no lives were lost in something this significant, which is a huge, huge blessing. The ramp is an essential connection to San Francisco's freeway network, used by hundreds of thousands of drivers every day.

They've been warned to expect months of traffic problems while the damaged section is repaired. California's Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has declared public transport free for one day. As soon as the fire is out we want to start working. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Generous lending by banks is being blamed for an explosion in home repossessions. The victims are mostly young families who borrowed the full purchase price.

Many are being forced to sell at a loss. It's a sign of the times - $330,000 expected for this cottage. The owner paid $365,000 last year

but can't meet the repayments and must sell - another victim of the high cost of housing

that's forcing thousands of families to abandon the dream of home ownership. A lot of these young families, of course -

some of them have gone in with no-deposit loans, which always are a concern, and perhaps some of those low-document loans as well. More than 5,300 properties repossessed over the last year, the worst-hit area - Sydney's west. It's just starting to get beyond their means but they still want to buy. They've gone through - especially in the last two years - borrowing the money, making the repayments and finding it too tough. A unit in this block is currently for sale by the mortgagee.

Apartments purchased during the boom comprise the majority of properties seized. And with a 25% fall in home values, many sellers have negative equity. It's a vicious circle for couples trying to sell a home because they can't meet their repayments. Many are finding the price they get for the home isn't enough to cover the mortgage owed to the banks. This home sold recently for $390,000.

The seller had a mortgage of $450,000. John Hill, Ten News. Wanted! The owner of $70,000 in Australian banknotes

found on a train in Germany. A woman blessed with honesty reported the find to authorities. Police aren't giving too much detail to prevent people making a false claim to the cash.

Finance now with CommSec's Tom Piotrowski and Tom, today saw a solid start to the week for the share market.

Solid but unspectacular - the

market continued to look for direction.

direction. It is scarcely moved

over the last week but more

importantly being the last day of

the month, the All Ordinaries index

rose by 3% over April which was a

credible result that tomorrow will

be a big day as far as the banks

are concerned because endured

before a profit. They should record

a 14 % profit for the first half but they're heavily but they're heavily exposed to the

slowing News at Wells economy.

A police car has come under attack, but only because the assailant was provoked. An alligator was sunning itself on a Texas highway when the police rolled up. We were trying to get him off the highway and he just turned around and took a big chunk out of it. It took 10 officers to wrangle the 3.5 metre monster back into the water.

The only damage was done to the police car's bumper bar. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan and a couple of Brownlow medallists in the news? Yes, Deb. Ben Cousins arrived home from the US this morning

and dual Brownlow medallist Adam Goodes could be ineligible for this year's award because of suspension. Details shortly. Also ahead - the Knights take on the Sharks in Monday night football. Can bat, can bowl, can party - the Aussies celebrate their World Cup triumph. Woohoo! Show your boxers, Roy. And big waves and bigger wipe-outs at Teahupoo.

# The very best in life is free # This is what you should do... # CHEERING # Just help yourself to my lips # To my arms

This program is captioned live. Welcome back to Toyota Sports Tonight. Fallen Eagle Ben Cousins has returned from four weeks treatment for substance abuse in the USA. The West Coast star is working towards a return to AFL as one of the game's biggest and most respected names

calls for him to be suspended until Round 12. Ben Cousins has returned from drug rehabilitation in the US looking a picture of health and proving he's still the hometown hero. MAN: Welcome home, Ben. WOMAN: Good work, Ben. Like most AFL taggers, the large media pack at the airport couldn't pin him down as he smiled his way past the cameras. Ben, are you all fixed up to play footy? Yeah.

Ben, what are your thoughts on playing footy soon? Haven't got any, mate. 28 days - is it that enough to recover from your problem? Hope so. Hope so. He's aiming to be back playing with the Eagles this season but he may struggle to break into an undefeated side.

We're 5 and 0. We're going very well without him. We've got such great depth, we'd love to have him but we've shown he's not a necessity. But don't take that out of context

by saying we don't want him or don't need him.

As Cousins arrived home, the debate about his future intensified, Leigh Matthews saying he should serve a backdated 12-week ban and labelling the AFL's meeting with West Coast yesterday

as a publicity stunt. I'm not quite sure what yesterday was about except a PR gesture. I think that's all it was - window dressing, really. We asked several questions about Cousins, and Selwood and other matters, It was anything but a PR exercise, I can assure you of that.

Cousins's return overshadowing the latest Jeff Farmer disaster. He's spoken with club officials in the past 24 hours but his biggest hurdle - to win back the trust of his team-mates. Really disappointed - that's the first thing from the players' point of view. Shaun Burgoyne also faces an enforced break after being outed for three weeks. Ooh! I reckon he's in strife there, Burgoyne. A guilty plea will see that reduced to a fortnight.

Dual Brownlow Medallist Adam Goodes is tonight out of contention for this year's award after being given a 1-week ban for this crude bump. Ooh! That bears some scrutiny. Well, Fraser Gehrig got a week, didn't he? The Swans' woes continuing with Tadgh Kennelly struck down with a knee injury. The diagnosis is four to six and we're hoping it's on the low side - absolute best would be about three

and I think it would be around about four. There's some long-overdue good news at Melbourne, with David Neitz set to return this week.

It's tough times at the moment but hopefully we can turn it around this weekend. Hopefully Neitz is back, and I think Greeny, hopefully, will be back as well. And despite appearances, the Hawks say they are not falling apart. It was disappointing to lose by 70 points in the end. Statistically, you were...

(All laugh) is worse than expected. Mark Williams's knee for at least eight weeks He'll be on crutches following arthroscopic surgery will get Joel Smith, Trent Croad but the Hawks and skipper Richie Vandenberg back for this week's clash with Essendon. Dave Adamson for Sports Tonight. of Monday night football It's been an enthralling night

by four points, with Newcastle beating Cronulla a late Shark attack. the Knights holding off against Cronulla... Newcastle made their intentions clear

Adam Woolmough and Danny Buderus. COMMENTATOR: There's a good tackle - quickly got there own back, ..but the visitors and then some.

found plenty of room on the wing. Brett Kearney's boot Enormous space out wide... for a 4-2 lead David Simmons touched down

could have made it a double, and the winger setting him free down the sideline, an Adam McDougall mistake with the line in sight. only to mix things up And they bomb a try! their own inroads at the other end Newcastle started to make but the Sharks defence held stern. he couldn't come up with it. Oh, charging was Brown - A charging Greg Bird defused the Newcastle attack and the second-best defensive team in the league were at it again just minutes later,

a try-saving tackle Simmons producing on their next surge to the line. but there was no denying the Knights Reynoldson - they won't stop him. 8-4 Newcastle at the break watching on and with their favourite son Kurt Gidley turned playmaker, putting Todd Polglase into space the fullback

and earning the reward. before deservedly backing up

back on the inside. McDougall has Gidley Lovely ball to Kurt Gidley.

to show up the Sharks defence, Then it was Jarrod Mullen's turn extending the lead to 16 points. he's a genius, Jarrod Mullen! Reynoldson back on the inside - for this shot on McDougall Bird was placed on report and just when the game looked gone a thrilling fightback, the Sharks mounted Simmons scoring a second, a sensational double chip then reducing the gap to just 4 points.

It comes to Pomeroy - he'll set sail for the corner. What a try! The Knights managed to weather the storm, hanging on for their fourth win of the year. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. Both sides scored three tries but it was the boot of Kurt Gidley that proved the difference. to talk about late escapes. Brian Smith was in no mood how we won the game. I'd rather talk about I thought, It was a tremendous effort,

that we had tonight. by a, sort of, mixed up team that we have been We weren't the team tonight people saying we can win the comp. but then again, you know, we've got I mean, it's joke - we're nowhere near winning a comp. I mean, it's a joke - We're nowhere near making the eight.

And the Knights win has seen them move into the top eight. way behind the undefeated Melbourne. They're now seventh, but still along

They're now seventh, but still a long To the bottom half, Bulldogs are 10th where pre-season favourites the

is on 4 points - and reigning premier Brisbane on points difference. and only out of the wooden spoon spot Just a day after the City-Country teams were announced, the selectors have been forced to defend their choices amid allegations of racism. South Sydney winger Nathan Merritt igniting the row, claiming he was snubbed - and race was the reason.

As the City team assembled in preparation for Thursday's clash in Coffs Harbour, South Sydney's Nathan Merritt was left searching for reasons why his name wasn't called out.

I'm not too sure what it is - or it's a racial thing. maybe it's a Souths thing They don't like indigenous players the representative ranks. coming through not enough to secure a jersey 29 tries in 31 games is surprising to other players.

there was a really good chance Everybody thought, maybe, of him making the City side. playing for NSW this year. They talked about him any part in any claims of racism. The League is not having It's a pretty ridiculous assertion, we have in the team. given the variety of races

we've picked - I mean, the two wingers a proud Lebanese Muslim obviously Hazem's

Australian-Fijian. and I think Jarryd's

No such problems for Country, would be happier although coach Craig Bellamy if he didn't have to wait for six of his players who lined up in Newcastle tonight. To me it should be a Friday night game and perhaps some consideration could have been given to that we always get players out of Newcastle Debutant Josh Morris is just happy to stir the pot. Yeah, you know, country boys love their footy and we like getting out there and playing the game hard and tough

so I think there's a lot more pride. And after another weekend has thrown up more controversy, where the obstruction rule for the rule to be changed. the NRL has agreed to listen to calls and discuss it with the coaches We'll throw it open

and decide where we go from there. a way to fine-tune the complications, It's hoped the move will provide seems fairly simple. though the answer

to what we had previously. I just think we should go back to change it for the right reasons I understand that we were trying

but there's just too many penalties. Warriors fullback Wade McKinnon Meantime, on the sidelines is looking at up to three weeks with referee Jason Robinson. after this run-in Parramatta's Daniel Wagon The judiciary also charged over a head slam while Dragon Ben Hornby, Bronco Darius Boyd

and Rabbitoh Dean Widders have all been pulled up for dangerous throws. Early guilty pleas will see them escape suspension. Victoria Murphy for Sports Tonight.

The International Cricket Council says it won't sack the match officials who messed up the end of yesterday's World Cup final. The controversy not bothering the winning Australians -

they're too busy celebrating. The morning after - was still going strong. but the night before was not quite showing the poise Adam Gilchrist in the World Cup final. of his blazing century Woohoo! Show your boxers, Roy. to team-mate Andrew Symonds - He's shouting the one in the white undies. World Cup wins After three consecutive the right to show off. the Aussies earned

I'm flying, mate, yeah. in my last World Cup innings, It was my first World Cup 100 my next World Cup. because I don't think I'll play last night We've had a chance to celebrate to celebrate and we've got more of a chance today and make the most of it. and I think we'll try for the winning Australians - There's also a pot of gold $300,000 each. It's the poorhouse, though, for the ICC's reputation,

the tournament's showpiece played out in darkness.

Embarrassed game officials conceded they didn't follow the rules. We, too, are very sorry that this incident occurred.

And yet another blunder, the Australians revealing they were kicked off the ground while they tried to celebrate... Which was a little disappointing, but it wasn't the first time things haven't gone to plan for the tour.

The ICC admitted

will be remembered the troubled tournament for all the wrong reasons. of cricket matches There were not a great number that will stay in our minds. Then one final farce. outstanding day of cricket... Leanne West for Sports Tonight.

turned on near perfect 4m barrels Tahiti's infamous Teahupoo surf break of the Von Zipper trials - for the final and horrific wipe-outs. a day of 10-point rides most unforgiving reef breaks It's one of the world's it lived up to reputation. and on this day set up an epic finale The thunderous 4-metre waves

to the Von Zipper trails

with local charger Monoa Drollet

with Anthony Walsh. going head-to-head

The Aussie was in the driver's seat early, opening his account with a perfect 10-point ride, but he just couldn't match local knowledge, Drollet scoring an incredible 19.13 out of 20 to seal his second trails win in three years. I'm really glad I made it to the final on a day like this - that's what it's about.

Walsh's runner-up finish earns him a wild card entry

to the Billabong Pro, weren't intimidating enough and if the waves he'll face either Kelly Slater or Andy Irons Round 1. When I came out of that last barrel I was just going, "Please, I'm in, I hope, I hope I'm in" I'm psyched. Hope I get good waves in the CT as well. It would be good to have a heat against Kelly, Andy. From frightening waves to freezing cold and Australia's Nathan Hedge

has tamed 8-degree water and countryman Jarred Howse, taking victory in the O'Neill Highland Open in Scotland. Hedge picked up vital qualifying series points before pulling off his best Braveheart impersonation. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. Former Wallabies fullback Matt Burke believes Aussie selectors should choose local, rather than overseas-based talent,

for this year's World Cup.

Burke, who has been playing in England, arrived in Sydney this evening. And despite his plea, the 34-year-old did not rule out a return to the Wallabies. I obviously played for Australia for three year. And you question, "Can you play for Australia?" "Could you still play for Australia?" Maybe I could, maybe I couldn't.

But the biggest thing is I don't really have to make that decision as of yet.

Meanwhile, the Western Force have agreed to release winger Digby Ioane on compassionate grounds. The 21-year-old signed a 2-year deal to rejoin the Queensland Reds, despite previously agreeing to stay with the Force. Fulham has plunged further into relegation danger after a 3-1 loss to Arsenal overnight. The Gunners took an early lead thanks to a Julio Baptista header,

but Fulham looked to have salvaged a valuable point when Simon Davis capitalised on a Jens Lehman mistake. The joy was short-lived, Emmanuel Adebayor carving through the Fulham defence. COMMENTATOR: It's Adebayor!

Oh, he might have won it for Arsenal! Cool finish to break Fulham hearts! Brazilian Gilberto Silva sealed the win, converting an 87th-minute penalty.

Victory for Aussie World Superbike champ Troy Bayliss in Race 2 in the Netherlands, although he's losing ground to current points leader James Toseland. Toseland was too good in Race 1

while Australia's other Troy, Troy Corser, crashed out of third place on the last lap. COMMENTATOR: Oh Corser! Just as I say that, Corser goes down at the worst possible moment in the race!

He's OK thankfully. Toseland had the double in his sights until Bayliss pulled off this stunning finish to steal the victory. He's fourth in the championship race, trailing Toseland by 68 points. Disappointment for Australia's A1 team in the final event of the season. Driver Ian Dyke lasting less than a lap.

Team boss Alan Jones looked far from happy. Dyke OK and facing a few more lessons from the Formula 1 legend.

COMMENTATOR: Four cars into one don't go and that's what they tried to do and that was the consequence. Champions Germany won the race, their ninth victory for the season. Nick Flanagan is a step closer to his dream of making the big-money US PGA Tour with this morning's breakthrough victory

on the second tier Nationwide Tour. Flanagan taking on young Canadian Chris Barilla in a play-off, that missed putt giving Flanagan the chance for victory, the main tour in his sights. Well, hopefully, two more wins will be handy.

Um, I'll get myself out there as soon as I can.

And at the Byron Nelson Classic, Dallas local Scott Verplank took victory, Rod Pampling the best of the Aussies, tied for 10th.

Just...a little...further... Whoa! A string of Stringers! Cool! This program is captioned live. We're going to keep today's Play of the Day brief - they may be Y-fronts, possibly a g-string, but whatever he was wearing, Aussie all-rounder Andrew Symonds had the balls to pose for the cameras in his Reg Grundys.

Down on the beach Ricky Ponting was hanging onto the big ball before Gilly gave us his best impersonation of a seagull. That's three World Cup titles for Gilly - or is it four? Play of the Day.

Is that because they're too good?

No they were a little bit

inebriated. Before we go, a look at the weather around the nation. Cloud is increasing over south-west WA in strengthening westerly winds, bringing scattered showers. Jet stream cloud over the western interior is generating light patchy rain. Cloud crossing eastern NSW around a weakening low in the Tasman

is causing light showers. A cold front will spread showers and strong winds across southern parts of South Australia, reaching western Victoria later. Showers will ease across south-west WA behind the front. A trough will cause isolated thundery showers over the interior. And a weak high will clear NSW and Queensland. So tomorrow it should be mostly sunny in Cairns, Sydney,

Canberra, Darwin and Alice Springs. Sunny in Brisbane. Fog then sunny in Melbourne. Mostly cloudy in Hobart. A late shower in Adelaide. And showers forecast for Perth. It might carry the name of another State, but south-east Queensland has become the sole maker of the new Victoria Bitter. From today, a mid-strength version of the popular beer will hit pubs and bottle shops around the country.

For at least the next week the nation's entire supply will be produced at the Yatala brewery south of Brisbane. circa $35 million in the brand nationally and VB mid-strength lager is going to be a large component of that. Australia's mid-strength beer market is worth $400 million. That's the latest from Ten News.

I'm Deborah Knight - thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.