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culture. to the 13th of May. The Festival runs from the fourth to share, you can email us at If you have a news tip you'd like team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Jessica Good, from the news Television.

Good night. an upbeat Kevin Rudd makes his case Centre stage -

and I'm here to help. My name's Kevin. I'm from Queensland for being prime minister.

Lost in transit - are not available for duty. how half of Sydney's rail police last time the measure was done. We had 275 out The weight debate - it won't be using skinny models. why Australian Fashion Week says you'd look at frighteningly. We don't have anybody And floating free - enjoys the sensation of zero gravity. disabled scientist Stephen Hawking

Space, here I come. This program is captioned live. Good evening. for the federal election, Kevin Rudd has set the scene

national conference here in Sydney using the opening of Labor's as a leader with fresh ideas to portray himself

and John Howard as stuck in the past. is covering the conference. Nine's political editor Laurie Oakes in his assault on the Prime Minister. And Laurie, Mr Rudd didn't hold back in a highly personal attack, Yes, Mark, as arrogant, out of touch Mr Rudd described the Prime Minister and a master of short-term politics, in clinging to office. interested only As Kevin Rudd entered the conference, who'd already won the election, waving and grinning like a man

blared out. a specially commissioned song SONG: # The waiting is over in the weather... # # There's a change and wife, Therese Reine, The new leader hugged his children below a brand-new party logo, on the way to the lectern, a bit of disarming comedy and threw in right at the start.

I'm from Queensland, My name's Kevin, I'm here to help. LAUGHTER from the 400 delegates There was enthusiasm industrial relations. when Mr Rudd spoke about

industrial relations laws I intend to throw out Mr Howard's lock, stock and barrel. intended to rev up the Labor troops But for a speech launch pad, it was strangely flat and provide an election-year with no fresh announcements, 'Fresh Thinking'. despite the new party slogan

The Labor Party at its best of the nation's future. have always been the navigators Mr Rudd repeated the promises broadband and climate change, he's already made on education, but the focus of the speech on the Prime Minister. was a highly personal attack is a climate change denier. Mr Howard of arguing that the earth is flat, This is the modern equivalent that NASA faked the moon landing somewhere and that Elvis is out there still flipping burgers in Florida. to Mr Howard's age. There were not-so-subtle references in a single idea Mr Howard doesn't really believe on black and white television. which didn't appear fearful of the future, driven by short-term politics, stuck in the past, as arrogant, out of touch, And Mr Rudd described his opponent

to the Australian people was to outline biggest responsibility today Mr Rudd's at all costs. determined to cling to power

the Australian economy a plan to keep into the future strong and prosperous

and he completely ignored it.

The conference gets to industrial

relations and uranium tomorrow.

That should inject a bit more life

and passion into proceedings, Mark. 12 workers from Port Botany claim

to the Government's WorkChoices laws, they've fallen victim saying they've been sacked workplace agreements. because they wouldn't sign for the chemical company Vopak Some of the employees had worked for nearly 20 years, off the premises immediately. but say they were ordered The company denies their claim. of the State's rail network The acting boss has made a startling confession - 600 transit officers less than half of Sydney's on any given day. are available for duty

comes amid growing concern The admission about crime on the train system. on Sydney's railway network Combating crime has become a numbers game. suggest The latest statistics on rail crime the city's trains and stations rapists and robbers. are still the havens of street gangs,

RailCorp's response? to reduce crime on our network. We introduced 600 transit officers But then, a bombshell - the city's transit officers the revelation that more than half holidays or non-patrolling duties. are on sick or injury leave, out last time the measure was done, We had 275 out, actually out on shift a daily basis. that's about people who are in the past 13 months, The new statistics indicate more than 3,000 thefts there were 1,300 assaults, and over 400 robberies. sexual assaults. There were almost 70 reported

The Rail Corporation says of transit officers in 2002, since the introduction

have fallen 33%. crimes against passengers RailCorp is keen to explain have been issued that more than 9,200 tickets on the train network for various infringements in the past 13 months. But there's been no mention or violent criminals of how many rapists, armed robbers during the same period. have been arrested The Opposition says figures through spin and suppression. the Government's tried to hide the to answer why Why isn't the minister here the complement of transit officers are there less than half there should be. nor transport ministers Neither the police was available for comment. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. was murdered, A decade after a Sydney nurse today to 20 years in prison. her killer was finally sentenced of strangling Asha Khanna. Madappa Kaliyanda was convicted His lawyer claims an innocent man is being locked up. It's been 10 years since the body of nurse Asha Khanna was found in her Liverpool flat. She'd been strangled and her body wrapped in plastic. Earlier this year, a jury found shift worker Madappa Kaliyanda killed her and then withdrew $13,000 from her bank account. In the Supreme Court, the judge said Kaliyanda had been a devoted and caring father.

He showed not a hint of emotion as the judge sentenced him to 20 years jail. Kaliyanda always maintained police had arrested the wrong man. After sentencing, his lawyer signalled his intention to appeal,

saying there had been a miscarriage of justice and a real possibility an innocent man had been found guilty. Police tied Kaliyanda to the murder with CCTV tape of him at several clubs where the money was withdrawn. As it stands, Kaliyanda must serve at least 14 years in prison and will be eligible for parole in 2021.

Mark Burrows, National Nine News. A legal battle is under way at Australia's oldest tourist attraction. The former operator of Jenolan Caves House has taken the State Government to court, claiming it forced him out of business by failing to provide clean water and adequate electricity. For more than a century and a half, the beauty of the Jenolan Caves has been drawing visitors. For the operator of the historic Caves House. however, there are no fond memories. It was worse than Fawlty Towers. It was the worst experience that I've had in my commercial life. First there was the water... It made our customers sick. Archer Field says he took photos, kept bottles of it

and had dozens of tests carried out which he says revealed unhealthy levels of ecoli. He also claims the Government failed to deliver reliable electricity. We couldn't run a hotel, we couldn't run a kitchen, we couldn't run a restaurant. The Government has denied Mr Field's claims. Any suggestion that we deliberately provided drinking water or irregular or unreliable power is, at best, fanciful. After more than a decade, Mr Field finally went into receivership. Mr Field claims he's lost millions at Caves House and is spending more money in a court battle in the Industrial Relations Commission, where he is suing the Government. When you've got no power, you've When you've got no water, you've got no hotel that can operate. The veracity of these claims are the very reason that these issues will be tested in court.

Dale Paget, National Nine News. An almighty row has erupted in Coogee after Randwick Council voted in favour of the partial demolition of this historic wall.

A section of the 100-year-old wall will make way for a new car park, leading to this heated exchange. 1,400.... There's plenty of others like me. So where's your petition? (All yell over the top of each other.) Supporters of the wall have accused Labor councillors who voted for the knockdown of ignoring heritage advice in the interests of developers. Fashion Week kicks off this weekend, sparking debate about underweight models. Australian organisers say it won't be an issue here - they simply won't use anyone who's too skinny. The setting's fashionable enough - Australia's biggest display of all that's glamorous and new in clothes and style takes up most of west Circular Quay. Finishing touches today in and around the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

All our top international designers are here - Lisa Ho, Josh Goots, Fashion Assassin, Zimmerman.

So far the only potential controversy -

ultra-gaunt girls being used as stick-thin clothes horses.

Many of these girls have a height-to-weight ratio

well below the World Health Organisation's minimum standard. The Australian industry says it's just not acceptable here either. I think we've got a real conscience about it in Australia and we use beautiful healthy girls and we don't have anybody that you look at frighteningly. To underline his point, this is Emily... This is the runway room. Yeah. ..showing off Perry's newest dress and shoes this afternoon. Model weight may be an issue elsewhere. The local industry says it's a non-event in this country. But the real bottom line here is not necessarily the hemline.

This year's show is expected to generate about $100 million worth of business for Australian designers and manufacturers. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. A teenage girl who partially lost her sight after wearing novelty contact lenses has had a corneal transplant.

15-year-old Tennille Brassington wore lenses she bought over the Internet - they were of such poor quality they left her blind in one eye. Tennille's worn this lens quite innocently and suffered an extreme consequence. My advice to young people is if you're gonna have a contact lens, get it prescribed by an optometrist. With her vision restored, Tennille says she is forever grateful to her donor. World-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has just enjoyed a practical experience of the universe he knows so much about. He's taken a trip through zero gravity on board a special jet in preparation for a journey on one of the world's first commercial flights into space. For Stephen Hawking, who suffers from a motor neurone disease, getting anywhere, just saying anything, takes a lot of effort. The chance to float free in zero-G will be wonderful. Weightlessness was easy, just lifting off the floor and floating - 25 seconds of freedom from gravity, a subject Professor Hawking has studied all his life. Doctors were on board to monitor his health and he was carefully settled back down when the weightlessness was over. So how did he like zero gravity? His eyebrows went up with a big grin, which is 'yes'. And, "Do you want to do it again?" and there was immediately a big 'yes' again,

The plane takes a roller-coaster course through the sky, creating weightlessness when it reaches the apex of each loop. Professor Hawkings's next flight will take him far from the Earth's gravitational pull. He'll be on one of the first Virgin Galactic trips in 2009. Space, here I come. In the United States, Leila McKinnon, National Nine News.

In the news ahead - why Prince Harry is threatening to quit the army and how a kiss could put Richard Gere behind bars. Until Sunday, load up at Target. With 30% off Manchester and a huge range of homewares, there's too much for one house.

Australia's hospital emergency departments would be overwhelmed in the event of a major terrorist attack, according to a new report. And as national security correspondent Tim Lester explains, it also accuses the Federal Government of hiding critical information. Madrid, London, New York - how well prepared is Australia to cope with something similar? We don't know.

Because, according to the respected Strategic Policy Institute, the Government has kept secret audits of the system's readiness and won't even tell emergency departments how big a surge in casualties they need to be ready for. We've never tested it, we've never set the minimum standards, so how do we know whether we've reached them? The Institute finds our health care system could be overwhelmed, with problems well beyond the hospitals, like our almost absolute dependence on defence force aircraft to move mass casualty victims. The Australian Defence Force has a remarkable record in terms of emergency response, But is too slow and stretched with overseas assignments, according to the Institute. It says the Government must lease the needed aircraft as well as pour funds into major CBD emergency departments

near where terror attacks are most likely. We will always want better equipment, better opportunities to give our patients better outcomes. The Government insists our readiness for a terror attack is world class. So why haven't those audits of the system been made public? The acting minister says that would play into the terrorists' hands. Why would we let them know the areas where they should be concentrating?

Tim Lester, National Nine News. Prince Harry's call-up to Iraq is under review by British military chiefs

amid growing fears for his safety and that of his men. Iraqi insurgents see him as an important strategic target

but the young prince remains determined to go.

Prince Harry has always said he only joined the army to go wherever his men do. But that may now be in doubt. Since his Iraq deployment was announced, insurgents have made it clear they want to target him. In southern Iraq, where his armoured vehicle unit would be operating, it's said posters with his picture are being widely distributed, urging his killing. Despite reports he'll be held back,

authorities say Harry is still slated to go to the war-torn country, but that could still change. Growing concerns among military chiefs mean he could be stopped from going,

or perhaps deployed, but only to a desk job. Sources are adamant Harry would quit if he couldn't go to Iraq with his men, though the palace has denied it. The fact remains this month has been the worst so far for Britain in Iraq, 11 dead in precisely the area in which Harry would be operating. For the Ministry of Defence, it's a major problem. A dead prince is an obvious disaster, But being forced to leave Harry at home

would also be a major propaganda coup for the insurgents. A decision is expected in the next few weeks. James Talia, National Nine News. The actor Hugh Grant could be charged with assault after hurling a container of baked beans at a photographer and kicking at the man's legs. Grant was arrested and questioned before being bailed. The investigation continues. It seems Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty can't win.

Abused by racists on British TV, now a recent monstering by an amorous Richard Gere has put her at risk of going to prison. The display has broken India's strict public obscenity laws. Shetty could be jailed for three months if convicted. There's also a warrant out for Richard Gere if he ever returns to India. Stephanie with sport next and the Tigers face a big test tonight. You're not wrong there, Mark.

We'll talk to their assistant coach Royce Simmons as his forwards get ready for a showdown against the Doggies' brutal defence. Also - Michael Clarke sizes up the Sri Lankan attack ahead of tomorrow night's World Cup final.

Food tastes better on a Friday. People are happier. Friday's a fun day, celebrate art, promote health, and bring sport and a future to life every day. Australia Post.

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Craig Gower remains in doubt for tomorrow's clash with the Raiders after spending the night in hospital on a drip suffering from a virus. Friday night's league double-header features the grand final rematch between the Broncos and Storm in Brisbane,

while at Telstra Stadium the Tigers are hunting their second win for the season,

up against the Bulldogs. Joining me now is Tigers assistant coach Royce Simmons. Royce, good news with Bryce Gibbs cleared to play. Can we expect another fiery confrontation with Mark O'Meley?

I don't think so. Brice was cleared

this morning. We honestly didn't

think he'd play. Last time he did

his injury, he was out for a week,

and needed an injection. Last time

it was Brice getting his head in the

wrong place, getting concussed on

that occasion. This is a test for

your pack away Gaines one of the

meanest packs in the competition.

It is. They are full of internationals, they are looking

around to play in the NSW spot,

pushing for selection, important that we have good speed

that we have good speed of line in

the defensive line to combat them,

and not let them get on a role. If they do, they become a dangerous

side, with the likes of Sherwin and

his kicking game, which is close to

the best in the league. Thank you

Royce, we wish you the best for

tonight. Thank you for your time. Thank you. You can catch that match here on Nine at 7:30pm live from Telstra Stadium. To cricket, and officials have dismissed reports of a bomb scare when Australia arrived in Barbados for the World Cup final as a hoax - the untagged luggage turned out to be harmless computer gear. Meantime, Ricky Ponting was made to wait for almost an hour by rival Mahela Jayawardene before both captains posed with the cup ahead of the final. You're a bit late aren't ya? eh? I didn't know about this, seriously. Mahela Jayawardene finally faced Ricky Ponting as the sun slipped into the Caribbean. Based at the same beachside hotel means both teams keep eyeballing each other, Michael Clarke keen to face Lasith Malinga, the blond-tipped strike bowler whose slinging action helped him claim a double hat-trick against South Africa.

I don't think I've ever faced him. I can't remember facing him. Lucky, we get to face Taitey in the nets, so I don't think there's too much difference there.

Veterans Muttiah Muralitharan and Chaminda Vaas are survivors from Sri Lanka's first cup win in 1996,

as is Ricky Ponting. But 11 years ago, Clarke was just a pup. I was 15, I certainly would have watched it though, knowing me. Playing his first final, Clarke's confident the undefeated Australians can claim a fourth World Cup. We'll certainly be very tough to beat. Sri Lanka will have to play out of their skins. Clarke's first final, Glenn McGrath's last match. I'm still happy to finish up at the end of this World Cup and I think that the fact I've decided to retire is probably one of the reasons I'm bowling so well. A little after first light Sunday, Australian time, we should know who's holding one-day cricket's greatest prize. In Barbados, Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. The Sydney Swans are hoping to put last week's forgettable performance against Adelaide behind them when they take on winless Melbourne at the SCG tomorrow night. Much of the Swans' focus this week has been on goal kicking after kicking a paltry five goals against the Crows. It's an area where we need to improve, it's cost us games in the past and it will in the future, so the guys have done a bit of extra work this week. The return of sharp shooter Nick Davis a bonus this weekend.

So, Marks, a huge weekend of sport,

league double header tonight and

the Cricket World Cup final

tomorrow. My footy tips are in fingers crossed. After the break - the CommSec finance report, Jaynie with the weekend weather details, then Peter Harvey's Last Word.

To finance now and the former boss of the stock exchange Tony D'Aloisio Mark, looks like the first half of Saturday will be wet, but fine for the rest of the weekend. Low visibility in the west this morning, thanks to the fog. Everyone rugged up with tops of 19 for most us, along with light winds.

Right now we have light patchy falls moving in from the west. So if you are heading out to the footy, take your raincoat.

This rain will hopefully increase overnight with up to 15mm for the catchments by tomorrow. And in the last 24 hours parts of NSW have had record-breaking rain - Ivanhoe, 26mm - their wettest April day in 19 years - and Tibbaburra, with 27mm. The heaviest rain is landing over south-east SA, and south-west Victoria under the deepening low. For NSW, the biggest falls are over the mid-North Coast. We could get isolated storms for the south-west tonight with that rain slowly moving to the east. And during Saturday,

heavier falls in the northern and southern areas of the State. Storms for the central, southern ranges and western slopes.

A day indoors for most capitals. Rain over the south-east, even possible storms in Melbourne. Sunny skies for Perth and Darwin. Sydney - rain developing tonight, clearing towards Saturday afternoon, light to moderate northerly winds, 1.5m swells at the beach. Cloud keeping those temperatures down again.

Sunday - cloudy, but you should be able to venture outside. Then westerly winds bringing back the dry weather. But for tonight and tomorrow, it's fingers crossed for rain over our dams, Mark. Now Peter Harvey with the Last Word. I remember reading somewhere that Glenn McGrath has retired. Can you believe that? The bloke who may well be on the brink of the greatest moment in his career will be officially out of the game on Sunday.

You've got to be kidding. The day Glenn McGrath is out of the game, they'll stop talking about him in Narromine,

and they'll never do that, because that's where he comes from. Unable to get a game with the local side,

he moved to Sydney, did it tough, lived in a caravan

and the rest is history. Stood by his wife through all sorts of terrible troubles, stuck to his guns when his sporting luck walked away, came back and triumphed.

What can you say? Ooh ahh, Glenn McGrath. That's National Nine News for this Friday.

I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. You don't want to think anything could be wrong. Tonight - Olivia's heart-breaking battle to save her daughter. It felt like I hit rock bottom. The family terrorised by their elderly neighbour. Australia loves to hate it, but is Sydney really that selfish? And how you can make good money from the back of your wardrobe. This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Also tonight, the 2-year-old surfer showing the grown-ups how it should be done. But first, Olivia Newton-John leads an uncommon life, but lately she's been waging an all-too-common battle. She's been helping her daughter overcome anorexia and as so many Australian parents know, it's a deeply emotional struggle. have spoken about her illness. Now Olivia and daughter Chloe Howard Gipps has the story. You can't make your child eat if she doesn't want to. I don't want to be like, "Olivia's daughter, who is sick." I felt like I hit rock bottom. The photos say it all - Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe has serious problems. her mother's fame and wealth are no immunity from the scourge of anorexia. There was a time I was in denial about it - I have to admit that - because you don't want to think that anything could be wrong. Mum became alarmed when Chloe's weight dropped to about 45kg. Her pathetically wasted arms and legs suggest she may be reaching crisis point. But to a lot of people's disbelief, she's now claiming she's beaten it. No matter what I say, people are always going to have their opinion. If I say I'm over it, they'll go, "Oh, she's skinny, so she can't be." Because I'm through that darkness. And they said that the battle was over and she was through all the hard yards, so it was interesting for us to see photos a few weeks later of her looking frightfully thin. 'Woman's Day' editor Alana House has been following Chloe's condition closely. The photographs we're seeing coming into the office are quite scary. I mean, she's skin and bone still, so, I mean, I hope that she's getting better, but she's definitely not recovered in my opinion. We're also getting reports that she's been spotted