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to the victim's daughter. A teenage killer tries to apologise that she got busted I'm not sure if she's sorry

for what she did. or she's actually sorry

but no jail for Alan Jones A serious offence, in a murder trial. after he named a young witness for the court to make its decision I came in here, waiting to live with that decision. and I was prepared

off Queensland minus its crew. The mystery of the catamaran drifting

our hopes diminish a little. As time goes on his birthday celebrations in style. And Lindsay Fox begins a fairytale. I guess three simple words -

This program is captioned live.

Good evening. courtroom showdown There's been a dramatic of a Sydney taxi driver between the teenage killers and the victim's family. before suffering a fatal heart attack Youbert Hormozi was bashed during a robbery last year. a written apology Today, his daughter screwed up

in front of the girls who killed him.

who uttered the chilling words, One of the teenagers "We just wasted a taxidriver," of slain cabbie Youbert Hormozi today offered the family

a letter of apology. Part of it read, The victim's daughter, Melinda, in front of them. screwed up the letter

Apology not accepted. if she's sorry that she got busted I told her that I'm not sure for what she did. or she's actually sorry and walked off laughing. The two killers turned It means nothing to me." I said, "It means nothing.

did they, again? Oh, they smiled at me, the girls, aged just 14, In February last year, bashing him, stealing his cab jumped 53-year-old Mr Hormozi, of a heart attack and leaving him to die on a darkened Canley Vale street. Today in court,

her victim's impact statement, Anna Hormozi produced

for showing contempt attacking the teenagers through the manslaughter case. and smiling She said they deserve: long enough Let's hope they'll be in there for my family to heal from this. According to their barristers, to these girls. violence seemed a normal part of life to domestic turmoil, Both have been exposed One was so traumatised by it, at age 13. she allegedly turned to alcohol

robbing another man at knife point The girls, who were arrested

a night after the killing,

on a date to be fixed. will be sentenced Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. Radio broadcaster Alan Jones

bond and fined $1,000 has been placed on a good behaviour in a murder trial. for naming a young witness a deliberate flouting of the law, His lawyer said it was not

it was a serious offence but the magistrate said which required a conviction. prospect of going to jail. Alan Jones had faced the remote

free on a bond, Instead, he left court he now has a criminal conviction. but with the knowledge that

the court to make its decision I came in here, waiting for to live with that decision. and I was prepared In March, Jones was found guilty in a murder trial. of naming a juvenile witness when, on his 2GB breakfast show, The breach dates back to 2005 in the 'Daily Telegraph'. he paraphrased an article

told a sentencing hearing Today, his lawyer and careless, but... Jones may have been reckless magistrate said she took into account In deciding a sentence, the

against Jones in the early 1990s. two previous findings of contempt that no conviction be recorded Jones's lawyer argued

a maximum penalty of 12 months jail. for an offence that carries fined him $1,000 In the end, Magistrate Helen Syme good behaviour bond... and placed him on a 9-month a bit more nervous on air? REPORTER: Will you be You know that. Always very nervous on air. they'll be lodging an appeal. Late today Jones and 2GB announced

Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. the engine was running The sea was calm, and a table was set for a meal. why the catamaran 'Kaz II' So no-one can explain off Far North Queensland, was found drifting missing without a trace. its three West Australian crewmen on Wednesday The 'Kaz II' was first spotted 80 nautical miles out. by a Coastwatch plane its jib sail shredded. Motoring towards Townsville, It wasn't until late yesterday boarded the 10-metre catamaran when a crewman from a rescue chopper?

that the mystery deepened. It was a virtual ghost ship. of three. There was no sign of the crew what could have happened? Who knows, you know, a laptop computer was switched on - The GPS and radio were working, on the table. there was even food and cutlery on board the vessel Who have a number of items as if you're living on it - all as they would be, Adding to the mystery, dangling over the port side, three fenders were out another boat had pulled up alongside. pointing to the likelihood on Sunday morning. The 'Kaz II' left Airlie Beach to locals, The three men waved goodbye to Western Australia via Townsville. saying they were heading home a video camera Later that day, it's known they used?

found on board the boat. for at least three days, But they've been in the water were still on board. and their life jackets So was the EPIRB, was still with the 'Kaz II'. and the dinghy It seems very unusual, yes. on Sunday, Monday wasn't too good. The weather, obviously, later tonight The yacht is expected in Townsville Tony Fabris, National Nine News. Australia took another big step towards a nuclear future today.

A state of the art research reactor went fully online at Lucas Heights and experts say we're now perfectly capable of operating a nuclear power plant. At almost $500 million, it's Australia's largest one-off scientific investment and despite the claims of a handful of anti-nuclear protesters, it saves lives. This facility is about relieving human suffering. The radioactive heart of the brand-new Lucas Heights reactor -

they call it OPAL - lies deep beneath 10 metres of gently glowing blue water to cool the atomic core and act as a shield against any chance of radioactive leakage. Reactor power is sitting at about just under 20 megawatts. Twice as powerful as the original Lucas Heights reactor, OPAL is already producing two-thirds of all Australia's nuclear medicine - treatment for cancer and diseases such as Alzheimer's. It also produces irradiated silicon

for chips in computers and other electronic devices. It's a reminder that nuclear energy is a source of hope and it's part of the future for all of mankind. This is not a nuclear power plant, but that's clearly within Australia's reach. Australia would have the technology level,

the kind of good governance, you would have the kind of regulatory infrastructure. And with fossil fuels a major contributor to worsening climate change, nuclear energy is emerging as the only possible alternative. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. A prominent union boss came in for some sharp criticism You won't find many working mothers agreeing,

but the Minister for Families claims Sydney does not have a critical shortage of childcare places. He says there's no problem - if you can't find a place, just drive to a nearby suburb. Lile Ye has been waiting for six months to get her newborn baby into day care. I tried another childcare centre in my community, but still no vacancy for her. But according to a new government analysis, there's plenty of them.

There is no locality in Sydney where there is not child care, long day care or family day care available. But the official figures show six Sydney suburbs have no long day care spots at all. One of those is Summer Hill, where Roberta DeSouza says parents enrol their babies even before they're born. We have 300 on our waiting list, so there are a lot of disappointed families. As there are in Strathfield, where the waiting list is two years. The Minister says if that's the case,

parents should travel to nearby suburbs.

If they have to drop off their child in a different area it's very, very inconvenient.

You're being told by Mr Howard that you should travel through Sydney traffic to get a child care place in the next suburb. While the Government insists there are adequate vacancies, it still didn't stop more than 41,000 people in NSW alone

from quitting the workforce to become stay-at-home parents. The Government also pin-points areas which apparently do have places, such as this one in Chippendale. But matching supply and demand is not always easy. Peta-Jane Madam, National Nine News. The claim that food prices will rise sharply, thanks to the drought, was given added credibility today. Federal Treasurer Peter Costello agreed with the prediction as farmers on the Murray-Darling face an endless wait for rain. Remember how Cyclone Larry hit grocery bills? The price of bananas went up four or five times. Now, that's what you could be seeing in relation to stone fruit, horticulture. Treasurer Costello says an irrigation shutdown in the engine room of Australian agriculture could have Larry-like consequences for a whole range of our basic foods. The price of all of the crops that normally come out of the Murray-Darling Basin will go up. The now-released government report into the Basin's water hints at this, For half a decade or more, the Government has been in a state of denial about climate change and water.

It's not because of bad government that we have no water. It's because there's no rain. But the Howard Government has turned the heat on Victoria, arguing it must now join other States to complete John Howard's $10 billion water security plan. The PM has been arguing, "no Victoria, no plan".

It won't work. It will be like a, you know, a three-legged horse. Well, the poor horse broke into a trot today - the Water Resources Minister and his assistant both suggesting the Howard plan WILL work without Victoria. We can deal with, I guess with three States. We already have.

Tim Lester, National Nine News. Estimates for the 4-day party range from $1 million to $8 million,

but one thing is certain - businessman Lindsay Fox is celebrating his 70th birthday in style.

Last night he booked out the Opera House, today an exclusive restaurant on the water and all before a single cork has been popped at the main event. It's unlikely Catalina has seen a birthday lunch quite like this - seven Frenchmen from the Wine Order of Bordeaux, flown over to induct Lindsay Fox as an ambassador.

And now we are enjoying many, many more bottles at the moment. They arrived with guests from 12 different countries to celebrate a life which continues to be anything but ordinary. Well, you're a long time dead and why celebrate after someone's gone? We're in good hands. We'll have to reach 75 or 80... No, 80 - we want him to get to 80! Fox got his start selling soft drinks from the back of a truck. He's now head of a company turning over more than $1 billion a year. It's certainly helped bankroll a birthday party that started with dinner at the Opera House. We're here. That's all that matters. Political powerbrokers past and present, all on day one of a 4-day bender.

I guess three simple words - a fairytale. So you've got a few friends coming to town and they need a place to stay.

Well, the Park Hyatt has 158 rooms and Mr Fox has booked out at least 83 of them at a cost of well over $150,000. And all this a warm-up for the main event

at his Elizabeth Bay mansion tomorrow night.

So it's just as well he's not feeling his age. LINDSAY FOX: I feel like 21, not 70! Denham Hitchcock, National Nine News.

In the news ahead - fierce debate over the Virginia killer's video. And a home claimed by a collapsing cliff.

A former employee of the Australian Museum has been sentenced to at least five years in jail for stealing 194 wildlife specimens, many regarded as unique and irreplaceable. 50-year-old Henk van Leeuwen pleaded guilty

to 15 charges of stealing during the seven years he worked at the museum as a pest controller. The judge rejected van Leeuwen's claim American TV executives are defending their decision to air the video made by the man behind the Virginia massacre. It's caused distress to survivors and families of the victims, but psychologists say it's an invaluable insight into the mind of the killer.

Even though he's dead, he's dealt his victims another blow. We don't need to see him again. We don't need to see his face again. People who lost loved ones should not be seeing what their children saw, of Cho pointing a gun at their face.

Cho carefully planned his posthumous portrayal, counting on the media to broadcast it to the world, and we did. And we know we are, in effect, airing the words of a murderer here tonight. We have an obligation to tell what we know and I don't think that people want us to withhold what we know. from them. The fear is Cho will inspire other potential killers, the way he was inspired by the Columbine High School gunmen.

There have been 10 copycat threats in just the past three days. We're promoting that if you're ill, rather than getting mental health support, you should go kill someone and be a hero.

Most broadcasters are no longer airing Cho speaking, or the photos in which he brandishes guns.

In South Korea today, his great-aunt said he was never normal, calling him mentally impaired.

The State of Virginia announced an inquiry into the shootings, including how a former mental patient was able to legally buy guns. Six of his victims remain in hospital and were given a boost today by a serenade from the college band. In the US, Leila McKinnon, National Nine News. US Presidential hopeful John McCain has made a clumsy joke about Iran during a campaign stop. This was his response when asked about Tehran's nuclear threat. That old Beach Boy's song, 'Bomb Iran' - # Bomb, bomb, bomb! # (clears throat) Anyway... McCain's spokesman said he was only responding to a question that was asked in jest. In Canada, warmer than usual temperatures have led to a destructive mudslide which has swallowed an entire house. The home was already evacuated. Authorities say that at least four properties are in danger of meeting the same fate. And in the American state of Texas, a donkey has been presented to a court as part of a neighbourhood dispute. The owner of Buddy the donkey accused his neighbour of assaulting him because he wanted the animal out of the area.

So Buddy was hauled into court and presented to the jury in the hope they would take his owner's side.

In the end, the neighbours settled out of court. Ken with sport next, and Australia and New Zealand fight it out on two fronts tonight.

Yes, in the league Test match in Brisbane. And, there will be no love lost when they meet at cricket's World Cup. Also, Brian Lara to leave a gaping hole in West Indies cricket.

So busted! Franklins has price busted 500g ETA 5 Star table spread. Look for this and other Price Busters, only at Franklins. Despite several questionable selections,

the Kangaroos remain firm favourites to beat a new-look New Zealand team in Brisbane. One thing is certain - the Test will be robust and the Kiwis competitive with the likes of Sonny Bill Williams, Benji Marshall and Roy Asotosi in the side. But will that be enough? From Suncorp Stadium, Phil Gould joins me live.

Phil, will it be enough for the

Kiwis? Very interesting to see this

Kiwis side go around. A new-look

team - 9 changes from the team that

played Australia in the tri-nations

final last year, who were only

beaten in golden-point extra time.

The retirement of legends like

Ruben Wiki, Stacey Jones, David

Kidwell is out injured. With

debutants in this side and fellas

that have played very little Test football, it will be a

cauldron-like atmosphere tonight.

The forward battle will be intense,

the Kiwis will give it their best.

I favour the Australians a bit

little in this one. It will be

robust, but in the end, the skill

factor comes into it late in the

game. It does. The key for the New

Zealanders here is that Australia

like to blow you away early. Inif

they can't, they cruise through the

middle part of the game and try to

get you late. If the Kiwis can

still be alive at the back end of

the game, we're in for a beauty.

Thanks, Phil. Good calling tonight.

7:30 all the action tonight. The other Aussie-Kiwi battle tonight takes place at cricket's World Cup, the last game for both sides before the semifinals. There's not much on the line except bragging rights and the chance for the injury-plagued Shane Watson to make an impression

while New Zealand's quickest bowler is working up a head of steam

for the Aussies. Bond claimed a hat-trick during last summer's VB Series. His 5-wicket haul in the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy set up the Black Caps' whitewash. I think we've shown over the summer that if we play on top of our game that we can take Australia down. Now he's one of this World Cup's form bowlers. It seems like he does save his best for us, he's got some of his best match figures against Australia,

so we're going to have to pay a lot of attention to him tomorrow. But with Shane Watson fit and firing, Ponting's convinced he now has the XI to create history.

It'll be pretty close to it. I think what you've seen so far from this team is a team that's very capable of winning the World Cup. Meantime, England coach Duncan Fletcher has quit. Hailed for 2005's Ashes triumph, but blamed for last summer's humiliation, England's World Cup failure was Fletcher's final straw. Back in 1983, Grenada was invaded by the United States. US Marines stormed the island to put down a communist coup.

Now more than 20 years later, this West Indies paradise is about to experience an invasion of a very different kind. Australians have finally begun arriving in force, hoping to witness history.

(All sing and shout) In Grenada, Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. It's rare great champions get a chance to retire on their own terms. Brian Lara would have liked to leave captaining the West Indies to World Cup glory,

but it's not to be. The dazzling batsman will call it a day after tomorrow's game against England - both teams failing to make the semis. He's known as The Prince. But in many ways Lara is the king of batsmen.

Now it's time to hand over the crown. I just want everybody to know on Saturday I'm bidding farewell to international cricket as a player. The leading run scorer in Test cricket history, he also holds the record for the highest Test score, an unbeaten 400, against England in 2004. COMMENTATOR: Thousands have witnessed history today. And it doesn't end there.

10 years earlier Lara posted the highest first-class score, a whopping 501 not out, for English county side Warwickshire. His final appearance is against England tomorrow night. Almost 38, he departs after a sensational 17 years on the international stage. I just want to be remembered as someone who came out there

and tried to entertain. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News.

The rugby league Test tonight at

7:30, and 11:30, we've got the

World Cup game between Australia

and New Zealand. She's a long night.

I'll try. Keep it up. Thanks, Ken. After the break, the CommSec finance report, the weekend weather details, then Peter Harvey's Last Word. It's a nice fence, mate. It's a very nice fence.

Anything gets in the way of me fence, I shift it. Get many meteorites? has a massive 2,800kg brake-towing capacity. Yeah. Bit of a pain. You beauty. The 110kW Navara STR.

In finance, Beaconsfield Gold resumed trading on the sharemarket after being suspended for almost a year in the wake of that tragic rockfall where one miner was killed and two others trapped. Qantas was up, despite acceptances for the takeover slipping again.

Mark, looks like a fine night but showers on Sunday. Today's maximum temperatures didn't get past 25 across Sydney. Winds were in from the south and quite fresh along the coast. Thick fog covered Sydney this morning. Visibility was down to 100m for the city, but winds swept that north fairly quickly. It was the Hunter region that had fog lingering till mid-morning. And there's been severe storms over north-east NSW and south-east Queensland.

So far they haven't made it to Brisbane for tonight's Test match. Tomorrow afternoon storms and showers for the coast and ranges north from Taree and some light patchy rain should start moving into western NSW, extending to the south-western border. A cold morning for Canberra. A few showers for Melbourne and Hobart. Storms possible for Brisbane again.

Sydney - a foggy start, especially for the western suburbs. A generous amount of blue sky. Winds turning to the south-east along the coast for the afternoon with 1m swells. And a fairly calm weekend on the harbour. Winds picking up to 15 knots on Sunday in from the south. Warm daytime temperatures tomorrow. Cooler on Sunday with showers along the coast and spreading to the west.

Then from Monday, if the winds turn more onshore and pick up, the showers will get heavier. This could mean some rain for the catchment areas as well. Could be a nice end to April, Mark. Now here's Peter Harvey with the Last Word.

Can you believe that some mothers are actually complaining about the lack of long day care centres in their suburbs? Mosman matrons moaning about having to actually use

their giant four-wheel-drive gas-guzzling road-block machines to drive their kiddies to day care places in Parramatta, wherever that is. Delays them getting to tennis, I suppose, but at least it's affordable - only $100 or $120 a day. Easy. Still, it's outrageous that they're inconvenienced. I mean, day care may be absolutely essential and very hard to find for millions of families, for desperate single parents, for people trying to keep their jobs and their children. But they should look for other options, or so the Federal Government says. Easy? I don't think so! That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig! Tonight - the Hollywood superstar caught on tape raining abuse on his 11-year-old daughter. Alex Baldwin does have a reputation Alec Baldwin does have a reputation for being a real hot-head. Shoppers left high and dry - how the drought is affecting Aussie supermarket products. CSI goes to the dogs - the pet detective paid thousands to solve a canine mystery. And Oprah Winfrey - her 7-day diet sensation taking the world by storm. This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Also tonight, we'll meet one of Australia's oldest petrol heads. He's the ultimate car lover. But we begin tonight with the latest disturbing round in the slanging match between superstar actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. She's made public a tape-recording of her former husband losing his temper with their 11-year-old daughter. So you better be ready, Friday the 20th, to meet with me, so I can let you know just how I feel about what a rude little pig you really are! You are a rude, thoughtless little pig, OK? This could be a reality TV show called 'When Hollywood Stars Go Bad!' I am going to get on a plane and I am going to come out there for the day and I am going to straighten your ass out when I see you! Do you understand me? I think it's appalling. I think the little girl's trust has been betrayed on every level. I'm leaving this message with you to tell you that you have insulted me for the last time. This unbelievable rant is Hollywood superstar Alec Baldwin giving his 11-year-old daughter one hell of a spray. Her crime? Not turning on her phone. You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being. I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old or 11 years old, or that you're a child or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass. To talk to your daughter like that is unacceptable and is a lesson to most parents of a way not to speak to their children. They were Hollywood royalty. Benji said I was a lucky man. Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger lived life under the spotlight - a publicist's dream. But when their marriage broke down, it was played out on centre stage. It was nasty - very nasty. It's like these two can't get acting roles,