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(generated from captions) He is committed to you. Taylor, Thorne loves you. He is planning a life around you. and everything she's gone through? And what about Ally their hearts all over again? Are you going to just break patient-therapist relationship. No, this is not a normal

(Scoffs) Brooke... Have you fallen for her? Has she fallen for you?

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This program is captioned live. Tonight - GUNFIRE American massacre. at a university campus. A gunman on the rampage could do this to anybody else. Utter shock at how anybody in the worst shooting in US history. 33 students dead It's just insane. it's like a college Columbine. We're already saying but refuses to give up its guns. A nation mourns

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. We don't know know his name yet, a little more about the gunman but we are starting to learn and what sparked his rampage. It seems a love triangle his girlfriend and a counsellor may have lead him to shoot at the Virginia Tech college, on students and teachers. returning hours later to open fire

he turned the gun on himself By the time he'd killed 32 - America's worst peacetime massacre. of lives being lost The terrifying sound captured on a students phone camera.

GUNFIRE to the first emergency call Police responded at 7:15 in the morning. of the co-ed dorms at Virginia Tech. There was a gunman in one Shots had been heard. There's a shooter on campus. PA: This is an emergency.

in one of the dorm rooms. Two bodies were found it was an isolated incident, Police believed a domestic dispute. of a cheating girlfriend There were reports described as a young Asian man, and the shooter,

had escaped. went off to their lectures Most of the students thinking that they were safe. Two hours later at 9:15 in an engineering building. there was more gunfire GUNFIRE another 31 people were dead When the shooting stopped

his own life. including the gunman who had taken

was struck with a tragedy Today the university of monumental proportions. that we consider had turned into a massacre. Monday morning the gunman had chained shut, Behind classroom doors

police had to smash their way in.

I may not show my emotions I've ever seen. but this is one of the worst things Blacksburg is a university town. that started in a dorm room They want to know why a killing spree the campus. ended in a room on the other side of It's just such a big number. It's just insane. it's just like a college Columbine. We were all saying

It's just really sad.

where we thought it occurred, We locked down the building the incident was contained. where we thought other incident was going to occur. We had no reason to suspect any There's someone still out there. No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm not saying there's not. if the two incidents are connected. We're trying to determine expressed sorrow over the massacre, America's powerful gun lobby has on the right to bear arms. but continues to insist

has shocked Americans The tragedy in Virginia but it's unlikely to prompt lawmakers on the easy availability of firearms. to tighten up

and sanctuary and learning. Schools should be places of safety When that sanctuary is violated in every American classroom the impact is felt and every American community. Today our nation grieves at Virginia Tech. with those who lost loved ones later reminding Americans A spokesman for the President

in their right to bear arms, he believes enshrined in the US Constitution. to buy deadly weapons. Virginia, one of the easiest States no background checks There's no gun registration,

and no mandatory waiting period. used by the gunman The 9mm and 0.22 calibre pistols in American gun shops. are readily available Here in Australia, in the 1996 Port Arthur massacre 35 people lost their lives on rifles and shotguns. which led to controls

the availability of guns We took action to limit that the gun culture, and we showed a national resolve in the United States, which is such a negative

in our country. would never become a negative says handguns were overlooked. But the Coalition for Gun Control

America are available in Australia. Well, the handguns that were used in and they should be banned. They're not banned

joins a long list of mass killings. Blacksburg, Virginia Last October, at an Amish school in Pennsylvania. 10 young girls were shot Five of them died. And in 1999, at Columbine High School in Colorado, 12 students and a teacher were killed shot down by two students the massacre of their classmates. who spent months planning John Hill, Ten News. To other news now, restore unfair dismissal protection and Kevin Rudd is promising to to millions of Australians. massive changes to his IR plans, The Labor leader today unveiling but unions aren't happy. his workplace counter-revolution. Kevin Rudd has begun to flesh out It'll be a national uniform system. and public holiday pay will return. Penalty rates, overtime workers are employed in businesses Under Mr Howard's laws 3.6 million

at any time for no reason at all. where they can be dismissed restore unfair dismissal protection The Labor leader is promising to to all employees in private business.

for business employing up to 15. It will apply after one year six months to trial a new employee. Bigger businesses will have to the heart of small business It takes a dagger to the heart of job creation. and it takes a dagger

And unions are on notice. There can be no going back of an earlier age. to the industrial culture strikes will be limited, In a first for the ALP,

and strike pay banned. secret ballots required,

It's not everything we would have wanted, but it looks like it will be a very fair system that working people can have a sense of confidence in. We think we've got the balance right and this will be the policy we take to the next election. Kevin Rudd is using his dominance in the opinion polls

to slay some of the Labor movement's sacred cows. And it seems to be working. One militant union leader says he has concerns but they pale in comparison to the current laws. Mr Rudd, despite the Anzac Day row, has regained his record 12-point lead over John Howard as preferred prime minister. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Sydney's ram-raid busters are being broken up. The police strike force set up to catch ram-raid gangs is being shut down amid claimed the investigation team is a victim of politics. It's an all too common sight -

the aftermath of yet another Sydney ram-raid. This time the robbers targeted a pub at Condell Park, smashing their way in in a four-wheel drive, escaping with a cash-filled ATM in a white van.

Already there have been 18 ram-raids in Sydney this year, at least one ram-raid in Sydney every week but tonight police confirmed Strike Force Piccadilly,

set up to investigate ram-raid gangs across the city, is being wound up.

From July, detectives assigned to the strike force to their local areas. will be sent back

of its manpower. Piccadilly stripped We certainly won't have the numbers on Strike Force Piccadilly. we had currently But what I'd like to get across is have gained in Piccadilly, the skills that those people to their LACs they'll be taking back and substantive commands. will instead fall to local officers The role of investigating ram-raids from the Property Crime Squad. or detectives operational decisions of this nature State Crime Command makes decisions, in those operational decisions. and I will support them

it was set up almost two years ago. Piccadilly has made 80 arrests since police promise... Despite the wind-down as effectively as they are now. Ram-raids will be investigated

Critics remain sceptical about the

down. timing of the strike force shut

A look at sport now with Tim Webster

in 40-odd years. and it's the Roosters' worst start

for the Roosters. It's now five straight losses since 1966. They haven't had that sort of start last night against the Raiders. Plenty of frustration that's building on and off the field. Ahead, reaction to the pressure And outrage in the AFL a player has sledged a rival over allegations about his 6-year-old daughter - with sexually explicit taunts the reaction to that shortly. after Andrew Johns's retirement, And just a week with a serious injury - another footballer forced to quit in about half an hour. all of that and more a Muslim woman was raped A Sydney court hears for reading a bible, that story next. Also tonight, fitting farewell - a renowned World War II hero. a fly-past to honour And an Easter Show legend - one of the event's great achievers. recognising She thinks you look damn tired. anti-fatigue daily moisturiser MAN: Men Expert Hydra Energetic recharges the skin with energy. with vitamin C Because you're worth it too. Men Expert from L'Oreal Paris. This program is captioned live.

is in Blacksburg tonight. Ten reporter Leisa Goddard-Roles

from the Virginia Tech campus. She joins us live authorities know who the gunman is, Leisa, releasing any information - but aren't yet who this man is? what do we know about accused of raping a 17 year old girl. Bail tonight for four teenagers

was recorded on a mobile phone Footage of the alleged rape was lured to a house in Green Valley It was earlier alleged she at the girl's school in January. and circulated to other students

before being gang raped. and plied with alcohol decided to release the four boys A Children's Court magistrate today after watching a second recording earlier having consensual sex which shows the alleged victim with one of the accused. had been deleted from her phone The new footage and was retrieved by mobile experts. next month. The case will return to court Appalling claims in a Sydney court as a type of religious cleansing that a Muslim woman was raped to punish her for reading the bible. from the attack for three years The victim hiding her clothes eventually use them as evidence. in the hope she could On trial for rape, he's a religious zealot. Abdul Reda Al Shawany denies of sexually assaulting But he's accused the Christian Bible. a Muslim woman who had begun reading Campbelltown Court told:

listening to Christian teachers. The court told the woman had begun for cultural reasons, The Crown Prosecutor told the court, about what had happened to her. the woman was deeply ashamed had threatened her The court also hear the accused claiming he'd videotaped the assault after the alleged attack, if she told anyone. and would send it to her family for three years the woman But the court was told when she handed them to police The court heard evidence Mr Al Shawany's DNA profile on her hijab. matched the semen stain in 1 in 1.3 billion individuals. That profile is expected (Laughs)

not guilty, But Al Shawany's has pleaded it was a religious cleansing, denying suggestions The trial continues. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

greatest war-time fighter pilots. A final salute today for one of our died at the age of 90, Wing Commander Bobby Gibbes his height to fight for his country. a hero and a larrikin who lied about who was born to fly, He was known as an air ace to this most famous Aussie fighter. a Spitfire today paying tribute Robert Henry Maxwell Gibbes, of World War II. one of our most decorated pilots

in North African skies, He risked his life downing 12 enemy aircraft. with a touch of the larrikin - He did it all fudging his height, cheating his way into the air force, his bomber training deliberately messing up a fighter pilot posting instead - so he could be given war-time antics he loved to share. I used to bulldust all I could. I was never reticent.

aerial victories, But for all the adrenaline-fuelled he sometimes lost his nerve. this war hero later admitted to keep going. For me, sometimes I had to battle But he never gave up, in the Western Desert once landing his Kittyhawk to save an injured mate, shot down in enemy territory, and, later, to walk to freedom. out-foxing patrols with full military honours, Bobby Gibbes was buried enjoy being with your mates. Go, Dad,

but save one for me. Drink those rums,

his wife of 62 years, Jeannie, He is survived by two daughters and five grandchildren. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. is in Blacksburg tonight. Ten reporter Leisa Goddard-Roles

from the Virginia Tech campus. She joins us live authorities know who the gunman is, Leisa, releasing any information - but aren't yet who this man is? what do we know about

Have a love and they do know who

this man is. There has been a

preliminary identification. All

they are saying is that he is a 24-

year-old Chinese man. He arrived in

the United States last year. Police

are also investigating whether the

shooter was the same person who

made bomb threats against the

campus last week. He may have been campus last week. He may have been

testing security at the campus.

What is the feeling there? Almost

everyone has left now. There is a

lot of shock here and a lot of

anger. Students and staff wanting

to know why there was a two-hour

gap between the shootings. No-one

was evacuated. There was not a lot was evacuated. There was not a lot

down put in place. Over the next

few days those tough questions will be asked. For 59 years his scissors have proved him a cut above the rest and now the Silhouette Man has been formally declared a legend of the Royal Easter Show. John Ross capturing profiles of thousands of showgoers. Nicole Kidman, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra among some of his most famous snips. Each portrait takes just five minutes and he only needs a 30 second look at his subject before the cutting begins. He's been making silhouettes since 1937 when he realised he was cut out for the job.

I am unlucky to work with some of

the best people in the business.

Just look at the creativity of the

Ten News cameraman. Here we are

behind it Luna Park. We had about 3

mm of rain today. Another fine and

sunny day at your place tomorrow.

It was a great day for most of the

day. It was warmer around Penrith. A vicious street brawl ends with an offender stealing a police patrol car,

that story next. And Malawi girl - Madonna jets in to the African nation amid rumours she's planning to adopt another toddler.

A fifth death tonight in the gastro outbreak at a Melbourne nursing home. 84-year-old Merson Dunstan leaving Broughton Hall on Sunday following a deadly gastro outbreak at the aged-care facility. Last night he died in hospital.

How you could treat someone like that - lock them away and shut the door and leave them there? When I grabbed my father's hand he was asking for help.

Four elderly residents died over the Easter long weekend. All up, 21 people fell ill - Mr Dunstan one of six hospitalised. He was removed from the home at his family's insistence. How someone did not recognise that a man needed to go to hospital our family will never understand.

Struggling to provide answers, the home, which issued a brief statement.

This death will now be investigated by the coroner to determine its cause and we will do everything possible to assist the coroner and other authorities. Also with more questions, the Nurses Federation, which claims it told the home before the outbreak its nurse-patient ratio was too low. The Health Services Union has also met with its workers at the facility, staff anxious to learn what went so terribly wrong. They're also concerned they may be blamed for the deadly debacle. And obviously they're feeling very vulnerable as direct employees that there may be a blame game commence. The facility is now under review. The department will see if there's any evidence the home has breached any of its responsibilities under the Aged Care Act and, if necessary, there'd be some compliance action. Three people remain in hospital. Allan Raskall, Ten News. There were emotional scenes today as hundreds of mourners bid farewell to the teenage girl who fell of a cliff at Terrigal last week. 16-year-old Donnica Clarke was walking from North Avoca Beach

to Terrigal with a friend when she fell to her death. Today hundreds of people packed a Terrigal church to pay tribute to the prominent junior lifesaver. A gang of thugs has beaten up a homeless man in Brisbane. The entire sickening attack captured on camera. And no sooner did police arrive, one of the gang stole their car. street brawl is unclear, What started the pre-dawn but it was a violent free-for-all. The victim was a homeless man. spilled out onto George Street Up to 10 people as they attacked the helpless man. Then they turned on each other. the ground with a sickening thud. A running punch knocked one to captured the images A security guard patrolling the city

as he called police for help. They arrived within minutes. the situation, But, while trying to control

the driver's seat of a patrol car. one of the youths ran to This really is a one-off. he raced off. With the lights and sires blaring, in chasing the thief, Police wasted no time catching up with him at Newstead. and made the car inoperable. Our stinger devices were deployed this afternoon Mr Anderson fronted court

charged with numerous offences, of a motor vehicle. including unlawful use with causing a public nuisance Six other men were charged during the brawl. at a later date. They'll appear in court an internal investigation Police have lunched

into the incident. Chloe Symons, Ten News. as actor Richard Gere Outrage in India 'Big Brother' winner with kisses. showered Britain's on Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty The actor let loose at an HIV awareness launch. largely taboo in India, triggered The public display of affection, burning of effigies of both actors. angry demonstrations - even the

into the African nation of Malawi Madonna has jetted with the little boy she's adopting. First stop, a United Nations project, methods of growing crops. where farmers are learning new but there was no sign The singer was with daughter Lourdes of her adoptive son, David Banda. she plans to adopt The Material Girl denies reports a second African child.

college massacre. Chilling details of the Virginia terrifying ordeal. Next, one survivor's Also, the ultimate gift of life - transplant journey. one man's extraordinary

favourite Knut falls ill. And too much to bear - crowd

like the NSW outback There's no place like Broken Hill. and there's no place With its rich mining heritage and colourful arts community, inspired and invigorated. you'll leave feeling

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This program is captioned live. Sydney Roosters players Top stories this news hour - are being broken up. Sydney's ram-raid busters

to catch ram-raid gangs is being The police strike force set up the investigation team shut down amid claims is a victim of politics. unfair dismissal protection Kevin Rudd is promising to restore to millions of Australians. massive changes to his IR plans The Labor leader today unveiling but unions aren't happy. in a shooting massacre And 33 people are dead and 15 wounded at a university in the US. the campus unchallenged for two hours A lone gunman was allowed to wander before turning the gun on himself.

worst shooting rampage. The tragedy is America's harrowing tales Witnesses have recounted of classmates mowed down around them. to Katie Couric from CBS. One student telling his story

the place of the second shooting. I was in Norris Hall, which was The gunman came into our class maybe 10 rounds prior to that. after he had fired And he came into our class, to next to me, shot our professor, shot the person that was sitting and then I hid under the desk. And then he proceeded to shoot practically. everybody else in our class in our class There were probably 15-20 people and he shot maybe 10-15 of them. so terrifying for you. That must have been Nothing to even describe it. It was truly, just surreal.

What did you hear? on the wall, At first it sounded like hammers just construction work. on, like, concrete blocks, and started shooting, But then, once he entered our class

it ended up to be way more surreal my life to be. than I think I'd ever want into our classroom He emptied maybe eight gunshots while he was there and then reloaded it about another eight gunshots. and then emptied and you were able to get up, When he left the room in your classroom? were there any other survivors

hadn't been shot, that I could tell. There were two more people who And with their help - I had been shot I had not even realised and I saw the blood on my arm - until I'd gotten up been shot, with their help, but with the two people who hadn't to prevent him coming back in. we helped to barricade the door, Meanwhile, your classmates... at that point. A lot of them are dead Or almost dead. And your professor? Uh, I didn't see him. in the head. But it appeared that he got shot and you just held on So you kept barricading the door and then he left? my arm was bleeding Uh-huh, and all at the same time

to try and stop the bleeding. so I used my belt at the time with my other hand. And I was calling 911 You seem pretty calm, this must have been terrifying but obviously and you're very shaken up. Yes, nothing can describe this. you would never imagine in life, I mean, it's something that something like out of a dream. the Australian share market lower: Profit-taking has pushed

more of us to become organ donors A plea tonight for with demand at an all-time high. rates of organ donation Australia still has one of the lowest in the western world. Less than nine weeks ago, ill he thought he was going to die. 26-year-old Richard McConnell was so Richard treasures each day Now on the road to recovery, and baby Caleb. with his new bride Stacey to even be here today, I know I'm blessed

the experience of him growing up. to see my little man, to have I won't miss all that. which stopped him from breathing. Richard suffered from a rare disease on the eleventh hour one came. In desperate need of a new lung, his recovery as - His medical team describing Nothing short of phenomenal. He's really wonderful. He's starting to enjoy things that he thought he'd never do again. Richard's story is one of the many moving stories featured in a new Channel Ten program, 'The Ultimate Donation'. Richard is one of the lucky ones. Each year more than 3,000 Australians are on the waiting list. 20% of those waiting for a heart, lung or liver transplant die waiting.

Donor numbers have stayed the same for 15 years. Push has come to shove. Australia is falling behind worldwide trends in organ donation but all is not lost. Those who've chosen to be a donor also need to ask their loved ones to respect their wishes as they have the final say.

Another chance at life, a chance to go on and live and be wonderful people.

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Berlin's famous polar bear cub, Knut, is sick. The 4-month-old cub had to cut short his daily appearance after only 30 minutes when he felt unwell with a tooth infection. The zoo's vet treated Knut with antibiotics and advised rest for the cub over the next few days. Since the baby bear's arrival the zoo's attendance has doubled to 15,000 a day. Knut rose to stardom after an animal activist said he should be put down after his mother rejected him at birth.

Were from cute Polar Cubs execute

weathermen? The what happens in the

next but 60 seconds I have no

control over. This is a guide dog

puppies. It is National Guide Dog Day tomorrow.

Day tomorrow. We would tell you all

about the Guide Dog Day tomorrow a bit later.

Fine and sunny tomorrow. Sport now with Tim Webster and the Aussie cricketers somewhat stunned by Sri Lanka's tactics.

Yes, their matchup should have been a cup showpiece, more shortly. And what a frustrating night for the Roosters as the pressure builds on and off the field.

COMMENTATOR: Look at Anderson going off. Also putting health and family first, Wallabies hooker Brendan Cannon retires after another neck injury.

a beige shade created just for me by L'Oreal Paris.

MAN: Our lamb producers have been putting in a big effort for many years to improve the quality of their product. And they expect just as big an effort from us and so has Free TV.

Sydney Roosters players have thrown their support behind embattled coach Chris Anderson as the club endures its worst start to a season in 41 years. After losing five in a row,

Anderson called a snap team meeting today as he tries to figure out how to end his side's losing streak. The long trip from Canberra giving plenty of time to ponder the club's worst start to a season in more than four decades. Chris Anderson calling for unity, before taking his team behind closed doors. We're going through tough times and it's important we go through these things together. If we stick together we'll come through the other end and it will be nice and positive. Players emerging an hour later,

vowing not to turn on each other despite their season unravelling. It is tough at the moment and it's important that we stick together and not get too disillusioned by the fact we have lost a few games. Even the most reliable Roosters at fault against the Raiders. A late knock-on ensuring five straight losses. But players say Anderson's the man to get the club out of it's crisis. Yeah I think he is and he's handling it very, very well. I know that he's got the full confidence from the team. There could be more bad news for the Roosters -

Nate Myles facing a 3-match ban for this hit on William Zillman -

the Raiders fullback in the wars after also copping some accidental knees.

But while the Roosters are winless it's all smiles at Manly, the Sea Eagles taking everything being thrown at them to be 5 from 5. set to return from injury And now captain Matt Orford's against the Gold Coast on Sunday.

even though you are part What the boys are going through, you're the outsider looking in. of the team, when you're injured, but I want to be a part of it. Look the boys are going well, Adam Hawse, Ten News. has been named South Sydney prop Roy Asotasi

of Friday's Anzac Test in Brisbane. the new Kiwi captain ahead takes over from Ruben Wiki The 15-Test veteran because of his Samoan heritage. but won't lead the Haka the Kiwis are incensed by calls Meanwhile, under tight NRL rules. for the match to be refereed Where are they going with that?

the same all over the world. Like it's one game, it's played "We're better than anyone else." It just kind of really smacks of, the Kangaroos squad this afternoon The Roosters' Anthony Tupou joined for a closed training session. for Andrew Johns - And a special honour

for one day. his Knights jersey will be retired in Newcastle this Sunday. as part of Joey's farewell tribute in the number 18 jumper New half Jarrod Mullen will play against the Broncos. injury forced the retirement Just a week after a serious neck another footballer's career of Andrew Johns from Rugby League,

has been brought to an end. Cannon today announced Veteran Wallabies hooker Brendan for the same reason. he's calling it quits for walks along the beach Brendan Cannon now has plenty of time with his wife Fiona. now just weeks away, With the birth of their second child the choice to quit rugby in 12 months after a second serious neck injury was a no-brainer. wasn't tough already, So, for me, the decision itself The veteran Wallaby was hospitalised it was already made.

in a scrum collapse after hurting his neck to the Crusaders during the Western Force's loss in Christchurch 10 days ago. almost a year to the day The incident came suffered a similar injury after Cannon against the Highlanders in Dunedin. stripped me naked. The game against the Crusaders

knew the news wouldn't be good. I, within myself, Tough, real tough. We'll lose a good mate. in a career which spanned 42 Tests. Cannon dished it out and copped it

in brutal confontations The hooker often involved in the trench warfare of Test rugby. He started his career with QLD

the first player signed and was significantly the Western Force. by Super 14 expansion team

I hope that everyone I played with associated with in rugby, and I've been

I made my time matter. I hope appreciates Neil Cordy, Ten News. Adam Selwood has strongly denied AFL news and West Coast player comments about Des Headland's allegations he made sexually lewd western derby against Fremantle. 6-year-old daughter in Saturday's to prepare for a tribunal hearing Selwood headed to Melbourne tomorrow night. of using insulting language He'll contest a charge but he didn't want to talk today. Do you deny what's been said about you? SILENCE Headland faces a possible 6-weeks ban for his retaliation but Selwood's alleged sexual taunts have shocked the AFL fraternity. I would be surprised if anyone says, "Well, that's acceptable, that's just sledging "and how the game is played." If that's the case it's a sad indictment for where footy and sport is at if we think that's acceptable. Roos believes the AFL's anti-vilification rules should possibly be broadened to cover families as a result of this case. Australia remains undefeated at cricket's World Cup after cruising past an understrength Sri Lanka this morning. Nathan Bracken the pick of the bowlers ubefore half centuries from Ponting and Symonds steered the Aussies to victory.

With the recalled Bracken on song, Australia muscled in early. He got both openers in a stunning first spell. I just want to play cricket and so I went out today and did what I had to do. McGrath chipped in too, trapping Sangakarra for a duck in a game stripped of its billing as a genuine contest. Murali and Chaminda Vaas omitted from a team already missing its leading wicket-taker Lasith Malinga. It made a mockery of what should have been a heavyweight battle in a tournament that's produced too many farcical results. They've obviously had some 'you beaut' plan or strategy going into the game to rest a couple of their best players, but it's fine with us. We never devalued the game but we had to make a team decision. Interesting what they've done, you know. We're here to win games of cricket and that's what we've done today. Jayawardene and Silva countered with a fourth-wicket stand yielding 140. COMMENTATOR: Wow, that was spanked. Brad Hogg removed them both in the space of two overs. That is exactly what Sri Lanka didn't want. Bracken finishing with four scalps against a depleted attack. Gilchrist and Hayden went berserk. And that's long. They added 76 before Russell Arnold sent each of them packing.

An unbeaten century stand from Ponting and Symonds steering Australia to victory, the skipper sealing the deal with a six. That's a pretty big loss for next time they have to front up against us. If they wanna go through and win a World Cup they're gonna have to play us again at some stage.

Disappointment for Aussie golfer Stephen Leaney, letting a maiden US tour victory slip through his fingers at the Heritage Classic in South Carolina. The West Australian shot 6-under on the front nine and had this putt to tie the lead with just four holes to play. COMMENTATOR: Nice easy birdie shot, there. Just brushes it in. Leaney stumbled on the way home while American Boo Weekly hung on to the lead in an incredible finish, chipping in on both the 17th and 18th holes. Weekly earning his first win on tour over $1.1 million prize money

and an instant invitation to next year's US Masters.

That's all for now, later in Sports Tonight we'll meet the latest rising star in the AFL - nickname -the Tomahawk and the latest from the Kangaroos camp ahead of the ANZAC test against the Kiwis.

The of let's have a look at the

traffic. A break down on the end up traffic. A break down on the end up

to motorway near Epping. Delays all

the way back to Epping. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather is next.

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Look at those at bit sad our eyes.

Even the dog has sad eyes. This is

Jolie. These lovely guide dog

puppies. It is guide dog day

tomorrow. Faintly becoming damp it

is lovely to see you. It cost about

$26,000 for a guide dog from a

puppy all the way through its

working life. If your dog is only

two years into its career. How

important is it feel live? It's

just like replacing my vision. But

stop she does the looking for me.

You gave a speech. God bless

everybody that trains these dogs.

There is a graduation ceremony

happening on the Friday adds Martin that place.

Anything you can do for the Guide

Dogs. It is their day tomorrow.

Cloud is crossing the South East.

There is a share as Ian Victoria. A

week car a will keep most of the

mainland dried tomorrow.

A few showers and storms for the

New South Wales ranges. Have a look

it these dogs. They are cute and

cuddly. They are the Guide Dogs and

they deserve your support. Please

do that tomorrow if you can.

Fake you very much for being on the television. That's the news at 5:00, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.