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(generated from captions) make rainwater tanks mandatory We need to at no cost. and roll them out to households

with smoking diseases - size matters. Warning to women more likely to be at risk. Smaller lungs might just make you even Sir Paul McCartney's ex... Kylie, Britney, WILLIAM SNIGGERS LOUDLY into the latest royal scandal. they've been dragged And a bitter western derby with Brad McEwan. headlines Sports Tonight is facing a 6-match ban Sandra, Docker Des Headland for striking Eagle Adam Selwood.

why the two clashed. But the AFL is investigating Headland's 6-year-old daughter. Fremantle claims Selwood insulted host the winless Roosters. Also tonight, the Canberra Raiders ready to unleash And the Aussie quicks against Sri Lanka. in tonight's Super Eight match over his Anzac Day controversy Kevin Rudd might have bombed out First,

voters couldn't care less. but it seems unaffected, Not only is his personal rating John Howard's has fallen.

if an election was held now Newspoll claiming tonight the Federal Government. Labor would thrash It's the breakfast brawl Kevin Rudd quit the 'Sunrise' family which has seen Labor leader in the opinion polls. in a bid to keep his lead But despite the negative publicity of Channel Seven's plans over the Opposition Leader's handling in Vietnam, for a pre-dawn Anzac Day service in tomorrow's 'Australian' newspaper the Newspoll

puts Labor up 2 points, in the 2-party preferred tally. increasing the gap false dawn controversy The so-called result as better PM. also not affecting Kevin Rudd's while John Howard fell 2 points. He remains stable from the last poll,

after first claiming Mr Rudd admits he made a mistake with the Long Tan plans. his office had nothing to do after a leaked email revealed Left with egg on his face concerns veterans would be offended. a Government official had advised of of what was going on at Long Tan. My not checking the details That's simply it in a nutshell. and the newspaper correct. In the end, he was found to be wrong the facts speak for themselves, As I say, but I think it will leave of a lot of people. a bad taste in the mouths never planning a fake dawn service. Channel Seven maintains it was There was a tribute, a dawn service in the dark but the idea of having

was plainly ridiculous. Kevin Rudd's handling of the incident over his credibility. has raised questions will have a chance But the Labor leader

to policy debate tomorrow to return the focus to the National Press Club. in a major address Brad Hodson, Ten News. A government minister sacked offences is in jail tonight. after being charged with child sex minister Milton Orkopoulos Former NSW Aboriginal Affairs this morning. was arrested at his home with another 21 offences He's been charged and drug offences. relating to having sex with boys a total of 54 charges. He's now facing It's likely to be days of a deadly gastro-enteritis outbreak before the source in a nursing home is identified. is resisting calls to resign The Victoria Health Minister at her Federal counterparts, while hitting back calling them cruel and heartless. spent several hours Victorian health officials at the Broughton Hall nursing home to the source of the gastro outbreak searching for answers but for now it remains a mystery. the Department of Human Services We have not had any results from

or Boorondara Council as yet. I will provide it. And if there's any update on that

in the next couple of days. We are hopeful we will have some

and another four remain in hospital. Four residents have died 91-year-old Olive MacPherson, One of them, before finding a bed at a third. diverted from two hospitals it is a fair ordeal. At 91 years old to return to the facility Her family are happy for her but others aren't so sure about the deaths until Saturday. after being kept in the dark in the way she has been dealt with. It's shaken our confidence has been particularly poor. Communication The crisis has led to calls to step down for Victoria's Health Minister has mishandled the situation. amid allegations her department chief medical officer She sacked the State's on the Federal Aged Care Minister. and has turned her attack attack the jurisdictional responsibility Clearly

is with Christopher Pyne has washed his hands. and Christopher Pyne and cruel. He has been heartless Nicole Strahan, Ten News. the nation's desperate thirst. A new solution tonight to quench or de-salination plants, Instead of building new dams heavily subsidised home water tanks experts argue would be more effective and cheaper.

that's hailing rainwater tanks This is the report to Australia's water crisis. as the easiest and cheapest solution

It's recommending roll them out governments along the East Coast to 5% of households each year,

the rooftops across our suburbs. creating a virtual dam from of rain a year, on average, Sydney gets more than one metre around one million houses and there's rainwater tanks installed. that can have That's what we are calling on today. Funded by environment groups, was carried out by economists the independent research would be significantly delayed who claim the building of new dams if rainwater tanks were installed. That's heated up the debate Traveston dam proposal. on the Queensland's

seems to be the only supporter. Premier Beattie from the Tweed River. The PM wants to pump water It passes the commonsense pub test and that stack up. provided all the mathematics

The research also challenges of desalination plants, the cost-effectiveness calculating that rainwater tanks are per kilolitre of water produced. fives times more energy efficient This report is saying a very viable option. rainwater tanks are and they should be explored. They are at least a cost option Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Admissions tonight that rescuers broke the law trying to save Beaconsfield miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell. Just over a week from the first anniversary of the mine collapse, some of the rescuers say they're still suffering the affects of post-traumatic stress. I found myself in the uncomfortable position during the rescue

of telling people not to do things and hoping like hell they'd ignore me. We had to find a way of getting the information across to the mine's inspector about the person who'd gone in there admitting they'd broke the law by risking their own life. The results of an independent report into the disaster that killed Larry Knight will be released next month. A man's on-going battle against aircraft noise above his home has taken a new twist. He's accused of trying to bring down a fighter jet but he says he just wants some peace and quiet. For 17 years this sound has been Kevin Stewart's worst nightmare. FA-18 Hornets racing over his house just a kilometre from the RAAF base at Williamstown. On occasions, he has counted up to 100 flight movements in one day. The noise, he says, is deafening and its damaging his home. They come off the end of the base and do vertical climbs straight up over the house and because there's seven tonnes of tiles on the roof, the roof is just going up and down like that. It's like a springboard.

The 71-year-old has complained repeatedly to the Defence Department but last month he had enough - shining a spotlight on a plane as it roared overhead at night, trying to identify the markings. Two days later, he was arrested and charged with prejudicing the safe operation of an aircraft. Facing court today, he branded the offence laughable. How could I bring the plane down with a torch? He's got the support of other residents, who have been driven to despair by the noise. But it's not the first time Mr Stewart has been in trouble. He's previously been charged with threatening to shoot down an air force plane. The case against him was dropped.

He's vowed to keep fighting until he finds some peace and quiet. The case returns to court next month.

Daniel Sutton, Ten News. The British press is having a field day coming up with reasons for the royal split between Prince William and his girlfriend. The rumour mill has become so frenzied the British PM has stepped in. For the British tabloids, the only thing better than a royal wedding is a royal bust-up, especially one done by phone.

That's one of the reports hot off the presses - that Prince William dumped long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton on the mobile, Kate reportedly taking the call in the carpark at work. Apparently, initial break-up discussions had taken place on an Easter ski trip, but the 25-year-old fashion buyer was holding out for a reconciliation. But, given William's only public comment on the subject of marriage, she might as well have been dreaming. REPORTER: Could there be another wedding, perhaps, on the cards sometime soon? (Sniggers) No, I don't think so. Other reports say Kate's family wasn't up to scratch. Apparently her mother, former air hostess Carole, says 'toilet' instead of 'lavatory', a big no-no in royal circles. Still more reports are alleging there was a royal family summit and Kate failed to make the grade. The news sufficiently big to prompt the PM to weigh in. They're a young couple. We've had the announcement. Fine - they should be left alone now, without reams of stuff being written that I can assure you, from my experience of royal stories,

most of which will be complete nonsense. Nonsense or not,

all eyes will be on the next woman seen by William's side. Speculation is rife a bunch of girls with double- and even triple-barrelled surnames are currently forming a queue. Bookies, meanwhile, have their own ideas who should be the princess bride. They're giving 14-1 on Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears gets 20-1 and Heather Mills 100-1. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Disturbing new stats on smoking - young women smokers struck down by lung disease. It may well relate to their size. In fact, their smaller lungs just make you be at risk of noxious substances And another record day on the Australian stock market - details ahead with CommSec. # The very best in life is free # And if you want to prove it's true # Just say the word and they are yours... # This program is captioned live. Madonna and the boy she's adopting have flown into a new media storm in Africa.

As the pop star's jet landed in Malawi, it appears she made every attempt to put off photographers by having vehicles block their view. But Madonna was briefly snapped with her adoptive toddler David Banda before speeding from the airport with the media chasing. Reports the performer will try to adopt another child have been strongly denied. Smoking is killing more women than ever before while death rates among men have dropped dramatically. Australian researchers now think when it comes to lung disease size matters. 60-year-old Trish Ward smoked for 45 years. Now just the thought sickens her. Tried to give it up a couple of times, but wasn't successful. I regret it now.

She quit just three weeks before being diagnosed with chronic lung disease COPD. The damage was done. Trish is one of a growing number of women suffering smoking's effects. Researchers from Adelaide's Queen Elizabeth Hospital tracked admissions across the nation over a decade. The results showed a disturbing rise in female deaths from lung disease. COPD deaths went up by a worrying 400. But in men, the situation reversed. Deaths dropped dramatically, by 800. Smokers have a 60% risk of contracting COPD. But why women seem more susceptible isn't certain. Researchers have one theory. Smaller lungs might just make you more likely to be at risk. The age at which women are being diagnosed has dropped significantly, many showing symptoms as young as 35. It had been largely diagnosed in over-55s. So the people who think they can maybe smoke when they're younger and get away with it may well not be able to. The disease can be controlled by medication. Breathlessness and coughing are symptoms. Lou Hendricks, Ten News. Headlining finance news CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Tom, another record close for the stock market - what's maintaining the momentum?

The bank reporting season is about

to start. And the global growth

scenario it is looking pretty good.

Mining stocks are making an

important contribution. A lifeline for the Royal Flying Doctor Service with a $150 million pledge from the Prime Minister to keep it in the air.

It was feared without the money many rural clinics would be grounded. Here in the Queensland outback everyone has a flying doctor story. I've been flown out from Quilpie. Husband got burnt. Then he had a stroke. The workload and low recruitment rates meant after 79 years the flying doctor could be grounded. We can't seem to keep a new doctor to stay very long at all. You don't wanna lose something like that. Today, in Brisbane, John Howard came to the rescue, spending $154 million over four years to help buy two new planes. One can truly say that the Royal Flying Doctor Service is a great Australian icon. The trouble is, the flying doctor has the same problem as our city hospitals - too much work, not enough doctors.

The biggest challenge for the service is the drought. First it claimed crops and cattle. Now the casualties are human. We've lost a lot of people out here. Depression is a big thing when you're not getting an income for years and years and years. A boom in so-called bush tourism is also proving a challenge. Inexperienced interstate and international explorers are coming to grief on arduous outback roadways. The flying doctor flew over 5 million kilometres last year and treated 35,000 people a very long way from help. Oh, we couldn't survive out here without the flying doctor. The PM's announcement has taken everyone by surprise. But every dollar of it is a relief. It'd be sad to see the service go because they couldn't find staff. In Charleville, Brett Mason, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. Brad, the western derby very costly for some. Yes, Sandra.

Two Dockers facing lengthy suspensions while an Eagle is $5,000 poorer. The guilty parties next. Also, why Willie Mason's sorry, but you won't hear him say it. Another F1 flop for Mark Webber.

And the Aussie who tamed the race they call the Hell of the North. HORN HONKS So, told everyone you'd given up for good, eh? Giving up in one go is really hard, so why not try just cutting out some of your daily cigarettes with Nicorette gum? We call this the Nicorette... (All chant) Cut down and stop! ..approach. Proven to cut down your cigarettes by up to 50%, so you're more likely to quit when you're ready. Let's get you back before anyone notices. (All chant) Nicorette, Nicorette, you can beat the cigarette! This program is captioned live. Welcome back to Toyota Sports Tonight. There's turmoil in the west tonight with the bitter rivalry between West Coast and Fremantle plunging to new lows. Sport's Tonight's Kelli Underwood joins us now Kelli, the league has just completed two separate investigations into the Dockers/Eagles clash. Yes, thanks Brad. The AFL coming down hard on both West Coast and Fremantle players, as the the fallout continues from Saturday night's spiteful encounter. One player fined $5,000, another facing a 6-match suspension and its Docker Des Headland who is at the centre of the controversy. COMMENTATOR: He was just going berserk and the book is coming out of the pocket here. Headland can accept a 5-week ban for twice striking Eagle Adam Selwood. But the midfielder is set to contest the charges, infuriated by suggestive taunts from Selwood, which allegedly related to Headland's 6-year-old daughter. Selwood has tonight been charged with using insulting language, the match review panel referring the matter directly to the tribunal. Both sides refused to buy into the sledging scandal today. Yeah, I'm not going to answer any sledging questions. Good try. REPORTER: What was the worst sledging you've ever heard?

I haven't heard any. You've never heard sledging? No. Meanwhile, a second investigation has tonight resulted in Docker Josh Carr being dealt a 3-week ban for striking Eagle Daniel Chick. For the second straight week, Docker Dean Solomon has come under scrutiny. He was cleared of this crude late knee. And to top it off for the reigning premier, Michael Braun has been fined $5,000 for swearing in his after-match speech. Let's have a f*****g good year. St Kilda spearhead Fraser Gheirg copped one week for his swinging fist. Carlton midfielder Nick Stevens has undergone tests for an ongoing neck complaint. Stevens aggravated the problem earlier this month, but has continued to play on. a few precautionary scans today,

and I had them yesterday, and I went in today and trained, no worries, and got through, so I'm sure I'm going to be fine this weekend.

And Brisbane coach Leigh Matthews has given the Kangaroos a lethal lashing over their attempts to expand to the Gold Coast. The marketers might not like this, but do you seriously think playing three games on the Gold Coast makes them a Gold Coast team. If the Gold Coast people embrace the Kangaroos, then they're very gullible. So that's the way it is, I reckon. So there you have it, Brad. Tomorrow night's tribunal hearing shapes as the biggest of the season so far, with Des Headland expected to fly to Melbourne to tell all. And we'll have all the details tomorrow on Sports Tonight.

NRL now, after seven months the Roosters are still searching for the 1,000th Premiership win.

They've become the latest victims of the Raiders at home on a Monday night.

The Roosters came out strong, but it was the Raiders trying to muscle up early. Braith Anasta getting his revenge minutes later with a brilliant pass to Kenny Dowall. COMMENTATOR: What a ball! Over the top by Braith Anasta. Todd Carney with the Raiders' first points. Going to the line. Diving through everybody to score. The Green Machine over again soon after, Adrian Purtell taking advantage of benefit of the doubt. Anasta on song to level the scores. What a game he's having! The Raiders pulling something out of the hat in reply. Todd Kelly picks it up and plants it down. And then capitalising on some sloppy Roosters passing, to head into the break up 26-12, Purtell with his second. Canberra continuing their momentum after the break. Carney with a double. Craig Wing getting one back for the Roosters. Gets across, strength from Craig Wing.

Isia Soliola also getting involved and when Anthony Too-poo crossed with nine minutes to go

it was a 4-point game. But it wasn't enough to prevent the Raiders winning their second game of the season. Victoria Murphy for Sports Tonight.

Allan Tongue added to the Raiders' tally with a field goal at the death. And while the Roosters remain winless the skipper is putting a positive spin on the situation. We're on five so you've got to learn a lesson somewhere out of it. The most pleasing thing is we've got ourselves back into it. Whereas a couple of weeks ago we were letting teams get away. We were in that position and getting away easy actually. Hard-working squad and we've plenty of character there. They've epitomised that tonight. They work hard for each other.

We were down to one on the bench and shuffled people around, we were rotating. It was tough for us at times, so good on them.

Titans forward Luke Swain is facing a 2-game ban for striking. He's been cited for a late hit on Bronco Shane Perry. If he contests and loses he'll still cop two weeks. Dragons Beau Scott faces a week out for a dangerous throw against the Storm. While Panther Paul Aiton will escape suspension with an early plea for his dangerous throw. Kangaroos coach Ricky Stuart has defended Willie Mason over allegations he belittled a female journalist after refusing an interview request. Mason, in camp with the Australian team ahead of Friday night's Test against New Zealand, was unavailable for comment after officials banned him from speaking. It's over and done with now. He's apologised to the lady and we've just got to get on with football. New Zealand is expected to name prop Roy Asotasi captain for the much anticipated clash. It could be a dress rehearsal for a possible World Cup cricket final tonight when Australia takes on Sri Lanka. The unbeaten Aussies are promising to make an early statement. Levelled by Hurricane Ivan 2.5 years ago, Grenada's purpose-built national stadium on the ocean's edge could host Australia's toughest challenge of this World Cup campaign so far. It's the business end of the tournament, the business end of the World Cup. I think the whole event's going to take off a little bit from now. Spinning wizard Muttiah Muralitharan Sri Lanka's weapon of choice, but, even in the absence of the still-injured Shane Watson, the Aussies plan on unleashing some heavy artillery of their own, blunting Sri Lanka's explosive top order with a pace barrage. Their top order can be pretty devastating as well.

and has been for a long time. Jayasuriya's a class player is poor But his record against the Aussies in the past. and pace has unsettled him on the eve of the '99 World Cup A broken arm four years ago, and a broken finger in South Africa the temptation the Sri Lankans will resist Lasith Malinga, to play their own speed machine, who's still battling an ankle injury. is a day or two too early. Probably tomorrow hugs and kisses - In Barbados this morning, Irish eyes were smiling and welling another Test nation. as cricket's easybeats upset And he's knocked him over. COMMENTATOR:

What a way to seal this victory! by 74 runs. Ireland humbled Bangladesh Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight.

and opting to bat, After winning the toss highest-ever Cup total of 7/243. Ireland posted its top scored with 85. Opener William Porterfield for a paltry 169. The bowlers then dismissed Bangladesh

has been ruled out Brumbies skipper Stirling Mortlock of Friday's Super 14 derby with the Western Force in Canberra. The Wallaby centre has been out of action for three weeks with a broken hand one more week to fully mend. and has been told to give it you're dealt with at the moment. You've just got to play the cards The hand's not good enough to play. as to rush back. There was no thought process and re-do it. I'd hate to come back have won three on the trot The fourth-placed Brumbies without Mortlock to keep that run going and are desperate as the fight for the finals heats up. Stuart O'Grady has claimed To Europe - and Australian cyclist of his career, one of the biggest wins 'The Hell of the North' - winning the race nicknamed the Paris-Roubaix. CROWD CLAPS AND CHEERS on the course Not everyone managed to stay upright of cobbled roads in Belgium, which passes through several sections several victims. the tricky course claiming O'Grady not one of them though, with 25km his breakaway from the field the first Aussie winner of the event. enough to make him

have halted play Dangerous weather conditions

the US PGA event in South Carolina. in the final round of belted the coastline Winds of up to 100km/h making play impossible. signs were blowing over. Limbs were blowing out of the trees, It was dangerous out there today. Leader Jerry Kelly and playing partners Ernie Els and Kevin Na had just hit their approach shots to the first green

when officials sent them back to the clubhouse. Australian Troy Bayliss has defied the pain barrier to bounce back brilliantly in last night's world super bike round in Spain. Just days after having a finger amputated, the defending series champion clinched a podium finish. Minus his pinkie, Troy Bayliss gritted his teeth and went racing in Spain. The early going was rough, and his rivals were at their unsympathetic best. COMMENTATOR: Two 2-time world champions going at it... Oh! And a moment there for Bayliss. That could have been terrible. Fresh from the hospital, Bayliss held his ground to finish third in race one. And he snared a sixth in race two. The news wasn't so good for fellow Aussie Kevin Curtain in the Supersport race. Oh no! Absolute disaster!

We said there could be a big bingle - that was it. Already nursing a week-old broken left collarbone, Curtain was rushed back to hospital with a 15cm gash in his right thigh. In Formula 1, casualties were aplenty in Round 3 in Bahrain. Mark Webber's machine again proved mute. It wasn't as spectacular at Takuma Sato's exit. But up front, Ferrari's Felipe Massa became the third winner from as many starts this season. Felipe Massa wins the Bahrain Grand Prix. And a slice of GP history for second-placed rookie Lewis Hamilton. REPORTER: You have made history today - three successive podiums. What are your thoughts on that? Sweet! It was a wild Champ Car race on the streets of Long Beach. American Alex Figge was hospitalised after this stack. He wasn't alone in trouble on the Californian street circuit. Defending series champ Sebastien Bourdais took the win. Aussie Will Power grabbed third on the last lap. You couldn't ask for a better finish - good points and we didn't lose that much to Sebastien - so we're happy with it today. Tim Hodges for Sports Tonight. Chelsea are through to the FA Cup final after a thrilling 2-1 win over Blackburn. The Blues keep hopes alive of an unprecedented quadrella of the League Cup, FA Cup, Premiership and Champions League. Ironically, it was home of arch-enemy Manchester United

that played host to Chelsea's semifinal clash with Blackburn, but the Blues looked right at home. COMMENTATOR: Lampard - lovely footwork, lovely goal. Lampard with the opener as a familiar tale was developing, until Blackburn hit back in the second-half. Jason Roberts with a brilliant touch, levelling the scores and they should have taken the lead through Morten Gamst Pedersen. A golden chance missed and Blackburn's disappointment was evident as the game headed into extra time. German international Michael Ballack sent Chelsea to Wembley and another date with Manchester United. In the Premiership overnight, fans had to wait until the 81st minute before Everton broke the deadlock with Charlton. Great save - followed up by Joleon Lescott! The lead was short-lived,

as Darren Bent looked to have salvaged a point for the Addicks, until some last-minute magic from James McFadden sealed Everton's 2-1 win. James McFadden takes the extra touch and what a lovely goal. That is absolutely glorious! Well, would you believe it? Charlton players were shattered, but spare a thought for the boys from Wigan -

three times they took the lead against Tottenham... Oh! Wigan are back in front. on each occasion. ..only to surrender it It's 3-3 through Robbie Keane. Goalkeeper stranded. 3-3 at the death. Luke Schneider for Sports Tonight. AND SYNTHESISER SOUNDS ELECTRONIC BEEPING FEMALE VOICE: Game start. PULSATING MUSIC CONTINUES is much more than a ceremony. Becoming an Australian citizen embrace the Australian way of life It's an opportunity to fully and secure your family's future, to broaden your education options

and your employment opportunities, in your country's future. to vote and have a voice 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR' PLAYS For more details, call or visit the website: Play of the Day time now,

for some old school bull riding. and it's off to Auburn Hills Michigan most fired-up bovine beast, The idea is to choose the meanest, board for eight seconds. grab on tight and attempt to stay on it doesn't always go to script. Of course with a bit of hoof and horn music. The animals often get their own back

get the better of Justin McBride. But on this day, no bull could for this wild ride The Cowboy crowned king of the rodeo our Play of the Day. and he also picks up The weather - The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00am I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions