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(generated from captions) Territory's river systems and A new plan to protect the endangered native species. Murrumbidgee and Molonglo Rivers, It'll work to improve parts of the other major tributaries. as well as the Cotter River and night. And that's WIN News for Friday to share, you can email us at If you have a news tip you'd like team, thank you for watching WIN I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Television. Good night. of the 21st century. We call these the ball and chain set free, but with a catch. Child-killer John Lewthwaite

Hazem El Masri alleges harassment. Dogged by police - Bulldogs star Five cop cars turned up.

Right at the heart - Iraq's fortified parliament. a terrorist attack inside And order in the house - Right at the heart - Iraq's fortified parliament. And order in the house - to receive her Order of Australia. Nicole Kidman in Canberra This program is captioned live. Good evening. is being released tonight, Child-killer John Lewthwaite sunbaking naked at a Sydney beach. after beating a charge for But there are conditions - by a tracking bracelet his movements will be monitored for an indefinite period of time. a satellite-tracking system, Monitored by

is about to begin life on a leash. John Lewthwaite and chain of the 21st century. We call these instruments the ball necessarily for the rest of his life, And he'll be dragging it, not

Commissioner Ron Woodham is alive. but for as long as Prisons I've got a few years to go. in the short term. He wouldn't want to try Seems to me to be a publicity stunt

the general population to supposedly satisfy that in some way they are safer. Seven months after his arrest that he ended up beating, on the indecent exposure charges electronically manacled Lewthwaite has been after the Parole Authority from Silverwater Jail. approved the child-killer's release It is a physical reminder to him with the conditions of his release. at all times that he must comply we are embarking upon The aim of what safety is paramount. is to ensure that the community's But Lewthwaite's lawyer says proven his rehabilitation his client has repeatedly Nicole Hanns 17 times in 1974. and remorse for stabbing 5-year-old and horrified by what he did. He's deeply repentant defended his decision. But the Commissioner if you were in my position What would you do with a child-killer? if you were dealing Adam Walters, National Nine News. has told National Nine News Rugby league star Hazem El Masri sat in a cafe in Sydney's south-west. that he was harassed by police as he picked on because of their appearance He claims he and his manager were to Commissioner Ken Moroney. and has now fired off a complaint than just a star of the NRL. Hazem El Masri is so much more for the Lebanese community. He's a role model Last night at 10:30, at this Regents Park cafe El Masri was having coffee

with his manager, Adam Houda, for identification by the police. when they were asked

We won't give ID for no reason. there was a legitimate reason there. We were willing to give an ID if

That's when things turned ugly. car, so that's five cars. Four police cars and one unmarked couldn't do anything. Nine personnel and they still Completely surrounded of police abuse of power. and it's just a shocking example and back-up They just kept calling for back-up turned up, and when the ninth person for more back up?" he said, "Should we call who may need back-up. Now it's the police officers the Commissioner, Ken Moroney, We'll be taking it up with could happen because if this type of thing Australian sportsman to a brilliant young who has played for his country of the Supreme Court of NSW, and a solicitor in the neighbourhood have? what chance do the kids to set an example for others We want to be able you're wearing a blue police uniform that it doesn't mean because and pick on anybody that you want. that you can abuse your power why they were picked on. And they have no doubt We think it's racially motivated can you give? because what other explanation I can't find any other reason. plays his 250th first grade game for On the football front, El Masri on Saturday night against Manly. the Bulldogs a new 2-year deal with the club. He's also close to signing Danny Weidler, National Nine News. will establish a centre The Federal Government to study the impact of climate change of the likely consequences. and to warn Australians in Canberra today, But at his summit with premiers a national emissions trading scheme the PM again refused to join operating within three years. that the States propose to have

John Howard was boasting On radio this morning, initiatives at Kirribilli House. about his personal water-saving of small water tanks. I have got a number and I'm very pleased about it. They're full I'm a great believer in water tanks. the PM won't do to save water. But there are some things but not with a bucket. I shower quickly, is taking it a bit far. No, I think that he won't do to combat global warming, There are also some things such as joining the States emissions trading scheme in setting up a national to a 60% cut in emissions by 2050. and committing to particular targets My view is you should not commit unless you know the consequences. in terms of reducing emissions, Unless you have targets then basically you're flying blind. out of today's Canberra summit, It was the only sour note

agree on a range of issues, which saw Mr Howard and the Premiers to tackle diabetes. including a $200 million scheme but not a great day. Today was a good day, According to the Victorian Premier, to come to the climate change party only the Federal Government's refusal stopped it being great. task force on emissions trading Mr Howard is waiting for his own to report in mid-year. in relation to climate change I put jobs and economic prosperity ahead of everything else. will set up a national centre But the Federal Government will impact on Australia. to advise on how global warming There'll be $100 million over five years to run it, plus another $44 million for the CSIRO to work on climate change science. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has admitted his office was aware of plans to fake an Anzac Day dawn service in Vietnam for Channel Seven's 'Sunrise' program, but he insists the information was never passed on to him. It should have been brought to my attention but it's a very busy office, thousands of emails, but I ultimately am responsible and the buck stops with me. The proposal by Channel Seven to stage-manage the service has now been scrapped. It's unusual, to say the least, that with the economy still growing and unemployment at 30-year lows, more Australians are going broke than ever before. That's what the latest bankruptcy figures show

and financial experts are pointing the finger at lenders who approve finance to those who can't afford it.

Bankruptcies are sky-rocketing. A glance at the daily paper helps explain why - ads that let you borrow with no deposit. if you have a bad credit rating, or against your sister's house. Even the biggest in the world, Citigroup, wants you to borrow, clear your credit card, then start spending again. People are seduced by the message, the marketing message, and they're not basing it on their own personal circumstance.

80% of bankruptcies are ordinary families. And the causes? Unemployment, excessive use of credit, domestic discord and ill health. Consumer credit legal services are fielding record inquiries.

A lot of advertising suggests that you can borrow your way out of debt. Which is true, but only for a very limited time. Property prices also have an impact. In the past three months, bankruptcies in NSW soared 21%. But in WA, where property's been booming, they fell 7%. These people don't want to go bankrupt, but they're forced into the position where the shortfall on these value of these properties is so much

they just can't afford to keep them. If there's a message out of all this, it's be wary of easy credit. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Australians right now have some of the highest personal debt levels in history, making us all especially vulnerable to higher interest rates and there's more of those forecast later this year. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. Nicole Kidman was a famous face in the crowd in Canberra today, joining 40 other proud Aussies receiving their Australia Day honours. The actress turned down an offer to be given a special private ceremony to receive an Order of Australia in recognition for her charity work and her movies. Nicole Kidman's no stranger to award ceremonies, but she came to this one knowing she was already the winner. Miss Nicole Kidman, appointed a Companion of the Order. Beaming with pride. Nicole accepted the nation's highest honour from Governor-General Michael Jeffery. I didn't want to mess that hair up, congratulations. This was a gong she never dreamt of winning. It's a pat on the back which is, as a little girl, it's something I think you dream of. And it was a family affair with husband Keith Urban proudly watching on, along with mum and dad. I think this is something that makes my parents much prouder

and is seen has much more important.

Nicole Kidman was recognised for her service to the performing arts a d success as an acclaimed actress. and success as an acclaimed actress. Her citation also recognised her enormous charity work, including being a United Nations Ambassador for women and children. It keeps you wanting to do more. Even though she's won the adulation of Hollywood with an Academy Award, Nicole says it's the admiration of Australia with this award that makes this day so special. It's the unity of this country which I think you become aware of and the contributions of all of these people that are working so hard to represent Australia and take care of Australia. Daniel Street, National Nine News. It's Friday the 13th and one of the scariest places in Sydney today was the Royal Easter Show. Dale Paget joins us. And Dale, we hear the haunted house was doing a roaring trade.

They've been queuing up for it. The They've been queuing up for it. The

show has chosen to face the fears today. Getting right in the spirit of Friday the 13th...'s panic stations on the Haunted Mansion ride. Ahhh! Don't touch me! It's hard to tell, but these girls seem contented customers. He caught my hair! I can't believe I'm doing this. Earlier, we did ask them why. Because I've got to use up my tickets. And they got their money's worth in sheer terror. On Black Friday, this experience is not for the superstitious - black cats on the loose. He's beautiful. You wouldn't bring anyone bad luck, mate. Owners believe the superstition is silly. But I won't walk under a ladder. And perhaps the luckiest place of all...

..making horseshoes with blacksmith Pete Embury. Have they brought you luck? Well, they got me on telly, didn't they?

Back at the haunted mansion those girls were feeling lucky too -

the ride was over.

Dale Paget, National Nine News.

In the news ahead - how Sydneysiders can wash their hands of water wastage. And, plenty of support for two supermodels in the battle of the bras. (Taps knife on glass) The best man. Excludes sleepwear. Italian? Pub. PLAYFUL MUSIC Ow! Sorry, darling. (Weeps)

I want a 1.8-litre engine. I want ABS brakes. Six-speed gearbox. Dual airbags.

Airconditioning. Lots of room. BOTH: Nissan Tiida.

Sedan. Hatch. VOICEOVER: The fully equipped new Nissan Tiida: Left. Right. You can't argue with that. In one of the most audacious attacks of the Iraq war,

a suicide bomber has beaten security in the Green Zone fortress of Baghdad and killed at least eight people. The bomber's target was the canteen of the country's national Parliament, the killer apparently a security guard who'd turned traitor on his government. This politician was giving an interview when it happened. EXPLOSION the very symbol of Iraq's future - The suicide bomber struck the ve y symbol of Iraq's fut re -

its parliament. He was standing near a cashier in the cafeteria when he set off the explosion. Politicians and their staff raced from the building, understandably worried there could be a follow-up blast. And now there are claims

the bomber had every right to be there because he was a bodyguard for one of the politicians.

Somehow the terrorist was able to smuggle the explosives into one of the most heavily-guarded buildings in the world. First he got into the Green Zone or Fortress Baghdad as they call it. The walled part of the city containing the US Embassy and Iraqi government offices. They went through check points by the American and check points by the Iraqi Government. And then there are three additional security checks. An Iraqi police post, a full body and bag search,

then an X-ray machine and metal detector. Several of the dead were politicians from the minority Sunni Party. Also in Baghdad, divers are still searching for bodies after terrorists bombed an important transport link, the al-Sarafiya Bridge. At least 10 people died when their vehicles tumbled into the Tigris River. Robert Penfold, National Nine News. The recent rain has helped reduce the big dry almost 79% of the State with new figures showing

is now in drought, down from more than 90% last month. But there's still a long way to go before declaring the drought over - with more than 15% remaining marginal and only 5.5% of the State satisfactory. Which brings us to a development for the humble toilet which is responsible for a quarter of all the water Australian households use each day.

Now a simple invention has the potential to dramatically reduce that water usage, while still ensuring everything is fully flushed.

This is not Thomas Crapper's pioneering valve-less waste preventer. However, it is a direct descendant, and does the same job - so to speak. But compared to its 19th century ancestor, it's a model of efficiency. And, equally important, it uses only a tiny fraction of the water consumed by those first thundering waterfalls. Even today's single flush toilet will use as much as 50 litres per person, per day. With a unit like this, you're coming in at under 15 litres per person, per day, so you've got your 40 litres per person, per day savings. The concept is simple enough - as the toilet refills, fresh water first flows into a small hand basin and then into the cistern. Separate hand washing is eliminated, saving many litres of clean water. Toilet testers say soap or hand cleanser doesn't affect the plumbing, in fact, it helps to keep things clean. Saves water for us and the family and everyone who comes here enjoys saving water. 50 litres is lot of water - and there it is - two big buckets full. Much, much better on the garden, like this, than simply flushed down the drain. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Sydney was seduced last night by the battle of the bras, with more than 3,000 people pouring into Parramatta Westfield to see Jennifer Hawkins promote the latest in Lovable lingerie. The former Miss Universe pointed out the importance of a good-fit. And when you've got a good-fitting bra, your boobs look so much better,

so it's all good. ac oss the other side of t e c ty - It was a bit more exclusive across the other side of the city - no cameras were allowed into Elle Macpherson's male-only lingerie party. Ken Sutcliffe with sport next - and Ken, you're in Penrith territory for the local derby? Yes, Mark, the Eels and the Panthers, who have a few referring issues, their coach Matt Elliott joins me live after the break, while there's been a big shake-up in rugby.

Is your shampoo missing something? Try Head & Shoulders. Its moisturising formula including dryness and itchiness. It's complete care for your hair and scalp. The Friday double-header features two local derbies - the Broncos and the Titans and the Panthers against the Eels.

The latter has a lot more history, obviously, but it's new for the Panthers coach, Matthew Elliott.

He joins me right now. You've got

good team on paper, they're big,

robust and maybe they've got to

change their ways a bit according

to Mick Stone? I had a good chat to

Robert Finch this week about it.

Sorry? We're all living in the past.

It's OK. Robert was really generous

with his feedback and explained a

few area wheres we needed to do

better and I'm appreciate ive of it.

Did he raise areas you're not aware

of? No, just being more

disciplineed and perhaps a little

overenthusiastic. No real one

predominant issue. It seems to me predominant issue. It seems to me

like you're trying to reinvent the

Panthers. I get the feeling these

guys think they're big, robust and

that's all you need. Are you trying

to make them think a bit more?

We've looked at the personnel we've

got and they've embraceed the way

we want to play our game. When this we want to play our game. When this

team gets on a roll, they're very

hard to contain even when they're

not playing their best. They give

you a few grey hairs? I can't

afford any more. They fall out next

apparently. Thank you. Thank you. The Australian Rugby Union says it will begin and international search for a new chief executive after Gary Flowers announced he's quitting at the end of the year. Under pressure for much of his time in the job,

Flowers departure may clear the way for John O'Neill to return to the post. Calling it quits after three troubled years, Flowers denies it was a case of jump or be pushed. This has been my decision from the outset. Flowers took over the role from John O'Neill in the aftermath of the highly successful 2003 World Cup. But insists he leaves the game in better shape than when he started. Initiatives that have happened over the last three to four years are fundamental to our being competitive at the international level and at the provincial level. Not everyone was as glowing in their assessment,

former Wallaby coach Eddie Jones says it's definitely time for a change. We need to work on the development, we need to work on the contracting progress, we need to obviously perform better in our professional teams, so, it's a good time to have a change. Flowers's announcement

has overshadowed tomorrow night's Aussie Stadium showdown between NSW and Queensland. Traditional rivals stuck in the Super 14 cellar. The interstate trophy now the only silverware up for grabs. The last couple of years, we've been able to win that Templeton Cup, and it looks pretty good on our mantelpiece,

so...we'd like to keep it. AFL - and good news for the Sydney Swans with spearhead Barry Hall now considered a certainty to play against Brisbane on Sunday. His injured knee getting through this afternoon's training session unscathed. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. Ricky Ponting says he'll experiment with Australia's batting line up during tonight's Super Eight clash with Ireland.

He wants Andrew Symonds and the out-of-form Mike Hussey to spend more time in the middle. If the opportunity does comes up tomorrow to be able to maybe put those guys up in a slightly different spot than they have been then we'll have to seriously consider it. In this morning's match, Scott Styris scored a century for New Zealand, but it wasn't anywhere near enough as Sri Lanka chased down 219 runs with five overs to spare. Shane Warne has been back in the nets, preparing for the county cricket season with Hampshire. Warnie says his body's had a good break since the Ashes campaign.

He also made it clear England is now home. I always enjoy my time here. I've basically lived in England the past few years so I've enjoyed playing cricket over here. Warne has been impressed by Australia's World Cup performance, and expects Sri Lanka to provide the biggest threat.

Mark, we are back here life tonight

at 7:30. Great double header and

great lobl derbys. We'll see you

then. -- local derbys. We'll see you then. After the break - the CommSec finance report, Jaynie from the Royal Easter Show with the weather details

To finance now and troubled wheat exporter AWB

is facing a $25 million class action from shareholders in the wake of allegations it paid kickbacks to the former Iraqi regime. And now to the show for the weather details and Jaynie, you've run away to join the circus? No - just visiting, Mark. we've got some very brave and rather crazy performers.

That doesn't look too way out. It's

risky but that's not all here at

the show. I can't get my head

around the Space Cowboy. This is no

joke. Close your eyes if you're

going to feel queasy. It is

definitely his day job. This is the

Space Cowboy doing shows three

times a day, can you believe it. But again barely a drop fell over the State thanks to the high taking it's time moving eastwards. There was fog and light showers over the mid-north coast. And it's been quite hazy today for southern central, the Hunter and Sydney regions.

We have Tiger Lilly angle grinder.

She's known as the Princess of

Power Tools. 4,000 people watching

this. What do you think? Don't try

that at home, I'd say again.

Every once in a long, long while an invention comes along that's so simple and useful and obvious that you can't believe you didn't see it coming. Consider the sandwich - invented because an English lord wanted to have a snack without leaving the gambling table. The umbrella, for obvious reasons, and the ballpoint pen, because Hungarian Laszlo Biro was fed up with leaking fountain pens.

And now the toilet with a built-in hand basin. You wash your hands as clean water flows into the cistern - the potential to save oceans of desperately needed water and still leave us fully flushed. That's National Nine News for this Friday.

I'm Mark Ferguson, hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre The Mufti's extraordinary Aussie claim - tonight, the sheik versus the Prime Minister - who's more Australian? We put them to the test. Hello, I'm Karl Stefanovic, filling in for Tracey who's still sick. Welcome to A Current Affair. Also tonight - a life's belongings lost - the customer being treated with contempt. J nifer Hawkins on her intimate battle with the Body. Ebay - why some home businesses are going offline. And the spell that Harry Potter has cast on Aussie parents.

But first, that extraordinary claim by foot-in-mouth Muslim leader Sheik al-Hilali. The controversial cleric says he's more Australian than Prime Minister John Howard, an outrageous declaration that David Eccleston put to the test. They're the moments in our history that define who we are, what it means to be Australian. Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum! From winning the Cup, hitting the fence... BILL LAWRY: A great moment in history for Australian Test cricket. ..betting the odds under water and underground. An attitude, an identity, it's who we are. Will you resign? No and no and no. He's our most controversial figure, Sheik al-Hilali is the spiritual leader of almost 500,000 Australian Muslims. We last caught up with him defending his comparison of sparsely dressed women as "pieces of raw meat". 100%, they misunderstand. I can't hear you saying sorry. They misunderstand. And he's at it again, claiming to be more Aussie than our power walking, tracksuit-loving PM, John Howard. I'm tempted to say we should start treating the man as a joke.