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This program is captioned live. tracking a convicted killer - Tonight - John Lewthwaite's every move. an electronic device to monitor We call these instruments of the 21st century. the ball and chain for a bushwalker The search stepped up in the Blue Mountains. lost for a week And bloodshed in parliament... in Baghdad's most secure zone. ..a suicide bomber strikes and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Hello there, also tonight - describes the mufti as a joke The Prime Minister after yet another bizarre outburst. one of the country's highest honours. And Nicole Kidman awarded First this evening, John Lewthwaite convicted child killer after being granted parole, has just been released from jail with very tough conditions. but his freedom comes is at Silverwater jail. Reporter Danielle Isdale how did John Lewthwaite appear Danielle, when he was released this afternoon?

He was. About 20 minutes to go the

media were invited back past the

gates inside the complex at a film

John Lewthwaite are being released.

He walked from an administration

building through a car park

escorted by parole officers and

into a waiting car. He covered his

face with a jacket but from the

glimpses of his expression he was

not smiling on looking relieved

particularly event, just determined

to get into that car and on with

his life. He was wearing long

trousers which meant we could not

see the electronic tag at then he

has been fitted with. This will

allow all authorities to track his

every move. Even the first steps

that it took from prison has been

used up Wells. monitored. This is a first then

John Lewthwaite a marked man - This is the device that will make an anklet he will wear 24/7 of his parole. under the strict conditions We call these instruments the ball and chain 5-year-old Nicole Hanns to death 32 years after stabbing be under house arrest, he will essentially if he asks permission first. only allowed to leave could land him back in jail. Otherwise, ducking out for the paper wherever he is and wherever he goes. We can track him

will watch him like a hawk Corrective Services from places like schools, and he'll be banned there is a risk. where authorities fear like the one in blue If he enters an area an alarm sounds, he's in breach. telling him and authorities today acknowledging All this despite Commissioner Woodham

is rated at just 9%. Lewthwaite's risk of re-offending if a pyschologist told me I wouldn't really care re-offending in the next 10 years. there was 2% risk of him I'm thinking about public safety. Mr Lewthwaite's lawyer is outraged. He's attacked the Government, nothing more than a publicity stunt. claiming the tracking device is

at the time It was described by Judge Shadbolt which is precisely what it is. as a form of imprisonment, on parole in 1999 John Lewthwaite was first released

after serving 25 years for murder, but he went back to jail for nude sunbaking last year. after being convicted of 5-year-old Nicole Hanns today said The parents he should die in jail. Corrective Services say will also be tagged. other sex offenders due for release

the members of the community I would implore in any vigilante activity not to become engaged to provoke Mr Lewthwaite. or anything

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. to find a Sydney bushwalker The race against time missing in the Blue Mountains. He vanished a week ago through rugged terrain. while on a solo trek Now bad weather is closing in. from both the ground and the air. It's an intensive search, is vast. But the area they're scouring in such thick scrub Finding a lone man

a needle in a haystack. is like finding The terrain is very rough.

in Australia. It's some of the roughest terrain and very easy to become disoriented. Very steep country The accountant from Marsfield his solo 4-day trek was supposed to complete from Kanangra to Katoomba on Monday.

has warm clothes, some sort of map Police believe the 39-year-old and a car GPS device, the batteries have died. but it's likely Still, they're holding out hope. water purifiyingn tablets with him water purifiyinng tablets with him We understand he has some and purification device. he has enough water. That gives us hope were searching the area today. More than 60 rescuers others winched to the ground. Some hiking in on trails,

and fractured her arm in the search. Overnight, one SES worker fell She was taken to hospital. would have taken the missing man The track along this ridge behind me, then to the top of Mount Cloudmaker. in a visitors' book, Up there he signed his name but hasn't been seen since. That was seven days ago. before he disappeared say Other walkers who saw the man he seemed confused the correct route. and had to be shown Police warning should tackle the dangerous track. only experienced walkers

Walk with someone else. your intended route, Make sure you tell people and when you are coming back, where you are going

sufficient safety equipment and take including an EPIRB. could hamper the search. It's feared bad weather this weekend Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Prime Minister Howard has condemned of Iraq's parliament the deadly suicide bombing including three MPs. that killed at least eight people, An investigation now focusing on to Baghdad's 'safe zone'. how explosives were smuggled in they thought they were safe. It's the one place who'd been conducting an interview An Arabic television crew kept rolling as smoke and dust from the suicide bomb filled the cafeteria

where Iraq's lawmakers had been having lunch. Many of the wounded were dragged away in the same chairs they'd been sitting in when the attack happened. It appears now, from the eyewitness accounts, there was a suicide vest. The question is, how did a suicide bomber get inside one of the world's most heavily guarded buildings? The parliament is in Baghdad's green zone. Visitors pass through four security checkpoints where they're searched and given full body scans.

Iraqi leaders who survived the blast believe it was an inside the job, the suicide bomber possibly a politician's bodyguard. We had been informed a few days ago that al-Qa'ida, the terrorists, they might attack. Hours earlier a truck bomb destroyed a major bridge over the Tigris River, sending motorists plunging to their deaths. The bombings come as the Pentagon extends the tour of duty

for US soldiers in Iraq from 12 to 15 months. It will now be the job of American troops to investigate the security breach. There is a type of person that will walk in that building and kill innocent life, and that is the same type of person that is willing to come and kill innocent Americans. Al-Qa'ida is very skilled in evil and the suspicion must rest heavily on that organisation.

To prove they won't be intimidated, Iraqi MPs are planning to hold an emergency session of parliament tomorrow. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A major blast from the PM tonight for Australia's most senior Muslim cleric. after yet another bizarre outburst. The mufti was representing Australia at a peace conference when he started a war of words with the Prime Minister. You should start treating the man as a joke, but there is still a serious issue with this man. He still has a position of some influence. Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali described John Howard as a dictator

and while he's not happy that the quote was published he's not backing away from it. I see those comments as giving the politicians and John Howard back a taste of his own medicine. The Sheik's comments are the latest in a string of gaffs

which started with his comparison of scantily-clad women to uncovered meat. He's been on Egyptian television mocking Australia's convict heritage. And he's claimed Muslim gang rapists received tough sentences because of September 11. But his spokesman says while the mufti's comments are ill-advised, he shouldn't be suppressed. We hear comments from the Prime Minister himself and some of his ministers that are outrageous. For example, the call by some Cabinet ministers for the mufti not to return to Australia.

Well, that's outrageous to say about any citizen. The Opposition Leader's sprung to the PM's defence, but earned a fresh rebuke of his own. We thought Kevin Rudd was going to bring a breath of fresh air but it turns out to be completely the opposite. Kevin Rudd has made more Islamic-phobic comments than John Howard and, quite frankly, I'd much rather see John Howard back in power than Kevin Rudd. The so-called dictator apparently more moderate at second glance. Amber Muir, Ten News. State and Territory leaders have labelled today's COAG meeting a failure on climate change. The Prime Minister refused to sign up to their plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

The premiers might be getting impatient, but John Howard has no intention of joining their planned emissions trading scheme. I think today was a good day,

but not a great day in relation to creating an emissions trading scheme. Mr Howard won't consider carbon trading until he's received a commissioned climate report next month. But the States have lofty targets for cutting greenhouse gases -

a 60% reduction by 2050. I believe you need to set targets because you need to stimulate people into action. Unless you have targets in terms of reducing emissions, then basically you are flying blind. But, significantly, the Prime Minister is backing away

from his blanket opposition to emissions targets. That doesn't mean to say that you forever say there are no targets. It depends on their level and it depends on the understanding of their impact. The Commonwealth will set up a national centre

to help smooth the transition to a green-friendly nation. We think it's very important that the country be advised on the impact on our coastline and the impact on rural Australia. Mr Howard and the premiers have also put diabetes

firmly on the national agenda. They'll spend $200 million trying to tackle the disease they've labelled the epidemic of the future. For someone who is fat and overweight, I'm really pleased to see we are putting a lot of money into diabetes. because people like me are subject to type 2

and it's about time we did something about obesity and diabetes in this nation. And the daylights saving States have agreed to simplify their summer time zones. NSW, Victoria and Tasmania will now all begin daylight savings from the start of October. James Boyce, Ten News.

A look at sport now with Tim Webster and Andrew Johns knocks back an offer of a lap of honour.

League officials thought they had the perfect time for it, more shortly. But the at the Bulldogs, Hazem El Masri won't be needin - a lap of honour as a farewell, he's finally agreed to new terms to stay at Belmore. Also Ron, Barry Hall steps out to prove his fitness for the Swans' big game. And the passion behind the wooden spoon rugby clash between NSW and Queensland.

Still to come, getting greener - a significant improvement in the State's drought crisis.

Also tonight, a culture of violence - more confronting video emerges of schoolyard brawling. And Nicole Kidman awarded one of the country's highest honours. Small pieces of information from members of the public can help keep Australia safe from terrorism. Police and security agencies are working hard, but you could help them complete the picture.

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This program is captioned live. An especially violent ram-raid this morning at a western Sydney shopping centre, a car repeatedly slamming into glass doors until they shattered.

Men wearing balaclavas drove a Mitsubishi Pajero and a white Hiace van into the centre, ripped out an ATM and took off in the van leaving the Pajero behind with the engine running. Police have also found a submerged Subaru with an ATM in the back, but it's unclear if the two incidents are linked. A truck has run into a house on a main road in Auburn this afternoon.

The poultry truck losing control on Olympic Drive and careering into a fence before hitting the the house.

Emergency fire and ambulance crews sifted through and cleared some of the debris

while police cleared the area. Two people - including the truck driver - have been taken to Auburn and Westmead hospitals and are both in a stable condition. State education ministers have agreed to a national curriculum for core school subjects, but they've backed away from a plan to pay teachers based on performance. Initially the States attacked the move as a grab for power but now they're backing a national curriculum

agreeing to standardise subjects such as maths, English and science across the country. It's important that each of us gear our senior secondary curriculum particularly towards local needs and we want to retain that flexibility but maintain there are some core values and issues that have to be addressed across this country. The important point is we've got a commitment to progress the idea that has huge community support for nationally consistent curricula. But it wasn't all agreement at today's ministerial meeting in Darwin.

Canberra's controversial plan to link teacher salaries to performance was rejected by the States. They fear some teachers' wages would be cut to pay others more. We reject any notion of slashing salaries to our teachers because we want to value all teachers. Salaries would be based on principals' assessments, student exam results and parent feedback. Critics, including the teacher's union and principals association, say the plan is fundamentally flawed. and would ultimately lead to a popularity contest, rewarding teachers most liked by students and parents, not necessarily those who deliver the best results. The States insist their own pay schemes already reward highly skilled teachers. But the Commonwealth argues performance pay would improve teaching standards, benefiting students in the long term. Ministers also rejected Canberra's plan to end mid-year reception intakes. Jemma Chapman, Ten News. The Prime Minister is considering new laws to ban HIV-positive migrants and refugees. John Howard told morning radio he would seek more counsel on the issue, but thought there was a case for stopping HIV-positive immigrants from entering the country. My initial reaction to that is no and there may be humanitarian circumstancs which would temper that in certain cases. Mr Howard said new laws would be similar to those which already prevent people with tuberculosis from migrating to Australia. A special award today for Nicole Kidman and she was a long way from Tinseltown. At the ceremony in Canberra,

Nicole's husband Keith Urban watched on

as the Aussie actress was recognized for outstanding performing arts and humanitarian work. But how does it compare with an Oscar? I think this is something that makes my parents much prouder

and it's seen as much more important. Nicole has just begun filming on her new film Australia. A dramatic reduction in the number of areas affected by drought in New South Wales. Good rainfall in the last month has dropped the drought-stricken areas of the State to 79% - a massive 12% improvement. The Government says it's good news but too early to declare the crisis over. Unfortunately, rainfall has not been that adequate across the divide to actually break the hold of this drought in some areas.

It's hoped follow-up rain will allow the planting of winter crops. Even with today's good news just 5% of the State is considered in satisfactory condition.

They check of the weather now. Look

who has stepped into the shoes -

Angela Bishop stepping right out of

their comfort zone. I suspect Tim

Bailey he's scared to leave his

house on Friday the third seat? house on Friday the third

seat?Right. I've found he is phobic

of Friday the 13th. I'm told that

you can pronounce the word then

you're OK. I am here on Friday the

13th at Sydney Opera House where I

will be bringing you a treat later

run, especially if you are a fan of

the Goons. Right now let's look at

the weather - it is currently 21

degrees. There were clouds at

sunrise clearing at lunchtime but

mainly overcast all day. In terms

of pollution - it was low all round

the State which is good news. As

the Tim Bailey would say - I will

see you again in around about 10. Getting to the bottom of obesity.. Next, scientists confirm a link to genetics. And from this to this -

teaching kids where dinner comes from at the Royal Easter Show.

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Let's check on the traffic with jo

abbey. What has a trip to the

traffic up on the F3? There was an

accident earlier on the Moony Moony

Creek bridge involving a ban that

overturned but that has cleared so

you're northbound run will improve

but it is still a bit of a crawl

until you get through Berowra. I

will be back later. More disturbing footage has emerged of fighting between students at an exclusive Melbourne school. But the college is playing down the violent clashes, saying they're simply pranks. LAUGHTER Violent clashes at one of Melbourne's most prestigious schools treated as entertainment. This attack is one of several recorded on a mobile phone at Xavier College's sports oval. BOY: This is good entertainment. One brawl shows a group of teenagers rushing at another, clashing to the roar of spectators. Oh, shit! (Laughs) One student goes down in the middle of the pack while another flees. Look at how fast (beep) is running away! Shit-scared! Bullying behaviour is also filmed in school corridors. And here, a Year 10 student in a wheelie bin is repeatedly kicked until he falls, his head narrowly missing a table.

(Laughs) Tens News has been told the same teenager had six stitches after another incident. The confronting images have come to light just days after it emerged a Xavier student was expelled for selling marijuana at school. Neither the school, Old Xaverians, parents or the private schools association would comment on camera today. But the college released a statement about its handling of the wheelie bin incident, confirming five boys were suspended at the time. The school has brushed aside this footage

shown exclusively on Channel Ten last night. Put the boot in! Oohh! You're a bastard! The principal who flew from interstate to deal with this latest embarrassment claims it was a prank staged by friends to record and distribute as entertainment. I just started recording - beat him up! The college says it does not condone the violence, whether staged or not, adding it has put in place strict anti-bullying programs. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. A huge wildfire is burning in the hills above Los Angeles. About 200 firefighters are battling the blaze, which is being fanned by very strong winds. Several multimillion-dollar mansions have gone up in flames while more than 160,000 homes are without power. Helicopters have now joined the firefighting effort. An unusual rescue for emergency workers in Texas. They were called out to find Champ the horse stuck in a mudhole. For several hours they tried to help him escape, but he just kept sliding back down. Finally, they brought in a backhoe to dig him out. I gave the horse a 50/50 chance, just not having lot of life. But once we pulled him out then I knew he was going to pull through. They eventually managed to free the stranded pony using rope and straps

and after a quick once-over by the vet, Champ was given the all-clear and moved well away from the mud.

A breakthrough, tonight, in the battle of the bulge. British scientists have discovered a gene which could determine whether you'll become obese. There you go, darlin'. Thank you. One for you. How much we eat is one big influence on our weight. That's balanced by activity, which burns up the energy from food, but scientists now have proof of another powerful influence.

Many of these children are carrying a gene that increases their risk of obesity.

Some will have one copy, which means a slightly greater risk, and others may have two copies, with a higher lifetime chance of gaining a lot of weight. Rebecca Endicott has two copies of the gene. However careful she is, Rebecca struggles to lose weight. Sarah Collyer doesn't carry the gene at all. She eats what she likes. It adds up to a staggering 70% difference between the women in their genetic risk of obesity. Definitely, as I've got older - I'm mid-30s now -

the weight just doesn't come off, no matter what I do, and I've got friends that can eat and eat and just don't put an ounce on. Like me! I'm complete the opposite. I can eat what I like and I walk but that's about it - I don't have to exercise and I don't put anything on By the time these children are adults scientists will know far more. They've taken the first step in understanding how genes influence most people's weight, but for most of us the answer to staying slim will still be doing more and eating less. A new exhibit at the Royal Easter Show is causing quite a stir. For the first time, children can pat the cows and then see how they get to the dinner plate. A cow's trip from the paddock to the back of a butcher shop is quite a shock if you don't know the journey. Stanley, you're driving the machine, slow down a bit. Especially after just patting their cousins. The first time I saw the cows over there and the steaks over here I thought it was a little bit weird and I thought it was free steak. This year Meat and Livestock Australia is showing exactly what we're eating and exactly where it comes from. More than 170,000 people have already strolled through the exhibition. A lot of the common questions are, "I didn't know that's where it came from on a carcass," and "I didn't know you could do this with beef." And that's what this is about - it's demystifying the category and demystifying beef for consumers. A few parents a little nervous explaining the life and death scenario to the kids. Haven't seen the cold cuts yet. Hopefully he won't ask too many questions about where they come from. But rather than looking for the meaning of life, the children are seeing hamburgers. I probably like the rolled briskett because I've had it and it's my favourite type of meat.

But the animals don't seem too impressed. For us city slickers like us it's a pretty tough life lesson to have these friendly cows here and tonight's dinner across the room but the producers are confident this display won't cause an outbreak of vegetarians. All the cattle are vegetarian, of course, No, we won't turn anyone vegetarian from this. Tim Potter, Ten News. The surprise fallout from Sylvester Sallone's brush with the law, that's next. Also, getting the best start in life - important nutritional news for bottle-fed babies. And supermodel showdown - Jen and Elle go head-to-head in Sydney's battle of the bras.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a suicide bombing inside Iraq's parliament

has killed at least eight people, including three MPs. An investigation is now focusing on how explosives were smuggled into Baghdad's 'safe zone'. A race against time to find a Sydney bushwalker missing in the Blue Mountains. He vanished a week ago while on a solo trek through rugged terrain. Now bad weather is closing in. And convicted child killer John Lewthwaite has walked free from Sydney's Silverwater prison, but his freedom comes with strict conditions. His every move will be monitored for the rest of his life by a satellite tracking device strapped to his ankle. Sylvester Stallone's recent brush with Customs at Sydney airport has sparked huge interest in human growth hormone from Australians. The Cosmetic Physicians Society reports an unprecedented number of inquiries about the illegal substance since the star's visit to promote his latest movie,

mainly from men in their 50s and 60s. The so-called anti-ageing elixir is said to help sexual performance and muscle development. Stallone was charged with trying to import 48 vials of the hormone into Australia. His lawyers must enter a plea later this month. Another clue tonight to help babies grow up healthier. Researchers have found bottle-fed babies who drink special formulas have a reduced risk of developing conditions like eczema. Playing with older sister Katie, 3-year-old Taylah is the picture of perfect health, but Mum Nicole knows only too well, Taylah's eczema can flare up at any time,

to such an extent the toddler can't function normally. When she has it really badly her skin become red and raw and she bleeds. She gets it on her back and it looks like she's crawled through a rose bush. Italian researchers believe they've found the key to reducing the risk of a baby developing allergies like eczema or atopic dermatitis. Prebiotics, naturally found in breast milk, boost the immune system, by feeding good gut bacteria. There's good bacteria and bad bacteria and the prebiotics are the food to increase the number of good bacteria in our intestine.

Some mothers are forced to feed their infants formula, scientists now recommending

they choose one supplemented with prebiotics.

The Italian study examined two groups of bottle-fed babies in the first six months of their lives.

The group that weren't fed formula mixed with prebiotics were twice as likely to develop eczema and also more likely to suffer diarrhoea. The independent study was funded by a milk formula company, its results recently published and presented at an international conference. It would be such a relief, really, to have something that you feel comfortable giving your child

knowing that you're still giving them the nutrients that they need. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Aussie stocks retreated today after a record-breaking week. A battle of the bodies overnight in Sydney.

Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Hawkins both launched underwear collections in the spirit of very health competition.

From the most famous Australian Body in the universe... (Photographers shout) Elle! Elle! Australia's most famous Miss Universe... Hi, everyone. Wow, this is, um, crazy! ..a battle of the beauties,

spruiking their latest lingerie ranges. It came down to the wire for the best poser award, but who knows knickers better? When you get a good-fitting bra your boobs look so much better,

so it's all good. Elle is unfazed. I think all interest in lingerie is great. It's always good for business. I don't look at competition, I always look at group affirmation. Where Jen drew a crowd of hundreds the Body's event was secretive, exclusive and strictly men-only. Inside she treated her guests to a private lesson on lingerie, but was it as popular as Jen's public lesson on skirt management during her last shopping centre show? Elle didn't stick around to find out - she's already flown out to Brisbane, making the most of her week down-under, fully clothed. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

I don't think it is always wise to

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am here at the Sydney Opera House

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stage. It looks spookily like a BBC

radio studio. We will have a sneak

preview later. Right now the

current temperature is 21 degrees

and we would take

current temperature is 21 degrees and we would take a look at the top

temperatures around the State today.

I'll be back just before 6 o'clock

with a bit of JUN Tonk you like

Pope. She's good! She can do ith

the weather again!

Sport now and Australian rugby league officials make a special offer to Andrew Johns.

Yes, but he couldn't accept it, why shortly. Also, Hazem El Masri gets an added spring in his step thanks a new deal with the Doggies.

And proving his fitness

Barry Hall ready to perform his Lion taming act against Brisbane.

This program is captioned live.

Andrew Johns has declined a lap of honour at next week's Anzac Test in Brisbane. He informed the ARL today he's already embarrassed by all the publicity his retirement has generated. Meanwhile, Round 5 kicks off tonight with a couple of local derbies. Penrith play Parramatta and Brisbane take on the Gold Coast. Tomorrow night Hazem El Masri celebrates his 250th game for the Bulldogs

against unbeaten Manly. And to celebrate, he's scored himself a new 2-year contract. It's amazing what a new contract can do. On the verge of yet another milestone, Hazem El Masri extending his stay at a club he's adored since he was a kid. For me to be here and able to play for this club for 250 games, it's a real honour.

'El Magic' earning a contract in 1995 after talent scouts saw him score a try his coach would love to see repeated against Manly. He's chipped over the top and as it's coming down he's done a bicycle kick and kicked the ball over his head again, over the fullback and gone through and grabbed it and scored a try. The new contract means El Masri will finish his career as the most capped first-grader in the Bulldogs' history. There's even a chance he may break Steve Mortimer's record of 272 games by the end of this year. Kane Cleal isn't thinking of breaking that record, but he was thinking of someone special when he scored a rare try last weekend - his mum, Dianne, who's fighting cancer. She's doing it a bit tough at the moment so I think it lifted her spirits a bit. She thought it was a bit of a miracle that I got it actually. She rang me that morning and said "If you get a try "it would be nice to point to the camera or something." But she said she wouldn't hold her breath, so she was pretty happy.

On the losing side that night, Joe Williams, still sporting the scars of battle. Promoting the NRL at the Easter Show, the Rabbitoh stopping well short of promoting himself. Personally, I thought I was dreadful last Friday night. In saying that, you can only do as much as you're let and they were pretty good the Bulldogs.

Williams vowing to bounce back against the Knights on Sunday. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Australian Rugby Union chief executive Gary Flowers has resigned from his position effective at the end of December. The rugby boss replaced John O'Neill back in 2004 and has defended claims he was pushed out of the job. Meanwhile, it's crunch time for the Waratahs ahead of tomorrow night's Super 14 grudge match with Queensland. rugby province's Australia's two oldest rugby provinces are without a win in nine weeks making this game the fight to avoid the wooden spoon. Last couple of years we've been able to win that Templeton Cup. Looks pretty good on our mantle piece.

We'd like to keep it. Former Randwick hooker and now reds coach Eddie Jones adopting the border battle. Aahh, at his very moment, yes. Reds winger Andrew Walker passed a fitness test this afternoon and will line up against Lote Tuqiri. Barry Hall has been passed fit to play in Sunday's match against the Brisbane Lions at the SCG. The big forward moved well

at the Swans final training session at the Swans' final training session this afternoon.

After limping off the MCG six days ago, the sight of a free-moving Barry Hall was a welcome one

for Swans fans and coach Paul Roos. We're confident, providing he can actually function, that it's going to be fine. Roos's opposite number, Leigh Matthews, was less positive about Hall.

I hope he doesn't play and I hope he's unfit. Mate, no, I hope he plays and breaks down in the first 30 seconds. Shouldn't say that, that's a bit cruel. It's little surprise Matthews is wishing ill of Hall, who has made a point of playing well against Brisbane throughout his career, but this time around he certainly won't be at the peak of fitness. As well as hyper-extending his knee, Hall also hurt his ankle against the Tigers. The Swans are confident the wear and tear won't cause long-term damage. You can twist a knee, you can twist an ankle, you can do all those sort of things regardless

so I wouldn't think, if he does play, that he'd be under any more risk that what the other 21 blokes are under. The Lions are the surprise package of the season so far after the perfect start, and come to Sydney believing a win is a real prospect. Can these kids do it again? Obviously they're not favourites... Yeah, they can. Favourite's got nothing to do with it. That's only for punters, with the odds. Let's face it you're playing Sydney on their home ground

so I guess they're going to be favourites, but that doesn't make any difference.

It's going to be 0-0 on the scoreboard when the game starts, that I guarantee you. No sign of Lions star Nigel Lappin who didn't train. But Richard Hadley is hopeful of a return to action after two knee reconstructions in as many years. Neil Cordy, Ten News.

The Aussies are back in action at the World Cup tonight. And skipper Ricky Ponting has warned the Irish even if his team has an off-day, they'll have to play the game of their lives to spring an upset. This morning Sri Lanka inflicted the first defeat on the Kiwis.

So they move to second on the table just behind an Australian team determined to stay undefeated. It's cricket's David v Goliath battle and the game's giant plans on out-muscling its midget. This is another opportunity for us to impose ourselves on this event and this tournament and show everybody else that's watching

how good a cricket team we are.. how good a cricket team we are. Who's watching remains to be seen, cricket's drawn-out roadshow parking in Barbados for the first time,

but on a ground flaunting tributes to local heroes Ireland's unknowns won't pull the sort of crowd organisers are craving. This is the most difficult game that Irish cricket has ever played. We're not going to say we're going to cause any upsets but we're going to go out there and be very competitive. A genuine contest looks unlikely. The Aussies will settle for glorified practice ahead of much tougher assignments. Mike Hussey is almost certain to be promoted in the batting order after a tournament that's starved him of time in the middle. tomorrow I think we should take it. Australia is now the only unbeaten team in the tournament, Sri Lanka thumping New Zealand this morning. COMMENTATOR: Edged, caught - fantastic catch! Chaminda Vaas and Muttiah Muralitharan

took three wickets apiece. A ton from Scott Styris got the Kiwis to 219. Their hopes were raised after this mark of the year contender from Shane Bond. Out! What a catch that is! A beauty from Shane Bond.

Half-centuries each from Jayasuriya and Sangakarra

steered Sri Lanka to victory with five overs to spare. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. A late Tottenham charge

To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow. And in Sports Tonight - all the highlights from tonight's clashes between Penrith and Parramatta, the Broncos and Titans.

Let's take another look at the traffic now with

traffic now with jo abbey and a bit

slow on the Harbour Bridge tonight?

That's right - approaching the

Harbour Bridge southbound and into

the tunnel and all the way to the

east and distributor you will face

some delays. That is not due to any

incident and it is also starting to incident and it is also starting to

build up northbound as well. The

usual Friday night crawl. Stay with us -

Angela Bishop is wearing the weather girl hat tonight. The weekend forecast is next.


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for understanding, not just insurance.

Time for all the weather details Time for all the weather details

with Angela Bishop. She has been

weathering the storm rather well

this evening and speaking of the

games as we are tonight - not

referring to Tim Bailey - I like

the question posed by Spike

Milligan at - if they cool Wagga

Wagga, what that, why don't they

cool Woy Woy, why? I might be able

to ask the questions to the expects tonight.

tonight. They are starring in it

begins at the Sydney Opera House

from tomorrow night. Hello folks!

This play has been in the West End

where the families of begins saw it

and some of them will be here at

the opening night tomorrow.

Equipment now at current temperatures. Equipment now at current temperatures.

Clear across New South Wales,

Tasmania and Victoria under a

strong high pressure system. Cloud

is tipping the central s a close

Coast, cloud increasing over Coast, cloud increasing over south-

west W A over a cold front.

Isolated showers over Victoria, NSW

and Tasmanian. Warm knobbly winds

will continue across the rest of

southern Australia while onshore

winds will cause showers to Queen sad.

Showers along the Queensland coast

and far south-west of W A. Showers

also for the Top End. Was and far south-west of W A. Showers also for the Top End. Was a more

action I'm going to ask very kindly

if Harry caecum and Spike Milligan

have time in their busy schedule

here at the BBC studios to tell us

a more weather? What if it isn't

Ten to six? Then I don't read the

piece of paper.

We're in for another mostly sunny day We're in for another mostly sunny day tomorrow with light to moderate

north-easterly winds tending north-

easterly in the afternoon and

becoming better at times to the coast after an overnight

coast after an overnight low of 14

and a top tomorrow of 25. Sydney

will see the sunrise at:

Don't say only Bailey can deliver

nice weather - have has that look

all of next week? How much you

looking forward to the sea isn't

he? Leave me alone takes the

measure might leave me alone! We'd

love it, see you there. It is

called a walk with the gains and it

is here at the Sydney Opera House

Drama Theatre from tomorrow night.

That is all from me.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson - goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you on Monday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.