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driving up prices - Tonight - costing business dearly. Sydney's traffic nightmare Out of jail - attacker after a year behind bars. freedom for a Cronulla revenge

REPORTER: Who stabbed him? And crossing the line - for having an affair with a patient. the IVF doctor punished to everyone involved. And I'm very sorry and Deboarh Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight - water over the border to Queensland. the Premier fuming over plans to pipe

And getting on with business - to sell swimwear to China. Kylie strips down cost of Sydney's traffic nightmare. But first this evening - the real pressure to lift prices, Businesses revealing they're under grid-locked roads. as their staff battle red-faced. The chaos leaving the Roads Minister A removalist and delivery driver, traffic snarls well. Michael Cummins knows Sydney's

it's costing us money, Well it's getting worse, there's no doubt about it. in the morning, his drivers The delays particularly

up in the congestion, are spending so much time caught on his business. it's putting a financial strain There's pressure to lift prices etc. to back him up, And the NRMA has the figures after surveying 175 businesses. that their fleets 57% of the respondents say

per week in Sydney traffic. are spending an extra four hours increasingly late to work. And many complain their staff are - between $10,000 and $100,000, The cost in dollar terms depending on the size of the company. the Roads Minister refused to admit Before the election there was a problem. on our roads There's a million extra cars

static over the last decade. but travel times have remained

Today he was back-pedalling fast. Could have I expressed myself better? and I regret what I said then. I think the answer's yes The NRMA says there is a solution, starting here in Sydney's north. a four-pronged approach they want better public transport From Narrabeen to Military Road, and longer clearways. are more costly - The other improvements

F3, a tunnel connecting the M2 and the into the city. the final stretch of the M4

all the way to the airport. And the extension of the F6 to build any of the projects. But so far, no rock solid commitment ongoing challenge The issue of Sydney's traffic is an for business and the community. not just for government but also

around in a limousine. All well and good, when you're driven Back on the streets tonight - over a frenzied stabbing a man sentenced

during the Cronulla revenge attacks. the 22-year-old is still covering up Police believe involved in the hate crime. for others after nine months jail. Convicted but walking free driving the getaway car Yahya Jamal Serhan admitted vicious reprisal attacks in one of the most after the Cronulla race riots. Who stabbed him? REPORTER: Who stabbed him? to 13 months jail, He was sentenced

ending yesterday. the non-parole period supported him in court. A group of friends today he didn't commit the offence. He's done his time, till a later time He was in a car, he didn't find out exactly what had happened. after the victim went public. He was arrested last year Dan was punched to the ground in his back and thigh and stabbed five times

in December 2005. outside the Woolooware Golf Club

narrowly missing his spine. The blade of the knife broke off, of four men flee the scene Several witnesses saw a gang in the car driven by Mr Serhan. intercepting several phone calls Police charged him after the stabbing with other men. where he was heard discussing exactly who plunged the knife Police believe Mr Serhan knows

so far refused to give them up. into Dan's back but he's It seems they've gotten away with it,

this part of the investigation. police winding down is tonight a free man While the 22-year-old having served his sentence, on a 5-month good behaviour bond. the magistrate placed him Evan Batten, Ten News. has been charged NRL Panthers player Craig Trindall

on Easter Sunday. with assaulting a woman 25-year-old Denise Hickey

with a children's chalkboard was allegedly struck

across her left eye. and her eye socket shattered. Her nose was broken

formally charged over the assault. Last night 27-year-old Trindall was He'll appear in court next month. lost his bid to stay in Australia. An alleged Serbian war criminal has also known as Daniel Snedden, Dragan Vasiljkovic, of Croatians during the Balkan War is accused of ordering the torture a paramilitary unit. when he commanded

but today a Sydney court ruled He's denied the allegations

to Croatia. he be surrendered for extradition is unjust and he will fight it. Vasiljovic's lawyer says the result There's more litigation come. on foot in the Federal Court There's already litigation

the central issues in this case. which raises some of He has 15 days to appeal. has been suspended from practising A top fertility doctor with a patient. after having an affair

The woman came to him for treatment

falling pregnant. when she had trouble

Leading IVF specialist Glenn Sterling for the next six months. is on a forced holiday I'm very sorry to everyone involved. the Health Practitioners' Tribunal Today, as an obstetrician and gynaecologist suspended his registration with a patient. because he had a sexual relationship He's ashamed through such an embarrassing time. to have put the medical profession

who can't be named, and her husband In 1999 a female patient,

from Dr Sterling. sought fertility advice knew each other socially, The woman and Sterling after the first medical consultation. but their sexual affair starting only

the woman was vulnerable The hearing was told to drugs and alcohol because her husband was addicted because she couldn't fall pregnant. and she was depressed

Sterling said even though they knew it was wrong, both of them wanted the relationship. The tribunal also heard:

when her husband discovered sexually explicit emails from Dr Sterling on her computer. In making their decision, the tribunal took into account the fact that the doctor said he was abused by a priest when he was 12, and even though the board said his behaviour wasn't predatory, it was still at the top end of misconduct. Dr Sterling told the tribunal the relationship was totally inappropriate, but he says he now wants to share his experience with medical students, so they won't make the same mistake as he did. The woman did fall pregnant and now has a child to her husband. They have since divorced.

Meggie Palmer, Ten News. An ambitious plan to pipe water from NSW to Queensland has been rejected outright by the Premier. The Federal Government now calling on our Premier to put Australia first. Drought doesn't discriminate. Stories of suffering spread across most Australian States. But on Level 5 water restrictions the booming population of south-east Queensland

is perhaps the most desperate. Now the Federal Government wants to give it NSW water. Here is an opportunity for them to show us that these two Labor States can cooperate. Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull has unveiled five options to pipe water up across the border.

Four involve damming the Clarence River and piping to the Logan River.

The other taking from the Tweed to give to the Nerang River.

But Queensland Premier Peter Beattie isn't holding his breath. This could be on the never-never. I mean, you've got to remember the Federal Government has got to reach agreement with the NSW Government. And that may be the real pipe dream. Premier Morris Iemma has refused to even entertain the idea of sharing his State's water with Queensland. He may need to explain to the tens of thousands of jobs and communities up there

where their water is going to come from if he's going to divert it. Clarence Valley residents want to keep their water. I think it's the thread that binds the entire Clarence Valley community together. We rely upon it for tourism. We rely upon it for our fishing industry. The Prime Minister says there's a bigger picture. I mean, let's be broadminded enough instead of having a knee jerk reaction, "Ah, you can't take NSW water into Queensland".

To heck with that, It's not NSW water it's Australian water. And there's precious little left. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Australia's unemployment rate continues to fall, now at 30-year lows. The Prime Minister claims it's one of the benefits of his WorkChoices laws, but Labor says it's being being driven by the resource rich States. Some of the biggest names in Australian music

will perform at a rock concert against the new WorkChoices laws later this month in Sydney. They're barking up the wrong tree as far as the PM is concerned. He's seized on the latest unemployment figures to claim the new laws are producing a rich human dividend. In March unemployment dropped to a 32-year low of 4.5%. And over the past 12 months of WorkChoices,

276,000 new jobs have been created. Unemployment was 5.1% when WorkChoices was introduced - it is now 4.5%. And he says scrapping the unfair dismissal laws for small business is a major contributor. Pigs might fly, I think, is the response. Most of the jobs are in the resource-rich States. Queensland saw 10,000 new jobs in March,

Western Australia, 2,500. The mining boom, the resources boom,

is throwing into this economy some $55 billion a year. The PM, backed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also attributes the extraordinary boom in full-time jobs to WorkChoices. 96% of new jobs are full-time. And Employment Minister Joe Hockey cheekily invaded Kevin Rudd territory today,

visiting a business whose workers are all on AWAs. The message is clear - why do you want to tear up people's contracts in your own electorate? I have met Kevin Rudd - he's a very nice bloke - but my primary concern at this time is this business. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A look at sport now with Tim Webster and Mat Rogers says he's not worried by a neck injury. That's right. Deb. He's been given the all-clear from doctors.

Rogers returned to training today and may even play tomorrow night but a Souths star has now had a spinal scare, we'll hear from both players shortly. And a retired Andrew Johns joins keen judges of thoroughbreds

on a multimillion-dollar day at the yearling sales. Also - the deluge that forced a postponement of Sydney FC's soccer match in Indonesia. DNA links a suspect to a hideous crime

decades after it took place,

that's next.

Also tonight, clever bouy - Australia's newest weapon for detecting tsunamis on its way to sea. And the Easter Show diet dilemma - our expert advice on how to keep it healthy.

So where would you both like to go? Great Barrier Reef. Great Wall of China. PLAYFUL MUSIC I want a 1.8-litre engine. I want ABS brakes. With a huge boot. Dual airbags. Airconditioning. CD player. BOTH: Nissan Tiida. Hatch! Sedan!

VOICEOVER: The new Nissan Tiida, the next-generation Pulsar: Beach? Shopping. You can't argue with that.

This program is captioned live. A man has been arrested after a tense 4-hour stand-off with the State Protection Group. The police force elite unit surrounding a south-west Sydney home and evacuating nearby residents. They were forced to stop the raid after being informed their target could have access to firearms inside the house.

Eventually, officers moved in and arrested the suspect. The man was later questioned and released. A man's spit is being used as evidence against him over a Sydney murder 23 years ago, A court told the odds someone else committed the crime is more than 8 billion to 1. The question in this case is whether David Flemming has got away with murder for 23 years.

It's the Crown case that 23-year-old Joanne Hatty was raped and strangled at in Neutral Bay on her way home from work in 1984. Today a Supreme Court trial was told two decades on, new DNA evidence has linked David Flemming to the unsolved murder.

The court was told how testing at the time of Ms Hatty's murder revealed traces of sperm but DNA testing at that time hadn't even been introduced. It was only 20 years on that police re-tested those same samples, applying advances in DNA technology. The Crown Prosecutor today telling the court,

to make the match police needed to DNA-test the accused so in 2004 they went to his home in Victoria about an unrelated matter While there: David Flemming was charged with murder in 2005. The court heard a formal DNA swab, taken after his extradition to Sydney,

matched the one lifted from the paper. The jury told a DNA expert will testify it was David Flemming's sperm found at the scene or someone with identical DNA. For Joanne's parents, Bill and Coral Hatty, it's a case of answers 23 years on will be better than never. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Australia's newest weapon for detecting tsunamis is on its way to sea.

The giant buoy has been unveiled

a week after the Solomons disaster put much of our east coast on heightened alert. Heading 12,000km offshore, this high-tech buoy could have a far-reaching impact. To be anchored in the Tasman Sea between New Zealand and Australia, the million-dollar device is said to be able to detect tsunamis. They are the first line of actually assessing if a tsunami has occurred,

when it will arrive at a coastline. There are two main parts to the technology. There is a surface buoy with all the communication packages to get the data back to the warning centres here and all around the world. The second half is the bottom pressure recorder, which sits up to 6km below the surface on the sea floor, its sensors designed to measure the strength of a tsunami as it passes.

Today's unveiling follows the deaths of 35 people last week after an undersea earthquake triggered a tsunami in the Solomon Islands. Many of Australia's east coast beaches closed as the panic spread. We are vulnerable, no question about it. Australia is vulnerable to tsunamis. It's hoped the new technology will help allow at least 90 minutes warning the natural disaster is imminent. The country's first deep-ocean tsunami detection buoy

will be in operation on Tuesday, a further four to be deployed in Australia's north-east and north-west

by the end of next year. Veronica Buck, Ten News. Think of food at the Easter Show and dagwood dogs and fairy floss usually spring to mind. So how do you stop your visit turning into a dietary disaster? The 'Biggest Loser's personal trainer has some helpful advice.

The show - all about fun and food. Today Michelle Bridges, the ultimate tummy trimmer on 'The Biggest Loser', was on a mission...

Hey, girls. How are you enjoying the show? find the lighter side of the show's menu. So what have you got? Kebab, chips and coke. There were early morning serves of chips, show favourite the dagwood dog,

and, of course, the infamous cheese on a stick. Is this lunch? After lunch. What did you have for lunch? Hot chips and lemonade. Questionable calories everywhere. I notice there's no sugar coke, so we're doing alright.

If you can't afford to pack on the pounds there are other options - stir frys, corn and fruit.

Alright, I've found someone whose eating healthy at the Easter Show, that's impossible. No it's not.

Even if you do indulge sins can be forgiven. As long as you get back on track the next day and get back into healthy eating and lots of exercise. Even the experts have their vice.

If I was going to have something a little naughty, I might have some fairy floss, 'cause it is my favourite.

How's that? Good, you admitted it, good you admitted it. Because what would be a day at the show without something sweet. It's alright. Your's looks better. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

The eight another fantastic day out there.

I notice the question asked in that

story - what did you've for lunch?

What didn't Ron have for lunch. Last

Last night I used one word -

overcast. Why was wrong. There was

a good-looking day. The sudden leap

came through late last night. A beautiful blue

beautiful blue sky it day. We'll

have the 25 degrees tomorrow. Fine and sunny. Hanging on for dear life. Next, the bridge crash that ended in a daring rescue. And what a show - Europe's most active volcano roars into life.

MAN: Our lamb producers have been putting in a big effort for many years of their product. in telling everybody how good lamb is. Humour's always been part of our approach, and so has Free TV. I think we used both again very effectively. JAUNTY MUSIC, PEOPLE CHATTER

Time for traffic. Home bush drive is very slow. Disturbing claims tonight that a pilot bonus scheme to save fuel might have led to last month's Garuda tragedy in Jogjakarta

that killed five Australians. The 737 was travelling at almost double the normal landing speed when it crashed. 21 people, including 5 Australians, lost their lives in the Garuda disaster.

Now there are concerns a bonus scheme to conserve fuel may have prompted the pilot to risk the high-speed landing rather than circle for another attempt. The president of the Garuda pilots' association says

the airline's new fuel conservation policy should be investigated. The policy, which came into effect just days before the crash, pays a salary bonus to pilots when they reduce their fuel consumption.

Captain Geraldus has also raised concerns about cuts to simulated training for pilots. A preliminary report into the accident

has found the Boeing 737 was travelling at around 425km/h - nearly double the normal landing speed - when it overshot the runway,

the jet coming down at a sharp 40 degrees. The report also revealed even if the runway was longer the crash could not have been avoided. TRANSLATOR: Whether the plane overshot the runway is not significant. The landing speed was too high and everything was out of control because the speed was too high. Meanwhile, Australian journalist Cynthia Banham, who was among those injured in the crash, is making a slow recovery.

Doctors were forced to amputate one of her legs and part of the other.

She remains in the specialist burns unit at Royal Perth Hospital, where she is in a stable condition. Jamie Freestone, Ten News. High anxiety for a truck driver in Mexico City. His truck ended up hanging off a bridge after veering out of control. Police believe he lost control because he was going too fast. He hit several other cars, crushing one. Incredibly no-one was killed, but the truck driver and his 10-year-old passenger were injured.

The truck driver is expected to be charged. It took authorities five hours to get the truck off the bridge. Sicily's Mount Etna volcano has put on a spectacular show. Europe's most active volcano roared into life overnight, sending jets of molten lava flying 200m into the air. The stunning display lasted for five hours, ending around dawn. Rivers of lava flowed down the mountain

but no-one was hurt and it didn't cause any damage. Etna's last eruption was only two weeks ago. Now to a sorry tale that ends on a sour note. A team of British removalists was delivering a grand piano worth more than $100,000 when disaster struck. Here we were looking at what could only be described as a Laurel and Hardy type of disaster

where all of a sudden you see your dream piano smashing to smithereens.

A shocked mover says the disastrous slip was his worst moment since he started transporting pianos 25 years ago. Generations of Australians have grown up enjoying an Iced VoVo and a nice cup of tea. Now there are concerns the taste of the treat could change, with the machine that's churned out over four billion bikkies set to be replaced.

If there was anything we loved more than our grandparents, it was the Iced Vo Vos they served up as a treat. Oh, yeah, all the kids did, I think. I mean, you used to advertise them - watch the kiddies' eyes light up. I just like the taste of it, really. But the machinery that makes the Arnott's icon is on its last legs. A younger version, worth $500,000, will replace it.

Maybe the machines getting on a bit. As we are! It's a long time ago that we used to always have them. But, as I say, this got a bit chewy and I didn't like them as well. Arnott's insist the recipe will stay the same and quality will improve. Some controversially suggest that's overdue. Not as nice as they used to be, I don't think, do you, Barbara?

Now, the ladies over there in the corner weren't quite happy with my batch.

What do you think? They're never happy either. The boys clearly unfazed, Norm not about to let a serious medical ailment stand in his way. Should you be eating that biscuit? I shouldn't be, but I've been eating them for a long time. I've got no intention of stopping, diabetes or no diabetes.

Opinion here is divided. While some are calling for change, others, well, how do we put it, don't really seem to care. Probably won't lose any sleep over it. Good luck. Jodie Blewett, Ten News.

The new website that names and shames dodgy businesses, that's next.

Also - living longer - the new vaccine giving hope to prostate cancer patients. Then Shanghai surprise - Kylie takes to the stage to sell beachwear in China.

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Top stories this news hour - a leading fertility doctor has been suspended from practising after having an affair with a patient. The woman went to Glen Sterling for treatment when she had trouble falling pregnant, but ended up having a sexual relationship with him.

A man jailed over a frenzied stabbing during the Cronulla revenge attacks is back on the streets tonight after serving his sentence. Police believe 22-year-old Yahya Jamal Serhan is still covering up for others involved in the hate crime. And the real cost of Sydney's traffic nightmare has been revealed.

An NRMA survey showing businesses are under pressure to lift prices as staff battle grid-locked roads. The chaos leaving the Roads Minister red-faced.

A breakthrough in the treatment of prostate cancer, with a new vaccine developed in the United States. Now the fight is on to have it made available in Australia. Grandfather Stan Barta won his battle against prostate cancer a year ago. But the 65-year-old knows the disease is likely to return, news of a vaccine giving him hope. If you can get something that is so simple as injection,

not having any effects, it's obviously welcome. The drug Provenge is a different type of vaccine - it's injected in men already suffering from cancer and works by triggering the immune system to fight it. Tumours can deceive the body that cancer cells are normal. The vaccine tells the immune system they're the enemy and to attack them. There's a glimmer of hope here that a new option may be available.

At the end of the 3-year trial, 34% of men that were vaccinated were still alive, compared to only 11% in the group that didn't receive the drug. The study also showed that vaccinated patients lived longer by up to five months. Provenge is less invasive and painful than current treatments. It's likely to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration

within months. In Australia prostate cancer is the most common cancer for males - 1 in 11 men will develop the disease before they're 75 years old, prompting the push to also make it available here. It will be important, I think,

to make it available early for clinical trials because often the benefit from these drugs is working out how to best combine them with other treatments. If it's safe and the results are good,

if it starts tomorrow, it is welcome. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. The Australian share market continues its record breaking run.

Shocking video of school bullies on the attack at one of the country's most elite schools. The images surfacing just a day after allegations of playground drug dealing. A school yard prank gets out of hand. The young victim kicked and dragged by boys at one of Melbourne's most prestigious private schools, Kew's Xavier College, all captured on a mobile phone.

In another confronting video filmed late last year, a year 10 student is bundled into a rubbish bin as other boys verbally and physically abuse him. The video soon raced into the phones and in boxes of potentially thousands of students

at Melbourne's top establishment schools.

Eventually it reached teachers, resulting in the suspension of up to eight boys. The shocking scenes come just a day after police launched an investigation into the expulsion of a Year 11 student at Xavier. He was expelled in February, for selling drugs in the playground. Teachers confiscated the drugs, but failed to report the incident, drawing criticism from authorities.

A new website is taking the lead in dealing with customer complaints

when businesses fail to address them. The initiative names and shames, pressuring companies to act or face losing other customers. We've all experienced good and bad service, but at what point do you go public? A new consumer website is encouraging customers to log their comments online and has discovered a huge well of interest.

I had a fantastic meal and the owner of the restaurant made special food for us so I thought, that as a way of thanking him, I'll go onto the website, compliment the restaurant. But more common are the complaints from frustrated customers like Gordon Lane who lost thousands of dollars on two car deals with repeated mechanical problems. I just don't want to see anyone else to get into the problems that we had. In just a few months, hundreds of comments have been lodged, from dodgy electrical appliances to gyms and ice-cream manufacturers. People don't know who to speak to, especially at the larger companies. If they've got a view or having a product or service not working for them to actually track down the right person in the larger companies is next to impossible. The consumer comment sites are a valuable business tool for the marketplace providing insight into what customers like or dislike

as well as information about what they really want. You can do with it what you want. But if you're smart about it, you'll listen to what they say and you will appreciate what's going on. Others though, have reservations. It could be so easily misused or abused by somebody who dress up as a consumer, in the guise of saying they're a consumer, could damage a competitor.

Amber Muir, Ten News. Pop princess Kylie Minogue is showing off her new bikini line. The singer has reinvented herself again, unveiling the sexy new swimwear range she helped create for the Swedish retail giant H&M. She was the star of a glittering launch in Shanghai for the opening of their first store in China.

I wouldn't call myself a fashion designer but they've taken influence from my style, whatever that is. The 38-year-old has clearly moved on

from her break-up and breast cancer battle, A fine and

A fine and sunny for the next seven

days. Seriously. Aren't just saying

that because I'm on that network 10.

It'll be fine and sunny for the

next seven days. I wish I could next seven days. I wish I could

have done that for you as it Easter,

but I couldn't. Sport now, and the Roosters give a rookie a rise. Yes, teenager Mitchell Pearce seals a new deal at Bondi junction, more shortly. Also, another spinal scare for an NRL player. And a record equalling $3 million paid for a colt.

This program is captioned live. Just two days after the shock retirement of Andrew Johns due to a neck injury, South Sydney winger Paul Mellor has been sidelined with a fractured veterbrae. But remarkably the big winger says he could be back on the field within a month. For the time being this walk with his three kids represents top speed for Paul Mellor. The flying winger informed by doctors today he fractured his back in two places during last weekend's match against the Bulldogs. I sort of thought - that explains why I'm in so much pain.

I was in a lot of pain and I was sort of thinking when I first did it that it was just a cork. But for a cork I was thinking - Geez, I'm in a lot of pain for just that. So when they said it was a fracture it made a lot more sense to me. CAT scans showing two fractures in the traverse processes, the result of what Mellor suspects were accidental knees in the back. He's also revealed he's suffering a similar injury to the one that forced Andrew Johns out of the game.

I sort of have a neck problem similar to his, so I sort of know what he's going through with his neck problem. A neck problem's a real pain because your head feels like it's too heavy for everything. So I know exactly what he'd going through with a disc bulge because I've got something very similar on my neck. But the 32-year-old Souths junior doesn't want to miss out on something special. I would like to come back. It's the perfect opportunity with Souths going so well

and I would just like to be a part of it.

Fellow veteran Mat Rogers with his own spinal scare through the week. But Gold Coast's dual international has been given the green light to resume training.

I don't want to rush Matty, it was a pretty serious scare he had. but having said that, the doctors' given him the all-clear.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. Monsoonal rain has delayed Sydney FC's Asian Championship match against Persik Kediri. The pitch looked more like a swimming pool in the lead up to the game,

forcing organisers to rescheduled to this afternoon. When play finally got under way Steve Corica put Sydney on the board after just eight minutes. COMMENTATOR: Plenty of white shirts in the box. And he's on-side - here's a chance.

But the Indonesians levelled before half-time and then sealed a 2-1 victory with a winner in the 70th minute. Sydney now with the daunting task of having to win all three remaining games for a chance at the quarterfinals. Ireland's Australian-born cricket captain isn't expecting any miracles when his team lines up against the defending world champions tomorrow night. The part-timers might have knocked over Pakistan earlier in the tournament, but a boil-over against the Aussies seems highly unlikely.

We're going to have to sort of play out of our skins and they're gonna have to have one of their worst days in the history of Australian cricket. We've had a pretty good run so far against the lesser, if you like, sides. We've played pretty well and thrashed them, basically, so we've got to keep our mindset going as if we're playing any other team. And last night some dreadful catching from Michael Vaughan

turned into a run-out as England beat Bangladesh by four wickets. Western Australia's Taj Burrow has won at Bells Beach, defeating Hawaiin Andy Irons on the final wave. In one of the most exciting finals in the event's 35-year history, Burrow came from behind to rack up his first tour win in two years after nailing a 9-point final wave.

It's just picture perfect. Unbelievable.

Burrow faced Irons after 8-times world champ Kelly Slater made a surprise quarterfinal exit in what could be his last Bells campaign. A Rock of Gibraltar colt fetched $3 million last night and helped propel the Easter yearling sales into record-breaking figures. The big money was back out today and so was an unexpected onlooker. On day one of retirement Andrew Johns went to the races.

Day two - a little look around the Easter yearling sales. Some more regular racing figures were celebrating a record-equalling $3 million buy of a colt boasting some internationally reknowned bloodlines. You can't secure that sort of horse in Australia. He was very special and is very special.

The striking colt out of 'Secretariat mare' L'on Vite is a three-quarter brother

to the recently retired European star Holy Roman Emperor. Gai believes the $3 million price is a bargain. When he wins the Golden Slipper and you are offered 40 million for him. He's closely related to an international group 1 winner, those sort of horses are like gold, they're international currency now.

The sale's big spending continued today with record Southen Hemiphere figures reached.

We thought last year was good but we're going to go round last year. The growth of this sale is gonna be an all-time record. Right at this minute, today's yearlings alone are averaging $400,000. Rob Canning, Ten News.

On the day the NRL launched its new under-20s competition, one of the game's most promising teenagers has signed a new 3-year contract. 18-year-old Mitchell Pearce will remain a Rooster until the end of the 2010 season, his teams winless start to the season didn't bring on any second thoughts.

Oh no, ther's still heaps of belief in the team even though we haven't had a great start. Everyone's still confident and I think one win's gonna turn it around. Mitchell has played just three first grade games. He is, of course, the son of Balmain Tigers great Wayne Pearce. And in Sports Tonight - the Reds arrive

ahead of their Super 14 wooden spoon showdown with the Waratahs.

Time for traffic. By there are

problems on the end at five westbound.

westbound. There were two earlier

breakdowns on the end at five.

Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest on the weather next. Then - it's party time as a Hollywood legend turns 75.

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The time for the weather details.

Fine and sunny for the next seven

days. 253 to 27 degrees.

I don't think we'll Sunni rain for

the next week also. We'll have blue

sky and chilly mornings.

Skies are mostly clear over the

South East. There's a bit of cloud

to over the inland. And a large

high will keep most of South East Australia sunny and warm.

Australia sunny and warm. There

will be showers in at debut a.

They actually pay you to stand in front of the camera front of the camera in a beautiful spot like this.

I never thought I'd see it. A

relative of mine about to make a television debut. A legendary Hollywood star has celebrated his 75th birthday. Cheetah the chimpanzee was the star of the 'Tarzan' movies from the 1930s and is now recognised as the world's oldest chimp.

He was only allowed to celebrate with diet coke and sugar-free cake because he has diabetes. Cheetah has been living in Palm Springs with his trainer Dan Westfall for the past 16 years and as you can see the pair are very close. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

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