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(generated from captions) A grim start to the Easter break around the country. with 12 dead on roads done the wrong thing Drivers have made mistakes, for it. and certainly paid the consequences Divisive debate - not to smack their children. a Government campaign warns parents their children To be dictating how they bring up perhaps is going too far. Renewing their faith - to mark the most solemn day prayer and ceremony

in the Christian calendar. YELLING

And a career crisis - another serious injury. Andrew Johns battles This program is captioned live. Good evening.

a horror start to the Easter break Despite all the warnings, it's been around the country. with 12 people killed on roads speed, wet roads and driver error Six of the deaths were in NSW, with among the culprits. the biggest killers on the road, Speed or fatigue are normally but a tragic accident - but this was nothing by a garbage truck a 6-year-old boy run over and killed at Kellyville this afternoon. accidents and traffic jams. It caps off a shocking two days - this morning, As the Easter exodus continued

on the F3 there were long delays heading north

was hardly an issue there, and, while speed it proved to be a killer overnight. including a 14-year-old girl, drowned Two people,

in this 4-wheel drive when they were pinned and rolled into a dam near Foster. after it hit a tree three of which have escaped, Five occupants in the vehicle, trapped in the vehicle. but unfortunately two have been Near Bathurst, in a 2-car collision, a woman aged in her 70s died while yesterday afternoon was killed when his car hit a bus. a 76-year-old man from North Richmond driver error was to blame. In nearly all the fatal crashes, have made mistakes, The fact is we can point out drivers paid the consequences for it. done the wrong thing, and certainly of the police blitz In the first 24 hours 50 people were caught drink-driving for speeding - and more than 2,000 booked and P-plater, among them a learner driver both clocked doing more than 140km/h. In Melbourne, even faster than that this car was thought to be going when it crashed while drag racing. for life in hospital. The two occupants are fighting Is this anything to do with Easter bloody stupidity? or is this just gross Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Weighing in to a contentious debate, is telling parents the Federal Government

not to smack their children. by a child welfare agency, It's funding a $2.5 million campaign long-term psychological damage. warning that smacking can do YELLING three out of every four parents Studies show in Australia as a form of discipline. still smack their children I said 'that's enough!' had enough too. The Federal Government's in a campaign, Financially backing a welfare agency warning parents to spare the rod. It's all about them learning, of positive parenting strategies reflecting on the kinds for their kids. that are going to work on the Childhood Foundation website They're guidelines teaching violence is unacceptable. doesn't work Using physical punishment some negative effects on children. and in fact can have I've certainly seen children with implements who have been repeatedly beaten

psychological damage from this. who have really had enormous the Government should butt out. The Family Association says

how they bring up their children To be dictating to families perhaps is going to far.

allow parents to smack their children Current Australian laws of reasonable chastisement. under the legal defence for the Federal Government But welfare agencies are now pushing of 15 other countries to follow the example and ban it completely. is the way that it is, As long as the law then what we're doing who hurt children is we're letting off parents in the name of discipline. Daniel Street, National Nine News. for an urgent summit with police Business leaders are calling across Sydney. over the recent spate of ram-raids

are on the rise Smash-and-grab robberies for easy cash. as thieves hit soft targets of a ram-raid epidemic. Sydney is in the grip since Christmas, There have been dozens such robberies in the past three weeks alone. six smash-and-grab-style raids from service stations They've targeted everything shopping centres to exclusive clothing boutiques, Royal North Shore Hospital. to an ATM in the foyer of Business groups say with police and councils. it's time for a crisis meeting in place I think we've got to have a strategy full of steel bollards. if we don't want a city a stolen car through the front doors When the thieves can't ram they use sledgehammers. Ram-raiders took just 90 seconds

of Apple computers and iPods, to clean out this store

valued at $200,000. on bollards, double doors, Now its owner is spending $70,000 to trap the thieves. and even a pop-up shutter entrance to the front of your shop, When you start building a fortress

a welcoming message. it's really not sending, I guess, to carry out repeat robberies In many cases, the ram-raiders return have replenished their stock. as soon as the shops has been hit four times in a month. This sailing accessories store before witnesses could dial 000. Each time, the thieves vanished

They didn't leave any fingerprints. that they haven't been caught. It's incredibly frustrating

before their luck runs out. I think it's a matter of time has had some success, A police ram-raid strike force but each time a gang is arrested to take its place. a copycat outfit appears Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. in cruise ship drama 15 Australians have been caught up in the Greek Islands. on a reef, The 'Sea Diamond' ran aground to save the 1,600 people on board. prompting a major operation began to list dangerously As the 'Sea Diamond' cruise ship onto life rafts hundreds of passengers were rushed and evacuated to the nearby island of Santorini. Easy, easy, easy - one-by-one. There was still panic for holidaymakers on land, worried about those left on board.

1,600 people eventually made it off the ship

which had struck trouble after hitting rocks off Santorini. One of those to flee was Geelong man Ben Kucenko, on holiday after six months army service in Iraq. He says women were screaming as people struggled to find life jackets. His family in Australia received word of the trouble via text message, Ben assuring his parents that this was no joke. In the middle of the night when I got the message through I thought "Well, is it true?" or is someone playing close to April Fool's Day? So I was a bit shocked and a bit scared for his safety.

His family sat tight for a further half an hour before word came through from Ben that he was safely ashore. It was just Ben's second day of holidays, the telecommunications technician now left wondering if he might have been safer staying in Iraq. Two French nationals are still missing while the ship's captain is expected? to be detained tonight. Tom Steinfort, National Nine News. Sydney's Roman Catholic Cardinal has sparked controversy by claiming that Christians may be returning to the Church because of Islamic terrorism. George Pell made the observation in his Easter message as churchgoers paused

to mark the most solemn day in the Christian calendar. For Christians around the world, Easter begins with holy Thursday. And in Rome, Pope Benedict played out one of the holiest rituals of all. The washing of the feet signifies the humility Jesus is said to have shown towards his disciples at the Last Supper. At St Mary's Cathedral last night... CHOIR SINGS ..the same ceremony performed by Cardinal George Pell but with tradition came a hint of controversy as the cardinal used his Easter message to explain why Catholics are returning to the faith. God often struggles for press coverage in Australia, but he's been doing better lately, perhaps because the violence of a small number of Islamic terrorists has prompted us to rethink our religous beliefs. At St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral. CHOIR SINGS Archbishop Peter Jensen reminded a packed congregation of Christ's sacrifice which paid for humanity's sins. One of which continues to be modern day slavery. People are still treated as objects and possesions to be bought and sold, this is also a scar on our humanity. Good Friday at St Charbel's in Punchbowl where thousands of Maronite Catholics celebrated Mass, the service culminating

in a procession carrying a symbolic coffin. And from the Wesley Mission a re-enactment to remind us of the true meaning of Easter - the walk by Christ to his crucifixion. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. Another Good Friday tradition is seafood. And trade was brisk at seafood central the Sydney Fish markets today. Service please, whole fish. Some enthusiastic customers even arrived for the market's opening at 3:00am. More than 300 tonnes of seafood are expected to be sold over the Easter weekend, making it the second busiest time of year, after Christmas. Good Friday is also one of the most popular days for the Easter Show. Dale Paget joins us live now from Olympic Park. And Dale, has the cooler weather kept people away? Not at all Mark, the numbers have been steady all day, and one of the biggest crowd pleasers

was the first day of judging for the best cats in the country. It's the Miss Australia of cats, and they don't mind a close-up. WOMAN: Smile for the camera. Every entrant gets a make-over. This long hair had four shampoos last night. Pink baby shampoo which makes them really soft.

Most of these owners do it for love. No biting, no biting.

For Carol Nowland they're more than pedigree pets.

It means the world. Today also means ribbons. (Cat miaows) On the cat walk, judges are hands-on. Have you ever been scratched? Oh, yes. Tell me about it. Oh, no! And this is the moment that could make or break a kitten's career. We want to see the eye shape, the colour. The judging lasts for hours. Heart's racing, 'cause everyone likes to do well

or come in the top five. But the wait was worth it - Carol's cat won for best male. You won! Yeah, lovely, really lovely - can't believe it. Getting the look and the taste just right, the State's farmers are defying the drought with fruit and vegetables. The best overall exhibit went to the Northern District. It's not all doom and gloom. Winning best display - Central New South Wales, with 14,000 apples, all individually polished. Dale Paget, National Nine News. Ken Sutcliffe's at Telstra Stadium for tonight's big league clash. And Ken, you have some breaking news on that injury to Andrew Johns,

what's the latest?

What we do know he discussed the

injury 30 suffered four years ago

effect bad neck injury it is a new

entry and he joins us now. Andrew

is on the other side of town. What

is the into this time? It is not

like the injury of four years ago.

I juddered up last week versus the

Raiders and then last night when

training in Newcastle I had a bad

collision with a couple of guys and

I came down today and saw a

professor who will be after

tomorrow's game and I'll probably

miss a couple of weeks was a pilot

has Ganz and Tuesday and I'll get

the results then. It is it a

career-threatening injury? The neck

injury four years ago it looked

like it was. Is this the same

thing? I think that is a bit

premature. They will be some

hysteria over this but wait until I

get the stands back. We will know

more then but I'm confident I will

be back on the field. When it


What was the initial reaction to

it? How I knew I would be sought

after that and last night just a

simple collision at training, I got

no pins and needles or got no pay

in my arms like the last time but I

knew it was just more than a not so

I came down here and saw the

Professor and he wants to be

totally sure it and to get a cat

scan so he has pulled me and which

is disappointing. I was desperate

to play tomorrow night but I am in

good hands with the doctor. The

best of luck and I hope you get

good news. In the news ahead - a spectacular fire show in the Indian Ocean and the prank that trashed a house. MAN ON ANSWERING MACHINE: Hey, babe. Got your message. I'll pick you up. See you soon! SONG: # I got a girlfriend She's so true # And no other kind of girl will do # But she'll always be good to me

# Always be good to me # Always be...good to me... # With Australia's first 5-year warranty with unlimited kilometres, there's no stopping the all-new Hyundai Elantra. There was a sense of relief across Britain as 15 Royal Navy sailors and marines arrived home after being held captive in Iran for two weeks. Prime Minister Blair says the crew was freed without any concessions to the Iranians who'd seized the navy patrol in the Persian Gulf. After 13 days, two Royal Navy Sea King helicopters carried the former captives to their much-hoped-for reunion. Close relatives were brought to a military base to greet the loved ones, who were unexpectedly released yesterday. Parents, children, wives and - in one case - a husband - were all on the ground waiting, and the smiles and tears came easily. In towns across Britain, other family members received phone calls... I've thought about you every minute.

I love you to bits, darlin'. ..or watched it all on television with obvious relief. Earlier, the group had arrived at London's Heathrow airport on a commercial flight.

On board, they shed the suits their captors had given them in favour of their uniforms. But despite the joy at the return of the 15, there's still some surprise about Iran's sudden decision to release them. For that reason, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been forced to deny

his government struck a secret agreement with the Iranians. And I want to make this very, very clear - without any deal, without any negotiation. Now that they're safely back, the analysis has begun and the verdict is bad for the British. Britain as a whole has been humiliated in the Middle East and it will be seen as a sign of weakness.

In London, James Talia, National Nine News. Still in Britain, three men have been charged over the London transport bombings in 2005, which killed 52 people. The British Pakistanis were captured last month and investigators say

they expect to arrest others involved in organising the four suicide bombers. One of the world's most active volcanoes has begun its latest fire show, sending streams of lava into the sea off Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. The lava has cut roads and damaged some rural houses but no-one has been hurt on the island which is home to 600,000 people. Against the wishes of America's Jackson entertainment family, an auctioneer is preparing to sell 1,100 pieces of memorabilia including outfits from the Jackson 5. Michael Jackson and his clan had the gear kept in storage but the company went broke and the collection was seized as an asset in the bankruptcy case. Michael Jackson is considering an eleventh-hour legal challenge to stop the auction. Also in the United States, a woman has had her house completely trashed and gutted because of a prank by a former tenant. The tenant put a note on the Internet inviting people to take whatever they wanted for free. Hundreds of people helped themselves to everything - furnishings, light fittings, even the kitchen sink. The owner was left devastated. Ken's back after the break with the latest on tonight's big league clash. Also, the Aussies doing it tough at the US Masters

and a teenage surfing sensation crowned Queen of Bell's Beach. VOICEOVER: Get all the help you need this Easter with Mitre 10. 85-litre poly-tray wheelbarrow, $39.95. MAN ON ANSWERING MACHINE: Hey, babe. Got your message. I'll pick you up. See you soon! SONG: # I got a girlfriend She's so true # And no other kind of girl will do # But she'll always be good to me

# Always be good to me # Always be...good to me... # With Australia's first 5-year warranty with unlimited kilometres, Hyundai Elantra. As we reported earlier, the playing future of Andrew Johns is in doubt tonight after that hit during a training session, suffering a troubling neck injury. He'll undergo scans on Tuesday before having the injury re-assessed. Tonight's blockbuster here at Telstra Stadium between the Bulldogs and South Sydney may reveal if the unbeaten Rabbitohs are finally back as a genuine force in rugby league. With tickets for the nearby Easter Show to the footy, also providing free admission a bumper crowd is already turning up for the most-anticipated game of the season. Weather permitting, the match is tipped to break Souths crowd record here at Telstra.

Joining him now is Souths coach

Jason Taylor. Congratulations on

three wins on the trot so far. I

guess everyone is wandering about

the poor. The it has been a great

start to the season but we will

know where we are as far as being

able to compete with the real top

guns after tonight's game. The

stats cannot through the week that

you are not doing many for the

forwards but what to do you doing

very well. Yobbo playing the

percentage game right now. We need

start for some control and you

cannot just go into the game

throwing the ball around and have

to win games. You make some

mistakes and make it up yourself so

it has been good for us so far but

as a was quoted as saying during

the week if we keep playing like that the oppositional workers out

so we need to have more variation

in tarred game as it weeks go by.

You gotta be tough and it won't be

easy but they have not been in the

best form in the couple of weeks

that Of been so far but I'm

expecting them to do the absurd

best so far tonight. Its director

do see them doing so well and have

it all continues for you. Thank you. Australia's golfers have plenty of work to do if they're to break our US Masters drought after a tough opening day at Augusta. England's Justin Rose and Brett Wetterich share the lead, Tiger Woods is four shots back.

Adam Scott is the best of the Aussies at 2-over par, Robert Allenby and Aaron Baddeley will both struggle to make the cut. Augusta - easy on the eye but brutal on golfers. Just nine players finished under par, defending champion Phil Michelson wasn't one of them. A 4-over 76 his worst ever round at the Masters. COMMENTATOR: Phil wide at the mark here, Nick Frustration also for Tiger Woods. An uncooperative putter his major concern, but the world number one remains close enough to have the leaders looking over their shoulders.

In the same group - Aaron Baddeley. One of seven Australians in the field, he visited parts of Augusta best left alone. That's really all he could do, just make contact, get it in the bunker. Brett Wetterich will have fond memories of his masters debut. Proving experience isn't everything he climbed to the top of the leaderboard. He'll leave himself about 20 feet, uphill putt. Justin Rose also fired a 3-under 69, the only man to post a bogey-free round.

Beautifully played. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. Teenage surf sensation Stephanie Gilmore is the new queen of Bells Beach

after defeating former world champion Sofia Mulanovich to win the Rip Curl Pro women's event. While 7-time world champ Layne Beachley was knocked out in the semis, 19-year-old Gilmore from northern NSW appears to be a genuine world title contender in her debut year on tour.

He is a great night I tear a big

crowd is going to be in and all the

action live at 730 on the wide

world of sports. After the break - Jaynie with the Easter weather details, then Peter Harvey's Last Word. Jaynie's out at the Show, and Jaynie, how's the Easter outlook. Well, Mark, the raincoats and umbrellas are on stand-by soaking up the atmosphere, but plenty of us are indoors including here at the alpacas - how cute are they! With more than 50,000 of these gentle and very intelligent animals in the country, would you believe they range from $400 for a pet to $170,000 for a male stud! The weather has not been so great for Good Friday - more of a nuisance, in fact, with a burst of showers this morning for some of us. The heaviest falls landed over the Northern Beaches with 15mm. But even heavier falls around Newcastle with Nobby's Head picking Up to 56mm today and close to 100mm for parts of the mid-north coast. Gusty southerly winds not only affecting Sydney but pretty much the whole of the NSW coast. Dry for the inland under the high. For our friends around the country, a fine Saturday for all capital cities, apart from Perth, where a front may bring afternoon showers. Now for Sydney - little change from today with mild and cloudy conditions. The heavier showers near the coast and fresh southerly winds. Not warm tomorrow! Up to 21 in the west and 20 towards the city with the winds making it feel even cooler. And Easter Sunday will stay on the chilly side - city and western suburbs in the low 20s, but showers and winds should ease up. Really starting to clear up on Tuesday and, of course, as many of you head back to work, skies will be clear with a warm day of 24. And, Mark, they'll be showing off these alpacas until Monday from beanies to ballgowns. Perfect attire for this kind of weather, Mark. Now here's Peter Harvey with the Last Word.

Interesting word to be stare. Ever

wondered where it came from? There

is a lot of dispute but some

experts say it began as the name of

the northern European pagan goddess

of the fires. Others say it is from

a word for summer. What matters is

what it stands for - the

fundamental heart and soul of

Christianity and it does not stand

alone. The Easter coincides with

the Muslim celebration of

Muhammad's birthday and with

Passover and all three signify new

beginnings and reborn hope. Have a

safe and happy Easter. That's National Nine News for this Good Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre