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(generated from captions) Tonight - Easter tragedy -

for a 2-year-old killed a town grieves in a house fire. my baby's in their burnt." She was screaming, "My baby's dead, Left for dead - a family pleads to come forward for a hit-and-run driver and apologise to the young victim.

East Timor goes to the polls. And vote of hope - and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson in the Ten News room Hello there, I'm Deborah Knight from the Royal Easter Show. and Ron Wilson joins us again Hi Deb, good evening everyone. temperamental over the weekend The weather's been a little beautifully but Easter Monday has turned out

here at Olympic Park. and there have been huge crowds But a word of warning - too long in the showbag pavillion. this is what happens when you spend normal child this morning - He arrived as a perfectly and look what's happened. the Dairy Farmers farmyard nursery. David is from shortly. We'll bring you more from the show from mile high to rock bottom - And later - the record straight sacked hostie Lisa Robertson sets and attempts to take her own life. about those pregnancy rumours, in a head-on collision Two people died


We've had a difficulty there, we'll

come back to that in a moment.

Sorry. It's been a bleak day on

Victorian roads. on Victorian roads as well It's been a bleak day

after their car plunged into the sea with three soldiers drowning at a high security military base.

the car can be seen submerged. 30m from shore At 1:30 this morning

three soldiers, its occupants, from Queenscliff had been travelling onto Swan Island a bend and careered into the sea. when appeared to have misjudged It's terrible. I mean, it's a terrible thing are killed in any collision. when three people people suffer everywhere. It's just, found the wreckage, The occupants in a second car to drag two of the men clear smashing windows before performing CPR, but they died at the scene. around 8:00 this morning Search crews located the third victim was pulled from the water. before the car with the army that are down here We've had quite a bit to do

very responsible. and they're generally speaking

but not particularly unsafe. It's a tricky road the men are from the army, Military officials have confirmed for counter-terrorism training posted at the Swan Island base exercise at the time of the accident. but weren't taking part in an and probably at one of the hotels. I believe they'd been at Queenscliff and the Defence department Both Police

into the cause. now undertaking investigations you could put forward There's any amount of reasons why a car would end up in the water,

the right one now. but we've got to find James Wakelin, Ten News. with the deaths of three people A disastrous afternoon on our roads to nine. taking the State's holiday road toll in a head-on collision Two people died on the New England Highway between two vehicles

about 30km south of Uralla. The male driver of one vehicle

in the other vehicle and a female passenger died at the scene. in both directions The highway is blocked until at least 7:00 tonight. and is expected to remain closed But first this evening - of Broken Hill tragedy in the Outback town in a house fire. where a 2-year-old boy has died the flames Neighbours and firefighters braved and two siblings, to rescue the child's parents to save the toddler. but there was nothing they could do The fire broke out mid-morning oldest homes - in one of Broken Hill's

lined with timber. a corrugated iron-clad cottage and the screams of the parents Neighbours alerted by thick smoke was trapped in the blazing building. as they realised a 2-year-old boy so sorry, yeah. We're just so sorry about the baby, and I seen an explosion. I looked through the door and she was just screaming. She was standing on the verandah

rang the fire brigade So I went and grabbed the phone, and tried to get the family out. and ran over

in minutes - The house was engulfed in flames and four were rescued two other children aged five from the burning building. Fire officers tried to enter the home by the searing heat. but were forced back sheets of iron They resorted to tearing from the side of the old building there was nothing they could do. but the fire was so intense was found inside. The 2-year-old's body my baby's in there, burnt!" She was screaming, "My baby's dead, It was terrible.

Obviously they're doing it pretty

them. hard and our thoughts go out to

were sifting Police and fire investigators trying to find a cause of the blaze. through the debris today, from hospital The family has been released after treatment for smoke inhalation. to speak about the tragedy. They're too upset

in Broken Hill in a fortnight. It's the second fatal fire a 57-year-old man was smoking in bed. The other victim, provided counselling for the crew The fire brigade for the coroner. Police are compiling a report In Broken Hill, John Hill, Ten News. for dead after a hit-and-run accident The family of a Sydney boy left for the driver to come forward. is appealing his 10th birthday in hospital The young victim has just spent and two broken hands. with a broken jaw

plastered hands and his jaw wired, In pain with blurred vision, who ran in to him hasn't apologised. Nathaniel is asking why the driver why won't the people come forward? He's saying why has this happened, outside his home two Saturdays ago, Nathaniel was sitting on the kerb ute drove up to their quiet street, with his 7-year-old brother, when a swiping him as it went past. Nethaniel lying on the ground. Neighbours heard a thud and found may have accidentally swerved, Police believe the driver not realising Nathaniel was hit.

of the crash, Looking at the dynamics a glancing impact, we believe it may have been because obviously Nathaniel did not go underneath the car. Nathaniel's brother and another boy have been able to help police, describing the ute as dark in colour and driven by a man. Police also want to speak to the female driver of a black jeep who was seen in the area at the time of the accident. They believe she may be a witness or knows what happened. And we would love that lady to come forward, assist us in our inquiries in trying to determine the causation of the crash and identify the vehicle and driver involved in the crash so we can give some closure to the family. Nathaniel spent his 10th birthday with his family in hospital,

recovering from an operation, a gift providing his first smile in weeks.

He got a remote control toy, it made funny noises. Anyone with information on the accident is urged to contact CrimeStoppers. Tim Potter, Ten News. Claims thousands of Australian workers are being underpaid, because the industrial watchdog won't release detailed wage scales. Unions say it's a con by the Federal Government. The Government created the Australian Fair Pay Commission with a promise to find a better minimum wage, but employer groups say they're having problems working out just what that is - businesses warning they are at risk of thousands of dollars in fines,

because the Commission won't publish its pay scales. What is it about Mr Howard's Government whereby they refuse to provide such basic information to small businesses right across the country? The details used to be published by the Industrial Relations Commission. Now the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations releases them online and over the phone. Unions claim a government conspiracy. They would like to see workers not have enterprise agreements but be forced into individual contracts where the employer decides the price. Employers say all they want is a return to the old system.

Meantime, the Prime Minister has used his weekly radio message to drag attention back to one of his Government's perceived strengths, its economic credentials. The human value of having a job, the sense of self-worth and esteem it brings, is incalculable. You can't have a sustainable economy if you don't have people who can pay their bills. And John Howard's given his clearest indication yet Australians will go to the polls at the end of the year, explaining his absence from September's rugby World Cup

to Wallabies captain George Gregan. I've got APEC in September, then I've got something else at the end of the year too. Brad Hodson, Ten News. A look at sport now with Brad McEwan, and the US masters title continues to elude our Aussie golfers? Yes Deb, Stuart Appleby was in the thick of it until the back nine. The overnight leader recovered from a bad start to be back in contention until he missed the green at the par-three 12th. Tiger Woods breaking a club in his bid for another green jacket but it was the little-known, Zach Johnson, who would celebrate. And Shaun Tait among the wickets as Australia gains some revenge over England with a 7-wicket win in the World Cup Super 8s. Also Deb - shattering news for Souths with a freakish injury to one of their co-captains.

And we'll check what hope an injured Barry Hall has of playing for the Swans next week. Police investigate a mysterious shooting at Darling Harbour - that's next.

Also tonight - a message of peace from the Pope's Easter address. And mile high hostie Lisa Robertson reveals all with some surprising admissions. VOICEOVER: Compare the pair.

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have just become one. Australian Super. To find out more, call or visit the website. No signs of the feared violence today as the people of East Timor voted in their first presidential election since gaining independence. But it is thought a second poll will be necessary, with no candidate likely to get the required majority. Faces of an exhausted nation - tired of fighting and uncertainty. Today they voted in hope of a better future. Today is the special day for all Timorese to determine the future of the country. As the sun rose on presidential polling day in Dili, locals queued early. One by one, they chose their preferred candidate from a field of eight, cast their vote in the ballot box and dipped their finger in purple ink, ensuring they vote only once. I want to vote for person who can lead this country in the future. High profile candidate, Jose Ramos Horta, joined the masses, voting at a polling booth near his home.

I don't want to be elected on the back of violence. For me this is absolutely off-limits - any sort of violence, even insults against other candidates. There was just one security scare overnight,

when two Timorese soldiers fired their weapons in the eastern suburbs.

Today, the heavy security presence was obvious, both in the streets and the air. Australian Blackhawks are helping deliver and retrieve ballot boxes from Timor's rugged districts. It's in one of the remote areas where the only complaint of intimidation has been made. Fretlin party heavies reportedly threatening voters if they didn't vote for candidate Lu'Olo Guetteres. Counting the more than 500,000 votes will start tonight

but the United Nations says a firm result, if there is one, may not be clear for up to a week. If there's no clear winner, the leading two candidates will run again in a month's time. By then, the ink so proudly sported on Timorese fingers will have faded. The ramifications of this poll and a further poll in June. will be more lasting. In East Timor, Max Futcher, Ten News.

Police have swarmed on Darling Harbour after fears of a bikie shoot-out. The officers rushed to the Maritime Museum after reports of gunshots. Up to 30 men, believed to be from rival bikie gangs,

were seen in the area around midnight when the guns went off, but no injuries have been reported. Police found spent cartridges around Wharf 7, but have not revealed who was involved. Australia has paid Iraqi citizens a fortune in compensation

to help win support in the war. With Iraqis earning an average of less than $2,000 a year, the Defence Department has given an estimated $250,000

to victims of incidents and fire fights involving Australian troops. 37 payments have been made - the largest a mystery payout of $89,000 handed out last year.

The continual slaughter in Iraq, growing unrest in Afghanistan, and misery in Africa have topped a tragic list of suffering in the Pope's Easter address. The Pontiff telling worshippers more has to be done for world peace. Tens of thousands gathered in St Peter's Square for Pope Benedict XVI, just a week off his 80th birthday and his second anniversary as Pontiff. At a time of Christian hope, his Easter words were troubling as he declared

"nothing positive comes from Iraq", just "continual slaughter". In Afghanistan... He focused on "growing unrest in Afghanistan" and said Lebanon's political crisis has put the future of the Middle East in jeopardy. Calling also for help for Africa's catastrophic humanitarian disaster.

His bleak words sparking

at least an official gesture of peace to be exchanged by the masses in the square. As the Pope's plea for world peace echoed,

the US President and his dad George Bush Snr spent Easter with US troops at Fort Hood, Texas. This is a rose between two thorns. Two Bushes. George W. Bush using the day to thank the armed forces for their sacrifice. I prayed for their safety, I prayed for their strength and comfort and I prayed for peace. Easter for the Queen was celebrated at a little chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh and various members of the British royal family attended a service. We're not sure if there was any royal chocolate indulgence, but the Queen did get at least one special Easter gift. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Tim, a bit damp and drab over the

weekend but it's turned in to a magnificent afternoon here at

Homebush? I think he's a new story

in his own right. After three days

of showbags, cheese on a stick and

Easter eggs, he's still delivering

the news like a pro. A good-looking

day. It was also going to be the

best of the Easter break. A little

bit of rain out at Campbelltown. It

was very much coastal rain. It

rained cats and dogs. The average

in the catchment is five

millimetres. Warragamba got nine

millimetres. Katoomba got 29

millimetres. Compare that with the

coastal stuff - Rose Bay has

received 166 millimetres of rain in

the last five days. That's its

wettest period over five days in

more than five years. It was a

shiny happy blue sky. Not even a

tiny bit of mud or rain out at

Homebush. It was the cay day to

geout that way. -- day to go out

that way. The best day for a long

time, tomorrow. 24 to 26 degrees.

Fine and sunny and I'll see you in

around about 10 minutes. Cashing in on captivity - next - British sailors criticised for making money from their ordeal. And taking on the deadly Amazon River to set a new world record.


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Let's take a lock at the traffic

now with Jo -- look at the traffic

now with Jo. How are the roads?

Yeah, the F3 starting to have

traffic build-up. The delays are

further north. As you can see, the

section where it turns from three

lanes in to two is starting to

build-up, home bound to Sydney.

I'll be back later. A political storm has erupted because the British military hostages freed from Iran are being allowed to sell their stories to the media. The only woman in the group reportedly paid six figures. These 15 have been given permission to cash in on their captivity.

The Ministry of Defence says the exceptional circumstances surrounding their detention in Iran means they can sell their story to the media. But the officer in charge of the boarding party says he's not interested in money, he just wants to explain what happened. Felix Carman didn't ask for any payment from the BBC. The MoD has played this quite well. Somebody somewhere is going to make money out of this story and they've said, "We're happy for you guys, "the people who've been involved, "to actually be the ones that do that." I think some people will probably take it up. However, I'm just happy to get the actual truth out in the open, because we did receive some criticisms in the paper recently. Leading Seaman Faye Turney, picked out by the Iranians because she was the only woman in the group, is reported to have sold her story to 'The Sun' for a 6-figure sum. She told the newspaper that during her captivity she was stripped to her underwear

and she was worried she'd never see her daughter again. The opposition parties say they're unhappy mixing chequebook journalism with the armed forces.

I think the Ministry of Defence has been guilty of a serious error of judgment. It does leave a slightly tacky taste in one's mouth. Tonight, Iran released more footage of the Navy crew during their captivity. Some of the 15 have already hinted they may give any fee for their story to service charities. That, though, might not be enough to quell the anger over doing deals with the media. The captain in the Greek cruise ship disaster is blaming the sea. He and five crew members have appeared in court charged with negligence. The captain claims strong currents pushed the 'Sea Diamond' off course onto rocks that are well mapped. More than 1,100 passengers had to evacuate the sinking ship. A French tourist and his 16-year-old daughter are still missing. A marathon swimmer known as the "Fish Man" has braved piranhas and exhaustion to swim the length of the Amazon River. Martin Strel took nine weeks to complete his world record attempt. Exhausted and on the verge of a heart attack, Martin Strel could barely stand after surviving 65 days in one of the most dangerous rivers on Earth. CHEERING AND GUNFIRE The 52-year-old had overcome nausea, diarrhoea, dehydration, cramps

and chronic sleep deprivation to complete the 5,268km swim. His blood pressure was sky-high and his face so badly sunburnt he had to wear a specially designed mask. But it was the dangers lurking in the water many feared would kill him, including flesh-eating piranhas and toothpick fish which invade the body. Locals say he is a hero for surviving. It's not he first time he's defied the odds - Strel has set three long distance records including conquering China's Yangtze River and the Mississippi in America. This time, he finished four days ahead of schedule, Living up to his nickname, the "Fish Man". In the United States, Lisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Also - virtual rip-off - how to avoid getting caught in a web trap. And from mile high to rock bottom - former Qantas hostie Lisa Robertson bares all. VOICEOVER: Compare the pair. Same age. Same super contribution. Yet there could be a lifetime of difference Her fund does pay commissions. Her fees are lower. Her fees are higher.

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Top stories this newshour - the troubled nation of East Timor has gone to the polls amid tight security. It's the first presidential election since gaining independence. Feared violence didn't materialise. The family of a young hit-and-run victim has appealed for the driver to come forward and apologise. The 10-year-old boy was left for dead two weeks ago and spent Easter and his birthday recovering in hospital from a broken jaw and broken hands. And the Outback town of Broken Hill is in mourning tonight, after the tragic death of a 2-year-old boy in a house fire. Neighbours and firefighters braved flames to rescue the boy's parents and two siblings but they couldn't save the toddler. For something that was supposed to make life easier, the Internet is proving to be anything but. There are now more than 600 plans on the market just to get connected, and chances are yours is costing too much. University student Jaquinta Burford is in a virtual spin because logging on to the virtual world is sending her really broke. I was just getting so annoyed. I had no idea that things like that could happen. She's been caught in a common web trap - locking into an on-line deal that has hidden costs. I was paying at least $150 extra a month. Forced to fork out 15 cents extra for every megabyte over her download limit. The biggest complaint is that they are being dudded by their current ISP. Internet expert Peter Gee says cyberspace competition is now so fierce with so many plans now on-line it is impossible not to fall into a trap. They don't realise they can find another ISP and save so much more money on the exact same plan they are getting from their current provider. His website, Internet Choice, compares 600 plans on the market. With a click of a button it'll find the cheapest deal.

In most cases we do usually save people some times $10 to $20 a month on their broadband plan. Australia has one of the highest uptakes of the internet in the world and we make a staggering number of complaints

to the telecommunications ombudsman. Contracts changed, prices put up, limits lowered - all without the clients' consent. And also concerns about the equipment and set-up people have when they sign up for these accounts. Queensland's Fair Trading is also worried about the rise in complaints. Really, the lesson is to go into it with your eyes open. The website address is The site is free and compares over 600 ISP plans on the market. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. From mile high to rock bottom, former Qantas hostie, Lisa Robertson, has travelled an emotional rollercoaster since her mid-flight dalliance with actor Ralph Fiennes. Tonight in an exclusive interview with Ten News,

she opens up further, setting the record straight about pregnancy rumours and attempts to take her own life. It's her most revealing appearance yet. Lisa Robertson stripped bare, in more ways than one. It's difficult when everyone knows every thing you've ever done wrong in your life - know what I mean? We thought we knew it all -

the 38-year-old Qantas hostie, sacked for joining the mile-high club with actor Ralph Fiennes in the toilet on a flight to Mumbai last January. The lurid details are out there - including some new ones out today - courtesy of a sexually explicit interview with men's mag 'Zoo Weekly'. Well, I suppose one of the other things that has kept it in the news a bit

is that you had been working in a brothel? That was something that the media found out about quite early and were threatening and pressuring me with for a long time and it sort of led to my demise and my hospitalisation because they were sort of hounding me over it. Is it true you tried to commit suicide?

Yeah, that's true, yeah. But I am doing much better. There was some suggestion that you could be pregnant - I imagine you know now whether or not that is the case? Yeah, no, I am not pregnant, no. And I imagine that is a bit of a relief? Yeah it is, you know. While many paint Lisa as a scarlet woman, others feel she's a victim of a media maelstrom beyond her control. I think she is someone who has been through an amazing ordeal. I think hopefully this shoot will be the start of her getting herself together

and getting back on her feet.

Although she has sold her story, including to 'Zoo', she is a bankrupt after she lost a compensation case against NSW police

for whom she worked undercover. That's probably the biggest misconception about me - that I've made all this money out of this incident - and really I haven't got any money from the 'The Mail on Sunday' and '60 Minutes'. So with no job, and few prospects, Lisa says she has little choice but to keep selling the story.

Her main concern - what Ralph Fiennes thinks. I feel sad that maybe his thoughts about me would've changed and perhaps he won't be thinking I am such a great person. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Public confusion over a realistic showbag prop has prompted Easter Show officials to remove it from sale. The fake police vest was being widely worn, causing some to complain. The Easter Show is all about experiencing the real Australia but for some it's proved a little too real. A fake police vest has been removed from the shelves after confusion over whether it was the real thing.

We thought we better act straight away in the public interest. We always like to make sure the public's comfortable.

Otherwise the showbag pavilion has been really comfortable as Easter Monday crowds swamped the stalls, day five of the big sell started. Come over guys - it's great bargains over here! And if you think that's tiring, just think of the buyers - choosing a showbag's a big deal. Girls are struggling between 'Girlfriend' and Supre - most of them buy both. There's all sorts of looks you can go for, and the old favourites. The Pushpops one, and the Cops and 'The Fantastic Four'. Um, 'Simpsons' showbag and the ninja one. Right now, the top three bags - 'Cars', 'The Simpsons' and 'Happy Feet'. There are 291 showbags to choose from and it's not just for the kids. Oh just rubbish bags - Starburst, Twisties...'s all good for you! Hello! The showbag tradition is very Austrailan - it all actually began here at the Sydney Royal Easter show, orginially as a way for companies to get their products out to the masses. Now though, it is a little more lucrative than that.

By the end, organisers expect to reach a target of 1.5 million showbags sold. Choclate, beef jerky - the essentials of life.

Ron did promise me a showbag. I'm

hoping it will turn up today. Tim

joins us now. It was a bit grey

around the gills but perfect for

eating lots and lots of chocolate.

Dream on about that showbag from

Wilson, Deb. We got through the

eggs OK. Took to get to the last

day of the break to get some of

that faips Sydney autumn weather.

It's going to be -- famous Sydney

autumn weather. It's going to rot

your socks as you go back to the

office and Easter will be history.

A few showers Wednesday and

Thursday then clearing. Friday,

Saturday and Sunday, next weekend.

I'll talk about it because you're

looking forward to it. 24 to 25 degrees.

New segment - I Say, I Say, I Say,

Bailey's quote of the day.

That one from Robert Frost. I

reckon it will be pretty true

tomorrow as we all wander back to

work. Have a good one. Thank you,

Tim. Trust it to be blue skies on

the first dayback at work. Sport now with Brad McEwan and Souths shocked by an injury to their co-captain. Yes Deb, the news isn't good for David Kidwell and the injury didn't happen on field. Plus - the Panthers weigh up the loss to the Titans. And the latest on injured Swans star Barry Hall. Also - a golfing underdog's major moment at the Masters. COMMENTATOR: Beautifully touched - he's done it, he's done it. And some one-day cricket revenge over England at the World Cup. COMMETNATOR: There it is - that will do it! Short ball and Andrew Symonds puts it away.

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(Taps glass) Ladies and gentlemen, the best man. APPLAUSE MICROPHONE RESOUNDS VOICEOVER: Underwear for any occasion at Target.

American Zach Johnson went into the US Masters with just one PGA tour victory to his name. He now has two after winning the coveted green jacket. Johnson fought off a host of challengers including overnight leader Stuart Appleby, who couldn't end Australia's Masters drought, finishing seventh. Australia's hopes swiftly dashed, double bogey for Stuart Appleby on the first, and after carding 14 birdies in the first three rounds, today he managed just one.

Beautiful! Gorgeous snfpt Disaster at the 12th for Appleby, in to the drink and out of contention. It was a tough day.

I enjoyed the day for where I am, I guess, but would have loved a rosier finish. Battling for top spot on the leaderboard, South African Retief Goosen with a charge, only to be leapfrogged by countryman Rory Sabbatini, on the green for 2 at the par 5, 8th.

This snaking downhill putt for eagle and the lead.

Oh, he's done well. He's done better than very well. That's unbelievable. The same hole ignited Zac Johnson's run, 6 birdies for the round, by the 16th he had the green jacket in his sights. This will go a long way to making it possible.

How about that? Expected to charge, Tiger instead tangled with trees, his four iron sacrificed to save par. This eagle on the 13th the last resistance from the world's top player. It's not disappointing today. I threw this tournament away on two days when I had two good rounds and went bogey, bogey. Johnson, in the clubhouse at plus one, and as the challenges faltered,

he became the 14th Easter Sunday winner in Masters history. Me and Easter, my faith's very important to me and Jesus was with me every step. I felt him, I felt my grandfather and everybody,

so it was, uh, awesome. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Australia has all but booked a place in the World Cup cricket semi-finals after a crushing win over England this morning. Kevin Pietersen scored a century, but it was Shaun Tait who turned things around for the Aussies. Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke then led the way with the bat. After Tait's dream start, Pietersen was given a royal welcome and an Australian one too. He replied with a brutal beat-up of McGrath. Bell made it a gang attack. COMMENTATOR: There's the most lovely off-drive. Twin 50s, but twin let-offs for Pietersen.

Ponting's tough, Hayden's a shocker. Dropping a fairly simple catch. They finally held one with Bell on 77. It opened the floodgates - Tait got Collingwood - and Hogg bamboozled Flintoff. Oh, brilliant! wonderful cricket! A ton for Pietersen - his first against Australia. But four wickets in the final two overs left England well below par. The chase started without hiccup. Goes over.

57 on the board when Flintoff got Gilchrist, 89 when Collingwood knocked over Hayden. And it's bowled him first ball.

Ponting was again the middle-order rock. 86 for the skipper, ended by Collingwood's brilliance in the field. Gone. Pietersen's fancy footwork not enough to remove Symonds.

The all-rounder's knock and a cool hand from Clarke steering the Aussies to victory, with four overs to spare. Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

Shocking news for South Sydney today with Kiwi Test forward David Kidwell certain to miss the rest of the season after rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament. The Rabbitohs co-captain was wrestling with his children at a family barbecue. Bad news also for Penrith - lock Trent Waterhouse out for four months with a broken leg. Coach Matt Elliott's also concerned some of his players are being targeted by referees. The Panthers cooling off after their hot streak was ended yesterday by the Gold Coast Titans. Players recovering from extra defensive duties

after an early blitz from the referee. A trend that has their coach wanting answers. There were a couple of players who were continually called out so there's obviously been some homework done on a few particular players. It would be good to get that during the week so I can give them the heads-up as to what they need to do better so it's not an issue during the game. Elliott compiling a video package featuring penalties against his side over the first four rounds to show referees' boss Robert Finch. Another concern is his team's inability to plant the ball over the tryline. 3-times Penrith were denied as the ball was fumbled when it mattered most. When you get to that tryline you've got to whack that ball down. And all the guys that didn't do that yesterday are more than capable of doing it. Probably Trent had a fair excuse. That excuse is a broken fibula that will keep him out until just before the finals.

We've got a lot of guys to fill in, but a guy with the talent and everything he's has got,

yeah it is a big loss for us. Luke Priddis though seemingly recovered after a bout of concussion courtesy of Titans prop Luke Saturday's Super 14 grudge match between Queensland and NSW is a battle for the wooden spoon, after the Waratahs lost to the Brumbies. Last night's 36-10 thumping puts NSW into 13th place on the ladder, just above the Reds. Avoiding the wooden spoon is the new priority. I'm disappointed it has come to the situation where we are playing against Queensland for something that we're - as I said, I don't want to mention the word.

The Brumbies look set for a spot in the final four. Barry Hall remains a wait-and-see proposition

ahead of Sunday's match against the undefeated Brisbane at the SCG. The Swans star making a steady recovery from a knee injury picked up in the win over Richmond. If the smile was any indication,

things are looking good for Barry Hall.

But it's how he feels in the next couple of days

which will decide if his unbroken run of 103 games continues. He's not going to go in 100%, but if he's 90%, he'll play and if he's 70% he wouldn't play.

Hall hurt the medial ligament in his left knee when he hyper-extended the leg early in the win over the Tigers. The co-captain playing on with the injury and then straining his ankle in the last quarter. The Swans would love to have Hall in action against surprise packets Brisbane at the SCG, but may err on the side of caution.

If he doesn't play this week he will play next week but he is better, so that's good. At the MCG, Hawthorn have pulled off a surprise win over Melbourne. The Hawks lead by 42 points midway through the third term but had to withstand

a big last-quarter comeback from the Demons.

COMMENTATOR: From 25m - Hawthorn are home at the MCG! Adding injury to insult, Melbourne have serious injury concerns to captain David Neitz who left the ground in the first quarter

with a knee injury. A McLaren one-two at the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix - world champion Fernando Alonso scoring his first win for his new team. The Spaniard and his British team-mate Lewis Hamilton getting on top of their Ferrari challengers from the start. Things got a little hot in the pits for Christian Albers but the real action was on the track, where 22-year-old McLaren rookie Hamilton held off a fierce challenge

from Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen. I can't explain to you how tough it was. It was extremely hot in the cockpit, sweating a lot. I ran out of water. It was McLaren's first one-two since 2005.

Australia's Mark Webber finished 10th.

Australia's Will Power has become the first Aussie to win a Champ Car World Series race with victory in Las Vegas. Go Will - well done, fantastic job.

Power's victory marks the first for Team Australia and a fitting birthday present for co-owner Derrick Walker. 3-time defending champion Sebastien Bourdais crashed out after hitting a concrete barrier. Queensland sprinter, Nathan Allen, has produced a blistering finish to win the 2007 Stawell Gift. The 29-year-old started off 5.25m and held on to win by just 0.1s. RACE COMMENATOR: Allen has got past them at halfway, McFarlane running through now, Allen hits the lead, Allen has made a big dive - he might have won! Victory in the 126th running of the event earning Allen a winner's cheque of $40,000. Glamour colt Haradasun has scored a thrilling win in the Group One Doncaster handicap.

Big-race specialist Glen Boss was at his brilliant best aboard Heradasun, which started favourite in the hot field. RACE CALL

The Tony Vasil trained 3-year-old has now won six of his nine starts. Later in Sports Tonight - all the highlights of the Dragons-Sharks game.

There's so much sport, it maibs up

for me not doing anything. -- makes

up for me not doing anything. A bit

of a slow run on the Hume Highway?

Down south seems to be the holiday

destination of choice. Long delays

on the Hume Highway. Delays all the

way past Mittagong. And then out

towards the M 5 motorway. No

accidents so far. Yill be back with

more traffic for -- identical be

back with more traffic for you Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather details next. that can be detected by physical examinaton. So, early detection is vital. Breast cancer affects one in eight women in Australia. If you're between 50 and 69, Do it every two years and it could save your life.

APIA believes that if you're not working full-time and are over 50, and choosing an excess that suits you. APIA doesn't charge you a fee for paying your premium by the month. So if you're not working full-time and are over 50, for understanding, not just insurance.

One of the amazing things you've

got to see here is the psycho Side

show anarchy. I'd speak to Shane

but he has a mouth full at the

moment. What's happening with the

weather? That's nothing after

seeing you eat 90 showbags over the

last three days, Ron. There will be

a big guard of honour from the

showbag sellers as Ron Wilson

leaves this afternoon. The best

till last - Easter Monday, a blue

and sparkly one. Tomorrow at the

office. As you get in there you'll

go, "Why couldn't this have been

Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Temperatures of 24 degrees tomorrow

and bright blue skies. We have got

at Gosford21.

That's six kilometres off Bondi, at

your local beach around 21. A low-pressure system over southern

Western Australia. Brining showers. High cloud streams over the

interior of South Australia in a

jet stream, not bringing much rain.

Onshore winds will ease along the

eastern seaboard. Clearing rains

from the NSW south coast and

causing them to be isolated in

Queensland. Isolated showers across

southern Western Australia and

western South Australia. The rain -

showers along the Queensland and

northern NSW coastlines. Showers

for southern Western Australia and

western South Australia. Showers

and storms across the northern

tropics. A glorious back to work

Tuesday. 24 to 26 degrees. Maybe a

shower Wednesday. Clearing shower

on Thursday. You're already

thinking about next weekend - fine

and sunny, 24 to 25 degrees.

Back to the man who has spent his

pay packet on you know what -

Easter eggs, cheese on a stick and

dagwood dogs. It's all true. That's the News at 5:00 - the Easter Show continues until Wednesday week - the 18th. I'm Ron Wilson, good night. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin, along at 10:30. Good night. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.