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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - to his 5-year-old son, A father's tribute killed by a Sydney garbage truck. and he's never going to come back. It's my little boy A nasty clash rugby league career in jeopardy. puts Andrew Johns' Mothers outraged banning Caesarean births. at new rules

And scientists agree will kill the Great Barrier Reef climate change and thaw out the Snowy Mountains. with Samantha Armytage. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. is at a loss to understand A young Sydney father how his 5-year-old son by a garbage truck was hit and killed in the city's north-west. was known for being safety conscious The popular little boy to believe making it hard for his family the accident could have happened.

Jason Greasby is empty inside. His son is dead. passed away, Saw him in the hospital, said goodbye to him. It's my little boy. He's never going to come back. reversed over 5-year-old Connor A garbage truck around the neighbourhood. as he rode his bike He died in his mother's arms. obviuosly. She was just absolutely heartbroken, I just couldn't stop crying. Just watching her, Every afternoon, all riding around here, we have 10-15 kids kicking the balls around. close to this. There's never been anything But yesterday afternoon, into Miller Way at midday. the garbage truck rolled It shouldn't have been here. It should not have been here. there's kids here. Don't pick it up during the day - What strikes you about this street, other than the sadness here,

is that it's very quiet. It's narrow. how a parent would think it safe You could understand to ride a bike on it. to allow their child it could have been their child. Neighbours know It's never safe. You've got cars, trucks. ..can't talk now. It's just... Seven News has been told fitted with a camera the truck was likely to monitor the rear.

the energy to blame anyone. Jason Greasby doesn't have their daughter Olivia to understand He and his wife just want her older brother is gone. just the three of us. We did that last night, rugby league player Australia's greatest could be forced to retire another serious neck injury. after Andrew Johns suffered is in Newcastle Seven's Matt Carmichael are playing the Storm. where the Knights it has happened again. Matt, it's hard to believe not during a match. And it happened at training, Sam, Should Johns is here at the

football today and his remaining

positive about this neck injury . positive about this neck injury. It

was just a ridging clash her

training drill and he ran

couple of team-mate training drill and he ran into a very wobbly .

very wobbly. He went couple of team-mate then came alive

specialist and ruled him out of very wobbly. He went and saw a specialist and ruled

tonight's game . tonight's game

tonight's game. The real problem for

entry is that he has had a serious

neck injury before an operation

years ago and there was also the neck injury before an operation four

massive hit from Sonny Bill Williams

a grand one of this year .

a grand one of this year. He has

said he will be back playing

football this year but when it is your neck ,

your neck, you have to

is worth taking a risk .

is worth taking a risk. Some your neck, you have to wonder if it

supporters today will worried about

year . certain the danger will be back this

year. Here's a long time to leave

badly so maybe . benefited by he will injure himself

badly so maybe. Everybody loves jury

jury. He is the heart of the tame . jury. He is the heart of the tame badly so maybe. Everybody loves

After 15 years in the air are well jury. He is the heart of the tame.

there is nothing he Phaidra After 15 years in the air are well,

and using the last year of his there is nothing he Phaidra to prove

contract he Newcastle say

to be seen at how he goes forward contract he Newcastle say it remains from here .

from here. He will have scans on

neck on Tuesday which will decide if from here. He will have scans on his

there's any serious damage one

the neck injury isn't there's any serious damage one of

all so it is all about speculation the neck injury isn't too serious at

risk Andrew Johns . at the moment but there are serious

Greg Chappel former Australian cricket captain tIn breaking news -

is recovering to an Indian hospital. after being rushed

His wife Judy says

in Mumbai he was taken to an emergency ward

and dehydrated. when he became stressed Chappell quit as Indian coach It comes just days after after a disastrous World Cup. later tonight. He is expceted to leave India Sydney mothers are furious

are being taken away. their rights to a Caesarean birth New regulations mean a good medical reason doctors must have

for surgically delivering a baby

is more high risk because the procedure than a natural birth. Jane Worthington of Australian women is one of a growing number over a natural birth. choosing a Caesarean delivery and safest route for me to take This was definitely the smoothest as an older mum. came smoothly into the world. Little Grace Certainly, who have had vaginal deliveries most of my friends anyway. wound up being in emergency Caesars

are choosing a surgical birth too many women But doctors are concerned

for the wrong reasons. most of the time, It seems to be convenience just fitting in with their plans

family commitments. and their various other Putting babies at risk. A new public health policy says

must have a good medical reason. mums insisting on a C-section A US study claims are three times more likely to die Caesar babies compared to a naturally-born child. It should always be a choice of last resort. Unfortunately, people think it's a second option out of two. Though the policy on Caesareans will only be binding in public hospitals, doctors hope the private system will follow suit, helping cut back on the growing rate of C-sections. Respect my decision, rather than a bunch of politicians and male doctors who announce this kind of thing after an election.

A single mother of six and two of her sons have been killed in a house fire in Perth. The 49-year-old and her boys, aged 8 and 12, were trapped in the home as flames tore through the building. The battler mum recently had the power cut off. Authorities believe the blaze was deliberately lit. Investigations are also under way into a fire that destroyed the Fremantle home of former basketball great Luc Longley. I was asleep and heard a bang, an explosion, and it was already on fire and I got the kids out. The former Chicago Bull lost all of his sporting memorabilia. Australian authorities have confirmed the Garuda plane that crashed in Indonesia last month was travelling at twice the normal landing speed. An official Indonesian report blames pilot error for the disaster, finding the aircraft was doing 410km/h when it hit the runway and burst into flames. Mechanical failure has been ruled out. I can assure the Australian public that this is a very balanced report and does well cover the evidence that's been verified to date.

21 people, including five Australians, died in the crash. For the first time, the world's leading scientists have agreed

on the impact of climate change. They predict Australia's Great Barrier Reef will be dead in 20 years unless action is taken while people on other continents will suffer from hunger and a lack of water. They are some of Australia's greatest icons facing annihilation - the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park and the Snowy Mountains which might need a name change. More and more, we are seeing the confirmation of our worst fears. A gathering of the world's best scientists have delivered the bleakest assessment yet for the environment if global warming isn't fixed.

Australians who helped write the report, say time is running out especially for the Great Barrier Reef.

Within 20 years, we could be seeing some very serious effects on this iconic part of Australia. The scientific assessment accepted by 100 countries and the United Nations warns of a looming humanitarian crisis.

It's the poorest of the poor in the world, and this includes poor people even in prosperous societies, who are going to be the worst hit. The Environment Minister says there's nothing new in the report, but insists Australia is doing its best to help other countries. By any objective measure, we have performed very well. Labor says the Government has lost any credibility it may have had on global warming. You cannot have climate change sceptics being part of the climate change solution. With Sydney's dams running low,

we really shouldn't complain about today's rain. And it seems tens of thousands didn't, braving an occasional soaking to see the amazing Lady Cannonball at the Royal Easter Show.

Jennifer Schneider is a working mum with a 2-year-old handful Brody! Can you come and help Mummy? I have to get ready to go boom.

Ahhh...smaaash! Not every mum goes to work to get fired. But Jennifer does, twice a day. Two, one...oh! Her sister Stephanie did it last year but after a fractured vertebrae and now five months pregnant, she fires the cannon.

It's my toy. I know where it is so I get to try to place her in the right spot in the net. The cannon's much easier than running after Brody, that's for sure! ENGINE REVS

Today, the U Beaut Ute competition attracted ferals. She's a U beaut ute.

They're hoping to get 10,000 utes from every State to rally in November for struggling farmers. We're trying to raise as much funds as we can for the farmers out west in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Rain does affect the Royal Easter Show but only if it rains heavily. If that happens, it stops outdoor entertainment and a lot of the rides but with 70% of show venues undercover, there's plenty to see and do without the big crush of crowds. When it did rain, those without wet weather gear went to the Information huts or the Show chemist.

Get your ponchos!

Ahead in Seven News - A Sydney wedding for an Australian sports star. Also, the British sailors held by Iran say they were forced to lie about their capture. And what Anna Nicole has revealed in her secret diaries.

Aussie swim star Libby Lenton has just been married at a celebrity wedding in Sydney. The new golden girl of the pool tied the knot with fellow swimmer Luke Trickett at a historic naval base overlooking Chowder Bay on the North Shore. The location was a closely guarded secret after the couple signed an exclusive deal with a magazine. Oh, I have absolutely no idea what's happening whatsoever - I just hope we're in the right place!

The couple's been given a week off for their honeymoon but then it's back into training for the Beijing Olympics.

Some of the 15 sailors held captive by Iran have spoken publicly about their two week ordeal. They say they were forced to go on television

and lie about straying into Iranian waters and some feared they were going to be executed.

They were forced by Iran to admit their guilt for straying into its waters while on duty in Iraq. But now, back home the sailors have set the record straight. We were inside internationally-recognised Iraqi territorial waters and I can clearly state

we were 1.7 nautical miles from Iranian waters. The captain says he didn't fight the arrest when he saw six Iranian Navy boats approaching. We realized, that had we resisted, there would have been a major fight, one which we could not have won and with consequences that would have major strategic impacts. The sailors say they were blindfolded, taken to a prison and interrogated daily. They thought they were going to be shot. We were put up against a wall, hands bound, blindfolded, and people were cocking weapons in the background

which, as you can imagine, was extremely nerve-wracking. They were held in solitary confinement and threatened with seven years' jail unless they admitted to being in Iranian waters. Although many Britons have celebrated the return of the crew, some military analysts say they went too far in co-operating with their captors

and offering televised admissions of guilt. When they went into Iran, they were singing like canaries and I don't agree with that under any circumstances. The head of the Navy said the sailors did not break any rules and those arrested say they wouldn't have done anything differently. An Australian survivor of a cruise ship that ran aground off the Greek Islands has told of the panic on board as it began to sink. The 'Sea Diamond' went down overnight after striking a reef near Santorini on Thursday. 15 Australians were among 1,500 passengers forced to abandon ship. All of our glasses were sliding everywhere and our warning that the ship was sinking running down the corridor screaming out "life jackets!" and banging on doors. Divers are searching for two French passengers missing, feared dead. Pope Benedict has led the annual Way of the Cross procession through the ruins of Rome's Colosseum. Watched by a crowd of tens of thousands, the 79-year-old Pontiff said the ceremony is a lesson to be sensitive to the suffering of others. The procession signifies the suffering of Christ and is one of the most traditional Easter services for Roman Catholics. Anna Nicole Smith's most intimate thoughts are for sale with her secret diaries to be auctioned in Texas. They cover her views on topics from sex to weight loss and her love for former husband Howard Marshall.

Smith writes about her fears he may break because he was so fragile. The diaries go under the hammer next week with the bidding starting at US$20,000. Thousands of racing fanatics have turned out in the State's south for the biggest billycart race in the Southern Hemisphere. The Australian Championships swelled the tiny town of Corowa, near Albury, with some very serious competitors. The youngest was just four years old. Ready, setty, go!

HORN BEEPS With so many kids and some suspect designs, a strict safety code was enforced. But despite a few close calls, there were no casualties. Time for sport with Ben Damon and the Bunnies cop a reality check. The Dogs came out barking at Telstra last night,

showing that they are still a force to be reckoned with. COMMENTATOR: And a flying Millard scores! And the Aussies make a charge at the US Masters. for the long weekend over Easter to finish off the jobs that they didn't finish at Christmas. So...yeah. Wattyl 5-litre decking and timber oil, only $49.92. 12-piece screwdriver set, $19.87. Multifold ladder, $149. Roller kit, just $9.98. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

Their heavyweight title was challenged and the Bulldogs responded with a mauling that will test the character of a new-look Sydney.

The Broncos inflicted more misery on the Roosters while the Rabbitohs came crashing back to earth against the Dogs. A record Telstra Stadium crowd for club footy wanted Souths to prove how good they really are. COMMENTATOR: Peachey will score, Peachey is over. We definitely didn't want to go out there and be bullied around or embarrassed. When the Bulldogs' pride is threatened they respond with brute force. Willie Mason was at his best. Winger Trent Cutler scored twice to give the Dogs a 14-6 half-time lead. Still a chance for Cutler, Cutler for the corner. The Rabbitohs were rattled, sucked in by Mason's taunts, leaving former Bunny Kane Cleal unmarked. It was terrific. It's been a long time, so I was very happy. His excitement was infectious the Dogs blew Souths away. And a flying Millard scores. Millard's magic ball for El Masri iced a convincing win - Souths now know what it takes to rumble with the big boys. We'll go again. How we respond to this will be what makes us. The last thing the Roosters needed was confronting an in-form Darren Lockyer. Now Lockyer, Hunt sends him over. The Australian captain and a couple of Bronco colts carved up the Roosters - now winless from four games. Now back for Eastwood, off Michaels.

While more soul-searching begins at Bondi, the defending Premiers' first win certainly improved Wayne Bennett's mood. (Laughs) At least Chris Anderson couldn't accuse his men of giving up this week. Oooh, Civoniceva and Beattie. It was a huge improvement on where we were, so really got something to build on, I was quite happy with it. As you may have seen earlier, Andrew Johns is out of the Knights clash with the Storm this afternoon with a neck injury. They're approaching halftime in Newcastle

and it's locked up at 12-12. Storm winger Israel Falou with the opening try in just the fifth minute. COMMENTATOR: It goes to Quinn, the former Knight, a lovely pass.

Israel Falou dives into the corner. He gets try number six! But the Knights didn't panic and Steve Simpson bagged his first four-pointer of the season before Daniel Abraham put the home side in front for the first time. An knee injury to strike weapon Barry Hall has soured the Sydney Swans' first win of the season. Hall was injured during the first quarter of the Swans 16-point win against Richmond at the MCG this afternoon. Chris Hyde began the game, despite being knocked out in the warm-up. The Bloods came to play, especially Leo Barry. COMMENTATOR: And Leo's split. Barry Hall gave Sydney its first before hyper-extending his left knee. Fair concern for the Sydney Swans' hierarchy. With Hall off the ground, new signing Spida gave the Swans options up front. Goodes, down to Everitt who stayed down for the ruck contest

and has kicked it. Kayne Pettifer became the games' second knee victim as Hall returned.

I think Paul Roos will just get him off and just re-assess that. Spida's second gave the Swans a 3-goal buffer before a late first-half charge by the Tigers. To bring it back to 10 - he's got under it - but it's straight. CROWD CHEERS Three second-half unanswered goals put Sydney back in control. Buchanan shouldn't miss from there. That's as good as it gets. But Andrew Krakouer and Leo Barry's head clash sparked the Tigers into action, with goals to Foley, Schultz and Richardson. This is the backyard dream - the goal to get your team into three-quarter time. CROWD CHEERS With the Tigers in front, Hall's knee gave way again. But the Swans dug deep

with Kennelly and Jolly sealing the 16-point win.

A boilover in the AJC Derby at a wet and windy Royal Randwick with Fiumicino upsetting the glamour 3-year-olds. Miss Finland started a short-priced favourite but flopped in the conditions. The well-backed Tuesday Joy ran a big race

but Darren Beadman's mount was too strong. RACE-CALLER: Fiumicino is surging away, the son of Zabeel is too good and he wins the derby, Ambitious General was second. Fiumicino was led in by emotional owner Nick Moraitis. He'll now be set towards the Melbourne Cup. The winner paid $5.90 and $2.00. Ambitious General paid $2.90. Tuesday Joy returned $2.30 for third. Mike Hussey might be struggling for form, but he's put the heat back on England before tomorrow night's crunch match at cricket's World Cup.

Australia played a mock game today

with nearly every member of the squad getting a bat. Andrew Symonds bowled medium pace

for the first time since his injury - a worrying sign for the Poms. Probably our hardest game of the the tournament so far. They've got some good match winners that are playing some very good cricket for their World Cup lives. New South Wales quick Stuart Clark is an outside chance of replacing the injured Shane Watson.

Australians Geoff Ogilvy and Stuart Appleby

are just three strokes from the lead after the second round at the US Masters in Augusta. Brett Wetterich and Tim Clark lead at 2 under with the Aussie pair at 1 over par. World number one Tiger Woods is at three over while Nick O'Hern and Robert Allenby missed the cut. Conditions weren't any easier than yesterday but the Aussies were coping much better on Day 2 at the Masters.

COMMENTATOR: Look at this. Well judged, right there. Geoff Ogilvy and Stuart Appleby leading an Australian offensive - this was Appleby's seventh birdie of the day. World number 3 Adam Scott was living life on the edge. As we go to 15 and, wow, how about that? Not all his gambles paid off. Please, don't try that at home. Japan's Shingo Katayama was a runaway winner in the funny hat competition.

Ian Poulter had him covered for the funky pants award but in the main event, Appleby and Ogilvy finished the day just three shots from the lead. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And he makes it. After closing out with two bogeys yesterday, Tiger Woods found more trouble today. He nearly hit a bird teeing off at unlucky 13 and the hole didn't get any better. CROWD REACTS Woods is still just five shots from leaders Brett Wetterich and last year's runner-up South African Tim Clark. Oh, my goodness. What a par!

Us the AFL is on seven tomorrow .

Us the AFL is on seven tomorrow. Essendon could be on the money . Those showers across Sydney are set to become more frequent tonight.

I'll have the city's wet weather outlook

next in Seven News.

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The rain was patchy across Sydney tonight, but where it did come down, it was torrential. The biggest downpours were near the coast. 24 millimetres fell in the city

where it reached a top of 21 degrees. Around the nation tomorow -

On our waters - It will be frequent showers for Easter Sunday. Again, more likely near the coast and over the northern suburbs. Cool to mild across the suburbs. Looking further ahead - Showers should clear during Monday with fine conditions and warmer temperatures later in the week. And that's Seven News to now but I'll be back with updates later. I'm Samantha Armytage, thanks for your company. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre Hello and welcome to the Great Outdoors. We're very excited to be taking you to Europe tonight because now is the perfect time to go. It's not peak season, so you're not going to be elbowing people out of the way to get that perfect postcard shot. But here's a few we've taken just for you. A punch-up between two giants and a bridge to test your courage. We're in the land of tall tales. In this place, everywhere you look, it's just shot, shot, shot. You may recognise this castle, or maybe you just think you do. It's a bit like Disneyland. In fact, it was the inspiration. Created by Ludwig. King Ludwig the loon. A lot of people have a kind of postcard idea about what the Mediterranean should be. This is about as close to the postcard as you're gonna get.