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(generated from captions) Deadly trade - over the theft an Army captain charged

rocket launchers. of military

endangered the Australian community. Alleged actions could have

A low act - inside a major Sydney hospital. ram raiders target an ATM

People have such a hide. I think it's unbelievable. 7-month high - for the Easter break. petrol prices rocket just in time over a barrel, really. They've got us And leading the charge - on day one of the Easter Show. the first customers through the gate Go, Atticus, go! Yee-ha! This program is captioned live.

Good evening.

has been arrested and charged A serving Army captain military rocket-launchers with stealing eight and selling them to criminals. and a woman were also arrested. Another man, a former soldier endanger the Australian community. Police say their alleged actions may 46-year-old Army captain Police allege

was the mastermind behind the theft. home this was him this morning, As police raided his Wattle Grove appeared to be a state of shock. this was him collapsing in what couldn't believe it either. Neighbours nothing. I never see anything suspicious, 'cause he's a good man. I no believe it as an ammunition technical officer, But, easy access to high-powered weaponry. it's alleged he's a man who had being able to procure those weapons In regard to

for sale to the black market. and then, obviously, convert them rocket-launchers It's alleged the eight the Orchard Hills ordinance depot were stolen from over a five year period for $5,000 each. and sold to criminal gangs and Federal police, In a joint operation by State soldier was also arrested. Dean Taylor a 38-year-old former

of concealing a serious offence. A 63-year-old woman is facing charges for both agencies This is a significant result today persons who's alleged actions in bringing to justice the Australian community. could have endangered launchers has been recovered. But only one of the armour-piercing may be buried in bushland. Police believe the remaining seven

of the missing weapons, Because of the age police say, technically, whether they can still be fired - there are doubts about finding them remains a top priority. but there are no guarantees and Obviously, we're concerned. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. faced court today Two more teenage boys of a 17-year-old girl over the gang rape in Sydney's southwest. The court heard that a phone video

giving each other high fives allegedly shows the boys during the assault. After being told their sons

disgusting and degrading attack, had been involved in a horrific, as they left court. the parents had nothing to say five teenagers in Sydney's southwest The arrests yesterday of this morning: led police to describe the case

were a 17 and 18-year-old, In court today both employed as butchers, assaulting the 17-year-old girl. one was accused of sexually

slapped the victim and was: The other allegedly was recorded on a mobile phone. The alleged assault in January police had a strong case. The magistrate said

In refusing bail, the pair could re-offend. the magistrate said there were fears little regard for one human being They'd already shown callous disregard for others. and they could have the same All five have now appeared in court, they face up to 20 years in jail. if convicted Damian Ryan, National Nine News.

it was a low act - Even by criminal standards inside Royal North Shore Hospital. a ram raid on an ATM who smashed into the building Police are hunting four men before escaping with the cash. and assaulted a worker at Royal North Shore Hospital The main reception area to be at 3:30 this morning. was a dangerous place crashed through the front doors This 4-wheel drive to knock over an ATM. and was then used

it was so... You just can't believe it, very well well, they'd obviously organised it in about 3 minutes time. because I believe it all went away came across the men One hospital worker on night shift

and was assaulted. The four ram raiders cash drawers before fleeing. were able to dislodge the machine's I think it's unbelievable,

have got such a hide. I think these people just ram through a hospital? I don't know how they think they can

A security camera taped the incident,

had hidden their faces. but all four men how much they got away with. Police are not saying a ram raid to occur - It's the last place you would expect in a hospital - but it's happened. direct-patient care area. Fortunately it's in a non-patient, to bust through the front door While using a car is about as crude as it gets, when it came to the getaway. the robbers were well organised

van and a light-coloured Subaru. They fled in two vehicles, a white There's a good chance, say police, to others in recent months. this raid is linked for the police taskforce It's one more case

the spate of ram raids, set up specifically to investigate now averaging around one a week. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Just 24 hours into his new job, hopped on train today Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell

to the next election. to begin his 4-year journey Mr O'Farrell believes of the man he replaced the unsuccessful campaign literally went to water. was the big election issue, Peter Debnam thought water and slamming desalination. promoting his plan for recycling a very clear choice. Let's give the people of NSW And they didn't chose him - about what should have been but his successor is in no doubt the Coalition's focus. is one the key policy priority Transport over this four year period. that we want to take forward

Barry O'Farrell says it's no wonder transport as his major priority. Morris Iemma always identified that has fewer people using it We run a rail system than before the Olympics. to spend billions on infrastructure The Government plans

but the new Opposition Leader says the damage to Sydney's quality of life has been done. Whether you're in the car or on public transport, your journey times have increased and that means, for instance, that if you're a parent trying to get home at night, you're spending less time with children before bedtime. Meanwhile, the new Police Minister has refused to give an update on investigations into allegations Blacktown MP Paul Gibson physically assaulted former minister and ex-girlfriend Sandra Nori.

That's an investigation that's under way and it would be wrong of me to say anything that may or may not influence it. Adam Walters, National Nine News.

Another public holiday and another overnight surge in petrol prices.

Increases of between 10 and 14 cents a litre have been reported across the State the average price in Sydney tonight just on $1.30 a litre.

It's as regular a ritual as Easter itself - except the petrol price increase comes around much more frequently. Once a week, arriving with dawn every Thursday. They've got us over a barrel really. We have to get fuel to go away and do certain things and there's not much we can do about it, except come and fill-up. And this Easter, we're paying a lot. Overnight, pump prices rising by between 10 and 14 cents a litre.

Sydney's average - almost $1.30, the highest level for seven months. Of course, the oil companies say we really shouldn't become suspicious or cynical just because the price of petrol goes up on the eve of every public holiday and every weekend. That's just part, they say, of the natural cycle. Motorists' organisations dispute that. I have never heard so many excuses for price rises it's lack of competition, it's a world parody of pricings, they've got more excuses than I could ever think of. And Treasurer Peter Costello has ordered the prices watchdog into action. They are monitoring about 50% of all the petrol stations in Australia. If there's any evidence of collusion at all, the people who engage in that collusion will be prosecuted. Facing fines running into tens of millions of dollars. And tonight - costly or otherwise, the Easter exodus was in full flood.

Motorways and freeways out of Sydney heavy with traffic, heading for the last holiday weekend before winter. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. It's been a near perfect start to the Royal Easter Show. Crowds took advantage of the mild, sunny weather to head to Olympic Park. Our reporter Dale Paget is there. And Dale, how are the crowds now?

Well, we have a second wave of people heading out to the Show Grounds now, knocking off work and school and getting ready to take in showtime at night. Beating everyone to the gate, the Strong family from Blayney. They are ready to go. Atticus Strong led the early charge. And the invasion of the Royal Easter Show was under way. There's so much to see here and so much to do.

35,000 exhibits, hundreds of wild rides and a birthday too. # Happy birthday to you... Today was the 10th anniversary of the show at Olympic Park. They baked a cake and shared it around. Cakes were also being judged. People have been up since a very early hour cooking up a storm for this event. 84-year-old Norma Turnbull won six ribbons last year.

I just enjoy cooking. But, this year, there was chaos in her kitchen - the blender blew. It blew up! The smoke coming out of the top, it just seized up. Some of these super cooks are baking for taste. Oh, Yeah. I love them. Others are baking by numbers. With a ruler each side, it has to be a certain length. That's five centimetres and, make no mistake,

the competition is oven hot. It's really intense, I've heard rumours about swords being drawn and things. Other types of food are also being judged. The number one lunch item. Dagwood dog. 250,000 were sold last year and the taste is still best in show. Haven't had one for, what - 20 years? But it was lovely. Dale Paget, National Nine News. In the news ahead - why pregnant women need to improve their diets. And, tough tactics from Chinese police.

Defence chiefs launched a recruitment drive with a twist today who want to sell the army as a fun place to be. a new television commercial They've unveiled

to highlight core values and the social aspects of army life. #'s time to get on your feet.

The army hopes it will help attract 5,000 new soldiers over the next decade. Iran has freed 15 British navy sailors and marines two weeks after they were captured during a patrol in the Persian Gulf. They'd been accused of violating Iran's territorial waters. The sudden release came amid a deepening diplomatic crisis. Relief at last for the 15, their families and all of Britain.

Dressed not in uniform but in new suits, the 14 men and 1 woman - clearly surprised and elated - were led one by one to meet Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, quite obviously enjoying his control over the situation. They were then paraded on Iranian television to express their gratitude. We are obviously very grateful for your forgiveness. I'm glad that our 15 service personnel have been released.

All 15 seemed in good condition. Back home, their families were ecstatic. Children can bring you the greatest pain

but they can also bring you the greatest joy and within two hours we've been flipped onto that side of things - Yes! the greatest joy. The President's announcement of a pardon was a surprise after almost two weeks of diplomatic wrangling.

All along, Britain has denied the patrol boat crew had strayed illegally from Iraqi territory into Iranian waters, though the captives had made several televised confessions over the past few days, and again after their release. But they're likely to be telling a different story after their arrival back on British soil in a few hours time. In London, James Talia, National Nine News.

An Australian military mercy flight has left for the Solomon Islands loaded with tents, bedding, medicine and water to help people left homeless by Monday's earthquake and tsunami. The death toll has now risen to 34. Hundreds of survivors are living rough in the bush and there's a threat of disease if they don't get proper aid soon.

Italian police have come down hard on British soccer hooligans who'd been trading missiles and insults with rivals fans during a game in Rome. The police went in with batons against the Manchester United supporters and at least 18 needed treatment in hospital.

Officials don't know if the British provoked the trouble, they'll also investigate the heavy-handed police response.

Manchester went down 2-1 to Roma. Dramatic tactics against a murder suspect in China. Using a water cannon, police blasted him off the ledge of a high-rise window. He was saved from injury by a giant air cushion. The man is now being questioned about the deaths of his mother in law, his son and a friend of his ex-wife.

Around 3 million Australians suffer from depression. But a new study shows that one in four people who are told they have the illness

could just be reacting normally to life's more difficult times. American researchers were shocked by their own findings, that a quarter of people diagnosed with depression might not be. It's normal to be sad after your spouse dies, its normal to be sad when another terrible thing happens - like you lose your job, or you get divorced. Hardships such as those aren't often considered

when a patient is assessed. I stead, medical professionals use a broad checklist asking patients whether they feel helpless, fatigued,

suicidal or pessimistic. That model risks over diagnosing some people, inappropriately diagnosing others. Doctor Barker says many Australians diagnosed with depression could be dealing with the sort of loss or trauma that would make any of us sad - but that that doesn't mean they necessarily require treatment. The way of approaching it is best to say, "has a person had a sufficiently depressed mood? "Is it impairing their day-to-day functioning?" In another medical study, it's been found Australian women aren't improving their diets when they fall pregnant. Only a small number of women actually passed the nutrition test

and were deemed nutritionally fit in our study. Researchers claim the health of a baby is influenced by what a woman eats during pregnancy - a notion not lost on Jody MacDonald, the mother of a healthy 2-day-old baby girl. I was just eating well and taking my vitamins, so maybe it paid off. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. Stephanie Brantz with sport is next, and Wendell Sailor keen to return to rugby league. Mark, he claims he's conquered his demons and can't wait to start playing again. What's more, at least four NRL clubs may be interested in his services. And the seven true-blue Aussies vying for Golf's green jacket.

In his most revealing interview since being banned for drugs, Wendell Sailor has admitted to having a destructive streak which caused his downfall. Sailor has told National Nine News that he'll return to the NRL next season with at least four clubs interested, he'll make a decision in the next two weeks. Wendell Sailor's inspiration for a return to the big time is his young family - to show them you can right wrongs.

Since his drugs ban a year ago,

he has worked hard on himself and learned he has a destructive streak. A problem that stems back to not dealing with the death of his dad, Daniel, six years ago. I probably didn't deal with that and I have always had support there to, sort of, lock it away and, I suppose, that sometimes, when I drank or I just had bad days,

the way I'd deal with it was to shut people out or be destructive. Sailor's energy is now purely channelled in one direction, the NRL.

I've got unfinished business in sport, whatever club it is, but, you know, I'm going to come back and make a difference on and off the field. Souths and the Warriors have declared their hand and at least two other NRL clubs are believed to be interested, including the Roosters. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bulldogs made a play for Sailor now that Mark O'Meley has freed up some money - but they won't have it all their own way. I'd love him to come to Newcastle.

You know, the two years he had out will extend his career, you know, I've spoken to him and he is still really hungry to play and I can't wait for him to come back. I know, as a player, I'd definitely love to have him at my club.

His family want him at the bunnies. Because they have won three games in a row so far and they are going really good. Sailor says he won't just play wing in his comeback. I've got to be open enough to think, if I want to go and play on the wing I want to make sure I can maintain my speed

but also be open enough to return to play a position in the back row

or a utility. And Sailor makes a return to league of a different sort tomorrow night, as a commentator for the Nine Network. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Golf's US Masters tees off tonight our time with world number three Adam Scott and US Open champ Geoff Ogilvy among seven Australians vying for our first Green Jacket. One Aussie who's a long-shot but fancied by some peers will play alongside the perennial tournament favourite. How's this for pressure? Australia's Aaron Baddeley will play side by side with Tiger Woods. The Tiger facing off the koala, with Baddeley looking to the Aussies in the crowd to keep him competitive. Oh it's great. I mean it's always great when you hear fellow Aussies - I always hear the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie chant. That's pretty cool.

For the first time, foreign players outnumber the Americans. There are seven Australians, including one of the favourites, Adam Scott. Two time Masters winner Tom Watson says

the Aussie's face just one hurdle. They're going to win one of these years

but they've got to beat Tiger. This is the one tournament that's beaten every Australian - we've never won here. Aussies have won the British Open nine times, they've won the US Open twice. One of those US Open winners is Victorian Geoff Ogilvy.

We've definitely got a bunch of guys who've got the game to win here so it wouldn't be a big surprise to see one win this year. But, before the serious stuff of tomorrow, today players had a giggle game on the world's most manicured par three course. Dad's and grand-dads, albeit famous one's, having a hit a with the kids. At the Masters in Augusta, Robert Penfold, National Nine News.

Former Australian captain Greg Chappell has resigned as India's coach following his team's first-round exit from the World Cup. Meantime, all-rounder James Hopes has answered a May Day from Australia to fly to the Caribbean to cover for the injured Shane Watson. And Sri Lanka has all but secured a semifinals berth, beating England in a final over thriller by two wickets.

Mark, I don't think the Indian

cricket coaching job will stay open

for long, the bank la desh coach

has thrown his name into the ring. After the break - the CommSec Finance report,

(Hums) (Giggles) KFC's Family Fun Bucket - loads of everyone's favourite chicken and sides, plus Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition on the bucket. Right, who is the only person to have been nominated for 12 Oscars? Ooh, that's a tough one. Would that be...Jack...


It's a lot of fun... ..when you're winning.

To finance, and Telstra has clocked up a win against the competition watchdog,

with a federal court ruling a competiton notice issued against the telco when it raised prices last year was invalid. It was a shorter day of trade for our market ahead of the long weekend. Jaynie's out at the Royal Easter Show. And Jaynie, how's the weather been for day one ? Yeah, Mark. Well, I have always wanted to jump out of a cake and I'm glad it's not a fruit cake! And what better timing than the 10th birthday of the Easter Show here at Olympic Park.

It's been perfect weather for most of the day with those showers moving in now. The southerly came through around midday with the strongest winds for the coast. And on the synoptic chart, that southerly will move up the NSW coast, which also passed Tasmania and Victoria.

Storms for the Hunter.

So tomorrow, if you are heading for the show,

take wet weather gear just in case.

Easing up on Saturday for the races but southerly winds will still give you goosebumps.

And Mark, 14 days of the show,

we'll be here exploring something new everyday.

Now here's Peter Harvey with the Last Word. Let us call things as we see them. Take the duck, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck - it's a duck. It's also a web-footed multi-feathered trans-terrain bill-mouthed waddler. But it's still a duck. Now take the oil companies, if petrol goes through the roof every weekend and every public holiday - what is it? Is it a duck? Is it sheer coincidence? Whatever it is, it's not the Easter bunny. That's the Easter bunny over there - the one filling his tank. interesting word, Easter. That's National Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

These people tell us they have nowhere to go, what are they going to do? One man's incredible story of su?vival ag in t the odds. Backstage with our Miss World finalists. And, mogg a ness - th cat curfew to beat them all. This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. Also tonight - love thy neighbour - we rate Australia's friendliest suburbs. And, designer cubby houses costing families a small fortune. But first - a sad case of profits before people. Tonight, 80 battling Australians face an uncertain future on the eve of Easter. A Swiss mining giant wants them evicted from their homes - homes some have lived in for more than a decade. But these residents aren't about to give up without a fight. Chris Allen has their story. Be buggered, you are not pushing me out of my home. This is my home of 10 years. is going to push me out of my home. It's all a big ball game isn't it? Run by a company that posted a record $3.2 billion profit last year. Poor buggers. Fighting for their homes, these battlers take on the man handing out the eviction notices. This is about people, simple folk that have a roof over their head - a perfectly good roof - that you're going to take away from them. Given the circumstances, it's probably not a good situation. You know? Well, clearly they're going to lose their homes. That's correct, but... Do you have any sympathy for them? Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Sympathy won't keep my kids in school. Sympathy won't give me another home. I appreciate that. No, you don't appreciate it. That's not the correct word to use - "appreciate". It might not be much but locals say it's all they've got - homes they've established in a caravan park at Tieri in Central Queensland. Now Swiss-based mining giant Xstrata, which leases the site, has given them all three months to get out. Last I heard, the Australian way was you get what you give and I don't recall any of these people

giving anyone a decent kick in the guts lately. To kick us out, you're kicking out working people, you're kicking out families. I'm certainly not moving out. They can bring in a bulldozer,