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(generated from captions) Teenagers accused - the crime on a mobile phone camera. of raping a girl and recording

Mercy and compassion - for killing their disabled son. a couple spared from jail It's an enormous relief, what's happened. not that they'll ever forget Drug blitz on school sports - and provide urine samples. Sydney students ordered to strip about this demand. We were very uncomfortable world beating swim - And Libby Lenton's but will it stand as a record?

to say that it does count! I think everyone should petition

This program is captioned live. Good evening. of teenage sexual assault First to shocking charges made even more alarming allegedly captured on a mobile phone by the fact that the attack was at a Sydney school. and the video circulated

Five teenagers have been arrested,

this afternoon. three of them facing court an horrific and degrading crime. In custody, accused of lured a 17-year-old girl to a party It's alleged these youths until she fell into a drunken stupor. and plied her with alcohol two of them sexually assaulted her A court heard laughing and spurring them on - as up to five others watched, on a mobile phone video camera. the whole event allegedly captured

was then unceremoniously dumped, The victim, it's claimed, on the front step of her home. without her underwear, Due to her intoxication, she wasn't aware she'd been raped it's alleged

until four days later showed her the video footage. when the same boys it's not a joke. This is not entertainment, told the court, Police prosecutor Graham Wedge

was too frightened to contact police, The victim, it's alleged, there was more humiliation to come. but it's claimed

to their friends at a Sydney school the youths sent the video via phone to the r friends at a Sydney school It's alleged

who alerted detectives. where it was discovered by teachers have been refused bail, Three of the teens are expected to face court tomorrow. another two Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. has shown compassion to a couple A Sydney judge

seriously disabled 29-year-old son. who confessed to killing their The judge spared them jail a good behaviour bond for five years, and, instead, released them on they had already suffered enough. ruling that to go to jail. Margaret and Ray Sutton were prepared No comment. Is this an enormous relief?

for the rest of our life. They'll live with what's happened the Suttons have raised two sons. Loving parents,

Greg is normal and healthy, was born blind, deaf in one ear but his brother, Matthew,

and profoundly retarded. Justice Graham Barr found: was the little hearing he had Matthew's only link to the world

he would die without an operation but in 2001 the Suttons learned of all sound for good. that would probably rob him

with their son behind them As the Suttons sat quietly the court could do the judge found there was nothing to add to their suffering was spent. and the need for punishment filled with compassion, Fortunately, it was a judgement understanding and mercy. to go through that process. I'm a bit sad that they even have the punishment is too lenient. But right to life groups argue of a slap with a feather. We're thinking it's a little bit Bethany Jensen, National Nine News.

walked off a plane Former state MP Sandra Nori this morning and into a political storm by Labor MP Paul Gibson. over claims she was assaulted flustered by the controversy, Ms Nori appeared lawyer before making any statement. insisting she wanted to talk to her round trip to France, She'd just completed a 33,000km but Sandra Nori says

journey than a marathon flight. she's been on a much more gruelling I'm exhausted, I've just got off a plane, I've been to hell and back.

for women and sport was shaken The former minister by the uproar over allegations

by fellow MP and ex-boyfriend she was physically assaulted Paul Gibson. interests that I have a chance I do think it's in everyone's to catch up with my solicitor what the hell is going on. and find out

developments She said it was hard to monitor from the other side of the world. I want to check today's papers very difficult for me. and obviously, it's been than she ever had as a minister, In the face of more publicity for Port Jackson was told by friends the recently retired member to give Paul Gibson her old job Premier Morris Iemma was about in the sport portfolio

she witnessed the assault in 1991. before a female MP formally alleged

from this latest scandal And as Labor reels

their wounds to healing them the Liberals have gone from licking of Barry O'Farrell as their leader. with the unopposed election in the party's hard right faction He's confident his enemies a team game. will back off and start playing who sat in the party room What I sensed from the 32 people to present an electable alternative. is a determination to work together Adam Walters, National Nine News. dodged a bullet this morning Australian home buyers it has not put up interest rates. when the Reserve Bank announced a rise is still possible But many economic experts say in the next few months, starts to throw money around especially if the Federal Government to win votes during an election year. a rate hike of 0.25%, Financial markets were expecting

but the Reserve Bank had other ideas. Interest rates unchanged. Unchanged at 6.25%. and the Federal Government Home-buyers heaved a sigh of relief. in the SA seat of Kingston - The Prime Minister was campaigning electorate in Australia - the most marginal coalition when he got the news. the home buyers of Australia I am quite sure that will be pleased at the decision.

if rates had gone up, Labor, planning a full-on assault had the wind taken out of its sails. Of course that's good news at present, for those who hold mortgages

four successive interest rate rises who have had to suffer since the last election. was very, very pleased The housing industry on this occasion. that the Reserve Bank held its nerve Some experts say a rise is still likely in May, after the next set of inflation figures.

Interest rates probably need to edge up a bit further. The Reserve would be reluctant to raise rates in the run-up to the federal election, but big spending promises could change that. While the Government's off the interest rate hook - for now at least - there was another embarrassment today. This leaked speech delivered by the head of Treasury, Ken Henry, to Treasury staff. Dr Henry complained that Treasury was not listened to in the preparation of policies on climate change and water, and said there was a greater-than-usual risk

of bad policies from the Government because of the looming election. If the Government's most senior economic advisor doesn't trust the judgment of John Howard and Peter Costello, why should the Australian people? And here's proof that we're in election mode already - this freelance cameraman hired by the Liberal Party following the Prime Minister everywhere today shooting footage for campaign TV commercials. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News.

We escaped a rate rise but we probably won't escape another price hike.

The body which decides such things wants to raise electricity charges by about $100 a year for most households. And oil company Caltex tried to get in early today to head off criticism of the inevitable rise in petrol prices over Easter. Caltex says the hike is just part of the weekly price cycle

as well as the result of higher refinery costs in Singapore. Some of Sydney's top schools are in stand-off with anti doping authorities after refusing to let their pupils be tested for drugs at a rowing event. It comes after students from one exclusive school were forced to strip and give urine samples. The Head of the River Regatta is a school sporting tradition.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority targeted the event at the weekend, but was refused access to competitors by parents and teachers. We were very uncomfortable about this demand. The doping blitz on schoolboy rowing came after a tip-off from a parent. Three weeks ago, students from Shore's rowing team were forced to provide urine samples. Parents here are furious. I think that's diabolical. I mean. excuse me - do you need to be naked to give a urine sample? We received a clear and specific complaint from a person associated with one of the competing teams, alleging a possibility of a prohibited substance use. School principals argue ASADA has no right to raid school-based sporting events. We just can't allow anybody to come in and ask our boys to strip off and wait for 30 minutes to pass a urine sample.

We sought independent Queen's Counsel advice on the jurisdiction that we had to go and take those samples. Mr Ings maintains the students compete in a sport covered by anti-doping rules. These particular athletes were elite national champions in their particular age groups. If schools are going to abide by the same rules as elite athletes and professional athletes, then we've got to know what the rules are. Simon Bouda, National Nine News.

Cathy Freeman has leapt to the defence

of fellow Olympic champion Ian Thorpe, revealing the star swimmer is doing it tough over the drug slur against him. Ian Thorpe put his personal dramas aside today to focus on what, he insists, is a much more important issue - teaming up with another sporting legend to promote a new campaign to improve Aboriginal health.

I've always looked at what I'm doing and realised that no matter what's happening to me, there's always someone that's much worse off than what I am. That was as close as Thorpe got to discussing his drug case before slipping out a side door. That left Freeman to return to the scene of her greatest triumph... Scary. ..before going into bat for her close mate.

The reality is that he needs our support, you know? And I'm... above anything, I'm his friend. Freeman says the drug controversy is clearly taking its toll. We tend to put our sporting heroes up on a pedestal and we think they're machines. But no, he's feeling a little bit weary a little bit frustrated, I think. And it's unlikely Thorpe will be able to shake off those frustrations in a hurry -

the fight to clear his name is likely to take many months. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Libby Lenton may have to wait more than a month before learning if last night's superb swim will be recognised as an official World Record.

She's the first woman to swim the 100 freestyle in less than 53 seconds, but it may not count because it was part of an exhibition event.

Nothing, not even doubt, over Libby's world record time could wipe the smile off her face. I think everyone should petition to say that it does count. The Wonder Woman of the World Championships versus swimming's new Superman in the first leg of the mixed 4 x 100m relay. The match-up was no contest, but the real battle was with the clock - and it took everyone by surprise. COMMENTATOR: That's a world record by Libby Lenton!

The race continued and speculation mounted. Will the first swimmer be recognized as a world record? After a quick call to two FINA officials the boss of Australian swimming gave Libby the thumbs up. They cannot see any reason why FINA would not ratify 52.99. Fantastic! That's the best news all night, Wow, I'm so stoked.

Plus, there was a $20,000 bonus - the 53 second brick wall had been demolished, an inspired swim against the phenomenal Phelps had motivated Lenton, but the American did her no favours. 'Cause Michael's time was outstanding as well, he's a world-class swimmer. Michael was at least six metres in front of Libby. Now the wait for ratification.

But time is not standing still for the bubbly Lenton - she gets married at the weekend. Thank you very much, thanks. Our princess of the pool determined to do her slowest lap down the aisle. Ken Sutcliffe, National Nine News.

In the news ahead - captured on camera - Solomons tsunami and blink and you miss it - a very, very fast train.

PETER GARRETT: Australians know we need urgent solutions to climate change to protect our prosperity and our way of life. A Rudd Labor Government will play its part by joining Kyoto, by developing clean coal technologies, by helping build Australian-made, environmentally friendly cars and by doubling the number of Australian households

eligible for rebates to put solar panels on their roofs. We'll give Australia a fresh start in tackling climate change.

Spoken and authorised by me:

The death toll in the Solomon Islands earthquake and tsunami is reportedly nearing 30 as rescue teams reach remote areas.

Australia's relief effort begins tomorrow when an Air Force Hercules leaves with much needed supplies. Australian tourists already rattled by the earthquake were given the fright of their lives when this surge of water swamped their hotel grounds. They were lucky, the resort is on a lagoon and was well shielded from the full force of the tsunami. Elsewhere, the wave reached 3m.

Authorities have just completed an inspection of those islands that were hit the worst. We were somewhat relieved that as a result of flying around

all the western province islands yesterday, to see that there was no evidence of any mass deaths. Relief workers are reporting the first signs of disease among survivors. Drinking water is scarce, the fear is that children who already have diarrhoea, may also be hit by a cholera outbreak.

Some are critical of the relief response by local authorities. MAN: All of us expected a quicker reaction. I think the national level was slow. But aid has started arriving. New Zealand has dispatched a mercy flight. Today the Red Cross sent off 300 medical kits. And from the Richmond air base, 100 army reservists left for the islands. They were going to help out with law and order. Of course our soldiers roll there sleeves up

and they get in and give a hand to the authorities on the ground to make sure that their clean-up proceeds appropriately. And tomorrow Australia will send a Hercules packed with tents, water and medicine. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Indonesian police have struck a blow against terrorism, arresting several suspected militants and seizing the makings of a massive bomb. They had enough explosives

to create a device four times bigger than the first Bali attack. One of the men is thought to have been involved in the 2004 Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta. In eastern France, the world's quickest conventional passenger train. The new TGV has just set a record of 575km/h, just a fraction slower than an experimental train in Japan.

The French train is about to go into European service, almost halving the current 4-hour trip from Paris to Germany. The wait is almost over for fans of the Royal Easter Show and it was all go at Olympic Park today. Workers ensuring not a single piece of fruit or vegetable was out of place in the district exhibits. In the main arena the stunt riders and drivers were going through their final dizzying paces.

The gates will open at 9:00am tomorrow. Ken Sutcliffe's at Sydney Olympic Park where the rugby league community is raising money for breast cancer and Ken, the NRL ratifies its drug policy. As expected - two strikes and you're out. Also Benji Marshall gears up to take on Jonathon Thurston. And Tiger chases a sixth Green US Masters jacket.

Well, the main reason I went to NRMA Insurance - because I've got a good deal and I've saved money on it. Well, I saved around about $100 per year.

Well, with the money I saved, I'm gonna buy a DVD player. Well, we pay it by the month, because it's more convenient. Surprise yourself today. Call: Well, when you're on a pension, you've got to watch your pennies and every little bit helps. SONG: # By my side... #

Welcome back with me is David

Gallop, the bars of the

Gallop, the bars of the NRL. You've

been were this the nose and you've

come down with your drug policy and

it's two strikes and you're out,

why not one strike? A a and players

have signed off on a policy today

that will give clubs and policies 1

chance. Except that clubs will make

one mistake but after that you'll

be in serious trouble. You may

possibly have your contract ripped

up. After her

up. After her visit after what has

happened with the NRL - AFL? For

some time we've wanted to get a

uniform policy amongst our clubs

and policy - players. Clubs one

deceived the gap narrowed between

the salary cap and the grant. This

is a great opportunity for as to

raise awareness around a serious

issue in the community, to raise

the money and to give people the

opportunity to sit without coaches

and captains. In an urn league news the Bulldogs Mark O'Meley has denied he's signed a three-year contract with the Roosters, but Nine News understands a deal is imminent. And the Tigers head to Townsville later this week looking for their first win of the season. It won't be easy, along with Souths, the Cowboys are the form team of the competition, with halfback Jonathon Thurston playing out of his skin.

If there's one player in the Tigers camp who can change a game like Thurston it's Benji Marshall. And after his slow start to the season, Marshall can sense a change.

Just out there today at training, pumped up a bit, yeah and I just want to run the ball a bit more and get a bit more ball. Despite three losses, coach Tim Sheens is encouraging his players to keep chancing their arm. He wants them screaming, "Show me the ball!" and he's got faith in the way they're heading. You've got us beat before we get there

and I can tell you - we're not beaten before we get there. Now in his second year at the club prop Keith Galloway says it's time he stood up. The 21-year-old wants to be the forward leader. I just want to put my best foot forward, and, you know, lead the side. because I'm here for a few years and that's my goal. The one thing the Tigers will definitely get right this week is choosing when to take the penalty. They passed up two points against Parramatta last week and that's what they lost by.

We spoke about that. There won't any hesitation next time I can tell you.

Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Golf's greatest garment, the green jacket, is again up for grabs with seven Australians vying to become our first winner of the US Masters. As usual, Tiger Woods is favourite and not even the arrival of a tiger cub has taken the bite out of Tiger's game. Woods and wife Elin are expecting their first baby in July.

The whole family situation, my father is gone and now I'm expecting a child myself. A win for Woods this year would give him a fifth Masters jacket. After the break -

the CommSec finance report, Jaynie with the weather details, then Peter Harvey's Last Word.

(Hums) (Giggles) KFC's Family Fun Bucket - loads of everyone's favourite chicken and sides, plus Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition on the bucket. Right, who is the only person to have been nominated for 12 Oscars?

Ooh, that's a tough one. Would that be...Jack... Nicholson? It's a lot of fun... ..when you're winning.

To finance now, and Wesfarmers says it's confident Coles shareholders will accept its $20 billion takeover offer made late yesterday.

Some rain about, with the details, here's Jaynie. Well Mark, now we have rain moving in from the west. But not looking as severe as what happened this morning when storms, lightning and large hail hammered Sydney's eastern suburbs,

causing flash flooding here at Double Bay and dumping 80mm in 2 hours over Rose Bay, their highest rainfall in two years. os Bay in fact topped th list Rose Bay in fact topped the list with almost 100mm of rain. Considerably less for other suburbs and some of us didn't even get a single drop. Reasonably warm with patches of blue sky in the west. Winds were light for most of the day, the city now on 21. This afternoon's storms have landed over the Blue Mountains

with 15mm falling in an hour. Looks like a lot of that rain is moving towards the northern suburbs and the central coast but storms are still likely. A few more showers and mild weather for the long weekend,

so rug up if you are going to the races! Mostly dry in the west.

But Mark, I'll see you from the Show tomorrow!

Now here's Peter Harvey with the Last Word. Margaret and Ray Sutton killed their beloved son. No argument. They deliberately and admittedly took the life of their boy, Matthew. And, in court today, Judge Graham Barr showed great wisdom, compassion and understanding. He set them free. As we reported earlier, Matthew was born blind and partially deaf

and was profoundly retarded. He would never have a mental age greater than a 3-year-old. His parents loved him and cherished him through 29 years of pain and suffering and confusion -

only to be told their boy needed an operation

which would leave him utterly deaf - destroying his last pleasure, music. He would also probably lose what little speech he had. The Suttons haven't escaped punishment. They've lived it every day for almost three decades.

They've done their time. That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Worst thing a parent can ever go through. Tonight - too much pressure - did Sally commit suicide because of unfair work demands? Ripped my heart out. Tempting crocodiles - perhaps the most deadly dare of all time. over a nightclub sex stamp. Women outraged And how to save a fortune on your mortgage.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. welcome to A Current Affair. Also tonight, h w famous female Also tonight, how famous female shapes have changed over the decades. Amd Auss e accents - wh do 't we all sound the same? And Aussie accents m why don't we all sound the same? centre worker Sally Sandic, But first, the tragic story of call centre woqker Sally Sandic, who took her own life earlier this year. Her parents believe she was the victim of incredible work pressure

and they're now planning to sue her employer, Telstra. Martin King has the story. It makes me sad that one of their best workers, that they never took time to even say, "Sally, is there anything we can do? Why are you under pressure? "You're one of our tops." She was Telstra's prize employee, one year topping more than $1 million in sales,

but when Sally Sandich cracked under the pressure, nobody heeded the call. It's the worst, worst thing a parent can ever go through. Anyone that's got children would understand. Sally's parents, Nick and Sue, say unrealistic Telstra performance targets turned their happy-go-lucky 21-year-old into a stressed, nervous wreck.

All I know is that she used to complain about work and work pressures and say, you know, "We've got a log-on time, log-off time - "you know, everything is monitored, whatever you say it's monitored." You feel like you're being watched, you know, constantly. In January, Sally committed suicide. Her family say they noticed a change when Telstra increased performance targets dramatically

at Sally's call centre in South Yarra in Melbourne. You are saying this was unreasonable pressure, unreasonable stress and unreasonable anxiety? That is correct. Peter Zaparis is the family lawyer and he's got news for Telstra - the Sandics are suing. How much pressure was Sally under at work? Well, Sally was under a lot of pressure at work and you've heard from the parents privately