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hell on the harbour - Tonight - three dead and eight injured. a ferry crash leaves at least had run over a pleasure craft. A ferry There were bodies in the water. for a teenage girl still missing The search continues into why the tragedy happened. as investigations begin the worst ones I've experienced Certainly for us it's one of

the marine area command. since I've been in left distraught The close-knit ice-skating community killed and injured. as they mourn those She was a nice kid. with some of the kids. She was popular

She was really talented. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - over the mystery driver saga. former judge Marcus Einfeld charged feuding family fronts court. And a truce called as swimming's

the deadly ferry crash But first this evening - ice skating fraternity that's shattered Australia's deeper into crisis. and plunged our ferry services eight injured and a promising young Three people are confirmed dead,

presumed drowned, ice-skating star missing, their pleasure craft to pieces. after a Harbourcat smashed of the 10M wooden cruiser This is all that remains

the devastating crash - smashed to smithereens after right under the Harbour Bridge. the Pam Burridge harbour cat collided As the pleasure craft and witnesses heard a massive bang. into the water, The 12 people on board were thrown others screaming out in pain. some clinging onto wreckage, a fleet of ambulances As two nearby vessels raced to help began to assemble at the jetty, leaving witnesses shaking. the carnage and chaos

of the boat and people in the water. All I could see was parts up the pitch-black scene Helicopters called in to help light as the search for survivors began. with horrific injuries. Many of them covered in blood from a passing ferry Police and passengers dived into the water to help. without any concern Those police, those civillians, rendered first aid, for their own wellbeing,

to those who were injured including CPR, the living Emergency crews rushing to help one by one. as they were brought to shore,

international skating judge Amidst the wreckage, three bodies - NSW President Dr Alan Blinn Simone Moore, ice-skating believed to be his partner. and a 45-year-old man and former Olympian Liz Caine. In hospital Sydney coach and is still listed as critical She lost a leg in the crash in an induced coma. and has been placed serious cuts, swimming to the surface Her elderly mother Eve suffered sinking boat. after being trapped in the Son Sean Carlow his injured mother. dived into the water to help save in the world championships. He only just got back from competing by doctors. He's now been released from hospital Ryan Paul Lynch and his 6-year-old son have also been allowed to go home. hospital with a fractured pelvis. Another woman remains in St Vincent's Morgan Innes. Still missing is Queensland skater

divers have spent the entire day Ten boats, helicopters and police of the 14-year-old. searching the harbour for any trace her ice-skating skills. She'd travelled to Sydney to improve

for more than 18 hours, But with Morgan now missing will turn to body recovery. police fear their search operation out some faint hope, While authorities are still holding will rise to four. it now appears likely the death toll

happened, It's still not clear how the accident the out of service Harbourcat was returning

from Circular Quay to Balmain. One witness claims the wooden cruiser didn't have it's lights on. The ferry master and his crewman have both returned negative alcohol tests, both are said to be shattered. Moves are under way to track down data from the vessel's so-called black box. The one thing I want to make sure is we never see an accident like this again on Sydney Harbour. The Premier promising a robust and transparent investigation. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. All of those on board the ill-fated vessel were part of Australia's ice-skating community including international judges and rising stars. Their friends and family still coming to terms with the tragedy. The victims were being mourned at an ice-skating coaching clinic in Sydney.

The ill-fated trip on the harbour

a social get-together folliwng yesterday's training on the ice. New South Wales Skating's president Allan Blinn was killed along with his colleague, ice-skating judge Simone Moore, both just back from the world championships in Japan, Allan's family grieving his loss. He did a lot of ice-skating work. It basically took over his life

and he was just doing something he loved

which was involved in the ice-skating. He had some people from overseas here. Allan was an anaesthetist. A Canadian, he'd made his home here after choosing to be a doctor instead of an Olympian. He's going to be missed. He wasn't perfect but he was trying.

Simone Moore's death has left colleagues shocked and numb. I'm still coming to terms with it and I think all of us - it's hard enough for us as adults but all the kids are finding it very, very difficult, particularly with the loss of a 14-year-old little girl. Also missing in the accident, 14-year-old Morgan Innes from Queensland. The promising youngster was an emerging talent with high hopes for success in the sport. Our hearts go out to Morgan's family and all of her skating friends around Australia and internationally. Morgan's family examined the wreckage of the boat and were with police for most of the day,

hoping their daughter would be found alive. But so far there's been no sign of her. In Queensland the young girl's coach was overwhelmed by the tragedy, refusing to give up hope. She's still missing. So she's not dead. Another victim of the crash Liz Caine - seen here with son Shaun Carlow -

a rising star in the ice-skating scene. She had part of her leg amputated in the accident and is in hospital in a critical condition.

Her husband and the boat's owner, Peter Lynch, at her bedside. Shaun Carlow escaped without serious injury. Friends praying for Liz's recovery. Liz, her whole life was ice-skating. She was a champion, that was her business, she gave exhibitions in ice-skating all over the world.

John Hill, Ten News. This latest tragedy tops a shameful list of Sydney ferry crashes and inquiries. And while the State Government

pledges to get to the bottom of the tragedy, there are calls to bring in federal investigators. The Premier came to Water Police headquarters to offer his condolences and to refuse to rule out a wider, general inquiry into Sydney Ferries and its culture. The police have established a strike force and that strike force has commenced investigations. They're already under way with witnesses that have come forward. Having postponed until tomorrow his major Cabinet reshuffle because of last night's events, it's an accident that coincides with Morris Iemma's declaration that public transport is his top priority. And with 14 accidents in the past 3 years, Sydney Ferries is destined to take pride of place in the Premier's renewed focus. One incident is one too many. And there's been a significant amount of resources put into lifting the training, the development to improve the safety record. The ferry shame file includes: in January the Rivercat Dawn Fraser strikes a fishing boat in almost the same spot as last night. A fisherman is badly injured and later dies in hospital. A year earlier another Rivercat, this time the Betty Cuthbert, runs over a moored private boat near Hunter's Hill. And twice in 2005 the Manly ferry Collaroy comes off second-best after hitting wharves at Circular Quay. Apart from its appalling accident record, Sydney Ferries has had 8 CEOs in the past 10 years. That's why the Opposition wants federal authorities called in

to investigate this latest tragedy. The best authority to do it is the Federal Safety Bureau. The latest report by the Office of Transport Safety Investigation (OTSI)

in October last year criticised Sydney Ferries' training and rostering practices. There have been huge question marks over the management and running of Sydney Ferries for a long time. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Marcus Einfeld will soon find out what it's like to be on the other side of the bench with the former Federal Court judge charged over the long-running mystery driver saga. Reporter Paul Mullins is back with us. Paul, these are quite serious charges he's facing.

This is a very serious matter. He

was once a former federal judge.

He's now facing a total 13 charges

including three counts of perjury

and six counts serve perverting the

course of justice. The saga

involves a speeding charge which

was dismissed because he said his

car was being driven by the time by

a friend - eight US a professor.

She's since died. A task force was

set up. He's what they head had to say.

say. The arrest arose today because

the investigation had reached a

point where we felt the evidence

was sufficient. It's certainly been

a long-running case? He's been

given conditional bail. He'll

appear in court on 19th April.

We've just heard that an

acquaintance of his has also been

charged with perverting the course of justice. The Ukranian swim coach filmed fighting with his teenage daughter has publicly apologised for his behaviour. Lawyers say the dispute was a personal matter and not a bizarre coaching method. Far from home, father and daughter face the awaiting media, holding hands in a show of solidarity. Lawyers say the 18-year-old Ukrainian swimmer and her 38-year-old father are embarrassed by this footage, taken at the FINA world swimming championships on Tuesday, which has been beamed around the world. Police taking out an intervention order against Mikhail Zubkov, after viewing him yell and throw items at daughter Kateryna before chasing her. He accepts that it was his inappropriate behaviour that brought him here today. Lawyers quick to say the argument was a family issue, believed to be over a boyfriend, and not a bizarre training method. It had nothing to do with sport, and that is the unfortunate aspect. It was a father-daughter incident, a personal matter. Ms Zubkova was reluctant to give evidence due to embarrassment. The magistrate threw the intervention order out, accepting a verbal undertaking. Through an interpreter, Mr Zubkov vowed not to repeat his behaviour. He had no obligation to give the undertaking to the court given the matter was discharged. Mr Zubkov remains his daughter's coach but won't be poolside during her 200m backstroke semifinal tomorrow. A disciplinary panel has condemned his actions and he's been suspended from all FINA activities pending the outcome of a meeting with Mr Zubkov's lawyers in the next few days. Kate McGrath, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster and Grant Hackett won't be pulling out of the World Swimming Championships. Yes, he's going to try and swim his way back into some form. There'd been plenty of speculation his second last placing in the 800 would see him out of the titles. Ahead what the Aussie coach expects from him. We'll also have the first bowler to take four wickets in a row in international cricket. A remarkable sequence of pictues. Two life sentences for the handyman who strangled an elderly couple in their home, that story next. Also tonight, the Independent MP making history - appointed to State Parliament's plum job. And untamed and unashamed - Pauline Hanson explains all about David Oldfield.

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This program is captioned live.

Two life sentences tonight for a home handyman who murdered a retired couple so he could rob them of just $12,000. The judge describing the case as chilling in the extreme. Peter James Johnson had just one motive for his frightening and coldy brutal double murder - he needed a $10,000 deposit for a business. His victims were retired grandparents Ian and Anna Hughes. They trusted their home handyman, that proved fatal. He tied Ian and Anna Hughes up in separate rooms of their north-western Sydney home, played one off against the other until he got their bankcards and PIN numbers then strangled them. He killed both Mr and Mrs Hughes The judge calling the crime wicked, heinous and extreme. My parents escaped war-time Europe for this. The killer dealt two life sentences.

I just hope he suffers, OK. That's vindictive, I'm sorry.

The judge ruled:

In 1976 Peter Johnson was charged with another strangulation murder of a 63-year-old woman but an evidence bungle led to his acquittal. His ex-wife now says perhaps if he'd been jailed then, Mr and Mrs Hughes may still be alive today.

I didn't think he was capable of anything like that, no. Well, it's never going to end because everytime you look at the children, the grandchildren

they'll always be there. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. History will be made in tomorrow's State Cabinet reshuffle with an Independent MP appointed Speaker for the first time. Richard Torbay, the Independent Member for Northern Tablelands, has confirmed he's accepted the post.

He received a massive 74% of the primary vote in Saturday's election and says Premier Morris Iemma has also asked him to become an advisor on rural affairs. You could have knocked me over with a feather

to get a call with the offer of being an Independent Speaker,

the first one in modern politics for the lower house in NSW. There was speculation during the campaign that Richard Torbay would have been offered a ministry in the event of a hung parliament. A new front has opened up in the climate change debate with the Howard Government targeting illegal logging in Asia. But the Prime Minister refuses to ban unlawful timber coming into this country. 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from clearing the world's forests, second only to burning coal for electricity. Every year, 13 million hectares of forests - that's an area twice the size of Tasmania - are cleared.

The Government is committing $200 million as seed funding for a global initiative to save forests in Indonesia and other Asia-Pacific nations. This is the opportunity right now to breathe new life into the lungs of the world. But Greenpeace says a survey done for our Government found Australia imports $400 million worth of illegally logged timber a year. What we need to do is get our own house in order in Australia

and prevent illegal timber crossing the borders and coming into this country. I'm not sure that banning the imports of things is a good answer. Australia is hoping other developed nations will join the initiative. They'll need to - to stop the rampant destruction of forests worldwide would cost over $10 billion a year. They are all enthusiastic about it. They haven't identified how much money they'll spend at this stage.

The Greens' Bob Brown is unimpressed with the Howard plan, pointing to the destruction of old-growth forests in Australia and their seasonal fire-bombing now under way in Tasmania. His Government is woodchipping and burning the lungs of Australia. It is just rank hypocrisy. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Pauline Hanson says she has just one regret in life.

And his name is David Oldfield. The controversial politician using today's launch of her autobiography to attack her former adviser,

insisting they did have a sexual encounter. Who would have thought Pauline Hanson would write a book? Certainly not Pauline.

Me? An authoress? And who better to launch such a book than broadcaster Alan Jones -

no stranger to controversial life stories. Through all of that she has kept a smile on her face, and she's put a smile on the face of many other people. And that might have included former staffer David Oldfield - until she named him in the book as a former fleeting lover. David Oldfield denies the encounter but seems to have flunked a lie detector test. Pauline Hanson insists it happened but wishes it hadn't. I don't regret revealing it,

but I do regret my association with him - in the bedroom, yes. The book is timed to drum up publicity ahead of her bid to re-enter politics via the Senate. While Pauline Hanson can still pull a sizeable crowd to a bookshop in Sydney, what she's really after is votes in Queensland, and they could be harder to find now than they were in 1996. The book covers the perils of Pauline, from fish shop proprietor to Independent federal MP and ultimately prison inmate for four months in 2003

until her conviction for electoral fraud was overturned.

She still has the capacity to attract fans and some vocal opponents. You're very unAustralian. You give Australia a bad name with your points of view. A book that might have been called 'Please Explain'. Please enjoy. Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

People have turned out in be get

numbers. Wave hello folks. We've

the whole town here. He's the the whole town here. He's the public school choir.

This is koala country. We'll have

some on the TV later. Real ones.

The big poetry awards are out here.

Is it going for rain? It's been

raining in a Sydney about the two

mm today they is more rain to come

tonight. We've a clearing day

tomorrow. And some sunshine on a Friday.

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The leads check on the traffic.

We've big delays on Church Street

in Parramatta. You can see the

three traffic lanes thick with

traffic. Betrayal Road will be a

way to go. Almost 200 cases of gastro have been reported in Sydney's west - a salmonella outbreak is being blamed. the French Golden Hot Bread shop in Flemington sold hundreds of contaminated pork and chicken rolls over the weekend. 40 people have now been hospitalised,

and 24 cases have been confirmed to be caused by the salmonella outbreak. Health authorities are waiting for the final test results to determine what went wrong.

David Hicks might take his fight to an Australian court if he's ordered to serve a prison sentence here. He'll also be facing a tough time over his children. A travel-weary Terry Hicks touched down on Australian soil not knowing when he'd next see his son. He believes people will understand the guilty plea was simply David's ticket home.

People aren't silly. They can work out themselves what has happened here. Hicks, who has spent five years in detention, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a charge of supporting terrorism. The commission will hear submissions tomorrow night and is expected to hand down sentence on Saturday.

It's widely speculated he'll only spend a further year behind bars in Australia, a sentence Hicks may still challenge in our courts. I don't care if he's guilty or innocent, as long as he's home. And I know the story and most people are aware of the facts now - he just wants to get out of the place. Hicks is no longer a Muslim, making him a subject of ridicule from other prisoners.

His father believes it could take many years before his son is emotionally and psychologically rehabilitated. When he's eventually freed, he won't be welcomed by ex-wife Jodie Sparrow's family. Her father, Dennis Sparrow, warned Hicks to stay away from his two children, Bonnie, 14, and Terry, 12. Mr Sparrow said Hicks had left the children when they were young... But nothing was being said today. There was no answer at the Sparrows' house in Adelaide's north. I know the man, so that doesn't bother me.

He can say what he likes. Ric Teague, Ten News.

The abduction of 15 British sailors and Marines by Iran is about to have an impact on world petrol prices. The tension has increased dramatically with the appearance on Iranian TV of the kidnapped crew and an interview with 26-year-old sailor Faye Turney. Obviously we trespassed into their Iranian waters. British officials insist she made the comments under duress, releasing documentation to back up its claims the vessels were in Iraqi territory. Britain is now considering sanctions against the oil-rich Iranians. A move which could increase petrol prices to as high as $1.40 a litre. Three people have been killed in a high-rise inferno in Houston. As flames roared from the top floors of the six-storey tower, firefighters used ladders to evacuate workers trapped in the burning building. Many people smashed out windows to get fresh air while they waited for help. It was shooting out flames and sparks and everything. When we were notified about the fire it had already filled up all the staircases and everything so when we came out we barely got out. At least six people were injured, including firefighters. It's not known how the blaze started. The latest on the harbour ferry tragedy and the search for the missing teenager, that's next. Also, cut-price cosmetic surgery - the booming business in off-shore procedures.

And Sophie Delezio puts her artistic talents to use helping raise money for sick children in the bush. Driven by primordial instinct, the salmon hurl themselves upstream. only the fittest, richest-tasting red salmon make it this far which is why others, driven by instincts of their own... (Roars) ..are waiting. John West endures the worst to bring you the best. These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing

that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick. This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - the Ukranian swim coach filmed fighting with his teenage daughter has publicly apologised for his behaviour. Lawyers say the dispute was a personal matter and not a bizarre coaching method. Former federal court judge Marcus Einfeld has been arrested over the long-running mystery driver saga. He's facing charges of perjury and perverting the course of justice. And death and mayhem on Sydney Harbour as a ferry slams into a packed pleasure craft. Three people are confirmed dead, a teenager is still missing

and eight others are injured. Investigations are now under way into how the tragedy happened. Ten reporter Daniel Sutton has been covering the story and he joins us now from the harbour. Daniel, the search still continuing tonight, for 14-year-old ice-skater Morgan Innes.

Research continues tonight for the

14th year-old. By me at the police

helicopter is doing laps of the

harbour. It'll be scaled down

however at 6 o'clock tonight. With

the light fading, there will just

be two patrol boats searching.

Tomorrow morning at the police will

be back in force. It's been more

than 18 hours since the crash has

occurred. You'll have to say that

hopes are fading. Investigations

are continuing as the House of the

crash happened. There's a bedside

vigil for one of the other women

who was badly injured in the crash.

The woman has lost part of her leg. A good recovery for the local share market today. There's been a staggering rise in the number of Australian women having surgical holidays in Asia. While local surgeons say there can be major complications, most who've undergone a foreign nip-n-tuck say the risk is worth it. 22-year-old Tennielle Palin says the decision to take a surgical holiday was an easy one. She wanted bigger breasts and she needed to have a benign tumour removed but could only afford the procedure if she headed overseas. When you have no breasts you can't imagine what they would look like, you can't even comprehend it. I couldn't be happier. It's changed my life.

Tennielle is one of the thousands of women and men choosing to head to Asia for a nip and tuck. The plastic surgery is cheaper and the package deal is marketed attractively as a holiday. Mother-of-two Liz Crawford had a tummy tuck and breast enlargement and relaxed for 10 days in a resort for half the Australian surgery cost. In Australia we were quoted $25,000 to have both procedures done as opposed to having a holiday and both procedures done in Malaysia was $12,000. One Australian-based company that organises overseas plastic surgery holiday packages has recorded a 300% increase in business over the last three years. But local surgeons are urging caution. The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons warns it's not all happy endings. If patients later suffer serious complications like an infection, fixing it means a lot more money and surgery.

I would strongly say to anybody no, that's something they shouldn't do. They shouldn't go overseas, they should discuss it with surgeons in Australia. We are seeing increased numbers of complications.

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Sophie Delezio has put her artistic talents to use to help sick children in the bush. A painting by the brave car crash survivor called 'Flowers' was the star attraction at an art auction last night, attracting a top bid of $650. Sophie had no hesitation in choosing one of her paintings to donate to the event which was raising money to buy mini buses to transport sick rural children to hospitals.

This is hard to beat. I think

everybody is here. We're the raw

garlic capital of the world here.

Maybe one or two and mm of rain over Sydney it tonight. Given from a wave. Tim Webster with sport and Grant Hackett is swimming on at the World Championships. Yes, he won't be pulling out of the 1500, more shortly. And some tough talk from Ricky Ponting after Australia skittled the Windies. Also the Sri Lankan bowler who's earnt an incredible slice of cricket history. COMMENTATOR: That's four in four. And Michael Phelps with another dose of red line fever. Smashing the world record.

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For just $9.95 a week, NIB can cut your general dental, optical, physio and chiro bills in half. Join NIB's Basic Saver and claim up to $850 a year on extras. This program is captioned live. Australia has leapt to the top of the World Cup table with a crushing win over the West Indies. But it's been overshadowed by a slice of history. Sri Lankan quick Lasith Malinga became the first player at international level to snare four wickets in as many balls. He almost bowled his team to a famous victory over South Africa. Australia's bowlers were on song as they resumed their rain-affected match, McGrath, Hogg and Tait did the damage. With Chanderpaul falling cheaply and McGrath knocking over careless calypsos - Gayle and Samuels, the solid platform the Windies needed had been ripped out from under their feet. COMMENTATOR: That's a terrible shot. We lost wickets in the first 10 overs and that sort of killed our opportunity to win. But at 3/20 Lara's crisis control was pure class. That is fantastic! In front of the ground's legendary landlord, he was putting on a show for the ages. That's not too dusty either. Good help was hard to find, Sarwan then Bravo picking out Ponting in the circle. Some strange shot selection from Lara sinking the Windies to their knees. It's good to get him again in a World Cup match. The hosts well short of their target, Australia now on four points. Bangladesh are next. You sit back and read and listen about sides saying that they don't fear us or don't fear anything that we've got to offer. It's alright to say that but you've gotta get out there and play a certain brand of cricket to back that up as well and the teams that have said that so far haven't done that. In Guyana, a spectacular run-out from Herschelle Gibbs. And five wickets from Charl Langeveldt had South Africa on course for an easy win over Sri Lanka. But they hadn't banked on this... (Crowd yells) Four runs to get and five wickets in hand Lasith Malinga created history, knocking over Jacques Kallis with the hat-trick ball. Then Makhaya Ntini... COMMENTATOR: Gone! The first time at international level in any form of the game we've seen four wickets in four balls. He certainly made me age a bit. The Proteas scraping home with one wicket to spare. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Despite his bad form, Grant Hackett will swim on in the World Championships risking his decade-long dominance in the 1,500m event. Last night, the team captain could manage only 7th in the 800m final, fuelling speculation he'd pull out of his pet event.

He hasn't been beaten in the 30-lap event in more than a decade but even those closest to him admit Grant Hackett has no chance of winning the 1,500m on Sunday night. I think that's a fairly obvious answer to that question - I think it's going to be very, very difficult for that to occur.

The national captain had planned to use last night's 800m final to swim himself back into form. COMMENTATOR: Can Grant Hackett get back to where he wants to be? Instead, the 16 laps turned into his worst nightmare, the 2-time Olympic champion relegated to seventh. It prompted a sudden rethink of his 1,500m defence. Obviously it's not the best indication for an endurance event when your fitness doesn't feel so good, but I've just got to keep my head down and stay focused and try and get through the next couple of days and feel as good as I possibly can. I think if there's going to be a slump, I'd rather it here rather than in Beijing next year. The Americans again dominated the pool - with Michael Phelps slashing more than 1.5 seconds off his old world mark in the 200m butterfly.

COMMENTATOR: That is embarrassing. This is a brilliant swim, one of the greatest swims of all time. Michael Phelps. Fellow American Leila Vaziri followed suit in the women's 50m backstroke semi. And the records continued to tumble when French sensation Laure Manaudou lowered the world mark in the 200m freestyle. In heats today, Libby Lenton and Jodie Henry easily progressed to the semis in the much-anticipated 100m freestyle.

Kelli Underwood, Ten News. Goalkicking ace Hazem El Masri has revealed he's close to re-signing with the Bulldogs. His signature could be just the boost the Dogs need after starting the year with two losses. Hopefully we're pretty close I guess. I'm optimistic. We had a bit of a chat yesterday and it was pretty positive so we'll wait and see. El Masri is also on the verge of breaking his own NRL record of 35 consecutive goals. He's on 28 at the moment, some say he's now better than the great Daryl Halligan. I'd say he's a little bit past Chook. Yeah, a long way past him now. Barry Hall is hoping to bury some of the demons from last year's grand final when the Swans take on the Eagles

in the much-anticipated season opener. The Swans are putting the final touches on their preparations at Telstra Stadium. Neil Cordy is there with the latest.

This hard to imagine a bigger build

up to the game. All the attention

is on the West Coast Eagles and the

Ben and cousins scandal.

Ben and cousins scandal. Look at

looked it'll be fit to play tonight.

The last time they met was in last

year's Grand Final. They lost by a

point. A lost in general was hard

to take but been so close but so

faraway was heartbreaking.

faraway was heartbreaking. We're

looking forward to the 2007 season

starting. West Coast Eagles are on

their way to Sydney. Alan the drugs

scandals will affect them remains

to be seen. We're a pretty strong

unit. 12 points have separated the

13th in the past five matches.

They'll go in without Ben and

Ashley. The odds are against them a

but it should be a beauty. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight - Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie and Queensland boss Eddie Jones believe there's behind the scenes campaigns to destabilise their positions.

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for understanding, not just insurance.

Is we're in the car while low

capital of the world. They're

everywhere. This is Nancy who looks

after all the sick go well as and a

rehabilitates them. He's the public school choir.

Look at the people who have come

out in their droves. We're having

such a good time. such a good time. It's Sarah's

birthday today. What to a bout of a

postcard? The agriculture is worth about 600

about 600 and at $38 million

annually. Around 10,000 people call

this place home. It's a beautiful

place. If you get a chance to come

out here then come and see it.

out here then come and see it.

About now would be a nice time for

a big round of applause.

Bed-bound of cloud extends from the

Northern territory. A deep low will

maintain strong winds and shares in

Tasmania and Victoria.

Patchy rain and showers Patchy rain and showers among NSW.

Showers and storms among the

northern tropics. We're in the

koala capital of are the world.

They're everywhere. And the people

aren't bad either.

Could I please have a big round of

applause of for the barbecue plays. applause of for the barbecue plays.

Thank you very much. That's the news at 5:00 - I'm Ron Wilson. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30 and tune in for our Early News tomorrow morning at 06.00.

Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.