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(generated from captions) Barry O'Farrell puts his hand up Leadership challenge - for the Liberals' top job. and hope in the Liberal Party. I want to restore trust start to the first full day Smooth running - a trouble-free for the Lane Cove Tunnel. 20 to 25 minutes, I would say. Fantastic, saved me about A possible deal for David Hicks - of Guantanamo Bay early. plead guilty and get out about how to get out of this place. You would be thinking, I suspect, And our golden girls - in the Melbourne pool. winning hearts and medals

Henry wins for Australia. This program is captioned live. Good evening. come out in the State Liberal Party It didn't take long for the knives to a challenge to his leadership with Peter Debnam facing from his deputy, Barry O'Farrell. political reporter Adam Walters. We'll go straight to State this isn't totally unexpected? And Adam,

. The losing battle

has spent the last 18 months Mark, Peter Debnam against Morris Iemma in a losing battle of his humiliating defeat, and, within 48 hours he's got a new fight on his hands - to save his political career. this time whether Barry O'Farrell Many have speculated to victory would have led the Liberals 18 months ago. if he'd replaced John Brogden On the back of the Debnam disaster, has finally answered the call. Mr O'Farrell that I will be putting my hand up I'm here to announce to be the next Liberal Party leader. within the Liberals, Known as a moderate Mr O'Farrell believes party's powerful hard-right faction. he can muster more numbers than the and hope in the Liberal Party. I want to restore trust at the time of Brogden's demise, Said to be a John Howard favourite Mr Debnam has confirmed

another chance to prove himself. he will be seeking

a candidate for the leadership. Yes, clearly I will be take the fight up to the Government. Yes, I'm very motivated to Labor has already won. A fight Mr O'Farrell says have enough confidence or trust On Saturday, the public didn't that we could do better. fixing Sydney's ailing rail network, Back at work today to start the Premier was not surprised own plan to roll Debnam. to learn of the Liberal Party's is this - My assessment of his performance that it wasn't up to standard. is claiming Saturday's result proves And Mr Iemma's predecessor unfairly maligned. his government has been some very sound decisions were made Over the last 12 years the papers were insisting it was. and NSW is not in the horrible state minister's busy schedule The horrible state of the education has been confirmed decision to quit Cabinet as the reason for Carmel Tebbutt's her 6-year-old son. and concentrate on with him To be able to spend more time with my responsibilities and to balance that as a local member of Parliament. Adam Walters, National Nine News. the first full day of operation There's a sense of relief after for the new Lane Cove Tunnel. It's a case of so far so good couldn't be happier. and traffic bosses, at least, from the tunnel entrance. Damian Ryan joins us peak travelling? And, Damian, how's the evening this mining the tunnel is operating

smoothly a. Drivers as certainly

loving it. A short time ago the

operators at the time are reported

as many as 55,000 users have used

the tunnel today so far. Despite a

few hiccups, everyone we spoke to

at least, has given it the big sums up. Three years in the making, moment of truth - this was the Lane Cove Tunnel's heading off for work and the early birds seemed hooked. five years. Brilliant - been using that road for That tunnel took me 10 minutes. an average saving of 17 minutes The tunnel operators had promised some even bettered that. and this morning, 20 to 25 minutes, I would say. Fantastic, saved me about there was confusion. But with 48 road changes, for the western entrance This driver was heading when he suddenly stopped. He tried the impossible, before escaping through the barriers. rever ing out then just proceed on If you do make a mistake half-way through. rather than trying to correct it people were glued to the monitors At traffic control headquarters, the curse of the Cross City Tunnel. hoping to shake off with this particular tunnel. The early signs are very good could cause problems, Not even the first accident of the tunnel's success. But the M2 seemed to be a victim OK, it's just the getting there... RADIO: Lane Cove Tunnel is moving were up more than 15%. Traffic volumes coming from the west were also jammed earlier than usual. Approaches to the harbour

is a relatively smooth one. This evening, the trip home The question is - when drivers have to pay? will it be the same in a month's time Damian Ryan, National Nine News. winners and losers. The tunnel has created is causing serious health worries The flow of unfiltered exhaust fumes that peak-time traffic on Epping Road while Lane Cove locals have found has been cut by two-thirds. Could this be history? last Friday - Epping Road, Lane Cove at 08:00 all the way. a stop and start parking lot And at the same time today - a free tunnel makes. what a difference Oh, it's incredible. through Lane Cove This was the easiest weekday drive anyone could remember. Perfect, like a Sunday morning. Much better. it's too early to celebrate. The council believes

Once the toll-free period ends will start. that's when the real test to get used to. There are scores of road changes and then you turn right You just need to stay in your lane ahead, so no problems. but it's really easy and I looked But the new road rules of Lane Cove apartment blocks have left hundreds of residents their homes from the Pacific Highway feeling isolated because access to has been reduced. They've trapped us. They've made it impossible to their homes. for people for easy access to build the tunnel. Ray Kearney led the campaign it shouldn't have been opened He argues because air vents are not filtered. That is toxic - there is no level which is safe. And 16 months after another tunnel safety scare... ..the units which were damaged when an underground shaft collapsed are still empty. They should be ready for tenants in a few weeks. Dale Paget, National Nine News. The Independent Commission Against Corruption is investigating an alleged drivers' licence scam in which one RTA manager is said to have made around $20,000 on the side. It's claimed that licences were also sold to truckies who had drink-driving records. Paul McPherson was the RTA's manager at Botany. The allegation is that for $600 he would hand you a licence, no matter if you couldn't pass the test. The ICAC heard that most of McPherson's customers were Thai. They couldn't speak English and had failed the test before. But when they went to the counter and asked for Mr Paul, he allegedly gave them the questions and the answers. ICAC investigators claim he also sold truck licences. Some had poor driving records, including convictions for unlicensed driving, negligent driving and driving with the mid-range concentration of alcohol. It was claimed McPherson would pass on to a Thai driving instructor the route examiners were going to take that day. Clients would then take the course before hand so they knew what to expect later. Thais who couldn't speak English, truckies with bad driving records - it didn't stop there. There are allegations McPherson issued driver's licences in false names to people the police suspect went on to commit fraud offences. On more than more occasion, Thais whose visas had expired were charged double for a licence. What they didn't realise is that the RTA has a policy of issuing licences even to illegal residents. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Kevin Rudd is talking up the role of the Federal Government's workplace laws in the State Government's election victory at the weekend. Hoping to ride on a similar wave of protest, the Labor Leader is now warning that the laws could result in nurses across Australia

losing their penalty rates.

Kevin Rudd and his deputy, Julia Gillard, took their warning directly to nurses at Canberra Hospital this morning. We're concerned that a re-elected Howard Government would tie the hospital funding to the offering of Australian Workplace Agreements. That, they said, could mean nurses across Australia losing penalty rates. With universities, that's what they've done. They provide a large slice of funding for the nation's universities, but the condition attached is that the universities move to AWAs. It was an extension of Labor's NSW election claim that a Liberal proposal to hand over remaining industrial relations to Canberra would threaten the jobs and conditions of nurses, teachers and police. In parliament, Ms Gillard sought a guarantee that the Government would not use financial muscle to force AWAs on hospital employees. Let me assure her that we have no proposal to do any such thing. Not exactly a guarantee, perhaps, but the Prime Minister went further. I happen to take the view, Mr Speaker, that nurses in this country are grossly under-paid. Mr Howard counter-attacked with a claim that, if Mr Rudd becomes Prime Minister, union bosses will be in control. 70% of the current Labor front-bench are former union officials, he said, and more will enter parliament at this year's election, possibly including ACTU President Greg Combet. We've got people who are coppers who are now Labor members of parliament Rock stars who are Labor members former concert pianists who are Labor members of parliament, electricians, milkmen - I mean for goodness sake. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. After more than five years as a military prisoner Australia's David Hicks could be ready to do a deal to win his freedom from Guantanamo Bay. Facing an American military tribunal early tomorrow he may offer a guilty plea to one of his charges meaning a formal jail term and finally a firm idea on when he might be able to resume a normal life. Locked in a tiny cell 22 hours a day, this is the first time David Hicks has had any hint of when he might be released. There has been talk about a plea bargain. That means pleading guilty to a charge of providing material support for terrorism - something Hicks has always denied. His lawyer says he's mentally and physically deteriorating, with sunken eyes, chest-length hair and a long beard. When asked if he was tempted to plead guilty for an earlier release he had this to say. He's had a pretty rough trot over a period of five years and if it was yourself you would be thinking, I suspect, about how to get out of this place. On the eve of the hearing, prosecutors are fighting back in the court of public opinion, the message: this will be a fair trial. I think the term in Australia is a furphy, I think there have been a lot of furphies thrown about in this case. They say his actions after September 11 speak for themselves. He went back to Afghanistan, reporting to a senior al-Qa'ida leader

and said, in essence, "David Hicks reporting for duty". His father, Terry, will be allowed to see him privately before and after the hearing. It's been 2.5 years since they last met and he's prepared for the worst. As I say, we've got to brace ourselves for that bit. At Guantanamo Bay, Leila McKinnon, National Nine News. There's been a sour note at the World Swimming Championships where a Russian diving coach has been charged

with indecently assaulting a woman working at the team's hotel. But Ken joins us with some much better news from the pool, where, Ken, our women have already showcased their class. Mark, the message is "watch out world" and it started with gold in the 100m freestyle relay. It had the perfect ingredients - the experience and speed of Lenton and Henry, the emerging class of Shayne Reese and the sheer exuberance of newcomer Melanie Schlanger.

It was as golden moment for the girls as it was for their mum and dads. The win described as a miracle but the folks always had hope. I am just a proud person at this moment - she has just worked so hard. The race featured three of the most competitive teams in world swimming. COMMENTATOR: One of the great relays ever brought together. The American, German and Australian squads all had good reason to believe they could win and, by the end of the first leg, Libby Lenton had given the locals the edge with the second fastest hundred in history. She's going to go in and give them a nice lead. Schlanger's away for Australia. The new girl on the 4 x 100 block produced her best. Schlanger also touched first but that advantage was lost for the final leg. It's American by half a body length. Now, Henry hits the water! In a powerful swim, Henry produced her trademark finish. Few have her kick at the end and the Australians finished just outside world time. Jodie's going to bring it home. Henry! Henry wins for Australia. America second and, surprisingly, the Dutch were third. To swim with these girls, like, you can't get a better team really. INTERVIEWER: You got that right. It was the best way to start the night. The time of 3:35.48 was a new championship record - and there'll be more to come. Cinton Fletcher, National Nine News. And, Mark, I'll be back later with the rest of the day in sport. In the news ahead - the student sleuths who uncovered the truth about Ribena and cricket treasure at a garage sale. I never thought I would see myself in colour bowling at the MCG. I love shopping. But it's so hard to get to the shops. HORN HONKS Don't look! This is not my best side! Optus broadband makes it simpler to shop for bargains. And with our new offer, you'll receive: Plans start from $19.95 a month when combined with an Optus home phone or eligible mobile plan for 24 months. Plus, with these plans, you won't be charged any excess usage fees. So call now on: Yeah! Thousands of investors are likely to lose their retirement nest eggs

following the collapse of property development company, Fincorp. It comes just over a year after the Westpoint debacle - sparking fierce criticism of the corporate watchdog for failing to warn investors. Two New Zealand schoolgirls are enjoying their moment of fame over those bogus claims about the vitamin content of the children's drink Ribena. The girls uncovered the truth during an experiment at school, now the manufacturer is facing court and the prospect of a massive fine. Ribena's makers spent decades boasting their drink contained more Vitamin C than oranges. It doesn't - it never has. Jenny Suo and Anna Devanthasan exposed that fraud, much to their surprise and Ribena's embarrassment, in a 2004 classroom science project. We think its pretty important, yeah, And we think we should bring what we found to people's attention. They tried to tell Ribena's makers, GlaxoSmithKline, and were ignored. They didn't take us very seriously 'cos we were 14 at the time. The girls even contacted the manufacturers' head office here in Australia and were again ignored - and then told they didn't know what they were talking about. So they went to New Zealand's health and commerce authorities, which ran their own tests and confirmed that the teenagers knew exactly what they were talking about and promptly launched prosecutions against GlaxoSmithKline. And a lot of people are saying, "how does it feel that you took down a major company?"

and you don't know how to answer it, it's like, I did that. Tomorrow, in a New Zealand court, Ribena's makers will face at least 80 charges involving fraud and misleading consumers - carrying penalties ranging up to $3 million - and the result will have worldwide implications. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Detectives on the Bob Woolmer murder case in the Caribbean may be closing in on the killer as they roll through hours of security tape from the corridor outside his hotel room. Detectives have only just confirmed that all the tapes from the 12th-floor cameras are intact, from around the time the Pakistan coach was murdered. The Pakistan team, now in London, and all other guests at the hotel have given fingerprints and DNA samples as part of the inquiry. In sporting terms it's like finding a lost masterpiece. Some very old and very valuable film

of some of Australia's most famous cricketers has turned up at a garage sale in Melbourne. No one can quite believe it, especially one of the stars seen in a clip from 56 years ago.

I never thought I would see myself in colour bowling at the MCG. Also on the film - Lindsay Hassett, Sam Loxton and the great Keith Miller. The vision could earn its new owner up to $10,000. Ken's back with sport after the break including, plenty of high profile support for Willie Mason's strike threat and our cricketers ready for a date The game's biggest names have backed Willie Mason's controversial call for an increase to the salary cap

and in an exclusive interview Mason says no-one in the NRL should be earning less that $120,000 a year. Mason also revealed that leading players have already held discussions about striking.

Big Willie says the players deserve a bigger share of the NRL pie, especially after the NRL's $90 million deal with Telstra - and he's hit out at those who say he's being selfish.

I'm not worried about my pay packet. It's the guys who are doing the same amount of work and playing, I just think the minimum wage should, I reckon, be $120,000. Mason has revealed that players have already held talks about striking. That was an extreme thing, talking about striking for Origin but I am not the only one who has been saying it. There's been talk within camps for the last three or four years, I'm just the guy who's come out and said it. Mason said his mobile phone has gone into melt-down since making his views public. He's received support from all across the game,

including from the game's biggest names - Andrew Johns, Darren Lockyer and Danny Buderus. And it hasn't stopped there. There are just a lot of things that need to be done.

I'm really glad for Willie and a lot of the senior players around the joint to band together and make a bit of noise about it. Obviously the players do want a change and I'm definitely with Willie on that. Asotasi and his Rabbitoh team-mates wouldn't want any kind of interference to their NRL season after they thumped the Eels. We are two out of two, at the moment. So, if you come and play Souths it's going to be a tough game and that's what we want. But it's not all brute force, they also drip with the kind of brilliance that simply can't be coached or explained. Soon as I got the ball I just thought I'd just chip it and try my best. So, yeah, it was one of them things, all the black fellas love doing that kind of stuff. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. India is the second big name to crash out of cricket's World Cup, their fate sealed when Bangladesh defeated Bermuda this morning. Meanwhile, the Australians have shifted base to Antigua as the tournament enters the Super 8 stage. After comfortably defeating the South Africans, Australia now faces the West Indies and their parochial home crowd. I think the locals are really looking forward to it just as much as we are, so hopefully it's a really good contest and there's some good entertainment out there for them. Here at the swimming, we're hoping for more gold tonight and once again it's the Aussie girls leading the charge - Jessicah Schipper and Libby Lenton the two fastest qualifiers for the final of the 100 metres butterfly. Last night, Grant Hackett was brave in the 400 metres freestyle, but his disrupted preparation took its toll and he faded to finish third. After the break - the CommSec finance report,

Jaynie with the weather details, then Peter Harvey's Last Word. Spending your own shrapnel online to see your favourite metal band? (Screeches) Priceless. Debit MasterCard lets you shop online using your own money. To finance, and Coles Group is considering

carving up the retailer into three divisions in a $20 billion sale. Coles shares hit a record, also buoyed by a stronger half-year profit. And now, Jaynie? Thanks, Mark. Looks like a few showers for tonight, mainly for the coast. Another chilly day thanks to those moderate to fresh southerly winds. 24 the top in the city today, which is one under the average, It's now 20. Category 3 Tropical Cyclone Kara off the WA coast

is heading southwards and set to bring heavy rain to the Pilbara region this week.

For NSW we have had fresh southerly winds bring isolated showers along the coast and adjacent ranges. Fine for the rest of the State. Tomorrow, those showers should start clearing up from the south. Warming up in the west from northerly winds ahead of the front moving into SA. Early splashes for Canberra tomorrow. Northerly winds and a warm day for Melbourne. Adelaide will have showers rolling in towards midnight. Windy for Perth and Brisbane. For Sydney - just a clearing shower,? mainly for the coast. Light to moderate south-west, south-easterly winds, with a 2-metre swell for surfers. Rug up again tonight with temperatures down to 15 for Penrith, Parramatta and Richmond. 23-24 degrees the top for most of us. Fine with more dry air on Wednesday, 25-26. Possible late showers on Thursday, but clearing up on Friday. At this stage, a few splashes for the weekend. Unfortunately, we are not expecting any substantial rain this week. Mark. Now here's Peter Harvey with the Last Word. So, where are we? Number one: we've got a brand spanking new tunnel, which - I'm delighted to report - appears to be both useful and working. Number two: the Government. The words useful and working don't quite spring to mind -

and brand spanking new would be going way over the top. Still, it's the only Government we've got, or are likely to have, for the next four years. So, for the moment, all we can do is cop it sweet. Number three: and this may come as something of a shock, but we do have an Opposition. Neither working, nor useful, nor new nor, well, not much of anything really - although it has been elevated losing to new and spectacular heights. Tunnel, Government, Opposition - the common factor? They'd all be much more useful with emission filters. That's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

Lenton flying out in lane three.

She will go in and give them a nice

lead. Melanie is showing

beautifully. Australia leading from

America. The lead has turned over.

America leads by a 0.62. America in

front by an arm's length. Jodie

Henry, she will come along in the

last 50 metres. Henry, Henry Paul

bring it home. Henry winds for Australia. MUSIC

What a wonderful result. Nicole

Livingstone, that was stirring

stuff. Of the Australians were

really feed off that. A big tree on

day one was really important from

the team. The coach has used that

as motivation, not just with its

Jodie Henry or Libby Lenton, the

four girls in the relay team. And

showing how close the six goals

were and how much motivation there

was to get the gold medal victory.

Really get up and get racing. A

what talent we have on show this

evening, they are thoroughbreds. We

have Jessicah. She is in the 100