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Tonight - reliving the nightmare - tells of his terror. the victim of a violent car-jacking A family searches for answers of their daughter. after the school drowning death a rousing reception in Newcastle. And Morris Iemma gets and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight - the DNA match linking a suspect of Sydney teenager Lauren Huxley. to the bashing And put away the pill - to revolutionise contraception. it's the ring set anger and grief tonight First this evening - of an 8-year-old Sydney girl from the parents who drowned on a school excursion. supposed to be watching the child. The family criticising those who were for their daughter and sister Armani. Every day the Dirani family grieves

on the bottom of a swimming pool Her lifeless body was found

last December. during an end-of-year excursion from Cambridge Gardens Public School 200 students and teachers were at the Glenbrook Swim Centre. had slipped below the surface. But no-one noticed the 8-year-old she was under the water For 10 to 15 minutes and no-one cared, no-one even checked. apparently working in the canteen The Diranis furious life guards were instead of patrolling the pool. They call them lifesavers - about selling meat pies and sauce. they were more concerned

offered counselling They say they haven't been from the Education Department but someone to pass on their condolences, did ring believed in fate and destiny. asking if the family is not 15 minutes under the water. I told her fate and destiny That's criminal. is left on all the time now. Armani's bedroom light The room filled with memories a teacher when she grew up. of the girl who wanted to be as a little sister? What was she like An angel. Blue Mountains Council admits selling food in the canteen there were lifeguards

that day as Armani drowned. But they say patrolling the pool there was still the required number for that number of students. detectives are finalising a report This week, that will help the Coroner decide is responsible for Armani's death. who, if anyone, is praying for another child, The Dirani family after her lost sister. a girl they'll name Even Batten, Ten News. of his life. The most traumatic experience

has described the car-jack ordeal That's how a Sydney doctor of his burning BMW. in which he was locked in the boot the safety of his wife and children Steven Tan says he feared for

who was in labour at the time. and his patient at Sydney's Mater Hospital, Back at work today calm and confident. Dr Steven Tan emerged from his office just 36 hours earlier. An amazing display after his ordeal What happened to me in the early hours of yesterday was without a doubt experience of my entire life. the most terrifying and traumatic that I am still alive today. It is nothing short of a miracle from the boot of his burning BMW. His nightmare ended when he escaped had stopped him at Crows Nest Two men in a red sedan impersonating police. driving to ATMs They locked him in the boot, and apparently withdrawing cash with him still inside. before setting the car alight

Through it all, but himself. the doctor was thinking of everyone

while I was in the trunk of my car My main concern was not about my own safety my two daughters but that of my young wife, who was in labour. also my young patient All these things flashed through my mind and all those sorts of things, about the kids walking up the garden path but when I saw him I couldn't have been happier.

how much money was taken Police are still working out the car-jackers went to. and exactly what banks It's hoped when they know, a picture of the two responsible. one of the ATMs will have taken to give police a vague description Doctor Tan's only been able of one of the car-jackers. as 6ft or 183cm tall, He's described out there, I'm sure, There are members of the public that know those responsible. Josh Murphy, Ten News. been committed to stand trial A Sydney man's on Lauren Huxley, over the horrific attack doused with petrol the teenager bashed, and left for dead in her family home. Today a Sdney court heard to the attack. DNA traces have linked a suspect was tied up, bashed 18-year-old Lauren Huxley and her home set on fire in November 2005. 38-year-old Robert Black Farmer Today, over the attack. faced a committal hearing

he stand trial. The magistrate ordering Lauren was left in the garage The court told and found gasping for breath raced to the Northmead home as firefighters in Sydney's north-west. A statement to the court describes found near Lauren's head. how DNA was on a red fuel tin lid in charge of the investigation The policeman today telling the court: told the court A police forensics physician on Mr Farmer's arm he found a burn injury and abrasions in December 2005. when he was arrested

But it's Mr Farmer's case at work months before. that he received a burn injury Mr Farmer's mother says On the night Lauren was attacked,

But Robert Black Farmer told police: writing a suicide note. she found her son

taking notes. Mr Farmer sat in court all day 16 months on from this dreadful crime is continuing. Lauren Huxley's brave battle

but with their daughter. Her family not at court today seven hours of intensive surgery Just yesterday Lauren endured having plates removed from her skull. more operations to come. And there will still be Robert Farmer will go to trial in April. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A security scare for the Premier today. Protesters have clambered over Morris Iemma's car forcing guards to take swift action. The Premier flew to Newcastle in an eleventh-hour bid to settle one of the few problems still facing his re-election bid - the seat of Newcastle. If Morris Iemma thought dumped former Labor MP Bryce Gaudry was the only protester he'd face in Newcastle he was wrong. The first sign of trouble, anti-coal demonstrators chase down the Premier's vehicle and a bus carrying the media contingent. NSW Labor has no credibility on climate change if they continue expanding the Newcastle coal exports. Later, the same demonstrators would jump onto the Premier's vehicle. A protester crash-tackled by one security officer. Another held in a head-lock. Protesters claiming rough-house treatment.

He's prepared to let his lackeys to assault protesters who are trying to get the word out. Safe inside the EDI rail maintenance depot - winner of a $3 billion CityRail contract - it was back to campaigning for the Premier,

playing down the significance of the campaign. of the first major confrontation We're in an election campaign. We are a democracy. My staff acted appropriately. They have a right to protest. The Premier denying he ever felt threatened. How would I rate my security officer's tackle? Appropriate, appropriate. Today's altercation aside, anger has been stirred here in Newcastle

within Labor Party branches and the installed candidate in this one safe seat, Jodi McKay, is feeling the strain. I don't think it's a surprise that it's been the toughest thing I've ever done and I've fought every day. The seat of Newcastle is likely to be decided on Green preferences. Paul Mullins, Ten News. (All): No more monkeys hopping on the bed. Peter Debnam had a rowdy reception of his own while reading to 4-year-olds.

He also wasted no time saying the protesters in Newcastle were in the wrong. We condemn anyone trying to use that sort of intimidation or violence whether it's towards the Premier or any other candidate. Under pressure to explain how he'll play for all his giveaways, the Opposition Leader was in a generous mood as he played shopkeeper at the preschool. But he won't say when he will reveal his costings. We will release them obviously this week and we're still making announcements so we'll release them obviously when we get through the announcements. The latest - an extra $20 million to aircondition another 1,000 schools.

It's a plan supported by Sharron Ruwoldt

whose 6-year-old daughter Maddison goes to Heckenberg Public near Liverpool. The heat in the classroom makes it impossible for her to breath so basically most days when it's hot I have to come to the school and pick her up and take her home.

The Government says the Liberal plan is almost identical to its own. But both sides of politics agree one one thing - more public schools desperately need airconditioning. What they disagree about is which schools need to be fixed first. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. The Australian dollar has boomed to its highest level in a decade, thanks to speculation of a rise in interest rates. The Aussie had been hovering between 77 and 80 US cents

for most of this year but finally broke through the psychological barrier earlier today, peaking at 80.3 US cents. Its strength is great news for overseas travellers and consumers.

This week the peak won't be as bad as the peak last week when it got up to $1.30. We expect it shouldn't get higher than $1.25.

Economists say the Aussie is also being helped by growing optimism about the economy.

Tim Webster with a look at sport and it's a Rabbitohs revival. Yes, what a winning start for this new-look Souths side. Ahead, all the highlights that sent Reggie the Rabbit and Bunnies fans delirious including co-owners Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court. And we ask the big question - can they go on with it? Also, the dramatic suspension of AFL star Ben Cousins by his club the West Coast Eagles. Cousins is out of the game indefintely.

And look who's in the action again. World Cup cult hero Wayne Leverock adds a stunning catch Claims John Howard's office covered up the santo santoro share affair, that story next. Also tonight, a Sydney teen charged with faking his own kidnapping. And how this rubber ring could revolutionise contraception. In 18 months, I've been working to improve services for families. We're opening trade schools so young people can start an apprenticeship at school, setting up after-hour GP centres to cut emergency waiting times. We've trained 750 new police with another 750 on their way. There's more to do,

so on Saturday, I'm asking for your support to get back to work and see these plans through.

Holden dealers are heavily overstocked we're offering up to 15% off the recommended retail price. Just look for this sign and save. But hurry, because up to 15% off must end on March 31. # And I felt so I, I, # I'm in love... # VOICEOVER: From the rich chocolate in our choc chip cookies or the crisp golden corn in our cornflakes, 'You'll Love Coles' is all about quality # That's all it took. # 'You'll Love Coles'. This program is captioned live. A welcome alternative for women who want to avoid the inconvenience and side effects of the contraceptive pill.

It's a small rubber ring, impregnated with female hormones.

Women have had to rely on the same types of contraceptives for nearly 40 years. Doctors describe the NuvaRing as a revolution in family planning. It's inserted by the lady herself into her vagina for three weeks

and then removed for one week. The ring slowly and steadily releases oestrogen and progestin into the bloodstream. It's half the dosage in the pill and reduces unwanted side effects like weight gain and mood swings.

Women have perfectly normal levels of testosterone in their system. That contributes to them feeling very good and having a very healthy sex drive. 18-year-old Erin admits she used to forget to take the pill, but the ring solved her problem. You can't even feel a thing at all. It's just like you're not even on any type of contraceptive. Like the pill, the NuvaRing is 99% effective contraception. But, because it's only used once a month, it reduces the chances of human error and unplanned pregnancies. Users can register for an SMS reminder to insert and remove the ring. Even media medico Dr Feelgood has given it the thumbs up. This may help, because it's taking away the having to remember to take it every day, and I just think we need all the help we can get. The contraceptive isn't affected by alcohol and can be removed for up to three hours if it's uncomfortable during sex. It costs $25 and is available with a prescription. Kimberley Harper, Ten News. A 19-year old man has appeared in court charged with faking his own kidnapping so he could get out of work. Mohammed Rafeeq phoned 000 yesterday, saying he'd been abducted and dumped at a former amusement park by a group of men.

But it was later revealed he'd made up the story so he could spend time with his girlfriend without his parents knowing. By that time police had crashed a car trying to reach Rafeeq, injuring an officer. Rafeeq's been bailed to appear in court again next month. A woman is dead and a man is fighting for his life after an horrific car crash on the Pacific Highway. The Ford Falcon mounted the footpath and hit a power pole, crashed into a fence and then flipped onto its roof. The 77-year-old passenger was taken to Hornsby Hospital

but was dead on arrival. The driver's arm was impaled by the fence. The 50-year-old was airlifted to Westmead Hospital for surgery. He remains in critical condition.

Damning claims tonight the Prime Minister's office covered up the share dealings of disgraced minister Santo Santoro. But as voters turn on the Government, John Howard claims the electorate isn't ready to throw him out just yet. He's the most popular Opposition Leader in the history of Newspoll, but modesty was the order of the day. Will you be the next prime minister? It really depends on what mums and dads do at the next election. There's a long way to go. More importantly, have you done your homework? At the end of a fortnight which saw two ministers sacked

and heavy sledging of his character, Kevin Rudd has widened his lead to 13 points as preferred prime minister. Labor has surged 22 points ahead of the Coalition. We have been positive, positive, positive and I intend to remain that way until the next election. One of the Government's keenest strategists says

disgraced minister Santo Santoro must bear some of the blame. The Prime Minister's been let down. Santo's actions are indefensible. Combined with a few other things we have had a very ordinary three weeks. The Prime Minister assured his party room the fundamentals aren't in place for a change of government. That only happens, he said, when administrations are incompetent or the people have stopped listening to them. Labor accused the Prime Minister of covering up

Senator Santoro's failure to declare his shares last year. Ministers are forbidden to share trade. Can the PM confirm whether or not in December last year his office instructed Senator Santoro

to change the description of his activities? The change was from "share trading" to "share investment". Yes, it did, but the PM pleads it was because Senator Santoro misled it. Forget the conspiracy.

What a spectacular shot behind Jude

tonight. If he's sticky and Edith

humid and he's unsettled. There is

a fear via a storm of warning for

the Sydney and metro area. There is

a line of storms. The thunder

clouds have been quite loud where

we are. The heavens will open at any minute.

any minute. Southern areas of the

state got rainfall today. Light

rain falling over the past 24 hours.

It was a foggy start to the day.

The great upstairs and grade down

below. Visibility was down to 100

metres. Tomorrow again it's that

the light today. Unsettled and the light today. Unsettled and

humid with a late storm. Calls for streamlined eye testing as surgery waiting lists skyrocket, that's next. And cleaning up her act - Naomi Campbell starts community service at a rubbish depot.

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Time to check with the traffic. We

have seen at about five lightning

strikes in about 10 seconds. You

can see the storm in front of us.

The storm will be widespread. You

can see the rainfall near the end

up to. There has been in accident

on this bridge. Tow trucks have

just arrived. There is going to be

big problems here this evening. We

will hover over the airier. A new plan tonight to treat a health crisis threatening to cripple the hospital system. Experts say it's a simple solution that's been proven overseas. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness and surgery to fix the condition is the fastest growing procedure in the Western world. Compounding the problem, Australia's ageing population - in 40 years time 1 in 4 will suffer blurred vision. But there are concerns the health system is already struggling to cope.

It can lead to a lot of frustration, a lot of despair for some patients. Patients just can't do things we take for granted - like reading the newspaper, watching TV and driving a car. GPs who refer eye patients to Liverpool Hospital receive a letter advising there's a delay of up to 12 months for testing. Then another wait for the operation. Couldn't believe it. I was quite stunned to find that there was in fact a waiting list for the waiting list. The Optometrist Association says the answer is screening centres built near hospitals. It's proven a success in the UK where surgery waiting lists have been cut from eight months to eight days. And it's cost effective - optometrists are covered by Medicare while expensive specialists aren't. Experts predict a grim future if cataract waiting lists aren't improved. A recent study projecting the number of people developing the condition over the next 50 years will more than double to 350,000. If we don't do things smarter over the next 50 years the whole health system will drown under the weight of cataract explosion. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. If you have a story on health you'd like to share with us email us: Another of the Jakarta plane crash victims has been laid to rest in Canberra. 42-year-old AFP officer and father-of-three Mark Scott was in charge of the Federal Police contingent in Jakarta.

The Prime Minister heading a long list of mourners. Jenny and the kids and I are devastated at this loss and there will always be a hole in our lives. Mr Scott was one of five Australians killed in the Garuda Airlines accident two weeks ago. The Prime Minister is preparing to deliver a major speech outlining the way ahead for Australia in Iraq. As the coalition marks four years since the US-led invasion, a growing number of Iraqis believe their lives are actually getting worse. SIREN WAILS Four years on and violence has become everyday life for Iraqis. A series of car bombs in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk killing 12. In Baghdad, eight worshippers died when a bomb ripped through this Shiite mosque. The US-led war to topple Saddam Hussein had freed Iraqis from tyranny, but a BBC poll shows it's been a heavy price to pay. Two years ago,

almost three-quarters of Iraqis said life was good. Now it's just 39%. Only a third now say their lives will improve, while 51% of Iraqis believe it's OK to attack coalition troops. But our Prime Minister says his visit to Iraq has filled him with a glimmer of hope. Overall, I came away from that country feeling more optimistic than I had felt before I went there. In the US, there's growing opposition to the ongoing conflict - protesters hitting the streets, demanding American troops head home.

I can't sit on my butt at home and watch any more of this go down. President Bush disagrees. The fight is difficult, but it can be won. It will be won if we have the courage and resolve to see it through. There is a hidden cost to Australia's involvement in the Middle East conflict. 236 Australian soldiers are now on disability pensions -

mental illness a significant contributor. The Opposition calling on the Government not to forget the price of war for Australian troops. Some may be doing it really tough. We'd like to honour their contribution and be very mindful about proper supports for them. James Boyce, Ten News. Legendary music producer Phil Spector has appeared in a Los Angeles court charged with murder. The 67-year-old creator of the 'wall of sound' which revolutionised popular music is accused of shooting actress Lana Clarkson

at his home four years ago.

Mr Spector was in court and he sat through the whole process,

looked very interested. He has a new rather subdued look of attire. He had a new hairdo which everybody has noticed. Spector claims the actress's death was accidental suicide.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is spending the week sweeping floors and scrubbing toilets in New York. The catwalk bad girl looked every bit the fashion icon as she reported for her first day of community service in stilettos - She will be sweeping, cleaning, mopping. her work boots slung over her shoulder. She will be sweeping, cleaning, mopping. We have windows that need to be cleaned. She's been given a broom as punishment for throwing a mobile phone at her maid during an argument over a missing pair of jeans. The state of our economy - is it a budgetary basket case? We bring you that election special report next. Also, flying into history - the world's biggest plane on its maiden voyage. And the Jim Henson improv puppet show that's strictly not for kids.

Steve Whan knows that actions speak louder than words. As our local MP, he's worked hard to deliver better services for our community - a new trade school to boost apprenticeships,

improved local health services. And he gets things done for even our smallest towns. Steve knows there's more to do, but he's someone who'll always stand up and fight for us.

Most people on Centrelink payments do the right thing... It's about my Parenting Payment. My boyfriend's moved in with us... ..and tell Centrelink when their circumstances change. have to pay back money Do the right thing and you won't or risk a penalty. The longer you wait to tell Centrelink, the worse things will get. She had to pay back six grand! She was living with a guy and she didn't tell Centrelink.

The consequences of not reporting your changes can be very serious. So let Centrelink know right away. And: You kids want the aircon on? Yeah. Half or full? Full. VOICEOVER: AAMI can help reduce your car's running costs. our new car insurance customers saved an average of $227. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a Sydney man's been committed to stand trial over the horrific attack on teenager Lauren Huxley, the teenager bashed, doused with petrol and left for dead in her family home. Today a court heard DNA traces have linked 38-year-old Robert Black Farmer to the attack. The victim of a brutal car-jacking has told of his ordeal, describing it as the most terrifying, traumatic experience of his life Dr Steven Tang was robbed and threatened with hammers before being locked in the boot of his burning car. And a grieving family is searching for answers

to the drowning death of their 8-year-old daughter. Amarni Dirani died while on a school excursion to Glenbrook Swim Centre. She was under the water for up to 15 minutes before anyone noticed and while lifeguards worked in the canteen. It's one of the hottest debates of the election campaign - the state of the New South Wales economy. But while the Opposition claims we're the economic basket case of the nation, the Government argues it's better than you think. It's known as the 'Premier State' - the biggest economy in the nation,

but is it one on the move or gridlocked? Despite what you might be feeling in your pocket, it's apparently not that bad.

We are better off.

Employment has grown, incomes have grown. There is a class of people who perhaps aren't better off and that is people who bought a house four years ago. There's no doubt NSW is lagging behind other States but economists say it's unfair to compare

when mining is not our major industry. We are growing, just not as much as resource-rich WA and Queensland. They've had the resources boom. NSW, it hasn't had quite the same positive impact here, and the housing downturn. So in some ways it's a bit like the luck of the draw of how the cards fall from time to time. So what's the answer to getting NSW moving again? If you look at the policies of the Government and the Opposition, it's chalk and cheese - two very different approaches to handling the purse strings. The Opposition believes this State is an economic basket case and the only way to fix it is to control budgets and spending, including cutting 5,000 public service jobs each year over four years. In one sense we're showing that we're going to reduce overheads in relation to the public sector but, secondly, we believe that if you lower taxes and charges, you increase economic activity and investment, you can still end up with an increased revenue base.

The Government says its aim is to spend more to stimulate investment while protecting a healthy credit rating. The public mood has changed. The public wants us to spend more on services and infrastructure and we're doing that. And the only reason we can do it in a responsible way is because we did pay down debt initially. Our infrastructure program will be funded 40% by borrowing. In the end, though, we may still be at the mercy of outside factors. There is stuff that can be done and should be done, but it's not as if that's going to suddenly catapult us to be the fastest growing of Australian States. Eddy Myer, Ten News. Tomorrow at 5:00 a burning issue for March 24 - just how will the environment affect your vote? NSW can do better when it comes to climate change.

The world's biggest passenger plane has made its maiden flight to America. The giant Airbus A380 touched down in New York after an 8-hour flight from Germany. A few minutes later another of the giant planes, with a wingspan the size of a football field, landed in Los Angeles. Qantas has bought 20 of the planes, but so far no American airline has placed an order. A positive day for the local stock market - especially for the miners: A bunch of puppets from the world's favourite puppet company are in Sydney and up to no good. The cousins of favourites from 'Sesame Street' and the 'Muppet Show' here to do something strictly for grown-ups. It's the first visit to Australia for the stars of 'Puppet Up' and they were thrilled to be here in time for the Sydney Harbour Bridge's 75th birthday. I actually did have an opportunity to walk across it, my first day here, although I actually swung across from underneath the top part. It was quite the exercise. And I spit from the top. Piddles the Dog and Professor Ape have brought 85 of their puppet pals with them for a comedy show that's totally improvised

and definitely not for kiddies. Some of them have some very bad habits.

How could you something so disg... (Farts)

..disgusting? The brains behind the show is Brian Henson, son of the late great Jim Henson.

He says the creator of Bert and Ernie, Kermit and all the gang would have loved the uncensored show. You know, he was a naughty guy. He had a naughty sense of humour. He's very similar to Kermit actually, my dad. The amazing thing about this show is not only do you get to get up close and personal with the amazing puppets from the Jim Henson company, you also get to see the people who pull the strings. That would be these gentlemen over here. There's one there and, oh my goodness, there's another one over there. They just follow me around Angela. I just cannot get rid of them. Because of the adult content, none of the kiddies' favourites appear in the show. Yet these sons of muppets still like to make sure we can spell. Pointing out the gang at Qantas could do with some lessons. They don't know how to spell. Oh, really why? There's no what? Q u. There's no u. We'd figured that out. For like 12 hours we're, "Where's the doggone u? 'Puppet Up' is playing in Sydney for a week before heading to the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Lead stake a look at the weather

now. Bishop can't have all the fun.

We were broadcasting live up from

the theatre with the puppet there

tomorrow night. We have got a

severe thunder storm warning in place.

place. It is a big cluster of storm

action. There are storms and west

of the ranges. For the next 30 to

40 minutes thunder.

You know it is hot and sticky when

it Roma sticks to the feet. Sport now - and Tim, after a lot of off-field incidents, a dramatic suspension in the AFL today. Yes, the West Coast Eagles patience with Ben Cousins finally ran out. We'll tell you why shortly.

Also - is it the start of a Rabbitohs revival? A bold new look for the Bunnies. And look at what he's done now at the World Cup, Bermuda's big man adds another highlight. The rejuvenated South Sydney Rabbitohs have been the talk of the NRL after last night's victory over the Roosters. Club great Bob McCarthy reckons the sky's the limit

for the new-look team.

It might have looked like Souths players were sleeping off a long night of celebrations. But no, these were well-behaved Bunnies. A couple of Gatorades and some multigrain sandwiches, that's about as far as it went last night. The prospect of late-season celebrations however is no stretch according to one Rabbitohs legend. The thing that's scary about Souths is they've only played two games together. I mean they're going to get better. If they can keep the side together, the sky could be the limit. McCarthy callled it the best defensive performance from a Souths team since 1989 and he's crediting the club's new co-owners. Mate, everything they're doing at the moment is very professional and that goes from the sidelines to the field. We used to go there in a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers.

New suits and a celebrity following but don't call these guys glamour boys. We are going to have many tags thrown at us but that's one that just won't stick. That's not what we are, that's not in the values of our club. That's not what we stand for. Holmes a Court again invited estranged supremo George Piggins back into the fold. Players hoping success brings the family back together again.

I'd like to see everyone come together

and forget about their own personal agendas

and get on board and head in the right direction. Souths victory the first time since 1999 they've started the year with a win. The only complaint from Souths big night came from spectators

who claimed they couldn't see the players' numbers. The NRL revealing it will ask the Rabbitohs to reconsider their new black numbering.

The Newcastle Knights have heeded medical advice and ruled Andrew Johns out of this Friday's match against the Dragons. Sonny Bill Williams will miss two matches

for his knockout blow on Johns. The Bulldogs reluctantly decided not to contest his charge but they will closely monitor similar tackles. We'll certainly be making a noise if other guys responsible for similar tackles don't get sent off and don't get two or three weeks.

The Dogs will also officially complain about referee Tony Archer's decisions. We're not a club that normally whinges and complains about referees, but we think it's about time we did. Nick Kouparitsas replaces Williams. Former West Coast Eagle captain Ben Cousins will miss the AFL season opener against the Swans

after being suspended indefinitely for missing training. Yesterday's indiscretion is the latest in a long line of behaviour problems which saw Cousins stripped of the club's captaincy last year

when he fled from a police booze bus. Four months ago the Brownlow medallist was arrested in Melbourne for public drunkenness.

Ben has got a number of private and personal issues he needs to deal with. Over the past few weeks those issues have come to the surface. After a spate of off-season dramas the Eagles take on the Swans at Telstra Stadium on the 31st of March.

Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie has kept the faith - he's named an unchanged line-up for Friday's Super 14 showdown with the Blues in Auckland. The Tahs are actually looking forward to hitting the road after three horror games at home, and continue to put a positive spin on their dire situation, despite just one win. There is no better opportunity at the moment to come up against the form side in the Super 14 and if we get a victory over there, the perception changes and that's our main focus at the moment. We're not looking at finals or anything like that. We want to beat the Blues at Eden Park. The second-placed Blues welcome back one of their rested All Blacks - hooker Kevin Mealamu will start from the bench. Another action packed day in World Cup cricket. The West Indies got home with 13 balls to spare against Zimbabwe. Skipper Brian Lara not out on 44. While Bermuda were no match for India. They set a new World Cup record. The day, however, started on a sombre note. A bleak beginning to day seven, Bermuda and India observing a minute's silence for Bob Woolmer

as the cricket fraternity continues to mourn its loss. A lot of our guys played under Bob, so there's obviously a huge sadness. On the pitch, an exciting start for Bermuda and Dwayne Leverock. COMMENTATOR: It's taken! What a catch! That's a stunning catch. Bermuda's 120kg policemen throwing all his bulk at the ball.

He's flown like a gazelle. I can't believe it. A brilliant catch. Leverock, we're not finished. You need another nine wickets. The celebrations only short-lived as India piled on the runs, Vierender Sehwag's first century in two years helping set a new World Cup record total of 413. The locals' response falling a massive 257 runs short. The tournament hosts looking sharp in their destruction of Zimbabwe.

Chris Gayle's missiles quickly denting their 203-run target. He's gone for it and he's hit it a long, long way. The opener dismissed for 40 following some creative teamwork, the Windies' winning runs coming with two overs in hand. That's it! South Africa plays Scotland tonight but their sights are firmly fixed on Sunday's showdown with Australia. We've got guys who are hungry to perform well, we've got guys who have taken responsibility. And England's former vice-captain Andrew Flintoff has apologised for his drinking binge. It's something I'm embarrassed about and ashamed of and am suffering the consequences from it. Freddy pledging his intent to steer clear of the booze.

Andrew Brown, Ten News.

A defiant innings from Phil Jaques has anchored NSW's run chase in the Pura Cup final against Tasmania. But short time ago the hosts had the upper hand - Matthew Nicholson breaking the 111-run eighth-wicket partnership between Damien Wright and Luke Butterworth. But the Blues almost lost opener Phil Jaques when he was fielding at bat pad. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's right into the forearm. That's a nasty blow. Relatively unscathed, Jaques returned to lead the run chase. He made 82 but when he went the match swung back Tasmania's way. Visiting Urawa Reds coach Holger Osiek has expressed concern over the state of the pitch for tomorrow night's Asian Champions League match against Sydney FC. The Japanese team will have their first look at Aussie Stadium tonight, but they know a rugby league match was played there last night. A little bit unfortunate that both organisations - rugby and football - couldn't come to terms and could separate the event. Sydney FC expect the surface to be OK by tomorrow night and believe their big-budget opponents should be respected but not feared. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight - the latest from the West on the Ben Cousins' situation.

Are Wall words take a look at the

traffic. There are problems after traffic. There are problems after

that storm raged through. Batten

down the hatches on the northern beaches. Tim Bailey with the latest on the Sydney storms next. and manufactured in Australia. They also call it the best car of the year. Winner of 'Wheels' Car of the Year. Go like never before.

New South Wales industrial laws are the only protection working families have. But Peter Debnam would hand over these powers to John Howard. PETER DEBNAM OVER RADIO: Peter Debnam. APIA believes that if you're not working full-time and are over 50, and choosing an excess that suits you. APIA doesn't charge you a fee for paying your premium by the month.

Quite a wild night in Sydney. It's

the rebuilt radar. There are

intense storm it sells. They is

torrential rain falling at par on

beached now. There will be a severe

warning storm warning in place for

the next 30 minutes. A-night of

caution is needed in Sydney. The

storms will be all the way from

Windsor to the northern beaches.

Tomorrow we will have some relief

from the humidity. It will be in

overcast day with some showers and

maybe a storm.

There is a cloud band over northern

New South Wales. There will be a France pushing it through the Tasman.

There will be isolated showers

along the New South Wales coast.

The storm warning is alive and well

at the moment. The storms are

building across the Blue Mountains.

Batten down hatches. That's the news at 5:00 - I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening, with the Late News and Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.