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(generated from captions) Fresh is not best. has dropped so dramatically. The quality of the fresh fruit supermarkets are doing to our food. The damning report on what Do you have anything to say, Mimi.

for the third time - Busted drink-driving Mimi Macpherson's day of shame.

of Pakistan's cricket coach And the death with Brad McEwan. headlines Sports Tonight for Bob Woolmer Sandra, the tributes are flowing shock World Cup loss to Ireland. who died just hours after Pakistan's Also tonight, against the Netherlands. Australia's comprehensive win Shane Crawford and Luke Hodge. Good news for Hawthorn pair And a groggy Andrew Johns insists for yesterday's sickening hit. he's forgiven Sonny Bill Williams First - a second poll disaster for the Federal Government

in as many weeks as the Liberals plunge. with Labor surging ahead The new survey of voters not only confirming a 'Rudd-slide', it gives the opposition a new record. from war zones overseas Returning to Australia of the battles at home. John Howard was well aware in 'The Australian' newspaper And the latest Newspoll has sustained collateral damage. reveals the Government in the two party preferred tally Labor up four points

putting it in its highest position 11 years ago. since John Howard came to power

as preferred Prime Minister, Mr Howard himself taking a hit since the beginning of the month. down two points

a second minister in as many weeks He acknowledges the loss of performance in the opinion polls. hasn't helped the Coalition's for the Government of course. The process has not been helpful like a hole in the head. I mean, we want something like this to the Middle East With his recent tour record on security at the forefront, putting the Government's strong

It will remain on the agenda a major speech on the war in Iraq. with the PM due to deliver

But it's the so-called ethics war over the last fortnight. which has dominated politics to take the high moral ground, The Opposition Leader attempting it's time to call off the mudslinging saying when Parliament resumes tomorrow.

is it's time to get back to work The mood, I think, of the country on our alternative policy plans. and let's focus primarily The Prime Minister says responsibility and is moving on he's acted swiftly on ministerial on his side to fix the damage. and he believes there's time at the present time, Kevin Rudd's doing well in the polls before the next election. but then there's a long time Brad Hodson, Ten News. the former Minister for Ageing. Another hurdle tonight for undisclosed share dealings, Days after resigning over Santo Santoro is being investigated government contracts to mates. to see if he handed out Dramatic developments tonight terror suspect David Hicks. in the case of Australian could be called as a witness His lawyer warning that the PM at the Hicks trial, Philip Ruddock along with Attorney-General Alexander Downer. and Foreign Minister It's claimed care by not demanding his release. the government breached its duty of

Also tonight, an inquiry is under way at his Guantanamo Bay prison. into claims Hicks was drugged Hicks was sedated before being told of formal charges against him. The Attorney-General confirmed tonight side-effects from prescription drugs. Hicks might have suffered I don't know whether it's true. That's a possible explaination. products do have side-effects. But I do know that many prescription due to get under way next Tuesday. The Australian's trial is

a faint glimmer of hope in Iraq John Howard says he's seen

after his weekend visit to overstate things and while he doesn't want he's cautiously optimistic. since the invasion. Tonight marks four years with shock and awe. In 2003 the US roared into Iraq Now, after four years of fighting,

are still rolling into Baghdad. American soldiers They're part of a troop surge -

and end the war and effort to reign in the violence and killed almost 50,000 Iraqis. that's claimed 3,200 American lives to San Francisco From New York took to the streets this weekend where thousands of protesters an immediate end to the war. calling for The American people want this war to end. to start listening to them? So when are we going

is being place on so few The burden of this war of the citizens of this country. who now hold the reigns in Congress Demonstrators want the Democrats to take action. to take a vote this week The house does plan on a war spending bill a troop withdrawal deadline that includes of September 2008 has already promised to veto. President Bush will take months according to US commanders. The Defense Secretary says its success will depend on Iraqis their political differences. working out The US is buying them time. President Bush made note of the war to approve emergency funding and asked Congress during his weekly radio address planned to mark today's anniversary. but he does not have any events Tracie Strahan, CBS News, Washington. The funeral has been held Federal Police officers for one of the two crash in Indonesia. killed in the Garuda Airlines of the the best and the brightest. Brice Steele was described as one I have lost the love of my life To me, Mark Scott's funeral Federal Police colleague will be held in Canberra tomorrow.

in the bashing death of a toddler Shocking new evidence in a plea bargain. has apparently been ignored has criticised prosecutors A Supreme Court judge in sentencing the boy's mother and warned he'll use the evidence regardless of any deal. of her 3-year-old son, David Mamo, Melissa Field's role in the killing has changed at every turn. she fronted our cameras, distraught Just a week after his violent bashing what happened. and at a loss to explain

I was cooking tea. I'd almost got it ready... ..and then he was all floppy. That's when I called an ambulance. were charged with murder. Then, within weeks, she and her lover

David Partridge will stand trial. prosecutors accepting a guilty plea But Field did a deal, for the lesser charge of criminal neglect. The bargain has angered Justice John Perry, because prosecutors agreed to leave key evidence out.

A neighbour has told police

she saw Field brutally bashing the boy in the weeks before his death. The neighbour says she saw Field angrily confront David as he rode his bike. He tried to flee, but she: Justice Perry warned prosecutors he had every intention of taking it into consideration in sentencing, regardless of the deal. Sentencing submissions continue later this week. Margie McLew, Ten News. Vandals have been caught on camera in broad daylight

rampaging through a concreting business. The company's now offered a reward in the hope of a quick arrest. Caught in the act. Security footage shows the pair's brazen attack on 16 trucks at Hallet Concrete's Dry Creek Depot. Virtually rampaged through every truck and just tipped it upside down. The vandals wandered through the yard throwing rocks and fire extinguishers through windows. They jumped in one truck and rammed another. A cloud of smoke shows how the driver couldn't quite master the air brakes. In total - $20,000 damage in 15 minutes. Especially in broad daylight. Really, what gets these people off on doing that sort of thing?

That's what makes it hard for us. And as the clean up begins... ..drivers are left without trucks. Sub-contractor Eddy Sturnela had his own vehicle hit. He'd only just insured the new rig. I lose out on work for a few days, trying to get it all fixed up. Hopefully I'm back on the road soon. They made off with radios and phone kits and, oddly enough, band aids. I don't know whether they cut themselves or not, but hopefully they did. It's the fourth time the company's been targeted in the past couple of years. This time they've had enough - they're offering $5,000 to anyone who can give information that will lead to an arrest. The rampaged continued in a nearby equipment hire yard - six cranes and trucks smashed open, $5,000 damage but nothing to steal. It's absolutely ludicrous.

The doors are unlocked and they're smashing the windows to climb in and causing damage for no reason at all. Brett Clappis, Ten News. This might come as a shock, but fresh is not always best when it comes to fruit and vegetables. The surprising find revealed in a consumer watchdog study of fresh, canned and frozen foods. When it comes to buying fruit and vegetables, most buyers think they know which is the most nutritious. I've got three small children and I do believe fresh is best, always. Fresh, definitely. I don't really like frozen vegetables. It just seems like maybe they don't have as many nutrients. But think again. A study's found the quality of fresh food available in supermarkets these days simply doesn't stack up to those snap-frozen or processed within a day of picking.

Where things are stored and treated with different sorts of polishes and waxes to prolong their shelf life, they're losing nutrients during that storing process. Supermarket giant Coles says: Even so... The quality of the fresh fruit has dropped so dramatically that now you can make a nutritional comparison between frozen and tinned and fresh, and the frozen and tinned will come up on top. 'Choice' tested six common vegies in their various forms and found broccoli was the only frozen vegetable less nutritious than its fresh counterpart. In fact, cooked frozen beans had twice as much vitamin C. And canned tomatoes had a lot more of a cancer-fighting antioxidant.

'Choice' says if you're not completely satisfied with your store's fresh fruit and vegies, try one of the produce markets that are springing up around the country. But if that's not an option, give frozen or tinned produce a go. Amber Muir, Ten News. A radical new plan has been unveiled to combat the soaring rate of Type 2 diabetes in Australia. It's a 'Biggest Loser' style intervention program with dieticians and trainers visiting high-risk participants in their own homes. It's hoped the health teams will help $2,000 obese people lose weight. The NSW Government says if the pilot program's successful, it'll be rolled out State-wide and possibly become national. 1 million Australians have Type 2 diabetes with about 100,000 new cases developing each year. Judgment day for a supermodel's sister and serial drink-driver. And how takeover talk between two banks dominated the share market. Details with CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. So you could win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES This program is captioned live. An obstetrician on his way to deliver a baby has been lucky to survive a terrifying car-jacking.

The doctor says he was pulled over by two men claiming to be police officers at this Sydney intersection. They robbed him before locking him in the boot of his car, which they drove away and set alight. He felt the vehicle come to a halt, he heard a click in the boot area, he heard someone call out, "Get out of the car." When he pushed the boot up, he found his car was engulfed in flames. The doctor was unable to provide a clear description of his attackers,

only to say they were in their 20s. Mimi McPherson has done it again, today disqualified from driving for a third time. She's been ordered off the roads after being caught driving with a blood-alcohol level almost three times the legal limit. Miriam Francis Gowe, best known as Mimi Macpherson, will have to get used to being a passenger for the next nine months. The whale activist has been convicted of drink-driving, again. Gold Coast police pulled her over in the same grey Mazda in November last year for driving without headlights on. Her blood alcohol reading was 0.147, almost three times the legal limit. Six years ago in NSW she was also found guilty of drink-driving, receiving a fine and disqualification. She was caught doing the same thing in Hervey Bay in 1995.

In court today the police prosecutor said: Supermodel Elle Macpherson's sister was keen to avoid today's media attention. A man she was with tried to lock journalists out of the open court room. After pleading guilty to the charge, Ms Macpherson said she was very sorry and realised it was a serious matter, but she said a similar thing after the last case. Drink-driving is a very serious thing and I made an error of judgement. Today, she remained tight-lipped outside court. Do you have anything to say at all, Mimi? She was also fined $1,050. If she doesn't pay could spend 21 days in jail. Summer Burke, Ten News. Supermodel Naomi Campbell starts community service in Manhattan tonight for throwing a mobile phone at her maid. Singer Boy George was the last celebrity to cop a similar sentence. He set off a paparazzi frenzy when a New York court ordered him to do community service on drug charges. Naomi Campbell will be pushing a broom and mopping floors at a sanitation depot. To finance news and Commsec's Tom Piotrowski. Tom, sensational news about a bank takeover had the market in a frenzy?

At the weekend the Chinese central

bank raised interest rates. People

are twitchy as to how a Asian

markets will respond to that. It

actually encouraged local markets.

We are now awaiting the US interest

rate decision midweek. Actress Cate Blanchett has been linked to ageing Hollywood hunk Harrison Ford. The Oscar winner's publicist has confirmed she is in talks to star in the fourth instalment of 'Indiana Jones' opposite the 64-year-old actor. It's not clear what role the 37-year-old will play. Filming is scheduled to start in June and the movie will hit our screens in May 2008. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. Brad, tributes flow for Bob Woolmer. Sandra, the Pakistan cricket coach dead at 58.

A tribute from the Australian team next. Also tonight, Brad Hodge scores a ton in the Aussies' win against the Netherlands. The Roosters and Rabittohs kick off Monday night football. And windy Wellington gets the nod to be part of the A-League. This is it. It's your last chance. 2006 models are clearing fast. Get a zippy Mazda 2 with free power windows and mirrors - just $14,900. There's great deals on go-anywhere Tribute V6, sporty Mazda 6 The 2006 model clearance. it's your last chance to get a great deal on a new '06 Mazda. When you smoke, you inhale over 4,000 chemicals. It's a toxic, poisonous mix of substances, including ammonia - the bleach in toilet cleaner,

acetone - the chemical in nail polish remover, benzene - found in paint stripper, and hydrogen cyanide - used in rat poison. And smoking delivers it straight into your body.

(Coughs wheezily) So it's no surprise every cigarette is doing you damage. Now is the time to quit. In 18 months, I've been working to improve services for families. We're opening trade schools so young people can start an apprenticeship at school, setting up after-hour GP centres to cut emergency waiting times. We've trained 750 new police with another 750 on their way. There's more to do, so on Saturday, I'm asking for your support to get back to work and see these plans through. This program is captioned live. to Toyota Sports Tonight. Welcome back

Mystery surrounds the death Bob Woolmer. of Pakistan's cricket coach stress may have killed him His son believes loss to Ireland in the World Cup. just hours after his team's shock Pakistan's team appeared as one, after losing their coach, clearly distressed consoled by the PM of Jamaica. the coach's wife and his sons, I would to express to of behalf of the Government. condolences Bob Woolmer's last day at the helm in cricket's biggest upset. was watching his team fall He's packing his bag, Bob Woolmer. COMMENTATOR: the sacking of the captain and coach. Immediately, Pakistan fans called for They should be coached by some local players. They burnt effigies in disgust. Woolmer's last public appearance was a post-match media conference. We are sorry that we performed like we had. We didn't mean to do it. He was found at the team's Kingston hotel just hours later, unconscious, by cleaning staff He had blood on him and there was vomit on the walls. He was fine. Bob was just fine. I mean, there were no problems, nothing whatsoever. His death is being investigated by police, the cause still unknown. or a heart attack. His son believes it was stress He was a great cricket man. his life was devoted to cricket. He lived... a huge impact on world cricket, He's, you know, made a huge impact on English cricket. made

through the '70s, Woolmer played 19 Tests for England before moving into coaching. of coaching for a long time. He's been, I think, at the forefront he was employed by Pakistan, Two years ago, cricket's poisoned chalice. regarded as and controversy. It was a reign marked by pressure heading in one direction - COMMENTATOR: Well, Bob Woolmer's up the stairs and into the match referee's room. And now, sadly, a tragic end. David Tunnicliffe for Sports Tonight. England vice-captain Andrew Flintoff has been sacked over a night out drinking with his team-mates. Much smoother sailing for the Australians with a big win over the Netherlands. And the first team to win consecutive one-day internationals by more than 200 runs. Dutch courage was never going to be enough against the world champions - the Australians ruthless and crowd-pleasing. COMMENTATOR: Have a look at this! It's Aussie Rules style. They fly for it. alternately abominable... The Dutch fielding Oh, he dropped it. ..and brilliant. the cue for Brad Hodge. Ricky Ponting's sharp dismissal There he goes. And there it goes. a more than interested spectator Andrew Symonds did his best to hold onto it - as the player who took his spot maiden one-day international ton. Hodge belting seven sixes in his he'd been stranded in the 90s. Twice before that a 99 and a 97 not out, You think just running out of time. get there again. You think you may never Hodge and Michael Clarke putting on a World Cup record fourth wicket stand of 204, the Aussies losing just five wickets, setting mission impossible for the Netherlands. And it's in the air and the Australians have got a wicket. Brad Hogg bagging four wickets, Glenn McGrath became just the second bowler to claim 50 World Cup scalps. A handy warm-up for the big one against South Africa.

When you see us take the field on Saturday it'll be all guns blazing and us out to play the best game of cricket we've played in a long time. England scored an unimpressive 51-run win without Andrew Flintoff, over the enthusiastic Canadians dropped from the match the all-rounder

and sacked from the vice-captaincy over a drunken night out, reportedly rescued after falling from a pedal boat. were also reprimanded. Five of his team-mates and a bad mistake, It was a big mistake within the England cricket team. but I don't see any drinking culture Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Domestic cricket -

ripped through Tasmania's top order and NSW paceman Doug Bollinger against Tasmania at Bellerive Oval. on day one of the Pura Cup final career best figures of 5/57. The left arm quick finished with COMMENTATOR: Nicked, caught - gone! Tasmania in all sorts of trouble. Beautifully bowled by Bollinger. in the afternoon session. The Tiger's tail wagged Fast bowler Damien Wright and all-rounder Luke Butterworth put together an unbroken eighth wicket stand of 95. Tasmania only need to draw the match

to claim its first ever Pura Cup crown. While NSW must win outright to claim its 45th. The Tigers will resume at 7/283 with Wright on 57 and Butterworth 40. Hawthorn star Luke Hodge has been given the all-clear for Round 1 against the Lions after having two reports thrown out by the Match Review Panel. charged with striking and charging The relieved midfielder had been in a practice game last Saturday. of conversation after the game, The incidents caused plenty

but Luke Hodge can breathe easy. Damian Peverill Cleared of charging Bomber in this off the ball incident, he also had no case to answer for striking Matthew Lloyd. over his report for abusive language. Shane Crawford copped an $1,800 fine was thrown out. Bomber David Hille's striking report for this head-high hit. Kepler Bradley given the green light can also count himself lucky, Essendon's skipper Matthew Lloyd a rugged shirt-front. cleared of a raised elbow and also cleared St Kilda's Lenny Hayes was for this late and high spoil against the Roos. The one man suspended is Docker Matthew Carr. He's copped a 1-week suspension for his crude strike from Friday's match in Adelaide.

From the NAB Cup Final, Lion ruckman Cameron Wood has escaped with a reprimand only for this round-house. Ben Fixter was cleared of charging Blue Marc Murphy, from the same incident that sidelined Tim Notting. And Murphy was looked at for this high bump on Simon Black,

but was given the all clear. Meanwhile, St Kilda could be without five of its key players against Melbourne on Friday week. for the AFL season-opener for the season-opener Nick Riewoldt unlikely to be there to partner co-captain Luke Ball. against Melbourne, It's going to be touch and go. along the way, He had a little hiccup

taking it day by day. but we're still "rehab-ing" him, I'm not overly confident, he'll still be there Round 1. but there's a strong chance

under a cloud. A Saints star-studded line-up in the air. There's a couple swinging Maxie Hudghton is swinging, Obviously Nick Riewoldt is swinging, really good opportunities. But they're still

Michael Gardener, you'd think, at his best, he's in our best 22. The reality is he won't be there and Aaron Hamill and Raph Clarke. More bad news for Crows captain Mark Ricciuto, forced to take the drastic step of having an epidural to fix his injured back. It's just been a bit of a mystery with how it's going to pan out. Roo is pretty upbeat. He does not get to down on himself He knows he still has a role to play around the footy club

with his leadership, He's still very positive for the team. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. lived up to the pre-season hype, The South Sydney Rabbitohs have

with a win by beginning their 2007 campaign the Sydney Roosters. over arch-rivals a double on debut. New signing Nigel Vagana picked up It's been a year to the day and Peter Holmes a Court since Russell Crowe took control of the Rabbitohs. And it took just 14 minutes to take control of the Roosters. for their team Here's Williams showing it COMMENTATOR:

for the Rabbitohs. and gets the first try

for a 6-nil lead in the downpour. Joe Williams selling the dummy dampen the Bunnies plans in attack. The wet weather doing little to It's there for Vunganar! He thinks he did. Did he get it down? And so, too, did the video ref. Nigel Vunganar's super human effort to a 2-try half-time lead. racing the Rabbits

to kick South Sydney further ahead An early penalty allowed Williams in the second half. when Peter Cusak charged over. And they appeared to add to the tally he's over And there goes to the line, But the try was amazingly disallowed earlier in the play, for an obstruction leaving the Green and Red army livid. in the Roosters' favour. The momentum then quickly turned handing Josh Lewis a gift. A Merritt mistake and the Roosters are on the board. Lewis picks it up bounced straight back. But the Bunnies paying off in double. Their off season recruitment drive He gets his second! Ball to Vungana.

rediscovering his finishing form Vungana welcome in the new era as the Rabbitohs with a resounding 12-point victory. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. first Round 1 win That's South Sydney's

since rejoining the competition couldn't be happier. and head coach Jason Taylor Very good. Very good. Very happy with it. a great start to the season. Thought it was really solid and Didn't turn up at all. We trained like that all through the week, I thought. But we just didn't turn up at all. We could have played for three hours and not scored a try. Sonny Bill Williams could cop a 3-match suspension after being charged by the NRL for a grade two reckless high tackle. He'll miss two matches if he gives an early guilty plea for the high shot that hospitlised Newcastle skipper Andrew Johns. Johns arriving at Knights headquarters carrying scans and a rather large headache, but, incredibly, also holding slim hopes of playing against the Dragons on Friday. The star half-back still recovering from the Sonny Bill smack

that prematurely ended his season opener. Just feel groggy. Don't really remember much of yesterday. Yeah, just feel pretty ordinary. The perpetrator also feeling a little ordinary about his involvement. Williams rushed to check on John's condition after his send off and was relieved to learn that serious damage had been avoided. There was no malice in it and, as I said, I spoke to him yesterday, and he said he's sweet and there's no hard feelings. I've known him for a while and he said it was an accident and I take his word for that. He's not that sort of player

and I think he was pretty shaken up by it too also. The Bulldogs maintain Williams didn't deserve to be sent off and if that's the benchmark for dismissals... Yeah, the judiciary's going to be very busy, I reckon.

They won't be busy with Tonie Carroll though. The veteran Bronco was cleared of eye-gouging due to a lack of video evidence. But his captain Darren Lockyer could be out for up four weeks with an ankle injury. The next seven days is crucial. If we can get the swelling down we'll be able to establish when I can come back. The premiers sent to the sandpit following their first round loss to the Cowboys A slightly more relaxed recovery for the Titans.

The NRL new boys a little bruised and battered following their inaugural match that resulted in a 2-point loss to the Dragons.

A few of the boys are feeling a bit dusty today. Welcome to football. Winger Chris Walker likely to undergo surgery on a broken thumb tomorrow,

while Mat Rogers is still coming to terms with his return to league. In comparison to the game I have been playing, it's a lot faster and just doesn't stop, and you don't get a minute to breathe. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. As the Grand Prix roadshow moves on from Melbourne, some key figures are playing down talk of a night race. Formula One supremo, Bernie Ecclestone,

has been driving the momentum but local authorities aren't so enthusiastic. The day after dominating the Formula 1 spotlight,

Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari was back under wraps. Pace on the Albert Park circuit this morning was gentler than yesterday. But the urgency to finish a task was just the same. The cold hard light of day sparking more speculation about the prospect of a night Grand Prix,

particularly after the event's third lowest crowd figures. We will be working on building attendance, and I'm not sure if whether, in fact,

a night race is going to turn out to be the key to that. Sceptics say a switch to a night Grand Prix would happen for the wrong reasons. The night race would only be run for benefit of Bernie Ecclestone, because it would do absolutely nothing for the economy of Victoria. It would cost us a vast amount of money to put up the light towers. Bernie Ecclestone is driving the momentum to a night race and spent time over the weekend lobbying for a switch. It's believed he has told Singapore, which is bidding for a Grand Prix, it can have Formula 1's first night race if Australia knocks it back. The Victorian Government says local concerns will be taken into account, along with those of international interests. Look, the costs would be high, but we wouldn't do it

if the costs were going to offset the revenue potential. Yesterday's race certainly paid off

for those selling Ferrari merchandise. Kimi Raikkonen wasn't the only one to enjoy the spoils of his success. Melbourne's Italian heartland was savouring the latest triumph of its favourite Formula 1 team. Ferrari! Forza Italia! Yeah! Ferrari's dominated the Australian Grand Prix like no other manufacturer, the latest success making it six wins in 12 years at Albert Park. Cameron Baud for Sports Tonight. Brumbies skipper Stirling Mortlock touched down in Sydney this afternoon nursing two fractured bones in his hand. It's the third time the big centre has been forced out this season and this time he could be missing for up to six weeks. Very disappointing personally, but it gives the younger guys an opportunity for the Brumbies. Hopefully, those guys in the outside backs can show a bit of leadership out there on the field. The task doesn't get any easier with two of those backs, Gene Fairbanks and Clyde Rathbone, in doubt for this weekend's clash with the undefeated Sharks in Durban.

New Zealand has been guaranteed a place in the A-League for another three seasons.

Football Federation Australia granted Wellington the team license, after an Auckland-based team folded at the end of last season.

A clearly relieved Kiwi consortium following the announcement that New Zealand once again has a home in the A-League. We're delighted the FFA have been so supportive and patient in re-establishing New Zealand in this competition. The FFA handing New Zealand Soccer a 3-year license. The new Wellington-based club to be financed by millionaire property developer Terry Serepisos. It's a clean slate. We've brought it into a new city. So we're starting it off fresh. I'm sure Wellington will embrace it 'cause there's a hell of a lot of footballers here. Meanwhile the Uruwa Reds have arrived ahead of Wednesday night's Asian Champions League clash with Sydney FC. The Japanese team one is of the wealthiest in Asia. The home side hope to continue their impressive form from the 2-1 win over Shanghai Shenhua. The Uruwa Reds have got a lot more to offer from their starting XI and off the bench as well. And Adelaide United have arrived in Vietnam for the second of their Asian Champions League matches. The players and coaching staff taking in the sights of Saigon

ahead of Wednesday night's clash with Gach Dong Tam Long. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight.

And just before we go to a break time to announce the winners of our Harvey Norman promotion. Congratulations to Nathen Anderson, Lucy Rowley and Wayne Whithall. You are the lucky three winners. Here we go. Can I help you? Hi, I'm Michael. But I'm his dad. Yeah, I know. Get off the phone!

When can I see you next? I need to use the Net! No, sorry. My brother's being a dork.

Get off the phone! Can you shut up? (Sighs) Yeah. (Reads) "I think I love him. Tonight's the night." Matt, I've got to go.

Give it back to me! Give it to me! Dad! Go on the computer if you want! Fine, I'm giving it to you! Give it to me. You're SO annoying! Yeah, it's a bit naughty. But I'm smart enough not to get caught. (Sighs) I've gotta pay the money back and do 150 hours of community service. And I've now got a criminal record. If you don't tell Centrelink when things change, there are serious consequences. And it's only a matter of time until you're caught. So always report changes to your income and other circumstances right away. And: New South Wales industrial laws working families have. are the only protection these powers to John Howard. But Peter Debnam would hand over PETER DEBNAM OVER RADIO: Peter Debnam. This program is captioned live. is human after all. Proof golfing superstar Tiger Woods the water for a swim. Not today. Usually he only ever goes into

rocks it into the water. COMMENTATOR: Oh, my goodness, Two holes in-a-row in the water. But twice, surely not. Once in the drink we can accept.

at the Arnold Palmer invitational, Yep, fair to say Tiger had a stinker sink with his eyes closed. even missing putts he'd normally our Play of the Day for being a star, So Tiger, after years of winning for resembling, ever so slightly, you've won it for the first time a weekend hack. The weather. A thick cloud-band over SA, northern Victoria and southern NSW in a jet-stream being fed by ex-Tropical moisture is generating steady rain and thunder. Cloud is forming over the Tropicsd in moist unstable air, causing storms. Patchy cloud over WA near a trough is bringing the odd shower. A slow moving trough with high levels of moisture will continue to interact with the jet-stream to cause rain across SA, Victoria and inland NSW. showers and storms in the north. A broad low will maintain widespread

to western Tasmania. And a cold front will bring showers So tomorrow - in Cairns. the bureau predicts showers Mostly cloudy conditions in Brisbane. in Sydney. Increasing sunshine forecast Rain in Melbourne. Showers in Canberra. and Alice Springs. A mostly sunny day in Hobart Rain to clear in Adelaide. It'll be sunny in Perth in Darwin. and thunderstorms are expected

a pod of dolphins time and tide will help free Dolphin rescuers are hoping

trapped in a weir. The mother and her two calves were separated when the boat lock closed. Authorities were concerned for the younger dolphin, which still relies on its mother, and tried to coax mum out to sea. Instead, the baby swam to her, leaving all three trapped in the harbour. Boats attempted to guide them out without success.

During separation, when the two were on each side, there might have been some cause for alarm, but once reunited there's no problem at all. It's hoped the pod will find their own way out to sea at high tide. And that's the latest from Ten Newscentre. is at 6:00am. The Early News tomorrow sight in Melbourne skies. We'll leave you with a spectacular from the Late News Team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully, by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions