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(generated from captions) of the Tasmanian wilderness. And Natalie takes us on a tour

up to 50km to the nearest road, Parts of the wilderness are so they're only accessible by foot, sea or air. Let's go! on the next Totally Wild. Come fly with us the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - game over? after another bad poll. Peter Debnam all but concedes defeat in next week's State election. Wednesday's commuter chaos. The $44 train part that caused

And nine years jail - plotting terror attacks in Australia. Willie Brigitte convicted of and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson minister forced to resign. Also tonight - another Government Good evening.

And tearful tributes plane crash victims are farewelled. as two of the Garuda if you believe Peter Debnam, But first tonight, is all but decided. the State election With eight days to go, practically conceded defeat the Opposition Leader has another woeful opinion poll result. on the back of Morning, morning, morning. Good morning. with a last chance move. The Opposition Leader arrives at the mercy of the electorate Peter Debnam throwing himself just eight days from the election spooked by a new opinion poll. This poll today,

and if it's correct, if it's taken in key seats

then the message is very clear - to win the election in a week. the Labor Party is going taken in key marginal seats, According to the Galaxy poll for a landslide victory, 58-42. Labor is heading the ALP doesn't deserve to win, That's despite 50% saying they don't trust Peter Debnam. but with 43% declaring I'm the leader of the party to take responsibility. and I'm very happy the accidental premier tag. The Premier reluctant to accept any notice of the polls. I'm not taking There's over a week to go a lot of hard work to do and I know we've got

to give us another term. to convince the people some senior Labor Party officials Privately, concession of defeat is a tactic - believe Peter Debnam's virtual at maintaining underdog status. a tactic aimed the Reverend Fred Nile Meantime, Christian Democrat leader at Parliament House, has undergone a drug and alcohol test

for all MPs. something he wants made compulsory

It is a real problem. It's not just flying a kite. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans Democrats MP gatecrashed the stunt, the boundaries of the test. looking to widen mental health testing. We think we should have and obsessive compulsive behaviours I'm concerned about paranoia

in some politicians. Fred Nile passed the test. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A $44 spare part - Wednesday night's rail meltdown. that's what caused a maintenance worker, CityRail is blaming

but he won't be sacked. there won't be any train problems And officials promise Harbour Bridge celebrations. for Sunday's that wasn't put on properly This is the part of the Tangara on Tuesday. during regular maintenance It's called a carbon strip to the overhead wires. and it connects each carriage it had come loose and fallen off. By Wednesday night in part human error. Well, we're talking however, I think it would be simplistic,

this is simply human error. to conclude

Our ongoing investiagtion is also

looking at the work processes. Our ongoing investigation is also

a supervisor didn't pick up the fault That's code for why and he says there is a bigger issue. a maintainence failure like this Clearly

bring the network to the disruption should not be able to that occurred on Wednesday evening. also ruling out any sackings, The rail boss all trains will be checked but he's promised

ahead of Sunday's bridge walk. treated seriously. And so it is being as if it was a New Year's Eve event. It is being treated While the Premier says Sunday's celebrations he doesn't want

to become political, of the bridge walk he knows the success or failure for the last week of campaigning. will set the tone We ought to have a great day. but there's no certainty of that I'm hoping we'll have a great day has mismanaged most things given the way this Government for its 12 years. Preparations are well under way. in both directions The bridge will be closed til 11:00pm. from 4:30 in the morning on Sunday Kevin Wilde, Ten News. our story last night And you may remember who was quite a handful about the little boy the opening of the bridge in 1932 - while his mum was trying to watch there he is just behind the Governor. Well, we've tracked him down. He's alive and well across the bridge this Sunday. and planning to join the walk later in the bulletin. We'll catch up with him is in damage control tonight The Howard Government of another frontbencher. after the resignation has quit Minister for Ageing Santo Santoro he hasn't declared - after revealing he owns shares code of conduct. a breach of the Prime Minister's For the details, reporter Brad Hodson in Canberra. we're joined by Ten political what he'd done? Brad, how did Senator Santoro explain

The Queenslanders senator has been

under pressure all week over shares

he held in a health company called

CBio. He said earlier this week he

CBio. He said earlier this week he

got rid of the shares at last year

and the matter was resolved, but

this afternoon he called an

unexpected press conference to

reveal that he had a considerable

holding of shares that she had not

resolved all his share issues, not

just one or two shares are at the

centre of this, but dozens. Here is

what he said to reporters. There

are possibly 50 to 60 oversights. I

wish to stress they are over a

period of 15 or 16 months and a

wish to stress that a lot of the

transactions occurred as an answer

links situation. I have done what I

have done because I do not want

have done because I do not want

through my continual presence under

the current circumstances to cause

any further distraction or

embarrassment. John Howard had been

defending the senator. How has he

responded to another ministerial

resignation? This has happened resignation? This has happened

while the Prime Minister is

overseas. John Howard issued a

statement this afternoon. Earlier

this week he said commonsense needs

to be used in terms of ministerial

disclosures, and today he said

circumstances such as now out like

outlined by Senator Santoro are

unacceptable and he had no option

but to resign from the front bench. Angry and fed up, pub owners have released dramatic video

of a vicious hold-up at their inner-west hotel.

It's the eighth time they've been terrorised and robbed, with the attackers now striking in broad daylight.

The gang of four stormed the hotel just after midday,

their weapons drawn to threaten anyone who tried to stop them. But they couldn't open the safe, instead raiding all the cash registers. They took $4,000 and grabbed a few bottles of alcohol. The ordeal has left staff traumatised. I was pretty shaken up, because they were just there all of a sudden

pointing knives at me, and I just dropped. Witnesses say the men were young and of Middle Eastern background, but it was hard to tell with their heavy disguises. It's extremely gutless. They took off in a dark blue 4-door hatch. Police don't believe it's linked to the recent spate of hotel robberies and say it's unusual for thieves to target a hotel during daylight hours. For Trevor, the licensee, this is the eighth time he's been robbed in as many months. He didn't want to talk on camera today, but he's vowing he will be back at work tonight, hoping to put the whole thing behind him. The owners decided to release the footage today, hoping that someone will be able to identify them. Employees are fed up, fearing hotels have become the target of choice for thieves. It was banks and Australia Post. Now it's like, "Let's do pubs." It could happen again. Next time it could be a gun. Evan Batten, Ten News. There's been a wild shoot-out in a Sydney carpark as police busted a major drug deal. The cuffed suspects were forced to the ground

after being rounded up by heavily armed officers from the State Protection Group. Shoppers were terrified. We were just inside the shop and we heard gunshots. Customers come screaming back into the shopping centre. Three men were arrested during the course of a drug transaction. Three other men were arrested after raids on five nearby properties, with police seizing guns, ecstasy and cash. Late this afternoon, four men and two teenagers were refused bail on drug, firearm and robbery charges. Willie Brigitte, convicted of planning a major terror attack on Australia,

could be free in less than three years, or even sooner if he appeals. But Federal Police are happy with the outcome. After 3.5 years in French custody Willie Brigitte, his head covered in a white blanket, is led into court to hear the verdict in his terror trial. "Guilty" the French judges said. Brigitte trained with the Pakistani terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba

and came here to stage a terror attack. One possible target - the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor. He was found guilty for plotting a terrorist attack here in Sydney, against the people of this nation. That's a shocking crime. Thank God he's in jail. Thank God he's overseas in jail. And it was NSW police and federal authorities that helped put him there. His Australian accomplice is already under lock and key, Faheem Lodhi sentenced in Sydney last year to 20 years jail for preparing to stage a terror attack with the Frenchman. But in Paris, Brigitte was given only nine years jail with six years non-parole. Counting time already spent in custody, he could be out in 2.5 years. But his lawyers are convinced he's innocent and are appealing the sentence. I do think deep in my mind that Willie Brigitte has never thought of killing nobody.

Federal Police happy with the outcome. People should have confidence that all the agencies in Australia and our international partners

are working very closely together and we will prosecute people in the jurisdiction which is most appropriate for those prosecutions to take place. It was in Sydney's Muslim heartland, Lakemba,

that Brigitte was given sanctuary after arriving here. At least three more alleged terrorists he associated with are awaiting trial. John Hill, Ten News. Tearful farewells today for two victims of last week's Garuda plane crash in Yogyakarta. More than 200 mourners have filled a Sydney church for the funeral of diplomatic official Liz O'Neill, remembered as a compassionate woman bursting with opinions, whose lust for life inspired everyone around her. WOMAN: At times she was also incredibly infuriating. Apart from the Pope, Liz was the only other person on earth who was never, ever wrong. (Mourners laugh) Generous, loyal, determined and intelligent

is how AusAID executive Allison Sudradjat has been remembered. 600 mourners gathered in Parliament's Great Hall to pay their respects to the mother of four. A look at sport now with Tim Webster and the motorsport world is focused on Australia. Yes, and Ferrari leads the way after today's practice. Wet conditions made for some tricky moments as the new machinery and driver line-ups came to grips with attempting to set the pace for the new season. Also, a little jailhouse rock for the big Bermudan prison van driver turned World Cup cricket celebrity. Plus, the exciting finish that led to Ireland's cricketers doing a jig. Also, it's kick-off time for the NRL - why it's likely to be a record start to the season. A Sydney man stabbed for his mobile phone, that story next.

Also tonight, when a kitchen becomes a garage - a Volvo driver's disastrous day. And from Bondi to the Riviera - plans to add some French flair to an Aussie icon. You gotta love Mondays. Magic Mondays! Me lovely Monday! Why, are you mental? No, Monday night NRL on Fox Sports. Oh. You do not wanna miss Monday nights if you're an NRL man. Yeah, if you like fun.

Peter Debnam said he'll cut 20,000 workers from our public services. What will this mean?

Fewer nurses, fewer teachers, less police. Peter Debnam:

Oh, Joan, Foxtel's going for quite the low price. I suppose. If you like good value. This program is captioned live. A man is recovering in hospital after being stabbed with a broken bottle by thieves who stole his mobile phone. The 46-year-old was approached by three men, who held the bottle to his throat and demanded cash. A struggle broke out and the man was stabbed in the stomach. He was taken to Nepean Hospital for surgery and is now in a stable condition. A Volvo driver has been given the shock of her life while reversing into her garage. Her station wagon took off, bursting in through the kitchen and ploughing into the lounge room. It was out of control. The handbrake or the footbrake did not work, and then all the smoke and alarms went off.

I climbed out the window. The woman, who bought the car two months ago, is grateful nobody was home at the time. And an elderly driver has carved an incredible path of destruction in an Adelaide street. The man, in his 70s, crashed into several homes and trees and narrowly missed a young girl. I just fought for her safety because she was playing outside. He just missed her by five or so metres, which sounds like a lot, but it's not when you see a car pelting toward your house. Adelaide Crows star Brett Burton was nearby and chased the car down, removing the keys from the ignition. The driver doesn't remember what happened. An ambitious plan to transform the Bondi Beach area into Australia's version of the French Riviera. It's the brainchild of two property moguls, but the grand vision may struggle to win local support. Bondi - an Aussie icon. But could it ever be the same at this? The glamourous world-renowned strip in southern France? Well, aesthetically it's falling a little short at the moment.

But do we really care?

Bondi's just for perving. Not for romance. The only part of Bondi that could maybe pass as French is actually Swiss - the Swiss Grand. It's just been bought by two property tycoons who have a vision for Bondi - a rich and glitzy playground similar to the French Riviera. What the hell's the French Riviera? And that poses the question - can Bondi be high brow? The French-inspired transformation could mean

fast food replaced by finer dining. Deep fried Mars Bars may also be dropped from the menu. The developers spinning the idea were camera shy today, but the response has almost been as passionate as the French. It's not going to be hived off to become a private French Riviera. Bondi does need a facelift but it needs the right facelift. Whether it's a full French reno or a small Aussie refit, most agree Bondi does need some extra sparkle just as long as it doesn't become something too exclusive. Waverly Council is promising improvements in the next year. As for fashioning Bondi on France, that remains to be seen. Bondi's better than the French Riviera. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Time for a weather check with Tim

Bailey. Friday, folks. What about

that? 34 degrees, page above

average. Tomorrow is it still going

to be one? No, it's not so. We will

get a southerly change with tens of

24 degrees we'd showers. You

scratch your head a little bit,

don't you? It is still a very warm

at the moment. It was a fabulous

Friday. It is currently still 29

degrees and makes it fairly warm

out here. The wind there was so hot

from the north-west has started to swing around to the south-west,

which is easing things a little bit.

2425 degrees tomorrow, a shower on

your shoulders. See you again in around about 10. The PM's surprise visit to Afghanistan as he considers sending more troops - that story next. And why Heather Mills is in trouble with the British police.

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Time to check the traffic with Vic

Lorusso. Where it is all the bother

tonight? It is a busy round for

traffic to Berowra and up to the

Central Coast. Your friends will

get time later as a result of a

smash at a Berowra. We are over the

northbound lanes and they are

barely Darling it anyway. This is

all the way back towards Wahroonga.

The traffic on the Pacific Highway

is cued well back towards

Turramurra. It is best to take the

Pacific Highway and avoid the F3. The Prime Minister has hinted more Australian troops will be deployed to Afghanistan. John Howard made the statement during a surprise visit to the region. It's John Howard's first visit to the war-torn region in almost two years. The PM toured the moonscape which is Camp Russell, the culture shock still sinking in for at least one of his Australian hosts. They said they were sending me to Hawaii and I got off the plane and I was here! There are 500 Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, those at Camp Russell clamouring for a handshake and a chat with the PM. You can't just go yet, sir. You have to have a crack at firing one of these bad boys. (Laughs) Mate, you're the boss - you can do what you want! Mr Howard told them their efforts are doing their nation proud. The way ahead later dominating talks in Kabul with Afghan President Harmid Karzai. We remain committed, as a nation, to assisting Afghanistan in resisting terrorism, in resisting the Taliban forces. That commitment is almost certain to include a boost in Australian troop numbers. Defence Chief Angus Houston is travelling with the PM. A report into exactly how many more Australian troops could be sent

will be on his desk in Canberra shortly.

In the meantime, the Australians continue their efforts to win hearts and minds, teaching locals essential trade skills to help rebuild their nation. That goodwill is soon to be put to the test with the Taliban planning a fresh offensive within weeks. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. The mud is flying again in the multimillion-dollar divorce battle between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. The former model is now accused of making unnecessary emergency calls to police. Heather Mills proved she isn't afraid to get a little dirty with her latest publicity stunt - the animal rights activist protesting the treatment of pigs. Look at this poor breeding sow here. But it's how she and her former husband, Sir Paul McCartney, are treating each other and whether they've reached a rumoured $71 million settlement that the world really wants to know about. Well, there is no settlement, so we'll clear that now, full stop.

In a candid interview, the 39-year-old has admitted she still loved Sir Paul, but likened getting money from the former Beatle to getting blood out of a stone. Ask Paul - it is down to him. I have no idea, could be another year. And that's another year of enduring

what she describes as a hate campaign by the British media. Her battle with the paparazzi now getting her in trouble with the police, who say she has made a disproportionate number of complaints, including four emergency calls yesterday. In 10 months I've probably called them 6 times, so yesterday was just a very intense day because they were jumping on the cars and pushing me.

Fed up, she denies she's a gold-digger. I was a very successful $50,000-an-hour public speaker before I was with Paul. Instead, she sees herself as a victim of a Beatle curse. I was ridiculed the whole time I was married to Paul, as is Yoko, as is anyone who marries a Beatle. Next week the tabloids will have one more thing to criticise - Mills makes her debut on America's 'Dancing with the Stars' on Tuesday, and there's guaranteed to be plenty of mud-slinging there. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. It's one thing forgetting where you parked your car, but imagine losing it in a sinkhole. An American man was hoping to leave for work this morning, but his car wasn't going anywhere. An overnight break in a water main had opened up a sinkhole right where he'd parked it. Well, you can only laugh at it. I was like, oh, my God, you know? Getting the car out was the easy part. Now city workers have to figure out how to stop the sinkhole growing. Who said a leopard can't change its spots? Well, scientists have discovered one that's done just that. A brand-new species of big cat, the clouded leopard, has been found living in the remote Indonesian jungle. It is a very secretive cat. It spends most of its time in tree canopies on the island of Borneo, and it's not very often seen. Experts believe there could be as many as 7,000 of the animals living in the wild. The new airline security rules set to add hours to your journey - that story next. Also, remember this naughty boy from the Harbour Bridge opening? Well, we've found him. And a bold new direction for Melbourne's Grand Prix.

# So glad we made it... # and save 15% off a la carte prices. The State election is on Saturday 24 March. It's your day to be heard. But to do so, you'll need to vote at a polling place. For your nearest polling place... Whoa! ..pick up this week's 'Sun Herald', 'Sunday Telegraph' or 'The Land', or call 1300 135 736 or visit the website. Remember, voting is compulsory. Your vote is your voice. Be heard. UPBEAT MUSIC First it was 'Cars Guide' Car of the Year and 'Motor' magazine's Bang For Your Buck. Then it won 'Drives' People's Choice Award. Now, to top it off, Commodore has just been crowned

This program is captioned live. Another Federal Government minister has been forced to resign. Ageing Minister Santo Santoro today admitted he failed to properly declare his share trading activities but said there was nothing illegal or dishonest in what he'd done. It's been revealed a $44 train part is to blame for Wednesday night's commuter chaos. CityRail today promising all trains will be checked ahead of Sunday's bridge walk to avoid further problems.

And Opposition Leader Peter Debnam has all but conceded defeat in the State election after another bad opinion poll result. But some Labor Party officials have labelled the move a tactic to maintain underdog status. If you don't like turning up early at the airport for an international flight, it's about to get a whole lot worse.

Under tight new security measures being introduced at the end of the month, passengers will now need to arrive three hours before takeoff. The clear plastic bag is about to become an essential travel accessory.

Basically, if people don't want to comply with the measures they won't be travelling. As of March 31, liquids, aerosols and gels have to pass strict security checks. Containers can be no bigger than 100 millilitres and have to fit into a one litre bag. Items bought within airports' secure zones will be allowed, as will medication and baby formula. We're asking people to think about it before they leave home. If they have thought about it they won't have to surrender expensive perfume, make-up and alcohol. The regulations apply to international travel only, sparked by the terrorist plot thwarted in the UK last year. Unfortunately they really like aviation and they keep saying that, and that makes it more difficult for us so our job is to make it less appealing for them.

All carry-on luggage will be closely screened and passengers frisked at random.

Thanks very much, sir, that's fine. Extra security put in place to handle the load. The changes are expected to cause delays, at least initially. Passengers are being warned to check in three hours before take-off. Duty-free goods bought past screening points can be taken on board

but with regulations being introduced internationally, it's likely they'll be confiscated at stopover airports. One of the best options is obviously buying on arrival when they return to Australia so they don't have to actually carry the goods with them. The cost of the security upgrade will be passed on to flyers - expect another dollar to be added to the existing security charge. Amanda Fitzgerald, Ten News. The Australian share market finished the week softer after the Reserve Bank suggested

inflation could put new pressure on interest rates.

A new plan to improve road safety around schools is being trialled in Sydney's north. Teams of 10- and 11-year-olds have become Staysafe rangers, tasked with monitoring the road sense of students and parents before and after school. You can't really muck about while you're doing this because it's kind of serious because it's safety, so you kind of always have to be switched on. The rangers don't "dob", but they do write up their observations,

without naming names, in the school newsletter. The NRMA is pushing for the program to be rolled out across all NSW schools by Christmas. Remember the naughty little boy we showed you last night, caught on camera at the opening of the Harbour Bridge? Well, it seems we've tracked him down just two days before he plans to walk the bridge one more time. In this 75-year-old newsreel, which has just been released, one face above all others caught the attention of historians - this little boy misbehaving just two rows behind the official party. 78-year-old Patrick Hull thinks that naughty child is him. It'd be 99% sure it's me, yeah. His 11-year-old granddaughter saw the footage on Ten News last night. Then a 3-year-old boy,

Mr Hull attended the opening of the bridge with his older cousin Rosie. He's sure this is how he was dressed on that historic day.

Pat had a specially reserved seat because he was related to a local councillor. Rosie said, "Come on, we're going to walk across," and we got a quarter of the way and I said, "Rosie, Rosie, pick me up," and she said, "No, you're going to walk all the way across the bridge "and you're going to get a certificate to show for it." That certificate is now framed and sits in his son's home. Pat walked across the bridge when it turned 50 and a few years ago went on Bridge Climb, a gift from his family. It was a piece of cake, and it's beautiful. It's one of the nicest, most beautiful views I've ever had. And on Sunday, Pat will join his wife, Betty, retracing those steps of 75 years ago. Both will take part in the birthday bridge walk. And Pat hopes his affinity with the bridge won't stop there. I don't think it'd be possible, but, when I finally fall off the perch, I'd like my ashes thrown off the Harbour Bridge, but I don't think it'd be allowed. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Melbourne's Grand Prix could be raced at night and as early as next year. Formula 1 head honcho Bernie Ecclestone exclusively confirmed to Ten News he's putting his foot down to make it happen.

Victoria's Government House was a full house last night for the official welcome of the 2007 Grand Prix. We are very proud once again to host the opening race of the Formula 1 season. With Grand Prix chief Bernie Eccelstone in town, this year's Governor's Function has suddenly become a place to do business - serious business. And much of that business has to do with the future of Melbourne's GP. Is night racing something you seriously want to look at? Absolutely. Yeah, I think it's going to be good. Why do you think it would work so well? Well, it certainly works for us if we're very selfish in Europe because we lose about two-thirds of our TV audience and I think it would work very well for all of Asia, prime time.

Local supremo Ron Walker acknowledging it is now at the proposal stage. We're going to do some reports on it and talk to the Government about it, and if we can follow in the steps of the Australian Open Tennis and it works for us, then we might do it. Bernie a little more adamant. We'll have to see if we can make it happen. Formula One legends giving the idea a tick. It is interesting, people get these ideas. If it comes about, good. I think the race at night is alright providing someone doesn't turn the lights off. Outside on the spacious lawns, they weren't troubled by such matters. The celebrity racers having enough dramas just getting around the track in daylight. I've got it tell you - and I think you know this, you've been in the race before - how tight those cars are. The only person who looks comfortable strapped in in that confined space is Brant - but he's used to it! Yeah, I got a bit worried there.

I got trapped for five minutes and started stressing.

And you didn't even have a muesli bar in your pocket! Oh, yes I did! Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Time for a weather check with Tim

Bailey. Where you are right now is

the only place to be with today's

weather. 33 degrees, pace above.

Could anybody get a breath of fresh

air anywhere in Sydney today? I

think the answer is No.

All of this temperature staff - it

is 29 degrees on a Friday afternoon

in March - will be gone tomorrow. A

breath of fresh air courtesy of the southerly change.

Showers all over your Saturday as

we go back to the desk. I thank

goodness I am asked in the fresh

air - I know what it is like next

to Ron Wilson on a hot day. Sport now with Tim Webster and it's been a long long off-season for one particular NRL club. Yes, they're trying to end the longest losing streak in their club's history, more shortly. Also, the F1 one cars hit the track in practice for the Australian F1 Grand Prix, we'll find out who's fastest so far. And celebrating St Patrick's Day early, the Irish did a jig after an amazing last ball tie with Zimbabwe.

Until Wednesday, load up at Target's Massive Home Sale with: This program is captioned live. The new NRL season kicks off tonight with Melbourne hosting Wests Tigers and premiers Brisbane taking on North Queensland. But closer to home Sharks coach Ricky Stuart's revealed he's had to restore the confidence of his side, who haven't won an NRL game for 265 days. It might be a brand-new season, but last year continues to haunt the Sharks - a 10-game losing streak following them through the summer. It gets to the stage where you have to rebuild confidence because of the fact they haven't won for 10 weeks over the previous season.

But we've tried to eliminate a lot of that thought and instil confidence, and the way they've trained and prepared,

there's some confidence in the group. Their first test is tomorrow night against Penrith at Toyota Park. The Panthers are responsible for the ugliest memory in the Sharks' run of 10 losses, turning around a 20-point deficit last August. The last time Cronulla sang their victory song was June 24 last year, when they beat Newcastle. It's the longest losing streak in the club's history. The finger of blame pointed firmly at halves Brett Kimmorley and Adam Dykes. Stuart giving them an early shot at redemption. With the experience and ability of both these players we've got, I'm expecting them to turn up and combine well. And the first fans are arriving for season kick-off.

the NRL is set to smash its all-time attendance record of almost 170,000 fans for the opening round of competition. I think that comes down to the closeness of the comp. Fans of every team are looking at every season and thinking, "Yeah, we are a chance of winning this weekend, next weekend," and that's a good sign. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Waratahs flanker Rocky Elsom has been passed fit to play against the Stormers at Aussie Stadium tomorrow night. The Wallaby number six has made a speedy recovery following last weekend's sickening blow to the head. The incident cost Bulls centre J.P. Nel a 3-week suspension. Everything seems to be going alright. I actually recovered pretty well. I think I was definitely out at one stage but I came back pretty well and was fine since then. The Tahs are desperate to beat the Stormers in order to prevent what would be their longest winless streak since Super rugby began in 1996. Ferrari has taken just one day of the F1 season to show they're not missing retired 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher. Brazilian Felipe Massa was the quickest ahead of his new team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen. Lewis Hamilton was the surprise packet - third fastest on debut with McLaren ahead of his team-mate, world champion Fernando Alonso. But, as Mark Webber feared, he had a tough day at the office. Day one of Formula One for the new year and Grand Prix racing turned drought-breaker in Melbourne. It left the world's fastest men on four wheels slipping and sliding and spinning from one drama to the next. The world champion treated Albert Park's shiny new paint work with disdain. Mark Webber sat back and watched for much of practice before hitting the track - hitting the brakes and hitting the grass. His Red Bull gearbox called it quits and he had an early lunch. We were ready to get into everything and I had a fifth gear dog, basically. The local's mood not helped with both Williams in the top 10 even though they had their own worries. The rest pushed until they found their limits and then screeched to a halt. Toro Rosso only got the all-clear to race last night. Some may have wished they'd hadn't. COMMENTATOR: There he goes.

That was the fastest off we've seen today, I suspect. All in all, it was a filthy day for Red Bull's two teams - It wasn't much better for Renault,

world champs this year, Friday witches' hats at Albert Park. Oh, hello. But they weren't alone. Rubens Barrichello looped his Honda. Fernando Alonso pushed too hard for the fight for quick time, which belonged to the Prancing Horse. Felipe Massa on top to start '07. His time - 1 minute 27.353! The battle for pole is tomorrow at 2:00 tomorrow. Tim Hodges, Ten News. And you can see all the Grand Prix action exclusively here on Ten this weekend from 10:00am tomorrow and from 10:00 on Sunday morning. Confirmation there will be no early World Cup return for Andrew Symonds, but he's almost certain to play in the third round game against South Africa. This morning, the luck of the Irish had the Caribbean dancing - the Cup debutants somehow snatched a nail-biting last-ball tie with Zimbabwe. Sri Lanka crushed Bermuda by 243 runs, the second-biggest margin of all time. Genuine title contenders, Sri Lanka dined out on Bermuda's lightweight attack until a heavyweight contender ended Sangakarra's stay. COMMENTATOR: Is that out? Yes! Finally taken. Bermuda's giant giant-killer added another batting luminary to his growing list of victims. But in this battle of the small island nations, the locals were all at sea. The big man was the last to go - Bermuda rolled for just 78. Ireland didn't start much better against Zimbabwe.

Taken! Good catch.

The Irish riverdancing into their first World Cup. But it was an expat Aussie steadying the ship - former Sydneysider Jeremy Bray scored the second ton of this tournament. And he does it with a boundary. 103 for Jeremy Bray. 221, something to dance about.

The Irish fielding was far less inspiring. Edged again and dropped again. Zimbabwe were cruising at 1/92 before self-destructing - two run-outs and a hit wicket. The foot just slides ever so slightly. They needed nine off the last over. Then, with a ball to spare, the scores were tied. Well, a stumping. It's a tie! The debutants somehow forced just the third tie in World Cup history. Irish eyes were well and truly smiling. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow. Robbie Middleby has been named Sydney FC's player of the season, polling 19 votes from his fellow team-mates. Middleby missed part of the season with a dislocated shoulder but returned in superb form. But there was no time to celebrate -

he and the squad are focused on their next Asian Champions League match. Next week is such a massive game, I think, for Australian soccer in general, especially after our first result. I think the next game is such a massive thing for us. I'm sure we'll go into the game confident, and, hopefully, our supporters here in Sydney will come through for us. Sydney plays Uruwa Red Diamonds of Japan at Aussie Stadium on Wednesday night. Still on soccer and watch this next goal closely. We reckon you won't see another like it for a very long time. Ukrainian outfit Shakhtar Donetsk trying to knock off UEFA Cup holders Sevilla. And you can't say the striker meant to do this. Francesco Matuzalem's acrobatic, back-heel beauty winning on style points but not enough to give his side the tie. Sevilla won on aggregates. And in Sports Tonight, all the highlights from tonight's opening NRL matches, more on the F1 Grand Prix of course, remembering all the race action is here on Ten this weekend.

Time to check the traffic with Vic

Lorusso. Summer problems on the

into his pains to the toll gates?

There was a smash right near the

atolls. Unfortunately motorists are

stuck all the way back to Lane Cove.

Those delays continue all the way

back to Lane Cove West and for

motorists leaving the city will be busy this weekend it. Stay with us, Tim Bailey's all important weekend weather is next.

It doesn't get any bigger than this. Now that's a big deal. with free bullbar

Nissan's Big One. or you'll miss out big time.

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Time for a weather check with Tim

Bailey. Come on! It is there any

Bailey. Come on! It is there any

chance you could be wrong about chance you could be wrong about

tomorrow? You it might have to

trade your thongs in on today. It

will be a totally different animal

then we put up with today. You will

say same goodness after either

Mercury went to 33, 8 above. We

could not breathe, could we?

Tomorrow, the southerly change, 24

to 25 degrees and showers across

most of your day. So where does

that leave us? Tomorrow will be a

great day, but Sunday it will be

clearing, because when the breach

is 75 years of age not even a

cheeky fellow like me would rain on

eater. It will be blue and sunny as

you walk across the icon.

Cloud is building across the

tropics in a broad area of low

pressure, bringing heavy showers

and storms. That is forming across

south-west Queensland, causing

showers and storms. A cloud band is

generating cloud and rain in New

South Wales. In the Western

Australia, north easterly winds

bring hot weather, while a trough

trade is hot weather near the coast.

Storms and showers over New South

Wales contracting north, showers clearing for coastal Victoria.

Wales contracting north, showers clearing for coastal Victoria. If

you are surfing tomorrow, we wish you luck.

Had that in the Blue Mountains

turns for today. Happy birthday!

That is it from me. Have a great weekend! That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.