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Telstra adding 9 cents. The telcos were strong today,

The big banks gained ground, ANZ the only one to finish flat. the NAB finding 41 cents, BHP Billiton up by 33 cents. The miners finished in the black, as well, it rose 73. A strong performance by Woolworths for dairy products. We could soon be paying a lot more has plummeted around the country Milk production to bare the brunt of big price rises. with consumers about the never-ending drought - Another victim of in the last year, milk production has dropped over 10% of a national shortage. leaving us in the grips is exported as dairy products. Around 50% of Australia's milk The domestic market gets the rest. combined with low supplies Strong international demand is tipped to push world prices up over the next few months. between 20%-50%

in the EU and New Zealand. We have seen about a 1% reduction hasn't been growing that strongly. Our other major exporter production who will have to pay more. It's not just our trade partners are also set to feel the squeeze Australian families to rise by almost 35 cents a litre with local milk prices forecast in the next 12 months. Business owners say when they have to. they'll pass on the rise The coffee side of it that much of an increase soon, probably wouldn't see that kind of thing - but the cheeses, might take a bit of a price hike. our gourmet cheeses until 2009. There's no relief expected a while It'll take the Australian farmers and increase their milk yields, to rebuild their herds to be down about another 3% so we're expecting milk production

to 8.8 billion litres next year. Amelia Charlton, Ten News. Fashionistas were in a frenzy today, into Target stores squealing and stampeding at a bargain price. to snatch up designer chic normally worth thousands, Stella McCartney dresses, going for a song. the very thought of Stella for days. Shoppers had been salivating at Lots of clothes. Bargains, Stella bargains,

surged on the stroke of 9:00. In Sydney desperate shoppers Inside - chaos. on a fashion feeding frenzy. Like a hungry pack Here it is! There it is, there it is! in 10 minutes. Sydney's stock sold out with one item the favourite. In Melbourne it took just seven, The black trenchcoat. limited McCartney collection, The 42-piece ranges from $30 to $200 an item - with a price tag in the thousands. not bad for clothes usually fitted staff pulled in back-up stock In Brisbane, as the first lot sold out. Some left disappointed. It doesn't it. and it doesn't fit. We tried on like five things each Many now bound for eBay. what to expect tomorrow, At least Adelaide stores know exactly their Stella range goes on sale. when, after today's public holiday, to find a bargain, And there's one more opportunity set to open with the full range when Sydney's Broadway store

on April 5. to leave the husband at home. Ladies, it may be best I'll tell you that. It's an experience, Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. finally makes up his mind. Brad, Lote Tuquiri to rugby for the next five years Sandra, Tuquiri has committed from NRL side South Sydney. after rejecting a huge offer Also tonight, to defend its World Cup crown. Australia prepares

will continue to stall. Fears Mark Webber's F1 career runs dry at Indian Wells. And Lleyton Heweitt's good form Monday. 'EVERYDAY PEOPLE' PLAYS ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'S Mondays can be uphill. Mondays are hard work. more people plan holidays. And on Mondays we organise passports, At Australia Post and foreign currency. traveller's cheques, so you'll enjoy more of every day. Australia Post. Get off the phone! Yeah, I know. I need to use the Net! When can I see you next?

My brother's being a dork. No, sorry. Can you shut up? Get off the phone!

(Sighs) Yeah. Tonight's the night." (Reads) "I think I love him. Matt, I've got to go. Give it back to me! Dad! Give it to me! Fine, I'm giving it to you! Go on the computer if you want! You're SO annoying! Give it to me. This program is captioned live.

But hang on - the third prize: To enter: The 'wow' starts now, right guys? and Sports Tonignt. Thanks to Harvey Norman

to Toyota Sports Tonight. Welcome back has finally come to an end The Lote Tuqiri saga came dangerously close and rugby union to losing the dual international, decided to rebuff League's advances before Tuqiri ultimately

and stick to the 15-man game. this afternoon Lote Tuquiri in Waratahs colours for five more years and it'll stay that way the Rugby Union establishment. to the relief of all at once, within about a minute, Everybody's phones went off jumped out of their chairs, sort of, and all the staff "What's the decision?" Everyone in Union's happy about it will be infectious and I hope this positive news throughout the organisation. for the dynamic back's services Neil admitting the tug-of-war for the struggling Waratahs, had been a distraction an intense final day of negotiations. climaxing in a last ditch bid from League. As expected, and Peter Holmes a Court South Sydney's Russell Crowe

making their case. Rebecca and his mentor-adviser. We just had a meeting with Lote,

the conversation. The meeting was very productive,

pressure and pull from Union We understand the financial and we wish him the best of luck. Their efforts ultimately in vain. Tuqiri committing to a 4-year contract with another year optional which will keep him in rugby beyond the next two world cups. The deal rumoured to be worth upwards of $1 million per year, sealed within minutes of the 5:00pm deadline after almost a half year of negotiation. This was biggest contract I think Lote was ever going to sign and it was probably going to set him up for life, one way or the other. So you gotta respect that decisions of that magnitude don't come easy and you get one shot at them. So certainly, from my point of view, I respect how hard that decision must have been for Lote and the pressure on him. A points decision to Union in the eternal battle of the codes. The NRL putting on a brave face at the launch of Monday night league. I'm not really surprised with what happened today. I'm sure that he had a genuine interest in Rugby League. But other factors have swayed his decision and we'll all get on with life. Every now and then,

a marquee player will come along that you just have to have a go at. We had a go at Lote. We couldn't make it in the end. But our priority now turns back to the players we have inside the club.

Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight. Hawthorn is facing the prospect of being without Brownlow medallist Shane Crawford for its Round 1 clash with the Brisbane Lions. The veteran midfielder has been given a 1-match suspension after being reported for two separate incidents on the weekend. It wasn't caught on camera, but with Peter Bell holding his throat, Shane Crawford was always in trouble. The veteran Hawk facing a 1-match ban for striking after the incident was deemed intentional and high. Crawford was also reprimanded for striking Dockers youngster Ryley Dunne. But no charges were laid as a result of this melee, which followed the incident. Geelong midfielder James Kelly has been charged with rough conduct and offered a 2-week ban, following this hit on Lions youngster Jed Adcock, early in the third quarter of last Friday night's NAB Cup semi-final. COMMENTATOR: And I tell you, if he's staying down, you know that's not good. He might be knocked out. The incident assessed as reckless and high, and of medium impact. ?TAKE GRAB NAME: kelly incident IN WORDS: oooh' OUT WORDS: Oh, a bit more than a bump, Andy Maher. In Brisbane, the Lions are hoping powerhouse forward Jonathan Brown will make a big impact, when he returns for Saturday night's NAB Cup grand final. Brown hasn't played since round 10 last year, but is fit and raring to go. We've thought he'd be rady to play this weekend, for a few weeks now. He's been a little bit fragile lately, I guess, so I hope he get's through this week's training and he'll be ready to go. Carlton's Jarrad Waite has been pencilled-in to stand on Brown, his biggest challenge in his new role as a defender. But the Blues are confident they can complete the ideal pre-season campaign.

I think it'd great for club if we come out and have a win this week. We weren't planning on getting this far at the start. Now we're there we want to win it. The Lions already with one win this week - they've finally been able to secure their accommodation in Melbourne during the Grand Prix. Dave Adamson for Sports Tonight. Cricket's World Cup is officially under way after a colourful opening ceremony in Jamaica. And it seems the Aussies are still the team to beat. Welcome to the World Cup, calypso-style. 2,000 performers launched the 51 matches over the next 47 days, the tournament opening with some choice words at the home of reggae music. One love, one heart. Welcome to Jamaica and feel alright. And that's how the Australians say they're feeling, despite their run of losses, serious injuries and the demise of their world number one ranking. I guess it's an interesting situation for us to be in.

Probably right at the moment, we're the number two-ranked team in the world,

but we're probably favourites to win this event. So it's a bit strange. And most of Ponting's fellow captains agreed after a special photo call at Montego Bay. Any team can win the Cup. But Australia, when you look at the record for the past 10 years, I would call them still favourites. We don't see them as vulnerable in any way. I think we've got a huge amount of respect for them and, you know, we're not taking that game lightly

just because they've had a few injuries. The new world number one team is as confident as always - just don't call them chokers. That word is quite a laughable word, except when you're out eating spare ribs or something like that, you know? Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Well, it's finally happened - someone has beaten Roger Federer. The world number one suffering an early exit at the Masters Series event at Indian Wells. It was a day of upsets with Aussie Lleyton Hewitt unable to continue his winning form from Las Vegas. Federer defeated in straight sets by Argentine lucky loser Gullermo Canyas. After bowing out in the qualfiers, Canas was included into the main draw following the withdrawal of Xavier Malisse and the Argentine was clearly keen to make the most of his chances, having recently returned to game from a 15-month drug suspension. COMMENTATOR: He's got him. Wonderful play from Guillermo Canas. Canas breaking Federer early, but this Swiss master quickly got the match back on serve. The Argentine forced to save two set-points before rallying to close out the opener 7-5. He's done it. UMPIRE: Game and first set. Federer's feet strapped during the break

and he attempted to run Canas off his in the second. But the South American had all the answers. Right up the middle. The world number one's 41-match winning streak and hopes of breaking a 30-year-old Open era record eventually dismantled, as Canas bolted to a shock straight-sets win. Guillermo Canas with perhaps the biggest win of his career and certainly the biggest upset. The upsets rolled on as Lleyton Hewitt failed to continue his recent Los Vegas form. World number 100, Janko Tipsarevic, claiming a double-break in the deciding set, before defeating the former champion 6-2 to advance through to the third round. A big win for Tipsarevic. And with Federer out of the tournament it was left up to the others to replicate his style. Oh, it's brilliant - absolutely sensational. Frenchmen Michael Llodra's efforts unfortunately not enough to halt a straight-sets hiding from Tommy Haas. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. Brad, all of Australia hopes so but reality has no heart for patiotism Mark Webber has a car that doesn't agree with him. but reality has no heart for patiotism or a man who's been dealt a cruel lot of luck in recent times. And it appears reality is, once again, Mark Webber has a car that doesn't agree with him. The RB3 has a shrink wrapped body and that's causing cooling problems. Webber's former boss at Minardi, Australian Paul Stoddart, is equally concerned with the Red Bull car's preseason performance. The testing times at the moment are not good. The Red Bull doesn't look as though it has delivered the promise everybody thought it would but that doesn't mean you would right Mark off from Melbourne because it's a special place and I think if there is any place he's going to want a good result it's here. Here's Webber's GP record - 86 starts. 0 wins. Just the one podium at Monaco. But so much potential and so much praise in his time. Unfortunately, also so many DNFs. In fact, more than half of his F1 season last year was did not finish results. His former Williams team-mate Nico Rosberg, the yougest driver in the field, in Sydney today.

He says Red Bull may come good later in the year. They are struggling a little bit initially with the new car so it won't be the easiest I think but in the long term I think it won't be a problem. Well, the F1 circus rocking into town. Things are about to get extremely manic. The race can be seen here on Ten. That begins on Friday with practise. Tomorrow we'll be speaking with Mark Webber. We'll speak to him what we just spoke about, and that is how red Bull will fare this year. But now, Brad, it's back into your hands. V8s now, and Mark Skaife will have to wait to learn if his Holden Racing Team will be suspended from the Supercar championship. A long board meeting on the Gold Coast today failed to reach a decision on Skaife who must prove to the V8s ruling body TEGA that he is the sole owner of Holden's number one Supercar team. If found guilty of being in breach of the sport's licensing agreement, Skaife and his team-mate Todd Kelly could be suspended from the next round of the championship in Perth in a fortnight. Nine caution periods dominated today's NASCAR race in Las Vegas with 15 cars wrecked on the high speed, high banked oval, just north of the famous casino strip. Fortunately all drivers walked away unscathed including pole sitter Kasey Kane. Defending series champion Jimmy Johnson took the win. New Zealand Soccer has until Wednesday to prove it's capable of funding an A-League team, or be replaced by an Australian franchise. Outgoing FFA Operations Manager Matt Carroll announced this afternoon there will be no New Zealand team next season announced this afternoon next season unless a Wellington consortium can come up with $2 million. Without the necessary funding, it's very hard to run an A-League club.

So we've asked them to provide better particulars. We did that on Friday. We've still yet to receive those. So we've gone back to two of our local consortiums who are interested in A-League licences and started discussions with them. should New Zealand's bid fall short. Townsville favoured over Wollongong, in the FA Cup quarterfinals - A goal-fest

after four minutes. Spurs one up against Chelsea for Chelsea. Frank Lampard soon levelled

his hard work with an own goal. But Michael Essien reversed to Spurs just before half-time. And then Hossam Ghaly made it 3-1 Tottenham looked home for the game. until Frank Lampard bagged his second in the 85th minute, Salomon Kalou with the equaliser forcing a replay next week. Millionaire owner Lloyd Williams one of his finest moments in racing has enjoyed winning today's Adelaide Cup. with stayer Gallic The 7-year-old, two life-threatening injuries, who has survived in the $400,000 feature. started favourite Perfectly ridden by Steven Arnold, in a thrilling finish. Gallic prevailed now causing a rethink for Williams Gallic

the gelding. who had considered retiring Exalted Time finished third. Last year's Cup winner officially under way Well, with the cricket World Cup much about are the umpires. the men on the field you won't hear to officiate at the tournament. There's 16 of them appointed The best is Australian Simon Taufel. he's the guy in the background When the cricket's on

that keep the game ticking along. making the tough decisions It's very important that we succeed the back page as much as possible. and we keep umpiring off

But make no mistake, is clearly the best in the business. Simon Taufel proves it. And the ICC's annual report card on the world's elite panel, There's nine umpires but it's Taufel at number one. And daylight second. Even the fans agree. but when you walk out there That's great you're one or 10 or 110, you know, it doesn't matter whether on the day you've still gotta perform so that's where the focus is. At his Sydney home of his standing in the game. the mantle piece is proof trophies. Three ICC Umpire of the Year

And more recently official for the past 12 months. chosen as Australia's leading sports level and improve their performance As the players improve their skill the officials tend to follow suit those programs that do exit. and can tap into some of

Time at home is precious, playing husband and parent with his young family. She's just two months old. In particular little Sophie.

umpiring abroad. But Simon has spent most of that Now with the World Cup now under way two months of significant growth it'll be another before he sees her again. more than the players do. We probably travel

We're away from friends and family seven months of the year. for a bit over and it's a hard thing to do It's a tough school for four and five weeks at a time. to be living out of a suitcase We're on call all the time. There is no off-season for us. still lag well behind the players Even tougher when administrators when it comes to financial reward. its own level of compensation. But the World Cup itself brings would be a career highlight. And officiating the final will only get that chance Problem is, the game's best umpire misses a place in the decider. if Australia one game at a time, I've just got to take throughout the tournament see what happens and hope the Aussies lose. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. you inhale over 4,000 chemicals. When you smoke, mix of substances, It's a toxic, poisonous the bleach in toilet cleaner, including ammonia - in nail polish remover, acetone - the chemical benzene - found in paint stripper, used in rat poison. and hydrogen cyanide - straight into your body. And smoking delivers it (Coughs wheezily) is doing you damage. every cigarette So it's no surprise to quit. Now is the time has jackpotted to $13 million. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto CRASH! a truckload of cash! So you could win HORN BLARES New South Wales industrial laws working families have are the only protection extreme workplace changes. from Canberra's Peter Debnam But Member for Vaucluse these powers to John Howard. says he'll hand over PETER DEBNAM OVER RADIO: Let's hear that again. Hang on a second. TAPE REWINDS Can we risk Peter Debnam in the interest of NSW families? if he won't stand up to Canberra This program is captioned live. a dog eat dog kinda world, We know it's in the bizarre dog challenge. especially The invitation only event in Arizona weave pole competition, featured a one-on-one frisbee catching and a 40m sprint. Gunner the golden labrador Over by the pool, the extreme vertical jump. was eyeing off Jasper the black labrador Meantime, of winning the distance competition. was salivating at the thought He did it easily. and drooling, So for jumping, twisting, catching our Play of the Day. they've all earnt

At it is the second drooling dog

we've had over the past month. They

are very talented. Ana their record

in South Korea. The weather:

its second cyclone in a few days. WA's north has made it through and 100km/h winds. Cyclone Jacob brought heavy rain as Cyclone George, But it didn't have the same intensity and injured dozens. which killed three people The family of a woman during the first storm crushed at a rail camp is now considering legal action. the Chief Executive of Fortescue I think as

it is I who started this company, it is I who started this project, it is I who take responsibility. people during their investigation. Police expect to interview over 200 from Ten news centre And that's the latest for this Monday, March, 12. is at 6:00am. The Early News tomorrow from the Late News team, Goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully, Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.