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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - doctors forced to amputate Cynthia Banham. to save Sydney plane crash survivor, but no chase ban, Police condolences, after the death of a teenage boy. there's no alternative. They will continue,

Sydney's weather even wilder. How climate change could turn on steroids. Magnified, or current weather

for designer discounts, And the mad dash as Stella McCartney comes to Target. it's just absurd! Tearing clothes off other people, with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. is taking an increasingly heavy toll The Garuda plane crash tragedy had to have limbs amputated. with news today one survivor Cynthia Banham lost one leg Sydney Morning Herald journalist and part of the other Perth doctors have saved her life. but her family is thankful was in a bad way Doctors told us that Cynthia Banham to Perth. when airlifted out of Indonesia Now we know just how bad. After three days of surgery, received more difficult news - the 34-year-old's family has lost a leg. the dedicated marathon runner at Royal Perth Hospital The family has thanked staff for their tireless work for her recovery. and ask for more prayers survival even more remarkable. Cynthia's condition makes this man's

This is the only injury. Alessandro Bertellotti Fellow journalist on board Garuda Flight 200. was the mystery 10th Australian Now back safely in Melbourne, to the ill-fated flight. still with the ticket stub and going down too fast. We were travelling too fast

People started screaming. after the crash. This is him in the chaos Italian passport and refused help, But because he was travelling on his what had happened to him. Australian authorities were unsure because I didn't need anything I said no to a paramedic to the hospital so I didn't need to go an ambulance. for - just for a free ride in Instead he caught a cab into town hours later. and flew back to Jakarta I knew by that time who were involved in the crash that there were some Australians used with me, any second wasted for - would've been a wasted second.

to continue has ordered high-speed police chases Police Commissioner Ken Moroney

young Sydney boy at the weekend. despite the death of a pursuit should never have happened, The teenager's family claims the his officers have no choice. but the Commissioner says Campbelltown Children's Court today A team of police officers was at

over Saturday's tragedy appeared. as the 17-year-old charged

which killed a 13-year-old boy The crash brought back terrible memories. and, for Jamie Ryan,

that someone else goes through it. That it happened again, in the Macquarie Fields crash His son was killed two years ago which saw grief turn to violence.

A car's not worth anyone's life. telling kids in Macquarie Fields. That's also what he's been Righto, put my hands up, I'm caught. for six months, Even if you get locked up you're back out. Over the weekend support grieving mates he helped Father Chris Riley and says, with more help, making tragic mistakes. the youth centre can stop them Saturday night - One wrong decision on Friday night, he's dead. a police apology. The 13-year-old's family wants condolences today, They got the Commissioner's but also this pledge - These police pursuits will continue. but to continue. There's no alternative for them Every year police pursuits in New South Wales - there are more than 2,000 almost six a day. are called off, And while around 1 in 3 of those last year in a crash. more than 100 chases ended seeing it happen again The biggest worry is and say, to turn around to these other kids

"Which one of youse is next?"

7 Chris Reason was there when the

cyclone crossed the coast. How

it It was feared there would be cyclone crossed the coast. How was

massive relief operation here it It was feared there would be a

Western Australia. Cyclone Jacob has massive relief operation here in

passed without incident. The

category 1 system performed pretty

well as predicted this afternoon. It

crossed the coast line

crossed the coast line just east of

here. It was struggling to

with its official status as here. It was struggling to remain

cyclone. It did bring a lot of with its official status as a

with it, which has flooded cyclone. It did bring a lot of rain

particular roads and bridges but

overall the authorities say they are very happy with the outcome.

have been no reported structural very happy with the outcome. There

issues, no reported injuries so far.

A very different outcome to what

happened on Friday with Cyclone

George. As we know there were 3

deaths now. Now, back in hospital in

pirt with where some of the injured

were taken to, the premier Alan

Carpenter visited today. Here is

what one of the injured men

tell us after that visit. I thought what one of the injured men had to

I was going to die that day when I

I was going to die that day when I woke up, out of the being knocked

out, I thought this is it, I'm

paralysed I couldn't move. My back was like out, I thought this is it, I'm gone.

paralysed and I couldn't sort of

crawl anywhere. I thought I was gone

Also Ian, a police unit arrived from

Perth here today to launch the

investigation into those deaths. The official investigation. Back to you. has broken out A climate change bidding war and Labor try to outdo each other as the Federal Government supporting clean coal technologies.

is heating up too, The political climate predicting a Labor landslide. with new polling After weeks of dirty politics are now talking clean coal. both sides about climate change If we are serious about clean coal. we have to be serious is clean coal. The key to a cooler planet providing $100 million The Government is in Victoria's La Trobe Valley to help build a power station using coal-drying technology by a third. to cut greenhouse emissions to develop similar technologies. While Labor's promising $500 million The Greens say it's good money going up in smoke. The talk of clean coal at the moment is a lie - there is no such thing as clean coal. And all the dirty talk about honesty and standards hasn't hurt Kevin Rudd. Today's Fairfax-Nielsen poll gives Labor a landslide lead. The ALP's primary vote surged four points to 50% giving it a 61-39 two-party preferred lead. While Kevin Rudd's lead as preferred prime minister has increased.

Visiting Japan,

Mr Howard was poleaxed by the figures. Every day is a new challenge and I work harder and I walk faster.

But if Labor keeps polling like this, walking won't be enough to catch up -

he'll have to run. Weather experts are warning the cost of climate change could hit Australia sooner than expected. And the first impact could be on household insurance premiums as weather presenter Sara Grewen discovered, when she took a look at Sydney's long-term forecast. We've seen some wild weather lately.. flooding rain... hail... dust storms... thunderstorms. Climate experts say it's getting worse. If you like, we might think of it as magnified... or, you know, current weather on steroids. Global warming is increasing the severity

and frequency of bad weather. You know, the one in ten year event becomes something that we see every couple of years. That's the sort of frequency we're looking at. Sydney saw this last year. But in future, we could see this... What will hit, is the cost of preparing for extreme weather. Insurers who used past weather to calculate risk, now worry about future weather.

They've estimated twice the wind speed causes four times the damage. 25% longer storms could bring 100-year floods every 17 years. And an extra one degree of summer heat, 28% more bushfires. Experts say tougher building codes are inevitable, like cyclone roofing in Sydney.

At the moment I think the insurance sector mostly concerned with heavy rainfall events. Hailstorm is a big concern because it's so damaging. Another looming cost is that of litigation - lawsuits against councils or developers who fail to warn homebuyers of climate risks,

perhaps because they seemed too unlikely or even unthinkable.

Bondi Junction looked like it had been hit by a tornado of its own this morning. after a front of fashion followers swept through. Hundreds of bargain hunters hit Target for Stella McCartney's new range of designer clothes - stripping racks and even mannequins. # The long and winding road # So that's what her dad was singing about. The long road to the shop. VOICEOVER: Stella McCartney's Limited Edition Collection for Target. A one-time offer.

And in Sydney. (Commotion) And Melbourne.

(Yelling) Look out. You wonder why people wreck the place.

It was just like a bun fight people are wrecking mannequins, they're just tearing clothes off other people - it's just absurd. Locusts couldn't have been more efficient. how much have you got there? I've got a few things. You've got a fair load there. I hope it matches my eyes. From $30 to nothing over $200. I think it's reasonable, just not as smart as I might have expected. I'm never doing this again. They won't have to. Most bought enough to see them through climate change. Everything, everything I wanted. Unreal. I've got everything. I love being a size 16, I don't have to fight for anything. It's fabulous. At Bondi Junction they had sold out by lunchtime. Stella's happy and probably Dad too. # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # It's a full house for the Harbour Bridge's 75th birthday this Sunday.

200,000 people have registered for the bridge walk and organisers say they can't fit anyone else. If you've missed out, you're being urged to join other celebrations on the foreshore, at the Rocks and Darling Harbour. For details go to our web site and follow the links.

Ahead in Seven News - Jason Donovan's multimillion-dollar deal to kiss and tell on Kylie. Also, Morris Iemma's bid to win over Sydney's seniors. You are loved! You belong and you count! And fast food giants move slowly to dump deadly trans fat. Labor says NSW is heading in the right direction. But police say there are not enough cops to fight rising crime. And doctors say Labor has run down country hospitals. If Labor wins this election, things will only get worse.

Reverend Fred Nile says he's received death threats after declaring there should be a 10-year moratorium on Muslim immigration. The Christian Democrat leader says two party candidates have been approached on the street by men

demanding to know where he lives. Oh, well, the first one said this is to our Christian candidate. "You Christian pig." "You are dead." The Upper House MP says police have been called but he's not taking back his controversial comments. Premier Morris Iemma has made his pitch for the seniors' vote. He's promised elderly public housing residents will be rung every day to make sure they're all right and he's used his own parents to show he cares. It was a rock star reception for Morris Iemma.

Only this time, the fans were slightly older, enjoying entertainment at Senior's Week. Hello Mr Iemma. Hello. Good on you, you're doing a good job. Mama and Papa Iemma came too. You are loved! You belong and you count! The elder Iemmas are a secret weapon. Mama makes the cannelloni for campaign workers and Dad... Dad's my poster man. He's a one-man army of posters. He's out there putting up posters all over my electorate. If Mr Iemma wins, 7,000 elderly people living in public housing will receive a daily telephone call. So that there is someone thinking of them and working to keep contact with them to help them, to support them. And he'll spend $18 million on a program to treat seniors at home instead of in hospital. Coalition Leader Peter Debnam is also talking about health. He's announced a $250 million package to upgrade rundown hospitals. And Peter Debnam has responded to reports saying that he's simply given up on the election by challenging the Premier to a debate on Friday night. I'll be there at 7:30 on Friday night. I hope Morris Iemma's got the guts to turn up. The Premier has declined the offer. Fast food companies have agreed to help attack Australia's obesity crisis by adopting more healthy menus. Most, but not all, have promised to reduce dangerous trans fats which are linked to heart disease and other medical problems. They're the big guns of fast food and today they gathered to chew the fat about trans fats. Trans fats result when vegetable oil is combined with hydrogen under pressure. Used in chips, cakes, biscuits and pies, they improve shelf life and make food crisper. But experts say they're the worst fats you can eat, causing heart disease, diabetes, even infertility. It's where they increase the bad

but they also decrease the good cholesterol. Today, a first step towards reducing the risk. I'm happy to say that they've agreed today to meet again in September and by September have a plan to present to the Federal Government about how they're going to reduce their reliance on trans fats and saturated fats. But already there's dissent. KFC uses palm oil with low trans fats, and says And while fast-food companies know exactly what goes into their products,

many consumers have never even heard of trans fats or how dangerous they can be.

Have you ever heard of trans fats? Trans fats? No, I don't know. I'm really starving, I need to eat it. I do eat fries a fair bit, I guess. Are you worried about what that could do to your heart? Um, yep.

Flash flooding on a northern island of Fiji Singer and actor Jason Donovan is set to reveal intimate details of his relationship with Kylie Minogue in a tell-all book. with Kylie Minogue in a tell-all book. The 38-year-old reportedly claims

he and Kylie were set to marry in the early '90s before she left him for INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. Donovan is planning a comeback tour and new single mid year. He'll be paid a reported $2.5 million for the book. Time for sport with Matthew White, and Lote Tuqiri stays with the Waratahs. Rugby Union won the battle - he's re-signed for five years. Details shortly. Also tonight - the schoolboy who's ready to mix it with rugby league's big boys. And Calypso capers - cricket's World Cup is underway.

New South Wales industrial laws are the only protection working families have from Canberra's extreme workplace changes. But Member for Vaucluse Peter Debnam says he'll hand over these powers to John Howard. PETER DEBNAM OVER RADIO: Hang on a second. Let's hear that again. TAPE REWINDS Can we risk Peter Debnam if he won't stand up to Canberra in the interest of NSW families? Football's most wanted man has ended months of speculation about his future - by staying exactly where he is. Seven's Ben Damon joins us from Waratahs headquarters, and Ben, the Lote Tuqiri saga is finally over. It's been dragging on for more than six months now but at 5:00pm today, Tuqiri informed the Australian Rugby Union he'd be accepting their offer to remain in rugby with the Wallabies and the Waratahs. Tuqiri had a morning of meetings with team-mates and coaching staff today before his manager Les Ross and wife Rebecca joined him to talk contracts with rugby bosses. Right on deadline, worth around $1 million a year. Tuqiri agreed to a 5-year deal

It's a fantastic decision for us. but a good endorsement allows us to plan strongly for the future and allows him to get focused on our cause immediately and the World Cup after that and beyond. It's a blow for South Sydney who dug deep to get their man. Rugby league's next big thing may come from the Dragons with 17-year-old schoolboy Chase Stanley in the running to make his first-grade debut this weekend. St George Illawarra coach Nathan Brown is toying with the idea of selecting Stanley on the wing for their season opener against the Gold Coast Titans. School still comes first for Chase Stanley but it's hard not to think about rugby league when you're in the running for a call-up to the NRL. Couldn't explain it. Be a dream come true if I could play this week. We're expecting him to take part in football this year at the senior level and it's really good for him. Good too for Endeavour Sports High at Caringbah. We're really proud of Chase of our rugby league program, but it is one of 19 sports that we offer at the school and each of the sports has elite young sportsmen or women in it. The school's support allows Chase to go from student one minute to star Dragon the next, and already, he's had a taste of the big time playing against Souths in the Charity Shield. Oh yeah, it was good. I love it, hey. It was good - really enjoyed it. Endeavour has won the past three national Arrive Alive Cups, and many of Chase's mates - including Anthony Mundine's cousin Matt - are expected to one day, join him in first grade. All up, the Dragons have a dozen players here at Endeavour but they're not alone, with recruits from the Roosters, Bulldogs, Sharks and Tigers all part of the school's targeted sports program. If they've got the mental side of it, the age is no limit, especially if they've got some good senior players around them that can help them out. It's party time in the Caribbean with the Cricket World Cup officially launched ahead of the opening matches tomorrow. For the next 47 days, the world's best teams will do battle ahead of the final in Barbados on April 28. It is my honour and privilege to declare this, the ninth tournament of the ICC Cricket World Cup officially open! Aussie captain Ricky Ponting says his side doesn't care about losing the number one ranking. Our team doesn't pay any attention to that whatsoever. We're wholly and solely focused on this World Cup and playing our best cricket we've played for a while through this world cup. Australia's first game is against Scotland on Thursday.

Roscoe just before I leave you. I know we have

know we have got a lot of racing

fans who want to know if the Holden

racing team is resolve ofed It's

dragging on at least we know

dragging on at least we know what Lote is doing He is staying in rugby. Checking finance now and the share market posted strong and consistent gains today. with all sectors up on Friday's close. Change retail stocks were hot - Supermarket chain Woolworths and clothing giant Billabong both up around 3%. Sara has the weather details after the break live from Sydney Aquarium.

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Good evening. I'm at Sydney Aquarium with the stars of Lulie the Iceberg - a multimedia puppetry show about the journey of a young iceberg from Greenland to Antarctica. The show was actually adapted from a picture book written by Princess Hisako of Japan. Bringing it to the stage was quite a feat. It was developed and workshopped in Sydney and Tokyo over the past 12 months and comes to life with 100 handcrafted shadow puppets alongside Australian actors and dancers. Well after a warm and sunny weekend it was quite cool in Sydney today. Not much in the way of rain, just a few light showers in the far west and mountains. Cloudy skies kept tops well below average in most suburbs. On the charts, Tropical Cyclone Jacob can be seen nearly crossing the coast

But the ridge along the coast is

weak evening with warmer northerly

easterly winds developing over the

country at the weekend. Around the

country, Brisbane, 28, fine in

Canberra and Melbourne, becoming finer in Adelaide

finer in Adelaide and Perth with

showers and storms across the

tropic, the Sydney, winds will be from

from the south-east reaching 30

knots early tomorrow morning..

We could have a shower or two in the

city tonight and in the morning but

it should clear to a partly cloudy day with a top of 23

day with a top of 23 degrees. It will be much the same for the rest

of Sydney with maximums of 23 to 24

degrees, another chilly one in the

mountains, 17. Looking ahead, it

should be fine on Wednesday should be fine on Wednesday and Thursday. before an unsettled weekend with isolated showers redeveloping. Lulie the Iceberg is showing at Sydney Theatre until March 18.

Let me introduce you to some of

Let me introduce you to some of my new friends, this is Lulie and this

is Moya favourite. A show about a

iceberg, it has got to be different. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross, thanks for your company. Goodnight. iceberg, it has got to be different. That's

She is the ex-best friend wanting the truth to be told. He is the private investigator at the centre of Mercedes Corby's lies but tonight proves her wrong. And this is our reporter Bryan Seymour as it unfolds who's been investigating the story And reveals how Schapelle Corby has been serving time in Bali. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Anna Coren.

The photos, the truth and the real story in just a moment. Also tonight - is it any wonder our kids are struggling at school when you see how student teachers are failing the most basic of tests. Plus, the new mortgage, it will allow everyone the chance to get into the property market and own their own home. But first, you may have read reports over the weekend that accused Today Tonight of ambushing Mercedes Corby, the sister of convicted drug smuggler, Schapelle Corby.

It was alleged a private investigator impersonated a foreign affairs official and misrepresented one of the victims of last week's Garuda air disaster in Java... Liz O'Niell. We were accused of manufacturing a cheap stunt to gain access to Mercedes Corby. This is a complete fabrication -

a total distortion of exactly what took place. It's true Today Tonight has wanted to talk to Mercedes ever since she refuted claims by former best friend Jodi Power that she smuggled drugs into Bali and that her mother Rosalie transported drugs interstate. The next day Mercedes denounced Jodi's claims on another network