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(generated from captions) I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean to. (Sobs) I said I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. (Taylor whispers) Stephanie... Stephanie. Are you OK? Oh, I'm fine. Yeah. now? Did you remember something? What were you thinking about just No. Well, yes. Well, I mean, I was remembering a... Listen, my childhood, er... than any other child's. ..was really no different the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. remembering Billy Thorpe - the man... Tonight - A great guitar player and faster than anybody. who wanted to play louder, higher He had the Olympic sort of spirit. It'll take us a while. ..the music... think that I'm crazy. # (Sings) # Most people I know ..the magic... just sitting up there going, I know he's one day." "I told you I'd get 'em all, and we'll miss you. We love you, Billy, Good evening.

market survived the China plunge. Also tonight, how the Aussie share

Also, taken by surprise -

that lashed the nation's capital. the freak storm And singer Paulini in court gets jail time. as her rugby league boyfriend ost people thought he was crazy, But first this evening, even a little hazy,

immense impact on Australian rock. but there was no doubting his

to a massive heart attack in Sydney Billy Thorpe falling victim this morning, which spanned five decades. ending a dazzling career are invited to his funeral on Sunday. Devastated fans alike woke to the news Around Australia friends and fans our music industry had died suddenly. that one of the powerhouses of shortly after midnight, Suffering chest pains his home in Sydney's eastern suburbs he was rushed by ambulance from to St Vincent's Hospital, a massive heart attack around 2:30am. where he suffered despite all the expertise, It's one of those things that, despite all the high-end equipment to resuscitate patients, that we have on hand to what is humanly possible. sometimes there's a limit

what a successful muso does - He'd been busy doing playing gigs around the country, treating fans to some acoustic sets very loud rock'n'roll, as well as his trademark his most famous song of all. including (Sings) # Most people I know # Think that I'm crazy. # was that Billy - What most people didn't know

dancing around on any stage - the most robust 60-year-old had a heart condition. he had a bit of a problem TRecently he found some treatment for it and he was having and he really should have gone in there and got a bypass. at a benefit concert Billy organised and performed Lobby Lloyd late last year, for cancer-stricken former Aztec other music mates in need of a hand just as he'd done for like Ted Mulry and Pete Wells. that circumstance like this It's unfortunate that we have a community that make us realise the community rally around and it's wonderful to see the way it has. a Moroccan-themed album He'd also just wrapped up called 'Tangier'. it probably will be his finest work. It's a magnificent album and to hear some of that new music And we'll probably get the chance

at Billy Thorpe's funeral, a yet-to-be-confirmed venue which will be held at

in Sydney this Sunday at 4:00. a procession of Oz rock royalty Fans welcome to join what will be paying their respects. A memorial concert also on the cards. I know somewhere down the road, and messages that are coming in now, I know with all the calls

massive farewell to Billy Thorpe. somewhere there's going to be one # It's almost summer. # Angela Bishop, Ten News. across Sydney tonight. Violent storms are causing havoc Lighting has forced the suspension to Wollongong. of all peak-hour CityRail services Lightning strikes have also hit

in Heathcote. a railway bridge and a building has been taken to hospital And a 52-year-old man at Narellan. after he was hit by lightning from the south-west this afternoon, The cell moved in across large parts of Sydney. dumping heavy rain the city's inner west. Winds up to 120km/h were recorded in And in the south west, after local flooding a dozen cars have been submerged without power. with up to 10,000 houses

In the south-west they've been

power blackouts and traffic signals

are out. Flash flooding and

lightning strikes. We had 47 mm in

about an hour and schools flooding.

What best illustrates it's the

radar. Cells moving from the south

to the east at the moment of and

while there's no current

thunderstorm warning for the metropolitan area there are cells

still active and we think more

storms cells will move west of the

Rangers and across the base and it

tonight several be Morse storms

active tonight from the south to

the north. There's more rain in six

months that the the morale in the

last two days and in the last six months. its most violent storm in 20 years - And Canberra has been hit by across the national capital. hail and flooding causing chaos It came with little warning - thousands of tonnes of hail, a storm dumping and blocking many streets. damaging homes and buildings It just covered the road, man. that's just totally stuck. And there's a bus

came to a standstill. Public transport came off second best. Drivers who tried their luck

My friend came to pick me up and we're stuck behind this bus here in the ice for the night now. so I guess we're stuck put the ice to good use. Some of those caught by a freak super cell - The hailstorm was caused for almost two decades - the first one in Canberra by surprise. and it caught the experts The storm lasted just 20 minutes were still cleaning up the icy mess. but residents this morning It was hail bigger than golf balls the windows. and it was banging against anything like it in Canberra. Very, very loud - never heard the Australian National University, The hail caused so much damage at the campus was shut down. Schoolkids had no such luck - forced to battle their way through the ice. Canberra is bracing for more storms tonight and for the rest of the week. But another ice dump is unlikely. James Boyce, Ten News. League star Wes Naiqama will be jailed for two days a week for the next year, for driving while disqualified. The future of the St George player now under a cloud. The sentence couldn't have come at a worse time for Naiqama, just over a fortnight before the start of the league season. He'll now miss crucial mid-week training after a magistrate sentenced him to 12 months jail. His two days a week periodic detention starts next Wednesday.

The disqualified driver was photographed behind the wheel last November. He was driving his girlfriend, 'Australian Idol' star Paulini, home from hospital.

His on-again-off-again partner was there to support him today as the court heard Naiqama drove her car because she'd gone under anaesthetic that day. His counsel telling the court: Exactly what that medical procedure was remains a closely guarded secret. Naiqama's barrister asked that it remain confidential, saying only that it caused him considerable emotional distress. But the magistrate showed little regard for that, saying that Naiqama simply drove when he shouldn't have.

Also remarking, the league centre has shown a cavalier attitude for previous sentences handed down by the court. This is his fourth offence of driving while disqualified. The magistrate also cancelled his licence for another two years, till 2015. His club is yet to decide what punishment it might dish out for this and his alleged involvement in a Kings Cross brawl last December. Evan Batten, Ten News.

A wild ride for investors as stock markets tumble around the world. The sell-off started in China and quickly spread. Australian shareholders stopped short of hitting the panic button, amid predictions the downturn will be short-lived. A sea of red on Australia's share market register as investors bailed out at the opening this morning. The instant sell-off overwhelmed online share trading systems. The All Ords dropped almost 3.5% within minutes, the biggest fall since the September 11 shock five years ago. They certainly shouldn't be spooked or scared, but I am aware that the Australian market has fallen but I am also aware that it is still up by about 19% over the last year. Investors told by the Government to focus on the economy's underlying strength and not to panic. Mate, who knows? I don't know - God knows, maybe - I don't think the experts know - we'll see tomorrow, I think. Probably a week or so it might last, not more than that. It's just a correction I would think. Supporting that theory, what happened on the Chinese market today. Its 9% drop of last night wasn't repeated. So this correction is very, very healthy and the fact that the share market in China has flattened out today is probably the best thing that we could have hoped for. Today's market wobbles aren't set to continue in the long term as long as major economies like the US and China remain strong. But share market watchers warn volatile trading is likely over the next few days. The Treasurer confident we can shrug off the turmoil. Australia being one of the strongest performing economies in the world is of course well-braced to deal with those shocks that may be coming from overseas. The All Ords down 2.7% for the day. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. If you thought the disruption caused by Dick Cheney's visit was terrible, you ain't seen nothing yet. A one-off public holiday has been confirmed for Friday September 7 in Sydney, and it'll cost business more than $300 million. Sydney shut down, again. It was chaos when Dick Cheney was in town. This time the pay-off is a long weekend. The Asia Pacific Economic Summit on Friday September 7 declared a public holiday for our city, but not all of the State.

21 world leaders, including the US President, will arrive. That means 35 VIP planes, 300 motorcades, 3,000 police. We're told it's a chance to showcase our city. It's just that we won't be allowed to use it, and $327 million in revenue will be lost. That's not insignificant but, as I said, we see it as a big picture that there will be economic benefits for Sydney if we get in right in terms of APEC. For those losing money, they haven't got it right. Figure this out some way without ruining families, small businesses and the Australian economy. It's bloody disgusting, especially when you've got a small business and you're trying to get out there and service your customers. Greater Sydney will get the day off, from the CBD out to Penrith and Campbelltown. Authorities are keeping the full extent of road closures on Friday under wraps but we know the Harbour Bridge and Tunnel will be closed for some time, as will the Eastern Distributor. Getting to and from the airport almost impossible, with no access to parts of the M5. With major trackwork on several city rail lines to coincide with the closure of main arterials like the bridge on that weekend, government officials insist they had no option but to call for the long weekend.

Business leaders say Sydneysiders should take the chance to get away

and support the State's tourism economy. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport, and our World Cup cricket side is on its way to the Windies. Yes, but there was more controversy as they left. The team's build-up has been the subject of plenty criticism. Ahead, Ian Chappell tells why it's more than just the preparation that's affecting our chances. Plus, an Aussie keeper's nightmare day in the F.A. Cup and a huge price fetched for a sporting collectors' card. The trivial insult that allegedly led to a gypsy's brutal murder - that's next. Also tonight, the Education Minister accuses Kevin Rudd of sneaking a peak at her work. He talks about his education revolution. Naughty boy - you stole that idea didn't you? LAUGHTER And fast food fury - Prince Charles launches an extraordinary attack on McDonald's. Big deep breaths. As nurses, we're trained to look after patients, not negotiate individual contracts. Off to theatre, eh? You'll be fine, sweetheart. You're going to be fine. (Men clap and chant) Hey, it's Gilly! Look! Hey, Gilly! (All chant) # Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land... # (Chuckles) See you later. Thanks for stopping, Gilly. What do you reckon? A few intelligent molecules might've helped. Eh? You blokes should've been using this. Castrol Magnatec's unique formulation contains intelligent molecules that actively seek out and bond to the areas where they're needed most. Any chance of a lift, matey? Could you get us any tickets? Could get you a ticket for a flight home if you like. Wednesday. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'S 'EVERYDAY PEOPLE' PLAYS It's the pivot. It's all downhill from Wednesday. Our international couriers letters and documents, Australia Post. VOICEOVER: With a State Liberal government, BUZZ This program is captioned live. An insult has been blamed as the trigger for a brutal murder on the Central Coast. Five members of a gypsy family standing trial over the 2005 killing at a caravan park. Three generations of one family, all gypsies from England, all accused of involvement in a brutal murder. 20-year-old Adam Jones Jnr, his parents, Adam and Lydia, and grandparents Sam Snr and Elizabeth are charged over the killing at this caravan park on the Central Coast in 2005. The victim, 34-year-old Bill Smith, was allegedly attacked with hand axes, machetes, a samurai sword, It's claimed another attacker pointed a handgun at Smith's relatives to stop them intervening. He's still on the run. The two gypsy families had been drawn together by the marriage of Adam Jones Jnr to the victim's niece. But the relationship soured

after a rude remark about who the Smith family's daughters might marry. The jury told, in the gypsy culture, that's considered an insult, the parties agreeing to sort it out with a fist fight in the morning. But the court was told the Jones family began amassing weapons and by 2:00am Bill Smith was dead. All the Joneses except Lydia are facing murder charges for their alleged involvement in the killing. The Crown alleging Lydia was an accessory after the murder, by wiping down the weapons and harbouring her relatives. The trial, in front of Justice Terry Buddin, is expected to last several months. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A martial arts instructor who raped then killed a real estate agent has been jailed for at least 22 years. Shaoyi Liu lured Lorelle Makin by arranging a home inspection in Melbourne. After strangling her, he told a psychologist he should be executed, like he would have been in his birthplace, China. The victim's family agreed.

I reckon the bastard should be sent back home and do what they do to them back there -

what they should be doing here. Liu was described in court as a lonely man obsessed with violent pornography. His sentence extended because of fears for the community. Claims tonight Kevin Rudd's education revolution isn't so revolutionary after all. The Government claims he has ripped off the slogan from Mark Latham and cobbled together a national curriculum policy a lot like theirs. It was back to school for Kevin Rudd as he unveiled chapter three of his education revolution. The pupils not too sure who he was. BOY: Are you Labor? I'm leader of the Labor Party. And the leader is proposing a national curriculum board to focus on maths, science, English and history from kindergarten to Year 12. Prime Minister, why, after years and years of talk, has the Government failed to deliver a national ciriculum

for Australia's schoolchildren?

I thought it was Julie Bishop's plan, actually. LAUGHTER And the Minister scolded Mr Rudd for, well, sneaking a peek at her work. He talks about his education revolution. Naughty boy - you stole that idea, didn't you? LAUGHTER AND JEERING But, wait, there's more... Mr Rudd will have to go to the naughty corner, she says, because he pinched somebody else's slogan. Guess what - somebody's back in vogue. What did you learn today 'Creating an Education Revolution', by Mark Latham.

The State and Federal education ministers will discuss a national curriculum in April.

Julie Bishop welcomes federal Labor's support but says it would not stand up to the teachers' unions, who she blames for blocking the process. The Shadow Minister admits there is resistance, but it can be overcome. Some of the States and Territories do have reservations. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Is there much more I'll become? The

absolute latest is the storms are

rebuilding across the mountains and

will slip into town later this

evening. The south-west completely

cocked up with blackouts and

lightning and floods. The damn it

now has had the 18 mm since this

morning. Tam worth had it for 10 mm.

Tomorrow it looks like a fairly

similar pattern - blues guy early

in the piece and then its humidity

and the late storms across the city

in the after man. It was a

brilliant blue day for most of it

until at the clouds started to roll

in. There was thunderstorm activity

right across. But no problem with

air pollution today. Tomorrow at

late thunderstorms again.

A powerful landslide crashes into buildings in San Francisco - that's next. And stripped bare - rave reviews for Harry Potter's daring stage debut. You're almost convincing yourself that you can get away... or get by without them,

but, um, not true. I was a bit late putting today's patch on after my shower. I think it got to 10 o'clock and then I got a craving, and I was so surprised by that. I thought, "Oh! I haven't put my patch on." Nicabate's unique clear patch delivers therapeutic nicotine for 24-hour protection against cravings. Don't forget Max. Ugh! That's $7.50, thanks. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # Try Head & Shoulders. Its moisturising formula It's complete care for your hair and scalp. This program is captioned live. A powerful landslide has crashed into buildings in San Francisco. 150 people were evacuated when the rocks and mud slammed into a block of units around 3:00am. No-one was hurt. The slide cracked a water main, flooding a nightclub featuring exotic dancers, but the manager says everyone had just left. Authorities are trying to work out what caused the landslip. Locals have been told they can't return to their homes because the foundations are no longer secure. US Vice-President Dick Cheney has survived an assassination attempt in Afghanistan. A Taliban suicide bomber targeted the us military base where he was staying, killing 20 people outside the main gate. The Vice-President was rushed to a bomb shelter but just two hours later

he was meeting with the country's President Hamid Karzai. Cheney's visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan was seen as an attempt to ramp up military pressure on Iran

over its nuclear program. A hailstorm has delayed the next shuttle mission. Hailstones the size of golf balls battered the 'Atlantis' on its launch pad at Cape Canaveral,

leaving thousands of dents. The worst damage was on the fuel tanks. The shuttle will be rolled back into its hangar on the weekend for repairs. The planned March 15 launch will be put off until late April, putting more pressure on NASA's tight schedule

to complete construction of the International Space Station. Prince Charles has launched an extraordinary attack on fast food giant McDonald's, calling for it to be banned. It comes as British welfare authorities allowed

a shockingly obese 8-year-old boy to remain with his mother. Mum Nicola McKeown and her obese son Connor can breath easy knowing he won't be taken in to state care. Connor's weight igniting a heated debate in the UK - is child obesity a form of neglect? You can't take a child away from the family who he believes haven't done nothing

or haven't been physically or mentally abusive to him. The 8-year-old is three times the weight of a healthy child his age. Experts fear he could be dead from health complications by 30, prompting social workers to give this ultimatum to his 35-year-old mum at Christmas - if Connor didn't lose weight, she'd lose him. That meant a radical diet overhaul - no more snacking every 20 minutes. Gone are sausages, puddings, chips, biscuits and chocolate,

replaced with healthier alternatives and exercise. I just keep telling him, "Get out of the fridge and hold on - wait till meal time," and stuff, but at the end of the day, he was born hungry.

He's always been hungry.

The lifestyle change paying off, with Connor starting to shed kilos and social workers allowing him to stay at home. Meantime, Prince Charles has reportedly criticised McDonald's while touring the United Arab Emirates, where diabetes is a major health problem. The avid organic farmer was heard asking a nutritionist, "Have you got anywhere with McDonald's? "Have you tried getting it banned? That's the key." It appears his views aren't shared with the Queen, who's visited a McDonald's drive-thru,

or his son, Harry, caught recently biting into a McDonald's burger. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A teenage girl, promised to settle a poker debt in Pakistan, is appealing for police protection. 17-year-old Rasheeda has become known as the 'poker bride'. She was only a one year old when her father lost $200 in a poker match and offered to hand over his daughter. The teenager's father is now dead and her mother says she repaid her husband's debt but the man who won the game is trying to claim the girl as a bride for his son. Tribal elders are threatening to kidnap her. The boy wizard Harry Potter is all grown up. The movies' 17-year-old star Daniel Radcliffe won a standing ovation

when his new play, 'Equus' opened in London last night. The teenager has been in the headlines because he appears nude and smokes on stage. We've had some pretty hard-core fans backstage... stage door, and they're all, you know, all been really supportive and lovely about it - which is good. The West End show is the hottest ticket in town - Hollywood star Christian Slater among the young actor's fans. I think 'Harry Potter VII' - he's completely naked throughout the whole thing, so this is just a precursor to that, you know. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling missed the opening night but is planning to see the play. A British pop star has given a new meaning to the term 'mile-high club'.

Jay Kay, the lead singer of Jamiroquai, was a hit with air hostesses even before his record-breaking performance at 37,000 feet. The band managed to break six records during the flight to Athens, including the highest and fastest concert in the world. We look back on the brilliant career of rocker Billy Thorpe next. Also tonight, the grim toll of land clearing - the millions of native animals expected to die. And nothing to sneeze at - how the common cold could help in the treatment of breast cancer. To celebrate sponsorship of the ING Renault F1 Team, take out an ING Direct savings or mortgage product and you have the chance to win Find out how at: REPUBLICA'S 'READY TO GO' PLAYS # Your T-shirt # Always love the one you hurt # VOICEOVER: The all-new Astra TwinTop. # I'm back, yeah # I'm standing on the rooftops

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Get into your Nissan dealer or you'll miss out big time. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - violent storms are causing havoc across Sydney.

Lightning has forced the suspension of all peak-hour CityRail services to Wollongong and a 52-year-old man has been taken to hospital after being hit by lightning at Narellan. Rugby league star Wes Naiqama will be jailed for two days a week for the next year, for driving while disqualified. His singer girlfriend Paulini was in court

when the punishment was handed down. And a public funeral service will be held on Sunday for Billy Thorpe. The legendary Australian rocker died this morning from a massive heart attack. But he leaves behind a legacy of music spanning five decades. Although Billy Thorpe was born in England in 1946, he'll forever be one of the pillars of Australian rock. Settling in Brisbane as a child, his professional career began aged 10 on a TV show. But this is how the pop world first got to know him and his Aztecs. In 1964 they had four singles in the top 20 at the same time - hits like 'Poison Ivy' and 'Over the Rainbow'. (Sings) # Somewhere over the rainbow. # BY 1972 he had a new group of Aztecs and they were about to make Oz rock history with this blistering performance at the Sunbury Festival and the debut of a song that would become an anthem. (Sings) # Most people I know # Think that I'm crazy. # And we were almost given the chance to relive that magical musical moment -

in late 2005 Thorpie returned to Sunbury to start thinking about a 35th anniversary concert that would have taken place this year. If you can use the site, what makes it different is you're recreating the festival where it actually happened. People lost their virginities here, you know what I mean? I've met three people who were conceived here while I was playing, you know. Back then, parents had to lock up their daughters, but in 1993 when Billy returned after 18 years in the US, he simply said now it was time to lock up the mothers as well. He wrote an autobiography, 'Sex, Thugs and Rock'n'Roll', and then had the brilliant idea of staging a little concert

that went on to be the hugely successful Long Way to the Top. Whether people like our music or not whether they were into pop music, or whatever, we represent a better time in peoples' lives. Most... (Crowd Sings) # Most people I know # Think that I'm crazy. # Small man, big personality, great talent, great guitar player - wanted to play louder and higher and faster than anybody. He had the Olympic, sort of, spirit in him. It'll take us a while. I know he's just sitting up there going "I told you I'd get 'em all, one day." We love you, Billy, and we'll miss you. Billy Thorpe is survived by his wife Lynne and children Rusty and Lauren. He was 60. A nervous wait for investors tonight as they wait to see what will happen tomorrow after a day of dramatic stock losses around the world. The All Ords dropping 161 points after opening with the biggest fall since the September 11 attacks. Woolworths was one of the rare stocks that was in the black today. The common cold is no longer something to sneeze at. Australian researchers have found the virus offers a potential breakthrough

in the treatment of breast cancer. For most of us, the common cold is a miserable annual nuisance but, for women diagnosed with breast cancer, Coxsackie virus could be a blessing. I've been able to show in culture and also in mouse models that it's able to kill breast cancer cells. The virus, which naturally targets the cancer cells, not only provides a potential cure for one of Australia's biggest killers, but also a treatment far less harrowing than chemo and radiotherapy which also destroy normal body cells. It shouldn't cause the debilitating nausea, vomiting and hair loss. It should be similar to what you'd see in a natural infection. Cancer survivor Karen Berry endured six months of conventional therapies,

and says the ordeal was frightening.

The thought of having a bit of a sore throat, a bit of a cold or a cough seems so simple compared with going through that treatment and no guarantees at the end of it. Coxsackie virus has also effectively treated melanoma.

Researchers are hoping for similar results with other forms of cancer. Unfortunately, due to a lack of money, this potential new treatment is a long way from replacing chemo and radiotherapy but it is among many breakthroughs the various cancer councils are hoping to fast-track by pooling their resources under a united fund. We've agreed on a national plan and later in this year we'll be announcing a couple of huge funding projects which we need more money for of course to try and hurry up some of this research. Clinical trials are the next costly step. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. A frightening forecast from environmentalists if land clearing continues in NSW. For the first time, a wildlife death toll has been estimated. They're cute, and tough. Our native animals fight for their lives every day, battling feral pests and weeds, drought and climate change. But they can't beat bulldozers. A new Worldwide Fund for Nature report claims in NSW, over a period of seven years, a staggering 104 million native creatures have died, or will die

because of land clearing. The breakdown: All killed if the land allocated for clearing by the State Government is levelled. Most of the species, most of the individuals within cleared areas die within a week or two of the clearing taking place. There is nowhere else to go. The report suggests, if we continue clearing land at this rate, the number of native mammal species will drop from 130 to 53 by the year 2038. But the Government says that won't happen. Much of the vegetation allocated has not been destroyed, and the Premier has committed to end broad-scale land clearing. In the last 16 months, there's been some 300,000 hectares of native vegetation that have been saved and that helps in the effort to save the planet. But environmentalists say it's not enough. NSW has already lost 60% of it's vegetation anyway. It's unrealistic to think we can afford to lose too much more. We have to start putting some of that back. For their sake, if not ours. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

It seems very tropical with fees

storms every afternoon. There were

severe thunderstorms rolling in off

the Rangers and their heavy rain

across many areas. There were power

blackouts and lightning strikes.

There are storms for me across the

mountains now and there will come across the city tonight.

Speaking of storms - funder will

erupt here at the football stadium.

His this get buck he's my personal body builder. Ahead - skipper Mark Gasnier's thoughts on his new-look rivals. Also, our World Cup cricketers fly out, and Aussie great Ian Chappell didn't hold back on what's wrong with the team. Plus - the absolutely staggering price paid for a sports collectors' card. You won't believe what it fetched. the difference has added up. HESTA, the industry super fund for health and community services. One more level and I'm there. Entice 'em to the table with KFC's Wicked Mix Pack - all your family's favourites, plus 10 irresistible Wicked Wings, for a wicked night in. KFC's Wicked Mix Pack. # Can't beat that taste. # This program is captioned live. Australia's cricketers are on their way to the Caribbean tonight, confident of retaining the World Cup, despite poor lead-up form. But former Australian captain Ian Chappell believes

our problems will continue due to a combination of bad preparation and arrogance. Setting off to complete Australian cricket's summer trilogy, the Aussies looking to add a World Cup to a campaign that's already yielded the Ashes urn and Champions Trophy. It doesn't get any bigger than a World Cup, so if we can't lift ourselves up and play some good cricket in this, then we never will. Adam Gilchrist still on family leave - he'll join the squad in time for the first warm-up match, against Zimbabwe on Tuesday. The skipper convinced

he's leading a team that deserves tournament favouritism, despite its recent hiccups. I'm not that fussed that we're going in having lost our last five games. I think that should be able to bring out the best in the players. Plenty of confidence internally, but the mood among some ex-players is anything but - former Test skipper Ian Chappell the most vocal critic, blaming Australia's recent form slide on poor preparation and a lack of respect for their opposition. There was a combination of arrogance and stupidity during the Commonwealth Bank series. Casualties too - Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds both carrying injuries onto the plane today. Symonds insisting he's on track to return against South Africa on March 24. Yeah, it's really good. It's ahead of schedule. But Chappell believes it's a risk Australia can't afford to take. I think Andrew Symonds is going to go to the World Cup - if he makes it - as a much-diminished cricketer. The best of Symonds winning him a start in Australia's greatest-ever one-day team, announced last night. Steve Waugh its captain, Ponting his deputy. It'd be an easy side to captain. There's some great players there.

Gilchrist chosen to open the batting with Mark Waugh,

Dean Jones and Michael Bevan in the middle order, Shane Warne the spinner, complementing a pace trio of Lee, Lillee and McGrath.

No Allan Border, with Greg Chappell 12th man. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. The Rabbitohs boasting star recruits David Kidwell, Roy Asotasi and Nigel Vagana in their first outing in the red and green. I think definitely it's the strongest side they've been able to field for... I don't know my history too well... but a long, long time. All up, Souths will field seven Test players to the Dragons' four. And news just in - the Gold coast Titans have announced they've pulled out of the bidding frenzy for Lote Tuqiri. Meanwhile, Australian rugby's highest paid player Matt Giteau admits his form isn't up to scratch as he prepares for a showdown with Waratahs whiz-kid Kurtley Beale.

Earlier this week Beale was full of confidence and not fazed by lining up against Giteau on Friday night.

And Matt is not surprised. I don't think he should be too fazed the way I played on the weekend. There's aspects I've my game that I could have worked on. Obviously field goals aren't in my repertoire at the moment. there's just little things I've got to work on. But after missing a match-winning field goal last weekend, Giteau showed today, at a sponsor's promotion, he hasn't totally lost his touch. Newcastle Jets midfielder Nicky Carle has capped a superb A-League season

by taking out the prestigious Johnny Warren Medal for the Players' Player of the Year. The Jets star finished ahead of Melbourne Victory trio Daniel Allsopp, Kevin Muscat and Archie Thompson. Look, it's a great honour and a great privilege, considering the players that are in the Hyundai A-League so I'm very grateful for the award and I'm very happy. Melbourne didn't walk away empty-handed, though. Allsopp took out the Golden Boot Award and Ernie Merrick Coach of the Year. A nightmare match for young Aussie goalkeeper Adam Fedarici in Redding's fifth round F.A. Cup rematch with Manchester United. After starring in last weeks 1-1 draw against the Red Devils, the 22-year-old from Nowra on the NSW South Coast just couldn't deny United. Federici conceded three goals in the opening 5 minutes to give Man U a 3-0 lead. Reading fought back but fell one short, Manchester United through, 3-2. Meantime, four players have been suspended following the ugly stoppage-time brawl that marred Chelsea's League Cup final win over Arsenal.

The Holy Grail of baseball cards has been sold for a record $2.97 million. The legendary 1909 card featuring Honus Wagner was once owned by ice hockey great, Wayne Gretzky. The new owner is a sports collector who wants to stay anonymous. It was last sold seven years ago for $1.6 million. The cards used to be included in cigarette packets but there are only 60 in existence featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates short-stop. He stopped tobacco companies using his image because he was worried it would encourage children to smoke. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight we look ahead to the NBL grand final and Eddie Jones talks about his hopes for Andrew Walker at the Queensland Reds.

You've managed to get up in the

chopper despite the storms. Our

friends trying to get back to the

south-west around trouble. Take a

look to the right that's a storm

water gorge overflowing. You can

imagine what it's doing to local

roads are. This is Campbeltown road.

Their local power failures and

traffic lights are working properly.

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A some might I think it team has

been to the Sylvester Stallone at

school of body-building but you'd

have been put to shame. A there

have been thunder and lightning and

is going to be some fund a and B

hits here on Friday night. Well

it's one of the big games of the

season. It could to get everyone

talking about rugby again. We had a

slow one but it's the recipe a for

a good battle. They tell me you're

a magnificent singer. What's

happened with this club song? At

last the Waratahs RS have a club

song. Let's look at the board says.

Please explain. Is that music? When

do know every single word of it. We

spend every are we spent lots of

time on it. If you'd like to see it

you can now download it. A Tel-Me

does it take long? You're saying

what happened out Campbeltown wave.

Flash flooding lightning strikes

flooding that reason and taking

cars without. The 47 mm of rain at

in some areas. A more thunderstorms

building over the mountains at the

moment and I'll sneak across the

basin later tonight. Here's your backyard.

Cloud is forming in moist air east

of a trough. A lingering trough

will cause further at showers and

storms in the south-east mainly in

northern NSW. Showers and storms in

northern and eastern NSW,

Queensland and Tasmania. Heavy

showers in the tropics. By a huge

crowd is expected at the stadium.

There are special buses from Martin

plays, Circular Quay and other

places are coming straight here. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.