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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Valentine's Day tragedy. his wife's lover in a small NSW town. A man suspected of gunning down Sex shop raids - and drugs in Kings Cross. police seize child pornography

And commuter chaos leaves train passengers stranded. as a burst water main Really frustrating. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. Also tonight - helping chronic back pain sufferers. the revolutionary treatment on the Harbour Bridge And Cupid strikes as Sydney celebrates Valentine's Day. love triangle that's ended in murder. But first this evening - the allegedly by his lover's husband. A man was shot repeatedly, in the last hour The suspect was arrested around the town of Gulgong. after a major man-hunt an alleged crime of passion. The State's north-west, the scene of

An office the centre of a siege. a prominent real estate agent Police had cornered evacuating nearby shops around 2pm. blocking off the street and and told me to get out. The police came by for evidence. The gunman's car was searched is 48-year-old Tony Riley, It's believed the shooter and father of two a prominent local realtor who'd sought refuge at his office. around 7:00 this morning He allegedly shot dead another man at the nearby town of Gulgong.

Police are yet to confirm the dead

man's identity. The late this

afternoon police and ambulance

officers raided the officer after

hearing gunfire and found him

suffering from a gunshot wounds. He suffering from a gunshot wounds. He

is in a serious condition. on pornography in Kings Cross. A major crackdown Police have raided several sex shops of sexually explicit images and seized thousands into child pornography. as part of an investigation explicit pornography, Under arrest for allegedly selling business owners taken into custody seven sex shop employees and

in a police crackdown at Kings Cross. Detectives raided seven sex shops investigation into the porn trade. following a 6-month long that during their investigation Police allege pornography at some of the sex shops. undercover officers bought child Today they seized computers to download pornography suspected of having been used from the Internet, of illegal DVDs. along with tens of thousands Very explicit - XXX-rated - really hard-core porn stuff. ah, you know - We expect that today's operation these businesses. will effectively shut down

of the sex drug amyl nitrate, At one shop, police seized bottles

but their main focus was pornography. porn face fines of up to $250,000, Corporations found guilty of selling individuals, $100,000. computer hard drives Police analysts will now examine seized in today's raids to track down more people in the hope they'll be able distribution of child pornography. allegedly involved in the the DVDs were openly on sale. Detectives allege of the laws, we will police them. We won't tolerate an open flouting but we'll be back. It does take time

And on the same day as these raids, is under way an internal police investigation sent on the police computer system. into pornographic emails could be involved. Hundreds of police officers John Hill, Ten News. over Sydney's trains, More passenger fury

of peak-hour commuters made late this time thousands

flooding the tracks. by a burst water main because it was so old. The pipe failed It's a double election whammy - shutting down a train line. precious wasted water near Caringbah station this morning, A large underground main burst open and onto the tracks for three hours. the water gushing down the street to shut down The reason it took so long a trunk main, is that it's what's called they have to close down and that means

a series of stop valves. between Sutherland and Cronulla. Trains were stopped is now in operation. PA: A bus service

for thousands of passengers. There were delays of up to an hour and it's just very inconvenient! I'm going to be late for work I've got a test first period. Pretty late to school. for about three months Well, I've only been in Sydney about four times, I think. and this has happened

or the day before, too, It happened yesterday on the way home. and excavate the burst pipeline. It took all day to remove the silt

this afternoon. Trains are back up and running about water wastage, With so much recent talk this really wasn't a good look.

The pipeline here was laid in 1945. the infrastructure is just too old. The State Opposition says to spend the $2 billion If the Government had been prepared on the desalination they're prepared to spend the problems we have then we wouldn't have because those leaking pipes - could have been addressed that whole water infrastructure with that sort of money. Sydney Water says went down the drain, tens of thousands of litres a well-worn mantra. the Premier repeating Every drop is precious. if they throw the trains out Especially just before an election. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. on the Central Coast. A fatal fire has destroyed a factory the electrical goods business The blaze ripped through in the middle of the night. and say there'll be an autopsy. Police can't yet identify the victim A crime scene has been set up how the fire started. as experts try to work out The 14-year-old driver of a ute in the State's north-west involved in a horrific crash of three of her passengers. has been charged over the deaths of dangerous driving causing death The girl is accused and three of causing grievous bodily harm, and being an unlicensed driver. negligent driving causing death Warialda Children's Court next month. She'll appear in The State Government has been accused of policy stealing after making a bid for the Green vote. It's unveiled a plan to ensure ethanol is used in cars across the State. The Premier unveiled his Green fuel plan at a Petersham service station within the Green's inner-city heartland. A 2% ethanol mandate by September rising to 10% by 2011. It is a win for the environment, a win for motorists and a win for industry and jobs in NSW. Wholesalers will have to prove each quarter that ethanol makes up at least 2% of total fuel sales. Unleaded and premium will still be available. Up to 10 ethanol plants are currently in planning. And this will mean they are now bankable projects. Support from the NRMA... And the real thing is it encourages competition in the fuel market which really hasn't been there to date. ..and motorists... I don't find any change, any difference, in normal unleaded and it's cheaper. The Opposition has accused the Government of stealing its policy - it promised to mandate ethanol back in August last year. But the Opposition says the Government has overlooked compensation for service stations which will need upgraded infrastructure. Don't do half the job. Do the whole job. Do it properly or don't do it at all.

The Coalition promised servos $5 million. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Iraq has dominated Federal Parliament today with Kevin Rudd calling John Howard's bluff. The Opposition Leader outraged Government MPs by detailing his withdrawal plan for coalition forces. His call for a national TV debate on Iraq rebuffed, Kevin Rudd attempted to bring one on as soon as the Parliament resumed. would prevent the Prime Minister from immediately coming to the House and debating the Leader of the Opposition...

The Government defeated the move. At a news conference with the Finnish President, Mr Howard was asked why he ducked the debate.

Early morning stunts. Mr Rudd, stung by the Prime Minister's barb that he lacked the courage of his convictions on Iraq, spelt out his view that the country had descended into civil war. A staged withdrawal of US troops is the only way, the only way, in which you bring political pressure to bear on the Sunni and Shia who are currently ripping each other apart. A recipe for disaster, according to John Howard. It would be, to use one of his expressions, Mr Speaker, a rolled-gold catastrophe for the security interests of our own nation. When will the Prime Minister have the courage and the decency to admit that he got this war radically wrong from day one. And could the Prime Minister guarantee that President Bush himself won't embrace a staged withdrawal? No, he couldn't, but.. I do not believe that the Americans will embrace a strategy that leads to defeat. The Prime Minister refuses to concede the war is being lost in Iraq.

His denial in lock step with the Bush Administration whose view was spelt out today by the US Ambassador. This Administration really believes that it can win the war in Iraq. Opinion polls here and in America show an increasing majority don't share that hope. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Tim Webster with sport, and police are now investigating allegations surrounding Penrith's Craig Gower. Yes, a complaint has been made to police about alleged incidents at a Sydney nightclub, but while police begin their inquiries Penrith officials have now seen security footage from the nightclub

and they say it clears Gower. And a Steve Harmison revisited - as controversial World Cup selection Shaun Tait misfired at the Gabba this afternoon with a series of wide deliveries. Also later - Socceroo Mark Viduka proves why he's worth $125,000 a week to Middlesborough. More drug charges for Olympian Nathan Baggaley after police raid his home - that's next. Also - the shopkeeper who chased after a gang of machete-wielding bandits who robbed his store. And Cupid strikes on the Harbour Bridge as Sydney couples celebrate Valentine's Day. You're almost convincing yourself that you can get away... or get by without them, but, um, not true. I was a bit late putting today's patch on after my shower. I think it got to 10 o'clock and then I got a craving, and I was so surprised by that. I thought, "Oh! I haven't put my patch on." Nicabate's unique clear patch delivers therapeutic nicotine for 24-hour protection against cravings.

What would you do with a share of $20 million? MAN: Surf's up! Whatever you want, with Lotto's massive $20 million Saturday Superdraw. But time's running out, so get your entries in by Saturday, February 17 and you could... SONG: # Live a Lotto life! # Yes. If you want Foxtel, you can subscribe for just $36.95 a month. I suppose, if you like good value. The State election is on Saturday 24 March. It's your day to be heard. If you're enrolled correctly, you will have received a voter pack. But if you've changed address, become an Australian citizen or turned 18... Oop!'ll need to complete an enrolment form. Remember, voting is compulsory. For an enrolment form, go to any post office, call 1300 135 736 or visit our website. Your vote is your voice. Be heard. This program is captioned live. A gang of machete-wielding bandits is on the rampage, attacking convenience stores across Sydney's west.

Police fear they're out of control and could make a tragic mistake. Heavily armed and partially disguised the duo move fast, cleaning out the family business in seconds. Wielding long-bladed knives, they threaten to stab the store owner and his son as they grab cash and cigarettes in a daring afternoon raid. The guy came in with a knife and what happens? How much money? Police believe the men held up the store last month too. When the thieves made their getaway the store owner gave chase,

trying to get a better look at the thieves,

following them in his car for several blocks but police say it was a dangerous move.

We don't know whether these particular offenders are drug addicts. They may have been high on drugs at the time. Certainly they would have been pumped up and their adrenaline would have been going, committing the armed robbery, and they're likely to make tragic mistakes. Detectives are working out if the same two Islanders struck another Homebush convenience store last night. Again they were armed with knives,

their identity disguised by hooded tops as they took cigarettes and money. This store was also robbed just last week. Police would like to hear from anyone who recognises the men. Evan Batten, Ten News. Olympic kayaker Nathan Baggaley has been charged for the second time in a week over ecstasy. Police allegedly found a pill press at the Gold Coast home of the Olympic silver medallist. Olympic kayaker Nathan Baggaley's already tarnished reputation took another beating today. The dual silver medallist back in court for the second time in a week. We've got no comment at the moment. My client just wants to get back into training for the Olympics. Police raided the 31-year-old's Gold Coast home.

There they claim to have found a quantity of ecstasy and a pill press used to make tablets.

REPORTER: Two court appearances in one week - it's not good, is it? We've got no comment in relation to that. Appearing in court and being convicted are two different things. The 3-time world champion was only granted watch-house bail last week after police allegedly found more than 700 ecstasy tablets in his car. He was driving home to the Gold Coast after a trip to Byron Bay with a fellow paddler. Baggaley only returned to the water last month

following a 15-month ban for testing positive to steroids. He's now in training for the Beijing Olympics, but, if found guilty, his sporting future may once again be in doubt. Baggaley's solicitor told the magistrate he will at some stage make a submission

which should resolve the issue. That will presumably be at his next court appearance in March. Chloe Symons, Ten News. John Howard's WorkChoices legislation is again under fire. 50,000 childcare and council workers have gone to the Industrial Relations Commission, fearing they're being robbed of their paid maternity leave. When this working mum fell pregnant

she had the safety net of nine weeks maternity leave, but now, with her baby due in July, Clairy Fakinos says she may get nothing. With this baby that I'm having now, if I didn't have access to it, with the interest rate rises that happened last year I'd pretty much need to be back at work within two weeks of having the baby. Today at the Industrial Relations Commission...

(All chant) Solidarity forever! ..local government and childcare workers launched a desperate bid to keep their maternity leave, fearing John Howard's WorkChoices legislation will leave them with nothing.

Young children have the right to be cared for and we want to ensure that. We don't want to go back to the Dark Ages. It was only in 2001

these workers won a battle to get nine weeks paid leave. We're getting it taken away from us, and that's not fair.

We're very angry. Girls, are we angry? The United Services Union says this is a landmark test of the controversial WorkChoices legislation.

We are determined to do everything we can to protect our members from the adverse effects of these laws. The Industrial Relations Commission today ruled this case was putting the cart before the horse, saying award negotiations should take place first,

then if employees are stripped of entitlements this fight will return to the Commission. The union is concerned that workers will have to bargain with councils individually, despite the Local Government Association denying it plans to dump maternity leave provisions. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Couples, singles, husbands, wives - whatever your relationship status, there was no avoiding the sea of love and flowers across Sydney. Valentine's Day celebrated

regardless of whether Cupid's arrow hit its mark.

If love can be a long and winding road, these couples chose the high road to wake up on Valentine's Day. But there wasn't enough love in the air to prompt any proposals. So what would you do if he did ask? I don't know - I'd probably say yes, I suppose. That's putting the pressure on. Cupid wasn't exactly hitting the desired target. Take it one bridge at a time. While high-altitude romance wasn't getting results, on the ground there was plenty of commitment. You may now kiss the bride. Congratulations. Thank you, very much. There were 26 'I do's in the city's registry offices today alone. This union, three months in the planning. For those who've already tied the knot it was simply another day in paradise. There's always love in the air between the two of us, so I don't think one day to the next makes no difference. Others had different motives. I was supposed to cook her dinner last night and I got held up at And whether it was a case of taking the time to pick the perfect rose or getting some delivered,

it was a blooming good day for florists either way. I can't say that I've slept for three days,

but it's one of those things - it's the adrenaline that gets you going.

Apparently it's not just chocolates and roses that can get you a long way in the love stakes these days. A new survey found 20% of people asked found romance simply by walking their dogs. But if puppy love's not appealing, Valentine that little bit longer. you may just have to wait for your Josh Murphy, Ten News.

I love you, darling - not you,

Frank. I reckon the best thing you

could do feel wife is have a shave!

The World's Greatest Shave - right

on cue, well done Ron four. Here we

are at the world's greatest

sporting arena for the World's

Greatest Shave. It is about a month

away but we will talk to some

people about it later. A splendid

afternoon here in old Sydney Town -

27 degrees in the City, 30 in the

West, still around 26 degrees.

South-westerly winds pushing South-westerly winds pushing

through. Wednesday is harmed day

and it is one of the day that split and it is one of the day that split

the week when there is no rain

around. Rain on Monday and three-

Tuesday and for the rest of the

week but as for how today it panned

out - the camera men are on top of

the Ten News Centre were busy.

Scattered clouds from 630 then they

to dissipated and move down by midday

dissipated and move down by midday

to clear-up for the fine afternoon

we're currently having. we're currently having. Earlier in to clear-up for the fine afternoon

the week it was good weather for

ducks and swans and we will catch

10 minutes. up with a couple of Swans in about

Another blow for New Orleans. destroys homes only just rebuilt. Next - a deadly twister And Robbie checks into rehab - with depression medication. the pop star's battle

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This program is captioned live. Now

it's over to Vic Lorusso in the

traffic helicopter. I'm sure the

roads are choked tonight with

everyone rushing and to be with

their Ballantyne. Unfortunately so.

We were trying to get everyone home

earlier - quicker than usual and if

you know of anyone heading towards

Parramatta by Air James Ruse Drive

- avoid it. There was a smash and

you can see by the pictures that

all three lanes a joke Ten

congested try to get to the north- congested try to get to the north-

west. The good news is Victoria

Road and other alternative routes

are offering a better trip. We will

later. have a lookout for the M5 and M4

over its nuclear weapons program. A major turnaround from North Korea After lengthy negotiations in China, its main nuclear reactor Pyongyang promised to shut down in exchange for fuel shipments. within 60 days, and irreversible denuclearisation The goal is the complete, verifiable of the Korean Peninsula. has doubts about the deal, though. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer

the agreement will hold. I'm not sure whether it's the only game in town. I hope it will and I think As well as providing aid to remove North Korea the US has promised of terror states. from its axis-of-evil list is cleaning up again, Hurricane-devastated New Orleans this time from a deadly tornado. in the middle of the night, The twister hit that had just been rebuilt. destroying many homes and businesses tore through an area of New Orleans The pre-dawn twister from Hurricane Katrina. which 18 months ago was underwater but it turned caravans, Not only did it destroy homes have been forced to live in, which Katrina victims into deadly missiles. and her car next to it, Her trailer was here so I guess when it hit, house and all. it just took everything - Under the rubble of the 85-year-old homeowner. neighbours found the body Like so many hit by the tornado, from moving back into her house. she was only weeks away

from hanging sheetrock. I was two weeks away

1 step forward and 10 steps back. when the twister hit. More than 15 people were injured which lost its roof. Six of them were at a hotel It came by right off of the whole hotel. and literally snatched the roof

and jumped down to the floor We all heard the thing coming and got out of the way flew into bed where I was, but a big old piece of glass after I left. just a couple of seconds and we're OK. We were able to get our dog in a state of emergency, New Orleans is now once again by wind and not flood, but because the damage was caused victims will be covered by insurance. We've gone through a lot. a little more. I guess we have to go through Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States,

The emergency call made by police unconscious in her Florida hotel room after finding Anna Nicole Smith

has been released. On the 31-second tape calling for an ambulance. officers can be heard and she's not responsive. WOMAN: She's not breathing

She's actually Anna Nicole Smith. Ambulance crews were on the scene within six minutes, but Anna Nicole was declared dead an hour later at hospital. Her partner, Howard K. Stern, now claims she had a high temperature the morning she died, but refused to go to a doctor. He also says they were planning to marry at the end of the month.

Another celebrity is battling a prescription drug addiction. Pop superstar Robbie Williams has checked himself into rehab on his 33rd birthday. The singer is apparently hooked on medication for depression, an illness he's struggled with for years. I was just sad that my career went like that

and my self-esteem and my depression went like that. Robbie Williams has a history of addiction. 12 years ago he was treated for alcohol and drug abuse. A major football stadium has bitten the dust in China in preparation for next year's Olympics.

As part of the country's makeover for the Games, the stadium was knocked to the ground to make way for a shopping centre. A new 60,000-seat arena will be built in another part of the city but many Chinese will view the destruction as a bad omen - it was considered the country's luckiest football ground after China clinched an historic win in 2001 to qualify for the Rugby World Cup. Queensland could become the first State where smacking your kids could land you in court.

Welfare advocates argue current laws allow parents to go too far. If you're a parent, you've been there.

Emotions run high, the 4-year-old's not listening, so it comes to this. At the moment, there's no law stopping a smack becoming an assault, especially where an implement is involved, like the good old wooden spoon. Which allows a parent to hide behind it

in circumstances where that parent has belted the living daylights out of their kid, and that should not be allowed. We need to refine this law.

Tomorrow night a forum will be held in Brisbane to debate the issue of corporal punishment. It could see Queensland join 14 other countries round the world in drawing up laws which would see: People are still locked into a 19th-century mind-set, and what we're trying to do is move them into a present-day mind-set. But before parents start burning down the Parliament House gates, the changes would still allow a moderate tap on the bottom, but not a flogging.

No change to the law should lead to the situation where parents gets treated as if they're criminals simply for harmless smacking of their children. Forum organisers say it's not designed to see anything change overnight, if ever, but more to smiply raise the issue and put it out there for discussion.

The Queensland Commissioner for Children puts it this way. I think we need to think about those alternative forms and what's most effective in assisting children understand how they need to control their own behaviours. In other words, sparing the rod and spoiling the child is anything but. Tim Collits, Ten News. Another bumper profit for the Commonweatlth Bank - that's next. Also - the revolutionary machine changing the lives of back pain sufferers. And Megan Gale steals the show at the David Jones winter fashion parade.

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This program is captioned live.

The top stories this newshour - have been left stranded thousands of Sydney train commuters flooded the tracks at Caringbah. when a burst water main went down the drain. Thousands of litres of precious water in Kings Cross. A major crackdown on pornography Police have raided sex shops, and drugs. seizing thousands of explicit images suspected of killing his wife's lover And a man in police custody has been taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. The Valentine's Day tragedy

Central West town of Gulgong. has shocked the small former girlfriends has faced court, One of Sam Newman's from the AFL identity. accused of stealing almost $100,000 has been charged with 20 counts 36-year-old Sydneysider Louisa Larkin and obtaining property by deception. of making false documents allegedly changed The interior designer by the former footballer. the amounts on cheques given to her she altered a $300 cheque to $33,000. In one case it's alleged to give evidence against Ms Larkin Sam Newman is expected in March. A revolutionary treatment biggest sportstars used by the world's

is now available in Australia. is set to end the misery The robotic invention for sufferers of chronic back pain. an arcade dance game, It looks a bit like but this is not for fun. The Who-Bear, a French invention, from excruciating back pain. is offering patients permanent relief Probably about 80% of my clients back and neck pain that are suffering have had huge gains. that have been using the machine was a martial arts champion Anna Peters by repetitive strain injury but was cut down which, she says, neck and back aches. brought on unbearable 10 unsuccessful years and alternative remedies, of trying all sort of medical her own shopping, where she couldn't even do had her on the brink. I was going to bed with headaches

and headaches every day. and waking up with migraines and trying to survive each day My whole life was headaches with not wanting to live. finally ended Dark days full of pain-killers the Spine Force treatment. when she began of French technology So this little piece to the four out of five Australians is offering real hope now will suffer a neck or back injury, who, at some point in their life,

and the ergonomic handles The moving platform almost immediately. help to identify the problem where you are over-compensating The machine displays or showing a lack of strength. muscle imbalances, Spinal weaknesses, in a moving environment - restriction of movement so we can actually have a look while the body is in motion. at what is going on We can start isolating the joints all the way up the back. from the ankles And it's not just for curing pain - are also using it sports stars like David Beckham and conditioning workouts. for strength Frank Coletta, Ten News. today, setting a new record. Another big boost on the share market

David Jones stayed steady topped $1 billion for the first time. after its half-yearly sales regular unleaded petrol in Sydney - $1.13 the average price of that's up a cent since yesterday - seen as low as $1.09 Croydon Park and Carnes Hill. at Mount Pritchard, Smithfield, put down to its marketing campaigns Much of David Jones' success is being

featuring Megan Gale.

in Sydney last night The supermodel taking to the catwalk of the winter collections. for the launch for the chillier collections, Setting the scene the streets of Dublin, a mock cobbled street the models tottering down on teetering heels. was again front and centre Star Megan Gale what's what for winter. showing the A-list crowd Melissa George jetted in, Hollywood-based home-grown star

from Australian fashion. suffering withdrawal

Did you bring an empty suitcase? I had to buy one. I didn't, actually. from cricket captains... A few more unexpected faces too, a good husband for a change. I'm with her being just being swimming champions.

How are you? to a winter collection Are you looking forward even though it's not quite too cold? It's so hot! It's the middle of summer! But yeah, it's not that hot, right? we'll need to buy this season? What are the key pieces or pinafore dress, You'll need a smock dress

you'll need platform shoes. you'll need leggings, I think a red lip. DJ's newest recruit, The grand finale - designer Alex Perry,

a good impression on management clearly keen to make on a frock. by using their famous pattern turn in that dress, After Megan Gale's show-stopping that even supermodels like her it was a relief to hear have to breathe in to look that good. into this dress. He's absolutely poured me

It's like, I can hardly breathe, touching my spine. my belly button is actually but I feel a million bucks. It's very funny, Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Belly-button touching has by no!

Let's take another look at whether

now with Frank Coletta or who is

armed with some clippers and I have

had a shearing sheep but sharing

Swans? I am not so sure if the

Sydney Swans boys are very keen but

we will issue a challenge shortly.

We are here to promote next month's

World's Greatest Shave at one of

the world's best sporting arenas

here at the S C G. These two young

ladies will issue a chance - you

have decided that those lovely

locks are coming off - why? My

darling cousin died when she was

eight from leukaemia so it is dear

to my heart because of that and

anything I can do by raising

sponsorship that is going to help a

family or a sufferer or maybe cure

this disease is worth every single

one of these hairs. We are going

for the highest bit bigger. Helen

is going to do the same thing - is going to do the same thing -

what is your inspiration? It is for

a good cause and unfortunately I

haven't got $10,000 to give myself

so this is a way of raising the

money. We are issuing a challenge -

we had the club this here and it is

almost the state election - any

politician worth their salt.

Ferried $10,000 then and we would

do it tonight, both ladies.

Open knows what it's tonight - the

talent is there. Ring us that

Channel Ten and the girls will do

they do. Could be interesting X The

Marsh! I wonder what you guys it

look like shaved. Let's not worry about that. Sport after the break with Tim Webster and Penrith view nightclub footage of Craig Gower. And that's after police stepped in to investigate a patron's allegations. More shortly. And, wide and wild - our World Cup strike weapon's trying day. Plus Mark Viduka shows why he's worth $ 125,000 a week.

Introducing the all-new Holden Captiva, with captivating looks And Holden's active all-wheel drive. And the captivating flexibility of five or seven seats. This program is captioned live. A major development in the Craig Gower nightclub controversy with police now investigating an alleged assault

by the Penrith halfback. But the Panthers are still standing by Gower's version of events. A complaint was lodged overnight at Marrickville police station. News of the police investigation came as Penrith officials prepared to officially clear Gower after today viewing security vision of his night at the Peppermint Lounge. I've got no doubt that the police will most probably won't continue the investigation after they view the same video footage that I watched this morning. The file has been handed to Kings Cross police

who will continue the investigation tomorrow. By then the NRL are expecting to receive Penrith's official report, which is expected to exonerate Gower of any wrongdoing. Undoubtedly there's a few times over the time whereby a -

elite athletes do do the wrong thing but in this occasion he's done nothing wrong whatsoever. Even before hearing police were involved, Gower told his manager Greg Willett he couldn't believe the alleged incident early last Sunday morning was still making news. He maintains he never assaulted anyone and left the club after being hit in the back of the head. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Just a day after his controversial World Cup selection paceman Shaun Tait has bowled a shocker one-day spell for South Australia in their game against Queensland. Meantime cricket's unluckiest player, Stuart Clark, says he couldn't have done any more to convince selectors he was worthy of a place in the World Cup squad. While a wayward Shaun Tait was reviving memories of England's Ashes nightmare... COMMENTATOR: That was fairly similar to Steve Harmison's first delivery here at the start of the summer. ..the man he tipped out of Australia's World Cup squad

was philosophical about his controversial omission. It's obviously a disappointment. It had been in the planning for the last 18 months. That's the way it is and I've moved on and I wish them all the best. Tait's day for SA against Queensland wasn't getting any better - eight wides in five overs and a tough time in the field. But there is some support for his strike power over Clark's renowned accuracy. He can take wickets at any stage of the game.

And at the end of an innings, the end, he can still take wickets and even if he goes for a few at that turn a game, and they could be those crucial ones so, good selection, that one. I've spoken to the selectors.

between me and them It's more a personal thing which is great, and they've given me some feedback, so I'll go away and work on that. the season with NSW, While Clark will play out minus Tait, Ponting and Gilchrist the Australian one-day team for a 3-match World Cup warm-up. has arrived in New Zealand

and hurting a little bit We're disappointed loss to England, from the Commonwealth Bank series to change the momentum really. so we're pretty motivated England looking to maintain it horror tour on a one-day high. back home after ending an otherwise We're on a bit of a roll now. Four wins in a row, can go into the World Cup so hopefully the side with confidence behind them. Leanne West, Ten News. Will he stay or go? are sweating on from Lote Tuqiri. That's the decision the ARU is feeling the pressure as well. And it seems the Waratahs winger

Hopefully it won't affect my footy. with a clear head, I just want to play some good footy for the Tahs. and get on with the job of playing

as soon as possible, Tuqiri says he wants it wrapped up as early as next week, and that could be a $3.5 million bid with the ARU preparing to table to keep him from switching to league. are making an eleventh-hour bid The West Sydney Razorbacks for NBL survival. their new ownership group They haven't finalised to complete the required paperwork. and want three weeks grace has been burning the phonelines New consortium boss Phil Hudson lobbying member clubs for leniency.

I think you'll find - or Friday morning at the latest - tomorrow evening, have been granted an extension. confirmation that West Sydney

there is no certainty, There is no guarantee, that three weeks from now than what they know now they'll know any better or what they knew in November.

The commissioner claims from booking next season's venues. the delay is preventing the league is expected to offer Mark Viduka Premier League club Middlesbrough a new contract worth $125,000 a week. he was worth every cent this morning. And the Socceroos' striker proved over Bristol City He scored in Boro's dramatic win in Round 4 of the FA Cup. and it's a good one... COMMENTATOR: A cross The equaliser from Mark Viduka! was also in the thick of things. Aussie team-mate Mark Schwarzer He let in an early goal in the penalty shoot-out. before redeeming himself the match-winning save Schwarzer pulled off after extra time. after the scores were locked at 2-2 he's on his way to the film capital, David Beckham has reminded Hollywood

of movie trilogy 'Goal'. featuring in the second instalment Luckily for Becks out-of-character acting there wasn't too much of a young Mexican player involved in the story to become a superstar. who rises from humble beginnings not a career move for David. However, apparently it's I've never wanted to act I'm not an actor,

and never probably will act, to do something like this, but, you know, I think is special. in a football movie, as if you have nothing to lose. I want you to play in the UK. The film has already been released And in Sports Tonight - under interim coach Branko Culina. Sydney FC train for the first time in the traffic helicopter. Now it's back to Vic Lorusso

How is that Valentine's Day drive

home? It seems everyone is trying

to get home at the same time.

Parramatta Road is unbelievably

heavy from Albarn all the way to

Granville. A five, to a traffic jam.

No accidents or break down its just

people are trying to raise home,

via the forest? Don't you forget, too! Stay with us - with Frank Colletta. all the weather details next why it's such a crime... Have you ever wondered drive after a few beers? Thanks, mate. MAN: How's work going, mate? ALL: Cheers! after your first drink, Five minutes alcohol reaches your brain with the way cells communicate. and starts to interfere STATIC GURGLING MAN: No. (Laughs) Maybe there's something in that. to assess risks. First, you lose the ability ALL: Whoa! Hey! Nice one, Grant! Yeah, just go 'round the back. to make decisions. Then it affects your capacity STATIC GURGLING ability to handle complex problems. After a few beers, you've lost your STATIC GURGLING MAN: I'm done. See you guys. MAN: Oh, no! when you drive. This becomes a serious danger and steer, You can still change gear are those higher skills but what's missing like emergencies. that handle things but if something goes wrong... Most nights, you'll get home, TYRES SQUEAL SMASH!'re gone. Yes. Do it. Go do it. loves the same sorts of things. And I have a lovely partner who So we did the 'tree change'. and it was like that. fell in love, with my daughters when I can And I come to do girlie things to call APIA on 13 50 50. it's a great time

Time for all the weather details

now. Tim Bailey is sick - his Frank

Coletta up. You know how terrified

he is about any hair cutting

devices - not prepared to take the

risk today. Those golden locks and

never coming off, not even for

charity. I suppose $10,000 - you

never know. Sydney Swans Boys, Ted

Richards and Adam Schneider,

turning the tables. Normally they

are the ones coupling a spray from

the coach but they are spraying the

kids here for the World's Greatest

Shave. Raising funds for leukaemia.

It starts a match 15. He is the

website. Trying to raise plenty of

money - that's not put a figure on

it. In terms of plenty of money we

were talking $10,000 to lop their

locks of Danielle and alone. No one

has made the call by you still have

four minutes. We will do it up

during the weather part of the

bulletin. The conditions at the

moment at the S C G - 26 degrees.

in Lismore? Can you believe it is 96% humidity

Cloud is building across southern

parts have been an Queensland, West

End NSW and Victoria bringing

showers. Went maintain it showers

and storms over Queensland. Showers

for north-eastern NSW, isolated

storms for northern parts of New

South Wales. The dam levels are storms for northern parts of New South Wales. The dam levels are at

33.9 per cent overall. Adam

Schneider and Ted Richards - P

World's Greatest Shave. Are you

going to take it off or just do

this? We decided we might justice

and colouring in tonight. Normally

you are copping this break from the

cage but you're doing it tonight -

a great cause. Yes, a great cause,

La La Cage normally doesn't spray

as much. Re- is you have chosen

colour? Yes, supporting the Swans.

A great cause - the leukaemia

Foundation - a World's Greatest

Shave. It is one month away and Ted

Richards fancies himself as a

weatherman - we will give him his

shot at glory if he doesn't take on

as a book called ball-up. Capital

city forecasts - 10 you remember them? city forecasts - 10 you remember them?

He has grown either wrecked their

in a spin by reading the wrong

thing. Thank goodness he can play

football. The myth still the chance

of a shower in Sydney tomorrow but

dried the most of the day. Plenty

of sunshine. He will never live

that down!. These ones are playing

on Friday night at North Sydney

Oval. Possible showers for the rest

of the week until Oval. Possible showers for the rest

of the week until Monday. The

message from everyone tonight is.

Be brave and jade!. Lachy does a

Swans are such good boat. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us for the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30 and our Early News keeping you up to date at 6am tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.