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(generated from captions) And this is how it is with bullies. until their day of reckoning. They're as tough as nails And then you plead and you apologise and try to make deals. Well, not this time. held accountable for what you did are going to be then so be it. and if it means losing your company, Because I'm not going to let you bully...anyone...ever again. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Sydney's record-breaking rain - Tonight - finally reaches the catchment. a welcome drenching The war of words intensifies and a US presidential hopeful. between John Howard star Craig Gower And Penrith stands by over bar brawl claims. as he defends himself and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. finding a missing Australian kayaker. Also tonight, hope all but lost of

And a howling success - win a Grammy. Aussie rockers Wolfmother

But first, Sydney's drenching - in more than a year. the city copping its biggest downpour The western suburbs bore the brunt. transformed swamping higher ground. A swollen Parramatta River was The falls were widespread - stretching to Penrith in the west. the city copped a battering,

in the State's south And parched country areas with hundreds of millimetres of rain, have been saturated but follow-up falls are needed. after every Sydney downpour - But the big question

did it hit the dam catchment area? The answer - a resounding yes. The good news of the big wet - for the first time in months, in Sydney's catchment water is actually falling

including Warragamba Dam. for a parched city. A long overdue drenching It's fantastic. I welcome the rain. Over the weekend: that have been parched for years Canals and creeks across the city suddenly flowing again, is going to waste. although much of it the priority given to desalination. The Opposition on the attack over for years, We've been saying to the Government

into recycling "Please put the effort "and into stormwater harvesting." The Premier, recycled water plant at Wolli Creek, inspecting a private have not forced a rethink on desal. insists the recent rains of a couple of days of rain This is not a case of rain, Murray. or even a couple of weeks

the warning of experts. You have to heed No change either the recycling of sewage for drinking, to the policy of banning the latest opinion poll suggests even though 80% of people in NSW would drink it.

going to be forced to drink it I've stated that they're not and I still stand by that. The Government says

is just too expensive. recycling sewage for drinking The Opposition counters by saying will cost householders more. desalination, too, to Sydney families up It's going to send the cost of water over the life of that project. by some three times as the rains tumbled down, In meantime, were being washed out to sea. millions of litres of precious water Paul Mullins, Ten News.

A a have we've certainly needed

this downpour. It's not here for

long. It looks like a by Wednesday

afternoon will be back with blue

skies and temperatures up to 35

degrees. The good news is a it's a

16 year 48 hour record has been

broken at Robertson on the southern

Highlands. The 24 hour rain record

has been broken at could to embark.

Since 9am this morning it continues

to reign across the main catchment

area. We've had 28 mm since 9

o'clock this morning. We've had at

107 mm in at the last couple of

days. That the dams above all gong

have received above 100 mm. The

easterly winds will back off

tomorrow. Temperatures on Wednesday

will be more like summer with blue

skies. We've had the best of it and

damn day. the worst of it. It's been a good

was Campbelltown. Worst affected by the downpour responding to hundreds of calls. The State Emergency Service in the city's south-west, Campbelltown, was the area worst hit by the deluge. inside Campbelltown mall These pictures taken by a hairdresser through the complex yesterday as ankle-deep water flooded when downpipes couldn't cope.

Shoppers were evacuated and staff

work to save stock and make sure

there were no live electrical

appliances in the water. Custer Ms

were walking past it on a each

other's backs. Retailers were

counting their losses. Half the

shop was covered in water and will

probably lose a lot of stock.

probably lose a lot of stock. A the

south-west it took the brunt of the

storm and it was the largest

rainfall in the area or for 15

years. Just to give you some idea,

this creek normally is a trickle

whereas at the moment it's a huge

amount of water flowing down the creek.

creek. Emergency volunteers were

kept busy to save for a treasured

possessions from flooded homes. In

many cases downpipes were blocked

with the waves. We found a we

didn't have a billiard table - we

had a pool table. Localised flash

flooding added to the mayhem. Claims tonight relationship with America, the PM is risking Australia's US presidential hopeful Barack Obama. after his extraordinary attack on But Mr Howard remains defiant. American presidential wannabe Charismatic Democrats Senator Barack Obama to John Howard attacking him certainly didn't take kindly out of Iraq as early as next March. for wanting to pull troops another 20,000 Australians I would suggest that he calls up and sends them to Iraq, of empty rhetoric. otherwise it's just a bunch

John Howard is defiant. Senator Obama's observations I don't apologise for criticising what he said was wrong. because I thought it is John Howard who is wrong Labor says

like this. to use inflammatory language If I were running al-Qa'ida in Iraq, around March 2008 I would put a circle and pray as many times as possible but also for the Democrats. for a victory not only for Obama,

To accuse the Democratic Party the terrorists' party of choice - as being this is a most serious charge.

the Democrats. I was not generically attacking

you are found out in this debate Prime Minister, for not telling the truth. the Prime Minister Labor attempted to censure for recklessly endangering Australia's national interest.

It accused him of putting his personal friendship with the Republican President ahead of the need to maintain good relations with the Democrats, who hold a majority in the Congress. One Democrat senator described Mr Howard's views as bizarre.

A Republican senator said he should butt out. The row comes with a new poll showing Kevin Rudd to be the most popular Opposition Leader in 35 years. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. In just a few minutes, the search will be called off

for missing Australian kayaker Andrew McAuley. His vessel was retrieved in near-perfect condition. but there have been no further sightings of the 39-year-old adventurer. This was not how Andrew McAuley's record-breaking journey was supposed to end and those closest to him still don't accept it has, just yet. It's another rough day

and as every hour goes by, time is ticking away, and it's looking less and less likely, but they're still hanging onto the last shred of hope. So many people are so used to Andrew doing extraordinary things and then just turning up again. Friends say McAuley spent most of his life chasing the impossible and living to tell the tale. One minute he's abseiling down a waterfall in Patagonia. The next minute he's climbing an overhanging ice cliff on a mountain next to Mount Everest. His preparation for the epic journey across the Tasman was described as meticulous. His support crew amazed at how he powered through two gales and a storm

reminiscent of the '98 Sydney to Hobart race only to disappear just as land came into sight. He has a tremendous spirit of survival. He is extremely fit mentally and physically and could probably survive in those conditions more than anyone else. McAuley's kayak was hauled from the water today in perfect condition, but missing its purpose-built canopy. Speculation is now mounting why McAuley became separated from it and why the distress signal wasn't activated. I would say before he had a chance to go for the EPERB the boat was probably washed away. The lack of answers adding to his family's pain. Investigations into the cause of Friday's mishap continue. But after searching another 1,400 square nautical miles today without success the full story may never emerge. Amber Muir, Ten News. There's new evidence the great dream of owning a home is now moving further out of reach for even more Sydneysiders. Rents could rise by 40% in two years as a result and the Premier's blaming the Commonwealth. The biggest impact on housing affordabilty - eight successive interest rate rises, that's the reality.

It is in crisis and it's been in crisis for some time and unfortunately the State Government's in denial about it. The Opposition has pledged to boost the first homeowners grant by $300,000 and discount stamp duty for investors. Sport with Tim Webster, and more dramas for Panthers star Craig Gower. Yes, this time it's an alleged nightclub incident. Will it cost the him the captaincy again? Well, the Panthers are sticking by their man. Ahead, Gower gives his version of the events. And an angry Ricky Ponting gives his views on the crushing one-day finals loss to England. Just what impact will the defeats have

as our selector prepare to name the squad for next month's World Cup? Plus, we'll show you just how tight the Broncos' new shorts are. Plans for a shopping centre at Sydney Airport rejected, that's next. Also tonight, left stranded - the quadriplegic man refused a bus ride because he'd forgotten his pass. And together again - supergroup the Police rock the Grammy Awards - that's coming up later.

Yeah, it's a bit naughty. But I'm smart enough not to get caught. (Sighs) I've gotta pay the money back and do 150 hours of community service. And I've now got a criminal record. If you don't tell Centrelink when things change, there are serious consequences. And it's only a matter of time until you're caught. So always report changes to your income and other circumstances right away. And:

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This program is captioned live. An air force engineer has appeared in court after explosives and weapons were found in his car.

32-year-old Steven Saltner did not enter a plea today as he faced four charges. The prosecutor suggested further charges could be laid and requested extra time to carry out ballistics tests. Saltner was arrested last month after explosives and a firearm were found in his car at a vehicle holding yard in Sydney. The matter returns to court again next month. A quadriplegic man claims

he was kicked off a bus in Sydney's west

because he didn't have his concession card. Matthew Reed says his wheelchair should have been proof enough. Five years ago, a swimming pool accident took away Matthew Reed's mobility

but it didn't take his independence. The 25-year-old quadriplegic still uses public transport, unassisted, to get around town. Clearly disabled, he'd never been asked to show his concession card for the discounted fare

until he was stopped by a bus driver and his trainee on Australia Day. He goes, "Well, you have to pay the full fare." And I said, "No, I don't pay full fare. It's only $1.50." He said, "No, you pay full fare "or I'll give you your money to get off." So Matthew drove his chair 25 minutes to the nearest train station, embarrassed and upset. His tone of voice was really inconsiderate and rude.

His mum, Louise, is stunned. He was just heartless, just a heartless person and I hope to God his chidren are never put in a position where they are going to be treated like that. She couldn't believe anyone would question Matthew's concession status.

He's not going to get out and walk. He's not going to get up and walk! Someone in a chair - that should be proof enough. But Busways management denies doing anything wrong, claiming the driver and his trainee dispute Matthew's version of events. They claim he was eventually offered a concession fare, but left the bus anyway. Maybe he should get in a wheelchair one day, pretend he's in a wheelchair, get on public transport just to really see what it's like. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A daredevil who jumped off a cliff,

sparking an expensive rescue on the Sunshine Coast, could be jailed.

He's been charged with being a public nuisance. For 24 agonising hours, Justus Ansell's family and friends thought he was dead. I probably spent most of the night thinking that I was going to die, so it was an interesting night. So, how lucky are you? I'm extremely lucky. Looking for a thrill, the 21-year-old disappeared on Saturday after taking a dare to jump off a cliff into rough sea near Noosa's national park. A massive search costing $10,000 saved him after he spent the night in a cave. All I can say is that it was an idiotic thing to do and very, very dangerous, not only on himself but all the people who participated in the rescue but also family and friends.

They were devastated. So instead of heading home from hospital, Justus was taken to a local police station

where he was charged with being a public nuisance. It was not exactly what I was expecting. You know, it was a little bit hard to take at the time. It's the first time a thrill seeker has been charged after sparking an expensive search. The effect of Justus' jump is only now sinking in. But he believes his deep faith in God helped get him through the night. It was harder on my friends and family to have gone through it, like thinking that I was dead. So, yeah, it's just a traumatic time and I'm just a little stressed out from it all really.

Even so, he says he will jump again. Justus will appear in the Noosa Magistrates Court later this month. If found guilty, he could be jailed for up to six months or face a $750 fine. Chloe Symons, Ten News.

Plans for a shopping centre at Sydney Airport have been rejected because of fears it could be hit by a passenger jet.

The Government knocked back the proposal, saying it's too close to landing planes. Given recent history - not in Australia, but in Bangkok and in Toronto, in Canada - what has happened and where aircraft have ended up when they've overshot the runway. Sydney Airport is now deciding if an application to develop the major retail centre will be resubmitted. Next, the last movie made by Anna Nicole Smith, and what she got up to in her final hours. And the diabetes genetic breakthrough

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This program is captioned live. Screenings of Anna Nicole Smith's last film have been cancelled following her death. These pictures, from the B-grade movie 'Illegal Aliens' she helped finance, were released as new revelations emerged about her final hours. Witnesses say the former 'Playboy' playmate was downing double shots and slurring her words in a hotel bar on the night before she died.

While an autopsy failed to determine the exact cause of death, those on the scene say her hotel room was littered with prescription drugs and alcohol. Three men now claim to be the father of her 5-month-old daughter. At least six people have died in an underground tunnel tragedy on the Spanish island of Tenerife. in an underground tunnel tragedy on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Another six are still trapped in the man-made caverns deep underground. It's believed toxic gases seeped into the tunnels, depriving the group of oxygen. Attempts to get to the rest are being hampered by the gas fumes and cramped conditions. A breakthrough in diabetes - scientists believe they can screen for the gene that causes Type 2 diabetes. It's hoped the same technology will help identify patients who are at risk from developing other common diseases. Type 2 diabetes is Australia's fastest growing chronic disease. 214 people are diagnosed with it every day. Sufferers are three times more likely? to have high blood pressure, obesity and cardiovascular or heart disease.

While there's no cure, British scientists say they can now identify the gene that causes Type 2 diabetes to develop later in life. It is now possible, based on these discoveries, to try and predict who will develop diabetes especially in the family where many people have diabetes already. We think we can prevent or give better treatment to these people. It's these high-tech chips and scanners that have helped scientists make the breakthrough. A similar type of gene test is also being developed by the CSIRO. One can also verify or test whether the dietary and lifestyle choices they make are actually harming or benefiting the DNA in their cells. Dr Michael Fenech has examined how deficiencies in certain nutrients affects genes, causing a disease to develop.

Folate deficiency will tend to increase the events that could initiate cancer. It's hoped people can soon be screened and their genes identified for all common diseases.

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. 'Big Brother's race row star has arrived home in India to a hero's welcome. Shilpa Shetty was mobbed as she arrived for a surprise visit, Her first since winning Britain's 'Celebrity Big Brother'. I feel great. I was missing India and it was just an impromptu decision last night. The actress was at the centre of an international racism row when she was picked on by other contestants on the reality show.

Steve Irwin, the action figure, has been unveiled at the New York Toy Fair. The interactive doll features the Crocodile Hunter's real voice, recorded in the months before his death. He walks, talks and wrestles crocs. Meet Steve Irwin - the action figure and the Crocodile Hunter

you can hold in the palm of your hand. G'day. I'm Steve Irwin. He's been two years in the making. US toy manufacturer Wild Republic teaming up with the Irwin family to create a pint-size version of the larger-than-life character that can do everything, just like wildlife warrior himself. It's an interactive toy for children to play with, Every time you play with it it's different. Steve recorded the soundtrack back in October 2005, including eight of his famous catchphrases. What a ripper! Crocs rule! Press another button, and an animated Irwin takes you on a wild adventure where you get to choose what happens next. I just got a call about a crocodile making a nuisance of itself in a fishing camp and we need to go and get it out of there. The doll comes complete with a toy-size croc

and, like many of the animals in the series, he's modelled on the real-life reptile Agro from the Australia Zoo.

They're all actually animals that live at Australia Zoo. So people that visit the zoo can hand-feed Bimbo the elephant when they're there. Steve's lifelong passion was to educate the world about wildlife conservation

and it seems his legacy will live on through his merchandise. If the Crocodile Hunter's popularity in the US is anything to go by this doll will be a huge hit on the market, with a portion of all proceeds going directly to Steve's beloved Australia Zoo. The Steve Irwin action figure will hit toy store shelves in the US in April. In New York, Liz O'Gorman, Ten News. An unwelcome visitor for a family in the US - a 180kg bear sitting high up in a tree outside their house and refusing to come down. Despite attempts by wildlife officers to coax him out the bear just wouldn't budge. Just because it's scared of all these people. It just needs to come down by itself. While the experts were still arguing about how to get him down, the bear lost its hold and fell. Luckily, they were standing by below with a safety net and he escaped with barely a scratch.

A man who was gored by a bull talks about his ordeal - that's next. Also, a dust storm hits the drought-affected town of Griffith. And what a howling success - Aussie rockers Wolfmother win a Grammy Award.

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This program is captioned live.

The top stories we're following - the search has been called off for Australian kayaker Andrew McAuley, missing in the Tasman. His vessel was retrieved in near-perfect condition, but there have been no further sightings of the 39-year-old. John Howard is remaining defiant over his extraordinary attack on US presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his policy on Iraq. There are claims the PM is risking Australia's relationship with America.

And Sydney has copped its biggest drenching in more than a year. The big wet stretched from the city to Penrith in the west. The emergency water supply at Tallowa Dam is overflowing and the catchment area also received a good fall. And while the city cops a flooding, a rare site in other parts of our drought-ravaged State. Griffith was gripped by this dust storm late yesterday. The dusty spectre that spread across Wagga Wagga, Nerandera and Griffith was caused by the coastal storms and strong winds. Apart from coating some towns in dust, its also playing havoc with stone fruit farmers who are in the middle of harvesting peaches and prunes at the moment. The strong winds damaged their crops. A prison officer attacked by a charging bull says the ordeal was all in a day's work. Inmates helped save his life by standing in the path of the enraged animal. Bruised and bedridden, Bob Righton is still in shock after being charged at by a 1,200kg bull. Pittman looks placid here,

but the corrections officer says as he prepared him for sale in the prison dairy farm there was a sudden change in behaviour. He was starting to get aggressive. Earlier he was showing signs, but you think, "Oh, that's just him being old and cranky."

Cranky soon turned to rage, the bull charging at him with force. Bob reached for the only thing he could - an old broom. He came at me. I sort of took a swipe at him and the head came off the broom. And then he hit me in the shoulder. I just remember going up in the air. That's the last thing I remember. Bob was flung 10 metres into the air. Three prisoners came to his aid, one even standing in front of the animal to stop it from further attacking the officer. for helping me out or otherwise I wouldn't be here talking to you now. Bob still needs to undergo a scan to find out if a clot above his eye has caused any damage. He says he'll use his recovery time to determine whether to return to the job that's landed him in hospital. After seeing the name of his neurosurgeon, Bob's certainly won back his sense of humour and is looking on the bright side. It could have been worse. I could have been in a morgue now. He's also looking forward to eating a tender steak for payback.

Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. The Australian share market has closed just short of record highs.

Aussie rockers Wolfmother have beaten some of the world's top rock bands to win their first Grammy Award. Also taking to the stage, members of the Police, reuniting for the first time in years. On the Grammys red carpet, anything goes when it comes to fashion. And that suited Australia's hard rockers Wolfmother just fine. Hey, guys. Fresh from touring in the UK, they were one wolfie short, with only drummer Myles Heskett and singer Andrew Stockdale making it for their big night.

I'm psyched, pumped, amped, excited. Yeah, can't wait to see what happens. Wolfmother! What happened was the band - who were unknowns four years ago - won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. Thank you very much. We are blown away.

This doesn't happen very often at all.

Until now, their only taste of award success was at last year's ARIAs. But the band that stole the show wasn't here to collect an award, but rather make Grammy history. # Roxanne, You don't have to put on the red light. #

30 years after Sting, Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers formed the Police, the trio reunited, opening the show with their first Grammy performance.

Missing from the audience was last year's Grammy winner Keith Urban, who left rehab just weeks ago. The star missing out on an award, as did Aussie guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. The Dixie Chicks, though, who were snubbed after criticising President Bush, are celebrating. They had the last laugh, with four Grammys including Album of the Year. Well, to quote the great Simpsons, "Ha ha!" Just kidding. Their hit 'Not Ready to Make Nice' Song of the Year. # I'm not ready to back down. # John Mayer, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers,

and Mary J. Blige took home multiple Grammys. At the Grammys in L.A., Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. 'The Queen' has fought off stiff competition from James Bond at the British Academy Awards in London.

Dame Helen Mirren added the Best Actress BAFTA to her long list of awards for her role as Elizabeth II, although some things, apparently, don't get easier with practice. Please don't say my name! Please don't say my name! Oh, my God! I've got to make a speech! She should start preparing another one now. The actress is hot favourite to win the Oscar. James Bond, however, failed to cause a stir - 'Casino Royale' picking up only two of the nine awards it was nominated for.

Ron was up the ladder cleaning out

his garters because of all this

rain. But it seems this rain won't

be here for too long. That must be

one of the strong as ladders in the

country. The good news is still

raining. From 9am to 3pm at

Parramatta had 62 mm and the Blue

Mountains are also. It say 54 and

are high of 107 mm. But will need

off probably on Wednesday afternoon.

For the time they sheets of showers

on an easterly wind always up to

the Blue mountain's. Sydney, you're

soaking in it. It's the first some

of head this raincoat on for many

ear. Today you needed gumboots and the losses.

Sport after the break with Tim Webster and and a leading Aussie jockey faces a Hong Kong court on racing corruption charges. Yes, it's alleged his jeans were stuffed with cash when he was arrested.

Also ahead, the NRL club sporting tighter shorts. Also, heavy going again for Panthers star Craig Gower who gives his side of the alleged nightclub incident. And caught out ahead of the World Cup -

the reaction to Australia's crushing Tri-Series loss.

REPUBLICA'S 'READY TO GO' PLAYS # Your T-shirt # Always love the one you hurt # VOICEOVER: The all-new Astra TwinTop. # I'm back, yeah # I'm standing on the rooftops

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This program is captioned live. Craig Gower remains a firm favourite to regain the Penrith captaincy, despite more damning headlines of off-field atrocities over the weekend.

Gower denies he bit and punched a fellow patron at a city nightclub.

Craig Gower's reputation has taken plenty of hits in the past 12 months. But this time he claims he's been unfairly accused. I did not throw any punches. I got punches thrown at me. And I did not get kicked out of the premises. I walked out of the premises. So this story's just been blown way out of proportion.

It was here, at this city nightclub early yesterday morning,

Gower allegedly fought a fellow patron who it's claimed he later bit on the neck, something he denies. And his club believes him. Craig Gower didn't insult or assault anyone. And that's the information that we've got off people who were actually there. The bouncer who reportedly saw Gower's alleged behaviour,

rang the club today to say he actually saw nothing untoward.

The Panthers released a statement today from a man known only as Joe who claims he witnessed the incident last Sunday morning. He says he saw a large man in his late 20s hit Gower five or more times in the face before the Panthers player ran from the club with a blooded lip. A year after losing the captaincy following his infamous outing at the Jack Newton Golf Classic, Gower could still be about to claim it back. The captaincy is something that's totally independent of that issue and we're fairly close to making an announcement as to who will captain.

Elliott to use the case as a warning to others. We need to make them aware. They need to ensure if they want to go out and enjoy themselves, and they're young people and they need to take the opportunity to do that when it arises, they just need to choose where they do it and who they do it with very carefully. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Broncos head off tomorrow for the world club challenge in England with a bolder new look. Going into their 20th season, Brisbane will be sporting skin-tight high-tech jerseys and tighter shorts too.

Broncos skipper Darren Lockyer quipped that, with the close-fitting jumpers, the shorts might as well be tight too. The Broncos play St Helens in a fortnight. Captain Ricky Ponting has held urgent talks

with team selectors this morning following Australia's embarrassing 2-0 drubbing by England in the Tri-Series finals. The Aussies are trying to work out where it all went wrong before naming their World Cup squad. Just a fortnight ago Australia were unbeatable and unbackable. Now they're a team under pressure ahead of the World Cup. I don't really have any explanations for the way we've played the last couple of games. I'm really angry and disappointed. Against all the odds, England are going home as winners. The inaugural Commonwealth Bank trophy in their keeping.

Two weeks in cricket is a long time. We knew we had it in us. It took a long time to come out. Their third straight demolition of Australia set up on the back of ruthless bowling plans... COMMENTATOR: Bowled him! Liam Plunkett. ..and Jamie Dalrymple's acrobatics. One of the great catches. It's been a long, hard tour. There's been a lot of ups and downs. It's been a rollercoaster ride with the emotions but we've certainly pulled it back and finished on a real high. Maybe this is the kick up the backside that we needed. The 15-man squad for that tournament to be announced tomorrow. Coach John Buchanan adamant he wants Andrew Symonds in the squad despite doubts over his fitness.

I personally do. I personally do. And I'll express that to selectors. We'll end up picking a really strong and flexible group of players to go to the World Cup and we'll see how far that group can take us over in that tournament. Keeper Brad Haddin tipped to win a place as the reserve batsman in the squad. Test star Stuart Clark hoping his 10 wickets against WA is enough to win a recall after being omitted for finals series and the tour of New Zealand. I suppose I'll know tomorrow when they pick the team. I've a good a chance as before I left. Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

Australia's pain continued on the tennis court with Belgium bundling Australia out of the Davis Cup. Kristof Vliegen proving too good for Chris Guccione in the fifth and deciding rubber, defeating the 21-year-old in straight sets.

CHEERING COMMENTATOR: Kristof Vliegen has done it in straight sets.

Earlier, Lleyton Hewitt outclassed Olivier Rochus in a 5-set, 4-hour thriller to keep Australia's hopes alive,

but it wasn't to be. Belgium winning their first world group match in eight years. A Hong Kong court has been told Australian jockey Chris Munce's pockets were stuffed with cash when he was arrested last year. Munce, who is currently free on $100,000 bail, attended the first day of his trial for allegedly offering racing tips to a Hong Kong businessman. The prosecutor said anti-corruption officials arrested Andy Lau and Munce on July 3 after they met at a hotel. HK$250,000 were found in Munce's jeans pockets.

He claimed the cash was a going-away present. If convicted, Munce faces a maximum penalty of seven years in prison. The Waratahs have done some soul-searching following the weekend's loss to the Sharks in Durban. The team had a frank self-assesment ahead of this week's clash with the Cheetahs. They've arrived in the hot and dry diamond town of Kimberley for Sunday morning's match with coach Ewen McKenzie ready to mine for talent on his bench in search of a win.

I guess, coming off a loss it's a chance to revisit the pecking order to see if we can do things better. The match caps a gruelling 3-game road trip for the Tahs. There's been little time to celebrate for former tennis star Scott Draper

after winning his first tournament as a pro golfer. Draper came crashing back to earth just a day after winning NSW PGA Championship. The realities of a professional golf career. After posting victory at Riverside Oaks in Sydney, Draper had rushed to Adelaide in a bid to to qualify for Thursday's co-sanctioned US Nationwide Tour event. Unfortunately not quite good enough. I understand that. I hit the ball pretty well and I'm pretty happy to come out with a 2 under but unfortunately it was a little bit short. A different story yesterday after an ambitious final-round 7 under par presented Draper with his first professional golf title. It was just fantastic. It was a surreal feeling for me to hold a golf trophy

after holding some tennis trophies. It was an interesting feeling for me. Only last month the 32-year-old turned down a full-time role as Lleyton Hewitt's coach to concentrate on the fairways. Winning that tournament indicated my decision to play golf.

I've been working hard over the last couple of years and it's just nice to see the work pay off and I was just thrilled to bits. There's still a long way to go to match the $1.5 million-plus he won on the court,

including the 1998 Queen's Club title. But the future looks bright for Draper. His journey continues at next week's New Zealand PGA with the hope of cracking the big time by year's end. My ultimate goal is to reach the US tour, and whatever way I can get that done is what I'm trying for. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Finland's Marcus Gronholm has taken out his fifth victory in the Rally of Sweden. Gronholm was on fire in the icy minus 23 degree temperatures, winning the last three stages to secure a comfortable 58-second win over championship leader Sebastien Loeb. The former 2-time world champion closing the gap in the title race to just two points. Australia's Chris Atkinson won the 16th stage and moved up to fifth place before this mishap. Oh, no, no! Broken anything? Atkinson damaged his Subaru in the spin and limped home to finish eighth.

Later in Sports Tonight - we'll hear from Adelaide United coach John Kosmina, who's in trouble again with Football Australia. Stay with us. Tim Bailey has more on how long the very welcome rain is here for.

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Have you ever wondered why it's such a crime... Thanks, mate. drive after a few beers? ALL: Cheers! MAN: How's work going, mate? Five minutes after your first drink, alcohol reaches your brain and starts to interfere with the way cells communicate. STATIC GURGLING Maybe there's something in that. MAN: No. (Laughs) First, you lose the ability to assess risks. ALL: Whoa! Hey! Nice one, Grant! Yeah, just go 'round the back. Then it affects your capacity to make decisions. STATIC GURGLING After a few beers, you've lost your ability to handle complex problems.

STATIC GURGLING MAN: Oh, no! MAN: I'm done. See you guys.

This becomes a serious danger when you drive. You can still change gear and steer,

but what's missing are those higher skills that handle things like emergencies. Most nights, you'll get home, but if something goes wrong... TYRES SQUEAL SMASH!'re gone.

A I'm a little bit worried. Are we

going to have to risk life and

remark or ladders cleaning garters

tomorrow? You'd not think the rain

is going to be used as it sweeps

across the harbour or way to the

mountain's but by a about Wednesday

afternoon we'll have seen the last

of it. It's been good today and

it's still raining. From 9am to 3pm 62 mm in the

62 mm in the mountain's 47 mm at

Penrith and 28 across the a damn.

Their total for the dam over the

last couple of days is as above 100

mm. It continues to go. A couple of

records - Robertson in the southern

Highlands and a 16 year 48 hour

record. Let's make the most of this.

Tomorrow it looks like being 23-25

degrees. The easterly will he's a

bit. If you're near the coast the

the surface surging at the two metres.

Cloud is forming over Northern

inland NSW. There's patchy cloud over inland to Western Australia.

There will be moist easterly winds

maintaining showers along the NSW

coast. At a trough will cause

storms over eastern Queensland.

Philby hot easterly winds over

Western Australia. The predicted

precipitation and drips and drops

of Prof rooftops and crops.

Clearing in the south. Possible

thunderstorms over north-eastern

NSW and eastern Queensland. Storms

over Western Australia and at the

top end of the Northern territory.

In the Blue Mountains there were 92

mm of rain and there were the

wettest days for years. It's still

raining. It's just building and

thankfully it's falling for once in

the right areas. In the catchment

there have they not won a hundred

and three to 107 mm. Doesn't it

make a nice change?

The countdown to this year's Archibald Prize has begun. Artists began delivering their portraits to the Art Gallery of NSW today, all hopeful of making the short list for the $35,000 prize.

Plenty of famous faces are expected to join the not-so-well-known subjects by the time entries close on Friday. The winner will be announced on 2 March.

The exhibition opens to the public the next day.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening, with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWS )