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(generated from captions) Schoolyard stabbing -

in Sydney's north-west. a 16-year-old student attacked I think it's over a girl. Peter Debnam's election promise - on public transport. a 4-year price freeze win an election. It sounds like a good way to win an election.

Piecing together a tragedy - just metres from a crowded beach. how a plane crashed it was coming down hard and fast. It was coming down on a sharp angle, Snapshots of a struggle - one farmer survive the drought. how a photo auction is helping didn't know if anyone would donate. I didn't know if it would work. I This program is live captioned. Good evening. Students watched in horror today was stabbed in the stomach as a classmate in Sydney's north-west. in the playground of a school is recovering in hospital. The 16-year-old victim A 15-year-old has been arrested this afternoon. and faced Children's Court Classes hadn't even begun for the day was taken to emergency. when this Colo High School student it was a quarrel over a teenage girl According to other students, being stabbed. which led to the 16-year-old

I was kind of shocked. It's a pretty big thing - has ever happened at this school. nothing like this was in the school playground Police say the teenage victim when a former student at the school and threatened him. walked onto the premises then pulled out a small knife It's alleged the 15-year-old and stabbed the youth in the stomach. School

School is a place of learning, we

must provide a protect and safe environment for our children. For the rest of the day, were offered counselling. distressed students

This is a very stable school an event like this came, simply, and one in which as a complete surprise to everybody for a weapon, As police searched the school grounds was taken into custody the alleged offender and charged with malicious wounding. the teenager was brought here Late this afternoon,

to Windsor Children's Court. and will reappear later this week. He was granted conditional bail from surgery at Nepean Hospital The teenage victim is recovering tomorrow. and is expected to be released Jessica Rich, National Nine News. State election campaign was under way If there was any doubt that the that evaporated today. fired his first major shot, Opposition Leader Peter Debnam on the cost of public transport. promising a freeze so far in the election - It's the biggest carrot at commuters. and its been dangled squarely

to freeze fares The Opposition Leader has promised on public transport services

of his government. for the first term, or four years, There's no doubt at the moment public transport system you've got a lousy keeps ratcheting up the fares. but yet the Government he has the figures to prove it. And he says In 12 years under Labor, have all risen by more than 50%. fares for trains buses and ferries

will better off financially, While commuters will leave a Debnam Government the freeze on fares $110 million out of pocket on those facts and figures. Today the Premier seized straight after the election, He knows that, or ditch the promise. he'll either have to increase taxes But frazzled commuters say might be on a winner. the Opposition Leader I think it would be fair are up to scratch. because I don't think the services to win an election. Sounds like a good way gesture to win back good will. Mr Debnam insists it's a simple actually run on time Making the trains and buses is a much more difficult proposition. it's not going to happen overnight. We will work on that and It will take a couple of years up and running again. to actually get the system Damian Ryan, National Nine News. has been interviewed by police Housing Minister Cherie Burton in her electorate office. over a $16,000 fraud is suspected of the theft, The son of a Burton staffer covered up for two years, by National Nine News in December before revelations two high-level investigations. forced the Premier to order State politics reporter Adam Walters. With more, we're joined by seems to have stepped up a notch? And Adam, this investigation

That's right, Mark. The premier

himself today confirmed Minister

Burton has been quizzed by senior

Fraud Squad detective ives. Ms

Burton is cooperating with that,

as I would expect any member, or

member of the public, and she's

doing so as a witsness. I expect

her to continue to do so, as would

anyone in the public. Would you

like to see this cleared up as soon

as possible. Yes, I would, yes.

It's something that should have

been cleared up. It should have

happened, it didn't, it should now

we leader up as quickly as possible.

The State Opposition wants a second

investigation to result in a public hearing well before the election

next month. The Government doesn't

want this to surface between now

and 24 Marne, nor the true story

about how public officials hid the

scandal involving the Miss

Appropriation of public moneys to

come forward between now and 24

March. We'll have to wait with ICAC

not commenting to learn if the

public larg will happen within

seven weeks. Thank you. a stabbing murder, Police investigating

at a home in Sydney's west, hiding in a cupboard have stumbled on the suspected killer

at the rear of the property. nine hours at the scene Forensics experts had spent before they made the discovery. seemingly secured, With the crime scene went to work a team of unarmed forensics experts in the backyard of the Busby home, the suspected killer had fled. calm in the belief Then, without warning... SCREAMING rushed to uniformed police, of them he's hiding in the cupboard." declaring, "He's in the cupboard, A back-up unit arrived who'd been door-knocking the street. along with officers Within minutes, was in handcuffs the 46-year-old suspected killer and marched to a waiting van. the frenzied stabbing murder He's been charged with in the backyard. of the 37-year-old woman are on holiday on the South Coast. The elderly home owners for nine hours. The suspect lay hidden in the shed During that time, about two dozen officers would have visited the crime scene.

Forensics experts were dusting and photographing evidence just m tres from his hiding spot. just metres from his hiding spot. I've got young children, I'm really horrified by it, you know? I can't believe he was on that property all that time and they've been door-knocking. Stunned neighbours heard the woman's screams around midnight. I heard someone screaming, saying, "Get off me, let me go." "Oh help me, help me." I thought it was like, probably, it's probably kids playing. Police found a couple of knives in the backyard as well as a crop of marijuana plants. Detectives are contacting relatives of the victim

in a bid to confirm her identity. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. Two men were badly hurt when their plane crashed alongside the M7 Motorway at Horsley Park this afternoon, not far from the Equestrian Centre. Both men were trapped - one suffering from head and facial injures, the other had broken bones. They've been flown to hospital in the past hour. In a mayday call, the pilot had reported having engine trouble. And investigators are trying to find out what caused a light plane to crash into the sea near the NSW-Queensland border. The 60-year-old pilot was killed.

He'd also radioed for help after having engine trouble. It was coming down at a 45 degree angle, it was coming down hard and fast. There were reports the pilot managed to jump from the aircraft a split second before impact - but his body was found on board. In a boost for the Prime Minister's water plans, the State Government has agreed to surrender control of its part of the Murray-Darling River system to the Federal Government. It's the centrepiece of John Howard's $10 billion promise to help ease the water crisis. Mr Howard will now host a summit of State Premiers in Canberra on Thursday. If the same cooperative attitude is taken by the other premiers, Thursday's meeting can be a great day for water security in Australia. The problem is, Queensland and SA are luke warm on the proposal. An online auction site is providing unexpected relief

for a farming family trying to survive the drought. Photos of their struggle to hold on have created a bidding frenzy on eBay

and the money's being used to buy vital supplies. The rush for food says plenty about the balance of life here. There's nothing left on the ground. What we give them is more or less all they get. Over Christmas, Bill's niece helped out on the sheep and cattle farm. Seeing the heartache firsthand compelled her to do something. and you've got to think outside the square. Her idea was to take photos of the farm and sell them on eBay. I didn't know if it would work. I didn't know if anyone would donate. The first photo of Bob the kelpie was auctioned two weeks ago. It sold for $31. Alice worked out that if she could sell 500 photos for $30 each, she could buy enough wheat and hay to keep the stock alive and maybe, just maybe, save the farm. But to her surprise,

the simple snap shots of her uncle's hard life have created a bidding frenzy.

This photo of a lamb sold for $300 - 10 times what she hoped for. I said, "You could go and buy a mob of sheep for that," but she said it was a great cause. The buyers are from all over Australia. There's also been hundreds of emails of support I'm overwhelmed by it all - I didn't think one photo of Bob the kelpie would create this much chaos.

They say a picture paints a thousand words - in this case, one of those words is hope. Dale Paget, National Nine News. Some early morning swimmers got the shock of their lives in Darwin this morning, when they found a young salt water crocodile in a suburban pool. Nobody knows how it got there and nobody was going to get close enough to ask. Wildlife officers eventually turned up to save the day. He's pretty tired though - didn't put up much of a fight at all. Neatly tied up, the croc was taken off to a local crocodile farm for a better life. In the news ahead - China's panda baby boom. And the remarkable progress of accident victim Terry Vo. Police today began a week-long road blitz targeting school zones. Operation 'Back to School' will run across the State, police focussing on drivers exceeding the 40km zone,

children's crossing offences and the illegal use of mobile phones. The inquest resumed today into the cruise ship death of Dianne Brimble - a security guard telling how he saw Ms Brimble twice in her tragic final hours. Apart from the eight men of interest, Peter Hawthorne might have been the last person to see Dianne Brimble alive. A security guard on the 'Pacific Sky' the morning Ms Brimble died, he saw the mother of three at 2:00 in the morning. Mr Hawthorne told the court she put her arms around him and: Two hours later, he saw her again. This time, she appeared heavily intoxicated - staggering as she left the pizzeria with Mark Wilhelm - one of the eight men of interest. By 6:00 that morning Four years after her holiday of a lifetime ended in tragedy, the inquest into the circumstances of Ms Brimble's death has been heard over nine weeks and it looks set to continue for some time. Over the 2-month adjournment, more witnesses have come forward. At least two claim to have heard shouting or screaming from the cabin where Dianne Brimble died. It's expected the new witnesses will be called before any more of the eight men of interest take the stand. Bethany Jensen, National Nine News.

A woman tourist from NSW has been killed in a hostel fire in the far south of Chile in South America.

12 other travellers also died in the fire at the Blue House Hostel. The Australian woman was 26-years-old, but authorities are withholding other details until her family is contacted. The American midwest has been hit by the most severe winter weather in 10 years, with authorities warning people to stay indoors as much as possible. Iced-up roads have caused pile-ups, and welfare workers are checking if the elderly have adequate heating. The extreme cold is likely to continue for several more days. Actor Ryan O'Neal has been arrested after firing his handgun during an argument with his son, Griffin. It happened at O'Neal's beach-side home in Malibu. The son was not injured, but O'Neal faces charges

of assault with a deadly weapon and negligent use of a firearm. China's panda creche has become a busy place. this captive breeding program celebrating 18 thriving youngsters, which were born last year. After months of TLC, the cubs will soon be released into a forest nursery, where they'll begin to learn how to fend for themselves. A courageous Perth boy, who lost his arms and legs in a freak basketball accident before they were reattached in a medical first, has made an emotional pilgrimage to Vietnam. Terry Vo was reunited with his grandmother for the first time since his accident almost two years ago. It turned into a tearful reunion in Vietnam when Terry's grandmother was told for the first time of his horrific injuries - a secret shielded for so long because of her ailing health. Her family didn't want to aggravate her sickness two years ago by divulging details of Terry's freak basketball accident. The backyard slam dunk severed his foot while both his hands were successfully reattached. At that time, you see, if he was sick, we don't want to let her know because of, maybe, shock. After she saw me and playing around, she felt happy. Following his brave comeback from reconstructive surgery Terry can now enjoy soccer using his prosthetic foot and he plays the drums with ease. Although his holiday in Vietnam could've drastically set back his recovery, narrowly escaping injury when his father was hit by a motorbike. Very scared for my boy because I know when he fall down the hand not very strong enough to protect him. With his holidays behind him, 12-year-old Terry has begun high school for the first time. Nobody believed he was 12-years-old? and very tall like me. I'm going good and I feel like I'm going back to my normal life. Gabriella Rossitto, National Nine News. Ken with sport next - and the man to replace John Buchanan as Australian cricket coach has been named? And like Buchanan, it's not an ex-international. Also - a night when 99 not out is as good as a ton. And Aaron Baddeley wins, with some extra help. I'm amazed at God's greatness in my life. Developed with the community, the NSW Government's State Plan will shape the way we live. It highlights better services to improve our health system. Patients with less serious conditions will be treated more quickly in new hospital GP centres, freeing up our emergency departments for more serious cases, reducing emergency waiting time. Go to the website to read about the new direction for NSW. What makes her skin feel so soft? Beauty treatments? A day at the spa? It's new Palmolive Pure Cashmere Shower Creme, enriched with moisturising milk and extract of natural cashmere. New Palmolive Pure Cashmere Shower Creme. Hydrates even the driest skin. Leaves it feeling as irresistibly soft as cashmere. New Palmolive Pure Cashmere - wrap yourself in the softness of cashmere. Help control flies without spraying chemicals. New Baygon Fly Bait's Portable Cube. (Fly buzzes) Flies are attracted to the bait, which they consume, and fly away and die. (Buzzes and then stops) New Baygon Fly Baits. SONG: # The power is yours. # Low profile former SA captain Tim Neilsen was today named as Australia's new cricket coach. 38-year-old Neilsen will take over the role when John Buchanan steps down, following next month's World Cup in the West Indies.

Neilsen was thrust into favouritism for the job when Tom Moody withdrew from the race. A former SA wicketkeeper, he served his apprenticeship as an assistant under Buchanan and more recently headed up the centre of excellence in Brisbane. My role will be twofold - it'll be get in there and make sure the players and the coaches are all going in the same direction, But I don't think I'll be able to keep out of it. I like getting in there and throwing the balls around and being part of it. Neilsen is aware he'll preside over a new era in Australian cricket, taking the reins of a team without Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and Justin Langer.

It'll be great to see new names come onto the scene. It'll be great for my kids, to be watching new players come up and then wanting to be like them. Last night, Brad Hodge showed the depth of Australia's talent. With his international career on the line as well as the match, it was a double dose of pressure. COMMENTATOR: Will it be Hodge's first boundary? Yes, it will. Combining with captain Ricky Ponting, the pair steadied the innings then set it alight. And that's even better. Ponting scored his 22nd one-day century, while Hodge came within one run of his first. He'll finish up 99 not out. But the victory was all that mattered - 291 the highest score ever successfully chased at the MCG. It's a great privilege to walk off the ground in the Australian colours having helped the achieve the team win a game. No doubt we'll see some more of him in the green and gold. Ponting, meanwhile, is in the running for his third Allan Border Medal. The players and their partners have begun gracing the red carpet ahead of tonight's ceremony. Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News. Melbourne Victory is the first team through to the A-League grand final after defeating Adelaide 2-1 in extra time last night. Substitute James Robinson netted the winning goal.

Adelaide now play the Newcastle Jets next weekend to decide who will meet Victory at the Melbourne Telstra dome. to win the Phoenix Open and over $1.2 million.

The one-shot victory was Baddeley's second win on the US tour he came over the top of Americans John Rollins and Jeff Quinney, wrapping it up on the final hole.

After a 64 yesterday, Baddeley started the championship round in outright second and momentum was clearly on his side. He did get some help - after 14 holes, Baddeley still trailed Jeff Quinney by three, but the American rookie fell apart on the 17th. He found water and finished with a bogey and by the final hole Baddeley had a 1-shot lead. From there, the deeply religious Baddeley and his wife, Richelle, celebrated his second win on the US Tour.

And the biggest football game in America was settled today the circus they call Superbowl was full of entertainment

and that was before the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears even faced off. They had an audience in Baghdad and a military feel above but nothing rocked the stadium as much as the start. From the kick off, the Bears hit the front. On a wet night the Colts fumbled and flopped but eventually got it right, and at half-time Prince put his mark on the game. Indianapolis sealed the result in the final quarter. winning ************** Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. After the break - the CommSec finance report and Jaynie with the weather details. Then, funny man Billy Crystal in Sydney and opening up about his life. ... we all have the same stuff . e a l a e t e s e s u f that we're dealing with. Yeah, it's a bit naughty. But I'm smart enough not to get caught. (Sighs) I've gotta pay the money back and do 150 hours of community service.

And I've now got a criminal record. If you don't tell Centrelink when things change, there are serious consequences. And it's only a matter of time until you're caught. So always report changes to your income and other circumstances right away. And: I have sensitive teeth, but I don't want to choose between a sensitive toothpaste and all-round protection. Then I switched to Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection. It not only provides clinically proven relief and lasting protection from sensitivity, it also provides complete protection for teeth and gums. Now, I know my sensitive teeth are protected. I don't have to choose anymore. New Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection: In finance - the fate of the $11 billion takeover of Qantas

has been left with Treasurer Peter Costello after the bid was submitted to the Foreign Investment Review Board. Qantas shares fell two cents today - Multiplex was higher after a Canadian company confirmed a $4 billion takeover. Now Jaynie with the weather. Thanks, Mark. It was a stunning summer's day in Sydney. We are hoping for rain this week. Nothing unbearable temperature-wise for our Monday - tops of about 33 degrees. Occasional fresh east north-easterly winds, the city on 24. Virtually the whole State has been dry today, very hot in the west, with northerly winds. Extremely heavy falls for the tropics from the low, with Paluma in northern Queensland receiving 1,200mm in the last week. Tomorrow, a low should develop over the south-east of NSW bringing rain and storms over the next few days. A total fire ban for the western and Riverina districts of the State. So - Canberra in for stormy weather. Early drizzle for Melbourne and Hobart.

Strong and gusty winds for Perth. A great day for the cricket in Brisbane tomorrow - 31 with light to moderate winds. Sydney - tomorrow will be much like today with a generous amount of sunshine. East north-easterly winds won't be too fresh. Surfers? Nothing spectacular unfortunately, with a one-metre swell. Storms are moving in from the ranges

so the mountains and western areas may pick up something. Not much for the city, although it's not out of the question. Wednesday It's more likely to hit from if that trough stays put. Cooling down on Friday, with morning showers. Storms may pop up on Saturday, with a wet one on Sunday. All looks good - we'll keep you posted, Mark. Actor and comedian Billy Crystal held his one and only Australian news conference today to promote his award-winning one-man show called '700 Sundays'. It's a journey through Crystal's life on is Jewish heritage. with an emphasis on his Jewish heritage.

People come away with a good feeling from the show, is that, we are all the same.

So, it doesn't matter how you are brought up we all have the same stuff that we're dealing with. The first of his 12 Sydney shows is on tomorrow night. And that's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. www.ausc Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. It just hit me like a sledgehammer.

Tonight - shark attack. A young father's remarkable survival - his exclusive interview. Just come our of nowhere, didn't even see it. Plus, the woman who dreamt of the perfect look, but ended up with a cosmetic surgery disaster I can't believe it, it's disgusting. Also, an insurance company's heartless treatment of a mum whose car was trashed by vandals. I'm an innocent victim here... And designer teens - the high cost of kids keeping up with their favourite celebrities. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to 'A Current Affair'.

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to 'A Current Affair'. Also tonight, your favourite stars - how fame changed the way they look. But first - ever since the movie 'Jaws', we've all had moments in the ocean when we've wondered what might be down there right underneath us. Well, this weekend Matt McIntosh found out while he was surfing with his mates. The young father of two was attacked by a shark hundreds of metres offshore. He had to fight it off and get back to the beach, all the time waiting for it to strike again. Matt told his chilling story exclusively to Simon Bouda. It just hit me like a sledgehammer. Just came out of nowhere. I didn't even see it. Saturday afternoon, three mates out having a surf and all hell broke lose. REPORTER: ..felt a shark's razor teeth grab hold of his exposed... Riding his boogie board, Matt McIntosh was grabbed by the shark off Shelley Beach, near Ballina. What went through your mind the moment it happened? family. Yeah. What, you thought that was it? Yeah. But Matt's survival instincts clicked in. Pulled me off my board and I just happened to kick it a couple of times. It all happened so fast you haven't really got time to think about it. You with it. Despite the shark thrashing about, somehow he kicked free of its jaws. It's just hit me from behind. I'd say by the look of the cut on my leg that it had my whole foot in its mouth. I was just fortunate enough that after I kicked it, it let go. Matt climbed back on his board and paddled for his life, warning his mates of the danger.