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(generated from captions) Paging Dr Bender. WOMAN ON P.A.: Paging Dr Bender. What's going on? situation is, Mother... As tragic as this and use this to lure her back. ..I think Nick's gonna try I am not losing Brooke over this. I'm telling you right now. I won't do it. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. secret lobbying - Tonight - the State election by both sides of politics. the offers being made to Independents Glenn Wheatley in court Millionaire music promoter over a major tax evasion probe. facing jail And Sydney's serial mail thief for stealing thousands of items. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

battling for compenstion. the end in sight for asbestos victims Good evening, also tonight -

And there's nothing like a dame. share the stage with John Farnham. An opera diva tells why she couldn't

But first this evening - after the March State election, signs of political turmoil to come desperate measures to cling to power. with the major parties resorting to They're now wooing the independents, offered ministerial positions, some even being if there's a hung parliament. in return for support

The king-maker in the kitchen - few people in Sydney have ever heard Northern Tablelands, Richard Torbay, of the Independent Member for at his family's Armidale restaurant. helping out here powerful politician in the State. But he may soon be the most it's ever been greater, I don't think for a hung parliament. the opportunity It's this growing prospect

the balance of power after March 24 of Independents holding

that's spooking the major parties.

are secretly lobbying hard, Both sides the history-making inducement Labor strategists offering

for at least two key Independents. of ministerial posts I've got no doubt in a hung parliament. that everything will be on the table are already being held Some of those discussions and there's been approaches. There's no doubt about that. The overtures to the Independents trusted behind-the-scenes figures have come from the Liberal and Labor parties in both and the Opposition Leader to declare enabling the Premier "We're not involved." strategies of the major parties I know for a fact that in the this is being canvassed. On the streets of Armidale, has the status of a pop star. Richard Torbay a massive 82% of the vote. At the last election he secured He's even made it rain. he's got time to be a minister. I don't think He's working too hard for us. the Independents as a third force. At stake - It is a third force, if you like. and the power is with the people. But it's a direct force it's a force that can't be ignored. Both sides of politics say Paul Mullins, Ten News. Former terror suspect Mamdoub Habib in the State election. is running as an independent will contest the seat of Auburn, The ex-Guantanamo Bay inmate with a 26% majority. held by Labor

with a local human rights group, He'll run in conjunction and Australia's anti-terror laws. campaigning against the Iraq War

Mr Habib says he's standing

migrants and Aborigines. in support of Muslims,

has faced court over tax evasion, Music promoter Glenn Wheatley but is still waiting to be charged. is the first person to front court John Farnham's manager biggest off-shore tax investigation. as part of Australia's

Glenn Wheatley Former Masters Apprentices bassist the threat of a 10-year jail term. maintained his rock star cool despite plead guilty to tax fraud charges? Mr Wheatley, does this mean you'll He can't comment on anything. Sorry. No comment. has confirmed The Office of Public Prosecutions tax fraud charges Glenn Wheatley is facing as part of Operation Wickenby, into illegal off-shore tax the $300 million investigation and money laundering. for a plea hearing in July, Mr Wheatley's lawyers have asked is expected to plead guilty when the music entrepreneur to tax fraud charges. is the first of many to face court It's believed John Farnham's manager investigations began, since the white-collar crime investigators are trying to determine and it's thought Wickenby a 2003 Kostya Tszyu boxing match. if he paid tax after promoting

the Director of Public Prosecutions In an unusual move, in the Magistrates Court has bypassed a committal to the County Court and directly presented Mr Wheatley without formally charging him. to be dealt with sooner. This enables the case told the court today His lawyer, Robert Richter, QC, celebrity lawyer Michael Brereton, Mr Wheatley had no connection with

to the 'Bulletin' magazine, who, according

is also being investigated a Swiss accounting firm over allegedly using

for false tax invoices. about my son's band. I might have to talk to you embroiled in Operation Wickenby, Actor Paul Hogan has also been in tax fraud, but has denied he's involved describing the claims as fanciful. Kate McGrath, Ten News. has told a Sydney court Dame Kiri Te Kanawa with John Farnham she pulled out of a concert hold women's underwear like trophies. after watching him for breach of contract. The diva is being sued by promoters Protected by a burly guard,

made a swift exit from court Dame Kiri for several hours. where she'd been giving evidence reminded the judge of her diva status Inside, the opera singer how she liked to be addressed. when asked by Leading Edge Events The soprano is being sued of a series of concerts after she pulled out with John Farnham in 2005. performing with the Aussie rocker Dame Kiri worried about left her shocked and embarrassed. after a DVD of his show Farnham talked too much on stage. She was also worried But it wasn't all bad. Dame Kire told the court very briefly. she only met John Farnham once it was outside the toilets Without being rude, she said, onboard an international flight. who use to be a Farnham fan. She was with her daughter Dame Kiri says may have resolved her concerns a face-to-face assurance from Farnham and helped them work out what songs to perform. But the meeting never happened. The opera singer stood to earn at least $400,000 from the concerts. Now, alongside her company and former manager, she's being sued for $2 million. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Sydney's serial mail thief looks set to go to jail. After admitting he's ripped off tens of thousands of items, the Australia Post worker has been warned he's facing a tough sentence for betraying the community's trust. He's admitted to a 2-year mail stealing spree but John Lennard Clarke could offer no explanation to the thousands of people he has robbed. You'd been working there as a faithful employee for so long, why did you suddenly go... I don't know.

The senior postal officer had worked for Australia Post for 30 years.

Just before Christmas he spotted four Express Post envelopes at the Silverwater mail centre. Each one had a $50 gift voucher. He put them to one side, before taking them home in his bag. Clarke was caught on CCTV using them to buy cigarettes, bourbon, rum and beer from a bottle shop on Christmas Eve. When police raided his home three weeks ago, they found about 20,000 letters stored in boxes and stashed under blankets and in cupboards. Cheques, credit cards, shopping vouchers - police are still adding up just how much he stole. Today he pleaded guilty to the 12 fraud charges. Police are still planning to lay more. Referring to the betrayal of trust, the magistrate commented: After he pleaded guilty, the magistrate warned Mr Clarke that even though he had a clean record,

these offences are so serious that he must now prepare himself for the fact that he will most likely go to jail. Clarke will be sentenced in March. Evan Batten, Ten News. Years of bitter fighting to secure a deal for asbestos sufferers is almost over. James Hardie shareholders today backed plans to guarantee payments for the next 40 years and the man who lead the fight couldn't be happier.

It's the handshake that signals the truce in the battle to pay asbestos victims. Bernie Banton and retiring James Hardie Chairman, Meredith Hellicar. Anything I said was in the heat of the battle. I don't hold you personally responsible for all the ills. It's a long way from protests like this one when the company moved its head office to the Netherlands and didn't leave enough money to pay future victims. It's a very, very momentous occasion. Countless other companies have gone into bankruptcy to the detriment of both victims of asbestos disease and shareholders and we haven't. Feeling really good today. It's been a tough battle and we've lost a lot of friends on the way. Today's shareholder meeting backed an initial $184 million payment. Head office in Amsterdam is set to formally approve the deal next week. But the wheeling and dealing that so offended victims is still being examined by the corporate watchdog ASIC. They haven't set a deadline to complete their investigation into the conduct of directors and management. But for Bernie Banton that isn't the priority - doing the deal to help pay the medical bills of victims is the number one priority. We've been here for the long run and this is the end of the long run, I really believe that. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Australian cricket fans will be forced to wave goodbye

to one of the summer game's most famous traditions.

The Mexican wave has been outlawed at all international matches across the country

and it won't be coming back. Along with the 8-ball over and bare-headed batsmen, the Mexican Wave is set to disappear into cricket folklore. Authorities deciding the once-rowdy tradition has been ruined by a few cricket cretins. The only way to stop people from throwing things in the air and making it dangerous and making it uncomfortable for people at the cricket is to stop the Mexican Wave itself. The new policy will be tested at the SCG tomorrow and in Melbourne on Sunday. Victoria police will utilise more than 300 closed-circuit cameras hidden around the MCG.

Print-outs will be issued to squads of officers ready to pounce on troublemakers and evict them. They can direct either a police member or a security guard to an individual seat within a row, within a bay. Officers determined to end the hail of rubbish and half-full cups of beer raining down on fans. A young boy was among the victims at the last MCG game. He was hit full on in the face by a pie that was thrown during a Mexican wave. Now, I ask you, is that the kind of behaviour we as Victorians want to condone in cricket? Authorities say the ban is aimed at a small but hard-core group of cricket hoons who they claim come to one-day internationals with the sole intention of causing trouble. While one-day internationals are the main concern, Cricket Australia is also keen to protect a new legion of cricket fans flocking to Twenty20 games. It's those people, that core group who attempt to commence the wave that we'll be concentrating on. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. A showdown looms between the PM and the States over water, that's next. Also tonight, love thine enemy -

Sydneysiders divided over controversial signs popping up outside churches. And we meet the finalists for this year's Tropfest,

that's later this news hour.

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This program is captioned live. There's more bad news undermining the Cross City Tunnel. The super fund for State public servants losing $60 million after the toll road hit the financial skids. It was clearly a crooked deal from day one and here's one of the consequences and who's wearing it again? Is it the NSW Labor Party? No, it's taxpayers and the retirement incomes of the State's public servants.

The State Government denies it's a big deal, pointing out that overall the fund made over $1 billion over the year. John Howard has ruled out any alternatives to his water plan after visiting the mouth of the Murray River.

The Prime Minister's take it or leave it ultimatum setting the scene for an historic showdown with the states. The mighty Murray sustains 2 million people and provides 70% of the nation's irrigated water. At its mouth John Howard urged the premiers to hand over their constitutional powers so the Commonwealth can manage this dwindling national resource. I'm making a genuine appeal to the premiers of the various States to support the Commonwealth's plan. But South Australia's Premier is reluctant. He's calling for an independent authority to run the river system. It's not in the benefit of the River Murray in my view to hand over control from one group of politicians to another. Federal Labor believes he has a point. My appeal to Mr Howard would be this - take the politics out of the proposal. The Prime Minister is not interested. I don't tackle the nation's problems by handing over responsibility to an unelected body. While New South Wales believes the Howard plan is very good, Premier Iemma, after discussions with Mike Rann, is warming to his model. Mike has put forward a proposition which is worthy of consideration. Victoria is calling for a new water summit to thrash out the differences. John Howard senses that South Australia is posturing and that the States will eventually come on side. So far he has not threatened a hostile takeover though he has legal advice that says he can. But the temperature is rising -

Malcolm Turnbull launching this attack on Premier Rann. He reminds me somewhat of a drowning man who is thrown a life jacket and then rejects it on the basis that it doesn't match the colour of his tie. The Premier retaliating - Whatever happens, you know he won't be drinking treated water - he'll be drinking and washing his hair in Perrier. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. $50,000 worth of Aboriginal art has been stolen from a Melbourne gallery. Security footage caught the intruders breaking into the city shop at 3:00 this morning. Nine paintings were stolen. The gallery's manager suspects the thieves were professionals. MAN: I think they are people who work in the industry, because of their white gloves - and, if you watch the footage - the way they handle the paintings very, very delicately. It's the second time the gallery has been robbed in less than a year. Osama bin Laden is making an unlikely appearance in front of churches across Australia. More than 100 churches have posted a sign on their fences, claiming Jesus loves the terrorist leader. He's arguably the most hated man on Earth, but what about in heaven? The 'Jesus loves Osama' billboard

is stopping street traffic across the country. Oh, my God. He loves Osama?

I don't believe it. I don't think so. Jesus loves everybody, so no big deal. I guess there's only one Osama, hey? The PM is unimpressed. The prayer priority of the church on this occassion could have been elsewhere. But pastors say it's not about hurting victims of terrorism. We want to encourage the people of this nation, of this city, to pray for people, like bin Laden, who might make a significant difference to the world in a loving way. I think the sign is certainly arresting and it may be offensive to some.

But not offensive enough for those in charge to order it be taken down. Look beyond the sign and say, "Ah, Jesus' love is all encompassing." It's not the first time a church has thought outside the square for its signage. In fact, the company which supplies the Osama posters has an entire range of controversial Christian billboards. The most popular taking off Telstra and joking about dyslexia. Not to mention cashing in on the cricket. We're living in a marketing age. Everyone is marketing, everyone has a message and just because you are marketing doesn't mean you are crass. The sign's creator says while Osama bin Laden can't be protected from human justice... That's not the anger and wrath he needs to worry about. It's the anger and wrath of a loving God who is also a just God. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

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Pollution levels are low. For we'll

see you in abound about 10 minutes. A sinister new front in the war on terror.

Next, police foil a plot to kidnap and execute a British soldier. And an Aussie backpacker's holiday video of rock star Pete Doherty shooting up in her hostel room. DRAMATIC MUSIC (All roar) (Scottish accent) Make a killing, with barely a scratch. Arggh! Yarrrr! Instant Scratchies. Inflows into our dams have never been this low. In fact, in 2006, we've received almost 90% less than the average. So, tough new Stage 3 Water Restrictions now apply in the ACT. Daily water consumption must come down much further to give us the best chance to avoid even tougher restrictions in the future. For full details of the restrictions, contact ACTEW's Water Conservation Office or visit

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It's going to take motorists an

extra 40 minutes to head to the

West. It's better to take an El

alternative route to the M4. Also

be delays on the M3. A further blow to former ATSIC boss Geoff Clark. He's been ordered to pay costs

to the woman who won a civil rape case against him.

A fresh start for Carol Stingel has brought with it a new nickname. 'Carol the crusader' beginning the first day of the rest of her life, free of a burden she's carried for 36 years. Everything that happened to me, all my pains and sorrows and feelings, it's all been aired out and, in a way, it is like a therapy, because that's what you do in counselling - you air everything out and you discuss it and I've just done it in a different way. A County Court jury found Geoff Clark led two pack rapes when she was a teenager at Warrnambool in 1971. The 51-year-old says her case is a chance for the wider community to deal with rape as an issue, although she won't approach Geoff Clark for reconciliation. Not without a weapon in my hand, I don't think. Just for protection. Ms Stingel says her 6-year battle for recognition of her plight has given support to other rape victims. She's considering suing others involved in the pack rapes but denies singling out Geoff Clark due to his high public profile as the former boss of ATSIC. I don't actually want to sue anyone. I'd like to see everyone of them in prison, including Geoff Clark. That's where they need to be. Instead, Geoff Clark has spent the day at his family home

outside Warrnambool,

as his legal team ponder the prospect of an appeal. On top of the $20,000 compensation payment, Mr Clark has today been ordered to pay more than $70,000 in legal costs to Ms Stingel.

Strikingly statuesque, Carol Stingel says she begins her new lease on life on an emotional high. I feel like I've grown about a foot. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Norfolk Island is preparing to stage its first murder trial in 150 years.

New Zealander Glenn Peter Charles McNeill

once worked on the island as a chef and now stands accused of killing Sydney woman Janelle Patton in 2002. He pleaded not guilty at the island's courthouse today as his family watched on. Are you feeling confident today? Yes. The court was then closed for legal argument.

The jury will be empanelled on Monday. English terrorists planned to torture and behead a British Muslim soldier and post the video on the Internet.

Police foiling the execution plot with a dozen raids. Police swooped on properties in Birmingham, Britain's second-largest city, in a dawn raid. They arrested eight men. A ninth person was picked up on a nearby motorway. They've been of accused of committing, preparing or instigating terrorism. 12 addresses were sealed off by officers and searched. Among them a general food store, an Islamic bookshop and Internet cafe.

Detectives have declined to reveal details. But news reports are citing an alleged plot

to kidnap a British Muslim solider, behead him and post the video on the Internet. The serviceman who had served in Afghanistan was on home leave. He is under police protection after detectives learned that the attempted kidnap was just days away. I cannot stress that we are literally right at the foothills at what is a very, very major investigation. But I have to stress this is a long process, one that will take days and possibly weeks. The men haven't been charged but are being held under the Terrorism Act, which means police can only hold them for 28 days.

Many locals say they're shocked, others far from impressed. These are normal, law-abiding citizens. The most they do is pray.

They might have a beard on their face and they might fast, but the media tend to portray us as these evil, demon, suicide bombers, etcetera. The alleged terrorist plot is the first of its kind in Britain and could mark the start of a new approach by home-grown terrorists. Daniela Intili, Ten News. Model Kate Moss has split from notorious British rocker Pete Doherty

over a seedy video taped by a Sydney backpacker. Not only is Doherty seen shooting up drugs,

he makes it clear what he really thinks about Moss.

Filmed in a $20-a-night Thai hostel, the clip allegedly shows the 27-year-old rock star injecting drugs. A young Sydney backpacker captured the scene after she recognised the Babyshambles frontman buying syringes in a chemist, and invited him back to her room. It was there he shot up three times in a 3.5-hour drug binge, before asking hostel staff where he could score heroin. The Australian has sold the images and story to a British tabloid, claiming Doherty also denied rumours he had wed girlfriend Kate Moss in Thailand, confessing he wouldn't marry the supermodel

if she was the last woman on Earth, describing her as too paranoid.

The video also captured Doherty borrowing the 21-year-old traveller's mobile phone to speak to Moss. Moss rang back several times, wanting to know who he was with. The couple's drug abuse has never kept them far from the headlines. in modelling contracts Moss lost millions of dollars after being snapped allegedly snorting cocaine with Doherty, who has a long history of addiction. The rocker avoided a jail term in April and was put on probation on the proviso

he would undergo drug rehabilitation, but the emergence of the video now makes a mockery of a judge's optimism just two weeks ago that the musician was progressing well in kicking the habit. He reportedly checked into a rehab centre yesterday, accompanied by Moss. James Sutherland, Ten News. An intruder, armed with a pitchfork, A spectacular factory fire causes millions of dollars in damage, that's next. Also, the tech generation - why young Australians can't function without their gadgets. And a comedy about the Cronulla riots makes the final cut

for this year's Tropfest.

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Developed with the community, the NSW Government's State Plan will shape the way we live. It highlights better services to improve our health system. Patients with less serious conditions will be treated more quickly in new hospital GP centres, freeing up our emergency departments for more serious cases, reducing emergency waiting time. Go to the website to read about The top stories we're following this hour - Sydney's serial mail thief looks is facing jail. Postal worker John Lennard Clarke pleading guilty to 12 fraud charges, after stealing tens of thousands of items. Music promoter Glenn Wheatley has faced court over tax evasion. John Farnham's manager is yet to be charged, after Australia's biggest off-shore tax investigation. And signs of political turmoil to come after the March State election.

The member for Northern Tablelands, Richard Torbay, confirming the major parties are offering ministerial positions to key Independents

in exchange for support if there's a hung parliament. Fire has ripped through an old wool storage building in Victoria. Emergency crews were called to the blaze early this morning,

eight businesses went up in flames.

Furniture, electrical equipment and lanoline residue which had built up over the years fuelling the inferno. It's only just sinking in. But I don't know what to say - I'm speechless. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the blaze. Is technology ruining our kids? A Sydney author certainly thinks so. Alan Gold believes gadgets and the Internet are making young people lazy and ruining their ability to think for themselves. It's no doubt a faster world than ever before, fuelled by abounding technology and the instant access it provides. Too instant, too fast, says author Alan Gold. I think the danger is that if technology lets them down, what are they going to rely on? If technology lets me down, I've got sufficient skills which I've learned since I was a child.

And he knows first hand - relating the story of his son - who called his mother for directions off the Internet because his satellite navigation broke down. His concern - that younger generations are too plugged in -

relying on the Internet makes them helpless and lazy. They don't agree. I think that's the same for every generation, though. You just adapt to your environment and what you have available to you. Alan Gold argues all this technology is giving young people in particular a very narrow view of the world. Search for something on Google, for instance, and you get a very specific answer to a specific question.

What's missing, he says, is the broader context of a subject you used to get by researching it the old way. And he goes further - worrying that young people are losing the art of personal interaction. I use technology, you use technology, we all do and will. What's concerning me is that kids today are using forms of technology

that may be undermining their ability to relate to others.

Take text messaging for example. How often would you text? Every day. 10 a day. All day, like, every day. We still talk to each other every day, like at school and that. Still always talking. It's just that it's more convenient. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Australian stocks have hit record highs with February tipped to be another strong reporting season.

In just a few weeks, tens of thousands of short film fans will pack into the Domain for the 15th annual Tropfest. Today, the finalists were revealed and there's already a hint of controversy. When it comes to subject matter at Tropfest nothing is sacred. This entry is about last year's Cronulla riots. Here for the riots? Yeah. Looks like were the first one here though. Yeah, maybe we should wait for a few more people. Yeah. And among this year's finalists - fewer of the punch-line comedies that have become a signature of the competition. Like this one - called 'The Grey Cloud'. It's a little bit different. It's a period piece.

It's set in the 1940s. A lot of Tropfest films are comedies so we thought we'd make something more left of centre. There are three animated films. It's called 'An Imaginary Life'. It's about an imaginary friend who's been forgotten by the child who thought him up. There's only one thing missing from among the finalists of Tropfest's 15th year - and that's more women. In fact, there's only one member of the smarter sex in the final 16. And that's Jayne Montague who's dramatic film 'Still' was made for just $1,200. Of course your pedigree, your background

makes you stand out from everybody else. And that's that you use to work at Channel Ten. I did. I did. I use to work there for quite a few years. 100,000 fans will descend on Sydney's Domain on the big night, February 18th, and the films will be beamed out live to festivals in capital cities and regional centres. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

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At five minutes to six we'll check

out the glamour end the man who

puts down the hammer of the A one

duty. I love this sort of thing. I

love hanging around with the sort

of people. I wondered why he was in a suit tonight. Sport is next with with Brad McEwan and Sydney FC involved in a ring-in row. Yes, they've been slammed for picking a player from a rival club for tomorrow's do-or-die semi, more shortly. Plus, Shaun Tait ready to rattle England in a bid to claim a World Cup spot. And some stunning shots highlight the first round of the Australian Women's Open.

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Australian selectors have handed South Australian speedster Shaun Tait his first limited overs cap as they look to end England's summer of misery. Victory tomorrow will ensure the tourists go home without a win against the Aussies. Shaun Tait, injury free and back in Australian team colours, preparing for an overdue one-day international debut.

I think that selectors, by naming him in the squad, would indicate that they want to have a bit of a look at him before the World Cup squad is picked so I would imagine that he will play both games. He joins a growing queue of fast men in line for a World Cup berth. Australia's final two Tri-Series fixtures, Tait's opportunity to press his claims. The skipper conceding the squad for the Caribbean is far from settled. I think there would be a couple that would be over the line right at the moment.

I don't think there are too many places at all in our squad that are guaranteed for the World Cup. That's bad news for England who must beat Australia tomorrow to have any chance of playing in the Tri-Series finals. We'll make it a one-off game tomorrow and if we can win we'll be confident against New Zealand. They'll be without injured quick James Anderson. He's heading home with a back injury. Michael Vaughan trained today but he won't play either, his hamstring still not ready. And an ominous warning for the rest of the cricket world. Ricky Ponting believes there's still plenty of improvement in his team and he says they're on track to peak at next month's World Cup. We actually sat down as a group at the start of the summer and said that we all felt we could improve our one-day cricket by a few percent which would lift the overall team performance by a considerable margin, so that's what we're all aiming at, that's what we're hoping to achieve. And as the Kiwis try to fan the flames surrounding outspoken opener Lou Vincent, a boost for their campaign -

Scott Styris returning from injury ahead of the finals. I'm sure the confidence levels of this team would have gone up

after the last couple of performances. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Aussie golfers are leading the way on day one of the National Women's Open championship. Sarah Kemp the clubhouse leader after a six under 66 at Royal Sydney, with another local Nikki Campbell one from the lead. Chasing them, tournament favourite

An early statement from Australia's best player, Karrie Webb. She'd reached the 460m par-five 2nd in just two strokes, this long snaking putt for eagle. COMMENTATOR: And look at that, wow! There was a young Aussie gal stealing the show on day one. Sarah-Jane Kenyon, with just over two years of pro experience. This approach at the par-five 7th would make a veteran proud. Look at this. Oh, my God!

Sarah Kemp, fresh off her rookie season on the European ladies tour, set a cracking morning pace. The 21-year-old bogey-free on her way to the clubhouse leading 6-under par. Also in the morning patrol, Canberra's Nikki Campbell - just 29 shots, 7 under at the turn. She gave a couple back on the way home to card 5 under for the round. Webb struggled to match her early heroics until back-to-back birdies on the 12th and 13th put her in the hunt. Magnificent shot. What a shot.

Struggling to justify her massive appearance fee, American Natalie Gulbis disappointed with a 2-over par 74. I'd got plenty of work ahead of me. With them shooting 6, 4, 5 under - not so good. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. A-League finals dramas for Sydney FC And great news for golf Fans - Network Ten has secured the free-to-air rights to televise the US Masters. World number one Tiger Woods will be gunning for his 13th major and despite winning his seventh successive US tour event last week,

his focus is on another green jacket. Well, it's great to win early in the year, especially prior to Augusta. It's nice to get a 'W' under the belt and it gives you some good positive feelings heading towards April. So off to an ideal start so far. And you can see if the world's best, including a strong aussie contingent, can beat Tiger at Augusta here on Ten in April. A-League finals dramas for Sydney FC Melbourne coach Ernie Merrick slamming Sydney for including former New Zealand Knights midfielder Jonas Salley in its team to play Newcastle tomorrow night.

The ring-in row ignited as Salley trained with his new team-mates just the day before the second leg of the semifinal against the Jets. Salley has played the entire season for A-League rivals New Zealand. It is quite farcical. It is a bit like Essendon not making the finals and Collingwood drafting him in for a couple of games in the finals. I can't understand that. It's my duty to get the best squad I can for Sydney FC with what we have. Newcastle is also critical of the rule which allows a player to switch clubs after they've been eliminated from the finals. Arsenal have booked a spot in the Carling Cup final after beating fierce rivals Tottenham 3-1 in the second leg of their semifinal. Emmanuel Adebayor's opener looked to have the Gunners on their way to Cardiff before Ahmed Mido's late equaliser sent the match into extra time. The home side grabbing the vital goal just before the change over. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a wonderful goal that is! The game sealed when the ball was ruled to have crossed the line in a goal-mouth scramble. Arsenal winning 5-3 on aggregate. A brilliant Frank Lampard goal has kept Chelsea within 6 points of Man U as Chelsea beat Blackburn 3-0.

That's all for now, later in Sports Tonight - behind the scenes at the Queensland Reds, we get an exclusive look at the coaching methods of Eddie Jones.

That's terrific of Eddie to do that.

His he's a good man. Let's take

another look at the traffic. An

accident on the Pacific Highway? Unfortunately this whether it's

deteriorating end she Sidique

images are having problems. The

accident it's causing traffic

delays all the way back to pimple.

Up to award the F3.

SONG: # You better step back and see the mess that you left

# Won't you tell it to somebody who cares? # You better step back and see the mess that you left # Won't you tell it to somebody who cares? # I'm stumbling all the way # 'Cause it's not such a beautiful... # HEARTBEAT THUDS LIQUID SPATTERS ON GROUND


(Speaks Japanese) SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom # Yeah, yeah, yeah... # Zoom, zoom. # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # ..understands the language of style.

MAN ON RADIO: 614 patrol. Two-vehicle MVA. One patient critical and the driver of the other vehicle is out of the car.

Time for all these weather details.

But Tim Bailey will be distracted.

Sheets of showers. Early-morning

Dees drizzle but it'll need off by

lunchtime. Then there will be blue

sky with 25 to 30 degrees. Drizzle

clearing Saturday and blues of Gaia

across Sunday. At Eastern Creek

we've got the A one GT - the World

Cup of motorsport. This is country

versus country. There will be 22

nations out there. I'll be

representing Australia. Can

graduation is on the Rookie drive.

You go to Eastern Creek tomorrow at

XI o'clock in to the flying machine

and try to impress. Plus it's free

if you want to go out there. On

will be setting up the car and

tried to make the weekend run

smoothly. We've got qualifying on

Saturday and racing on Sunday.

Depend in on how well this boy goes

he may get the drive on Sunday. I

want to say hello to Bruce homes

from South Africa - this was his

vision, the A one GP. I reckon

30,000 people will be there. While

hope so. We've a nice multicultural

society so we're expecting a lot of

fans supporting the 22 different

nations and backing to Australia.

As Strahan have to do better than

13 spot. They rose New Zealanders

are showing us how it's done. To

Morrow at XI o'clock at Eastern

Creek. Conditions will be tricky

for drying. Showers will clear

about lunchtime. A blue afternoon.

In't your backyard if you don't mind.

The satellite shows why's Brid

cloud generating rain over

Queensland. The monsoon trough will

cause those showers and storms

across the North. South-easterly

winds will spread along the east

coast bringing showers and rain in

north-east Queensland. A there will

be rain in the north. Showers and

storms across north-east NSW. The

strain flag. Welcome at Eastern

Creek, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

All the best, tomorrow. Thank you

girls for coming on and making this

segment glamourous for the first

time in a long while. You don't

know what to say and nor do I.

If tomorrow there will be beach cricket from Mirror broke. A woman in Mexico has given birth to an extra-large bundle of joy. Antonio Cruz weighed in at a whopping 6.6 kilograms - that's roughly double the size of an average newborn. Nicknamed 'Super Tonio ' by hospital staff, he's already as big as a 14-week baby and is wearing nappies designed for a six-month old. And if you're wondering, he was delivered by Caesarean section. That's the news at 5:00, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight

along at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. RAUNCHY ROCK RIFF PLAYS What's on the box is proudly brought to you by what's in the box with the dots. SONG: # Domino's! # D-OHH! ( SCREAMS )