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(generated from captions) Australian Botanic Gardens until Snakes Alive is back at the Sunday. sessions and get up close with Families can watch feeding Australian reptiles. wrapped around your neck or blue tongue or having a snake kids. Frog or something, it intrigues chance to meet... Fluffy. And of course, they'll have the night. And that's WIN News for Thursday to tell us about, email If you have a news tip you'd like team, I'm Peter Leonard, from the news Good night. under fire Ugly message - an Australian sheik

for promoting race hate and holy war. them as soldiers defending Islam. We want to have children and offer the hunt for Glock pistols Security risk - stolen from State police. We want those weapons back. in a pricey parking dispute. A sports car gets trashed host Australia's biggest quiz show. And back on air - Eddie McGuire to This program is captioned live.

Good evening.

has landed himself in hot water Another of Sydney's Muslim clerics and urging children to die for Islam. by insulting Jewish people comments on a series of DVDs, Sheikh Feiz Muhammed made his of a federal police investigation they're now the subject he's inciting racial hatred. amid claims is now living in Lebanon. Born in Sydney, Sheik Feiz Muhammed a holy war against all non-Muslims - His DVD, though, in which calls for is available is Australia. is to die for the cause of Islam, And the most honourable death to be a martyr of faith. In a series of recordings, Islamic Youth Centre in Liverpool, the sheik, who heads the Global their children the "beauty" of jihad. criticises Muslims who don't teach That we want to have children defending Islam. and offer them as soldiers During his lengthy rant, calling them pigs. he also ridicules Jews, It was very offensive and upsetting. is extremely concerned The Federal Government

"an emerging pattern of racism". about what it calls

follow an anti-Australian rant The sheik's comments by the mufti on Egyptian television. denounces these reprehensible The Australian Government and offensive remarks. to ban the DVD being sold here. There are now moves Legal experts say racial hatred legislation under the current the sheik could be charged. it's highly unlikely wants the law reviewed, The Jewish community

their position to incite hatred. saying no-one should be allow to use have free licence to spread hatred A person like that is not able to and poison young minds. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. have been rewritten The security rules on police firearms

that 14 Glock pistols after it was revealed in the past 10 years. have been stolen from the Force by police as relatively small, Although the number is regarded

a high-tech monitoring system they've now introduced

from the day they're issued. to keep track of all weapons uncovered the startling thefts. An internal police audit National Nine News can reveal from police stations. seven Glocks were stolen from unattended police cars. Another seven were taken leaving nine unaccounted for, Five have been recovered,

possibly in the hands of criminals. We want those weapons back. continue their investigations. NSW Police The audit was carried out of seven army rocket launchers after the recent theft from Sydney's Holsworthy barracks. did we have our house in order. I asked NSW Police to advise me, with stealing police weapons, Five civilians have been charged firearm negligence charges. while three officers are facing into the theft of Glocks It's the biggest investigation from a Sydney security firm in 2003. since 31 guns were stolen in a shoot-out Some of those pistols were used between criminal gangs. have been introduced New security measures to prevent the theft of more weapons. is now test-fired... Every police gun issued GUN FIRES entered into a computer network ..and its unique markings Identification System. known as the Integrated Ballistics By examining their digital records, that none of the missing Glocks police have confirmed in the commission of a crime. have been fired in police service, There are 15,000 Glock pistols on the IBIS system. all of them are being registered a computerised tracking system The force has also introduced

now be stored in locked cabinets. and all unworn firearms must Sean Fewings, National Nine News. It's an ominous warning - they probably can't stop the blaze fire chiefs have admitted of Thredbo. that's threatening the resort town some short-term relief Patchy rain has given for a very dangerous few days ahead. but residents are bracing spark in tinder dry bush It took just a single lightening south of the Murray.

and blackened 5,000 hectares The blaze has since leapt the border a nine kilometre front, to burn across dangerous fire conditions in memory. carried by some of the region's most a situation of grave seriousness. We are dealing here with With little access to the fire front; can slow the blaze fire fighters hope water bombing to Thredbo - before it crosses the 12km east but they're pessimistic. very difficult It will probably be very, for them to contain that. the fire to reach Thredbo? REPORTER: So you would expect Erm, I believe it still will. are positioning in Thredbo, And so metropolitan fire units in the town. ready to fight the flames evacuated yesterday. Tourists have largely gone; even rounded up by helicopter. Kosciusko bushwalkers are staying put, But about 200 residents

rain that failed to put out the fire, hoping for much more of the overnight but bracing for the worst. under the doors. I'm going to put wet towels

one more day to control the blaze Fire authorities say they may get force them to get out of its way before weather conditions simply on saving the property in its path. and focus instead Tim Lester, National Nine News. In the Snowy Mountains, testing 25 cooling towers Health authorities will finish at Circular Quay by tomorrow of a legionnaire's outbreak. as they try to track down the source Four men who were all at the Quay during New Year's Eve have fallen ill but the Health Department admits it may never find the source of the infection. A temporary blip in the cooling tower contamination and maybe a bit of spray of contaminated water got down to some people so I really don't think that, you know, a million people were exposed, probably just a very few. No new cases of the disease are expected because the incubation period has passed. Thousands of students are a little wiser today after receiving their long-awaited offers from university. As always - demand was high for courses in medicine and nursing, while some applicants will miss out on university altogether. It was an anxious final few minutes. Then the news arrived. 12 years of schooling came down to a bit of fine print. I'm so happy I got my first preference!

She was one of 76,000 applicants vying for 60,000 university places. It's the highest number of offers we've had for quite some years, an increase of 3,000 offers over last year. Today, at the University Admissions Centre... Good afternoon. UAC. ..phones rang hot from prospective students. Kyle Sheldrick was one of the lucky ones,

squeezing into a medical degree at the University of Western Sydney.

The main thing now is the relief, I mean, there's a bit of excitement, but just that relief -

that stress that's been there for the last couple of months has just gone now that I know I've got a place. It's the first time the university has held the course. 100 places were available, almost 600 people applied. Certainly there's been a lot of demand, and we will fill the course with very high-quality students. The AMA thinks it's good that medical courses are being expanded. We need to increase the number of doctors we produce but we need to make sure they are properly trained. For the thousands of students who did not receive an offer, or had their first preference denied, there's still hope with two more rounds of university offers to go. They will be released at the end of January.

Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. Four Canadians have been found guilty of fraud

after skimming $1.6 million from ATMs in Sydney.

Five banks and close to 500 customers had funds stolen from their accounts. But the court heard the four men received only a small commission

from their theft.

The rest of the money went to others higher up in the scam.

The men were given sentences of between 16 and 22 months - all will be deported when they've served their time. The owner of a $200,000 luxury car is in for a rude shock when he returns from holidays. A construction worker tried to move the car with a forklift, but accidentally dropped it. It would have cost less than $1 to call the council and have the sports car towed. Instead, one construction worker made a $200,000 mistake. The luxury car had been parked in a construction zone for two days, blocking trucks servicing the Elizabeth Bay building site. But Brian Chisolm, who's renovating the owner's house across the road, says that's no excuse for what happened next. He started to fork it up, and saw it six feet up and I thought, "I can't believe this" and went inside, and then I heard the crash and came running outside and there it was on it's roof Businessman Jason Huljich is overseas and was told over the phone his car was a write-off. Making matters worse - it was the owner's sister who'd parked the car in front of the construction site. He'd lent her the Maserati to use while he was overseas.

The 37-year-old construction worker has been questioned by police but is yet to be charged. It's certainly an unusual method of trying to remove cars. Heidi Couch, National Nine News. It's official - Channel Nine boss Eddie McGuire is returning to our television screens. and will host Australia's biggest game show, '1 vs 100'. He says he's missed being on air and insists he can juggle his new role as well as being the network's chief executive. Eddie McGuire was making no bones about it. It's great to be back on air, I must admit. I didn't realise how much I missed it until the thought was confirmed that I would host '1 vs 100'. 11 months after leaving the studio for the boardroom, the man who gained fame and ratings success with 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' was on the giant set of the network's new quiz show -

one contestant pitting wits and knowledge with 100 rivals, Eddie McGuire the man in the middle, dealing in the facts of the matter, and that's what he wanted to do today. I've never used the word "boned" in my life and I've never offered my resignation, and nor would I. His front-of-camera job won't change the rest of his life. It has no impost whatsoever in what I'm doing as my role as CEO of the Nine Network. If it was going to interfere at all, I wouldn't be doing it. There are, in fact, distinct parallels between his new on-camera job... and his continuing role in management. One person will be here and they'll be up against the mob. CROWD CHEERS Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a hungry thief gets his just desserts and why Jennifer's too raunchy for the Kiwis. We just felt this ad just maybe tapped over the line a little bit. on a toasted French roll.

McDonald's Deluxe Brekkie Roll, for a limited time only. A 32-year-old Air Force employee has been charged with possessing explosives and a firearm.

It follows the alleged discovery of a reported 5kg of Powergel explosives in a car at the Toll Transport holding yard at Greenacre, nine days ago. The man is believed to be an electrical engineer, relocating from the Amberley Air Force base in Queensland, to the RAAF base at Williamtown. He's been given conditional bail to appear in court

Police stress the incident is not terrorism related. It happened exactly 30 years ago, but the pain of the Granville rail disaster remains as raw as ever. 83 people died when a bridge collapsed onto a train, today,

survivors were among those who gathered to remember that dreadful day. Their names have been gouged into the history books

as victims of Australia's worst train disaster. 30 years on, and for their loved ones, it's as real as it was in 1977. The weather was the same, this sort of heat, and just the memories keep flooding back. On the bridge that now replaces the one bought down by the derailed train, hundreds of people threw roses to remember them. My cousin was only 20 years old and my only living relative in Sydney, so I wanted to come here for her and remember her. And remembered too - the other 82 commuters who died when the 609 clipped the Granville bridge. But for all the pain and horror that occurred on these tracks, a tribute all these years later

to the dedication of those involved in the rescue. Retired policeman Garry Raymond saved the life of Debbie Woodgate. Her legs pinned for 10 hours under twisted metal, she asked her rescuer if he thought she'd ever have a child. I actually thought in the back of my mind - "Listen, young lady, "you're going to be fortunate to get out of here alive, "let alone have a baby". 10 years later, she fell pregnant. I just felt like the luckiest person on earth. Garry and Debbie say they are as close as siblings to this day. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. Australian con man Peter Foster has struck a deal with Vanuatu authorities to be deported to Australia. Charged with illegally entering the South Pacific nation, Foster appeared in court in Port Vila today and is likely to be flown to Brisbane after his deportation is finalised tomorrow. Foster skipped bail in Fiji earlier this month. The treatment of a Bollywood superstar in Britain's 'Big Brother' house has caused outrage in two countries. Her fellow housemates have been mimicking her accent and mispronouncing her name. My name is Shilpa. Jacqui, get that right. In India, they've burnt effigies of the show's producers and Britain's Prime Minister has even been drawn into the debate. The net effect - a 20% jump in the show's ratings. A British thief has sunk to new depths in his bid to get an engagement ring for his girlfriend. While the jeweller was distracted Simon Hooper swallowed the ring he liked but couldn't afford. Police were called and took an x-ray that clearly showed the ring but Hooper continued to claim his innocence. He still insisted that it was a ring-pull from a beer can even until the time he passed it. Hooper is now serving a 3-month jail sentence. Australian talent has taken centre stage at a glamorous competition to find the world's top supermodel. Australian designers provided the outfits for the New York show, while a young model from Manly tried her luck as one of the contestants. They are tomorrow's supermodels

and amongst them Australia's entrant in the Supermodel of the World contest, 18-year-old Jacinta Stevenson from Sydney. And they're all hoping to win a $300,000 modelling contract with New York's prestigious Ford agency. I did my HSC, which was good. It was very stressful and I'm so glad school's over. And now you are here, on the runway. And now I'm here, now I am in New York. And here's Jacinta doing her bit in front of New York's fashion glitterati. The seven Australian designers provided every one of the 96 outfits, and that had them working flat out for months. And it brought praise from the high priestess of American fashion, Eileen Ford. The clothes and the girls go together. I thought they looked great. Sane Nijhoff from the Netherlands won the supermodel prize but all agreed the Aussies came out winners as well.

Will this open a few doors for them, do you think? I think so.

Fingers crossed, I reckon. In New York, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. Showing their conservative side, authorities at Auckland airport have banned this billboard of Jennifer Hawkins because it's considered too raunchy. It wasn't the photo that offended but the caption alongside it. We have to be sensitive to all the different nationalities and people that come through Auckland Airport

and we just felt this ad just maybe tapped over the line a little bit. The lingerie company Hawkins is promoting says the ad was always meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Ken with sport is next and Lleyton Hewitt wins but he's not getting carried away. It's a work in progress as he grafts his way into the third round with a 4-set win. And Gilchrist getting a mighty wrap from the master blaster. QUIRKY MUSIC (Barks questioningly) Hmm! (Blows whistle) FANFARE QUIRKY MUSIC (Blows whistle) SONG: # Live a Lotto life. # Although far from his best, Lleyton Hewitt has managed

to claw his way into the 3rd round of the Australian Open. It was the same for Alicia Molik, while fellow Aussie Robert Smeets was eliminated by 13th seed Tomas Berdych. Despite today's win over Canandian Frank Dancevic, Hewitt's form remains fragile.

Hewitt began with plenty of purpose, in fact he was sharp. COMMENTATOR: At his best. There were signs of Lleyton of old. (Bleep) Lleyton needs to be very careful here. The second set drifted before Hewitt came out of a slumber and put Dancevic, the 87th-ranked player in the world, two sets down. The happy Hewitts then watched their man slide into a hole he dug with double faults while the Canadian picked up his act to win the third. We have a match. W ave a match. Dancevic then had some running repairs while Hewitt got his back up, determined to put an end to the challenge. The Canadian wilted and delivered a grateful Hewitt two match points, he needed just one and what a beauty it was. It was a win but Hewitt was very candid about his form. I just had to bide my time and it wasn't my best serving day but I got out of it. Playing survival tennis, Alicia Molik was able hang on against Estonian qualifier Kaia Kanepi. After being in deep trouble, Molik patiently worked her way back into the match to win in three.

Last year, Marcos Baghdatis was the flavour of the Australian Open, last night, 20-year-old Gael Monfils overtook him. That is incredible. Look at Monfils go! The gifted, stick-thin Frenchman won the crowd with his tennis and showmanship. Wow! Monfils ran and then revved up the big points before winning in four sets. Rare talent. Determined to maintain Australia's undefeated run, Adam Gilchrist will captain a new look team in tomorrow's one-dayer against England in Brisbane. Gilchrist has also been labelled the game's new "master blaster" by none other the original, Viv Richards. Complacency maybe a dirty word, but not changes. Victorian Brad Hodge replaces Ricky Ponting, who's been rested, Adam Gilchrist the stand-in skipper. Ben Hilfenhaus and Stuart Clark make way for the return of Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath from illness and injury. McGrath didn't bowl today, much to the surprise of his new captain. Didn't he? Just hold on that team. Oh, he just batted - oh, good, good. That's solid. Yeah, that's enough. Currently in destructive form, Gilchrist was blown away when told West Indies great Viv Richards anointed him as the game's new master blaster. I didn't know he'd said that. If that's true, it's a wonderful compliment. Sacked after the Ashes whitewash, Andrew Flintoff has been reinstated as England's captain

due to Michael Vaughan's injury. Replacing Vaughan - Mal Loye. called up at the age of 34.

So much for England's media branding Australia's team a dad's army. I've just always had the belief. At the end of the day, it's down to carry on performing and put your name in that hat. That hat bound to be aimed at by Australia's bowlers tomorrow. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News.

And coverage live from 2 o'clock. DRAMATIC MUSIC (Roars) (Grumbles) Arrgghh! (Roars) VOICEOVER: New Ford Ranger. Legendary tough. Lowest prices are just the beginning.

In finance, oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum has posted record annual revenue, with production also at new highs. High commodity prices and increased sales volume the reasons behind the haul. On the markets, the All Ordinaries finished up 24, buoyed by higher resource stocks. Now, with the weather details, here's Jaynie. Thanks, Mark. We'll we are seeing a few storms west of Sydney right now. However, in terms of the last week, only 10mm fell over Warragamba where it's now sitting at 35.4%. But some of the rain west of Sydney these last couple of days has appeared to fall over parts of the catchment so there could be an increase next week. A few storms west of Katoomba and slowly heading south. Bathurst saw 15mm in an hour. It should stay fine in Sydney, where today was another hot one. Low- to mid-30s in the west, the sea breeze keeping the coast slightly cooler. Severe storm warnings also for northern Victoria with scattered showers and storms for southern NSW. Tropical moisture is being fed by this trough, which will bring widespread rain over the next few days. Flood warnings are in place and could be our best rain event in years for some areas. NSW will have isolated storms in the western, southern and central areas. Storms tomorrow for Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart. Fine for the cricket in Brisbane - just a morning shower. No showers for us, Sydney - literally a carbon copy of today with clear blue skies and fresh winds along the coast. A 1 metre swell at the beach. 30 for the mountains. 36 for Penrith and Richmond. A mild night along the coast with a maximum of 29. Unbearably hot for the weekend with a change on Monday. Cooler and hopefully wet next week, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Tonight - messages of hate - commun ty outrage over racist comments by a firebrand sheik. Plus - Australia's paranoid parents, over-protective and over-bearing. Why they refuse to let go. Also - rouge trader David Tweed - you won't believe what he's up to now. And TV'S greatest feuds - the stars and their cat fights. Hello. I'm Leila McKinnon. Welcome to A Current Affair. Those stories coming up. Also tonight - diamonds are a girl's best friend - Bec Hewitt and all that jewellery. And - too sexy! Why the Kiwis banned a Jennifer Hawkins billboard. But first - the young Muslim leader and his messages of hate. Sheik Feiz Mohammed has called Jewish people "pigs" and urged children to die for Allah. His radical rants have all been captured on film. Now there are calls for the firebrand sheik to be charged. Simon Bouda reports. He calls Jews pigs who will be killed when the end of the world comes. This creature will say, "a Muslim behind me is the Jew. "Come and kill him." They'll be, "Oink! Oink!" All of 'em. Words full of hate. This is somebody who's inciting hatred, inciting hatred in a very volatile environment and the comments have to be condemned completely

by anybody who hears them. I can't justify or explain these comments.

And the most honourable death is to die for the cause of Islam. to be a martyr of faith. I think he's a loose cannon. Extremism - that's what comes to mind, it's extremism. Don't associate yourself with John Howard or George Bush or Tony Blair, because it's like associating yourself with devils. Notice the Aussie accent. This is Sydney-born sheik Feiz Mohammed. We want to have children

and offer them as soldiers defending Islam. But this is perhaps the most disturbing of his rantings.

Today, many parents - they prevent their children from attending lessons. Why?