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(generated from captions) Victoria. organise a rationing programme for

The massive blackout caused chaos - across Melbourne failed 1,200 traffic signals transport experienced long delays and commuters relying on public as the system ground to a halt. The frustrating thing is with the announcements they've been a bit tardy

are running at all. even to know if the trains 200,000 homes were blacked out are already counting the cost. and local businesses

forced to turn away customers Restaurants across the CBD

and throw out stock. no air-conditioning, no lights. So we've got no fridges, to run a business. Basic essentials you need this restaurant manager dined alone. With no-one to serve, Manpower lose and business. Staff on a permanent break. over a hot stove. I'm normally slaving And tourists wondered why they came. lift wasn't working. We caught the stairs - were out. Traffic lights on the way in I've ever sweated so much. I don't think by bushfires near Benalla. The crisis was caused powerline between NSW and Victoria. Smoke causing a short on a main is a quarter of all our power. What we've lost record high demand for electricity, The outage coming on a day of into the high 30s. as temperatures soared

Compounding the situation, to get to the site of the outage repair crews have been unable due to fire danger. if we can clear the area, If we can fly over, we can reconnect that. and if it is safe, it won't be But if it can't be safely done, on Victorian Power. and we'll have to rely has been recalled from holidays Premier Steve Bracks for an emergency Cabinet meeting potential power restrictions. and to discuss

cover things like Essentially the restrictions non-use of air-conditioners, people and sick people and the like. unless they're exemptions for older businesses preparing for more losses. A decision will be made tomorrow with a very grey and ugly area. I believe this is going to be are going to be bombarded. I'm sure insurance companies there won't be compensation. But authorities say to a lack of power in the State. This is an event of nature as opposed Kellie Morgan, Ten News. from the Victorian fire fronts, And some breaking news tonight

have been lost in the Toombullup area and there are reports seven homes in the State's north-east.

the heat out of ethnic tensions Soaring temperatures have taken

To other news now - are being threatened with action and oil companies if they don't cut petrol prices. have shrugged off the ultimatum, But the fuel giants

insisting they are not profiteering. motoring groups have claimed For years are ripping off drivers. oil companies And for the first time today has agreed. the nation's consumer watchdog In its toughest stand yet one week to bring their prices down the ACCC has given petrol retailers or else.

If they don't move down, some serious questions being asked - then there'll be

but by the Australian public. not only by us, If they don't lower the prices this week, the ACCC real teeth, then the Government should give for motorists. real power to get a fair deal almost as many problems But that's raised as it has solved. its demands The ACCC can't enforce and the oil companies know it. prices are moving We'll be closely looking at the way our methodology. but we won't be changing

suggestions it's profiting unfairly. But Caltex vehemently denies of last year Caltex announced at the end

was 2.2 cents a litre. the outlook for our profit that that's outrageous. Nobody would suggest

there's any profiteering going on.

has economists baffled too. The timing of the ACCC comments They support oil company claims

the Singaporean oil price the bowser is merely tracking and that's now at a 12-month low. smarting from the 2006 price hikes. But tell that to motorists still Over the last year, to the weekly budget. it's added about $30 to $40 and this is my favourite place here. I use my dockets What Mr Costello should do formal prices surveillance is direct the ACCC to undertake in Australia now. of the oil industry

to the commission's powers The Government won't rule out changes but insists for the time being - of the Government That the ACCC has the confidence in the job they are doing in terms of monitoring fuel prices across Australia. And while the fuel companies say their stand on pricing, they'll maintain pressure with a token gesture - Qantas has responded to public by just $5 on some flights. reducing its fuel surcharge Amber Muir, Ten News. are rated better than Australia's India's teachers of business leaders. in an international survey are near the bottom of the class, Our maths and science teachers blames funding cuts. the Federal Opposition the most basic and critical subjects Maths and Science are among in schools. has found Australian business leaders But a new survey about the standards of teaching. are more depressed than many the World Economic Forum Of 125 countries, and Tunisia at number nine, found India at number seven

20 places ahead of Australia. but Australia's business leaders India has a 40% illiteracy rate, is preparing students just don't think our education system for the global economy.

for Australia This is a very bad result the best qualified, we need to be producing in the world. the best trained workforce

had to sit his own exam on radio. The Opposition Leader What's four fifths of a percentage? Sorry, what's four fifths I mean, 80. Yes. worth $2.50, add the GST, If you've got a chocolate bar how much is it? Well, $2.75. well done. Well done, Mr Rudd blames the survey results teacher shortage. on a maths and science

Labor and the Teachers Union want cheaper HECS fees and more resources. You can't take a figure like that out of the context of the lack of funding. Teachers say the survey says more about business leader prejudices than standards,

and other studies don't back up these findings. Unusually, the Government agrees, questioning the survey's merits. But it couldn't resist a crack at the states. We've expressed concerns to many of the State departments - education departments, in terms of their benchmarking and their focus on these subjects. The Government says it's increasing investment in education. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Tamworth, the city at the centre of a racial storm, has tonight backflipped on its decision to turn away refugees from Sudan. The council rejected a request from the Immigration Department last year to take in five families from the war-torn country, because of public opposition. Now, after claims of racism and bigotry, the council voted to accept the families. I apologise to the Sudanese

for the statements and remarks I may have made. You are welcome as members of our community and we value your ongoing support in this community. The Tamworth community are perfectly capable of helping southern Sudanese community. The recommendation put forward at tonight's meeting also urges changes to the refugee settlement program. An Australian is facing up to 15 strokes of the cane and 20 years in jail

for drug smuggling in Singapore. Michael Karras from South Australia has been busted with 500g of cannabis. The 38-year-old has been offered bail and is due back in court in 11 days. After the break -

Commsec's finance report with Tom Piotrowski. How hi-tech bandits ripped off casinos for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hopefully, you'll start to see that very traditional comet tail stretching out with a slight curve. And look in the right place and you'll find there's something out there.

Visit Kphoto at Kmart to print Kodak quality prints in seconds at Kodak Picture Kiosks. There are rules that affect what you see on television. These rules cover program classifications. When you see certain programs, advertising, as well as the presentation of news and current affairs, they are part of the Code of Practice for Commercial Television. If you'd like a copy of the code, visit our website for more information, or write or call us at: This program is captioned live. A gang of high-tech thieves has ripped off more than $600,000 from London casinos. Using mini cameras hidden in their sleeves, poker players beamed images of the cards to a van outside. Another gang member monitored the hands, then used a tiny earpiece to tell his partners how to place their bets. Casino bosses became suspicious and called police, who had the trump card - jailing the mastermind for nine months. To finance news now with Commsec's Tom Piotrowski. And Tom, good news for Qantas travellers? Good news Katherine, but it's not the sort of result that's going to have people flocking to their travel agent to book overseas holidays.

But it's encouraging to see the prices are moving in the right direction at least, because today Qantas announced that they'd be cutting their fuel surcharge by $5 on all domestic flights to $26, they'll also be cutting by $5 per sector throughout Asia Pacific and New Zealand. So the good news about this is that it's more than likely that we'll see other airlines do the same in following days. Today we saw Qantas shares firm a couple of cents to $5.38.

But elsewhere it was a pretty uneventful day for the market overall.

The stand-out performance on the day was by Telstra - amid anticipation of an earnings upgrade. The big miners were down on the back of lower metals prices in China. David Jones jumped shares jumped to a record high because of strong Christmas trading. Proof tonight there really is something out there. If you look to the sky around sunset tomorrow you're likely to see a comet as it passes near the sun. Miss it and you may never get the chance again. Not for 40 years has a comet been so visible to us earthlings. And being a one-off, it's ensured Australians are all eyes. This comet has been travelling through space for billions of years

and it's coming and visiting the sun only once. Comet McNaught was only discovered last year. On Sunday it made its mark on Australian skies.

Yesterday it was so bright, it could be seen in broad daylight. On Sunday, Comet McNaught was only about 300,000km away from the sun, so that's like getting a snowball and throwing it into a fire. Of course it's going to boil and evaporate and lots of steam comes off and that's what we're seeing at the moment. The comet essentially vaporises before our eyes - that's when we can see it. The comet is at its brightest tonight, but should be around at sunset until Thursday. Keen comet hunters should look west to south-west to where the sun sets. Wait for it to dip just below the horizon, and then wait another few minutes for darkness to fall. Once you look up above where the sun's glare was and just a little to the left, you should see a small white blur that is Comet McNaught.

No telescopes needed - just your naked eyes or binoculars. Hopefully, you'll start to see that very traditional comet tail stretching out with a slight curve. Oh, and just in case you are wondering - No, no, no - it's not coming anywhere near us,

so we don't have to worry about this Comet McNaught. Never know what will happen in the future but, no, we're safe at the moment. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Hollywood is partying tonight as it celebrates another year of Golden Globe success. Ten's Hugh Laurie from 'House' took out an award but Australia's leading ladies weren't so lucky. The Golden Globes may be over, but the partying has just begun - especially for Aussie star Isla Fischer and her soon-to-be husband Sacha Baron Cohen,

better known as Borat. Waa waa, wee waa!

Cohen took out Best Actor in a Comedy for a movie even he admits made him sick to his stomach. And I stared down and saw your two wrinkled Golden Globes on my chin,

I thought to myself, "I'd better win a bloody award for this." Australia's leading ladies of the big screen and small shone on the red carpet. It's madness! It's absolutely crazy. It was also all new for Toni Collette, who, like Rupert Murdoch's wife,

had the crowd green with envy when it came to her gems. They kind of feel fake because I never get up in this kind of stuff. There was dress envy as well. That is an incredible dress. I adore you! But it wasn't to be Cate Blanchett's night. She lost Best Supporting Actress to Jennifer Hudson in 'Dreamgirls'. I'm just relieved that it's first up

and then I can just have a couple of glasses of wine and kick back. And it didn't turn out to be a happy night for Sydney director George Miller. We've got a one in three chance of winning, I reckon. The odds went against him - 'Cars' beating 'Happy Feet' as the Best Animated Movie, but it did pick up Best Original Song, although Prince wasn't there to pick up the award, he was caught in traffic. Well, I guess Prince couldn't be here, so...I'd like to accept this award on his behalf. Also winning awards - the cast of 'Ugly Betty' including former 'Neighbours' star Allan Dale,

and Ten's Hugh Laurie took out Best Actor in a TV Drama for 'House'. The Golden Globes kick off a 6-week countdown to the Academy Awards and the actors and actresses who win here

are tipped as favourites to take home an Oscar. That means all eyes are on 'Babel' which won Best Drama of the Year. At the Golden Globes, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Sports Tonight is next with Rob Canning and Rob - day two of the Aussie Open has thrown up plenty of talking points. Has it ever, Kath - we've had heat delays, the women's top seed scraping through and tonight a struggle for Lleyton Hewitt.

All the action coming up. Also ahead - a day of dramas on the Gold Coast for the Titans. As Port play, the Crows get hi-tech. And the race row in South African cricket.

This program is captioned live. It's been a red-hot day two at the Australian Open, with scorching conditions taking their toll on several players throughout the afternoon. Tonight, though, it was the Aussies turning up the heat and for the latest, Sports Tonight's Ian Cohen is at Melbourne Park.

It's still very hot conditions here

at Melbourne Park. Today, it ended

just scorched up over 40 and that

meant the extreme heat policy was

invoked. It meant that a lot of the

outside courts were shut down the

and they were shut down until 745

this evening. There's now a massive

backlog of players trying to play

in the cola conditions. We've been

watching Aloisi are more like it

and Lleyton Hewitt. It's been two years since Alicia Molik forced her way into the Australian Open quarterfinals.

Returning to Rod Laver Arena for the first time since then, Molik showed plenty of fighting spirit against Chinese Taipei's Chan Yung-jan. COMEMNTATOR: Good tennis. Wonderful tennis. Chan managed to save three break points, but the power-hitting Aussie quickly overcame those early nerves. Excellent second serve from Molik.

The 25-year-old took the first set 6-1 in just 29 minutes. Chan regained momentum in the second, claiming an early lead. Molik fought back to level the set at five games apiece. With a straight-sets victory in her sights, Molik upped the ante in the tiebreak to claim a well-deserved win. And Molik is through to the second round. Lleyton Hewitt was finally able to put his disrupted Open build-up behind him

when he met American qualifier Michael Russell. While new coach Scott Daper kept a watchful eye, Hewitt started confidently. C'mon! That's Lleyton Hewitt. But Hewitt's lack of match practice and some powerful hitting by Russell spelt trouble. So, Lleyton Hewitt drops the first set. The American maintained his momentum in the second, racing to a 4-1 lead through excellent court speed and deft touch. That was impressive. Russell went onto wrap up the set 6-2, the 19th seed in deep despair. Michael Russell, the American qualifier, takes a 2-0 lead. It was a great night for the Aussie girls,

I had a sense of calmness walking

out on to what Laver Arena. It's

been a while since I played a match

there, but once I got out there I

felt that was where I belong. I

knew with the way that she played

she was going to hit some winners

and then hit a whole bunch of areas.

That's what happened. When I got

back into it I felt a lot more

comfortable. The heat was scorching

about 40 degrees today and it got

so hot that Maria Sharapova forgot

to screen and here again. She got

away with a narrow win but the heat was on. With the temperature topping 40 degrees at Melbourne Park, and court surfaces pushing 50,

there were plenty players hot under the collar

after being forced to complete matches during the heat wave. When the conditions like this you start feeling very bad, very bad and is not only cramping, is not only injury, I mean it's everything. Is very disgusting playing like this. It's unbelieveable hot outside, so I prefer play without. The heat is gonna affect you no matter what at the end of the day. It's unhumanly possible to play three hours in that kind of heat,

I mean, I don't think our bodies were made to do that. Sharapova barely raised a sweat in her first set before frenchwoman Camee Pin rallied to forced a decider. COMMENTATOR: Now that's marvellous play. The number one seed regained control to peel off five consecutive games, but the gruelling conditions began to take their toll. Are you ------- kidding me? I'm sorry but this is just not right The world number 62 levelling at 5-all. until Sharapova found a way into the second round.

Nalbandian faced several match points before his opponent Janko Tipsaravich retired - succumbing to the elements.

And the mediacal advice was just listen to your body and don't do anything stupid out there. Drama too for local hero Chris Guccione

who was locked in a gripping battle with Belgian Olivia Rochus. And the Gooch keeps coming back! But the Gooch could not convert four match points - going down in a 5-set heartbreaker. UMPIRE: Game, set, match. No such trouble for second seed Nadal. Playing under the closed roof on centre court, the Spainard dispatched American Robert Kendrick in straight sets. Clijsters making equally light work of Russian Vasilisa Bardina.

And Queenslander Robert Smeets made a dream Grand Slam debut downing Slovakian Lukas Lacko in four. Smeets continues his love affair with Melbourne Park, after winning a wild card earlier this month, while Chris Guccione was less fortunate, bowing out in five. Unlike Sharapova, Kim Cljisters and Martina Hingis barely raised a sweat, both easy straight-sets winners along with Aussie Sam Stouser.

There's a Serbian and a Croatian

man men are playing out on court at

the moment. There has been one of

spectators ejected. Tomorrow we'll

see Mauresmo and Federer and will

have more details for you first of five and on Sports Tonight. for its first win England has broken through more than two months ago. since arriving in Australia over New Zealand in Hobart, But the 3-wicket win to skipper Michael Vaughan. was soured by yet another injury After 72 days of doom and gloom,

in Australia. England has finally won a match COMMENTATOR: There he goes... Victory for England! Andrew Flintoff was the hero, brilliant innings of 72 the star all-rounder's with one ball to spare. guiding his team home made just 205 from their 50 overs. Earlier, New Zealand COMMENTATOR: And there's an explosive start if ever I've seen one! Fast bowler Jimmy Anderson spinning out in the field. COMMENTATOR: Oh hello... But hitting back with the ball, taking four quick wickets. COMMENTATOR: Got him! Nathan Astle top scored with 45. COMMENTATOR: Nicely timed. Before the lower order conjured a respectable total, and invented a few shots along the way. Most bizarre shot I think I've ever seen But there was a major blow for England Initially, it seemed returning skipper Michael Vaughan had suffered yet another knee injury. he still opened the batting. But in what seemed a crazy move, down there. Oh boy, he's limping away came to the rescue, By the time the physio only eight overs, Vaughan had hobbled through indicating a hamstring strain. the treatment before falling for seventeen. He eventually got a runner, Got him! has gone up in wicket. Michael Vaughan England's run chase stalled again copped a terrible decision. when Andrew Strauss onto his front pad. He's almost middled it made all the difference. But Flintoff's half-century Adam McNicholl, for Sports Tonight. It took England until the final over to get the runs. Andrew Flintoff won the man of the match award. In domestic cricket -

NSW won the toss and elected to bat against Victoria. The Blues dismissed for just 189. Shane Harwood with 6 wickets. In reply, the Bushrangers are struggling at 4/65.

Warriors coach Wayne Clark has decided not to renew his contract at season's end. I think most people have a use-by date I expect the players to be honest with themselves and I'm the same. I think the time has come for me to accept some new challenges. former WA captain Tom Moody The contenders include and current skipper Justin Langer. There's a lot to think about. the last few weeks. I've had a lot to think about myself I've got a game of cricket tomorrow. Coaching? I'm still playing -

first time tomorrow with the Warriors Langer will take the field for the from international cricket. since retiring in a one-day game. WA take on South Australia

for South Africa's Herschelle Gibbs, A 2-match ban found guilty of racial abuse,

against Pakistan. during his team's first Test victory he didn't fire the first insult. Gibbs claims

Herschelle Gibbs says

his outburst was not directed at opposing players but Pakistani fans, recorded on a microphone, off camera. There was quite a lot of support for Herschelle. I mean, yesterday there was quite a lot of racial abuse taking place from Pakistan fans towards our players,

and I think that that provoked a lot of what happened. While not condoning Gibbs's comments, the South African captain claimed mitigating circumstances, referring to a specific incident involving spin bowler Paul Harris. There was a particular incident when I went down and got security to remove guys away from Paul Harris. just before the incident happened Herschelle was down at third man and I think even racial abuse, and he was copping a lot of abuse, at the time. It's not the first time with the ICC, Gibbs has found himself in trouble in a match-fixing scandal. banned in 2000 for his involvement his latest 2-Test ban. He's expected to appeal Mark Chester for Sports Tonight. newest club, the Gold Coast. An extraordinary day at the NRL's of training, Mat Rogers injured on his first day announced his retirement, and then Brian Carney just a day after arriving. Brian Carney Yesterday, a clearly uncomfortable

brushed aside suggestions he'd been having second thoughts about playing for the Titans. It's gonna take me a couple of days to get settled into the country again. Sorry, yeah, a couple of days to get right into training. Great Britain international But last night the 30-year-old told his new club that his heart just wasn't in it, saying he couldn't act like a fraud and take the Titans' money He also disclosed he did have two or three occasions at Newcastle where he strongly considered going home. While Carney gave the Titans an undertaking he won't play league or union anywhere else, from his first training session Mat Rogers limped away with the new NRL club. mate. Just a simple roll of the ankle, Nothing too serious. won't be rushing And the former Wallaby in five years. to play his first full league match to be playing league at the moment. I'm by no means fit enough I've got a lot of hard work to do. and earn the guys' respect, I guess. I've got to do that at Melbourne training - A round of applause Steve Turner back from exile, and the Titans finally resolved. the tug of war between Melbourne Young blokes do make mistakes,

and I just hope I don't make this mistake again in my football career. While Steve Turner got his wish, a warning from the NRL - players who make deals with clubs are expected to honour them. The lesson for everyone is that once you make these types of commitments

they are hard to undo. Turner to pay the Titans close to $100,000 in compensation. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Richmond ruckman Troy Simmonds

will miss the entire preseason competition

after breaking his ankle at training yesterday. The 28-year-old will have pins inserted, in a bid to be fit for round 1. from the preseason competition, Less than six weeks out a cruel injury blow. Richmond has been dealt to undergo ankle surgery Ruckman Troy Simmonds

at training yesterday. after landing awkwardly a previous injury, The 28-year-old aggravated to miss the entire NAB Cup, and the club expects him

to tackle Carlton in round one. but is hopeful he'll be fit No such worries for Port Adelaide, in a unique training session. players braving the severe heat This certainly isn't a down week - solidest weeks in the preseason it's probably one of our we were told. So at the moment, it's good to have a bit of a break-up and play some beach volleyball and beach cricket. The Power face cross-town rivals Adelaide in the opening round of the preseason competition, the Crows using high-tech analysis during their time at the Australian Institute of Sport to work on goal kicking.

It's just one of the many experiences they're enjoying while in Canberra. This morning they attended the national war museum. And despite posting a $700,000 loss this year, Carlton has proposed a $106 million redevelopment of Princes Park, intent on securing President Graham Smorgon the club's long-term viability. At the conclusion of construction,

in the Carlton Football Club. there should be no debt the ball 20m to be marked And players will have to kick for the NAB Cup. as part of the rule change Luke Schneider for Sports Tonight. to shine in the NBA, Boomers centre Andrew Bogut continues for his side, the Milwaukee Bucks. posting a career-best score

pulled down ten rebounds The second-year player and shot a personal best 27 points, in the paint, and he was near unstoppable

still goes to his left COMMENTATOR: Going to his left, charge to his right, shot fake up and under...good! With Bogut dictating terms, Milwaukee were too good for the Charlotte Bobcats, winning 99-91.

The traditional curtain raiser to the 'Tour Down Under' raced through the streets of Adelaide tonight. And it was a home-grown youngster who beat his more experienced international riders in the 50km race A recent bout of bronchitis

wasn't going to stop sprint king Robbie McEwen gunning for back-to-back Down Under Classics.

Home town hope Stuart O'Grady eager to make an impression in the first race of the year. COMMENTATOR: Here we go... Spurred on by a party-like atmosphere the 2km-long street circuit. the riders set a cracking pace around The speed of the bunch ensuring more than 20 seconds ahead. no breakaways edged

in the middle of the peleton. It also made for a dangerous time team-mates No such worries for McEwen's who worked hard to set up their man. who positioned himself best But it was another Aussie in the jostle to the finish line. Mark Renshaw! in Bathurst that I've put into it, It's a lot of training back home a lot of kilometres in the legs so I definitely had so it's finally paid off. and I've been dreaming of this, 23-year-old Mark Renshaw is rated a real chance to win overall honours

heading into tomorrow's opening stage. It's not out of reach, that's for sure. I mean, I finished top-10 here before, so I think I can definitely give it a nudge. Nicki Barnet, for Sports Tonight. GRANDIOSE MUSIC SWELLS ..for longer-lasting colour you'll get really excited over. Just try and take it Nice'n Easy. MUSIC SWELLS

The power to remove dandruff in one vs three washes. to help remove her dandruff. But with new better than ever Head & Shoulders, See the difference? And prove it yourself. with new Head & Shoulders. Get the power This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time now, in the 'Top Gun' film - and we saw an iceman it was also Steve Waugh's nickname. and women, Tonight we had several icemen, below freezing temperatures. 70 South Korean swimmers braving or cooled down, Competitors warmed up, and completing push-ups in the snow by rolling, crawling before taking the plunge. For being downright nuts can have our Play of the Day. these South Koreans

The weather - thick cloud is forming over the north Showers in Cairns. A possible shower in Brisbane. Increasing sunshine in Sydney. Late thunder in Canberra and Hobart. A possible thunderstorm in Melbourne. A late shower in Adelaide.

And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Kathryn Robinson, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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