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(generated from captions) Good evening. police officers Some of the State's most experienced

by the beheading of an elderly man have been sickened

in a quiet country town. was discovered The 82-year-old's body by a relative in the backyard of his Armidale home of how it happened. with no indication

Locals can't remember anything as brutal as this - in his own backyard. a World War Two veteran murdered His head had been cut off, by the victim's nephew the grisly scene discovered who's now receiving counselling. Scared, really. of houses from where this happened. You know, we only live a couple was a devoted Legacy volunteer - 82-year-old Mark Hutchinson as a true gentleman. described by friends Gentle, jovial. want to do this to him? Can you imagine why someone would No, no, I can't.

upstanding gentleman He was just a mild-mannered and I just can't possibly imagine what they've done. why anyone would do have been searching a paddock Police and SES volunteers over and over again, behind Mr Hutchinson's house and the murder weapon. looking for forensic clues They haven't found one. to examine We've got a number of areas and we're looking for anything to the cause of death. that may indicate

like Armidale Murder in a country town

is a particularly big deal. was more than a decade ago. The last time it happened

died that has shocked people here - But it's the way Mark Hutchinson even those who never met him. with it myself, I'm having trouble coming to grips I'm so sickened by it. in the victim's past Police say there's nothing to suggest why he was attacked. a truck driver Australian soldiers have shot dead near our embassy in Baghdad. who failed to follow their orders They opened fire with machine guns at a checkpoint. when he failed to stop is under way. A defence force investigation Baghdad - the world's deadliest city

are a way of life. where suicide bombings Yesterday afternoon, truck into the fortified Green Zone. Australian troops allowed a white a checkpoint But as the driver approached near the Australian Embassy, he showed no sign of stopping, they say so they started firing. failed to halt the vehicle - The second and first volleys of fire

the vehicle coming to a halt of the third volley of fire. at the completion two machine guns. The weapons included

The driver died instantly.

he was a foreign contractor. It's believed There were no explosives onboard at this time so it's quite inexplicable with all the physical warnings, as to why,

the vehicle did not stop. their soldiers acted responsibly. Commanders say where there's suicide truck bombers. They're at a roadblock in a place

within the rules of engagement As long as they shot

in doing what they're doing. they're entirely justified It's not the first time lethal force in Baghdad. Aussie soldiers have used Last year, down an Iraqi Minister's bodyguard. troops mistakenly gunned

for exactly this type of role They're very, very well trained such few incidents like this. and that's why, in fact, we have for Australian troops to leave Iraq. Labor says it's time operating environment This is a difficult and dangerous of the Australian Defence Force. for the men and women to see their safe return. Therefore, we all hope has gone back on Egyptian TV Sheikh al-Hilali during an interview last week. to apologise for causing a furore

with his daughter and son-in-law. The Sheikh appeared of Australia's Muslim immigrants The mufti claimed his comparison was taken out of context. with Anglo-Saxon convicts PM Howard says on behalf of Muslims. the Sheikh has said enough to them. He is of great embarrassment He's hurting their reputation in the eyes of fellow Australians.

this week. Sheikh al-Hilali is due home the State election campaign, The Prime Minister is joining put Morris Iemma out of office. determined to help the Liberal Party is going into the contest The Premier without one of his most experienced MPs - Carl Scully, disgraced former Minister

today announcing his retirement.

At home with his family, a load has been lifted. a relaxed Carl Scully says it's time to leave. The fire's gone out in the belly, He won't be contesting the March election, to go to Canberra. also turning down an offer Mr Scully quit as Police Minister over the Cronulla riot report. after twice misleading Parliament But he has no regrets. Would I like to have been Premier? Of course I would have been. I'm not angry or bitter, But that's OK, of satisfaction I've just got a tremendous sense

as I look over the shoulder. for the State's top job, says His former rival and parks he fought to create. Mr Scully's legacy will be the roads I'll certainly miss him, yes. in state politics. Carl was a rare character and the Cross City tunnel. Surviving rail disasters

will remember them both for that. I think the community was electioneering - The Opposition leader

offering a $100 rebate for P-platers. for defensive driving courses important than the message - But the background was more over the traffic. he could barely be heard to help Mr Debnam out One person putting his hand up

is the Prime Minister, of intervening who's taken the unusual step in the New South Wales election campaign, before it's even officially begun. want a change of Government I think the people of NSW to help Mr Debnam win. and I will do everything I can

the Prime Minister instead. The Premier is choosing to take on all the way. We're going to fight him all the way, we've fought his work choices to fight him. we're going to continue in England, Kylie Minogue has shocked fans cutting short a concert because of illness. She told fans she couldn't go on after earlier revealing she was suffering a cold. The pop star had performed only half of her 2-hour show in Manchester, when she apologised and walked off stage.

Kylie's publicist says her poor health is not related to her recovery from breast cancer. Australian researchers have made a link between soy supplements and cancer. While they say soy products on supermarket shelves are safe for most people, there are some whose illness can be made worse by taking too much. It's been the trendy alternative for a health-obsessed generation. But now questions are being raised about soy. It's really a big tendency, that if you think "Oh, if something's good, more must be good for me" and that's definitely not the case. Foods like tofu and soy milk are rich sources of phytoestrogens. But when soy is concentrated into supplements, the Cancer Council believes it may stimulate hormone-based cancers. It says that's a concern for sufferers or survivors of breast or prostate cancers. It's a really different situation

when you go from soy in foods as part of a healthy diet to starting to take these things in tablet form. Last August, Julie Callaghan was diagnosed with breast cancer. Taking care with her diet, she considered soy supplements but decided against them. I guess this has clarified for me that moderate amounts of soy-based food in the diet is absolutely OK. The Cancer Council says it's not warning against soy, just highlighting, that in some cases, too much of a good thing could be harmful. Some say at best, the evidence is inconsistent and needs more research. This is of a particular area of importance for people

because a lot of people are using soy in their diet - I think it's important for work to be done to really identify whether there are benefits of not. Actor and comedian Matthew Newton is facing a possible jail term when he appears in a Sydney court on Wednesday.

The 29-year-old has been charged with assault, accused of hitting former girlfriend Brooke Satchwell at their Rozelle home. The son of Bert and Patti Newton has pleaded not guilty to four charges. He made headlines two weeks ago for a tasteless prank on Channel 10's New Year's Eve fireworks show. Residents of Cootamundra in the State's south-west are allowed to return home two days after a grain silo threatened to explode. More than 1,000 residents were told to leave a kilometre-wide exclusion zone, while fire crews pumped nitrogen into the silo to neutralise volatile gases.

It's a very dynamic situation. Over the next few days, the fire brigade will continue to monitor the situation. Emergency services say further evacuations are possible until a fire in the silo is out. Terri Irwin has been named Australia's new tourism ambassador at a ceremony in Hollywood. She was also guest of honour at an awards ceremony where her late husband Steve was remembered as a wildlife warrior. To America she's become the face of Australia. REPORTERS CALL OUT 8-year-old Bindi taking every moment in her stride.

But the strain was clear on her mother's face - tonight was supposed to be Steve's night. FILE FOOTAGE: Have a go at the size of this. If I had a dollar for every time he said that... CROWD LAUGHS ..God bless you, Steve. The joke more for herself than for the crowd.

I tell you... ..I'm sorry, Steve always said I used humour as a coping mechanism. Today she's accepted a post as Australian Tourism Ambassador. I bet she's going to be great. as a country, that she is prepared to do that for us. G'day USA now attracts a galaxy of stars - from home and abroad. Russell Crowe, and Naomi Watts were honoured for their contributions as Australian exports. From a boutique culture show,

G'day USA has become a mainstream celebrity event. Tonight there are more than 70 media outlets here, from America and around the world. the expression of our culture that we continue to grow. It's pretty amazing that America just throws open its doors and said "You're an Aussie, you've got talent, come in." Tomorrow Bindi and her Crocmen will perform to a sold-out audience before the G'day USA bandwagon moves to New York and does it all over again. (Sings) # Hold on tight...# Victoria Beckham has been given a taste of what life will be like in Hollywood. Touching down in Los Angeles to find a home and a school for her three boys,

the former Spice Girl was surrounded by paparazzi. The Beckhams are set to relocate from Spain later in the year, after her husband David signed a soccer contract worth $1 million a week. Ahead in Seven News - the search for a missing fisherman off a Sydney beach. Also, the parents overjoyed at their son's return four years after his kidnapping.

It's hard to even come up with words that can express the feeling that we've been going through. And 100,000 swinging to Jazz in the Domain. Oxygen! new Oxygenating Fizzing Cleanser starts as a gel then fizzes up to clean deep down and look even healthier. A teenager has been charged over the lighting of three bushfires at Warrawee, on Sydney's upper North Shore. The 17-year-old from Turramurra was arrested

when police searched him at the scene of one the fires, allegedly finding petrol and a lighter. He'll face court next month. A fisherman is missing, presumed drowned, after his boat capsized at Kurnell. His 26-year-old nephew was winched to safety by a rescue chopper and taken to hospital, where he's in a stable condition. But there's been no sign of the 45-year-old, who wasn't wearing a life jacket when their boat overturned this morning. A man has been killed after falling eight storeys from an enclosed balcony in Elizabeth Bay. Witnesses say the man slipped while he was trying to climb across the building.

It's believed he was trying to access his unit after losing his house keys. Police are investigating but don't believe there's anything suspicious. The parents of a boy missing for four years have fronted the media, telling other families to never give up on lost relatives. The 15-year-old was discovered in a police raid on the home of a paedophile but the teenager's not talking about his ordeal. There were tears, hugs and a lot of disbelief. It's hard to even come up with words that can express the feeling. Shawn Hornbeck's parents haven't seen him since 2002 - he vanished while riding his bike. He's now 15 and looking very different. Mum and Dad never gave up hope but it was still a shock when the police called. The next words were, "We think we've found Shawn,

"we're 95% sure that we've found Shawn "and that he's alive." I've ever heard in my life. And those were the sweetest words

Shawn and 10-year-old Ben Ownby were found yesterday at the home of 41-year-old Michael Devlin. The funeral home and pizza shop worker has been charged with kidnapping. He allegedly told the boys they'd be killed if they dared to escape. Police found them while tracking a suspicious car. The agent looked over at Sean Hornbeck then asked Shawn to identify himself to which Shawn said, "Yes, I am Shawn Hornbeck." The boys didn't talk to the media and still haven't told their parents everything about the ordeal. We're just ecstatic - don't want to let him go or out of our sight. There is always hope - hope is what gets you through - and sometimes this is what happens when you have that hope.

'Thank you' doesn't seem to do it - it's just a couple of words - but thank you. The Prime Minister has arrived in the Philippines to a meeting of south-east Asian leaders. The ASEAN talks were cancelled last month because of bad weather and ongoing instability in the Philippines. The last thing that heads of government should be is deterred by terrorist threats. Mr Howard will attend meetings on regional security, the threat of bird flu and energy supply issues. Six people have been killed in a huge ice storm moving across middle America. The wind and ice has also knocked out power to thousands of homes. The landlord's up there now. Dozens of cars have skidded off roads in the big chill. There was an amazing escape for the driver of this truck which crashed off a bridge and into a river. Just a day after Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz announced their break-up Hollywood insiders are accusing actress Scarlett Johansson of being the cause. Timberlake recently chose Johannson to co-star in a music video. Friends say Diaz was furious because Johansson has been flirtatious with Justin. 100,000 music fans have packed the Domain for a free outdoor concert. Jazz in the Domain is a highlight of the Sydney Festival calendar. Families and friends got together last night to share picnic rugs and a few wines

as they were treated to a touch of Brazil.

The Sydney Festival continues until the end of the month. Time for sport with Ben Damon, and great news for tennis fans ahead of the Australian Open. Sam, number two seed Rafael Nadal says he's fit and ready to play. We'll have that next. Also tonight - Different opponents - same results as Australia's cricketers roll New Zealand. You've got to be careful of these Aussies in the field.

And why the Titans are playing it cagey over Mat Rogers' future. Nothing certain as yet. I'm hopeful - as we all are. Yeah! Wow! That's one cool cat. Over $6 million! You ought to buy yourself a Lottery ticket. Not even a Shane Bond hat-trick could spoil Australia's perfect summer as the world champions cruised to victory over New Zealand in today's one-dayer in Hobart. Man of the match Andrew Symonds top-scored for the home side while fellow Queenslander Mitchell Johnson was the best with the ball - the Aussies home by 105 runs. Local boy made good, Tasmanian's Ben Hilfenhaus Australia's 161st one-day cricketer. Adam Gilchrist's been doing it for years. COMMENTATOR: Go fetch it.

What a start for Adam Gilchrist. It's got to go all the way. Matthew Hayden fell with the score at 83. Gone! Glove, yes. They got him! Gilchrist smashed his way past 50 - then he put it up a notch. There it goes - the sound of willow on leather and it's going and it's gone. The keeper gone for 61 before Ricky Ponting came and went. Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey both got starts before departing but Andrew Symonds stuck around to take the Aussies beyond 200. Cameron White lifted the run rate dramatically. Oh, on yer bike. White made 45 from 32 balls, Symonds 69 from 70. But in the final over they became wickets one and two in a memorable Shane Bond hat-trick. Got him! Hat-trick, slower ball beautifully bowled. Chasing 290 for the win, New Zealand started badly. Oh, yes, it's carried. It didn't take Hilfenhaus long to get involved. That's close, that's close. Yes, he's given him! Captain Stephen Fleming tried to steady the innings and he found a willing partner in Ross Taylor.

And that's a very good one too.

Fleming fell with the score at 80 leaving Taylor to keep the runs ticking over. Oh, boy. He's hit that one and it's going a long way back. He fell for 84 off 82 balls. Craig McMillan followed for 2 after some Michael Clarke brilliance. Oh, that's good. That's great fielding. Oh boy. Andrew Symonds was next to shine. Oh, yes, and another great catch. The Kiwis falling in a hole and falling 105 runs short. Dual international Mat Rogers will begin negotiations with the Gold Coast Titans tomorrow but the club insists a deal for this season is not a foregone conclusion. Rogers has already moved to the Coast where his new team-mates predict where his new team-mates predict he'll make the Titans a premiership force. This is a relaxing Sunday morning at beautiful Currumbin beach Billy Johnstone style. Mat Rogers is not training with the Titans yet but he should be very soon.

Nothing's certain as yet. I'm hopeful as we all are. It makes sense. He's coming here in 2008 anyway. He's already moved to the Gold Coast. Confidence is something you never want to walk into negotiations with but hopefully we'll come to terms. They'll start dealing tomorrow. Since Rogers' release from the ARU,

the Gold Coast have been happy to wait, not worried by offers from rival clubs - mainly from Mat's old side Cronulla. We're happy to wait as long as it takes. He's had a difficult year. Rogers will turn 31 before the season starts and has struggled with injuries

through his 5-year rugby union career. But the Titans dismiss any doubts over his value. I think he's great. He's a duel international, you just can't buy that sort of experience. We'll certainly add another dimension to our running and kicking game and he's an international. I think our fans will love having him here. They'll also love Irish winger Brian Carney. He'll finally join the Titans tomorrow. Carney's been delayed by work visa problems. And he'll walk into a confident group -

certain they will have a major impact in the first year. Overall, it's going to be very difficult, but we've definitely got the roster to make the finals. A civil war is looming between the States and the Australian Rugby Union over Wallaby players standing down during the Super 14 season. Queensland Reds coach Eddie Jones fired a parting shot en route to New Zealand and has found unlikely allies, including the Waratahs, who insist they won't be bullied into resting anyone. that we won't be standing down players for Super 14. The dispute started when Chris Latham injured his knee. The Queensland fullback had surgery yesterday. Certainly the reports are positive - the operation went well and I'm sure he's started his rehab already. Latham hopes to be back for the first Bledisloe Cup game in June. World number one Roger Federer has denied his shock loss to Andy Roddick in yesterday's AAMI Classic is a setback. The defending Australian Open champion says he couldn't be happier with his form on the eve of the year's first Grand Slam. A relaxed Roger Federer greeted the media for the first time

at the Australian Open. Hello again. Federer remains an almost unbackable favourite

to take out his third Australian Open crown despite losing yesterday's final at Kooyong. For me, I think it worked well. I came out of the tournament feeling like I played well and now I'm ready for the Australian Open. Second favourite, and recent Federer nemesis, Rafael Nadal assured fans he has no lingering injury concerns after withdrawing in Sydney. I am practicing here 100% so I don't have any problem. I feel 100% perfect.

And world number five James Blake has won his second Sydney International in a row. The American took the early advantage

against Spaniard Carlos Moya serving out the first set, 6-3. CROWD CHEERS Leading 4-love in the second, Blake looked set for a simple straight-sets victory. But Moya, a former world number one had other thoughts. CROWD CHEERS But it would be a quick revival. Blake broke in the opening game of the third set, steamrolling through the decider, 6-1. UMPIRE: Game, set, match. I heard someone with sour grapes say this tournament wasn't as important, but I don't care if I don't have the trophy, the ranking points, the money - just to play in front of you guys. One of the longest losing streaks in Australian sport is finally over after the West Sydney Razorbacks won their first basketball game in 20 attempts last night. The Razorbacks downed Wollongong by 4 points to register their first victory since October last year. Despite surrendering a 24-point lead late in the game, to keep the Hawks at bay. the Razorbacks managed

COMMENTATOR: He tries to get to the rim and the lay up is good. Graeme Dann. Oh, I'm losing my voice

but what a hoop from the youngster from Sydney. It was also their first win away since September 2005. The Hockeyroos have made the perfect start to their Champions Trophy campaign with a 3-0 win over Japan. Australia took the lead in just the fourth minute when Renee Trost scrambled the ball home after a penalty corner. Amy Korner made it 2-0 when Rebecca Sanders' initial effort was blocked. Petta Gallacher rounded off the scoring with a clever turn and fierce reverse shot in the 70th minute.

Another superb goal from Thierry Henry

has helped Arsenal beat Blackburn 2-0 in the English Premier League. COMMENTATOR: Back to Henry. What a goal! What a brilliant Arsenal goal. And 10-man Arsenal are seemingly cruising. The defeat capped a miserable night for Socceroo Lucas Neill, who was booked in what could be his final appearance for Blackburn. Neill is set to be transferred to either Liverpool or West Ham. And still with soccer We've had a beautiful summer's day across Sydney and the sunny weather is set to continue. I'll have all the details next in Seven News. The $2 Jackpot Lottery has jackpotted to over $6 million. That's one cool cat. Over $6 million! I love living on the coast. I still surf every day. I want to live life to the full. And I try not to let anything stop me. But I'm always careful with the choices I make. and found some pain relievers shouldn't be used with certain medications, I made sure I spoke to my doctor. Maybe you should too.

Morning cloud cleared to reveal a sunny summer Sunday in Sydney. But it wasn't too warm along the coast -