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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - grief and anger with murdering a Griffith schoolboy. as two teenagers are charged He was very good.

Very fine young man. the first since Ned Kelly. A police bounty for a wanted man, on Sydney's councils, The report card the worst for delays and costs. And a billionaire Pom's campaign in Australia. to keep the prized Ashes urn we come and win them back again. And they should keep the Ashes until with Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has appealed for calm The Mayor of Griffith as anger grows in the Riverina town of 17-year-old Andrew Farrugia. over the bashing death prayed for him today Andrew's schoolmates appeared in court as two 15-year-old boys charged with his murder. Arriving at Wagga Wagga Court, whose future was once so promising. the family of a 15-year-old cannot be identified. The boy and his 15-year-old friend Police allege that early on New Year's Day,

17-year-old Andrew Farrugia the ringleader taunted for no apparent reason before headbutting him twice. Investigators say in the back of his head. two others punched Andrew and died in Griffith Hospital. He collapsed The alleged ringleader of the group lives in Griffith

he was just about to move to Sydney. but Seven News has learned He's an outstanding rugby league player

and an NRL club has just signed him. we can't name that club. For legal reasons, local calls for more police The tragedy has heightened and a curfew for teenagers. some particularly bad assaults There's been roaming the streets late at night. involving 15-year-old boys Are you suggesting a curfew could be the answer? A curfew would be a start. is playing down suggestions But the council

of racial tension in Griffith. has a racial issue per se, as such, I don't think Griffith is an anti-social behaviour problem I think there of our community amongst the young members and it is a minor problem - I should say. a minority problem,

Both 15-year-olds were refused bail with allegations to silence witnesses. they'd been trying This morning, teachers and friends Andrew's classmates, gathered at Marion Catholic College, to remember a popular, gentle boy. He was very good. with him. I never, ever had any trouble I was his homeroom teacher. A very fine young man. on a wanted man Police have put a bounty for bushranger Ned Kelly. for the first time since their hunt

for the arrest of Malcolm Naden, $50,000 will be paid and suspected of a second. who's accused of one murder since June 2005. He's been on the run He is a dangerous individual. He is not to be approached at all. for strangling Kristy Scholes Malcolm Naden is wanted and sexually assaulting a child. Police also want to question him of a female relative. about the disappearance

that the Government is issuing a $50,000 bounty reward leading to the arrest of Malcolm John Naden. has evaded police, The skilled bushman

hiding out in Dubbo Zoo. They now believe

the State's central west. he's moving around Normally, to claim a reward, a conviction would be needed

just the arrest will do. but this time, Naden's being helped. Police are convinced What this reward is about from associates is getting that information that may know or see Mr Naden. or any member of the community a bounty like this It's the first time anywhere in Australia has been offered since Ned Kelly. But, while Kelly became a legend, police say the brutal nature of these crimes. there's nothing heroic about Ned Kelly was also a murderer to Mr Naden at all. and no fame should be attached was worth more than $2 million The Kelly reward in today's currency. going after Naden. Police discourage bounty hunters there's nothing wrong Sydney councils say for building approvals, with home renovators waiting months government time limits. even though it breaches A report has found to put work on hold many councils force residents the allotted 40 days. for up to three times some places are easy to build in. When it comes to development, Then, there's Strathfield. Government figures reveal development application process the council has the slowest in the State. 4 months - per DA. An average 119 days - just six hours. The quickest is Glen Innes -

it's three months and counting. For Strathfield's Coutsoudis family, and put our dream home on there. We wanna bulldoze

they're just being thorough. Others say the correct way, These things have to be done people will be very unhappy. otherwise unfair and pointless. Councils call the comparisons the annual council bashing exercise. We call it It just churns out statistics. wouldn't comment on camera, Strathfield mayor Bill Carney the figures are fiction, but he claims he's a State Liberal candidate. targeting him because doesn't make these figures up. The department to the department. They're supplied by the councils for the entire DA process The statewide average is 54 days. it should only take 40 days. The official guidelines say

that in many places, But the local councils complain that is simply unachievable. in an inner-city area. The 40-day guideline is insane the highs and lows on rates. The report also reveals they're paying $1,200 a year. In Warringah, In Brewarrina, just $97. For a full list of best and worst councils and follow the link. go to our website An old law is about to be revived,

giving courts the power to force drug addicts and alcoholics into rehab. They'll be sent to a clinic in Sydney's west, for treatment lasting up to three months. Some people get drunk once a year, but others have a life-long battle which can destroy families, finances and health. We're talking about people who are inordinately damaged and who need enormous amounts of assistance and care. They're not offenders in the eyes of the law, but today, the Government announced a trial forcing chronic alcoholics into detox. An order to be made by the court magistrate determining that that person should be placed into compulsory treatment. Those powers come under the Inebriates Law of 1912. Treatment could run between 7 days and 3 months - or more, if needed. It's an extreme measure, but the evidence is these people will have failed from using the standard treatment approaches. A purpose-built unit at Nepean Hospital will house four beds, treating around 50 people a year. The trial was recommended four years ago by the Drug and Alcohol Summit. The Salvation Army would help somewhere in the vicinity of 4,000 or 5,000 people a year. The program is desperately needed but there's a chance it won't go ahead. The trial starts in June, three months after the State election and while the Opposition says it supports drug and alcohol rehabilitation measures it doesn't necessarily support this one. A 2-year-old girl has died after being left in a hot car in Melbourne's west. Ambulance officers tried for an hour to get her heart restarted. It's unclear whether the toddler was left in the car or climbed in without her parents noticing. Children's physiology is different to adults. They don't have the same ability to regulate their temperature. Adults will sweat, shed some clothing, wind down the window - obviously, children can't do that. The temperature in Melbourne was in the mid-30s. An Indonesian airline has admitted it was wrong about finding survivors and wreckage after a passenger jet disappeared in the country's north. Adam Air officials claimed yesterday that 12 people survived after the plane crashed in West Sulawesi. But today, devastated relatives were told that was a false report and the plane still hasn't been found. 102 passengers and crew were on board the domestic flight when it left Java two days ago. Officials have apologised for the misinformation. The adventures of Australian con man Peter Foster in Fiji have taken a dramatic turn, with revelations he helped pave the way for last year's coup. Foster secretly recorded Fijian MPs admitting to vote-rigging before the military toppled their government. Peter Foster has gone from shonky businessman to secret agent. While wearing a hidden video recorder, he caught several Fiji politicians allegedly admitting to vote rigging in the 2006 election. The Commander's only hope, if I understand it rightly, is to prove that the election was rigged? Military Commander Frank Bainimarama removed the government in a bloodless coup last month. He's confirmed Foster was working for him as an undercover agent. Then it became a quest to prove the depth of the corruption of the SDL Party and the depth of corruption of former prime minister Mr Qarase. The video was released by the army and there's more to come, according to Foster. I'm sure that Fiji will wake up one day very soon and realise that it has been freed from the chains of corruption. Deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and party officials have denied any wrongdoing. The Party would never do this. It did not do it. Foster's motive for going undercover was payback. He claims his own legal problems in Fiji are a result of being framed by the same politicians he videotaped. His fall from grace began with his very public arrest,

dressed in nothing but his underpants. Secret agent Foster may be but James Bond would never let himself get caught like this. Billionaire British businessman Sir Richard Branson

is spearheading a campaign to keep cricket's greatest trophy in Australia. The Ashes urn is usually locked up at Lords in London, but Branson says the Aussies should be able to keep the trophy they've won back. It's a big battle for a tiny trophy, but this time around, will stay in Australia - the Ashes urn

Richard Branson seems to think so, anyway. should be going back to the UK It seems wrong that the Ashes

when England have just lost the match.

And he's got the support of former England captain Ian Botham. There's enough people now and there's enough groundswell, people have been talking about this for a long, long time and I really do believe it would mean a lot more to the players and to the two countries. Branson says he'll try to win over the Marylebone Cricket Club, who has always maintained the urn is too fragile to leave its case at Lords. But the trophy has already come here twice - first in 1988, and this year aboard Branson's Virgin Airlines

for a museum tour of each State. Ricky Ponting joked

the little urn was too frail to travel back to England. But like every Aussie captain before him, Ponting is unlikely to see the Ashes urn kept here in Australia. Allan Border is a member of the MCC and thinks it should be put to a vote. It's the biggest trophy in the game but it's not actually presented to the winning side. Prime Minister Howard phoned Branson today, giving his support.

I would very strongly support them coming to Australia and I think should follow the victor. Ahead in Seven News -

the first German comedy about Adolf Hitler.

Also, talk-show host Oprah Winfrey opens her own school for girls. When you educate a girl, you begin to change the face of a nation. And Sydney's spectacular new public wildlife sanctuary. Women are low on their own lists. Somewhere below doing the laundry, making the beds and paying the car insurance. Are women more important than socks? Why do we get up early for a meeting, but not a walk? Why do we happily spend hundreds on our boyfriends, but can't justify blueberries for our cereal? Why do we say yes when we wanna say no? Why do we choose the burnt chop? Because we put ourselves last. Being selfish used to be the worst thing you could say to a woman. But we're gonna celebrate it. Because doing something for yourself feels good.

And if you feel good, you're a better friend, mother, lover, workmate. You're a better you. So exercise, eat well and feel good.

Western Australia's first cyclone of the season has turned out to be a bit of a fizzer. Isobel - a category one storm - crossed the coast at about 3:00 this afternoon. It produced only gusty winds and no property damage. But Isobel's remnants could now combine with a trough over the State's south-west to produce a potentially destructive super storm. A State funeral has been held in Washington for the man who'll be remembered as America's "accidental president". Gerald Ford was mourned less for his short, unelected stint in the White House than for his dignity while in office. On a wintry Washington morning, America farewells its 38th president and a widow says goodbye to her husband. and on to the National Cathedral, Past the White House

President Bush accompanied Betty Ford. Among the mourners, presidents past and present and former first ladies. Gerald Ford remembered more as a great man than a great president. And so, when President Nixon needed to replace a vice president who had resigned in scandal, he naturally turned to a man whose name was a synonym for integrity - Gerald R. Ford. When Nixon resigned in scandal, Ford pardoned him. A political stumble, hailed today as personal virtue. Gerald Ford, you showed mercy when others demanded vengeance. Gerald Ford brought to the political arena no demons, no hidden agenda, no hit list or acts of vengeance. From the capital, he went to Andrews Air Force Base for one last ride on Air Force One to his hometown in Michigan and his final resting place at the Gerald Ford Museum. A witness at the execution of Saddam Hussein claims it was almost stopped because of jeering from guards in the room. Mobile phone images of Saddam's death are circulating in Iraq, his supporters and opponents. inflaming tensions between

It was horrible and terrible. It was a mistake. We were suppose to sit there quietly, just looking at what's going on. Embarrassed by the handling of the execution, the Iraqi Government is searching for the person who recorded the video. Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey has delivered on a promise to Nelson Mandela, to build a school for disadvantaged girls in South Africa. The Leadership Academy cost $50 million and aims to fight racism and the spread of diseases including AIDS. We hope that this school will become the dream of every young South African girl. I know when you educate a girl you begin to change the face of a nation. Oprah is now planning a second school nearby. The first German-made comedy poking fun at Adolf Hitler is about to be released. 'Mein Fuehrer - the Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler' portrays him as a demoralised and drug-addled man who played with toy battleships in the bath.

Director Dani Levy says he wanted to find out why Germans followed Hitler into war and believed the best way was through comedy. The film opens next week. The Sydney site where generations of Army gunners learned to shoot could soon be alive with bettongs and bandicoots. The former School of Artillery on North Head has been handed over to public use as a wildlife reserve. North Head rose up 90 million years ago and 10 years back, it was going to be sold to developers. But today, the land was handed from New South Wales to the Commonwealth and back to the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust for a wildlife sanctuary. I think the North Head Wildlife Sanctuary is a once-in-a-century outcome for the people of Sydney. On land that used to be the School of Artillery, the old buildings will be done up and leased out, Some old residents will be brought back. We also want to return some of the wildlife

that has disappeared from this part of Sydney over the past 50 years. Quolls and bettongs, bandicoots and others. Things like the pygmy possum, little brown antechinus - which is a little native mouse, carnivorous native mouse - and perhaps things like, sound horrible? (laughs) No, they're very cute actually. They'll put up a fence to keep foxes and cats out but people will be allowed in for free. You might have to duck occasionally. Is this a sanctuary for spiders as well?" Well these guys are harmless add colour to the place, and they certainly so we'll look after them as well. I was afraid of that. by the end of the year. The sanctuary should be open Time for sport with Ben Damon, in the fifth Test. and England is fighting back Chris, the Aussies won the morning have taken charge. but England, and the rain, on a grey afternoon at the SCG. The tourists feeling right at home

down but not out And Mark Philippoussis - after another serious knee injury. The tourists and the weather the farewell celebrations are threatening to dampen in the final Ashes Test at the SCG. Australia bowled well this morning to finish England's first innings at 291. fought back strongly But from there, the visitors have for the Aussie retirees. on a tough day hasn't gone to plan This farewell Test or hand for Justin Langer. COMMENTATOR: It was very sharp. So, too, was Andrew Flintoff. That's better. Bring up his 50. But he needed support. Beautiful bowling, McGrath. Gone!

on the captain's head. Brett Lee then put a price Oh, beauty! What's the kookaburra smell like? Lee could smell blood. He's gone this time! Beautiful bowling. Read out, one ball, Mahmood the next. And that's gone, that's out. as Flintoff went the bash. But no hat-trick This was almost the umpire killer. sent Steve Harmison packing Stuart Clark and should have had Panesar

Langer slipped up. but again, and they've all gone to grass. He's had three chances as Flintoff fell for 89 Adam Gilchrist showed how it's done before Warne grabbed the final one. for Shane Warne. 1,000 international wickets Langer could finally have some fun. The crowd hoped that meant

Smashed away. He raced to 26 ended the party. before James Anderson what England needed. And that's exactly at home trying to enjoy newsy. These are families tried sitting

Bring on the skipper.

he's away with a boundary. And Ponting's away - until Steve Harmison struck. Matthew Hayden looked good too Oh, he's got him.

He's out - caught. the captain was a little too keen On 45, and paid the price. Gone - brilliant fielding.

Luckily, they still had Michael Hussey. Oh, it's gone all the way. sent Michael Clarke on his way Harmison before a brief rain delay

to continue the chase. then Australian returned of Mark Philippoussis The turbulent career has suffered another setback, injury will force him to retire. but the Scud denies a serious knee with France Australia lost its Hopman Cup tie in straight sets after Alicia Molik was beaten with torn cartilage in his knee. and Philippoussis was forced out of Mark Philippoussis, Injuries have riddled the career than this. but there's been few more serious

travelling in a wheelchair, The Scud, but adamant he will be back. take care of it and go again. One thing I know is I'm gonna it's the only thing I wanna do, It's the only thing I can do, it's as simple as that.

His latest comeback looked positive of last night's Hopman Cup rubber. until the fourth game COMMENTATOR: It does not look good. but couldn't, The Scud tried to play on and while he walked from the court, in to today's press conference. he had to be wheeled Pain out of 10 is probably a 15. like this before. I've never felt anything early in the morning Philippoussis will fly to Sydney on his torn knee cartilage. where surgeons will operate for Lleyton Hewitt. It's been a better start to the year at the Adelaide International He dominated Janko Tipsarevic

after the Serb retired hurt. and proved just as ruthless he rifled up the line, There was one backhand and if he had that bad a groin, pulled that off. I dunno how he would have

they are in a 2-way battle The Queensland Reds believe to sign Lote Tuqiri. with the Brisbane Broncos in Canberra today Tuqiri joined the Wallabies at their World Cup camp with the Reds next week. and will have formal talks He's definitely a family man and he wants to come back to Brisbane

for either the Broncos or ourselves so I think it's a great opportunity to put a good case to him. union's initial $4 million offer. Tuqiri's already rejected

for the crew of Wild Oats And more celebrations doubled up with victory after the Sydney-Hobart winner race. in the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour

And Chris they have heard a pretty

big hit week .

big hit week. Final score 4th or

at stumps on day two .

big hit week. Final score 4th or 188 at stumps on day two. Could be

interesting tomorrow . Checking finance now, after hitting a record high. and the share market closed lower

interesting interesting tomorrow

BHP Billiton dropped 5 cents

the outlook for commodity prices. with investors unsure about also lower Santos and Woodside Petroleum were facilities off WA after closing their oil production as Cyclone Isobel approached. across Sydney today. We had below-average temperatures for the weekend next in Seven News. I'll have the outlook CAR CHUGS by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. This weather report brought to you When you see a big news story, and start shooting, grab your camera or video phone

then send your images to: well below average in Sydney today. Cloudy conditions kept temperatures It reached 24 degrees in the city. to 26. Richmond and Penrith warmed up top of 24 - that's 6 below average. While Parramatta and Liverpool had a Right now in town, it's 21. Around the country tomorrow.

fine for Melbourne and 34. A few showers for Brisbane, early showers for Perth. A top of 40 expected in Adelaide, a few more showers tonight Sydney can expect but conditions should clear to a fairly fine day tomorrow.

Temperatures are expected to reach 24 in the city. 26 in Parramatta and Liverpool. 20 in the Mountains. Warming up to 28 in Penrith. Looking ahead - the last of the wet weather those morning showers should be for a few days and Monday. but the rain should return on Sunday but I'll be back with updates later. And that's Seven News to now, Don't forget - I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. What would his father think of that performance - Bert Newton's son, Matthew, under siege from Australian families. The unprecedented avalanche of complaints over the New Year's Eve telecast as we go searching for who is ultimately responsible. And will it happen again? Hello, I'm Anna Coren and welcome to Today Tonight. Also tonight - this McDonald's worker was the victim of the cruellest hoax. For three hours she was strip-searched, abused and assaulted and it was all caught on camera. Plus, Aussie workers quitting their jobs, taking large pay cuts to live a better life. But first tonight - it's become the most talked about television show in recent times and for all for the wrong reasons. The New Year's Eve performance by the son of TV legend Bert Newton has been condemned like no other by the nation's viewing audience. Today Tonight has been swamped with thousands of complaints over Matthew Newton's attempt at humour and the overall standard of Channel Ten's telecast. So we've gone seeking answers as to how it ever went to air and will it happen again?

Andrew Bourke reports. Since going to air last night, we've been inundated with thousands of emails from viewers disgusted with Ten's New Year's Eve coverage. And it wasn't just our emails. Talk back radio open lines were ringing off the hook. Here's an example of both. Bad as bad could be. Is this pathetic or what? And as far as Matthew Newton's performance with John, I thought it was a big insult to John.

I'm afraid poor Dad wouldn't have been a bit proud of his little son. Really, was disgusted. Bert Newton's son - boy, he wants to give it away.