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(generated from captions) in the Red-Light Ripper murder case. Tonight, a second person arrested

of murdering all five women. He's been arrested on the suspicion to the search for a teenager A tragic end missing in Sydney's Blue Mountains. mum and dad are going through. I can only guess what David's for Canberra's deadly bushfires. Also, emergency services blamed We were found wanting on the day. convenience ahead of their baby. Concern mothers are putting are making consumer choices. Women as consumers

and a same-sex kiss And drugs, parties, likely to cost Miss USA her crown. clean-sweep pledge And Australia's Ashes Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan. headlines

Thanks Deb. sights on Melbourne, And selectors have now set their for the Boxing Day Test. naming an unchanged line-up maintaining his position in the side, Andrew Symonds on and off the field. through solid performances But Duncan Fletcher remains defiant,

at everyone. the England coach pointing the finger into the Australian Open field. And Alicia Molik wins her way a second man has been arrested But first, in Suffolk, England. over the Red-Light Ripper murders

British police confirming in connection with all five killings. the 48-year-old is being interviewed

in custody insisting he's innocent. The first suspect is also still end the horror for a small community? Is this the breakthrough that will a 48-year-old local man. Suffolk Police arresting

of murdering all five women - He has been arrested on suspicion Anneli Alderton, Gemma Adams, Tania Nicoll,

Paula Clenell and Annette Nicolls. his identity hidden. At this stage, police are keeping

at a police station in Suffolk The man is currently in custody

about the deaths later today. where he will be questioned station where the man is being held. Police will not being naming the Still in custody is this man, part-time taxi driver Tom Stephens. 37-year-old supermarket worker and

by forensic experts His home is now being examined to the five murdered prostitutes. for any link with a British newspaper, In an interview the five murdered prostitutes Stephens admitted he used and could have killed all of them. an alibi He also admitted he didn't have were about to arrest him. and was convinced police Very sad and very lonely and I, becaus I was paying for it, obviously I wanted sex

but I know that I also... before and after I wanted to chat with the girls I was happy to give them a lift, which is partly why to get their drugs. they'd often want a lift

weary after weeks of living in fear, Residents from the small village, say Stephens kept to himself tormenting their community and are stunned the serial killer

may have been living next door. Tim Potter, Ten News. his sight since all this happened. My husband doesn't let me out of

the UK is reporter Rachel Smalley. And joining us on the line from Rachel, there's now some doubt 37-year-old Tom Stephens over whether the first man arrested had any involvement in the murders.

this morning. So really a fast-

living case bathing more and more

information will come to light as the things develop.

in the Blue Mountains The parents of a teenager found dead in their family. say a huge hole has been ripped in a crevice, David Iredale's body was found close to where police believe hikers more than a week ago. he became separated from two fellow to a desperate search - The worst possible end found just after midday. 17-year-old David Iredale's body we always believed he would be, He was found in the location that it was an extremely rugged location, in a crevasse of sorts basically the body was concealed

and some trees. between some boulders

After nine days of scouring bushland, near a walking track David was located close to the Kedumba River. Unlike every other day, were not at the command post - his distraught parents at their Sydney home, they received the tragic news through the Salvation Army. later releasing a statement a huge hole in our family, David's loss has obviously left

I cannot begin to fathom. which at this stage did find the strength But Mary-Anne and Stephen Iredale to thank the hundreds of searchers. to search for our boy, Who've come day after day at the tragic end to this search. they must be sharing our grief With the search called off, volunteers were driven back to base. dozens of exhausted and distressed that's all. We were very saddened at the news, with two friends, David had been bushwalking to police which saved them, and although he made the mobile call

he was nowhere to be found. by the time help arrived, for the Coroner. A report will be prepared

Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Surfers have spoken of their horror, a shark mauling a man after witnessing break. off Victoria's famous Bells Beach the 25-year-old victim, They helped save

on his left leg. who's undergone emergency surgery

lucky to be alive. Peter Galvin arriving at hospital -

on his surfboard The 25-year-old was sitting when the shark snapped at his leg. just north of Bells Beach,

out of the back of his thigh, He's got a huge bite one out of the back of his calf in his leg. and a load of puncture marks but he was really cold, He was conscious

in a lot of pillows and blankets so we wrapped him as warm as possible. and tried to keep him

to the popular surf break today, Remarkably, a brave few returned not one of them. Aussie musician Xavier Rudd I saw the teeth marks in the board it was a pretty big mouth and realised and underneath his board, that had made its way around his leg so I figured I'd give it a miss. also spooking tourists. The lucky escape

this morning, no. I am not going to go into the water to get bitten by shark. Must be really unlucky While the shark won't be hunted down, locals fear they know the enemy. It may well be a bronze whaler months ago on dusk at the same time, because there was an incident two bronze whaler that nudged two guys. and apparently it was a 5-foot in a serious but stable condition. Peter remains Rakhal Ebeli,Ten News.

An inquiry into Canberra's 2003 bushfires, which claimed four lives and 500 homes, is scathing in its findings,

the firestorm said to have been triggered by incompetence at the highest level. Saturday afternoon, January 18, 2003. Strong winds and high temperatures drove a distant bushfire towards and then into the bush capital. Daylight turned to night at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Whole streets gutted. Now, after a 3-year inquiry the ACT Government tried to stop, Coroner Maria Doogan has found that the severity of the firestorm could have been foreseen, and that residents should have been given more warning. She points the finger at Canberra's Emergency Services Bureau and its then boss, Mike Castle. I am deeply saddened by the losses of life

and the injuries and the loss of property but people did their best in the circumstances. But the Coroner's strongest attack is on Chief Minister Jon Stanhope,

whom she accuses of misinterpreting or downplaying the seriousness of the crisis. I regret to say this, but the Coroner is simply wrong. The day after the fire, Mr Stanhope volunteered to accept the blame. If you want to blame somebody, blame me. The Opposition taking him up on the offer. He himself said, "Blame me," and I think he needs to consider his future as a result of this report. I have done my best. We were found wanting on the day. A most extreme and extraordinary event overran us. I have absolutely no intention of resigning. The Coroner also criticised NSW bushfire authorities for failing to contain the fire when it started, 10 days earlier. Most of the homes that were destroyed on that terrible Saturday afternoon have since been rebuilt. But nobody who was here on that day could ever forget the speed and the ferocity of the fire that came down these hills and into those houses. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. And just hours after the Coroner was handing down her findings, fire crews and helicopters were called in to battle a bushfire which broke out in the heart of the nation's capital.

The blaze threatened a hilltop restaurant but was stopped before it could reach nearby homes. A man is helping police with their inquiries after a young girl was run over and killed by a 4-wheel drive on a pedestrian crossing on the NSW Central Coast. The 10-year-old girl was crossing a set of lights in a school zone with her younger sister when she was hit. The girl's parents on the scene within minutes. It's very sad for the family involved and for everyone who witnessed it and the police and ambulances involved. She suffered fatal head injuries. Fallen cycling star Jobie Dajka is vowing to make a comeback after narrowly avoiding going to jail. The 25-year-old admitted to numerous driving offences and assaulting his coach. Today, he received a 3-month suspended jail term,

was slapped with almost $3,000 in fines and had his licence disqualified for a year. As long as I stay straight, put my head down, bum up, I'll be back there. It's going to take me a few months to get there, but I'll be there, for sure. Dajka hopes to make the 2008 Olympic team.

A terrorist suspect has been refused bail

after telling of a bizarre plan to blow up a car in a shopping centre carpark. John Amundsen said 53 kilos of explosives found in his home was supposed to be 5.3 kilos, but they mixed up the order. He says he planned to blow up a car as part of a movie scene he claimed he was filming, the explosion also to be a media spectacle to impress his girlfriend's disapproving parents.

Mother Nature is being put out of business with new figures showing an alarming jump in the number of Australian women having caesareans, doctors concerned mothers are putting convenience ahead of their baby. 34-year-old Natalie Doumit is bucking the trend, as she plans for her third natural birth. It's just a really natural way of having a child and it's very exciting. But new figures show nearly one in three Australian babies are now caesarean deliveries, a sharp jump in recent years prompting concern. I intuitively can't accept that one in three women really need to have a caesarean delivery. Experts say it's increasingly seen as a safer option, especially with older mums. But there can be risks, especially if you're planning more than one. If you have multiple caesareans, you are much more likely to have bleeding problems leading to really significant and sometimes life-threatening problems. Recent research also found it can double the risk of a stillbirth. Private patients are the most likely to have a caesar,

often scheduled in. There's no doubt, if you're a busy practitioner you'd rather have an organised schedule of deliveries

than have to just turn up when it happens. And it seems women now aren't opting for a natural birth in any way. About three-quarters of all women aged 20-34 now use some form of pain relief,

many booking in epidurals well in advance. I don't think anyone's wussing out. I mean, we should all walk to work, but we hop in a car and drive.

I think it's part of our lifestyle, and I think women as consumers are making consumer choices. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. After the break - CommSec's finance report with Juliette Saly. One of our famous icons heads in a new direction. And how hard partying may cost a beauty queen one of the world's most famous pageant titles.

This program is captioned live.

An Australian man has been sentenced to four years jail after being found guilty of molesting young boys in Indonesia. 58-year-old hotel manager Donald Storen claims four boys only started accusing him of abuse

when they were caught stealing from his room. A convicted paedophile defiant to the end insists he'll appeal. Yeah, immediately. Former Adelaide businessman Donald Storen is led back to his cell, his home for the next four years. Storen systematically molested four local boys between 13 and 15 at his Sengiggi resort on the island of Lombok,

luring them into his hotel room with a mere A$5. The judge said the 58-year-old inflicted pain and suffering not just on his victims, but their local community. to Adelaide police, Storen's also no stranger in the city's gay community. and is well known and nightclub owner's name The former boxing promoter in the Mullighan inquiry has appeared in evidence of South Australian street kids. investigating the abuse by Adelaide Major Crime detectives He was also questioned to the infamous family murders. in the '80s in relation During his trial in Lombok, only accused him of abuse Storen claimed the boys from his hotel room. after they were caught stealing A number of men also provided alibis, Brett Clappis, Ten News. by the court. but they were discredited

granted an intervention order Motor racing legend Bob Jane has been after claims she tried to stab him. against his wife,

by a Melbourne court, The order issued for the millionaire's safety after fears on Friday night. following the incident The tyre magnate complained to police, alleging Laree Jane threatened him with a carving knife.

The 39-year-old was questioned by police, but has not been charged. She was ordered not to go within 100m of the former champion driver,

until another hearing early next year. A new plan tonight by Federal Labor

early childhood education. to shake up The Opposition wants preschoolers numeracy skills as well as care. to focus more on basic literacy and quality day-care standards into line The ALP says it will bring across the country. more early childhood education We need to get

into our childcare centres, and into family day care. into our preschools

can really get the benefit That way, our children of early childhood learning. The Opposition is again pledging of childcare trainees, to pay the TAFE fees to higher fees for parents. but unions warn the plan could lead of hundreds of Australians The holiday plans have been thrown into doubt, the Kokoda Track. with a threat to close

battlefield trek The gruelling World War II in Papua New Guinea. has become a popular attraction

Angry villagers say none of the millions of dollars generated by visitors is reaching their remote communities. You walk on the track and in particular you hear from the landowners and they'll question exactly where the funds are going. In the past five years, the number of tourists using the Kokoda Track has jumped from just 71,

to almost 4,500. A Melbourne nightclub is under fire if they wear bikinis. for enticing women to drink for free an invitation, The Amber Lounge posted who turned up in a two-piece. offering free booze for those girls for promoting excessive drinking. The idea - not surprisingly - slammed at risk of overindulgence It puts young women sexually assaulted. and, secondly, of being

organisers later scrapped the idea, Under pressure, offering just two free drinks. in favour of a Hawaiian theme night Wild partying and a same-sex kiss her crown. is set to cost the newest Miss USA first to be stripped of the title. Tara Conner in danger of becoming the Tara Conner had dreamt of It was the moment at age 5. since entering her first pageant

is Miss Kentucky. MAN: And so Miss USA 2006 The 20-year-old economics student as a gutsy risk-taker. had earnt a reputation was live life to the fullest. The best advice I've ever received But after a sheltered life in rural Kentucky, the bright lights of New York have proven a little too intoxicating. New reports of alleged under-age drinking, sexual escapades and an eviction.

Tara's reportedly been tossed out of Trump Tower for bad behaviour. New reports that Tara Conner for cocaine. allegedly recently tested positive didn't help her case. Some same-sex kissing Reportedly was even caught 18-year-old Miss Teen USA, lustily kissing her roommate, in public into their Trump Place apartment. and sneaking men about Tara's sincerity You have to wonder

about young Hollywood stars. in this answer a little bit too much edgy. I think that they're getting a little bit too risque. I think that they are were obviously worried, Pageant officials moments after she was crowned. warning Tara You act up, we're on it. Miss USA to be stripped of her crown. Tara Conner could become the first to rock the pageant world It's the biggest scandal as Miss America since Vanessa Williams resigned

after raunchy photos emerged in 1983. A press conference is scheduled for tomorrow. Donald Trump is expected to reveal he's told Tara Conner... You're fired. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The end of an era in Hollywood - legendary animator Joe Barbera has died, aged 95. He first teamed up with William Hanna in the 1930s, creating 'Tom and Jerry',

to found Hanna-Barbera, the duo then going on of cartoon classics developing a string

'The Jetsons' and 'The Flintstones'. including 'Yogi Bear', 'Scooby Doo', his home with his wife by his side. Joe Barbera died of natural causes in

aged 90. William Hanna died five years ago, of one of our most famous icons - A different view is now on offer from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. it's not for the feint-hearted, But a warning -

opening up to climbers parts of the famous coathanger for the first time. recently was scared of heights - A Bridge Tour guide who until as we go on the new Bridge Climb this is Richard supervising into Sydney's famous canopy of steel. that goes deep you're in a cathedral of steel. You're in the heart of the bridge, It's absolutely awesome. giving bridge buffs a greater insight The Discovery Tour opened today,

of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. into the engineering brilliance In this case, you are in and you can feel the steel and rivets and really get a sense of the way the bridge was built. Thousands of steel beams, 6 million rivets and hardly any have needed replacing. The Coathanger turns 75 next March. And where we are now

is one of the most historically important parts of the bridge. right where we are, t was the 12th of August, 1930,

actually met. where the two sides of the bridge and it's not for the faint-hearted. This is the final bit of the climb that goes up about 40 metres. It's a 45-degree angle staircase But once you get up the top of it, over Sydney Harbour. you get that amazing view

right to the horizon. That vista, uninterrupted The original top arch climb remains.

brings you closer to the bridge. But getting inside the canopy right out over the water in places. Right out over the road, going perfectly. It just gets the blood

James Boyce, Ten News. with CommSec's Juliette Saly - To finance news now

and, Juliette, James Packer is looking to the US for investors to fund his love for casinos. That's right, Deb. to own a casino in Singapore, After missing out on his bid list on the NASDAQ James Packer PBL will tonight in order to raise capital to fund a casino in Macau. Now, it's a joint venture with Melco Entertainment and PBL/Melco has had a very successful initial price offering.

The shares were expected to sell for around US$16-US$18

but 60 million shares have been sold for US$19 and we expect they could go as high as US$22,

to watch the NASDAQ tonight so it will be interesting but, regardless of the activity, to rise that much here we don't expect PBL shares in the next couple of days. Turning to the market now:

is next - Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan

is England in damage control. and, Ryan, Well, Deb, they should be - their coach is under fire and Australia continues to talk up a series whitewash. Sweeping statement - Shane Warne's warning to England.

Grand plan - Alicia Molik set to fly the flag at the Australian Open. And V-Bomber - Middlesborough's strike weapon returns.

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This program is captioned live.

Australia has named an unchanged 12-man squad for Melbourne's Boxing Day Test, and with the Ashes back in their possession,

it's time for the blame game, England coach Duncan Fletcher under attack today

while the Aussies take it easy. Australia's cricketers emerged from the team hotel this morning

a little less animated than the night before. Their Ashes-winning party best described as... Fairly savage. ..a word that could also sum up the recriminations faced by the losing side. England down 3-nil in the series, their coach in the firing line as they arrived in Melbourne. REPORTER: Do you accept that if blame is to be apportioned that any of it is your fault? There is blame is on all of us. There is blame is on all of us. Everyone's got to be blamed.

Fletcher defending the captaincy of Andrew Flintoff. He's done a good job. And England's controversial team selections, like the omission of Monty Panesar until the third Test. The people who are criticising now are like a lot of people who run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.

This is the second series we've lost in 11. You often hear out here if it ain't broke, don't fix it, don't you? But further damage could well be on the way.

The Australian players touching down in their home ports this evening,

the captain with clear intentions. I'd be disappointed if we lost a Test match from here. Playing the way we have and seeing the strength of the opposition, I'd be disappointed if we lost a game. Everyone's really excited and okay we've won the Ashes, but we don't consider the job done yet. Shane Warne with his own job to finish. His 699th Test wicket coming yesterday, a world first in his sights in the Boxing Day Test. To play in front of 100,000 people, for me personally,

the opportunity, whoever writes my scripts,

to come here and get 700 in my home town and hopefully I can get one wicket for the game. The Aussies re-group in Melbourne on Friday following a few hard-earned days off. I think all of us wanted to make sure that Australia knew how much it meant to us and how proud we were to be wearing the Baggy Green and winning back the Ashes. We've taken things head on and worked hard and played well, so it's been really satisfying for all of us.

Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. Meanwhile, Shane Watson says he's now set his sights on next year's World Cup in the West Indies. The injury-plagued all-rounder injured his hamstring playing for Queensland.

He says the pain of missing yesterday's historic victory

was dulled by a phone call from good mate Andrew Symonds. Symmo gave me a call last night, which was really nice of him, to say he's thinking of me and that all the boys were having a couple of beers for me.

Watson will travel to Melbourne tomorrow to be assessed by the Australian team doctor and physio. WA is in a strong position after day one of their Pura Cup clash against Tasmania at Bellerive Oval. Ben Edmondsom ripped through the Tigers' middle order,

Collingwood teenager Travis Cloke has spoken for the first time about the mixed feelings of facing life in black and white without his brothers, the last remaining Cloke at Magpieland admitting he's finding it tough without his siblings. The room for Clokes at Collingwood has been cut from three but Travis admits while his brothers are never far from mind,

his team-mates have helped soften the blow.

A lot of the boys are a lot different now towards it and they're both understanding that both the boys aren't there

and it's a big part of my life out of my football. While the Magpies were at Melbourne's Children's hospital to spread some cheer... (All sing) # Hey! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way # ..across town the Kangaroos were taking the wraps off their new away strip with a new logo front and centre. Yeah, it's pretty impressive, I think it sorta shows that we're heading in a new direction and hopefully we can win some games with it. Carlton has given its new draftees a taste of things to come - with a close-up look at the MCG. Most had never set foot on the ground's hallowed turf before today and all hope to be there come Round 1 against Richmond. Me and the boys are imagining 80,000 people, packed grand final sort of thing. I mean, I'm a bit far from that now but it'll be good to imagine.

I've been at Subi when that's packed, and that'd only be half as many as here, so I can imagine this place to be full,

it'd be amazing. And former Brisbane skipper, Michael Voss, has switched his footy boots for a microphone - joining Network Ten's commentary team from next season. While coaching remains a future goal, Voss will join the team on match days to keep his hand in the game. Oh, look, it's just very exciting.

I'm coming off something I've done for 15 years and I'm coming into a new field.

You're out of your comfort zone a little bit so you're not quite sure what to expect or how well you're going to go. So from my point of view, I'm just looking forward to the experience and seeing whether I can pull it off. David Adamson for Sports Tonight. In the NRL Melbourne is under increasing pressure to end the ugly Steve Turner dispute. Souths' CEO Shane Richardson accused the Storm of keeping the saga festering. Most CEOs feel the same way. When you make an agreement with players you expect them to be honoured.

They expect us to honour them and I think it's the same the other way around. The Gold Coast are exercising their right under their agreement and the NRL support it. Richardson also revealed Souths' plan to open talks with off-contract Wallaby Lote Tuqiri, early in the new year.

Alicia Molik has secured a berth for next month's Australian Open. The former world number eight overcame rising star Jessica Moore in straight sets in the final of the wildcard playoffs at Melbourne Park.

This doesn't quite compare to holding the Australian Open trophy.

But for Alicia Molik it's the first big step. It's nice to be given a wildcard, but, you know, earning your spot - I'm going to rock up to the first round knowing I've earned my spot and I deserve to be there, I should be there, and it's quite a different feeling. But the former world number eight didn't have it all her own way against emerging prospect Jessica Moore.

LINESMAN: Out! Ohhhh! The 16-year-old Western Australian

right up to crowd favourite. taking the challenge against the youngsters. It's always difficult going out I'd kill to be 16 again - with no fear, you sort of go out there so it brought back memories. and she really pushed me. Jess played pretty well Despite a high unforced error count to win in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4. Molik held her nerve

But the 25-year-old was far from her best. We're actually gonna go back out and practise now and work on a few things that weren't as good today. That's pretty normal - she likes to practise after most matches. Molik will play two lead-up tournaments before the Oz Open - beginning with next week's Hopman Cup,

where she will team with Mark Philippoussis. In the men's draw -

33-year-old Joe Sirianni was denied a fourth home Grand Slam appearance. Queenslander Robert Smeets prevailed in four sets to earn his first Open berth. Kelli Underwood for Sports Tonight. NBA sides New York and Denver have each been hit with a $640,000 fine NBA basketball brawl. in the wake of that ugly weekend are trading verbal blows. and now the opposing coaches

for 15 games for this punch Carmello Anthony has been banned defended the foul while New York coach Isaiah Thomas which caused the melee, saying Denver were showing disrespect

George Karl fuming. and that has Nuggets coach I'm running the score up? You're telling me He's a total ----. He's full of ----. for his actions. He should be held accountable Karl labelled Thomas a jerk, instigated the fracas. believing his rival is gaining momentum Mark Viduka's comeback from injury match against Fullham, with a late goal in Middlesbrough's to prevent a 2-1 defeat but it wasn't enough battling relegation. which leaves Boro in Mark Viduka's return from injury, It was a big step but it was not enough to save Middlesbrough from a 2-1 defeat against Fulham.

COMMENTATOR: And he scores. In just his second game back from a pair of broken toes,

the Socceroos striker was clinical with his finish in the 74th minute. Viduka finds himself the other side, draws the goalkeeper and just helps it over - a lovely little dink finish. could not bridge the two goal gap, Despite a frantic finale, the Boro

which started when Heidar Helguson from the spot. beat Aussie keeper Mark Schwarzer He strolls up nonchalantly to make his move just waits for Schwarzer where he's not. and strokes it into the side in the 35th. Brian McBride doubling the lead they've allowed McBride to score. Oh, look at the gap, have capped off their historic year The Socceroos meanwhile on FIFA's world ranking. by maintaining 39th spot in the world Brazil remains the number-one team for the fifth consecutive year, on the back of its World Cup win. with Italy second, up 10 places the game's top individual honour - And their skipper has scooped

the FIFA World Player of the Year, Fabio Cannavaro named

Zinadine Zidane after outpolling French captain

and Brazil's Ronaldinho. The 33-year-old becoming the first defender to win the prestigious award. David Adamson for Sports Tonight. Veteran skipper Lou Abrahams is set to write his name into the history books when he competes in his 44th Sydney to Hobart this Boxing Day, equalling the record of his late and great sailing friend John Bennetto. Lou Abrahams looks every bit an old sea salt making his last minute preparations as he strolls the jetty, and often successful journey, for what has become a very familiar

in 1983 and 1989. winning overall honours

But the years have done little 79-year-old's competitive spirit. to diminish the quietly spoken I do like to come back to try and win once more. and the appeal is really resembling Mark Taylor's declaration In a tribute Bradman's innings run record, after he equalled Sir Donald Lou's hinted he may call it quits with his old friend John Bennetto. when he draws level When you get to 44 before you make a decision you wait till next year spends most of his time below decks These days Lou

on navigation, concentrating his energies with a minimum of fuss. but making sure everything happens or anything like that on board. We don't have any yelling, I've always run a very quiet boat before we go and everyone knows their job and there's not a lot of speaking. It's a style which has served him well - only five men have reached the 40-race milestone in the event's 62-year history.

Niel Cordy for Sports Tonight

Willow cooler, only $24.88. Stefani ceramic water filter, $85. Craftech 51-piece socket set, just $19.97. a cheaper price on a stocked item, If you happen to find we'll beat it by 10%. are just the beginning. Lowest prices than our children's education, There's nothing more important community consultation, so after six months has adopted a reform package the ACT Government but also increased spending. that involves some tough decisions

Over the next four years, to improve our public schools - we've earmarked $90 million and learning environments, to upgrade teaching improve science labs, upgrade sports areas and more. for a new school in Tuggeranong Plus there's $54 million for information technology, and another $20 million in every public school - including upgrading broadband links an Australian first. in our schools. It's more than an investment in our children and our future. It's an investment my little boy wouldn't be speaking, and he is now. Two owls, two motorbikes, two clocks... They care about what they do.

I've been aware of the great work

of the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children for many years now. I help them where and when I can, and I urge you to do the same.

This program is captioned live. a gob full of Christmas cheer, Just a week away from tucking into to pay homage so there's no better time of the year. to some of the great mouth stuffers From turkeys to buns to hotdogs, to feed their face, these guys and gals were in a race there's not much competition though we reckon for spiders or these grubs. Our best, the craziest -

into the record books the bloke who slithered his way with live rattlesnakes. tickling his tonsils At least he didn't try to eat them. Play of the Year. And thats our gastronomic Now for a look at tomorrow's weather.

Cairns - showers on the way. Brisbane - a mostly sunny day. Sydney - showers. Canberra - a possible shower. Melbourne - sunshine on the way. Hobart - mostly sunny. Adelaide - cloud building. Perth - mostly sunny. Darwin - late thunder expected. Alice Springs - a late storm. And that's the latest from Ten News. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

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