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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and 20 homes up in flames One man dead takes an horrific turn. as Victoria's bushfire crisis Not murdered and not pregnant - smashes Diana conspiracy theories. an official inquiry

Aussie charge to the Golden Globe. And Toni Collete leads an Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Also today - a budget blow-out this Christmas. shopping tips to avoid saved two dolphins from near death. And how the world's tallest man

has turned deadly First, Victoria's bushfire crisis and around 20 homes destroyed with one man killed to rage out of control. as blazes in continue Authorities fear

may have been deliberately lit. the latest onslaught of flames and with such ferocity The flames swept through so fast there was nothing anyone could do. to watch on helplessly A heartbroken Mal Mowat was forced

his Gippsland property. as fire claimed

that direction over there very fast The fire's come through from and it's burnt most things. and it's taken to the shed It burnt the house down behind us and everything and burnt the tractors out before anybody could get here. The blaze flared up late yesterday, turning day into night. thick plumes of smoke that's burned towards us There's one on the corner there that's working up the gully now. the Heyfield and Cowwarr areas An ominous glow menacing before the firestorm struck. a bomb's gone off. REPORTER: It seems like This just went off. Oh, it does, yeah, yeah. for the worst. Anxious locals bracing themselves are all in the car, The dogs and the cats and the birds everything will be alright. so, yeah, hopefully, the devastation was widespread. But despite the hopes, from a ute and under a trailer A man was killed after falling where up to 10 homes have been lost. near Heyfield, may have been sparked It's feared the latest blazes by a deliberately lit fire. the public's assistance Police are seeking

at the time. in finding two men seen in the area of land have been claimed So far, more than 450,000 hectares 2-week bushfire crisis. during the State's Allan Raskall, Ten News. in Victoria's north-east And more homes were lost whipped up fires when the wild weather

for several days. that had already been burning Reporter Luke Waters is in Jamieson. Yes, up to a dozen homes were lost two small towns south of Jamieson when a firestorm engulfed yesterday afternoon. Late last night

of Gaffneys Creek, we gained access to the township for owners, and, in even more heartbreak on the smouldering structures. steady rain was already falling

and at least four homes gone. The town hall was incinerated are still unconfirmed Now, reports on property loss

there were no injuries. but we have been informed their homes were successful. All residents who stayed to defend and you're capable If you're confident your fire prevention work and you've done that you can save your own homes. it certainly proved again the north-east Victorian fire zones Now, conditions in the change came through last night, have improved considerably since

allowing some crews to stand down reinforcing containment lines. and others to get to work in Tasmania And a cool change overnight and control the flames. is helping firefighters protect homes were lost yesterday Up to four properties as fire roared through of Four Mile Creek. the small holiday town Scamander, Irishtown and Cornwall. Fires are still burning around have eased the emergency. Calmer conditions today a major challenge for firefighters. However, Monday is expected to pose the NSW hamlet of Tumut And residents surrounding can finally relax threatening their homes after a massive fire was contained overnight. on up to 70 homes, The blaze had been bearing down of pine plantation destroying 15,000 hectares over the past seven days. preparing their properties Yesterday locals spent the day of predicted high winds. in anticipation over the region last night, Instead, a cool change moved bringing light rain and much relief. has been all but destroyed in a fire A Sydney furniture factory

overnight. residents for fear of it spreading. Crews forced to evacuate neighbouring for help just after 11:00 last night. Firefighters answered the call

was already on the case. Ironically, one of their own stations were received When the first 000 calls behind me firefighters at Lakemba fire station a smell of smoke. were investigating

and the factory was well ablaze. They looked out the back windows The Lakemba crew didn't waste any time in calling for reinforcements - battling the blaze around 70 firefighters from the ground and up above. The contents, very high fire load. furniture and electrical goods. We are looking at bedding, an apartment block also under threat. The neighbouring fire station and of Croydon Street A number of residents at the rear were evacuated as a precaution, a 2-level apartment building. including from that premises as a precaution. Approximately 40 people were removed to contain the blaze. It took crews almost three hours Neighbouring buildings - saved. The factory - a complete write-off. the fire would spread There were concerns initially to all those adjoining buildings. by firefighters. So it's been great work the fire off. They've been able to cut is being investigated. The cause of the fire Kate Donnison, Ten News. this morning - A warning from the Treasurer of Qantas he won't allow the new owners to squeeze out their competitors. in the take-over says The consortium involved increase passenger capacity by 40%. it wants to buy more aircraft and has told Ten's '9AM' program But Mr Costello review board decide he'll let the foreign investment whether the sale should proceed. If you own an airport and, into that airport not only Qantas will be flying

and all sorts of airlines, but Singapore you wouldn't want a situation where you used your ownership of the airport to damage competitors and so there's a big competition issued there and that's also being looked at by our Australia Competition Consumer Commission to make sure that you don't get that cross ownership

KIM: That is a realistic concern along with potential loss of jobs, increased airline tickets, concerns about safety even. DAVID: Regional routes. Regional routes. I think what we'd like to see in Australia is the maintenance of a full service airline. You see, there are competitors to Qantas domestically, people like Jetstar, to a degree, but Qantas is the only full service airline on domestic routes, we'd like to see that continue and, of course, internationally we'd like to see good competition internationally as well. Not pregnant, not engaged and not murdered - they are the findings of the official report into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The 3-year investigation dismissed claims by the father of Diana's boyfriend, who was also killed in the Paris crash, that it was no accident. Ten's London correspondent Rachel Smalley has more. It took a former head of the British Police three years and $8 million

It was a straightforward accident.

The investigation into their debts

has ruled out foul play. The investigation into their debts has ruled out foul play. Our conclusion is that on the evidence available now there was no conspiracy to murder any occupants of that car. Diana was 36 when her chauffeur-driven Mercedes smashed into the wall of a Paris tunnel 9 years ago.

Along with Dodi, she had just left the Ritz hotel and was being chased by paparazzi. A 2-year inquiry by the French blamed the driver Henri Paul, who also died in the crash. Two postmortems found that he'd taken prescription drugs and alcohol earlier in the night and that he'd been driving at speed when he'd lost control of the car. In the weeks that followed Diana's funeral,

rumours circulated that she and Dodi were planning to marry. The investigation did reveal that Dodi bought a ring that day for Diana but it quashed any suggestion the Princess was pregnant with his child. We are certain the Princess of Wales was not pregnant at the time of her death our conclusions were strengthened by forensic tests carried out on blood recovered from the Mercedes car we brought back into the country. The report is unlikely to relieve the sadness felt by millions

It was all executed in he is the

order with the help of M I six. following Diana's death. The family, friends and supporters may never truly accept

that one of the world's most iconic women could die in such a tragic manner. In London, Rachel Smalley, Ten News.

A royal family has said tonight

that enough is enough and they are

asking people to accept the

findings of the report. We will be

hearing more of next month. The

inquest will continue in January with preliminary hearings. Police close in on a potential suspect in the Red-Light Ripper murders. That story when the morning news returns. And Toni Collette leads the Aussie charge at this year's Golden Globes.

This program is captioned live. Police investigating the Red-Light Ripper serial killings are tracking a man who was seen speaking with one of the victims just hours before she disappeared. They've also confirmed the identity of the fourth victim as missing prostitute Paula Clennell. For two days she lay where she was discovered but tonight, the final body is removed. It's thought this is Annette Nicholls now transferred to hospital for re-examination. This enormous forensic search for clues continues. The other body was removed from this area last night was today named as Paula Clennell. The police confirming her death was murder. We are advised by the pathologist

that the woman died as a result of compression to the neck.

Her death is being treated as murder.

Paula's family and friends today had the worst kind of confirmation She said as she had come back but

she never came back. Then when I

saw on the news on the weekend I was freaking out. The police today showed these pictures - the clothing of the first two victims were wearing when they disappeared. They want to jog people's memories and see if any of these items can be recovered.

Today I N S that affects a worker

who was helping police with the

investigation. She Tommy last

Thursday she was driving through

these wards, the night before the

second body was found and close to

where the first body was discovered.

She said she saw two men whose where the first body was discovered. She said she saw two men whose

behaviour frightened her. There was

a White Hart Darling about five

miles an hour. They sped up and

then slowed down again. It was

scary. I did not think of the

murder. As daughter was to Edie

it's messing around. No others I

have heard what is going on.

have heard what is going on. As all

of this goes on, water of the

families? This man was asked by one

of the families to speak to us. We

wanted justice. There is the

concern then nobody else has to go

through this. This person needs to

be caught. If anyone has

information, the family are very

heartened by the award that has

been offered. If anyone has

information that can lead to the

capture of his person, please come forward. The investigation, the crimes, they are everything to this community. These mobile police stations have been open in the town centre. They may offer reassurance, but here, people want protection and they want results. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been interviewed by Scotland Yard detectives investigating allegations political opportunities have been exchanged for donations. The corruption claims allege all three major political parties were awarded seats in the House of Lords and other honours in return for secret loans. Downing Street says

the PM outlined why he'd nominated certain people for roles in parliament.

A grandmother has been left battered and bruised after a tree came crashing down through her roof. She was sitting with her grandson who disappeared under the debris. I stopped it with my head. Despite being bandaged up and in need of stitches, Sharon Christianson hasn't lost her sense of humour. Early this morning, this huge tree that was in the backyard sliced right through the house. We were watching the news, and they said it was gonna be windy, and sure enough, right after that down came a tree. But that wasn't the worst of it. Rema's baby boy, Sean, was with his grandmother in the living room right here underneath all of this. The baby was right next to me on the couch and I just heard this big thud and all of a sudden everything was down. And I just couldn't find the baby - that's what was worrying me. Sean was buried in the insulation that came raining down into the living room. That was the scariest part. I couldn't find the baby. Not only that, but numerous 2x4s with nails sticking out of them landed within inches of Grandma and Sean. My mom and the baby were underneath the tree and I ran underneath the Christmas tree and unburied the baby from the insulation and got Grandma and everybody downstairs. Strangely, the Christmas tree is still standing, and the ornaments, they're OK too. After retrieving Sean's favourite blanket and pacifier

from the debris, the family was onto the hospital to get Grandma stitched up. Everybody's safe, and I think that's the most important thing. Toni Collette and Cate Blanchett will share the spotlight at next year's Golden Globe awards in Hollywood. The leading ladies are both nominated, along with the Australian movie 'Happy Feet'.

Critics are predicting it's Toni Collette's time to shine. 'Little Miss Sunshine'. Toni Collette, 'Tsunami - The Aftermath'. The 34-year-old, who shot to fame in 'Muriel's Wedding', has broken through in Hollywood, nominated for the first time for not one, but two Golden Globes. She has worked so hard. She's poured everything into this. We can't just take it away from her. She gives two of the best performances of the year. That woman can do anything and she is just a lovely, lovely soul. There is not a star bone in her. Collette will share the red carpet with awards veteran Cate Blanchett who's nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the movie 'Notes on a Scandal' and not the critically acclaimed film 'Babel'. The movie is leading the awards race with seven nominations including Best Drama, where it is up against gangland hit 'The Departed', 'Bobby', 'Little Children' and 'The Queen'. Mel Gibson is still causing controversy. His movie 'Apocalypto' made the list for Best Foreign Film but after his anti-Semitic outburst, he was snubbed for Best Director. 'Apocalypto' made the list, was that a surprise? Look, I refuse to respond to those questions. Of course Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' which had a lot of nay-sayers so that was good to see on the Golden Globes list. The Golden Globes not only kick off the Hollywood award season but is seen as an indicator as to which actors and which movies will do well at the Oscars. For the first time, the Golden Globes are recognising animated movies, and the Australian-made hit, 'Happy Feet' is considered a frontrunner for an award. I think it's really exciting that the first year we have an animated category there's an Australian movie in there. Also making history, Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood. The 'Titanic' star is up against himself in the Best Actor, Drama category

for 'Blood Diamond' and 'The Departed', and 'Dirty Harry' has received an unprecedented two nominations

for Best Director. But the final word goes to Borat. He, and the film, nominated in Best Comedy categories. Very nice! Network Ten's 'House', 'Medium' and 'The Office' were also nominated. The winners are announced on 15 January. In Hollywood, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Shopping tips to prevent a budget blow-out this Christmas. Details when the Morning News returns. And firing off a few surprises - what's in store for this year's New Year's Eve spectacular.

This program is captioned live. Victoria's bushfire crisis has turned deadly with one man killed and around 20 homes destroyed

as blazes in continue to rage out of control.

Authorities fear the latest onslaught of flames may have been deliberately lit. A report into the death of Princess Diana has confirmed she wasn't murdered. The inquiry ruling out a conspiracy to kill the Princess because she was pregnant to Dodi al-Fayed. The billionaire's father has rejected the long-awaited British report labelling it a cover-up. And Toni Collette and Cate Blanchett will share the spotlight at this year's Golden Globes. Other Aussie contenders include the animated film 'Happy Feet' and Mel Gibson's movie 'Apocalypto'. John Howard's promised big dollars to boost defence force numbers. He's unveiled a package to bring more people in and keep them longer. We're joined now by political reporter Laurel Irving. Laurel, what is the Government planning to fix the recruitment crisis?

The Government is going to spend

about $1 billion over the next 10

years to boost recruitment and

retention. The Prime Minister

announced this morning that for the

first time the defence force will

be able to offer retention bonuses

to people who are being poached by

other organisations to try to make

sure they stay in the defence force.

As well for the first time, they're

going to slash the red tape for the

recruitment process. At the moment

it takes about 30 weeks from when

you first applied to been excepted.

That process will be cut to six

weeks. This is badly needed. The

defence force does has a

recruitment and retention problems.

It is struggling to keep up the

numbers now but over the next 10

years it wants to increase those

numbers to 57,000. The government

has already announced it will have

a gap-year programme, so bringing

school leavers in for a year in the

hope some of them stay on, as well

it will also relax the criteria to

join up the defence forces. This is

a big problem and this announcement

shows that the government and the

Defence Force have to look at every

idea they can to boost the numbers. Federal Treasurer Peter Costello has hinted he expects to wait years before taking over from John Howard as Prime Minister. His long-range forecast came on Ten's '9AM' as he was being asked about his preferred form of swimwear. When you eventually become Prime Minister

will you perhaps progress to board shorts then? I think by then I will be so old I will probably be in a wheelchair. Mr Howard has said he'll stay in the top job as long as it's in the best interests of the Liberal Party.

In finance news - the Australian share market has opened higher today thanks to a strong lead from the US. It's the time of the year when family finances can really take a hammering, but there's plenty we can all do to limit the damage. Ria Voorhaar from consumer watchdog Choice is with us. Ria, is it possible to spread Christmas cheer without blowing the budget?

Are we spending too much at

Christmas? We are at the moment.

The problem is when we spend over

the budget. We are all prone to

those little splurges at Christmas.

You really should try to set a

budget and stick to it. If a few do

overspend and using your credit

card you must be mindful of the

interest? Some cards are

particularly mean when captivating

interest, so use and the wine and

one that uses an interest in a fair

way. So we should all shop around

and look for good sales, but what

are some of the other ways that we

can not to break the Budget? Try

setting a limit with a family

members for the amount you want to

spend on presence. Also consider

doing a Chris Pringle situation

where you are greeted by one person

something, so he's more evenly

spread out. I guess some of the

concern is the incredible depth of

many Australians have on my credit

card. I guess the advice is to just

have one credit card and to pay off

as much as you can. We have

information on a Web site about

credit cards that are beneficial in

those areas. In the long term,

there is some Greys advice in

preparing and setting up a savings

account of. If you put $10 away

from now until next Christmas they

will give you $500 to spend on

Christmas without having to go into

debt. How concerning do you find it

in your research about the level of

debt many people get into? Many

people get their bills in the

January and realise they have spent

way too much. That is why budgeting

is so important, and setting out

what you can afford to spend over

Christmas and not going over that.

There is a lot of good advice at

their about consolidating data and

how to budget. I would really

advise people to stick within the

means to avoid some of the hardship

we find in that post Christmas time.

Should you keep your Christmas

shopping to the sales may be? That

is an option. You can grab some

bargains for next year and plan

ahead and get some things for next

year. If consumers want some good

advice on how to budget, where can

they get back information? There

are many good financial assistance

from at the government and other

websites available like it

recommended financial planners. How

important is that the wicket a

credit in check? Personal and

household debt is rising and it can

cause strain on families. We're

very concerned about that, says very concerned about that, says

sticking to your budget and being

really sure about what you want to

spend it is very important so you

do avoid that post-Christmas

hangover. Some banks now I have

been rather than credit cards but

accessing money already in Euro

Council. The use pre-paid debit

cards are a good option but to be

careful of fees and charges and

always read the fine print.

This program is captioned live. of sex education in our schools. A call for an overhaul are having casual, unsafe sex A new study showing more teenagers with bad information. and are being misled Sex in the classroom -

commonly studied at school. it's not a subject But researcher Moira Carmody says teenagers want to learn more about. it's something that they're not having sex We can't pretend and they're not exploring. I think that would be a mistake. some good advice, I think we need to give them so they can make informed decisions. some skills and knowledge of Western Sydney study, The author of a University Professor Carmody discovered at a younger age, teenagers are not only having sex more one-night stands. but they're also having in our study About 64% of young people casual sex, indicated they'd been having

often associated with alcohol,

afterwards. and they often regretted it is a lack of positive role models, Part of the reason why

as well as the strong influences magazines and video clips, of American television shows, all giving them the wrong sex advice. like 'Dolly' Editors of teen magazines it gives to young girls, defends the sex advice thousands of letters each week saying they receive filled with questions about sex for answers. because they have nowhere else to go is an obvious forum The study recommends the classroom for students to learn about sex to dating tips. from issues such as sexuality ethical sexual practices Sex education that looks at within the school system, and ethical relationships be very interested in seeing happen. I think would be something we would which, disturbingly, And that's echoed by other studies were practising safe sex had dropped. found the number of teenagers who to work out how to negotiate sex, They want some help about how when to have sex and to not have it, their friends pressuring them. how to deal with issues like Another concern for researchers they'd been sexually assaulted. is that 1 in 3 young girls reported

that has to be a good thing Anything that we can do to prevent educators and schools and we would really encourage to take on this work. and parents and communities Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. and a whole lot more firepower New shapes, colours yet again on New Years Eve. are promising to make Sydney sparkle are back again Creators of last year's dazzling show ready to fire a few surprises. It's Sydney's most anticipated party. And this year, it's no different. The theme's already been revealed - in the Emerald City'. 'A Diamond Night to make that magic happen. It's Fortunato Foti's job with a design We think that we've come up of New Year's Eve. that will encapsulate the essence in Sydney's west for months - The essence has been bubbling away

for 21,000 individual fireworks. 6,000 hours of design and preparation with the promise of something new. That's more than last year, and patterns and different shapes. Different effects, new effects remain tightly guarded. The exact details positioned in the harbour, But there'll be more barges on the city's skyline. and more fireworks from rooftops

to light up Sydney for 13 minutes. 3,000kg of explosives The Fotis, like every year, together in the dying seconds. will manage to pull everything We're getting there slowly another great show. and looking forward to putting on in the firework-making industry The family has been for seven generations. of the 9.00pm display, Tino is in charge Fortunato, the midnight spectacular. but each, just as challenging. Both shows are different All the hard work worth it though, of the million-plus crowd. for the reaction see things they haven't seen before I'm hoping they'll look at it and at the end of it. and be happy with it And all this variety the awe-inspiring show what it is is what will make and crackling cosettes From green go-getters to thousand flower gold glitter. doing research and development The Fotis spend much of their time

to keep the crowds watching. and it brings a smile to everyone, Hopefully, if the people are happy and it's worked out well. we've obviously done our job will be the focus of the night, The bridge, as normal, but even more so this year - there'll be 86 firing points all up thousands of lights and, on the night,

its 75th birthday. as the coathanger ushers in been fitted with a symbol The Harbour crossing has already in the shape of its nickname. Its diamond anniversary its jewel-like status. sure to highlight even more Josh Murphy, Ten News. bad boys appears to be mellowing One of music's most notorious around Australia to an acoustic show. as he treats audiences is doing an unplugged tour. Noel Gallagher from Oasis in Sydney. He caught up with Ten's Angela Bishop with you on the phone (Sings) # Sitting on my own well, something... # # A thousand million miles from home Noel, welcome back. enjoying it this way, I think. You're on your own but you're Ah, yeah, it's been good, yeah. You can travel light intense in the camp. and the atmosphere is a lot less and doing those acoustic shows. What's it like getting up on stage of the Brisbane show. I've seen a smidge and the audience were right into it. It looked fantastic

It feels good that we never generally play because I get to play the songs

when we do our shows so in that sense it's good and it's good for the fans you know, half a world away because they never hear me sing, and stuff like that but I've really enjoyed it. audience a bit more too And you get to interact with the a more intimate level. because you're on

Well, yeah. unintelligible screaming There is a lot of getting stabbed, to me that sounds like people out nonsense. but other than that they're shouting who really, should know better. It's usually English people

wanted to be and now I'm sure. # (Sings) # I knew exactly what I or does that wind it up? Do you still have a record contract at the minute. Wound up without a record deal We're not really sure whether we want to sign one again. Record labels or record companies are kind of - fundamentally they're a bank that you go to to borrow money to make an album and make videos. But I kind of think that we've got enough money to do that anyway.

Seeing you playing here by yourself leads to the question are going to do an album on your own? Or are you going to do some solo project? No, I don't really - I'm not really ambitious towards all of that. A solo record would be nice but I never really quite get the time. So you say that your time's taken up with going back to Oasis but you don't have another album to do, so what is the next thing? For me, I'm actively going to try to wangle out of any work I can next year. You haven't mellowed at all have you? I keep reading these articles that you've mellowed

and I see this word 'mellow' but it just doesn't seem you. Well, you should've known me 10 years ago.

Really? I was insane. So you have calmed down a little? Yeah, a little, yeah. I used to go out and I would be on 10 all night and I'm cooking on a solid 8 these days. (Sings) # The words he tried to say # Takes you to all the places that you'd never wish to stay. #

Ahead, Aussie Geoff Ogilvy on the pace

at Tiger Woods' Golf Challenge. That's when Ten's morning news returns. And Australia on the hunt for early wickets heading into day two of the third Ashes Test.

This program is captioned live. Neil Cordy joins us with sport and, Neil, England have gone the full Monty? The Ausses will go into day two of the third Ashes Test in Perth looking for early wickets. England took the initiative on day one with Monty Panesar and Steve Harmison taking nine wickets between them.

After failing in Brisbane and Adelaide It was third time lucky for Steve Harmison.

COMMENATOR: Well... Yes! Steve Harmison has Ricky Ponting. The big wickets of Ponting and Clarke, But upstaged by cult hero Monty Panesar.

Got him! Bowled him! He's knocked over Langer! What a wicket for England and for Panesar! He got Langer before copping some tap from Andrew Symonds - 17 off one over. His wicket in the next. Got him! There's a noise there, yes, he's got him! Lee his fifth. The spinner they refused to play early in the series, almost single-handedly keeping his team in it. Taking five wickets on a day-one pitch is probably up there as one of my best days. Their reply began with an appetite for destruction - Strauss and Cook hurting the Australian bowlers, but McGrath had the last laugh. Gone! Well caught. Lee joined the party - removing Bell with a thunderbolt. Day one honours with England, but only just. Bit of luck and hopefully we can get a couple of early ones.

Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

To AFL, and Carlton is in damage control over claims of board interference in its preseason draft selections. But coach Denis Pagan was on the front foot yesterday, defending the match committee's decision to recruit Cameron Cloke instead of Ty Zantuck. The confusing times continue at the Blues. A day after Denis Pagan confirmed

he wasn't permitted to recruit Ty Zantuck by someone at Carlton, he hit the airwaves again to try and hose down suggestions of divisions within the club.

It probably was too tense at the time and I sat down with him and spoke to him and I thought it would be tough for us. People tried to make out the splits and all this sort of stuff. I just wish the footy would start. The Kangaroos are also keen for a new season to begin. The club partly blamed last year's 14th placing on poor fitness. It won't be an excuse next year. Certainly something we've needed to do. I think we needed to toughen up and get a bit more hard work under our belt. Looking at where we finished last year, we do have a lot of catching up to do on the rest of the competition. The Roos were so determined to fix up their fitness problems, they started planning a new regime in the middle of last season. Rob Waters, Ten News. Sydney FC has taken a giant step towards securing second place on the A-League ladder following a 1-0 win over Perth Glory. The reigning champions played most of the match with 10 men after skipper Mark Rudan was sent off in the 27th minute. Alex Brosque's second-half header sealed the Sydney victory.

COMMENTATOR: A 10-man Sydney FC has taken the lead here at Aussie and isn't Terry Butcher thrilled to bits! The win extends Sydney's undefeated run to eight matches. The FFA has revoked the licence of A-League club the New Zealand Knights, claiming they breached their A-League participation agreement.

The FFA say they are owed almost $1 million from the club's owners and have transferred management to New Zealand Soccer.

The strategic move will guarantee the club's participation for the remainder of the season, with All Whites coach Ricki Herbert set to assume the role of head coach immediately. To overseas football now, and Barcelona is through to the Club World Cup final

following a 4-0 thrashing of Mexico's Club America. In a rainswept Yokohama, Ronaldinho continued his scintillating form by setting up two goals before drilling another home for himself. You gotta love the victory dance. The European champions will now face Brazil's Internacional in Sunday's final.

Australia's Geoff Ogilvy is just two shots off the pace at the Tiger Wood's World Challenge event in California. The US Open winner carding seven birdies on his way to a 4-under 68 opening round. Ogilvy shares second place with the tournament host who was also on target on day one. COMMENTATOR: Oh! Bounces off the flag. That wasn't too bad. Sweden's Henrik Stenson leads the field after firing three from his final four holes to finish the day at 6-uner par. And England's Richard Finch is sure to be flying high after landing a hole in one at the South African Open. Finch set to take off after winning 1 million air miles from tournament sponsors for this ace on the Par 3 12th. Unfortunately, Thomas Aiken wasn't as accurate. The South African forced to take some extreme measures in order to get his round back on track. Local hope Ernie Els shares a 1-stroke lead with three others heading into day two with Wade Ormsby the best placed Aussie four shots off the pace. Politicians Tony Abott and Pat Farmer have stayed a step ahead in their efforts to find a cure for ovarian cancer. The Federal MP this morning completing a 24-hour vertical marathon

with Health Minister Tony Abott. The dynamic duo climbing 176,874 stairs between them,

well ahead of their target of 150,000. MAN: How do you feel? Buggered! Buggered. That was one hell of an effort. The super challenge raising awareness of Ovarian cancer.

How many steps were climbed? Like

it was a lot - the more than

150,000. There is the sort of thing

you want to see from your health

minister, isn't it? Pat summer is

an ultra marathon runner, so it is

not such a big stretch for him. when the Morning News returns. The national weather details

than our children's education, There's nothing more important community consultation, so after six months has adopted a reform package the ACT Government but also increased spending. that involves some tough decisions Over the next four years, to improve our public schools - we've earmarked $90 million and learning environments, to upgrade teaching improve science labs, upgrade sports areas and more. for a new school in Tuggeranong Plus there's $54 million for information technology, and another $20 million in every public school - including upgrading broadband links

an Australian first. in our schools. It's more than an investment

in our children and our future. It's an investment

This program is captioned live.

has turned deadly Victoria's bushfire crisis and around 20 homes destroyed with one man killed as blazes in continue to rage out of control. as blazes continue to rage Authorities fear may have been deliberately lit. the latest onslaught of flames of Princess Diana has confirmed A report into the death she wasn't murdered. to kill the Princess The inquiry ruling out a conspiracy to Dodi al-Fayed. because she was pregnant the long-awaited British report The billionaire's father has rejected labelling it a cover-up. will share the spotlight And Toni Collette and Cate Blanchett at this year's Golden Globes. the animated film 'Happy Feet' Other Aussie contenders include and Mel Gibson's movie 'Apocalypto'. party on the Gold Coast overnight. There's been a tragic end to a boat Police issuing a warning this Christmas against drink-driving on the water and drowned. after a woman fell overboard

offshore early afternoon, The pre-Christmas celebration began on board the 10m boat seven people partying along a Gold Coast river. when disaster struck A female has fallen overboard. are not really clear at this stage. The exact circumstances behind that to search for the 46-year-old woman. Partygoers turned the vessel around 15 minutes later,

was pulled from the water. her lifeless body from propeller blades. It's believed she suffered injuries that's happened here this evening. This is just a sickening tragedy with drink-driving The 55-year-old skipper was charged after recording a blood alcohol level the legal limit. more than three times from police. The tragedy prompted this warning on the water, If you are going to be out of the vessel make sure there is someone in charge

in any alcohol that isn't going to partake of all the passengers. and ensure the safety in January. The male driver will appear in court Kate Donnison, Ten News. weather and for the rest of the day. Now for a look at the national

involving two sick dolphins Now a tall tale from China and the world's tallest man. The animals had become ill from the side of their pool. after eating plastic When vets were unable to remove it, and his 91 centimetre long arms. they called in this man

inside their stomachs He managed to reach of the offending plastic. and grab hold The dolphins are now doing well a full recovery. and are expecting to make with all the news. That brings you up to date throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates in Ten's newshour tonight. and the full details I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions