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(generated from captions) Yeah. Oh, my God. That was you? the way you do or reacting that way I don't blame you for feeling really horrible that night and... because I looked really, No, no, no, no! No, wait. That was the night we first met else that night too. and I also saw something I saw another car approach... a woman driving the car ..and there was and they hit Darla Forrester. and she got out of the car And then I saw her stop to the crash site. and she ran over here That woman was your mother, Phoebe. are looking for, right? I know that's who the police What do you want? Shane, what do you want from me? the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight - new owners for Qantas - means for passengers and workers. what the $11 billion takeover deal putting 13 in hospital. A P-plate truck driver loses control,

And petrol attack - the attempted murder of a young boy. a 13-year-old charged with and his back was still on fire. He pulled the T-shirt off and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening.

Young Australian of the Year Also tonight, the State's amid a cocaine controversy. hands back her award

of one of TV's grumpiest old men. And the passing battling several huge blazes. The Flying Kangaroo is selling up -

an $11 billion takeover bid Qantas accepted by local and foreign investors. a massive profit, The deal will see shareholders make it means for passengers and staff. but there's concern over what for Qantas executives - It's a deal worth smiling about to be sold, in full, Australia's iconic airline to a consortium led by Macquarie Bank

American and Canadian investors along with promising a massive $5.60 per share. That's a 61% profit for the past six months. on the average share price and exciting day for Qantas. It's a very momentous in the top job Qantas chief Geoff Dixon will remain totalling more than $60 million, and could potentially receive bonuses to charity. although he's already promised it all shareholders to be were rewarded. I feel it's now time for the As I think Margaret said, consistently undervalued. I think this company has been Unions fear workers will lose out

their jobs are safe. and want a legal guarantee These are the people a lean and profitable airline. that actually delivered They deserve to be protected. cutting services or staff, The new owners deny they'll be intending to expand instead. that undermines We will not be doing anything of this great airline. the growth and potential Analysts believe

in the growing Asian market. Qantas will look to purchase airlines the sky becomes their limit. India, China - I mean, that capital. Previously, Qantas couldn't raise

Australia to Los Angeles routes The deal could see the lucrative opened up to competition, to stop. something Qantas has always fought is more competition For consumers, what this means

with airfares to America. It may actually mean lower prices. In any airline takeover, for customers one of the major concerns is the frequent flyer points, already promised but the consortium has to the program it won't be making any changes to fly. or just how many points you'll need by regulators The deal still needs to be approved its distance. but already the Government is keeping is the Qantas we keep. I hope that the Qantas we know

People like Qantas - it is an icon.

James Boyce, Ten News. 13 people have been injured at a McDonald's in Wollongong. after a horror smash A P-plater lost control of his truck,

in the carpark hurtling into vehicles into the restaurant. and slamming one of the cars


in a carpark. Paraics

rushed to treat the injures after

this truck careered off the road,

slammed through a fence and four

vehicles, coming to rest in a

McDonald's drive-through. A fleet

of ambulances and police cars

racing to the scene, fearing the

worst. There was a fair few people

screaming and yelling and the truck

driver flew out of the car and he

ran around to have a look at the

damage. A total of 13 people were

injured, 4 of them were in this

commodore station wagon. The most

seriously hurt, the female driver

- she was trapped in the wreckage

for an hour. And she's got chest

injuries. And the chest injuries

relate to probably a collapsed lung.

A mother and her two children

eating lunch on the other side of

the wall also needed treatment. It

appears the truck driver, a

down P-plater, lost his brakes coming

down this hill and ploughed through

the carpark. He wasn't seriously

hurt - there's now assist -- and is

now assisting police with their

inquiries. As the injured are

treated in hospital and police

investigate the crash, everybody is

saying the same thing - just how is

it possible that nobody died? Young

kids are here. And... right on

lunchtime. So it's pretty

devastating. But locals are not

surprised the crash occurred,

citing a bad history of accidents

at the same intersection. This citing a bad history of accidents

McDonald's used to be an empty

paddock. I can recall at least two McDonald's used to be an empty

previous occasions where trucks

have come down here and lost their previous occasions where trucks

brakes. Police are urging motorists

to avoid the area. A 13-year-old boy with petrol accused of dousing a 9-year-old and setting him on fire charged with attempted murder. has faced a Sydney court Horrified witnesses told

to extinguish the blazing victim. how they desperately fought was playing in the street Police say a group of children about 5:00 last night tossed petrol over the 9-year-old boy when a 13-year-old youth allegedly to set him on fire. and used a cigarette lighter igniting the victim The flaming petrol to his buttocks. from the back of his head as he fought to smother the flames. A 15-year-old suffering burns and I come inside I heard the boy screaming just on fire. and I saw him up there at the gate, and his back was still on fire We pulled the T-shirt off and more shock, and we were patting him down and he just got up and run. He was just screaming and flapping and hitting his head trying to get the flames off. Ambulance officers covering the wounds in cream before the child was airlifted to hospital in a serious condition. Police charged the 13-year-old with attempted murder,

alleging in court he had threatened to kill the victim.

A defence lawyer said the boy had become violent after seeing a neighbour on the public-housing estate commit suicide. He's an idiot. He likes to pick on little kids because he can't pick on anybody his own size. He's a bully. The 9-year-old victim suffered burns to 25% of his body. He's being treated here at Westmead Children's Hospital, where his condition has improved today - he's now listed as stable. The magistrate ordering the 13-year-old to be held in custody until suitable accommodation can be arranged for him. John Hill, Ten News. The search has been stepped up for a teenage boy missing in the Blue Mountains since Monday. Friends and family joined police and SES crews scouring bushland south of Katoomba, where the 16-year-old from Pymble has been lost for three days and nights. The boy called 000 on his mobile, saying he and his two friends couldn't find their way back from a bushwalk. Police found his mates, but not him - and his phone had gone dead.

Unfortunately, quite simple. One of

the young men was walking a bit

quicker than the others. He would

occasionally stop and wait for them

to catch up. But on this occasion,

he went ahead and they obviously

haven't caught up to him. It's believed the boy has some food supplies with him.

The NSW Young Australian of the Year has handed back her title amid a cocaine controversy. Iktimal Hage-Ali says it's with a heavy heart she's giving up the honour but feels it's the right thing to do since details of her recent arrest during a drug bust were made public. The youngest member

of the Prime Minister's former Muslim advisory group was questioned, then released without charge.

She's done the noble thing and put the interests of this institution

ahead of her own interests,

and she's done a very brave thing. Ms Hage-Ali denies any wrongdoing. Residents near Tumut, west of Canberra, are bracing for a predicted wind change that could push a massive fire towards up to 70 homes. Water-bombers and 300 firefighters working through the day to contain the blaze. For almost a week, residents around the mountain hamlet of Tumut have lived under the threat of a monster fire. It's already claimed more than 15,000 hectares of pine plantations. Sky crane Delilah was a welcome sight as the fire front crept closer to as many as 70 homes. On the ground, 300 firefighters worked tirelessly to build a containment line. David Whiting hasn't slept for three days as he battles to stop fire engulfing his bush shack. I have been evacuated twice. As you've seen, it is mostly around the property. I don't know, I am just sick of it. I want it to go away. While the waiting game has been agonising, it's given residents plenty of time to prepare. So they've done a remarkable amount of work and they have really prepared for the worst-case scenario and hopefully the worst-case scenario may not come. All morning, these aircraft have been water bombing the forest behind me, making the most of the milder conditions before a predicted wind change later today. By late afternoon, the menacing weather still hadn't materialised, ensuring yet another sleepless night.

Gerard Scholten, Ten News. A look ahead to sport now with Tim Webster, and the celebrations continue for Layne Beachley.

Yes, she's back home

and contemplating how to capture an eighth world surfing title.

There were plenty of high fives on the sand at Manly today. Ahead, the long-distance celebrations shared with the dad who adopted Layne when she was just six weeks old. Also, an impassioned warning from league legend Ray Price as he leaves hospital after a battle with cancer. And a super goal by Socceroos captain Lucas Neill in the UEFA Cup.

Calls for radical changes to school sex education - that story next. Also tonight, the policeman in court accused of taking drunken teenagers on a joy-ride. And the fireworks team getting ready to help Sydney usher in the new year with a bang.

MAN: I'm crispy. I'm garlicky. SEDUCTIVE MUSIC I am cheesy.

I love walks on the beach. Just you and me.


Yes, we have a cheesy side. Try Domino's new Cheesy Garlic Bread.

The CareFlight helicopter rescue service could be wound up by the new year after a breakdown in talks with the State Government. CareFlight says a compromise it put forward has been rejected, leaving a Canadian operator to run a revamped service. The only thing now that will save CareFlight

and the higher standards of patient and aviation care is if people power can convince an arrogant government of what they will be losing. The Government denies the CareFlight version of events, saying it expects the talks to reconvene. A court setback for the policeman accused of joy-riding with three teenage girls - a magistrate demanding a misconduct investigation into the handling of the case. Senior Constable Christopher Collins faces up to 10 years jail if found guilty. He stands accused of taking the three 18-year-olds on a late-night joy-ride in his patrol car in October last year. Footage of the high-speed spin was apparently captured by the car's camera, but the 40-year-old is charged with destroying the evidence at work the next day. The veteran cop from the Central Coast is pleading not guilty. But just when the case was set to be heard his barrister pulled out, blaming a secretary for: An angry magistrate summed it up as: I'm certainly disappointed. We would have like to proceed at this stage but for a variety of reasons that's not going to take place. The magistrate wants the barrister investigated for misconduct. His client has already been punished, ordered to pay more than $2,500 towards the lost wages

of the three young women in the car. Collins fled the court through an emergency exit but the highway patrol officer will return here to court in March for a 3-day hearing.

Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Taxi passengers are being urged to dob in drivers guilty of illegally touting for business and price gouging. The State Government is setting up a hotline number

and will stage covert patrols to bust those cashing in over the festive season. What this is about is sending a strong message to those rogue drivers - do not do this, it's illegal, and it's unfair to try and rip off the public. The Opposition has rejected the plan as ineffective, saying it will do nothing to help people stranded in the city in the early hours of the morning.

A call for an overhaul of sex education in our schools - a new study showing more teenagers are having casual, unsafe sex and are being misled with bad information. Sex in the classroom - it's not a subject commonly studied at school. But researcher Moira Carmody says

it's something teenagers want to learn more about.

We can't pretend they're not having sex and they're not exploring. I think that would be a mistake. We need to give them some good advice, some skills and knowledge so they can make informed decisions. The author of a University of Western Sydney study,

Professor Carmody discovered teenagers are not only having sex at a younger age, but they're also having more one-night stands. About 64% of young people in our study indicated they'd been having casual sex, often associated with alcohol, and they often regretted it afterwards. Part of the reason why is a lack of positive role models, as well as the strong influences of American television shows, magazines and video clips, all giving them the wrong sex advice. Editors of teen magazines like 'Dolly' defend the sex advice it gives to young girls, saying they receive thousands of letters each week filled with questions about sex because they have nowhere else to go for answers. Sex education that looks at ethical sexual practices and ethical relationships within the school system, I think would be something we would be very interested in seeing happen. And that's echoed by other studies which, disturbingly, found the number of teenagers who were practising safe sex had dropped. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. New shapes, colours and a whole lot more firepower are promising to make Sydney sparkle yet again on New Year's Eve. Creators of last year's dazzling show are back again, with a few surprises ready to fire. It's Sydney's most anticipated party. And this year, it's no different. The theme's already been revealed - 'A Diamond Night in the Emerald City'. It's Fortunato Foti's job to make that magic happen. We think that we've come up with a design that will encapsulate the essence of New Year's Eve. The essence has been bubbling away in Sydney's west for months - 6,000 hours of design and preparation for 21,000 individual fireworks. That's more than last year, with the promise of something new. Different effects, new effects and patterns, different shapes.

The exact details remain tightly guarded. But there'll be more barges positioned in the harbour, and more fireworks from rooftops on the city's skyline. 3,000kg of explosives to light up Sydney for 13 minutes. Hopefully, if the people are happy and it brings a smile to everyone, we've obviously done our job and it's worked out well. The bridge, as normal, will be the focus of the night, but even more so this year - there'll be 86 firing points all up and, on the night, thousands of lights as the coathanger ushers in its 75th birthday, a diamond celebration for the iconic face of Australia. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

And our little fire cker, Tim And our little fire cker, Tim Bailey, has been lighting up Port

Macquarie. Letting off a bit of

steam tonight, Mr Bailey? Tiny Tim,

the talkative Tasmanian, is in

Timbertown. Over here for a second,

cameraman. There's people all over

the place dressed up like Ron

Wilson in this place. Timbertown

takes you back to the 1800s of

timber-getters. A brilliant park in

Moorehope. This is one of only two

steam trains operating seven days a

week anywhere in Australia. It's a

ripper! Always wanted to do that.

The pictures we'll bring you from

Timbertown throughout the but rn

just fantastic. Stick with us.

We'll have the only working bulk

team in Australia on the television.

You've always known the Bailey

segments are full of bull, so

that's nothing new! 32 degrees

today, 7 above average. Tomorrow -

whole different ball game. Grey,

chilly, showers and 21 in the west

and in the CBD. Skywatch - that was

a Christmas cracker. World-famous

Bailey blue sky. And it's going to

be interesting, you know - later in

the bulletiner more of the early

version of Ron Wilson, and Deborah

Knight. It's a rirp. I'll see you

again in around about 10! Police uncover new evidence in the hunt for England's Red-Light Ripper - details next. And the passing of TV's grumpiest old man, Peter Boyle from 'Everybody Loves Raymond'.

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This program is captioned live.

Let's check on the traffic now with

Vic Lorusso in the Keddies traffic

helicopter. A police operation out

the Auburn way this evening. What

can you see from the chopper?

Plenty of road closures via

Wellington Road, major road heading

to Auburn. We're over the scene now.

We're negotiating with Polair, who

are flying low beneath us. Police

have cornered off some local roads

in toward Auburn. A breaking police

operation as we speak. Local roads

will be in chaos. You can see

onlookers through there. There --

through there. Traffic has been

diverted onto Olympic Drive which

eventually heads on toward

Parramatta Road. Further details,

we'll bring you the story first

here, and more traffic at 5:50. The Federal Government wants the term "party drug" outlawed, believing it does nothing to help Australia's worsening ice epidemic. At a forum in Sydney today,

the State and Federal Governments agreed on the need for a national approach to tackling ice use but say calling it a party drug sends the wrong message. This does not have any place in our discussion in relation to illicit drugs. It downplays the dangers we face. The forum also called for a national ban on ice pipes, used to smoke the drug. More disturbing news in the case of England's Red-Light Ripper - police revealing all five murdered prostitutes were suffocated or strangled, their naked bodies left where they could be easily found. More than a day after the fourth and fifth bodies were found, and forensic investigators continue the slow work of recovering clues from the cold countryside that might help track down the killer or killers. Their bodies still lie where they were found - detectives are eager to preserve the crime scene. It may seem quite callous, but we've had to leave them in situation overnight. They'll remain there today in order that we can maximise our opportunity of finding the person or persons responsible. The scale of this investigation is unprecedented. Hundreds of police from across England have arrived to help sort through information received from the public. So far, more than 2,000 calls have been logged.

Investigators have revealed all five of the women were murdered somewhere else and dumped. The latest victims were left by the side of a road. Police suspect the killer wanted them to be found easily. Until the bodies are formally identified,

the father of one of the missing women is clinging to hope his daughter will come home. Inshallah. God willing, she'll be alive. Police say, at this stage, there are no other prostitutes listed as missing from the area. Evan Batten, Ten News. The official report into the crash which killed Princess Diana is released later tonight. The 3-year investigation is expected to conclude the 36-year-old's death was an accident because her chauffeur was drunk and driving too fast. Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son was also killed in the Paris crash, has accused the report's author of betrayal. Lord Stevens, three years, waste a lot of time and my time, make me believe, put his hand around and say, "I am a father. "I am sad you could even stand what happened to you "and I am not going to leave any stone unturned "until I find the truth." Princes William and Harry have been briefed on the results of the investigation. The grumpy dad on the hit TV series 'Everybody Loves Raymond' has died. 71-year-old Peter Boyle lost his battle with cancer and heart disease. Peter Boyle was best known as Ray Romano's crotchety but loveable dad, Frank Barone, on Ten's hit comedy 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. I figured if you went first you couldn't yell at me.

And if I went first, yell all you want! LAUGHTER On and off screen, the stars were like family. I visited with him in his home and also in the hospital so I know how ill he was. My heart goes out to his two daughters and Lorraine, his wife. Boyle had had a history of cancer and heart disease. Seven years ago, he survived a heart attack on the set. Was I ever really scared? Oh yeah.

Long before his stint as Frank Barone, Boyle enjoyed big-screen success in 'Young Frankenstein'. Even his wedding was a show stopper, with John Lennon as his best man. At the last second I needed somebody to be my best man. And he said yes? I said, "Hey, John," and he did it. 1.5 years after saying goodbye on the final episode of 'Everybody Loves Raymond', Peter Boyle is now the one being farewelled. He was 71. Holy crap! In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The terrifying moments before the Ghan crash - we hear from the train driver, next. Also, the five men behind this vicious attack on a cameraman have their sentences handed down. And stepping up efforts to help cure cancer with a marathon climb up Sydney Tower. Due to exceptionally dry conditions and record low inflows into our dams, Canberra is now in Stage 2 Water Restrictions. Measures include no sprinklers, only dripper systems and hand-watering at specific times. However, ACTEW's general exemption allows limited use on weekends only of sprinklers and other irrigation systems to relieve your garden. Simply save water. For full details, contact ACTEW's Water Conservation Office. This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - a 13-year-old boy accused of dousing a 9-year-old with petrol and setting him on fire

has faced a Sydney court charged with attempted murder. Horrified witnesses told how they desperately fought to extinguish the blazing victim. 13 people have been injured in a horror smash at a McDonald's in Wollongong. A P-plater lost control of his truck, hurtling into vehicles in the carpark and slamming one of the cars into the restaurant. And the Flying Kangaroo is selling up.

Qantas has accepted an $11 billion takeover bid by local and foreign investors. The deal will see shareholders make a massive profit, but there's concern over what it means for passengers and staff. The driver at the controls of the Ghan when it crashed into a truck at a level crossing near Darwin has spoken of his ordeal. He's told of his horror as he applied the brakes and braced for the impact. For once, Allan Anfilow felt safer arriving by air. Deidre, his wife of 27 years, couldn't fight back the emotion for the homecoming at Adelaide Airport. It's alright, I'm home. The trauma of this horrific rail crash still raw in his mind. I don't think the sound of the destruction when it happened will ever leave my head - it'll always be there. I'm hearing it all the time. I'm glad to be home. Allan still can't believe he's alive. That's the worst feeling in the world, is that you can't do anything.

Once you apply the breaks, you're just a passenger like everybody else. The driver of the truck is still in hospital as police wait to lay charges. A bitter Allan says he can't hold back the anger towards those drivers who seemingly flout the law at level crossings. Our passenger train was 1,000m of missile - that's all we are - that's 110km/h of train travelling. He's got no hope. He's made it home just in time to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Tuesday afternoon, it was a milestone he never thought he see. And, if you're wondering, understandably it will be some time before he jumps behind the engine again. No, I'm just going to be a desk jockey for a while. I just want to take him home and make him his cup of tea. Brett Clappis, Ten News. Five men have been convicted for affray after a violent attack on a television cameraman last year. The group had been in court to support those arrested in police raids over terrorism charges. They say they were stressed by the waiting media. Cameraman Matt Rose suffered cuts, bruising, chipped teeth and a neck injury

following the 30-second brawl. One man has received a 3-month jail term. Three were placed on community-based orders and another was fined $500. A former ABC director who controversially quit was today appointed the broadcaster's chairman. Maurice Newman was welcomed back to the ABC two years after resigning his position over what he called a gross breach of confidentiality. Mr Newman is a close friend of the Prime Minister but says that relationship will not affect his role. At this level it will clearly be on a very professional basis. Mr Newman, who is currently the Stock Exchange chairman, says he has no plans to introduce advertising to the national broadcaster. The Australian stock market soared to new highs today.

One half of the always controversial Gallagher brothers has unplugged in Sydney for an exclusive acoustic gig.

Oasis songwriter Noel admits he's ready for a bit of a break. He's acknowledged as one of the greatest songwriters of our generation and tickets to see Noel Gallagher play just four acoustic shows without his brother, Oasis frontman Liam, sold out in minutes. Yeah, it feels good, because I get to play the songs that we never generally play when we do Oasis shows. # The dreams we had as children... And you get to interact with the audience more because you're in a more intimate level? Yeah...Yeah. There is a lot of uninteligible screaming that sounds like people getting stabbed to me, but apparently they're shouting out random nonsense. It'susually English people who really should know better.

Oasis has a best-of album out called 'Stop the Clocks' and it marks something of a watershed for the band. Do you still have a record contract, or does that wind it up? Wound up, we're out of a record deal at the minute. We're not really sure whether we want to sign one again. I actually read a quote where you said

you actually think you've got enough money and you don't need to earn anymore. Tell me that was a misquote. It is a misquote. You can never have enough money.

But his final thoughts for the day rest with that other visiting British music phenomenon - the one he can't stand. There's a great rumour running around town, and I'd love to add fuel to the fire, that you are going to get up at Robbie Williams's last concert here in Australia and do a duet with him. That's right. Me and him gonna do 'I've Got You, Babe' by Sonny and Cher. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

She likes stirring up trouble!

Thank you, Angela. Weather now with

Tim Bailey, who's up War Hope way.

I can remember going to Timbertown

on school excursions! It's a

fantastic institution. Celebrated

its 30ieth birthday just last week.

its 30ieth birthday just last week. It's people like these big-hearted

volunteers that keep the spirit and

the hospitality alive. Barb, you've

been here for about 20 years

volunteering. That's right. You

just won't go home. Simple as that!

200,000 people come to the greater

Port Macquarie area across the

holidays. You must pop in to

Timbertown. Give it a go, Daryl!

Over here, the Timbertown troupe.

Two, three, four...

Ladies and gentlemen, the

Timbertown Troupe! APPLAUSE A lot

of people have been into Ron

Wilson's wardrobe around here, I've noticed!

A whole lot of bullocks on the

television at 5:55. Wouldn't be the

first time when you've seen us for

your news, folks! Good on you.

Thank you for that, Tim. Sport is up after the break.

Tim Webster, Layne Beachley's already working on world surfing title number eight. Yes, ahead - her celebrations continue after arriving home. Plus, a full wrap-up of the cricket. And league great Ray Price talks about his battle with cancer. Also, free to go - Mat Rogers secures his release from rugby. And socceroos captain Lucas Neill from villain to hero at his English club with a stunning UEFA Cup match winner. This program is captioned live. VOICEOVER: World-class German engineering. Introducing the world's first electric shaver with a unique Power-Comb to capture flat-lying hairs

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It's been England's day in the third Test in Perth - This program is captioned live. in the third Test in Perth - their bowlers finally lived up to the hype. None of the Australian batsmen have kicked on after making a start - pace spearhead Steve Harmison is leading the way with a little help from Monty Panesar. With England's hold on the Ashes merely a fingertip clench, two key changes in personnel - Mahmood in for Anderson and a cult figure included for his series debut. And also Monty's having a game. Monty Panesar's in the side, is that right? Yeah, Monty played on the weekend, bowled well, took a couple of wickets. Monty's been waiting for his chance and today it's come around. Not a day too soon, in the eyes of the Barmy Army, but their soldiers started just as they did in episode one of this 5-part epic. Langer seizing the initiative. Hayden dined out too as the WACA's famed bounce made a welcome return. COMMENTATOR: Well played. Superb pull shot.

But, on 24, the Queenslander's lean trot continued. Hoggard again had his measure. Oh, that's beautifully bowled. That's gotta be gone. That's gone. He's got him. Then, with Ponting to contend with, the maligned Harmison turned the form line upside down. Well... Yes! Steve Harmison has Ricky Ponting. Harmison back in business. The Aussie skipper gone for two. Langer nearly joined him, Flintoff giving him a reprieve in the slips. Panesar's fielding fumbles made an early appearance too. He redeemed himself with the ball in the over before lunch. Got him! Bowled him. He's knocked over Langer. What a wicket for England and for Panesar. Monty delighted. The man he replaced, Ashley Giles, cheering politely. Langer again taking issue with a spectator. All merely an appetiser for Michael Clarke's stunning strokeplay. But he played one shot too many. Harmison making the three lions roar in the west. The pressure now on Symonds to rebuild the innings and his own Test career. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Mat Rogers was today released by the Australian Rugby Union and NSW Waratahs on compassionate grounds, so he's free to move his family to the Gold Coast. He's most likely to join the Titans next season, but they fear NRL rivals could be about to pounce. After a 45-minute meeting at rugby headquarters, Mat Rogers confirming his 5-year stint as a Waratah and Wallaby was over. First and foremost, this isn't a league versus union decision. This is about my life, my future and my family.

For family reasons,

Rogers wanted to leave Sydney for the Gold Coast, his heart no longer with the Wallabies. I value the jersey too much to play in it and not be 100% committed. It would serve as an injustice to my team-mates, the coaching staff and, more importantly, the people who themselves have dreamt about playing at this level and never been able to achieve it. Refusing to take questions, Rogers was forced to listen on

as rugby bosses were peppered about the code's latest setback. Hardest hit - the Waratahs, now a key player short, their first Super 14 game just seven weeks away. You don't find 40-Test veterans falling out of trees at this stage of the year.

The ARU insists there was no threat from Rogers to sit out the season if they forced him to honour his contract. Talks so amicable, the ARU admitting Rogers is now free to play with whoever he likes.

We haven't put any conditions, restrictive conditions, on his release. If Mat chooses to take up an option and that helps stabilise his private life, then good on him. His likely employer for next season is wary of poachers. We both trust each other and I don't expect him to go around and sell himself to other clubs. But that's not going to stop other clubs from making approaches to him. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Good news for league legend Ray Price tonight - he's been given the all clear after an operation for bowel cancer. Price faces precautionary chemotherapy but won't rest until more is done to combat the disease. Former league hard man Ray Price heading home following life-saving surgery. I've got to have chemo just as a precautionary insurance sort of thing because they've got it all out, what they could see, but they can't see if there's any seeds. Price had lived with bowel cancer for almost half a year, the condition undetected until he'd gone to doctors complaining of a rash. Soon after, they were removing almost a metre of his bowel. The ball bouncing his way this time, now Price wants to dedicate his second chance on life to spreading the message about the disease. I deadset intend to get involved. Um, I've already spoken with the Cancer Council.

I don't know who can do anything about it. I think it should be the Government, but someone's got to bloody do something, because a lot of Australians are dying because of it.

League and union fans remember this dual international as one of the toughest men to take the field, a warrior who'd never back down. He now says no-one can afford to ignore this silent killer. Well, it's no girly thing to get checked about, you know, this and prostate. And age - it doesn't matter how old you are. You know, we've had people die as young as 24. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Fresh from securing her seventh world surfing title, Layne Beachley is back home on Sydney's northern beaches, and the 34-year-old is already plotting a tilt at an eighth world championship. Layne Beachley doesn't like it when she's asked about retirement - right now, she's having too much fun. But the 7-time world champ believes securing an eighth crown next year is going to be extremely difficult. I feel 2007 will be the toughest year on tour, considering the depth of talent that is coming through, especially from Australia. Beachley paying tribute to her support crew,

including rock-star partner Kirk Pengilly. I was just really grateful to have him with me in Hawaii, to support me and keep me balanced and level-headed. And saying thanks to Dad, who adopted Layne as a sick 6-week-old baby and celebrated her win back in Australia. I tried to get her on the phone for a while and I couldn't get through and finally I did and I was crying and she was drinking champagne, so it was a bit of a mumbled conversation. Beachley says winning number seven won't sink in until the official crowning ceremony next year. I am standing there with Kelly Slater, the 8-time world champion, then it'll probably sink to me - then I'll get in his ear and say, "If you go for number nine, "I am probably going to have to kill you."

Rob Canning, Ten News. Socceroos star Lucas Neill has redeemed himself with Blackburn supporters following a thrilling late goal against AS Nancy in the UEFA Cup. The Aussie captain hasn't been too popular with Rovers fans after being linked to new clubs for next season, but this injury-time strike certainly impressed the forgiving local crowd. Neill had the last laugh and gave Blackburn a 1-0 win. A late victory also for Arsenal in the Premier League - Emmanuel Adebayor slipped one through the Wigan keeper's legs

to seal the Gunners' third spot on the Premiership ladder. That's it so far.

In Sports Tonight, the final wash-up from day one at the third Test. Plus, Sydney FC try to consolidate second place in the A-League when they take on Perth Glory.

Thank you, Tim. Traffic check with

Vic Lorusso. Some problems tonight

on the Ryde Bridge? Deb, it's all

about traffic heading towards the

shops at Rodes. It's taking an

extra 30-40 minutes. You can see

the backlog there. These delays go

back up into Top Ryde and North

Ryde. Well and truly as we're

closer to Chrissy, it's getting

busier on our roads. Stay with us, Tim Bailey has all the weather details next. Most people, days before Christmas, are trying madly to get their house up to a standard

Electronic safe, $29. Folding camp chair, just $8.86. Come in and do the hard work now, before it starts getting too hot. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. of agreed or market value for your car.

You're watching the news at 5:00.

Time for the weather details. Tim

Bailey at Timbertown this evening -

we're getting reports back that

you've got a lot in common with the

bullockies. A whole lot of bull on

the TV in just a second, folks! The

tiny talkative Tasmanian is in

Timbertown. We've wandered into

Wauchope. Hello, everybody! These

are the primary-school kids at

Wauchope. These ones over here are

the kids that went to primary

school with Ron Wilson, I think,

aren't they! Are you having a good

time at Timbertown? (All) Yes! Good

stuff. Fantastic. It's 30 years of

age, and it takes you back to the

1800s of the old timber-getters.

This whole village is a tourist

attraction in its own right. These

attraction in its own right. These guys are rather special. Craig an

old bullocky from way back - the

cameraman is braver than I am with

these. They're out of here. That's

good. Never work with kids and

animals, mate. They're OK. Tell me

- this is the only team working

seven days a week? Only full-time

demonstration team in the world.

They're pretty special. They're

your boys. Are they like having six

labradors at home? They're pretty

much the same. These two have

bloodlines back to 1987. Can I

defend them? Not at the moment,

we're a bit tangled up that moment!

What a character! Come down and say

g'day to Craig. There's Ellie May,

probably the only woman in the

world that works with... bull.

Bullock teams. I'm a specialist

about the bull, don't worry about

that. 200,000 of you wander into

the greater Port Macquarie area

over the holiday period. This is

where you've got to have a look. It

is a really incredible spot. Just

hanging out with my best mates.

This bloke can sniff bull a mile

away, and he doesn't like Bailey.

Weatherwise - a warm one today. 32

degrees in the city. 7 degrees

above. Tomorrow, a totally

different day. Grey, showry, 21

degrees. More like autumn than summertime.

Satellite - a cloud band is

crossing South Australia, Victoria,

Tasmania and southern NSW near a

cooler change, bringing patchy rain.

Cloud is building over north-east

NSW near a trough causing

potentially severe storms. Tomorrow,

a slow-pressure trough will edge up

the NSW coast, bringing a cooler,

showery change. Storms in

north-east NSW and southern

Queensland. Predicted precipitation,

drips and drops across rooftops -

showers in eastern NSW with

possible thunderstorms in the

north-east. Showers and storms over

southern Queensland, the NT and

northern WA. A few signs being made up here:

This one, "Happy anniversary to

grandma and pa." What's your

grandma and pa." What's your

surname? Racko. 65 years of

marriage. That's a beauty. Thanks

for coming down, kids. A bit of

music from the Timbertown Troupe.

Two, three, four...

# Whiskey in the jar... Give them a

clap! Timbertown. You've got to pay

them a visit at Christmas time!

Ronnie Wilson, you have got to come

to Timbertown, because this place

has invaded your wardrobe! You're

gonna fit right in here, mate. The

relic that is raurn Wilson fits in

with the 1800s. Say goodbye, folks.

See you again from Town Beach

tomorrow night, live from Port

Macquarie. Thanks for Ridges hotel

for poot putting me up. They're beauties. Ultra-marathon runner Pat Farmer is stepping up the efforts to find a cure for ovarian cancer. The Federal MP teaming up with Health Minister Tony Abbott

for a 24-hour vertical marathon in Sydney Tower.

The duo plan to sweat it out together over 150,000 stairs. Pat wants to set a new world record. He's aiming to climb 102,000 stairs. Because I've never done this before and I don't set such high standards for myself I'm aiming to do 50,000. The super challenge raising awareness of ovarian cancer. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

See you tomorrow night. Goodnight.