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(generated from captions) Wow. perfectly for you, isn't it? Everything's just working out

What do you mean by that? congratulations. Just tell Mom that I said This is what we wanted. No, Bridget, Bridget, hold it. put this night behind us. Now, this is what we decided to do, Well, we agreed upon that! Well, yeah, I guess we did. It's just like a bad movie monster back up, isn't it? that keeps popping Bridget, wait a minute. you know that. Now, I never led you on, this conversation with me... You really don't want to have what you should be doing too. I am looking to my future, which is Well, I can't, Nick. I am pregnant. And, yes, it's your child. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - drug scandal - of the Year arrested the State's Young Australian in a cocaine bust. savagely bashed An innocent backpacker while talking on a city payphone. Somebody came up behind him for what he may have had. and attacked him And drama on the harbour - for next year's APEC summit. testing security and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. in public transport fares. Also tonight, another hike over this desert derailment. And a truck driver arrested But first this evening, may be stripped of the honour the NSW Young Australian of the Year in a cocaine bust. after being caught up her reputation has been sullied Iktimal Hage-Ali is angry even though she hasn't been charged. of our young Muslim community, As the face

boasts an impressive resume. Iktimal Hage-Ali for the PM's Muslim advisory group Her past work of Young Australian of the Year won her the State title last month. from the national judging, But just weeks way in Sydney's west. she's been linked to a cocaine bust questioned The 22-year-old was arrested, and released without charge.

and charged Other persons have been arrested organised crime squad. by the Middle Eastern

are pending before the courts. Those matters Iktimal went to ground today, to deny any wrongdoing. leaving her lawyer She's very distressed and upset and that's understandable in the circumstances. While the PM won't get involved... Well, it's an unfortunate incident for the NSW police, but that is a matter to comment on it, would you? and you would not expect me have jumped to Iktimal's defence. ..fellow Muslim leaders but professional conduct from her. I've seen nothing as a Muslim. She's great value as an Australian, Iktimal didn't show up for work today Department, at the NSW Attorney-General's as a personal assistant. where she's employed and prestigious award Now both her job may be in jeopardy. is being reviewed Her employment position of this award, of this title and there is provision in the rules

to be stripped of the award. for a person so there's no issue there. She's not going to be charged, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

A backpacker is clinging to life in the city. after an unprovoked bashing The 31-year-old, from Hong Kong, on a public telephone was talking to his girlfriend when the gang attacked, to the ground. kicking and punching him Billy Choy was just metres from home to call his girlfriend in Hong Kong - when he stopped his life. a decision that may cost him he was bashed unconscious. In mid-conversation, for more than an hour He lay on the footpath before someone called an ambulance. The 31-year-old was beaten so badly, part of his skull. doctors had to remove

immediately flew from Hong Kong His brother and sister to be at his bedside. is out of intensive care The Chinese tourist but failing to improve. his parents are preparing to fly out. Fearing the worst, had just finished an overnight shift The factory worker a month ago this Friday. when he was assaulted around 5:00am with his girlfriend in Hong Kong Billy Choy was talking when the attack happened. at Central. He was using this payphone but, when the phone line went dead, She could hear everything to help. there was nothing she could do Police today released pictures the unprovoked attack, of people who may have seen caught on cameras around the station. with this man and woman, They want to talk they were involved in the assault. stressing they don't believe Anybody who saw anything, it's only trivial, even if they think just to let the police know. Evan Batten, Ten News. to jump on a Sydney ferry or bus. It's about to cost more From January 7, rise by between 10 and 20 cents. the price of single bus fares will 20 cents more, Ferry tickets will cost by 30 cents. while JetCat fares will increase and do not meet the increased costs These are modest increases and Sydney Buses have had to face, that both Sydney Ferries they have faced. particularly due to fuel increases There will be no rise of pensioner excursion tickets in the cost or day-tripper passes. on the public holiday Many of us might miss out

in Sydney. for next year's APEC meeting the day off Originally, everyone was going to get to make it easier for security, is having second thoughts. but now the State Government security preparations As Premier Morris Iemma inspected for next year's APEC meeting, over the APEC public holiday. he ran into more controversy is when APEC leaders arrive here, Friday September 7 everyone will get the day off. but it's unlikely could be restricted The public holiday Sydney's central business district. to just the workers in Unions say that's unfair. Where do you draw the line? you get a public holiday, If you're on one side of the street

if you're on the other you don't? The most simple way to deal with this is to declare a public holiday for the whole of NSW. The options include extending the break to all of Sydney or going further, to take in Newcastle and Wollongong, or giving everyone in the State the day off. We don't want to unnecessarily cause inconvenience and disruption to business, particularly in the remote areas of the State. The fact is there shouldn't be a public holiday at all. The NSW economy is in enough of a mess already. State Cabinet will make a decision on the holiday before Christmas. Meanwhile, security preparations for APEC are well advanced. NSW police showed off their counter-terrorism capabilities on the Harbour today.

It's not just the APEC leaders they'll be protecting.

APEC meetings begin early next year and run through till September, with more than 6,000 officials expected to visit Australia. And the cost of staging the meeting is mounting. The Federal Government says it has already spent $170 million on APEC security. John Hill, Ten News. The Prime Minister has made a personal pledge to help victims during a busy day visiting Victoria and Tasmania's fire zones. John Howard also heaping praise on the firefighters working to prevent further heartache. Handshakes and backslaps were a sign of the PM's appreciation as he visited the Whitfield staging area in north-east Victoria this morning. Very good. Thanks a lot. Good on you. An inspection of the incident control centre revealing the dire predicament confronting many communities. In the drought there is nothing that doesn't burn. It's been amazing how effective you've been saving houses. I just can't believe it. Next stop Powers Lookout, where spot fires and overgrown tracks have proven a challenge for strike teams. We need them in there.

Alright, if they grow over a little bit, but we do need access to a lot of this timberland country. In Wangaratta, the Prime Minister learned the true extent of the fires, nearly 400,000 hectares of bushland razed so far. Mr Howard lavished praise and thanks on all associated with the effort. They're fantastic people. We're very lucky to have them. Their blood is more than worth bottling. After just two hours, the prime ministerial visit departed Victoria in clearing smoke, bound for St Helens, on Tasmania's east coast, where many Scamander residents took refuge as a fire swept through their town on Monday. What a beautiful peaceful spot that's been so badly scarred. The Prime Minister meeting fire crews and others affected by the blaze, which has devoured 12,000 hectares. Also receiving front-line accounts of the fire crisis, new Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, who change his Victorian schedule to meet firefighters in Gippsland. The country, if we didn't have you for a frontline, I don't know where we'd be. Brief but informative visits for two men who know their commitments will be needed long after the flames are doused. Luke Waters, Ten News. Dumped Labor leader Kim Beazley has announced he won't recontest his West Australian seat of Brand at next year's federal election. His defeat last week at the hands of Kevin Rudd ended Mr Beazley's second term as Opposition Leader.

He hasn't yet decided whether he'll stay on until the election or resign early, forcing a by-election. It will bring to an end a political career which began in 1980. The truck driver involved

in the derailment of the Ghan passenger train faces serious charges. He's under arrest in hospital, waiting to be interviewed by police. Four passengers were injured when the train crashed into the truck at a level crossing south of Darwin. The train was travelling at around 110km/h when it slammed into the truck. Most of the other 65 passengers, were in the dining car, seven carriages behind the two locomotives. Suddenly, they were all thrown forward. The sound of screeching brakes was deafening. Then they felt the impact. What followed next was sheer terror for the elderly passengers. Suddenly there was just these series of bangs, and as you looked around, everything seemed to sit still, and you looked around and saw the horror on everybody's faces. The train lurched off the rails. The carriage shuddered violently as it thundered over the ground. People were shaken out of their seats and crockery smashed all around them. Passengers told how the noise of the train off the rails and the sight of the next carriage jackknifing was frightening. After those terrifying seconds, people were in shock, suffering cuts and bruises. A woman in her 50s collapsed after striking her head. Her son remains by her side in Darwin hospital. We weren't sure and the doctor's have done some CT scans whether she hit her head in the crash or collapse, but there hasn't been anything at the moment. The CT scans were OK. Casualties could have been much worse. Normally, passengers stay in their cabins, and these were the carriages that jackknifed. Network Ten reporter Mark Aiston was in the dining car and helped comfort the elderly. I think the most important thing is that we are all so lucky to be alive. The Ghan's operators inspected the damage this afternoon and expect it'll be at least a week before the section of track is reopened. Would you get on a train again? Probably, yes, beacuse these things Probably, yes, because these things don't happen every day. It was just probably a one off. The 57-year-old truck driver is also in hospital.

He's under arrest with police still deciding what charges to lay.

Brett Clappis, Ten News.

Let's take a look at what's ahead in sport now with Tim Webster. And Aussie cricket selectors make their choice? Yes - replacing Damien Martyn has been the question. Andrew Symonds got the nod in another opportunity to press his claims as a Test all-rounder. For their rivals, though, more soul-searching as England try to keep the series alive. And if the crown fits - Anthony Mundine will attempt to claim a vacant throne.

Ahead, his right royal rival enters a slanging match with the 'Man'. Also later, a cancer scare for a league great. A group of RailCorp bosses sacked over a sex scandal at Central Station - details next. Also tonight, the State Government calls in America's top drug expert to help tackle the ice epidemic. And making his mark - Ian Thorpe inspects the new swimming centre bearing his name but remains coy about his future. DANCE MUSIC PLAYS, MOBILE PHONE RINGS Hello, darling. How's the disco going? It's a dance, Dad. Hold on. Your mum wants a word. Just wanted to let you know I'm making extra rissoles in case you're hungry when you get home. Mum, Jack's vegetarian. Don't worry, they're chicken. I've got to go. Hang on! 'Bye! Only Telstra let's you talk face-to-face with video calls across Australia, so upgrade now. Who's Jack? Next G Network - faster, simpler, everywhere you need it. Only from Telstra. MAN: I'm crispy. I'm garlicky. SEDUCTIVE MUSIC I am cheesy. I love walks on the beach. Just you and me. RECORD SCRATCHES Yes, we have a cheesy side. Try Domino's new Cheesy Garlic Bread. Hello, darling. How's the disco going? It's a dance, Dad.

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This program is captioned live. 25 high school students have been rushed to hospital after being overcome by fumes. The Year 7 students and their teacher, from St Agnes Catholic High in Sydney's west, complained of nausea, shortness of breath and headaches. Cleaners had been washing the nearby stairwell with kerosene. The students were taken to Nepean and Mount Druitt hospitals. It's expected they'll all be released today. Four staff have been sacked and an anti-bullying committee set up following the latest revelations of sexual harrassment at RailCorp. One of the men caught out had been using the staff office to run a brothel. It's hard to believe, but Central Station was used as an office for a brothel - a fax machine used to send off ads promoting prostitution. In total, 116 allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation.

Anastasia Dhillon blew the whistle and is now on paid leave. After 18 months, RailCorp boss Vince Graham is convinced he's caught the men involved. This very strong message is to that very small percentage of employees - we will not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment. In Anastasia's case, she was repeatedly shown pornographic images. A special panel has been set up to break down that blokey culture on the railways. They have been saying they've got plans and they're going to crack down for far too long. They're running out of excuses. The new complaints system will be in place early next year.

But the union believes workplace bullying is so entrenched right from the top down that nothing will ever change.

They want a fully independent investigation

similar to that conducted following the Waterfall derailment. I don't believe it's appropriate for RailCorp to set up their own inquiry

to investigate their own failures. James Boyce, Ten News. Australia has been warned - prepare now, or face an epidemic of the drug ice. An international authority on the issue is proposing NSW adopt a controversial treatment plan. He's America's foremost expert on methamphetamine, and Professor John Grabowski warns we're facing an ice epidemic where its abusers are more dangerous than heroin addicts. People become paranoid. They have a lot of energy. They're much more able to be violent than someone who is on heroin, which is a rather sedating drug. The US Government advisor is here for the NSW Government's ice summit tomorrow, together with a controversial treatment plan substituting less-dangerous forms of amphetamine for ice, similar to the use of methadone in the treatment of heroin dependence. An amphetamine substitution program would stabilise people, make them much less at risk for a variety of other problems. It's a treatment that's already been tried with some success in Sydney. While major crime syndicates are involved in ice importation in the US,

it's also developing as a cottage industry, making effective law enforcement difficult. And you have, essentially, mom-and-pop operations. The professor says the problem of ice here is very much in its infancy. It's the fastest-growing illegal drug in the US, Europe and, more recently, Asia. Though it's come from overseas, it has not come here in anywhere near the quantities that it's come into Asia. But Asia's not far away. The Health Minister says the Government may expand plans for two methamphetamine clinics, proposed on a trial basis. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Ian Thorpe is back in the spotlight, lapping up the attention while keeping an old promise. The retired champion lending his time and name

to Sydney's newest aquatic centre. Ian Thorpe made it back to a pool today, even though there was no chance of swimming - invited by Sydney's Lord Mayor to take a look at the city's new aquatic centre, named after him. I asked Ian, I think, what, 18 months ago, 2 years ago, if we could name this pool in his honour. A lot's changed since then, and although admitting retirement's sitting uncomfortably with him,

looking at the $40 million centre there wasn't a twinge of regret. I'm officially retired on paper and, yeah, in every which way I can imagine. This is one in what will be a string of engagements before he begins his television career in January. Despite remaining coy about his exact path, he may have time to get his hands dirty more often. Now that I'm retired I possibly could get more involved if I'm bricking or something else around the pool to try and hurry it up for everyone. While the swimming champion won't be breaking any records in this pool, he does plan to visit and says he's sure the young up-and-comers will be doing all the hard work in the water for him. And while it's a way from being finished, the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre is impressive - its wave-formed roof a trademark design of the late architect Harry Seidler, in his last public building project - the design of one legend for another. This pool really will become a fitting tribute and almost like a legacy for the fantastic work he's done in the city and around the country. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Tim

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I'll see you again in around about 10! England's Red-Light Ripper strikes again, with two more prostitutes murdered - that story next. And one family getting a bee in their bonnet over an influx of unwelcome guests. Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season. Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe, be prepared this bushfire season. This program is captioned live.

Let's check the traffic now with

Vic Lorusso in the Keddies traffic

helicopter. Bumper-to-bumper in the

M2? What's gone wrong? Traffic out

of nogt Ryde, big delays for

motorists. Our camera has blacked

out. For traffic trying to get away

from the Gore Hill Freeway at

narmburn, the traffic is crawling

along the M2. Get people to take

Epping Road. Hopefully we'll bring

you some traffic shots just after

sport with Deb, Ron. Thank you. The bloodbath in Iraq keeps getting worse, with a car bomb killing 60 people in Baghdad. But, after high-level talks in Washington, our Foreign Minister is urging the coalition not to withdraw its troops. 60 day labourers, mostly poor Shiites, were the target of the latest atrocity. The massacre occurred

as three opinion polls in America called for early troop withdrawals with a majority now describing the invasion as a mistake. Undeterred, Foreign Minister Downer after ministerial talks in Washington. We made it very clear to the United States Administration that is is the view of the Australian Government

that there must be no defeat in Iraq. But Australia won't be doing more to ensure victory. Defence Minister Brendan Nelson rejecting an earlier American request for extra troops to join Iraqi units. We are certainly prepared and have already been doing embedded training, but what Australia is not disposed to do

is to embed our soldiers in combat units. That didn't stop Condoleezza Rice heaping praise on us. I would never, ever use the word 'disappointment' in the same line with 'Australia'. The President promised support to the visiting Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister but has postponed announcing a new strategy to win the war.

ANd new Labor leader Kevin Rudd And new Labor leader Kevin Rudd has rejected claims he has softened Kim Beazley's policy to immediately withdraw our troops in Iraq. He says it was never Labor's position to suddenly leave its allies in the lurch. You should consult with our American allies so you don't form government on a Monday and pick up the phone to the Americans and tell them we'll be out on a Wednesday. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. England's Red-Light Ripper has apparently struck again with the murders of two more prostitutes, taking the total number of victims to five. In a chilling interview, one of the women spoke just days ago about the deadly threat. As English darkness descends on the countryside the worst possible fears are realised. Two bodies have been found near Ipswich.

Taking the number of murdered prostitutes to five, all discovered in just 10 days. A local resident stumbled across the latest body,

dumped, naked, just metres from a main road. 40 minutes later, a police helicopter scouring the scene spotted another corpse

in woodland nearby. Police say it's likely they're missing sex workers 29-year-old Annette Nichols and 24-year-old Paula Clennell, who, in an terrifying twist, told a journalist why she was walking the streets just days before she was murdered. 'Cause I need the money. I need the money. I've had a couple - a couple of nasty experiences, but nowhere near as bad as what's, you know. The last contact her father had was a letter from his daughter before she went missing on the weekend. She asked me for ?15, and I sent it to her. Since then I hadn't heard from my little girl. As police try and keep up with the trail of death, the local community, north-east of London, is being warned to stick together. I can't assure people at the moment that they're safe but the message I want to get out to them is they've got to look after each other. Few people are daring to go out on the streets after dark for fear of the killer they're calling the Red-Light Ripper. Scared, really scared. It's horrible to think only around the corner from us it's really happening. Hugo Ward, Ten News. An opera singer who stormed off the stage when he was booed is threatening to sue Milan's famous La Scala opera house. Sicilian-French star Roberto Alagna was booed during his opening aria in Verdi's 'Aida' on Sunday night. (Performs aria) CLAPPING AND BOOING But the show must go on, and the soprano kept singing, until she was startled by a new male voice from the wings. The understudy took over the part still dressed in jeans. The tenor says he feared he would be killed but wants to return to the show. Talk about getting a bee in your bonnet when it comes to unwelcome house guests - an American couple has found more than 3 million bees living in their kitchen wall. So we're trying to, like, get rid of them, but without professional help we can't, so now, we almost... Oh! They're biting me! I'm out of here! And it seems they've been very busy bees - the pest inspectors found nearly 30kg of honeycomb in the wall. Qantas rejects an $11 billion foreign takeover bid - that story next. Also, homeowners flee a firestorm threatening towns on Tasmania's east coast. And Princes William and Harry unveil plans for a concert in their mother's honour.

Well, it's much easier to stick a Gift Card in a pouch Willow cooler, only $24.88. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. Christmas all year round at Bunnings! (Laughs) SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. The top stories this news hour - a backpacker is clinging to life after an unprovoked bashing in the city. The 31-year-old from Hong Kong was talking to his girlfriend on a public telephone when the gang attacked, kicking and punching him to the ground. The NSW Young Australian of the Year may be stripped of the honour after being caught up in a cocaine bust. Iktimal Hage-Ali is angry her reputation has been sullied, even though she hasn't been charged. And the Prime Minister has made a personal pledge to help fire victims during a busy day visiting bushfire zones in Victoria and Tasmania. He praised the efforts of firefighters and also announced an emergency assistance package. It's been a heartbreaking day for Tasmania's bushfire victims, who've finally been allowed to return to their devastated homes. Tonight authorities are warning the situation is about to get worse. The firestorm devastated this Scamander property, its owner nowhere to be found. Like too many others, this family has lost everything. Steve Bogar's home also among those gone. I went into the property this morning and the house is gone, totally gone. Nothing left in the house. It was a heartbreaking realisation for the pensioner and his wife, now banking on the hope that tools can be salvaged from the remains to rebuild his house and his life. I'm here, my wife loves me, and she is really, really strong. She's there for me, so yeah, things are alright. Ray Turner is one of the lucky ones. But his neighbours were not so fortunate. Sad - the word that will describe it best. Throughout this town, there are countless tales of luck or loss. It was just all bursting into flame, all igniting, like self-combusting almost, so we just all got in our cars and just got down that drive fast. The blaze also meant a sleepless night for residents in the nearby town of St Marys, still on alert. Some locals opted to stand by their homes

even as they came under ember attack. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. With hot temperatures and high winds expected tomorrow, fire crews have spent the day building breaks and back-burning to protect towns that could very quickly become in the fire's path. In Tasmania, Cameron Smith, Ten News. Qantas has rejected an $11 billion takeover bid by a private equity consortium. Airline Partners Australia, led by Macquarie Bank, offered Qantas $5.50 a share.

Despite the higher than expected price, Qantas says the terms are not acceptable. The news sent its shares plunging. Industry experts expect another takeover bid by the end of the week. A record high on the Australian share market today. Amid the buzz of a pending royal engagement, Princes William and Harry have announced plans

for a memorial concert to honour their mother. A host of stars is lining up to remember Diana 10 years after her death.

There's a lot of their mother in these two lads. Princes William and Harry choosing a giant concert to commemorate 10 years since Diana's death,

incorporating two of her favourite things - raising money for charity and enjoying music. We wanted to have this big concert full of energy and fun and happiness, which I know she would have wanted.

And on her birthday as well, it's got to be the best birthday present she's ever had. (Sings) # And it seems to me # You've lived your life like a candle in the wind. # Sir Elton John will star, possibly singing the special version of 'Candle in the Wind' he performed at Diana's funeral but has not performed since. Also on the bill, some other Princess favourites - Duran Duran, the Royal Ballet, hits from Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

and a couple of the boys' faves, Pharrell Williams and Joss Stone. If it works, it'll be brilliant. If it doesn't, then we won't be in the country much longer. You won't see us for a very long time.

More names will be added as the big day nears.

The concert will be held at the new Wembley Stadium on July 1 next year, which would have been Diana's 46th birthday.

William and Harry have invited the Queen, their father and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. They'll also attend a second commemoration at Westminster Abbey on August 31, the anniversary of Diana's death. The boys are committed to making the events joyous rather than sombre, encouraging fans to snap up tickets pronto. Be very good and ask Santa very nicely. Or ring his mobile - 077... Shut up! Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Let's take another look at the

weather now with Tim Bailey, who's

creeping very close to my home town

on the north coast. What a

wonderful turnout for you in Port

Macquarie. Fabulous. The festive

season and everyone having a good

time here at Port Macquarie.

CHEERING This is a 3-masted

schooner that lights up that

night-time. It's Port Macquarie's

Christmas lights - more than 103

years old and worked during World

War II up in Papua New Guinea,

carrying the troops. Thought you'd

like to know about that! Who are

these people in orange, ladies and

gentlemen? They are the greater

Port Macquarie tourism ambassadors.

APPLAUSE Why, Barbara, why do we

call it greater Port Macquarie?

Because it takes in Camden, and all

the surrounds. Of course it does,

Barbara. Your boyfriend Ronnie

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Love on the television! I love it, Ronnie.

The forecast for Sydney tomorrow -

Fine and suny and 30 degrees. Fine

and sunny and 30 degrees. As I go

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Give him some lovin'! I don't know

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girlfriend in Port Macquarie,

sneaky little rat. I'll tell her! Sport now, and the Waratahs take on a new look. Yes, the jersey has changed and they're ready to play without Mat Rogers. Also, as Symonds gets the selectors' nod, England wrestles with how to stay alive in the Ashes series. And 'The Man' who would be King - Anthony Mundine looks for the royal touch. Ahead - the rival who says the crown doesn't fit. SONG: # You better step back and see the mess that you left # Won't you tell it to somebody who cares? # You better step back and see the mess that you left # Won't you tell it to somebody who cares? # I'm stumbling all the way # 'Cause it's not such a beautiful... # HEARTBEAT THUDS LIQUID SPATTERS ON GROUND MAN ON RADIO: 614 patrol. Two-vehicle MVA. One patient critical and the driver of the other vehicle is out of the car. This program is captioned live. The Test career of Andrew Symonds has been revived, named as Damien's Martyn's replacement for tomorrow's Third Ashes Test at the WACA. While Australia's team has been announced, England still have tough decisions to make. With their backs to the walls and grip on the Ashes urn slipping,

England must come out swinging.

There's no lack of motivation

through our team. I don't think we

need any more motivation against

Australia in an Ashes Series. It's

probably the biggest Test match of our careers. They're 2-0 down and one loss away from handing back the smallest but most precious trophy in the game, but thoughts of conceding defeat are not on England's agenda.

To come back into this series now

would be like the ultimate. There's

would be like the ultimate. There's a huge incentive. It's a very proud.

They want to give a good account of themselves. I've insisted in our team that there is no talk about winning the Ashes this week.

It's about being ready for tomorrow morning. A planned light training session was anything but for the tourists. They're all staking their claim. Everyone wants to play in the Test match. The push for Monty Panesar to replace Ashley Giles remains. The keepers spot is also up for grabs. Chris Read could be in line for a Test recall. Their team is to remain a mystery until tomorrow morning.

This pitch has changed quite a bit

over the past few days. We'll sit

down and bounce around the ideas then. Australia declaring their hand today - Andrew Symonds given the nod to replace the retired Damien Martyn.

He might've thought his Test career

might have passed him on a few

months ago. Butish, as you've seen

in the last few days, he's done

every training session in his

baggy-green cap. Very excited about

putting that back on.

The all-rounder getting another chance at Test level. An impressive bowling stint against WA last month contributing to his elevation.

It will probably give Shane a bit

of a chance to have a bit more of a

rest, and probably Glenn at

different times as well. Symonds will bat at six. Hussey elevated to four, with Michael Clark five. Rebecca Killen, Ten News. Mat Rogers's footy future will be settled tomorrow, most likely with a release, when Rogers meets with the Waratahs and ARU. The Tahs already getting on with life without him. Front-door service as the Waratahs unveiled their new captain today. Phil Waugh also re-signing until 2009. But after modelling the Waratahs' snug new jerseys, he virtually conceded he's played his last game with Mat Rogers. We're all good mates of his and support whichever decision he makes, but obviously you want to play with guys that want to be out there and, at the moment, I'm not sure whether Mat does. Rogers set to be released tomorrow on compassionate grounds. If they can't commit 100%, then I've got to move on to be fair to the rest of the team. That's looking like the situation with Mat. In a team game, we want everyone looking at the prize

and all wanting to win a Super 14 title. And if you've got 14 blokes out there or 13 blokes out there who want to do it and another 2 that don't, then it's going to be a bit of a mess. The Waratahs aren't about to waste time finding a replacement for Rogers - it's understood by as early as Friday they'll have an outside back signed up and part of the squad.

By then, Rogers could be a Gold Coast Titan - a year earlier than planned. I hope he does well in the rest of his career and sets himself up for the rest of his life. I don't have an axe to grind there and I'm not looking to get a pound of flesh out of him or anything like that. Meanwhile, Rogers' former team-mate, Wendell Sailor, has been forced out of a beach-football competition by sponsors because of his 2-year drugs ban - team-mates asking just where Sailor's punishment ends. Is he allowed to kick the footy around the backyard with his son? Look, I think it's a little bit dramatic, especially if it's in aid of raising money for charity. Adam Hawse, Ten News. A health scare for rugby league legend Ray Price - he's recovering from surgery to remove a bowel tumour. The cancer was discovered almost accidentally after the former Parramatta and Kangaroos star asked doctors to investigate a persistent rash. Surgeons removed a 1 metre section of the 53-year-old's bowel. The man known as 'Mr Perpetual Motion' says the operation may have slowed him down temporarily but he's in good spirits. After stitching up a record 9-year sponsorship deal with Nike, Aussie soccer bosses are setting their sights on next year's Asian Cup. And while it was all smiles for the cashed-up soccer hierarchy, the coach was desperate to make his impact at the Asian Cup, ready to stir up our new opponents as he hopes to hang onto the job till 2010. Going into the World Cup campaign, I want to put the fear of God into the Asian nations straightaway. And you only have to make the top four in the World Cup qulaifiers to cement a spot in the World Cup.

The multimillion-dollar sponsorship also covers the Matildas. No punches were thrown but plenty of insults were traded at today's launch of the Anthony Mundine versus Sam Soliman showdown for the vacant WBA super middleweight title in March next year. 'The Man' took over 'King Soliman's throne at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, where the bout will be fought. Today it took just 29 seconds for the slanging match to erupt. Take those sunnies off, man. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Do you know how dark it is? I nearly tripped in there. I'm going to take care of you, prostitute. What a flake. Alright, prostitute, I am going to take care of you, don't worry about that. The pair last met in 2001, when Mundine won a controversial points decision. That's it so far. Later on 'Sports Tonight', a look at life as a lifesaver in the monster surf of Hawaii. Plus Andrew Bogut's match-winning effort in the NBA.

They Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details. Then, a rare old dame of the sea sails into Sydney on an historic voyage. At APIA, we give you understanding, not just insurance. That's why you only have to be over 50 and not working full-time to join APIA. So call 13 50 50 now.

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Time for all the weather details

now. Tim Bailey, it looks like I

have a few girlfriends in Port

Macquarie. I see you've finally

found a friend. Brush him once a

day and he should hang around. Meet

the only 4-legged legend in all of

Port Macquarie,

Port Macquarie, Lily. What I want

to do is just get the truth from

you. Ladies and gentlemen, Santa


Ron Wilson given the year that he

has had, behaviour-wise, has he got

any chance at all of getting what

he wants for Christmas Absolutely

no chance at all. You can't get

into finer points. But this lady

might be involved, ladies and

gentlemen, Barbara - that's why Ron

isn't getting a Christmas present.

We are broadcasting tomorrow from

... Timber Town. This is a 3-day

tour. I rarely take the caravan out

of Network Ten unless we have a

real good time. Friday we're from

Town Beach, because there is no

place like... Port Macquarie! Port

Macquarie. We get into trouble if

we just say Port Macquarie because

it is... Greater Port Macquarie.

Because tomorrow, we're out at

Warhope at Timber Town. No matter

where you are on holidays this

Christmas period, you ought to go

to Port 2. Round of applause for

all the locals who turned up.

APPLAUSE Having a ball out here.

Weatherwise - plenty of blue sky

eventually at your place after the

grey stuff cleared. Tomorrow will

be the reverse - 30 degrees, 37 in

the greater west. A change coming

across things - it will get grey

and unsettled.

Satellite - jet stream cloud

crosses the south-east. Doesn't

cause any rain. Cloud over inland

WA and South Australia in a broad

low-pressure area, triggering the

odd storm. Low cloud on the

tropical Queensland coast in

onshore winds and bringing isolated

showers. Cloud fires up over the

north is generating storms.

Tomorrow - a cold front and

associated trough will spread a

cooler, showery change across the

south-east. Warm northerlies aheads

of the change will result in

extreme fire danger for Victoria

and southern NSW. Predicted

precipitation - Drips and drops

across rooftops... Showers

spreading across southern NSW,

Victoria, Tassie and South

Australia. Isolated storms

developing across north-east NSW.

Showers for South Australia,

Victoria and Tasmania. Thundery

showers for eastern WA and the NT

and the Top End. And the forecast

for Sydney tomorrow...? I don't

understand what I'm saying half the

time either! I know, mate. I know.

I know, I'm just a small chimpanzee

on a tour of Port Macquarie.

Where's your parents? They will be

astounded by your behaviour. Fine

and sunny and 30 degrees in Sydney

tomorrow. I know, mate, I know!

Ladies and gentlemen, one of Port

Macquarie's finest! APPLAUSE You

never know what will happen on live

television. Over to the ambassadors

of greater Port Macquarie. They do

a wonderful job for the town.

Tourism's finest friends. Give them

some glasses - do you know how

orange those shirts are, ladies? My

word! Haven't been run over yet though, Barbara.

Never work with kids or animals on

the television. That's the advice I

can give you, mate. That's exactly

right! Scared another one. See you

tomorrow night, folks. You are a

brave man. Can't wait for Timber Town tomorrow. It's a little late, but an impressive visitor ended an historic voyage in Sydney Harbour today. 17th-century Dutch replica ship the 'Duyfken' sailed through Sydney heads two days later than planned. The ship set sail from Fremantle in April, travelling 12,000km to mark the 400th anniversary of the first European contact with Australia in 1606.

The ship, which uses traditional sailing techniques, is docked in Darling Harbour for the next 10 days and open for Sydneysiders to step on board.

And she's not very big for a ship

to travel that distance. Amazing. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre ALL RIGHT, HOW ABOUT THIS ONE-- LET'S SAY YOU'RE ABDUCTED BY ALIENS. FINE. THEY HAUL YOU ABOARD THE MOTHER SHIP, TAKE YOU BACK TO THEIR PLANET AS A CURIOSITY. NOW WOULD YOU RATHER BE IN THEIR ZOO OR THEIR CIRCUS?